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tv   Eyewitness News Morning Edition  CBS  November 18, 2010 6:00am-7:00am EST

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the wind has died down a bunch today. we'll get more information from sharon, but first, marty. let's look at how this day's going to square away. we'll start sunny and end cloudy. but no rain. seasonably cooler this day. and what awaits you on the roads. well, with earchecked out -- we checked out the vehicle fire. it doesn't seem to be slowing things down. we have another problem in parkton and we checked out bunker hill road there. there, there are no lanes blocked. you'll want to be aware of the wires. ash accident in dundalk there and watch for fire activity in spare rows point at miller's island road.
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there and there's a look at the speeds around the beltway. the average speeds are still at full speed. and 95 is looking good as well. and you have to look at the north and southbound lanes. and taking another look at another camera there, we have a look at the topside of the beltway at putty hill avenue. and for traffic information any time, go to and significant storm damage. that's what people will be talking about and dealing with today. it's been 29 hours since the storm hit in the north east corner and that's not time enough. this shows what all got blown apart there. andrea fujii was one of the first responders and she's back this morning. and good morning, don. about 350 homes are damaged in the city. you can see a big police presence behind me, that's because many of the homes are
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exposed to the elements and for safety reasons, no one's allowed inside. >> roofs, ripped off of homes in north east baltimore. we got out just in time. it was like the end of the world. that's what it felt like. >> reporter: 16 buildings condemned and many reduced to a pile of rubble. >> i looked around and it looked like i was in a war zone instead of my parent. >> reporter: he's still stunned. >> and before i could brace myself for what i knew had to be disastrous, i was hit in the face with some sort of debris. it was a brick or part of the ceiling. >> reporter: with no place to go, hundreds filled an emergency she woulder. >> and seeing the faces of others, the ones that lost their homes, knowing they don't have nothing to go to. that's heart breaking. >> reporter: the city escorts
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many home this morning. >> it's going to be a long due process and it will take the entire day and maybe the following day. >> reporter: governor o'malley and mayor stephanie rawlings- blake toured the neighborhood yesterday and after that, the mayor declared a local state of emergency for the neighborhood. thank you, andrea. meanwhile, it's been a long night for dozens in baltimore county. a hundred homes were damaged across the city line and kai jackson has more. >> reporter: powerful winds toppled this tree in baltimore county. it crashed on to the home here and residents were forced out. >> i was thankful it didn't get anyone hurt. it was crazy. >> reporter: the storm cut a path of description across -- destruction across the area and
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90 homes were damaged and shingled ripped off of roofs. >> the top of the hot tub was gone and all of the fences wither blown over. >> reporter: when this tree came crashing down, people were inside sleeping and no one was hurt. >> they lost their home next door to us. because the whole tree is on top of their house. >> and they removed debris. utility workers tried to restore the power for those in the dark. the debate waged for the weather terminology for whatever pounced on the residents and suffice it to say, it was a sleeping giant that woke other sleeping giants. >> you could see the path it took. it went straight through. >> and at this house,the tree will be removed and after that, the building inspectors can survey the damage and determine if the house can be repaired or if it could be torn down.
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i'm kai jackson reporting from baltimore county, back to you. >> and bge says it restored the power to everyone that lost it because of the storm. and this just in, a few school closiers to tell you about. in baltimore city, these schools will be closed due to storm damage and power outages and the staff is asked to report to the lake cliffton campus. and remember, wjz-13 is always on for you, for updates of the forecast and your live look at the doppler weather radar, go to a cocaine ring has been busted and more than a dozen indicted and a celebrity d.j. and others smuggled the co- taken from southern california to here. the authorities seized 300- kilos of coke and more than a
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million dollars in cash. city police also made arrests in the theft of a dozen exotic animals. two teens are accused of taking the animals from the caring murry nature center in west baltimore. other teens may be charged soon. facing growing anger after the strip searches. the transportation security chief gets an ear full on capitol hill. >> i wouldnd want my wife to be touched in a way they're touched. i recognize the invasiveness of it and we must prevail. critics are calling for a thanksgiving slow down and urging travelers to refuse the scan. > here, the jewish center
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thanks the police officers for helping bring 1200 people here for athletic programs and art programs. and. and last week, we showed you these incredible pictures of a black hole after it was created. it was created by an exploding star and the man who discovered it was a state park worker in garrett county. he discovered it with a telescope in 1979. and turning to sports, it was a baltimore basketball battle as loyola faced off against unb c. travis king scored 22 points on the night and it was not enough to keep the greyhounds down. they broke open a close game on the second half and scored 11 straight points.
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the greyhounds win, 83-72 and while many teams are dealing with injuries. the raven's wide receiver says he'll play through his pain and catch the ball with 9 fingers, thanks to a broken pinky. that's how i was brought up, play through the pain and if you can catch the ball, to it it. and right now, i believe i feel betterren that ever before at this stage in the season. >> and ed reed is also dealing with an ankle injury and he'll still play this weekend. remember, the ravens are on the road in north carolina. they're also back on wjz-13. see the ravens and panthers sunday afternoon at 1:00. >> >> and it's part of the wjz profootball challenge, you have to make a pick tonight. and here it is here.
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i just made my pick, tonight chicago at miami. this shows you what percent picked what team. and 5-4 dolphins and 61% picked that. there's all of the picks. follow along with me, you'll get crushed by sunday. i'm not having a good year. >> i'm not either. >> the morning edition isn't representing itself well. >> you did a good job of home teams. >> how much worse could i do? well, there's two gapes tough to pick. buffalo and the bengals. and the two and seven detroit lions playing dallas. i gave them the home field advantage. andty're they're looking around saying, look at this place.
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and this time next week, we'll have all of the thanksgiving games to pick. and seasonal weather if you will. the normal in the mid-50s and the photographic -- graphic tells the story. ron, we're a week away from thanksgiving today. >> good morning, i mentioned that yesterday and no one could believe it. >> and it doesn't feel like it. >> guys doing all right this morning? >> we're doing great. we're live at the league for people with disabilities. their gently worn fur coat sale is this weekend. we have a preview when the eyewitness news morning edition rolls on. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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we're at 78% humidity and the wind is down at the south at five. 39 in hagerstown and 34 degrees in oakland and 42 in elkton and
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d.c. easton, 46 and pax river, 37 and warmer by the water. and that's in the mid-to upper 40s and 43 bel air and 40 in westminster and columbia. and clear skies and there's a zesty area of low pressure sliding to the south. we'll get clouds clearing out by this time tomorrow morning. after a dip in the temperatures tomorrow, it gives us a solidly normal weekend. er and tomorrow, here's the downturn and call it a high of 52 degrees. saturday, up to 60 and 53 sunday and 61 degrees monday and warmer. indications show closer to 70 degrees on thanksgiving week. >> getting organized to hit the streets, here's sharon.
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well, you shouldn't have to rush out the door this morning. were i don't have major delay -- we don't have major delays. south hanover, we have an accident and that one's not causing delays and also, in parkton, downed wires there and bunker hill road, no lanes blocked there and watch for fire activity on north point road and as far as delays go, we don't have any. the west and topside running at full speed on the outer lupe. and there's a live look at 95. 95 also looking good in the north and southbound lanes. taking a live look at putty hill -- looking good there. and toyota, buy right the first time and you'll save more in the long run. >> all right, let's send it to the ronster. all right, don and marty, we're live at the league for
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people with disabilities in north east baltimore. we have a great sale, it's fur coats and jewelry and handbags. >> good morning, ron. >> tell me about the coats. >> they've been donated by people who have worn them for years and decided to give them to us to use to make money for the league for people with disabilities. >> and we're recycling them? >> no, no new furs to make the furs. we have our wonderful volunteers to help you. we've had the same volunteers for ten years and we have jewelry and handbags and hats,
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scarfs and gift items you'll be able to find for your families. >> and over the years. listen to this number, guys. how much have you raised from the league? >> over $200,000. that's awesome, that's great. >> good to see you. >> thank you. >> and please come out saturday. >> 11-4. that's right. and here's the president of the league. david, for folks who don't know about the league, tell us about it. >> it's a wonderful place for people with disabilities. and we have a wellness center with a therapeutic pool and we run camping programs. league for >> we've been here many times. you guys do a great job. >> and i hope you're coming out to the first sale. this is going to raise about $20,000 to the league and it goes into the programs an every day you see the benefits of
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what people give here. >> 11-4 here on saturday. all right, guys. >> and number 4, finalists in the manic mammoth monday count down. it's the harbor hospital center. ♪ it's just another manic monday, i wish it was sunday, because that's my fun day, my i don't have to run day, it's just another manic monday ♪ >> all right! >> awesome, that was huge! >> all right, there it is. four days, counting it down. four days to the mammoth manic monday meltdown. cast your ballot at and the votes are coming in fast and furious, it's a real horse race. check out the numbers at
6:20 am you know, we try not to have favorites on the air. if i'm not mistaken, j cart was there and i'm sure i said, it's theirs to lose. and yea gee was in -- and gigi was in for me that day. >> if i was here, i would have said the second best use of a sitz bath pan i've ever seen. >> all right, guys, four days left, i'll see ya. >> and go to watch the five finalists and cast your votes. we have give two spirit awards and we've discussed them and they'll make you feel good on monday's show.
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>> did you seron's guest take off -- >> coming up next. the largest holiday event on the east coast comes to baltimore. i'm mary bubala and we'll see how the festival of trees helps so many in our community. ,,,,
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hey, don, check this out. this is from one of the great camera people in the area. retired and raises sled dogs in willow, alaska. it's minus five degrees now. let's look at the graphic. it's seasonal here and chillier than yesterday. it will be 55 degrees warmer than yesterday in willow alaska. we'll be in the 50s this afternoon and sunshine and giving way to clouds and no rain. >> we're just a week away from the festival of trees. the kennedy krieger festival of trees is about to light up the timonium fairground. and the proceeds is part of the
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continuing community commitment helps children with neurological disorders. this 1-year-old is enrolled in one of the early diagnosis research programs. he showed subtle red flags for autism at six months and through the program, he's making noticeable gains. >> i'm a stay at home mom and i'm confident in what this program little learners have given me and what ben is getting from it and the therapist he works with. it's just been amazing to watch him blossom. >> we work on helping the children learn to play, that's a first prior day. once they learn to play with objects, they learn to share in their play with people. >> reporter: why we're in wonder of the trees, our attendance is making wonders here. >> as children like ben make
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progress and thrive. it really raises the awareness to the community about the developmental disabilities and how much hope we should have for the children. >> thank you, mary and bench and the festival of trees is next friday through sunday. it's at the timonium fairgrounds and this year, it features 1600 decorated trees. it's part of the continuing community commitment. and yet to come on the morning edition. the medal of honor awarded. if you want to hear more about the man, he's as heroic as he is humble. and after a possible tornado ripping through north east baltimore, what's next for the residents. i'm andrea fujii and a live report just ahead. >> and a landmark vote turns into a landslide.
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the teachers decide on changing the way they're paid. and i'm sharon gibala, if you're about to head out, seeing the delays creeping up. we'll look at the speed sensors coming flu. -- -- coming up. cal ripken's helping kids with their math skill. it's an interesting story about how rip got involved to test against other students. he was doing a shot from d.c. and we signed up for it, we wanted to hear how he's attacking the world of math and he'll win like he's won in everything else. stst,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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you're looking at straight line wind damage, or it could be a tornado. this story continues today. the national weather service hasn't determined if it was a tornado. more on that in a moment. first, it's not a bad day's start what's so far and we'll have a good sunrise coming up. we'll take a look at the day part . still, above the normal which is 46. going to ahoof 56 -- to a high of 56, that's normal for this day. don, take it away. >> what's going on in the rush, here's sharon. well, we're seeing the normal delays and we have an accident or two working and watch for it on bunker hill, well, actually south hanover
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street. we have a stabled vehicle at dorsey road and that's between york and coalette. we're seeing dallies on 95 in the southbound lanes an speed sensors showing 48 miles per hour and that's a three minute set back between the beltway and 895. there's the speed sensors all around the beltway. and the average speed is 43 miles per hour. that's a 14 minute drive time and if you're heading through the tunnel on 95. you're looking good. taking a live look in and out of the tunnel there. there's a look at the delay and on the right on the outer lupe. and toyota, buy right the first time and you'll save more in the long run. >> back to you, don. still at the top of the
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news, and today, a part of north east baltimore -- this looks like a set from a disaster movie. >> hundreds still aren't able to come back to their homes. good morning, once again, andrea. good morning, don. a lot of the debris has been cleaned up, but there are still remnants of the damage from yesterday. there's a lot of work yet to be done. >> roofs were ripped off of homes. >> it felt like the end of the world. >> reporter: 16 buildings condemned -- many reduced to a pile of rubble. >> i looked around and it looked like i was in a war zone and not my apartment. >> reporter: he's still stunned. >> before i could brace myself from what i knew had to be a disaster, i was hit in the face
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with some sort of debris. it was a brick or part of the ceiling. >> reporter: with no place to go, hundreds of people filled an emergency shelter. >> seeing the faces of others and the ones that lost their homes, knowing they didn't have anything to go to. that was heart breaking. >> reporter: the city will escort many home this morning. >> it will be a long, due process and it will take the entire day. >> reporter: and the first allowed back into their homes are the residents of the condemned homes, they can grab personal belongings and later on, the other residents can return. >> and in parkville proper, 100 homes are daked. -- aredamaged. >> reporter: powerful winds topple this tree early wednesday morning in oakville road in parkville, baltimore
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county. the tree crashed here and the home is condemned and residents are forced out. >> i was thankful it didn't hit anyone and get anyone hurt. it was crazy. >> reporter: the storm cut a path of description a-- description -- >> the top of the hot tub was gone. >> reporter: and residents tell us when the massive tree came crashing down, the people were inside sleeping including two women. fortunately, no one was hurt. >> they've lost their home next to us. the whole tree's on top of their house. >> reporter: crews cut up trees and removed debris and the utility workers restored the power for those in the dark. >> reporter: the debate waged
6:36 am
for the weather terminology. suffice it to say, it was a sleeping giant that woke up other sleeping giants. >> you can see this path. >> reporter: this tree will have to be removed and then, the inspectors can determine if the house can be repaired if if it needs to be torn down. back to you now. and thank you, in the past hour, we've learned that the same two city high schools were closed yesterday because of the storm. they're the reginald lewis and w.e.b. high school. and the staff this morning is asked to report to the lake cliffton campus this morning. and remember, wjz-13 is always on for you for a look at the radar when you need it. go to for more. this nation's education eyes are on baltimore city when
6:37 am
the teachers approved a new landmark contract that changes the way that a lot of them are paid. >> reporter: good morning, approving the contract puts baltimore at the head of a national movement that changes the face of education. >> our teachers have shown the country how much they love the profession and students and voted in favor of the con track -- contracts >> reporter: the teachers voted in fair of the contract that changes the way the teachers are paid. seniority won't be awarded with highier pay, but student performance and training outside of the classroom and professional development. this allows them to advance quicker. >> whatever you do that teachers normally do, now, you
6:38 am
can get achievement units and move intervals. >> reporter: this should also benefit students and school leaders say with better pay, the schools can attract and keep better teachers and still, some don't think it will work. >> i've never met someone who doesn't want to do their job well. i've met people who don't do their job well. they're trying their best and paying them more won't make them do better. >> the contract passed by 853 points. >> and this includes a 2% pay raise and a stiven and nearly 4000 didn't bother to vote. >> and gm is revving up for a second chance. they'll offer stock to the public for $33 this morning.
6:39 am
it could move the stake from 63% to 33%. and overseas, the market is soring over reports that china won't raise the markets. and the european markets are also in the black. he's given us all reason to pause to contemplate the meaning of hero. >> you're a living example, a reminder to america that there are heros, modern heros who live and walk among us. >> that was the secretary of defense talking about sal giunta. he risked his life to save two soldiers. he was awarded at the white house by the president. >> the ravens may be favorites to beat the panthers and ray
6:40 am
lewis says they're taking nothing for granted and they're busy plotting ways to confuse the offense of the panthers. we'll give him looks he's not used to seeing and disguising it to make him think one thing's coming and giving him a different look. any time you can get to him, that's the most important thing. and the ravens are back on wjz as they face the panthers. >> and you can see it sunday afternoon at 1:00 live here. and here's where the ravens are. you see them and the coaching staff say they're watching films and continuing to learn. some have peeked out and half way through the year, they're saying they could learn and get better. take a look at this graphic. it's in carolina blue. don't ask me why.
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it's set for football. there and we have a seasonably chilly day in store for you and by that, the normal was in the mid-50s. and cooler feeling than yesterday and without the breeze. actually, more comfortable this afternoon. all beit. it's a bit cloudy and coming up on coffee with, cal rip the kin jr. is joining us therefrom this is the grand slam math challenge. how did he got involved with that? he'll explain to all of us. sharon gibala has traffic control. we're going to take a look at the first warning weather navigating today's real estate market is complicated. you've seen the signs. that's why having the right real estate agent is more important than ever.
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letting government decide who can go to college. it's my education, my job, it should be my choice. [ male announcer ] don't let washington get in the way.
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good morning, this time yesterday, most of these numbers were in the mid-50s and 39 in hagerstown and 34 in oakland and 37 in pax river and 41 in elkton and you need more proof it's chillier, here it is.
6:45 am
41 westminster and 43 bel air. it was 58 degrees this time yesterday morning in columbia. 43 d.c. and annapolis and rock hall and all three of those locations getting a bay effect. it's still, well, the stay start with temperatures above normal. here's what's coming down later on. clouds passing by to the south and a zesty area of low pressure. as that makes its way to the coast with the rain, we'll get dry and get cloudy through bedtime and tomorrow, we'll clear out again and for a moment, it's cooler and that high will keep us in stable temperatures throughout the weekend. and 56 is the high this day and this is a dip in temperatures from 50 to 52 degrees and by saturday, we'll be up to 60 degrees and a few clouds and 53
6:46 am
sunday. and because of the high, monday, 61 and the indications show that tuesday, the temperatures are that far away. thank you, i like that. >> and if you're heading to the door, take a look at sharon gibala. well, if you have to take 95, you won't like this picture at caton avenue. we have a disabled truck in the center middle lane and it's blocking a lane and causing delays. it could be part of an accident. there's some flashing lights there off of the shoulder. this is just coming in and we'll get you more information. meantime, we have two accidents there at south hanover and west wells street. also, we have downed wires on bunker hill road and delays on 95 southbound and running slow from the beltway to 895. you can see the speeds in the
6:47 am
20s there and there's a look at the speeds around the beltway and 95. the northwestside is the slowest spot there and we have an average speed of 39 miles per hour. and taking a live look outside. that's a look again at 95 at caton avenue. we have the disabled truck and it's causing a delay. everything's smoothly there and this is bought to you by your toyota dealer. and thank you, this morning's coffee with is with cal ripken, jr.. >> and ladies and gentlemen, let's welcome, big round of applause from the studio audience. [ cheers and applause ] well, are you running for office? >> no, not yet.
6:48 am
there's the capitol building behind you. in >> well, i'm in d.c. talking about math, actually. >> you're in the not habit of schilling something you don't believe. and tibbitts is mind you on this. if i get this correctly, it hits young kids when they're developing concepts in math? >> well, it supports math all the way from first grade to 12th grade. i was introduced to the group four years ago and they came to the world series. there all of the guys at the world series was attracted to the game. it is fun and it teaches math skill. we started talking and since
6:49 am
math is life skills -- if you look at the stats about how well we're doing, it's way, way down. we thought this would be a good idea and we created a challenge around the country and states compete against states. go to their website and you play this online game and the more you play, the more you wrack up points for your state. there's great prizes that are there and it's all explained on the site. one of the top prizes is to go to the all-star game with me in phoenix. i think that the message is
6:50 am
that school and education is important. to me, math is important and this is a great way to support kids in their math. they think they're playing a game, but they're developing their skills. >> you know what's interesting, the game of baseball. i remember when my son and daughter were little, we always played baseball and i wondered what was going through minds with the number 3. >> yeah, it's full of stats and i was drawn to it, i wanted to know my era and averages and all of the things -- and math teachers use baseball to help to teach math. for some reason, we're pulled to the analysis and baseball is a great way to do it. and they deal in fraction. >> and i learned math when i was a coach. and the kids wanted to know the batting average and i had to
6:51 am
figure it out. >> how did you figure that out? >> i had help. and you don't keep score and compute the batting averages and you play for the sake of recreation in some ways and whatever reason you're drawn to baseball, the numbers, math is important and a life skill. a lot of times, they think, we'll be an athlete, i don't need to go to school. but for someone who was an athlete, you still need your education and you need that to fall back on and i would advocate math. hey, rip, the time's done and we have a break coming up from school and go online and let them play math and increase their chances. >> it's easy to learn. it's like checkers.
6:52 am
there's a lot of strategy like chess also. thank you. cal, we'll talk to you again and hopefully see you here in studio a. it's great seeing you. >> yeah, it's always good, if i'm not in d.c., i'll be in the studio. and senator ripkin, you look good. it work. >> somewhere, barbara mikulski snapped straight up in her chair. we'll talk to you later. >> wyoming -- bye bye. >> and why not. once again, the holiday break's coming up. and with it playing call of duty and play that. >> i could use my batting average skills to play the game. >> and if you play 300, it's a fraction of 1000. >> that's ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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6:55 am
a high of 56 today. hi, sharon. >> >> well, it's normal on the roads. that's a nice change for yesterday morning. one accident in the city. you'll want to watch for it on south hanover and south wells. around route 31 at med ford road and bunker hill road there
6:56 am
and 95 southbound, still slow between just approaching the beltway and 895. speeds there and that's in the 42 miles per hour range. and that's a live look outside and they're zooming in right now and the disabled truck blocking the lane is gone. we have the delays there and typical delays on the west on the topside of the beltway. and this is brought to you by subway. and try the subway hot breakfast melts. and melted goodness made irresistible. don, back to you. and the cleanup continues along the baltimore city, county kline. some 350 homes were damaged and a hundred were also damaged around parkville and the national weather service will declare if it was a tornado or straight lined wind sheer. stay with us, complete news, weather and traffic ahead for you this morning and gm prepares for a new day. ,,,,,,,
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