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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  November 19, 2010 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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in his own defense. good evening, mike. >> reporter: good evening, kai. i just ran down from the second floor courtroom. we're expecting a decision any time now. both sides have wrapped up. and the officer testified that he was scared for his safety and that of his wife. he thought he was going to be mauled by bear bear. the prosecution called what he did unreasonable. >> reporter: the shooting of a siberian husky named bear bear drew passion and outrage outside of the courthouse. >> i'd just like to see the man get some kind of penalty for what he did. and not get off scott-free just because he wears a badge. >> reporter: the incident happened in february. they took the husky there. moments later, keith sheppard, an off-duty officer got to the park with his dog asia. sheppard said he became alarmed when the two dogs started fighting. he yelled at the owner to get
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bear bear under control. when that didn't happen, he feared for his safety, pulled out his personal safety and shot the dog. >> did you shoot the dog? >> i shot it in the head. >> reporter: bear bear's owners say there was no need to shoot. >> we're willing to follow this wherever we can, to the fullest extent to see that justice happens for bear bear. >> reporter: police originally closed the case. but after public outcry, he faces a maximum of nine months in jail and $2,000 in fines. >> reporter: both the animal cruelty and weapons charges are misdemeanors. and mr. sheppard decided he'd rather have a judge decide his fate than a jury. and again, we are waiting for that judge's decision. it could come down tonight. we may have to wait a little bit. we'll bring it to you, though, when it happens. reporting live in annapolis, mike helgren, wjz eyewitness news. >> mike, thank you.
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>> sheppard has since moved out of the area. his attorney says it is because of the threats he's received. cleaning up after the mess, after a rare tornado touches down in baltimore, two days after the powerful storm swept through. people picking up the pieces, trying to rebuild. mike schuh is live in northeast baltimore, with the cleanup effort under way still. mike? >> reporter: to better secure these apartments. right now, they have a locksmith out here, changing the front door. as people try to get their valuables out of what was once their home. >> reporter: confirmation has come. official diagnosis of what everyone here on the ground already knows. >> it's definitely a tornado. >> reporter: in the county, cleanup is nearly complete. most trees missed the nearby homes. >> reporter: but less than a mile away -- >> it's going to be a long day. it's going to be a very long day, you know. >> reporter: kelly huan is helping his mother-in-law move. a bumpy path to a new apartment
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in the same complex. >> people have to move some things. >> reporter: people like marvin mcmillen. >> to me, this is a disaster. and i didn't expect it. >> reporter: some 75 people like marvin have come here for help. >> the majority of what we're seeing right now are the people who have been in the buildings that have been condemned. and what they need are emergency items. they're looking for food, replacement clothing because they can't go back into their buildings right now. the red cross is making sure we are meeting those needs. >> reporter: so while the owners of the apartments have people telling them about the prospect of rebuilding. >> maybe clothes. some hygiene things. >> reporter: the people living in the apartments already are. >> but this is god's work, what happened. we're going to make it through it, though. you know? we're going to make it through. >> reporter: though they are changing the locks here, there is still a good sign police presence in the area. and they are happy to report that nearly everyone has a permanent new apartment to stay in tonight.
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reporting live in northeast baltimore, mike schuh, wjz eyewitness news. mary, back to you on tv hill. >> very good, mike. thank you. the city and the red cross emergency center st. louis high school will reopen tomorrow and sunday. stay with wjz, for first warning weather coverage. remember, wjz is always on. for live doppler radar, log onto a man wanted for a rare murder in bel air. finally, behind bars. officers just arrested ra kin muhammad. police have been looking for him since july. he's accused. shooting mackey. muhammad already spent time in jail for shooting muhammad's adopted father. a group of students got into an argument with a player over personal issues that's when they say the football player threw a garbage can at one of the girls girls girls and threw food at two of her friends. tragedy on the highway.
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a broken-down car leads to a man's death. denise is in the newsroom with how that horrible accident happened. >> reporter: the man's car broke down overnight near route 197 in laurel. he was trying to push the disabled car down the road. and that is when another driver came up and hit him. the man died at the scene. the road was closed for several hours while police investigated. but it is back open now. police have not yet identified the man who was killed. a tour bus swerved to avoid the accident and ended up getting stuck in the mud. mary? >> police say if your car breaks down on the highway, you should get as far from the road as possible and then give them a call. hitting the road for the holidays. expect plenty of company if you're going to be heading out of town. weijia jiang is live along the beltway in baltimore county, with the thanksgiving travel predictions. are they good or bad, weijia? >> reporter: kai, transportation authorities have been crunching the numbers. and they say this year, the maryland roads are going to be even more packed than usual.
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>> reporter: those who are braving the roads this thanksgiving might want to pack more than just a bag. some patience could go a long way. >> we are busy. we are jammed up, most of them. >> reporter: the maryland transportation authority redicts -- predicts 3 million drivers will hit the roads. that's a 2% increase since last year. >> i see a lot of craziness. i see a lot of impatience. people doing unsmart things because i guess they're frustrated. you know, they zip around in the lanes. they tailgate. >> reporter: from tuesday, november 23rd, through sunday, november 28th, mdta expects nearly 8,000 vehicles to travel the fort mchenry tunnel. more than 700,000 on interstate 95 and nearly a million on the state's tunnels and bridges. researchers say wednesday will likely be the busiest travel day. >> if you can travel very early, before 6:00 a.m., or if you can travel after 10:00 or
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11:00 p.m. in the evening, on tuesday or wednesday, those would be advisable. >> reporter: authority says one reason why traffic will be so bad along interstate 95 next week is that the major construction project going on will continue despite the holidays. >> reporter: at the delaware tollplaza in newark, on 95. so with that, additional construction going on, there will likely be additional delays, additional backup. >> traffic jam, basically the way they're struggling. >> reporter: maryland leaders hope new state laws will at least make the ride a safer one. texting and using handheld cell phones behind the wheel is illegal. drivers should expect more police patrols out to enforce all of the rules to keep the busy roads safe. >> reporter: and highway officials suggest you read and pay close attention to those large electronic signs on the roads, which will give you the very latest traffic and detour information. tonight, we are live in baltimore county, weijia jiang, wjz eyewitness news. >> thank you, weijia.
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wjz is always on. for a link to the most up-to- date holiday travel information, log onto our website,, and click on traffic. it is clear and cool, as the sun sets over the baltimore area. taking a live look outside right now. oh, just a gorgeous, spectacular night, from sky eye chopper 13. you may, though, want to grab a jacket for tonight. because the temperatures are dipping. wjz has first warning weather. bob turk and meteorologist tim williams are here to show us how low the temperatures will go tonight. we'll start with bob. >> this late in november, our normal lows are low to mid-30s. it's going to be chilly. take a look at radar. there is nothing around as far as precip. we've dropped down to 47 already. but there's basically no wind. how does it look for your weekend? tim in the outback with the saturday forecast. and even into sunday for one place, tim? >> well, you know, the saturday forecast is going to be really nice. as far as temperatures are cash said -- concerned, we'll number the upper 50s. we're expecting a very quick-
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moving clipper system to move past our north, way to the north. it will be close enough just that it affects us by winds. winds will be a little breezy. what you're looking at there, that is bank of america stadium in charlotte. and that's going to come on up, basically. it's going to show us that the forecast for the game is going to be about 70 degrees. sunshine and blue skies down there. pretty calm conditions. ravens and the carolina panthers is going to be pretty nice. again, sunny and warm, for those thousands who are making the trip down into carolina. bob will have your complete updated first warning forecast coming up. maryland has a new state prosecutor. governor martin o'malley appointed emmett davit to the job. he had been for the maryland public sirves commission. he -- service commission. he also works as an assistant attorney general. he also takes over for robert rohrbaugh, who did not want to stay another six years on the job. he is actually retiring. looks like a mismatch on
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paper. the ravens taking on the carolina panthers. mark viviano has predictions on this. there's a reason they say any given sunday. >> that's right. you never know for sure. but i guess we so-called experts feel like we know for sure. that the ravens will win. the only question is how much. i'm saying 31-13. stan says closer. 24-17. damon the bulldog yafy says 30- 10 ravens. scott garceau says 27-13. morning team, ed says ravens by 3 touchdowns. and davis says two tds. as you might guess, they're not taking carolina lightly. >> wjz is on. the only place to watch the ravens on the road against the carolina panthers on sunday. you can see that game, live at 1:00, here on wjz 13.
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and still ahead on wjz's eyewitness news at 5:00. unsolved murders. a special support around the holidays for families still grieving over cold cases. remembering a legend, in and out of the ring. as hundreds say goodbye to boxing coach mack lewis. i'm gigi barnett, at morgan state university. that story is straight ahead. getting ready to feed thousands on thanksgiving day, at the bea gaddy center. and people who cook these turkeys may surprise you. i'm andrea fujii. that story is just ahead. after a week of mild weather. we'll take a calm night, won't we? the updated first warning forecast is just ahead with bob. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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we have breaking news. the decision in the trial of a
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federal police officer charged with killing a family dog at a popular park. denise is in the newsroom. >> reporter: well, kai, the decision is guilty on both counts. animal cruelty and firing his gun near homes. the death of bear bear drew outrage. they say he shot the dog in a severn community. in an anne arundel county courtroom, sheppard argued it was justified. sheppard said he fired his weapon to protect himself, his wife and their dog, when bear bear acted out of control. both counts are misdemeanors but sheppard could face jail time when he is sentenced. >> denise, thank you. we'll have much more on that verdict coming up at 6:00. he was call the the ring master. hundreds of family and friends gather today to say goodbye to baltimore boxing legend mack lewis. gigi barnett takes a look at his life and how he helped dozeps of -- dozens of young men win in and out of the ring.
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>> the power of his punch was no match for the power of his life. >> i am a better man because this man's man, this good man touched my life. >> pop, pop, bam! >> reporter: for more than 50 years, lewis was a boxing legend, training young men and boys in his east baltimore studio. some of them became champions. "mr. mack," as they call called him, died last week. he was 92. today, friends and family remembered him as a mentor. >> the thing i admired most about mr. mack was that he treated everybody the same way, the good fighters and the bad fighters. >> reporter: he was also their coach. >> he didn't pull no punches. he at any didn't care who you was. nephew, you had on to fight. get in there, boy, and put your hands up. fight. >> reporter: it was a way out of a life of crime.
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>> reporter: for all -- >> for all of the kids here not doing what you're supposed to do, you need to put the guns down and put the gloves up. you need to change their lives. boxing will save their lives. it did mine. >> it did for many, many men. mr. mack's east baltimore boxing studio is on the corner of broadway and eager streets. next month, the city plans to rename that street, mack lewis way. >> such a fitting tribute, gigi. thank you. mr. mack is survived byes had wife, ann -- by his wife, annie pearl lewis. they were married for 67 years. baltimore county police want you to take a good look at this guy. they say he grabbed a woman's purse, as she walked through an owings mills grocery store. it happened at the new town giant. if you recognize him, you're asked to give baltimore county police a call. if you're waiting for somebody to get home from work, let's check in on those roads now with sharon gibala.
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>> reporter: well, pretty typical afternoon commute, with all of the standard delays and accidents there. one of them in cockeysville. watch for that one. you also want to watch for six accidents in the city, win ston avenue at craig. reisterstown at brook hill. east lafayette at broadway. one more in catonsville, engle side avenue. and route 170 at thunder hill road. delays, jammed from pulaski to 795 there, with an average speed of only 11 miles per hour. also slow from eastern avenue to the beltway, with an average speed of 32 miles per hour. top side is the slowest on the inner loop between 80 and 95. and a 25-minute drive time. you're looking at a hefty drive time also on 70. 70 westbound is jammed between 29 and marriottsville road. and that is going to take you about nine minutes to get
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through. this traffic report is brought to you by h.h. greg. h.h. greg has over 100 flat-panel tvs. watch the most exciting games of the year and the latest innovation. h.h. greg. price and advice. back to you. preparation for the annual bea gaddy thanksgiving dinner are well under way. but this year, with lower supply and higher demand, andrea fujii explains the center is hoping more donations come in. >> reporter: with less than a week to go, volunteers at the bea gaddy center are hard at work, getting ready for their yearly thanksgiving dinner for the poor and homeless. >> oh, my. i mean the word "busy" doesn't each count anymore. >> reporter: they're moving dozens of refrigerated turkeys to freezers. >> they were all made by maryland prison inmates, a way for them to give back to the community. >> reporter: and after more
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than 30 years, the center is trying to do more with less. >> we weren't able to get as many cooked turkeys as we need. i think we got about 300 pounds or so. and normally, we try to get 600 or so pounds. >> reporter: november of 2000 was the last thanksgiving dinner. the organization's founder, bea gaddy attended before she died. >> it's low for us. >> reporter: but this year, they expect double that number. and they also deliver food boxes to over 20,000 shut-ins. >> no, i'm sorry. we no longer have that service. >> reporter: gaddy's son says the economy has hit them hard. >> more people are calling with a need. but it's just tough to meet it. >> reporter: but he says his mom always found a way to feed anyone who is hungry. so they will, too. andrea fujii, wjz eyewitness news. >> and if you would like to make a donation to the bea gaddy center, log onto, and click on local news. and you'll find the information there.
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>> always helping folks in baltimore. let's take a look at the weekend. temperatures now dropping a little bit, with clear skies, 47. no wind now. the barometer on the way back up. a look at the weekend forecast and beyond after this. ,,,,,,,,, ♪
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well, a nice end to the week. we did have some very are, very difficult weather, of course, for the beginning of the week. but a lot of sunshine and it will be pleasant. only got to 53, which is a little below our average at 55. last night, we dropped to 36 at bwi marshall. and they've had deferral says below freezing science center has not yet seen a day at or below freezing. we'll continue that mild spell. record, 77, and 20 degrees back in 1936. right now, 44 in ocean city at the airport here. a chilly 37 in oakland. and 50 over in cumberland and d.c. as well. dew point is low. 28. late tonight, when the skies are totally clear and the winds
5:25 pm
really quit, some areas north and west of town, probably get around 30 to 32 degrees, which is just a little below average. as you see, the winds, most places, extremely light, compared to what we've seen in the last couple of days. we have weather out west. and that's where it's going to stay temporarily. for our part of the world, not much going on all the way to arizona. but a storm in the northern rockies will be eventually affecting our weather. it's going to head to our northwest. it will allow some warmer air to come in for tomorrow. and then a little cooler here on sunday. and early next week, before that chilly air moves east, we're going to be in the 60s again for a couple of days, before thanksgiving. unfortunately, with that mild air, this time of year, probably will see some showers. maybe wednesday and probably again on thanksgiving day. but at least it won't be snow. at least not around here. clear skies, as you can see around the region. cool temperatures tonight.
5:26 pm
milder air tomorrow. and another cool front coming through saturday night. and turning cooler on sunday. it will be a little breezy tomorrow. but winds back out to the southwest. then mild air coming in. west winds in the bay. just 5 to 10 knots. 54 degrees tonight. generally clear. and tomorrow, a lot of sunshine. but it will be breezy. average high, tomorrow, 55. back up. and then mid- to upper 50s, maybe each 60 in some neighborhoods. so nice weekend around the region. great news. some exciting news about the wjz family. jessica kartalija and her husband brian are the proud parents to a new baby boy. >> she, jessica, just gave birth to michael andrew this morning, at 7 pounds. he's adorable. >> they're calling him andy.
5:27 pm
and we're told mom and andy are doing well. >> they may be calling him drew as well. mom likes drew. and dad likes andy. and it's spelled andrew. they'll figure it out. >> start that tuition collection now. >> but congratulations, you guys. we miss you, jessica. still ahead on eyewitness news. sarah palin. not one to keep her opinions to herself. her take on everything from president obama to american idol. a sneak peek at her new book before it hits store shelves. i'm suzanne collins in jarrettsville. one car theft took place here. but there have been hundreds of others, according police. we'll have pictures of much of the goods stolen. that's coming up next. and a horrible case of police brutality. more video of this vicious attack. and the reason police may have between after the wrong guy. ,,,
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it is 5:29, 47 degrees. a few clouds, but it's beautiful over baltimore tonight. good evening, everybody. thanks for staying with wjz, eyewitness news. here are some of the stories people are talking about tonight. a suspected criminal, busted. a business break-in, and a stolen purse, lead harford county police to a man they say is responsible for over 100 crimes. suzanne collins reports, the victims are from harford, baltimore, and howard counties. >> anything else?
5:31 pm
>> at the millen white hall, where country, feed and horse supplies are sold, crime is a rarity. but november 1st, someone smashed a window and broke in. >> came in, making several trips, hauling arm loads of clothing to his car and took off. >> $1500 worth of clothing gone. but now, some of those items and a storehouse of others, including over 100gps units, wallets, tools, even a cash register were seized. rory leftwich, 41, has been arrested and charged. >> the deputies found over $25,000 worth of items, ranging from sports equipment to electronics to detergent that had been taken. >> reporter: police are linking leftwich to 100 thefts. the lead came from a detective's sharp memory. >> we could see a pickup truck. and the one deputy yelled out to his partner or one of his
5:32 pm
coworkers, come here and look at this. this looks like the same guy from 7-eleven. >> reporter: on october 25th, police say leftwich was here at the 7-eleven. and he had broken into a car of a woman who had just gone in to make a purchase. >> reporter: police say the goods came from car thefts in harford, baltimore, and howard counties. court records show leftwich was convicted of burglary in montgomery county. he's currently facing drug charges in anne arundel. and a prince george's county jury acquitted him last year. >> and right now, leftwich is being held without bail at the harford county detention center. a glen burnie man is recovering from multiple stab wounds he suffered while he was stopped at a red light on east ordinance road. the victim told police, he was approached by two males who began assaulting him. when he tried to drive off, he crashed his truck into a tree and was taking his truck with
5:33 pm
nonlife-threatening injuries. >> families across baltimore will gather together in just a few days to cell brace thanksgiving -- celebrate thanksgiving. but for some families, there is a member missing. >> parents come together to support each other. they all have a son who was murdered, and the cases remain unsolved. >> to lose one person, that person belongs to somebody. and that's how i feel. i don't want to hear, oh, we only lost these many people last year, compared to whatever year. >> reporter: sneed's son, terrence thomas, was murdered back in 1993. it has been a cold case for 17 years. city council president jack young gathered with these grieving families, knowing time does not heal their pain when the wound is still open. holidays are especially difficult. but these families are trying to stay strong and hopeful that police will make an arrest. >> i want them to know, i'm still here. and i don't stop. because it hurts.
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>> reporter: the parents of the murder victim and the city council president are hoping to encourage witnesses to come forward and help solve these cold cases. >> anne arundel counties -- county police need your help to catch thieves. take a look. police say these men stole several flat-screen tvs from laurel. if you recognize them, you're asked to give anne arundel county police a call. a teenager attacked by an undercover police officer. his only crime was being in the wrong place at the wrong time. vic was in the newsroom with the shocking video. >> reporter: the video is painful to watch. a teenager puts up his hand. but it doesn't stop the officer from kicking the 17-year-old in the groin, chest and head. the officer had just been involved in a drug bust gone bad and was chasing down suspects who attacked him. he said the teen was one of them. the teen was arrested and charged. but there are questions about how he could have been a part of the drug bust, when
5:35 pm
surveillance video shows him inside the convenience store. kai, back to you. >> vic, thank you. because of. this, they may ask the chicago police to investigate the officer. >> pilots will now be allowed to skip some patdowns. pilots have complained about being held up in screening lines with travelerless. now, the tsa says pilots in uniform or on airline business will see immediate changes in their screening at airport checkpoints. the news comes as passengers express their frustration with tougher security procedures. >> when it comes down to the patdown, actually, very small number and small percentage of people will actually see that patdown, if they opt out of the advanced imaging technology in those 70-or so airports. >> tsa say passengers should not expect the patdowns to go away. they are in place for good, for those who opt out of the body scan. dozens of people working in
5:36 pm
baltimore county will soon be out of work or transferred. lock heed martin insists it will move its manufacturing work from middle river to other locations. it will impact about 60 manufacturing-related jobs. transfers and layoffs will begin. the move does not improve the rest of the middle river operations. terrifying moments on a california-bound flight. a windshield cracks forcing an emergency landing. >> immediately, the copilot, i mean, instinctively, just immediately put on a mask. and the face shield. and then the crack started -- he said the crack really started to spread. >> reporter: mike fleming describes tense moments on delta flight 1795, from atlanta to orange county. >> and the pilot came on and said, ladies and gentlemen, i just want to let you know, we've got a little problem up here in the cockpit, we're going to be descending kind of rapidly.
5:37 pm
we need to get down below 10,000 feet. we have a crack in the windshield. >> reporter: it was at this point, fleming grabbed his smart phone and started recording the pilot's messages. >> you can come in here and take a look at what we're dealing with. no air is leaking into the airplane. no glass is breaking. but we cannot continue onto santa ana, as you can imagine. >> everybody kind of went [ gasping ] >> this photo shows a huge spieder web crack. he also took a picture of the map. >> it shows you how we made a quick, hard left. >> reporter: that hard left was followed by a rapid descent from 35,000 feet for that emergency landing in dallas. >> mike fleming used the plane's wi-fi to let his family and friends know what was going on. take a look at these just- released photos of the damage.
5:38 pm
qantas super jumo plane. jumboplane. the force of the blast put a hole in the fuel tank and cut hydraulic lines. it revealed potential problems with the rolls royce engine. sarah palin's new book is manage out next week. but portions have already leaked on the internet. manuel gallegus reports for wjz, palin holds back nothing. she has strong opinions on everything from the current administration to reality tv. >> sarah palin's new book doesn't say whether she'll run for president. but with another possible best seller, tv shows and public appearances in politically important states, she appears to be laying the groundwork, as she suspected to barbara walters. >> if you ran for president, could you beat barack obama? >> i believe so. >> reporter: in america by heart, palin takes a swipe at barack obama, saying he's among those who seem to believe that the tea party is racially
5:39 pm
prejudice. she also goes after the first lady, suggesting michelle obama hasn't shown enough pride in our country. palin's first book, going rogue, sold more than 2 million copies. her new book has a printing of 1 million. expecting to be another best seller. she criticizes "american idol," saying contestants embarrass themselves. but she calls "dancing with the stars" an uplifting, family show. and says her daughter bristol is challenging herself in a new way. and she criticizes the media for paying so much attention to her daughter's ex-fiance, levi johnson. she writes, it was disgusting to watch as the 15 minutes of fame were exploited by supposed adults for a lost kid. >> the book isn't officially released until tuesday. manuel gallegus, cbs news, new york. >> the publisher says palin worked with a ghost writer on both of her books.
5:40 pm
a multistate tour is planned. time now for a look at the baltimore sun. how chesapeake bay watermen are adapting their skills and boats to the economy. keeping your pets from wrecking your home furnishings. and a look at tomorrow's game from florida state. for these and a whole lot more, remember to look for the baltimore sun. look for the updated forecast from wjz's first warning weather team. excitement is building, as we get closer to the annual mammoth monday meltdown. all of this week, ron matz is taking a look back at the finalists who gave baltimore some of their best performances of the year. >> our fifth finalist for the 2010, mammoth manic monday meltdown. they appeared back on august 30th. please welcome north carroll high school. >> it's just another manic monday ♪ oh, oh, oh ♪ ♪ wish it was sunday ♪ oh, oh, oh ♪ that's my fun day ♪ oh, oh, oh ♪ my
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i don't have to run day ♪ it's just another manic monday ♪ just three days and counting. until the 2010 mammoth manic monday meltdown. the winner takes home -- >> coveted valentino. >> you want to kiss the valentino? by a crystal blue italian stream? voting continues here at it continues through sunday night. three days, three days and counting. the winner takes home -- >> the coveted valentino. >> thank you very much. continue the voting, right here at we will see you in fells point, monday morning, for the mammoth manic monday meltdown. see you. >> let me tell you something
5:42 pm
about tim. he's in the drummer world. there was no way that was going to happen. don't forget to join don, marty and ron. it's monday morning in fell's point. howie mandel. >> talk about bare-knuckle politics. the budget battle gets personal. as two lawmakers go at it. we really wanted to be able to let people voice their opinions. >> yeah. she certainly has a lot of people talking. the life-altering decision that woman is putting in your hands. nice fall weekend. and i'll have the exclusive first warning five-day forecast. >> here's today's report from wall street. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,
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clear and seasonally cool nights. tomorrow, a nice day. warmer than today. take a look at the saturday forecast. we'll start off chilly in the 30s. but up in the mid- to upper 50s by late afternoon, with a lot of sunshine. pretty much all day long. how does the next five days, as we head toward thanksgiving shape up? tim williams in the outback. >> definitely not a bad forecast, especially for this time in november. take a look. bob talked about saturday. let's talk about sunday. we'll cool down for one more day. then look at the surge in temperatures. 58. near 60 degrees monday. 65 tuesday. a chance of showers on wednesday. but temperatures staying right around 60 degrees. overnight lows going from the mid- to upper 30s to the mid- 40s. now, for your energy saver tip of the day. we're talking about winterizing your home and weatherizing your home, by caulking and weather stripping all doors and windows. also, you can use locks on your window to make them tighter and draft resistant. you can click on and
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click on the special section of the home page. back inside. >> all right, tim. thank you. more than two dozen miners are still missing, following a explosion in new zealand. but rescue workers say it's too dangerous to go look for them. rescue workers say it is still keeping them out of the mine. two more were able to get to the blast after. there is no word on whether they are together or separate groups. legislative argument becomes a slap in the face. take a look at this. gives her colleague an open- backhand. witnesses say the man made negative comments about the woman's husband who was the union leader. officials say they hope that the woman willingly -- willingly resigns for the behavior. >> there you go. check in for eyewitness news at 6:00. coming up, denise is in the
5:48 pm
newsroom with preview. a verdict in the trial of a federal officer who shot a dog. wjz is gathering reaction. we'll have more at 6:00. on the loose, baltimore city police looking for this man, wanted for a shooting outside a busy bank. and... imagine not being able to open a bottle of water, or something as simple as a bag of chips. a young maryland teen thought this was his lot in life. until technology handed him a surprise. >> i just thought it was a prothetic robohand. >> the bionic boy, next. for these stories and more, coming up at 6:00. now, back to mary and kai. >> thank you. >> sorry. it's friday. we should have it down by now. long practice before the ravens hit the road. >> mark has more coming up next in sports. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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5:51 pm
just three more road games remain for the ravens, including sunday at carolina. sports director mark viviano joins us. road games are supposed to be
5:52 pm
tough. why do so many teens expect this to be easy? >> they have officially ruled out six players for the game against the ravens. ravens are as healthy as they have been all year, in a position to make a play-off push, with a record of 6-3 so far. the panthers have just one win. we last saw them in baltimore when they came to the preseason. panthers aren't very good. but the ravens won't take them lightly. >> no matter in the nfl, you'll play a good team each week. i don't care how many games they've won. >> you can't look at a team's record and judge them. you have to look at the other side of the board. that's how we have to take it. >> we have to come out and play our game. we understand their record. but the record don't mean nothingment. >> this team -- nothing. >> this team is going to come out and fight. >> you could go and say, they're 1-7. we're just going to roll over them. >> if you don't show up, you're going to get your butt kicked.
5:53 pm
it's the way this league is. >> reporter: well, the ravens have never beaten the carolina panthers in a regular season game. the only other team they've never beaten in a regular season is new england. game you can see here on wjz. they'll kick it off at 1:00. more on the ravens, plus the maryland basketball team in action t. we'll have highlights in sports at 6:00. >> okay, mark. thank you. a minnesota couple puts the fate of their unborn baby in the hands of the public. pete and alicia arnold couldn't decide whether to keep their unborn baby or not. so they put it to an online vote. they say the pain of two miscarriages led them to consider an abortion in the first place. the voting won't be decisive. they just want some outside opinions. tonight in healthwatch, the fda has just approved a new treatment to help ease the pain of migraines. randall pinkston explains,
5:54 pm
botox is back. but it's not hiding any wrinkles this time. teresa cantily has suffered with migraines for 18 years. >> i would struggle to make it through the day at work. >> the 49-year-old tried medication after medication for help. as a last resort, her doctor recommended an unconventional treatment. botox. >> i was a little afraid to try it at first. >> reporter: it was first used to treat people with eye muscle disorders. >> some of them also had migraine headaches or other types of headaches. and they found, hey, when i got injections in the forehead, in the eye, it seemed to actually help my headaches. >> reporter: doctors have been using botox to treat migraines, off label, for years. the fda recently approved it for people suffering 15 or more days of the headaches each month. >> it can block the chemical
5:55 pm
transmission from the nerve to the muscle, causing the muscle to relax. migraine sufferers need 20 to 30 injections in the forehead, temple and neck. >> the goal of these preventive treatments is not to cure your headaches. it is actually to decrease the intensity of the headache and the frequency of the headache. >> reporter: teresa says it's working for her. >> i was able to function much better, imagine -- manage the migraines. >> she needs the injections every three months because the muscles eventually return. but she said while she can feel the needle pricks, it's nothing compared to the pain of migraines. >> reporter: with fda approval, insurance is more likely to cover the botox treatments for migraines. still to come on wjz eyewitness news. if you're hitting the road this thanksgiving season, you are certainly not alone. in fact, millions will be joining you. i'm weijia jiang in baltimore, with you,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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5:58 pm
coming up right now. encounter. a police officer on trial for shooting and killing this beloved family pet. the verdict that was handed down in the case. long and difficult process. what homeowners are facing as they clean up for this weekend's tornado. ready for the weekend? is it going to be a good one? >> check in for these stories and all the day's breaking
5:59 pm
news. deadly visit to a dog park. a beloved siberian husky, fatally shot. >> now, a verdict in the trial of a federal police officer who pulled the trigger. >> hello, everybody. i'm denise koch. and i'm vic carter. here's what people are talking about tonight. >> justice for bear bear. breaking news. just a short time ago, a federal police officer is found guilty of shooting a family dog at a popular dog park. wjz is live. mike hellgren just finished talking with key players in the case. mike? >> reporter: it's been an emotional day. started at 1:30, wrapped up a short time ago. and it was a win and a loss for the owners of bear-bear; they got the