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tv   Eyewitness News Morning Edition  CBS  November 22, 2010 6:00am-7:00am EST

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hello, it's the mammouth manic monday meltdown in fells point. the crowd keeps getting bigger and bigger. >> and out areawide, we're dealing with fog, that's affecting the traffic well, it's a mild morning and this flow is giving us fog. and the county's in effect now. as far as the graphic, the advisories, p.g. and maryland, you'll see this, i've got to be honest with you, what's coming out of i-83 north, it's just as foggy. we'll start to clear out partly
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cloudy throughout the afternoon and 59 at lunch and going to 62. 57degrees this evening. we have school advisories on the eastern shore, here's sharon. we'll show you the traffic cameras with the fog in a second. first, other issues and we have the accident we started out with on the outer lupe. it was blocking the right lane and hopefully, that will be cleared shortly. the police activity in reisterstown, watch for that and debris in annapolis. that's affecting us on taylor avenue between hill top and president street. hazmat crews there on the scene. taking a look at speeds around the beltway. we'll look at the speeds there and beyond at 51 miles per hour. we can take a live look at the fog on 83 and mt. carmel. that's the traffic camera marty was talking about.
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it's foggy there and on the route 50 at the eastern shore. there's a camera there and 50 at the bay bridge and we have fog warnings in effect there and there's a look at 95. that's white marsh and looking clear. remember, wjz is always on, for traffic information any time, go to don, back to you. and a correctional officer is murdered in the city setting off a police stand off in northwest baltimore and not far from here. don, that stand off started when the police thought the suspect was inside the officers apartment. it turns out, it was empty and this morning, the killer is still on the loose. baltimore city police surrounded the apartment of a 28-year-old, a veteran officer after finding blood on her front door. >> it's heart breaking. to hear that and it was close
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to home. >> she was shot to death in a friend's house. and the police went to her apartment, searching for answers. when the detectives came to the location, they saw blood on the door and they believed the individual was inside and then they contacted the s.w.a.t. units. the police leaved she knew her killer. and neighbors say she lived with her boyfriend and daughter. that's terrible, i can't believe it. she's a proud person and i can't understand it. >> it's sad that she had to go through there and her daughter has no parent. >> and it's not clear whether her boyfriend is the person the police are seeking. >> and thank you, andrea.
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she worked in the transportation unit. and a teen who grew up here is found beaten to death in boston. he was trying to get a ride back from carolina to baltimore and he disappeared. his body was found days later in boston. >> you don't expect to see your brother gone like that. life can go so fast, really, truthny. >> >> the investigators were able to identify him through his finger fingerprints. half a dozen homes and businesses were damaged after a fire roars through the neighborhood. it started yesterday morning near the gaitway to canton. one has been taken to johns hopkins bay view burn center. and a surprising change of heart in the catholic church. pope benedict says that the use
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of condoms could be justified in limited situations. like for male prostitutes wanting to prevent the spread of hiv. the nascar sprint cup comes to a close in florida. and only final lap, edwards wins the lap and john's won a 5th championship in a row. also, the raven's played to a stadium packed with purple and came out a winner. here's stan saunders with the highlights. >> and the ravens are 7-3 after proving yesterday, that the only thing better than winning is winning consistently. they pile drived the panther. s and a scoreless 1st quarter
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until there's houshmandzadeh on the touchdown and the ravins lead it and fast forward to the 4th quarter and the ravens leading and watch read intercept it and reed heading down before latter halling the ball and on the next drive, forty quarter time winding down, st. pierre intercepted again by lewis. he takes him to the end zone for the 24-yard score and the extra point good begin. we showed those guys, we were going to try to take the shots down field. we were making the moves and pushing the corners back and that helped us. >> we came on lax and we let them stay in the game. in the nfl, you can't do that.
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and especially when we have a vision and a goal to do things, you know, you got to come out and play better there. >> the rhs are back at home taking on the bucks and the kick offset for 4:15. >> >> about landry had no idea he was going to do that. reed said they practiced that play all of the time. and it's interesting, after towards, they're showing reed's stats and the company he keeps with the stats and without question -- he's going to the hall of fame. and i want you to think about what we've seen on the field over the past few years. ogden is going into the hall of fame and ray lewis is going to the hall of fame. and ed reed is going to the hall of fame. we have had rod lewiston and
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shannon sharp and they're going to go. wow, the guys that have played for raven's town, unbelievable. yeah, it speaks well. >> man, doesn't it? >> we played a game in the front office off of the front field -- just watch this for a second. just watch this. okay! okay! touchdown, baltimore ravens. of course, ed almost put him on injured reserve with the helmet snap. and he didn't see lewis lurking in the passing zone. and ray had reed and he was lurking. that was fantastic. we'll play the buccaneers who blanked the 49ers yesterday. that's next sunday at the russell street coliseum at 4:16.
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>> got it. >> let's look at the forecast. we'll get the party started. today, about 62 after morning fog and slow clearing throughout the afternoon. en right now, it's 50. it's a mild morning. and a special guest joins the ronster. let's kick off m 4. we're great, it's m 4 and a mild mammouth manic monday meltdown. >> m 5. it's dick gelfman. >> are you selling tickets here? >> it's amazing. there's more people here than at the stadium. >> great to see you. good to see you. >> all of the finalists have arrived and we'll meet everyone for the mammouth manic monday meltdown when the eyewitness news morning edition continues! [ cheers and applause ] ,,,,,,
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generally speaking, hagerstown and tv hill and easton, they're all in the low 50s. and up to 48 in bel air, 46 rock hall. those numbers haven't changed in the past half hour. we'll burn off the morning fog and get the sunny skies in here and we'll see a little bit of a sure in here and the big story is how mild it will be today and tomorrow. by tomorrow night, the cold front will be here and we'll set the plate for a seasonal feeling thanksgiving. 62degrees today and 44 and tomorrow, we'll call it mostly cloudy and we'll start sunny and get cloudy and the afternoon and evening showers and after a high of 65 and 70.
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then, we're back down in the low 60s and 70s. and 51 and 50 and the normal high, 54 degrees and a chance of showers thursday night and friday morning. the fog related school advisories about to move front and center. >> hi, don, the fog is still the biggest issue. right now, we'll talk about the police activity in reisterstown. that's affecting you on main street and cock caysville road and also, tyler and hilltop, watch out for the hazmat crews there. and there's more on 95 and everything's at or above the posted speed limit. and that's a look at 50 and sandy point and that's the only area where we have the fog effects on the bay bridge. that's 83 and north of mt. carmel road.
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and there's a live look at the northwestside of the beltway at old fort road. this is brought to you by your toyota deal ere. you'll find quality cars and trucks. toyota, moving forward. now, it's time for the 12th annual ma'am mouth manic monday meltdown. ♪ just another manic monday ♪ don't bury the lead. let's tell it likes the. it's the best local tv in america. >> good morning, we're live at fells point. the 12th annual mammouth manic monday meltdown, m 4. [ cheers and applause ] . >> and in this segment, we're going to introduce all of the groups who have come down. it's one of the biggest crowds and it starts the holiday season in baltimore, the mom mom and -- mammouth manic
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monday meltdown and we'll start on thisside, one of the finalists here. hi, good to see you. >> great to see you, too. >> thank you for letting us come down. i'm proud of the kids. >> and thank you, thank you to everyone. >> and perry hall, thank you. cheerleaders, the baltimore blast, thank you for coming down. thank you for coming down. >> we appreciate you guys. >> and where's miss debbie. harbor hospital center, another finalist. >> hi, ron. we've had a good time and i want to thank all of the harbor hospital and med star for supporting the operating room. thank you, very much >> i'll be operated on at the end of today. >> i don't know what i'm going to have -- another one of the finalists, north carroll high school.
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and look at these fabulous t- shirts. [ cheers and applause ] >> this is lynne, hi, lynne. thank you for having us, our students at north carroll high school have had fun, we enjoy it. and who is this back here? >> we have teen challenge, hands of harmony, thank you for coming down. >> and we appreciate it. we're happy to be here. and from anne arundel community college. and on a high note. >> how are you guys? >> good. thank you for coming down. we appreciate it. and in the back, baltimore jr. academy! thank you! you got it going on. thank you so much. >> who do we have here? >> another one of the finalists, social security administration! >> hi. hi, thank you for coming.
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file online! >> yeah, file online. and hampstead hill academy. >> [ cheers and applause ] thank you. >> how are you, thank you? >> thank you for coming down. we're excited to be here, ma'amic monday, wow! >> and we have people from anne arundel county and another one of the finalists, jacobsville elementary school! >> this is mr. an -- mrs. andrea. >> thank you. >> and this is union memorial hospital. thank you so much. domino sugar. where's luther? we have to get luther out here. oh, he's up front. okay. well, more from anne arundel county. we're happy to have you here.
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lake shore elementary school. [ cheers and applause ] . >> thank you. >> thank you so much, our kids are thrilled to be here. absolutely. and did we get teen challenge, maryland? >> yes. >> and teen challenge, thank you. you're great, we appreciate it -- i think we -- >> oh, living legacy foundation. living legacy foundation in the back. thank you for coming down. we appreciate it so much! and we have everyone so far. let's hope so. >> hey, ron. there's one person i would love to acknowledge and i noticed to the left, we have the three photographers down there. is carroll in the truck or out with you? >> well, i think that carroll is in the truck. i'm not sure. >> carroll is with me every monday. a big hand for miss carroll. [ cheers and applause ]
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>> she has to be acknowledged. >> she's with us since the beginning. and thank you, we appreciate it. >> and we have the other folks. the usual crew is here. the coach, joe matthews. >> and good morning. >> good to see you. >> shirley. >> hi, shirley. luther is here. hi, luther. how are you doing? >> and we have a special guest, marty and don. >> i saw him. >> the silver fox, barry silverman. i don't know why they gave this to me. >> you deserve it. >> and hey, folks, you have to understand, we all sit together. >> hey, ron. tell barry it's our house! it's our house!
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>> jim scaler is back there taking pictures and jay pen net. where's our friend, jay. >> he's taking pictures. we want to make sure we've introduced everyone. if i've missed anyone, we'll get you in the next segment and we'll do a rehearsal and in a few minutes, we'll present the awards for the 2010, mammouth manic monday meltdown. >> cool! all right, guys, see you in a few. [ cheers and applause ] >> we're having a great time. see you in a few minutes, back to you. >> cool! >> you know what? i just did a search, my add kicked in and i did a search for mammouth manic monday meltdown and i got 17,300 hits. that's unbelievable. we'll move it on into the break. we'll see you after this. ,,,,
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still come, first lady
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barbara bush's advise for that laity, sarah palin -- that lady, sarah palin. [no audio] and a correction's officer found murdered and her killer is still on the loose after a police stand off. i'm andrea fujii and a live report, just ahead. and we're starting to see more volume and we'll check out the speed sensors in the cameras. and they'll show us a ton of fog. take a look at the graphics we have issued. and officially, south of the metro grid and looking at the traffic cams work we're seeing a generous amount of fog. m 4. the 12th annual melt down. and m 4 is cooking. we have a great crowd, the 10th
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it's 6:30 and we have fog. sharon will have the affect of traffic after the weather. >> >> we're dealing with fog and clouds until the midday and then, partly sunny. going to a high temperature in the low 60s and 67 degrees this morn anything. school delays on the bottom of the screen. and starting to see traffic delays on the westside of the beltway as well. meantime, we have the police activity is that could slow you down. and debris is an issue in
6:31 am
annapolis. tiler between hill top and president's street. hazmat crews are still on the scene there and everything's running at full speed with the acception of the westside of the beltway. and we can look at the westside outer lupe between 795 and 95. 44miles per hour and we can take a live look at the westside, that's at old fort road and starting to see brake lights there and meantime, at 83, you can barely see the road there and we have fog in effect on the bay bridge and fog is an issue on 795. this is brought to you by your toyota dealer. buy right the first time and you'll save more in the long run. >> at the top of the news, the growing pressure on the tsa to change the new screening methods
6:32 am
current house majority leader weighed in on cbs. would you want to undergo that? >> i don't think that anyone of us would and no one feels the discomfort and the delay is something that we like. but, most understand, we have to keep the airplanes safe. >> and here's the latest for wjz. there's growing turbulence over the security measures. >> i think that the body scanners are invasive. would you submit to one of these? >> no, who would? >> with 1.6 million americans set to take to the skies, many could go through the pat downs. this man got both. and i was mortified. >> he said it was so aggressive, it spilled his urine bag, a result of cancer surgery.
6:33 am
>> i was so embarrassed and pet fied -- petrified. >> the transportation security administration plans on keeping the measures in place and there could be changes. the head of the tsa says that the agency will make the screening methods as least invasive as possible. is some say that the inconvenience is a small price for safety. >> i would rather give up a little privacy than worry about giving up something on a plane. and there's a protest called national opt day, they're opting for pat downs and that could lead to delays. in wjz-13, wjz-13, eyewitness
6:34 am
news. and what could that intail? that's what we'll find out later on this morning. and the police made an arrest days after a man was found dead along i-70 in a box. the investigators tracked down this man in montgomery county. he's accused of the murder and then, he dumped the man along frederick. a correctional officer is murdered and her killer is still on the loose. and wjz and andrea fujii are live with the latest on this. don, the police are still looking for a suspect this morning after hostage negotiators were called into the officer's apartment looking for clues. the police surrounded the apartment of a veteran correction's officer after finding blood on her door. >> it's heart breaking, to hear
6:35 am
someone like that. >> she was shot to death in front of a friend's house police went to her apartment in north baltimore searching for answers. >> when the detectives came to the locations, they saw blood on the door. then, they had reason to believe the individual was inside. and the police believe that joans knew her killer. theren and neighbors say that jones lived with her boyfriend and 3-year-old daughter. >> that's terrible, i cannot believe it. she's a correctional officer and a proud person. >> i can't believe it. >> it's sad that she had to go through that and her daughter has no parent. >> she was an officer since 2004. >> and maryland's attorney general is stepping up his
6:36 am
efforts to ban the sell of alcoholic beverages containing cough feign. the most infamous is four loko and last week, they agreed to top selling it in the state. four loko's reaction was to say they would remove caffeine from the mix. tough criticism being leveled at sarah palin. they hope she'll get off of the stage. she hopes she'll stay in alaska is what barbara bush said. another fine should be handed out for the national football league after a lineman slaps ben roethlisberger. he was celebrating after a touchdown pass and he gave him a shootout head. he was promptly ejected from the game and roethlisberger was not hurt.
6:37 am
stan saunders will explain, they're neck and neck with the ravins in the afc north. the ravens are 7-3 after proving that the only thing better than winning is winning consistently. they pile drived the panthers. >> and scoreless 1st quarter until flacco finds houshmandzadeh and the extra point was good and fast forward now and ravens leading 23-13 and watch reed intercept it and reed is down the sideline and latterrabling the drive. on the next drive, the fourth quarter time winding down and st. pierre intercepting it again. and lewis takes it to the end zone and the ravens win it big
6:38 am
time. >> and i think we showed those guys we could take the shots down field. we were making moves that we would push the corners back and that hepped us to do things later on in the game. we came up a little lax and you know, we let them stay in the game, you know, in the nfl team, you can't do that and you know, and when we have a goal, you know, and you know, for the ravens, you no, you have to go out and play better. and the ravens are back at home taking on the bucs. the kick off at 4:15. and there were so many fans yesterday in charlotte, they said it was like playing at home. >> it was so obvious, that the tv guys commented on it.
6:39 am
you could imagine what it sounded like. bobby nick, he's only missed a hand full of away games, he said it was the strongest raven's take overever. well, the next is with the buccaneers. and the two teams at 7-3. that's next week at the russell street coliseum. >> let's take a look at the forecast and we'll move it along. it will be a fine one. and we're talking about eventually, partly cloudy skies and 62 degrees. >> let's go! >> let's go to fells point and the ronster. it's mammouth manic monday meltdown, the 12th annual and we're minutes away from
6:40 am
presenting the valentino when the eyewitness news morning edition rolls on. ♪ ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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calm winds and the barometer at 30. and other than cumberland and the valley, it's 36 and everyone else is in the mid-to upper 40s and few low 50s around. fog burns off and partly cloudy skies this day and the showers associated with the cold front will get here by tomorrow night. today, the head lines are mild and warm air moving our way. the normal in the mid-50s and 62 eventually today. 44 is the overnight low are partly cloudy skies and tomorrow, looks to be a nice day's start and a cloudy end and showers tonight and not until 65 and 70. and cold front moving through the areaened a 51 thursday and 55 friday and a slight chance of a shower. don, take it away. and watch out for fog.
6:44 am
>> and the good thing is, we cleared up all of the other problem. we'll talk about the delays first. and 95 southbound, just a little bit slow. it will only take you three minutes to get through that with the average speed of 41 miles per hour. and there's the average speeds around the beltway. between 95 and 83, 45 miles per hour and the slowest spot is the westside between 795 and 95. also, take a look outside, you can't see the road on 83 and fog is a factor there and it's an issue on the bay bridge. and we're looking clear on the topside at bel air road. and this is brought to you by your toyota dealer. you'll save more in the long run let's go straight to fell's
6:45 am
point. let's not bury the lead. and it's m 4 and we're live in front of jimmy's in fells point. good morning, everyone. >> [ cheers and applause ] . >> this is the biggest crowd ever. 38,000 people, 38,000 people went to wjz-13 to vote this year. we thank you all so much. we thank the viewers and we thank our vice president, general manager. >> good morning, ron and good morning, everyone. thank you for coming out, it's a great crowd. >> thank you. >> and ron -- they were 38,000 people here. there aren't. and it's a wonderful crowd and the weather's great and we want to thank everyone at home for tuning in and being a part of this.
6:46 am
hopefully, every manic monday puts a little smile on your face. that's what it's all about. >> we're making people smile. we have people we want to thank before we get to the awards and we present the woodlawn vase, the valentino. we want to thank tuxedo house and my great crew, carroll, mark and mark. thank you, guys. giver them a big hand. the great people of fells point. they've been kind to us. and our producers and nick and jimmy. jimmy's restaurant and jimmy's here. jimmy, thank you for everything that you do for us. not just on mondays, but every day. >> thank you, it's always a good time. i want to say happy birthday to
6:47 am
my dogger, maria, she's turning 4 tomorrow. >> she's turning four. it's m 4. that's right. >> and i want a big hand for the two guys at the studio. don scott and marty bass. >> it's time to present our spirit awards for the year and we'll give them to the group that showed the spirit of manic monday. north carroll high school. >> all right! >> [ cheers and applause ] thank you, thank you, thank you. >> hi, don, hi, marty. thank you. >> and there's a good reason for that one, too. >> this has meant so much to us and we've had so much spirit talking about i. sorry, it was hard to pay
6:48 am
attention. thank you so much. we appreciate it. >> hey, ron -- >> ron -- >> yes? >> we need to tell them why they got it. >> they showed up on the foulest morning of the year. >> yes, that's right. they came down from hampstead, carroll county and thank you, and we love those sweatshirts. >> it was pouring down rain. >> thank you. >> and mr. dick gelfman will present the second spirit award of the year. no drum roll? [brume roll -- drum roll] [name blocked by screams] congratulations to the jaguars. >> thank you, we had a great time doing it.
6:49 am
>> and now, it is time to present the woodlawn vase of fells point. i need you guys to come up here. this is the principal of newtown high school who were the winners last year. i can't wait to give this to the winner. i know what it did to our school has year and this trophy is hanging in the glass display case as you go through the lobby and this year, we have the titan with us. >> remember the titans. and our winner, 38,000 plus votes to welcome the winners, they were here in august. harbor hospital center. [ cheers and applause ] . huge! >> your performance was out standing and the valentine is
6:50 am
yours. >> thank you. >> harbor hospital is the best and the o.r. team -- >> turn it around. we're the best hospital in baltimore and we have the best o.r. team around. so, thank you, ron. we had a good time. >> well, your performance was magnificent and the voters said so. >> all right, it's that time, luther, luther! come on over, luther! i have to clear a path to get to the boom box. lake shore elementary, thank you for coming. [ laughter ] >> i thought today, he would have people for that. we have a huge crowd and the circle's getting smaller and smaller as we speak. >> luther, let me hear those magic word mrs. >>, maestro, the music if you please. ron, where you spinning this
6:51 am
weekend? >> here we go. i think ron's spinning at mosaic, taking john's place. >> it's manic monday, m 4, 2010. we love everyone for coming down. stand by. 6:00already, i was just in the middle of a dream. i was kissing valentino by a crystal blue italian stream. but i can't be late, because i guess i just won't get paid. >> show me the money! >> these are the days when you wish your bed was already made. >> it's just another manic monday. oh, oh. i wish it was sunday. >> oh, oh. because that's my fun day. >> my i don't have to run day.
6:52 am
>> it's just another manic monday! >> oh, yeah! >> huge! >> that was great. [ cheers and applause ] >> that was the best m 4 sing along in 12 years. >> i think that's the biggest crowd we've had. we want to thank you so much for voting at and for everyone coming down today. and if i could, i would present awards to everyone who's down here. you guys are phenomenal! >> [ cheers and applause ] . and guess what? don and marty -- 365 days left to the 2011 melt down. >> i have it marked on my
6:53 am
calendar. thank you. >> it's a joy to be down here every week and we thank everyone back in the studio who've come down today and it's been a blast. what can i say. and if you want to do manic monday, e-mail me at the station. they're giving me the high sign or something like that. >> you've had a good year. >> i've always wanted to do this, don, does this work. >> okay, thank you. harbor hospital, the winners. thank you. have a great day, see ya. that's cool. >> harbor hospital, they used the sitz baths. >> and local tv at its best. that's what it's all about. ron did a great job. we'll be back. ,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,
6:54 am
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6:56 am
partly sunny this amp -- this afternoon and 62 degrees is going to be the high. >> and we picked up a few accidents at keith after and another one on 10 northbound at the beltway and watch for a wreck in the city. and closiers at 45th and pasadena, there's a wreck at oak road and there's a look at the topside and no delays there.
6:57 am
this is brought to you by the cochran firm. if you've suffered a personal injuries give us a call. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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(announcer) while there are some home disasters you can't avoid, there is one you can. septic system breakdowns affect 1.2 million homes each year. septic backups can cost about six thousand dollars in expense, and countless hours of repair.
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