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tv   Eyewitness News Morning Edition  CBS  November 23, 2010 6:00am-7:00am EST

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it's the top of the hour and today, it's starting out nice. what's coming later is what everyone's talking about. and sharon said that something's gone wrong on the expressway. we'll jump into it and we showed you the cold front with the showers lagging behind it. i want to show you the moisture out there. we're not talking about horrible rains, but steady rain enough. and we'll look at the day part. we'll look at the high at 65 and 60 this evening and rain and waning clearing skies.
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and i hope you other right -- you're right, here's sharon. and there's police activity between owings mills and the beltway. we're starting to see delays on the westside of the beltway and it's not shown as the overall average. and that's the topside and taking a live look outside, everything's looking okay in that shot and there's a live look outside at 295 at 175. no issues there, either. for traffic information any time, go to back to you, don. here's what people are talking about today. some baltimore city police officers were honored for running into torn apart buildings after tornadoes hit them last week. andrea? >> reporter: nearly all of the
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cleanup is done out here in north east baltimore. we're hearing 911 calls from the night that the tornado struck this morning. >> reporter: a care ef 1 tornado packing wins more than 100 miles per hour touches down in north east baltimore. it's the middle of the night and the residents don't have any warning. >> and what's the name of the street? >> pine wood. >> spell it. >> ma'am, i got a brick something on my head. >> how old are you? >> 31. >> are you bleeding. >> okay. >> reporter: moments later, help arrived. >> come here! come here! >> tell me what happened. >> come here!
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>> >> and there was a large piece of concrete covering her. she was trapped and couldn't move. >> i started to see all of the debris on her. >> and four officers will receive life saving awards for rising to the top. and miraculously, there were no serious injuries. and when everything was said and done, we were like, what just happened. >> i had never seen nothing like this. they didn't stop. they went in and did what they had to do. and the woman we heard from didn't receive serious injuries, but her daughter suffered a broken arm. >> all of the people who's apartments are destroyed have moved to other units. fa pam -- family and friends of a 16 year old who
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was found beaten are meeting today. he recently moved to north carolina and the family members believes he was trying to get back to baltimore. it's sentencing day for the man accused of killing his wife. she went missing five years ago on her way to a concert and the prosecutors -- a big boxed store welcomed by some and opposed by others will be building in baltimore city. the city council gave approve value of the -- approval of the warm. >> reporter: by a near unanimous vote, the city council gives the zoning approval that would bring in the wal-mart and lowe's.
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it will be called 25th street station. >> it will provide jobs and shopping convenience. it will be privately funded. >> reporter: city supporters believe it will spur growth in the area. and we know this is going to bring jobs in the city of baltimore. it will make it easy for us to shop. >> >> reporter: this project had its share of critics. others say they have no problem with wal-mart settling hering they're cob -- concerned if they'll get a livable wage. reming ton residents urged the city leaders to fight for them and demand a livable wage. help us to help ourselves. >> and a big thanks to me is to make sure they're hiring
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what good is a project if the jobs aren't going to us who live in the communities there have. >> and they'll cover 11 acres of property. i'm kai jackson reporting. >> there and the construction of the station project is slated to begin in the spring. and the chargers are on a role picking up their third straight victory. there was a fake punt with a 28- yard begin and then that lead to a touchdown. and the chargers win, 35-14. and the ravens came out with a begin against the panthers and many fans aren't satisfied with how they play the game. >> they have a right to do that. people care, we care, they care, coaches care.
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it's important to the fans. we nit pit ourselves. and the players nitpick everything and we do the same as coaches and for hour own performances. the ravens are in first place and the second best record in the nfl. and we have a big game coming up on sunday. >> yes, we do. there-- harbaugh was discussing the buck near and telling all of the things they bring to the table. i was sitting with stan saunders and he said, you're talking about a toe to toe, glove to glove fight and he said, basically. that's what we're looking at on sunday. and it's going to be the nationally televised game. that would move from 1:00 to 4:15. >> and don't kid yourself. the ravens are in the elite this year.
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>> we sit -- we sit and worry about the ravins, but we're one of the elite teams in the nfl, that's the lead, don't bury it. >> 65-degrees is the high on cloudy and a few showers around. you bet. take a umbrella to work and or school. you'll be happy if you do. it will be damp as you're coming home. high of 65 degrees. ronnie, good morning. this is an excellent story and should be done in baltimore, maryland. >> it is. it's so much history that goes with it. the thanksgiving dinner continues two days from now in
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the virginia baker recreation center. how you can help when the eyewitness news morning edition rolls on.
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this' a cold pool of air sweeping across the country, not just meandering throughout the great lakes here. 65 today and rain this afternoon. 34 tonight and ten colder this next overnight than now. i'm using ten, basically 11 degrees chillier than it is. today, we'll roll through the five day and we'll continue to watch the temperatures fall. we'll be chillier on thanksgiving than this day. the power of the cold front coming through and we'll have showers around. it will be one of the thanksgivings where you'll want
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to be inside wearing suite pants and tennis shoes and a sweatshirt. it will be a cozy day. for black friday, the skies clearing out and we'll move it to 52 and saturday, 46 and sunday, sunny and a high around 50 for the bucs'/raven's game. >> where are today's travel doubles? here's sharon. and here are the police activities on owings mills and the beltway. and on the beltway, everything's running smoothly, we had -- well, momentarily, we had a slight delay on the beltway. and that's with 11 and 12 minute drive times. we can look at 95 and 795 and no issues there. and everything's also running smoothly on 70 and 29.
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this is brought to you by your toyota dealer. toyota, moving forward. back to you, marty and don. >> and real quick, i need you to look at the area. that's bea gaddy. she grew up in poverty and decided that no one else should live like that. she feed thousands on it'sing the -- thanksgiving. she also took care of those living in poverty throughout the year. >> exactly. she's in the maryland woman's hall of fame. we're talking about a maryland legend. >> reporter: i'm so glad that you went and did that, she was a good friend of ours an we all knew her and we helped her out.
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it's been nine years since she passed away. this is the 29th year for the dinner. this all started when she had a winning lottery ticket in 1981. she won $290 she decided to feed 40 homeless people out of her house. that's the kind of person that she was. and the dinner is here in two days. virginia baker, another baltimore legend who did so much. and the dinner is here and bea's family is continuing and this year, more than ever, they need your help. >> with thanksgiving a couple of days away, the volunteers are hard at work getting ready for the yearly thanksgiving dinner for the poor and the homeless. oh, my! this doesn't even count any
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more. -- they're moving dozens of -- turkeys to the refrigerators. >> we couldn't get as many cooked turkeys as we need. normally, we try to get 600 pounds. november of 2000 was the last thanksgiving dinner that she attended before she died. >> we had about four to five thousand last year. >> this year, they expect to receive that number. >> and i'm sorry, we no longer have that service >> the economy hit them hard. and more are calling with a need, but it's just tough to need it. his mom always found a way to feed anyone hungry and they will, too. >> yes, they will, they'll do it here at the recreation center in patterson park. by the way, the turkeys you saw
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in the story, they were prepared by inmates at the hagueers -- hagerstown meat plant. the dinner is here on thursday and they'll feed about 5000 hopefully up to 5000 meals to be delivered across the area and they need food and donations. call for more information. a legendary figure and her memory lives on. we're live near patterson park. >> if you took both men who ran for governor and it was contention, if you had o'malley and ehrlich standing here.
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both-- former and current governor -- they would both agree that she's a ten out of a ten. >> and they call her the mother teresa of baltimore. >> all right, we got to roll, dude. >> have a great one. >> and the number is available at and all right, coming up next on the morning edition -- >> could this be
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neighbors say that research on biological weapons has contaminated water they drink. >> reporter: good morning, parts of fort die teak -- detrick are on the parts of the area's cleanup list. some say they need to start now. >> reporter: hundreds in the community either have cancer
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are have died from it. >> i feel like i have an enemy across from me. >> reporter: she worked there and she said that 2 dozen of her neighbors died of cancer. she has two form of cancer herself. >> reporter: do you blame fort detrick for your health issues. >> yes, i do. i thought, how long with what i have? is it because of detrick. >> reporter: she and her daughter remember during the cold war, fort detrick experimented with agent orange. >> we would see them bury the drums in the bottles up in the land fields. >> reporter: for decades, the militaries dumped the leftovers in the ground and the national
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cancer institutes shows that frederick county has the highest cancer rate in the state. >> out of 17 cousins, most died from cancer. >> reporter: they often played growing up between fort detrick and their family farm. we would see the helicopter and the wind would catch it. >> reporter: we obtained the documents and during the cold war, hazardous chemicals were dumped within hundreds of feet of people's homes. biological weight and animal carcasses and sludge were disposed of in unlined trenches. also, the cancer causing chemicals are above the contaminate level.
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we've been drinking it since '59. that's when that was all over there. >> reporter: an advocacy group dates this back -- >> they don't have time to wait for another two years. >> reporter: they're out raged and they say that the government should begin the cleanup immediately. >> we don't want anyone living around working and the government had to take responsibility. >> reporter: fort detrick denied our request for an interview. >> what goes through your mind when you come to the window and you see fort detrick? >> i want them to take the responsibility and admit it and fix it once and for all. that's my prayer. >> in frederick, vic carter, wjz eyewitness news.
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>> and the state health departments have started meeting with the community now. yet to come on the morning edition, breaking news from korea. the north and south exchange artillery fire and the death toll just rose and what the white house is saying about it. >> and as criticism heats up over airport security, the tsa pleads for understanding. that's coming up. there. and 911 calls from the terrifying night that a tornado struck. and now,'re hearing from residents pleading for help. i'll with have a live report. and it took an hour and a half, and we're picked up the first dent -- accident and it involves a bus. . >> a lo of folks will be watching and cooking thanksgiving dinner.
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we have a good one on coffee with. virginia willis joins us. and i mean, she's plugging something and got some of her favorite recipes and a book, but she's going to give you a great tip for thing to take and serve before dinner. cool news you can use. it's god coffee with. check that sunrise our. look at this diffused league, that's a pretty shot.
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it's 6:30 and the light is on and the ship has come in. that's the dark shade coming our way. sharon has a problem on the rush and marty has the weather. >> we have the diffused clouds and we'll look at the dop learn we have a cold -- doppler. we'll show you a cold front
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coming our way. that's for sure. >> well, hi, as we've picked up the problem, we cleared it up in rosedale. it was involving a bus and it had northbound closed between ridge road and may flower road and they've cleared the accident up. and there's a look at the delays between 295 and 95. that's a 13 minute drive time. that's a look at 15 and the bay bridge and no issues there. and everything's running smoothly on the bay bridge. and that's south on 222. earlier, police activity that we had, it's gone. and this is brought to you by your toyota dealer back to you, don. at the top of the news, a
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developing story from korea. we learned that a second south korean marine died in fire. >> reporter: parts of south korea's western island are in flames following the latest military clash between the nor and the south. north korea showers artillery rounds on the island and south korea fired back and they exchanged fire for nearly an hour. this is the latest act of aggression -- for north korea. in march, north korea launched a miss sill. there-- and there are worried signs of trouble to come
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cbs news, beijing. and before dawn, the white house released a statement saying they condemn the action from the north. and also, high anxiety in the midst of the busy travel days. there are are delay -- the tsa is trying to prevent more delays. >> reporter: the tsa wants to make sure that the busiest time of the year doesn't get busier. >> in a new announce. tsa's head is urging travelers to support the security measures. >> we appreciate your assistance suring the safety of you, the public.
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>> at one point, he had his hands in my jeans. i was taken back by that. >> they're urging for them to opt out and forcing extra pat downs. if a few participate, they'll have huge delays. we hope people appreciate the need for what's bog done. report janet napolitano defended the measures monday with several travelers. >> i like it. i have nothing to hide. i would rather everyone be searched and safe so we're all safer. >> reporter: the tsa says that 1 million have been patted down and 700 complained. and the tsa says they're
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constantly evaluating if less invasetive screenings could be utilized. >> a has been was attacked and his assailant is on the loose. the 85-year-old was walking home and someone choked him and stole his month. >> -- his money. and it's a night that many will never forget. and this morning, we're hearing their calls for help as well. andrea fujii is life in north east baltimore. don, tomorrow, it will mark one week since the tornado struck this area and now, emergency crews who were first on the scene, will be recognized for their help. a rare tornado packing winds more than 100 miles per hour touches down and it's the
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middle of the night and residents don't have a withinning -- warning of what was about to happen. what's the name of the street? >> pine wood. >> smell it. >> ma'am, i have a brick or something on my head >> feel your head and if if you're bleeding. i can't move, ma'am. >> come in. come here. >> come here! >> tell me what happened. >> come here. >> get out. >> and a large piece of concrete was covering her and she couldn't move. >> and i my flash flight and i saw all of the debris. >> four officers will receive life saving awards and
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miraculously, there were no injuries. >> it wasn't until everything was said and done that we stood outside and said, what just happened. they didn't stop for a second. >> this lady who call -- her daughter had a broken arm. >> it's suggested we all get weather radios. and a developing world from cbs news. this were fbi raids on two hedge funds of level global investors and diamond back capital management. they're probing funds to see if they used secret information to make tens of millions of dollars in profits. qantas is heading back to the sky.
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the airline completed the safety checks after the enin on bun one doubt caught fire. leak-- in months, a spectator support could come -- sport could come to a stand still. they're sure there could be a lockout. players have been in negotiations for a bargaining groom. the director says he's advising players to save their money.
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the ravens gave away turkeys yesterday. 'tis theseason. >> what's happening over there? >> a noise. >> a robot has gone crazy. and warning, don. >> we'll look outside. and that's a nice day's start. i'm telling you you'll need to tick take a umbrella to work and school with you. and we have some that go to school, then work. an that's going to change our weather -- today, 65 and
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tomorrow, 54. 44 on thanksgiving and by friday night, 29. for the first time, we'll have a big chunk of air weeping across the mid-atlantic and the country. we'll have more coming up sharon gibala has wjz traffic control and coming up, chef virginia willis. and there she is there. sheets showing for something. and she's a nice lady. it's kind of like, give us a quick, easy thing that you can do at your home and take with you. there's always got to be something. she couldn't have been nicer and she's making it there. we'll explain it all. you may want this recipe. we'll take a break and come back. blood pressure
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. all right, it's 17 minutes before the hour. we have a mild flow pressing up the 95. it's a gorgeous morning. temperatures arcing 10 degrees
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before normal. we have a chilly pool of air to the west. this means business and this is the leading edge of it. we have showers in the forecast throughout the afternoon and showers should get out of here by dinner time. and the skies clearing overnight. once again w 'tapping the air out of central canada and a big slug of killly air will press on top of the country. look at the numbers, 65 is the high this afternoon. and clear and breezy and 39 and tomorrow, down to 54-degree an we'll roll out the five day and you'll notice this air. bitterly cold air is confined to the upper plain states and northwestern great lake states. it will sweep across the country and getting closer to north florida. 65degrees today and form, the mid-50s and a few showers around and it will be a raw day sweat suit kind of day.
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and friday, 52 and breezy, sunday for the raven's game at 4:15. i i'm guessing game time around 46 degrees. >> what's happening on the rush, here's share. not much, i'm guessing that a lot of people are talk -- taking this week off. we have a few problems out there and very minor delays approaching the beltway. and otherwise, there's a look at the drive times and the speeds on the beltway. we have minor delays on the topside. on the topside,the westside is the slowest spot between 795 and 95. we can look at greenspring and running smoothly without delayed delays and the same
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thing for the bridge. this is brought to you by toyota. >> thank you. >> and before we get into coffee with, we'll point out, we'll be here thanksgiving morning. >> we will, indeed. believe it or not, i don't mind working thanksgiving morning. it's laid back. if you want to send us pictures on and wjzme@c we'll all hang out for a few hours there have sounds good to me. in. >> this is with virginia willis and this is furnished by cold pete tea. there >> and all i can say, who names their book, bone appetit, y'all -- you're good. >> how are you? >> well, i'm great, i'm in
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plymouth and the may flower is bind me, it's getting me excited for thanksgiving. you're up north. >> i am up north. >> do you call people y'all up there? >> i call everyone y'all, it's okay. people will look the recipes. and no, we like it. we're southern, we're south of the mason-dixon. >> i lovealton brown, i use his country ham recipe. you get a ham and you pour it and cover it with dr. pepper and you're done. my grandmother used coca-cola. >> i noticed you weren't writing marty's recipe down.
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what are you making? oh, i wish you could smell this. i have apple side every and i'm encoming earn everyone -- i have a selection of recipes from the cook book for easy make ahead hors d'oeuvres. here, i have a warm apple tea and it goes with the hors d'oeuvres and the thanksgiving turkey and it's delicious. it will make everyone happy. and the happentizer thing, it's brilliant. everyone says when you're invited somewhere, what can i bring. and you would get it out of the ballpark. take it away. >> and it's a great idea. it can be made ahead and you can microwave it. >> i have am cider and i'm going to add lemon flavored gold teak iced tea.
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it smells incredible. and i have all spice and cinnamon. we'll stir it together. y'all look at how beautiful this is. and a couple other of the recipes that i'm serving today republican -- i have toasted ian cans and slip salad. and i have a gold peeked green tea lemonade and we have spiced puff pastry cheese straws and any of this, you could have for your guests and they're delicious and easy. and it's all about friends and family. >> and letting that simmer, it
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will make the house smell wonderful. it's a delicious combination of flavors. >> and whipped cream on top? >> just a little bit of goodness on top. >> and cinnamon there? >> and this is back to the nutmeg. well, that's really cool. >> what are you -- we have a minute left. by the way, here's the cook book. would be a great present. what do you serve for thanksgiving. >> i'll spend it with my mom, sister and extended family and aol serve my warm apple tea and a traditional turkey. >> what's traditional versus modern. >> well, i don't deep fry it or -- there's also different ways.
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i like a roasted turkey with giblet gravy. and listen, do you present it to the table then take it back and ash it at the table. i'm a chef, i take it into the kitchen. >> thank you for having me. >> thank you for being with us. if you want more information go, to facebook and friend her. andouille find find all of her information. >> we have to take a break, we'll be back. . h
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