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tv   Eyewitness News  CBS  May 1, 2011 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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the feet. nick: perfect foot action on that one. he should hit drivers out of the fairway bunker. seriously. jim: it's not going to be an easy two-putt. nick: you're right, because that was the chip shot. he'll have to putt it literally up the side of the green and down. if webb is on a little uphill lie, that will be a big help. i've seen a couple of guys -- when i congressmened earlier that was a no-no. if you're on a flat lie landing on to the downslope and the wind was downwind earlier in the morning, very difficult. but on a downslope, the guys can blast it up into the air, land it 10 feet short of the flag and it stops. jim: it looks like about six inches away from the lip of that bunker. saw his wife doud and little
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baby james born about just three months ago. so a new dad. he's been playing well since becoming a father. nick: yeah, new dads always play well. it has that calming effect. it really does. jim: it does, doesn't it? what happened with brandt last week? nick: way back. my natalie is about 24. was about 10 months old when i won my first open. get on your hands and knees and play with bubba. it's wonderful. >> i was the same way. when haley was born i played my best golf. then laura was born. it was ideal. family time. nick: it's the best excuse for a dad. doesn't have to be embarrassed with -- kids on his hands and
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nighs and go and play with the toys. >> this bunker shot, he's got a couple different options. he can bring it out reasonably low and land it reasonably low and carry it to the ridge and run it or carry it to the top and hope to spin it. as bunker shots go, it's not that difficult. nick: i think just go ahead and play it. wow. seven. that's eight. oh, please, no. you can't stay up there. he's got bubba's putt. jim: exactly. it will be right on the spot. i thought that might run out a little bit for him.
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nick: because of the uphill lie. when they rake a bunker, obviously the edges get a little bit more. you always have to be conscious of that. he played it all right. just really didn't get the bounce we expected. jim: well, he's seen that putt from his fellow competitor. a lot of sand coming out of there. it's been a very positive experience, here, though, for webb simpson. saw his lead disappear and was able to gather himself. of course you have something
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you have to deal with psychologically too like that penalty back at the 15th hole. able to march on, hold up and played some beautiful golf here at the very end of it. nick: well, bubba has putted the long putts very well, lagged them up nicely. so his only number one thought would be if i'm going to miss this, past is better than -- passed is better than short. jim: did he hit it? nick: he sure didn't. to they're -- so they're
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swapping putts this time around. jim: yeah. you look at bubba with a win here -- him being 16th in the world coming in. victory here in a very good field in new orleans might be enough to move him right there around top 10. he'd join mark wilson if he wins here. as the only multiple winner on the pga tour this year. nick: right. youngster, how determined are you to stick around? >> well, you wonder how much he paid attention to bubba's putt last time around. nick: yeah. >> from my perspective it's about the exact same putt.
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nick: you're right, peter. and it came down right to left, left to right. probably not giving away the hole. almost like it started on the right edge and swinged back towards left edge and break back. in just got to get it started. that's the good news on this that's the good news on this one. jim: for his birdie. now watson has one putt to win.
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in with a five. nick: well, bubba better strike it firmer than he did in the first go in regulation. this is the one they both had on this side and if this isn't just true and firm, committed, it will break sideways the last 18 inches of the roll. jim: you know, we looked at that clip from torrey earlier this year. when he had to make a putt, he did. when he had to make a putt here, the first hole of the playoff, which was double the size of this one, he did. nick: when i spoke to him at hay, first week out. he said i've been puttinged in 10 feet. 10-footers. that's where confidence is. that's all i need. jim: that's what he did all season is practice putts 10, 15 feet and closer. this for the victory, for his
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second of the year. it's bubba time in new orleans! in recognition of bubba watson's win at both farmers and zurich, zurich and farmers are going to donate $250,000 in bubba watson's name for the relief efforts off the devastating storms here this past week in the southeast. mother, she said you got to go play new orleans. there she is. his wife angie. congratulations, bubba. the champion here at the zurich the champion here at the zurich classic!
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wjz, maryland's news station. thank you for joining us. breaking news. just coming in from baltimore county. a man killed himself an a stand off. moments ago police told us the man shot a woman, he refused to come out of his home. that's when a s.w.a.t. team went in, the man killed himself. the woman is expected to survive. at least one gun shot wound. we have a crew on the way to
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the scene. another news. aattacks in libya, bombs hit a home of moammar gadhafi, leaving his son and three grandchildren dead. >> reporter: officials took journalists on a tour of a bombed out home where it killed one of moammar gadhafi's sons and two grandchildren. the body of 29-year-old son. >> still unconfirmed reports. we don't know one way or the other. >> reporter: the reports set off celebration, libya called it an illegal attempt to assassinate moammar gadhafi. nato says it is not targeting
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individuals. >> it is absolutely clear, in line with resolution 1973 and it is about preventing the loss of civilian life by targeting moammar gadhafi's war making machines. >> reporter: moammar gadhafi could be a casualty of that policy. >> we should be taking out his command and control and if he is killed or injured because of that, that's fine. >> reporter: the u.n. pulled its staff out of tripoli. uncrest is spreading. -- unwrest is spreading. >> reporter: there will be new questions today as they intensify efforts to remove moammar gadhafi from power. russia criticized the air strike. they said it costs out that nato forces are not trying to kill moammar gadhafi. one of the major factors
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driving up gas prices, most agree we are headed to an all- time high. >> reporter: gas prices have already passed $4 a gal drivers just don't like it. >> ridiculous. >> it kills my budget. >> reporter: the increase is frustrating for some drivers. >> they are ripping us off and they are making money off of us. >> reporter: some are calling on congress to help. >> big oil is taking us to the cleaners. every day. we have to stand up to them. >> reporter: many opponents and experts argue they will pass on their loss to customers at the pump. >> oil companies i don't think are cucluding to keep the prices up. they are do iting business.
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and then these other actors that push the price up because they are buying future oil and worried about whether oil will be there. >> they could go higher. especially with summer around the corner. derek valcourt wjz eyewitness news. >> in baltimore they are $1.10 higher than last year. and that you will pay more for every day items. companies are planning to raise prices on a number of items. they have to charge more to make up for the rising fuel costs. excellence in education. the national teacher of the year. the teaching title is another feather in the state's education cap. >> reporter: three years in a row marylandmous school system took the top title from
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education week magazine. number one in the nation. now another honor. michelle shearer is the national teacher of the year. >> a tremendous honor to be the teacher of the year in the state with the number one public school system in the nation. i have worked all 14 years of my career in maryland. >> reporter: she teached chemistry at urbana high school. she won the teacher of the year in october and became a finest for the national teacher of the year in january. >> i have always believed since chemistry is everywhere, it's for everyone, i believe we need to reach out and include our stutants with special needs and include our youngest girl. >> reporter: the next step now, a visit to the white house. >> everywhere i travel and
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speak, i am representing tens of thousands of teacher who worked tirelessly throughout the state, every day. and it is all about our students. >> reporter: she is the second maryland teacher to receive the award. she is the first from frederick county. gigi barnett, wjz eyewitness news. >> we are glad to have her earn maryland. she will visit the white house on tuesday. police are looking for a person who stabbed three people near security square mall. it started last night here. three men were stabbed. all of the victims are expected to survive. >> police find the car of a murdered woman. officers found her car in mississippi, lindsey crispano.
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police say that wilson blew threw a sobriety check point. wilson will face murder charges. a soggy start to may. light rain falling off and on on mayday. we are tracking tracking the wet weather. >> the sunshine, yes today. and the warm front today. and it is not clearing us. temperatures got stuck lower than what we thought. coming in at 58 degrees right now. we have been thine 60s this afternoon. look what is moving along, patches of lighter rain. there was moderate rain. at this point, on and off light rain. it is moving off to the southeast and we have changes coming in the forecast. >> thank you. it is one step closer to sainthood for pope john paul ii. [ music playing ]
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>> more than 1.5 million people packed st. peters square today to see the beatification of the pope. he was honored for helping cure a nun of vatican disease. they remembered the former pope in baltimore, catholics marched for a special service. this would be the fastest beatification in modern history. stay with us, we got a lot mo
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grow grass anywhere. flooding concerns forced a
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town to evacuate in illinois. soldiers and volunteers are sand bagging the town. they are trying to clear out the remaining residents. the national weather service said 2800 people who live there are in danger because the rivers reached record levels. >> new support for the victims in the south. janet napolitano is pledging more federal help. survivors packed church services today seeking healing healing and support among their communities. >> i know the -- i can see the end result and i know it's going to be awesome. i have faith god will bring us all threw. everybody will be okay. >> some churches were demolished in the storm. many held service outside where the churches once stood.
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another day for the second time. nasa delayed space shuttle endeavor till at least next sunday. they need to replace a switch box. congresswoman gabrielle giffords is there to support her husband, mark kelly. it is unclear if she will remain in florida for the relaunch. today dozens of families came together to break the silence surrounding autism. they hosted a roar for autism at the park. it featured nature walks, bike rides and great food. all the proceeds benefits autism research. good news is, a lot of the rain for most people didn't start till this afternoon so morning events weren't a washout. a brain cancer walk in d.c. this one was a phenomenal event. we had the woman on last week,
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all different bike rides, fun activities for the kids and yes, they got them in. good news. but then we saw showers and then rain. i want to show you what we are dealing with temperature wise. rain dropped us down. 57 degrees outside and we will have your forecast when we return. what do we have here? oh, it's scotts naturescapes advanced mulch. advanced huh? ehh...mulch is mulch. oh, not so, pops.
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complete forecast. welcome back. okay. rain making its way across the state. heavy rain with darker colors there. those moved off to the east. there is more with this. all moving northwest to southeast and it's all along a warm front that is trying to cross through the area. our temperatures haven't
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responded. earlier this morning, most of the morning was dry. maybe a sprinkle or two but then the rain started to move in this afternoon. it will wind down today. drizzle and fog. the warm front will clear us and then it turns around and brings in the warmer air. with all of this around right now, we are not warming up much. 59 in d.c. we thought we would get warmer air today, it's just not happening. 62 was the high before the rain. 69 is the average. above it as we head into this week. you can see it's not just this batch moving our way. this is another big storm. and long the southern side, another round of severe weather. nothing like what it was before. they don't need anything right now. what happens for us, this batch lifts to the east. behind it we get into warmer
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air and then we will see this scoot by our way tomorrow. chance for a shower or two. as the storm wraps up and comes threw tuesday into wednesday, strong thunderstorms and rain lingering into wednesday. that gets out of here and we rebound on thursday. with this, it looks like this on the waters. winds at 5-10 nots. tonight rain and drizzle right now. it winds down. going down to 50. tomorrow 70 degrees. chance for a shower or two. and then it holds off on tuesday. but thunderstorms develop throughout the afternoon. 79. thursday looks like a break day. another storm on friday. >> up and down there this week. pretty seasonal. average for us. >> spring. that's what you get. up and down. all right. thank you. tune in to cbs tonight. coming up tonight at 11:00 on
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wjz new efforts to control maryland's growing deer population. could lawmakers allow hunting in public parks. that's tonight on wjz eyewitness news at 11:00. thank you for watching. i am adam may and thank you for watching wjz eyewitness news maryland's news statio
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