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tv   Eyewitness 11PM News  CBS  May 1, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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terrorism corres correspondent bob orr. let me let me ask you as someone who has who has been to that part of
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elia elia c sarx zmiri, who is respons responsible for the western plots w plots we have been dealing with. with. there there are still dedicated al qaeda m
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qaeda members out there who will will no doubt continue the fight fight and seek inspiration with t with the death of bin laden. but th but this is a clear message that t that the united states will contin continue its pursuit relent relentlessly. i thi i think it's good news because because it starts to crumble al qae al qaeda from thop. and i and i think it's a great day for a for all of humanity, not just just americans. >> mitc >> mitchell: it is 11:30. an an hour ago now the presid president was originally sched scheduled to come out. juan, juan, let me ask you, earlie earlier you gave us your theotheory theory as to why the presid president may be delaying a statem statement. go ahe go ahead and give us that theory theory again? >> >> well, i think the presid ent has to keep in mind, mind, and the white house clear clearly has this in mind that th that they are trying to reach reach multiple audiences with a with a statement of this magnit magnitude. not not only is the president going t going to be speaking to the americ american public which is critic critical in terms of how he frames frames this event in the contex context of our commitment in afghan afghanistan, our concerns with w with what happens in pakista pakistan, commitments of troops troops around the world. but but also he has to worry about h about how his message is heard heard around the world with friend friends and allies as well as as our enemies.
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and i and i think one of the things things he will try to do in this this message is the notion that that this is the beginning of of the end of al qaeda in a very very serious way. and and the fact that this demonst demonstrates america's power power. and and frankly the end of an era era where this kind of inhuma inhumanity that was driven by by bin laden and his humanit humanity should end. i i think he was trying to craft craft a message that hits multip multiple audiences and has an i an impact on the war on terror terror itself not just a politic political impact at home. >> mit >> mitchell: juan zarata, we will will get back to you in a moment moment. throwi throwing the ball around here, here, waiting for the presid president of the united states states to come out and make a state a statement. cbs cbs news confirmed that osama b osama bin laden has been kille killed. the unit the united states does have his his body. the the president was expected to to speak about an hour ago now, w now, waiting for him to come out out hopefu hopefully coming out very shortl shortly. now now back to the white house and and chief white house corres correspondent chip reid. when y when you got that call tonigh tonight, late sunday night, come b come back to the white house t will t will be a big deal. we we we were all not told exactly what w what we were going to hear
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tonight tonight. what d what did you think right off the bad? the bad? >> wel >> well, we already knew that that the rumor was that osama osama bin laden had been killed killed. we di we didn't know that for sure. sure. we we were still harboring suspic suspicions that it might have so have something to do with moamma moammar qaddafi and perhaps someth something that happened in libya libya. but but when i got here the level level of activity suggested that that it was a good deal more than than a qaddafi situation. and i and i immediately started to suspec suspect that it did have somethi something to do with osama bin bin laden. it it wasn't long after that that w that we did confirm that osama osama bin laden had been kille killed. by the by the way, our producer jeff jeff goldman recently went out out in front of the white house house and said there are hundred hundreds of people, several hundr hundred people out in front of the of the white house chanting u.s.a., u.s.a., u.s.a. and that reflec reflects the mood that there is in is in the white house back here. here. people people won't talk much about it. it. they do they don't want to upstage the the president but clearly there i there is a deep sense of satisf satisfaction here that they have have accomplished one of the first first goals the president expres expressed when he was southe southern into-- sworno office office. >> mit >> mitchell: we have gotten the 2 the 2 minute warning from the wh the white house.
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the pr the president should be out in abo in about 90 seconds or so, clip, clip, let me ask you one more q more question. we we heard david martin say we could could expect retaliation somewh somewhere around the world becaus because of what happened tonigh tonight. what a what are you hearing from the wh the white house on that end? and ar and are they preparing for anythi anything like that? >> i >> i can't say we've heard anythi anything tonight about that but ce but certainly that has always always been one of the fears fears. but but their response to that is you is you don't back off in the war war on terror because you are are afraid of what might happen happen as a result of succes success. you you pursue it. you you pursue success to the maximu maximum degree possib you you defeat the enemy. you you don't back off out of fear t fear that they might retali retaliate. >> mit >> mitchell: chip reid at the wh the white house. it it is now 11:34. we we are watching cbs news live c live coverage. osama osama bin laden is now, his body body is now in u.s. hands. he has he has been kill kd. let's let's go back to lara logan. i i understand you have inform information as well? >> >> yes, you know, russ, this comes comes at a time that the operat operation to get osama bin laden laden whether it is to recove recover his body or to kill him wa him was a


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