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tv   Eyewitness News Morning Edition  CBS  May 2, 2011 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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wjz hd and, baltimore. >> good morning maryland. now don scott. marty bass, and the latest breaking news from wjz's news team. your first warning weather and traffic control with sharon gibala, it's wjz, maryland's news station. it is 6:00 and this morning americans are celebrating the death of osama bin laden. soon as the president announced the news overnight people flooded streets around this country. this is the scene in times square, new york. much more on the death of the most wanted terrorist in just a few minutes, but, first, we want to get your day started the right way. that's a look at the schaefer fountain, above that some clouds, around it mild temperatures. sharon will have traffic right
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after marty's first morning weather. >> i want to take a look at first warning doppler weather radar, we'll see shower activity over the next hour or so. take a lock at the day part. going to stay mostly cloudy. mid-50s now. high of 73, 66 mostly cloudy, don, take it away. >> thank you. another morning, another broken water main, here is sharon at wjz traffic control. >> you're right. this latest break is in anne arundel county, is a verna park, northbound maryland 2 at robinson road. watch foreclosures there. everything else on the way, we can take a live look outside at the west side of the beltway. a little volume but no delays just yet at liberty road. there is a look at 95 at 395. traffic still light in that area. things looking good at 83 at warren road, remember wjz is also on, for more information
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log onto we have breaking news this morning. the world's most wanted terrorist is dead and buried at sea this morning. u.s. forces killed osama bin laden. as joe brown reports from wjz the president confirms the search forth the terrorist is over. bap >> reporter: it felt like a victory party. hundreds cheering and chanting outside the white house after getting the news osama bin laden was dead. [ chanting "u.s.a." ] >> reporter: in a late-night address the president said they killed the leader during a raid in pakistan. >> reporter: >> president obama: the death of bin laden marks the most significant achievement to date in our fight to defeat al queda. >> reporter: they got a lead on him in august and pinpointed his location. a secure compound outside of islamabad. sunday president obama gave the final order to attack. >> president obama: after a
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fire fight they killed osama bin laden and took custody of his body. >> reporter: they said three other people were killed including one of his sons. the mission began with four blackhawk helicopters swooping in carrying about two dozen special operatives. one of the helicopters was forced to make a hard landing after mechanical failure but no one was injured. in fact no members of the military were harmed during the mission. the man hunt lasted nearly a decade since he masterminded the worst tractor attacks on u.s. soil september 11th 2001. president bush who was in office that day said "no matter how long it takes justice will be done." al queda striking back, they issued a worldwide travel alert for u.s. citizens. but that's not stopping the celebrating in the u.s. >> it's one of the few days you death to rejoice and justice is really done. >> joaquin county the u.s. says his body was handled in accordance with islamic tradition and history mains were buried at sea. in washington, joel brown, wjz
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"eyewitness news." as you saw, reaction to the death of bin laden started even before the president made the official announcement and wjz nava if a gee he outside the world trade center, morning andrea. >> morning don, morning everyone. crowds gathered to celebrate at the white house and at ground zero in new york city but there is also the question this morning what happens next. [ chanting ] >> reporter: crowds began gathering at the white house even before the president addressed the nation. by midnight the streets were full of people waving american flags and singing patriotic songs. it was a similar scene in new york near the site where the world trade center fell almost 10 years ago. news of bin laden's death also sent a shock wave through the top levels of government. maryland congressman dutch ruthlessburg service a ranking member of the house intelligence committee. we spoke to him about the war
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on terror. >> if you want to kill a snake you cut the head off. we've got the snake an we cut the head off with the death of bin laden. this does not mean that we're not gonna have continued attacks against us as relates to terrorism and we have to be vigilant. >> and senator ben car din of maryland released this statement. "osama bin laden was a murderer who devoted his life to the destruction of freedom, democracy, and our way of life. but we must remain vigilant in the continued fight against al queda and any terrorists who secret to harm our nation. here at baltimore's world trade center a memorial will be unveiled on the 10th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. a steal beam from the twin towers will serve as a centerpiece. >> thank you very much andrea. after you heard after being killed he was buried at sea. islamic practice is for them to be buried 24 hours after they die. more on the death of osama bin
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laden or go to and look for constant updates there. a shooting in randallstown leaves one man dead, his wife in the hospital. it happened in dressage court. a woman was shot twice in the leg by her husband and when s.w.a.t. teams arrived at the house the man had already taken his own life. neighbors say the couple's 13- year-old daughter was in the at home during the time of the shooting but did return as paramedics were treating her mother. >> we saw her kind of fall apart when she heard her mom was shot so, as i said, that was disturbing. >> police say the woman was taken to shock trauma, she is expect to survive her wounds. no word yet on exactly what triggered that shooting. a break this morning in the case of murdered eastern shore so woman. investigators found lyndsay christine oh's car in mississippi close to a thousand miles away from the centreville farm where her body was found last week. police say 28-year-old leroy wilson was found driving the car after he blew through a
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some pry tee checkpoint in mississippi. he will be brought back to maryland to face murder charges here. firefighters evacuated a sleep nhs north laurel after kids report being sick there. the pool heater released carbon monoxide into the hotel it. 11 people were taken to the hospital but all said to be doing okay this morning. turning to sports the ravens have some new firepower on their roster whenever the nfl decides to get back to the business of football. the top draft pick jimmy smith spent the week in owings mills getting acclimated. the shutdown corner out of colorado had some off-field problems in college but he has the talent to make an immediate impact on the field. >> very confident. i love goin' against the big guys, bigger guy, smaller guy, really don't matter. technique is technique, so that's what's gonna carry this. size makes no difference to me. >> but for now the smiths, jim' and tori and the other rookies , can not sign with their new teams until the labor mess gets
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sorted out. >> just real quick and we'll move along. >> okay. keep hearing the term "shut down corner" that's not an official position name. the name is cornerback, when you've got a stud out there like that it's called a shutdown corner. >> sure. >> because every shut down safety, get the idea here? >> uh-huh. >> so don't go looking for that on your roster instead of cornerback. take a look at top weather radar, shower activity in the region, and i think we're going to take a look at the forecast. we can definitely say some morning showers. otherwise mostly cloudy and 73 degrees. all right. send it out to fell's point a manic monday. ron, good morning, how are we. >> don, marty and everybody, we're doing great. it is a beautiful monday morning at fell's point. we've got a great group. will olver beach element element tree school, ready to ároll on the "eyewitness news" morning edition rolls on. ♪
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osama bin laden is dead and people across the u.s. are celebrating. chants of "u.s.a." erupted from the crowd at a phillies game wednesday when they game when they were told. marty is over in the first warning weather center. let's talk weather, that's all it's gonna get. not a ton of rain but a little bit damp before not too long.
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temps in the mid-50s, barometer at 30.23. ocean city upper 50s, patch river mid-50s, d.c. downtown and el kin, hagerstown 53, 56 oakland, 50 in cumberland, 55 bel air and columbia, 56 degrees as we would show you again this d.c. right near 60, here. frontal boundaries, starting tomorrow chance for afternoon thunderstorms. looks like wednesday is gonna be kind of a waste to be honest about it. grey damp and chilly. frankly not unlike yesterday. this weekend the forecast worked out just fantastic. chance of morning showers 73, tonight mostly cloudy 58, tomorrow we'll say afternoon thundershowers likely with a high of 0 0 degrees, again wednesday, kind of falls on its face. but thursday, friday, saturday, 68, 70, and 70 degrees saturday. three weeks before the preakness stakes, that is the day of the kentucky derby.
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take it away. rundown on your rush from sharon, wzz traffic control. >> good morning don. good morning everyone. not much to talk about, water main break still there in is a verna park, blocking the road at robinson road. everything is looking very nice, there is a look at your drive times, still on your west side of the beltway. there is a look, pretty empty there, harford road. a look at, that is 70, just approaching the beltway, slightly busier than the top 25 but no major issues there. no problems on 83 at where recollection road either. brought to you by your toyota dealer, toyota, moving forward. now time for manic monday. ♪[ music ] ♪ it's another manic monday. wish it were sunday ♪ >> i'm loving seeing these problems. i'm getting ready to scream.
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>> beach ready. >> good morning. >> fins to the left and fins to the right. good morningsh. it's manic monday in fell's point. a great group this morning, we're ready to rock it out with olver beach elementary school. [ cheering and applause ] >> and the principle principal is in the house this morning, maryanne ma gonna list. >> morning don, marty robinson. >> tell me about olver beach elementary school. >> we're located in the southeast area of baltimore county in chase very close to hammer man and gunpowder state park. >> how many students you have there? >> about 285. >> and how many teachers do i have there? >> i have approximately 20 2/5 teachers and a total of 51 people on my staff. >> reporter: well you do a great job and you are ready for the faculty meeting this afternoon. >> interview: yes i am. one more thing, it's teacher appreciation week and i would like to thank all my teachers for gently prodding and
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challenging all my boys and girls to be the best they can be and to reach for the stars. >> reporter: thank you. give yourselves a big hand [ cheering ] >> olver beach elementary school. i want to say a quick hello to our friends slot harry, we're thinking about you get well. also mcdonald's on false road and the wyman park restaurant. a couple of my hangs. and all of -- >> i want to say hi to everybody. i know i just missed you down at the festival yesterday. >> dominic pe touchy, highland crown wine festival. great fundraiser. joe is here, tony is here. >> good morning. >> luther is here and the coach is back. good to see you. >> good to see you. good to be back. >> good. >> and hello guys, how are you. >> how you doin' coach. >> matz are at if you want to do manic monday. luther, let me hear those magic words. >> maestro, the music if you please. >> here we go.
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yes indeed. >> i sense something great getting ready to come down here. you know something? so do i. olver beach elementary school. standing by. >> i'm liking this boogie beyond a reasonable doubt on the right. >> eye hmm. that's the principal [ singing ] ♪ the kids arrive and i have a monday morning stare ♪ just another ma nick monday ♪ ♪ oh-oh oh wish it was sunday ♪ line that's my fun day
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♪ ♪ i don't have to run day ♪ just another ma nick monday. >> reporter: that was great. i'm july telling you that the valentino is theirs to lose. >> we want to invite you back to the manic monday rundown in november. marge set it up that was awesome. off the charts. marge, something special for you, it's the good wife mug, you see it starring julianna margot lease. thank you very much margaret and j.j. >> thank you. >> thank you. olver beach elementary school, you rock. [ cheering and applause ] >> and i'm ready for the beach right now. >> we know why is that that was
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fantastic. and it took balls too. >> it sure did. it sure did. >> yeah, yes it did. ha ha. >> got me, just went into the hall of fame. >> don, yes you did. >> also flip-flops on sticks i should point out. >> see you. >> well did -- good observation. i could not agree more? it was the quickest way to say it. all right. coming up on wjz -- . >> the could take as the trophy raise test frightening question how safe is nuclear power. ñ
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in tuscaloosa where the backup system worked and of course fukushima japan where it didn't make us wonder what could happen here, thousands of marylanders live in the shadow of nearby nuclear power plants and this morning wjz investigates with deunique a coke getting a rare look at peach bottom. >> reporter: booed good morning. i'm denise koch at the peach bottom nuclear power plant. in light of the disaster at 2 fukushima plant in japan we asked ourselves how safe is
6:22 am
nuclear power? 1979, 3-mile island, pennsylvania. 1986, chernobyl in the soviet union. right now, japan. radiation spews from the crippled fukushima n uclear plant, the outcome unknown. it may be difficult to relate to catastrophes as far away as the soviet union until you remember there are three within an hour of baltimore. 3-mile island, peach bottom, and calvert cliffs are all nuclear plants, that leads us to wonder if they can ensure our safety. wjz was recently granted a rare opportunity to go behind the high security fences at beach bottom, 45 miles from baltimore t plant operators agreed to show us what they do to prevent an accident. >> over here is our emergency one. >> reporter: we get ab hind the scenes tour. >> we have a tremendous amount of back up equipment here to only combat a problem if one
6:23 am
should occur. the emergency cooling tower is one of those. >> they have those in fukushima? >> as far as i know they do not. >> reporter: the earthquake and tsunami sparked a power outage causing the problem to spiral out of electricity. any nuclear plant is at risk of a meltdown. at peach bottom they take extra steps to ensure the power fly. >> they are also at elevation, that building is designed for tornado, floods, fireplace, it's very robust. >> reporter: that's important because if you lost power you would need to use that diesel fuel to keep those generator going to chemo alex trustee to cool those rodriguez so you don't have a meltdown. >> that's correct and that's why it is so well protected. >> i see. what you are about to see is a simulation of what would happen in a control room if the nuclear power plant lost power. [ bell ringing ] [ buzzer ]
6:24 am
>> this is testing, training, casual tee aharms we run. it doesn't need to be a tsunami or an earthquake to initiate a reactor failure. because of the inherent danger any number of events could be the match that lights the next nuclear fire. >> but peach bottom is adamant its plant is different with a greater focus on safety. >> what we do best is learn from the events, we interpreted from tmi, chernobyl, 9/11. in each case we're better. >> denise koch, wjz news. every two years experts take apart the twin reactors, inspect them and put them back together. they are in the middle of a 1 million plus project update to correct a host of critical safety systems there. now next up this morning and right here on wjz, the
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world's most wanted terrorist is dead. the latest on the mission that took out osama bin laden. celebrating around the country at the news of bin laden's death. what happens next? maryland lawmakers speak out. live at baltimore's world trade center, that's just ahead. it seems like we're paying more at the gasoline pumps every day. hear why you'll soon see higher prices at other places you shop in the coming weeks. so far, just one issue to get in your way on your morning commute. we'll tell you what it is and where it is. in just a few. send it over to marty. >> watching some shower activity on first warning. doppler weather radar is going to be a bit of a damp commute. otherwise a mostly cloudy day. kind of mild with temperatures back in the loy 70s, what we've got on paper. with a grand pre-just months away, i wanted to know one question. how many tickets are left for us to buy here locally? the two guys running it, pete
6:26 am
collier and jay davidson join us, you're gonna be shocked. time to get on the phone or get online and order if you want to watch. stay tuned, the morning edition continues right after this.
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... and wjz hd.
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>> the latest breaking news from wjz's news team. your first morning weather and traffic control with sharon gibala. wjz, maryland's news station. >> celebrations erupt and continue all around this country after we learned osama bin laden has been killed. this is the scene outside the white house overnight. we'll have much more on this day's big breaking news for you in just a couple of minutes, but first, at 6:30, it is a pleasant day to start out there, mild with clouds overhead. to get you up and running sharon has traffic after marty's weather. >> about to get the seat at the russell street coliseum, getting some shower activity passing through the area. gonna be light. not gonna be around a long time. it is gonna impact your commute here over the next hour or. so the day part shows 70 at lunch, as high as 73. in the pleasant mid-50s right now. don? >> what awaits you on the way to work or school.
6:30 am
here is sharon gibala. >> getting busier, we picked up a handful of problems, an accident blocking owl lanes in bell camp. you'll find that one at route 40. that is blocking all lanes. watch for a disabled vehicle on 59 southbound, 543. fortunately on the right so they are not causing any delays. also we still have that water main break at northbound maryland 2 at ron-ron inson road. from 32 to savage road, 197, there is a look at the beltway and no delays there. get with the 11 and 12 minute drive types on both. there is a look at 95 on 5. 43, you can see that vehicle in the middle of the screen. everything running smoothly on happen 0 west of the beltway. there is a live look at the west side of the beltway at cw parkway. brought to you by your toyota dealer, buy right the first time. toyota, moving forward, back to you don. at the top of the news this
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half hour a major victory victory in the war on terrorism. osama bin laden at a mansion in pakistan, here is samantha hays reporting from wjz. >> reporter: late sunday night president barack obama delivered the stunning announcement from the east wing of the white house. >> the united states has conducted an operation that killed osama bin laden, the leader of al queda. >> reporter: a small team carried out the mission according to the president killing bin laden in a mansion in abbottabad, two hours north of the tap cal of pakistan. footage from the scene showed smoke and fire at the compound where he was found. cheers erupted outside did white house sunday night. the crowd gathered as the news spread. >> president obama: on nights like this one we can say to those families who have lost loved ones to amanda queda's tractor justice has been done. >> reporter: the death of bin laden marks the end of a 10-
6:32 am
year worldwide manhunt that began shortly after 9/11. in a statement former president george w. bush says this momentous achievement marks a victory for america, people who seek seek peace around the world. and loves ones. they say they'll step up security at u.s. diplomatic facility all over the world. the u.s. will be watching who see who succeeds bin laden. >> i think his successor will be nothing, fortunately, on the scale of what we have seen with osama bin laden. >> samantha hays reporting. there's been an incredible outpouring of emotion since the news of bin laden's death broke overnight. we are live outside the world trade center here, the future site of baltimore's 191 remoral. good morning. >> good morning everyone. amanda queda's second in command almond al view wary
6:33 am
will likely be the next target on the where on tractor but for now many americans are just celebrating. >> u.s.a., u.s.a. >> crowds began gathering at the white house even before the president addressed the nation. by midnight the streets were full of people waving american flags and singing patriotic songs. it was a similar scene in new york, near the site where the world trade center fell almost 10 years ago. news of bin laden's death also sent a shock wave through the top levels of government. maryland congressman dutch ruthless berg service a ranking member of the white house intelligence committee.wjz spoke to him about the next step in the war on terror. >> if you want to kill a snake you have to cut its head off and i think we've got the snake and we cut the head off with the death of bin laden. this does not mean that we're not gonna have continued attacks against us, as relates to terrorism, and we have to be vigilant. >> reporter: senator ben car continue of maryland released this statement. "osama bin laden was a murderer
6:34 am
who devoted his life to the destruction of our way of life. but we must remain vigilant in the fight against al queda and any terrorists who seek to harm our nation." here at baltimore's world trade center a memorial will be unveiled on the 10th anniversary of the 9/11 attack. a steal beam from the twin towers will be used as 5th centerpiece. >> thank you very much andrea one official says his body has been buried at sea in a secret location, stay with us for more on the death of osama bin laden or go to wjz for constant vigilance. mobs are going after western embassies after an airstrike killed one of his sons. it is called an attempt to assassinate the libyan leader. many u.s. lawmakers say gaddafi could be a casualty if the operation prevents civilian's deaths.
6:35 am
the middle east is contribute to go sky high gasoline prices but now they are say they are hiking for their prices to make up to for the rising cost of fuels. here is adam may. >> reporter: brace yourself next time you head to supermarket. grocery shopping is getting more expensive and gas is getting the blame. >> fuel is trickling down to household products you wouldn't have thought about starting with meat. >> beef and pork prices are expected to rise 6 to 8% this year, fruit and vegetables up 5%. cereals and brains up 4% and other products from shampoo to toilet paper are climbing too. >> ridiculous. >> that's the feeling among many now paying $4 a gallon for gas. >> it kills my budget. soaks up a low lot of my money. >> major oil companies announcing billions of dollars in record-breaking profits. >> all i know is they are ripping us off and making money off of us. >> that's why some democrats are joining the president calling on congress to end big oil disease arguing repealing their tax breaks could save
6:36 am
americans 4 billion-dollar each year. >> big oil is taking us to the cleaners every single day. we have to stand up to them. >> reporter: but many opponents and energy experts argue the oil companies would simply pass on their losses to customer at the pump. >> i don't think they are including to keep the prices up. they are doing business. >> and those prices could go higher. >> we did see demand go up for gasoline slightly last week which we attribute to the easter monthly. it will certainly be interesting to see what impact memorial take day traffic has. >> so with no end in sight many budgets are busting. >> try to cut back on everything you don't need. get the necessities and the stuff that is important. >> adam may, "eyewitness news." economic growth slowed in the first three months of this year while unemployment benefit requests climbed again last week. a huge honor this morning for a maryland teacher. michelle shearer of frederick county has been named the national teacher of the year.
6:37 am
>> it's a tremendous honor to be the teacher of the year in the state with the number 1 public school system in the nation. >> she teaches advanced placement chemistry to 10 and 12th graders at urban a high school. she's the second teacher from maryland to win the award. the president is scheduled to honor shearer with a special ceremony at the white house tomorrow. concern over the growing dear population in baltimore county has lawmakers searching for a solution. the baltimore county fee council is looking to amend a current bill and permit controlled dear hunts in specific public parks and other areas. currently, most deaver hunts are in rural areas. lawmakers say the measure is designed to aid the department of natural resources efforts of heard control. >> to basically thin out the herds, because we do have a big issue with car accidents and the biggest issue of all is the environment. unfortunately the deer are just
6:38 am
destroying our environment at this point. >> the amendments to existing laws must be made before a vote later today in towson. turning to the business of sports, the fate of the nfl lock out could be determined later today. a federal appeals court temporarily shut down the league once again last week while it considers another federal judge's decision to lift the lockout. the courts could decide sometime today whether to grant a more permanent ruling in favor of the owners. the lockout would continue. if the ruling goes for the players though, league business would resume almost immediately. the orioles will be looking for a serious sweep today when they play the white sox in chicago. after the birds took their third straight win yesterday they got a big fifth inning from the offense. the team scored 5 runs in that frame including the three-run double from nick markakis. the birds win 6-4 and go for the sweep in the windy city tonight. now to the nhl playoffs. down in washington, d.c. the capitals looking to avoid -- ore going into a two-game hole
6:39 am
against tampa. they scored with under a minute to go to force overtime but in the extra period the lightning score the game winner, the caps, the lightning scores the game winner, the caps lose 3-2, they are now 2 games away from elimination and it had been going so well for the caps. >> okay. so what we've got goin' here now is we're ending the playoff season in the area? uh-huh. >> we are over the nfl draft, baseball is progressing nicely, the preakness stakes, the black eyed susan day, the people's pink party coming up thee weeks. >> uh-huh.? on deck is the baltimore grand prix. we know -- i'm on the web site, this will scroll through many many different pages, one really cool coming up right there where they simulated what the grand stands will look like along light street. >> uh-huh. >> pete davidson are going to join us, i had one specific question for them. we know colin powell is going
6:40 am
to be the grand marshall. they have been slowly trying not to interfere with the other events slowly rolling out the message. how many tickets are left? that's my only question. i think you're gonna be shocked baltimore. it may be time to get on the gas if you want to see them get on the gas. a great call coming up next. we've got wjz tv control. a lot of people on the break. first warning weather and showers, all coming up next. mother's day just around the corner at wjz. watch and see your favorite photos of your mom. email them to us at and look for them as part of a big slide show at when i melt to sleep with unisom sleep melts
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i get to sleep faster, stay asleep and wake refreshed. melt to sleep fast. unisom sleep melts. jen shops online for about an hour a day. web viruses could obliterate our finances. we're good. we switched to kaspersky. kaspersky, the most advanced internet security software.
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,. whether, complete forecast and the first warning of severe weather. >> welcome back to the show. shows very light shower activity. got the aries moving straight west, east is not a lot of rain, but you know, it's the same scenario as we had last week. last thursday. this is moving ever so slowly. so it -- once you start getting some showers over your neighborhood it gonna take a
6:44 am
while to get it out of here. not a lot of rain and the only rain of the day. 53% humidity and calm winds, barometer at 30.23. 54 oakland. 53 hagerstown, elkins, dc and easton mid-50s, packed river in ocean city. westminster and bel air, greater columbia 55, 59 in rock hall, gonna have a front tal bound tree setup out to our west. that's gonna really start giving us consternation tomorrow and through wednesday. if these numbers have worked out correctly we'll get moisture out of here thursday, friday, saturday, just looking great. 73 today, morning showers, then mostly cloudy. mostly cloudy overnight 58. tomorrow afternoon thunderstorms, could be early afternoon with a high of 80 trees. wednesday not unlike yesterday. mid-60s grey and damp. thursday friday, saturday, spring beautiful. 68, 70 and 70 degrees. don take it away. >> 14 1/2 until 7:00.
6:45 am
here is sharon at wjz traffic control. >> good morning don, good morning everyone. we're starting to get bidsier, we have two accidents, the worst one in bell camp on route 543 on 40. police are on the scene directing traffic. a second accident, watch for that one on worthington road at kim better land noel. we also have that disabled vehicle and a water main break at northbound maryland 2, 295 southbound delays in place already from 32 to 197. no delays know just yet on the beltway. here is a live look outside at 95 at 5:43. looks like that disabled vehicle just cleared the scene. that's going to be the west side of the beltway at old port road getting busier. no delays just yet. a look at 70 at 29. brought to you by your toyota dealer where you find quality cars and trucks. buy a toyota the first time and
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you'll save money, moving forward, back to don. >> i was gonna ask one question with pete collier and jay davidson. >> all right pete, jay, welcome to the "eyewitness news" morning. nice to have you here we're going to be doing a really intense web extra which we'll ask you to go to after you see this copy which will be answering a tremendous amount of questions. it's just an ounce, going colin powell is going to be the grant marshall. but there's one specific reason for this coffee whip. as a viewer, i'm kind of in tune on this, i still don't know the firm answer to this. how many tickets are left? if somebody is watching and wants to know what is the ticket availability right now what is it? >> we are rapidly approaching half sold out basically sunday and close to that saturday. we have sold out two of our better grand stands, i would say people should get tickets
6:47 am
quickly if they are looking for the better seats. >> we could basically conversationnally speaking half the seats are sold we're four months out, five months out. >> yeah. >> 4 1/2, 5 months out. so there's only 50% of the availability left. now let's just talk the grand stands for saturday and sunday. you're half sold out of the grand stands? why correct. so. >> so these things are goin' quick. that's without a huge, big, local push. these are people who are just race enthusiasts who said "we're goin'?" >> marty, we have seen a lot of people from, certainly from the baltimore area, but also folks from 46 different states, i think pete. >> and puerto rico. >> yeah, people coming from all over, most of those folks are pretty hard core race enthusiast because we haven't put a lot of media behind it. we will the next couple of months. >> one of the questions i keep getting asked is do you have to buy grandstand seating or walk around tickets or --
6:48 am
>> yeah, there is, we call it grounds admits, a great statistic ticket a two-mile track with a lot of great vantage points, the enthusiast that likes to catch the action sets in an upper level of the grandstand and they have got a birds eye view of watching the cars go at various locations they know what they are looking for. >> everybody watch that real tight turn. >> i got to be honest, i'm a raising fanatic, that walk around ticket is what i am goin' for because it doesn't limit me. and there's so much that's gonna be goin' on, just being involved in the general juice, the big of it if you will. because i assume that's gonna be an inside ticket? >> it is. and we also have options now for people to buy, who are really sort of interested in this and there are people who are to buy hot pit passes so they could actually be in the pit lane. >> i hadn't heard that. >> while the race is happening. >> you have to do that. there's --
6:49 am
>> yeah. >> we're for the enough to go to the races around the country and you can pop in at any time at pit lane and see david letterman, bruce jenner, kim kardashian or last year i was standing elbow to elbow with ashley jud and had no idea who it was at the time. >> what kind of car does kim drive? >> she is driven around pretty much. but to me that is, like you said, that's where the pap is, that's where the paparazzi is going to get their great shots. how am i gonna get inside that race track. if you go to the web site there's so much information of the track layout, there is a tunnel to get you actually under the track and inside. now how many of those tickets are available let's say for saturday and monday? >> the walk arounds? >> the walk around. we have pretty good flexibility on that because we do have a 2- mile venue. again, the people that are the
6:50 am
real race enthusiasts that want a ticketed grandstand seat are the ones that have been buying up our grand stands and frankly those are moving very quickly. i think what we'll have, enough of the sort of ground admission tickets for virtually most people who want to come. >> the walk up? >> yeah. >> maybe that weekend. you also have a tremendous, we'll wrap this up and go online, but you have how many big vision boards around the area? >> we're looking at between 7 and 10:00. >> so wherever you are in a grandstand or walking around you have got a view of the race. >> we are going to have great placement. we want to make sure the experience for the fans is second to none. we know what we wanted, listened to people, gone around to the other venues, kind of taking best practices and bringing it to baltimore. >> that is really cool. okay. so we just answered what i think is the one critical question. we're essentially half old sold out of the grandstand seats, you have a chance to make your labor day plans but don't procrastinate on this. if you want to have a seat the
6:51 am
time to do it is right now? >> we're goin' online to w join us. we'll be talking to two guys running the show. meanwhile we're taking a break. sharon gibala has traffic control. how is traffic moving along the track venue which is your city streets? she will have that answer, first morning weather and more coming up next. can i eat heart healthy without giving up taste? a man can only try... and try...and try. [ male announcer ] honey nut cheerios tastes great and can help lower cholesterol. bee happy. bee healthy. ♪ that's ever happened to cinnamon. introducing cinnamon burst cheerios. 20% daily value of fiber bursting with the delicious taste of cinnamon. new cinnamon burst cheerios. prepare your taste buds.
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here is first warning doppler weather radar, shower activity, light stuff. going to be a damp commute, but forecast calls for an otherwise
6:54 am
mostly cloudy day with a high of 73. now over to sharon guy balance, a wjz tv traffic control. how is it goin'. >> good morning much. a big problem now. take a look at this. overturned vehicle we have on the top side outer loop there at providence road. i can see the left two lanes are blocked, the shoulder as well as the left lane, police are on the scene on both the inner and outer loop there. traffic slowing at providence road. we'll also have other accidents, in bell loop, 543 at route 40, police are directing traffic, worthington road at timber noel drive. number 10 south bend, north dakota bound maryland two 2nd at robertson road and 295 south best. 202 to 97. the drove times and speeds, still no official delays on the west side but we're seeing as you can see some minor delays as you approach that accident
6:55 am
sedin at providence road. we take a look outside, that is your worst problem of the morning. this traffic report is product to you by hometown pest control. the world's most wanted terrorist is dead. people celebrated in new york and washington, d.c. as news of osama bin laden's death spread. locally congressman dutch ruthless burger said even though the al queda lead service gone the u.s. must remain vigilant in preventing terrorism. bin laden has already been buried at sea. gun violence in randallstown. he was dead and his wife in the hospital. the man had already taken his life by the time swat teams got there, the wife was shot twice in the leg. a break this morning in the case of an eastern shores woman, they found her car in mississippi, about a thousand miles away from centreville where her body was found last week. 28-year-old leroy wilson was driving the carpenter, he'll be brought back to maryland to face murder charges here.
6:56 am
firefighters evacuated the sleep inn in north laurel after children complained of being seat. the pool heater released carbon monoxide into the hotel. 11 people were taken to hospital but all said to be doing okay this morning. dozens of local families come together this week in support of the autistic. they hosted the annual rare for autism yesterday. all the money raised goes to [ pilot #1 ] everybody gets excited when southwest announces a new nonstop. [ pilot #2 ] we like to look out the window and see new places. we love to fly. and we really love to fly to new destinations. [ male announcer ] starting june 5th, fly southwest airlines' new nonstop service from bwi airport to new york newark for just $69 one way. we have the best window office in the world. and the best job -- making sure people get where they need to go faster and better. [ laughs ] nice! [ ding ]
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