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tv   Eyewitness News Morning Edition  CBS  May 3, 2011 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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it is 6:00.
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as the sky brightens in the east, we see mild temperatures. sharon's got the latest from traffic and marty is over in first warning weather. we'll have a pretty good amount of sun. a lot of places in the mid-60s. 79 at lunch going to a high of loy 80s. this evening we'll see the chance for thunderstorms. let's take a look at it on first warning doppler radar. yes. thunderstorms this evening. showers through the overnight and into tomorrow morning. take it away. >> so how is traffic right now? here is sharon. >> we're doing great on the roads. we haven't picked up any problems since we last spoke. here's a look had the your speeds, 95, 83, 70. all your majors looking good. there's a look at your average drive times and speeds. taking a live look.
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that's 295 at 32. everything running smoothly. no issues if you're traveling on the east side at the key bridge. there's a look at 83 at york road. remember, wjz 13 is always on. for traffic information any time, log on to here's what people are still talking about today -- the top secret mission that left osama bin laden dead. we're getting a look at how this all went down. andrea fujii has more. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, everyone. this navy seals operation was one of the covert in u.s. history. in the end, the president got word of osama bin laden death with one word -- geronimo. with his closest advisors, they huddled. a lone courier led them to osama
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bin laden. >> this is different from anything. >> reporter: officials tracked the courier's cell phone but he didn't make it easy, turning it off every time he got close to the complex. eventually they zeroed in on the compound and bin laden was shot in the head. >> i want to thank the heroes as well as the military and counter-terrorism professionals who made the mission possible. >> reporter: after the mission, bin laden's body was buried at sea. his identity has been confirmed with dna matching. >> it's going to be likely mounting pressure to prove that bin laden was killed. >> reporter: still, experts say the fight against terror is not over. >> it will have an effect. this is not the time to spiect football and do -- spike the football and do one of those dances in the end zone. this war is still on.
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>> reporter: the white house said they have no plans of releasing pictures of bin laden's body. >> president obama spoke to a bipartisan dinner last night. >> i think we experienced the same sense of unity that prevailed on 9/11. we were reminded again that there's a pride in what this nation stands for. >> members from both sides of the aisle gave the president standing ovations as he talked about finding and killing bin laden. local lawmakers, including senator barbara mikulski could not be happier. >> i had the same feeling when i was a little girl with my parents when we learned hitler had died during world war ii. my response was good riddance. >> all that said, security has been stepped up at military bases and airports, including
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fort detrick. for more information go to first, the fists fly, and then the knives come out at a brawl at a carnival. >> reporter: dozens of young men are beating up, stomping on and stabbing each other at this carnival. it forced the family friendly event to shut down. >> if you go early, take the little kids and in the evening it's an outlet for the teenagers. >> watching the video they were throwing things. that's sad when you can't take your family out and enjoy a nice carnival. >> reporter: in the end two men were stabbed and four arrested. >> we are continuing to identify
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the suspects. >> reporter: to stay in business, the carnival is enhancing security. >> this is the fifth year we have been here without an incident. >> reporter: their spokesperson tells me during the fight they had four off duty officers and there will be more this weekend. >> we're looking for the types of patrons that will bring their children, have fun and we will make this secure. >> reporter: four young men were arrested for disorderly conduct but no one was arrested for the stabbing. reporting from the security square mall, kelly mcpherson. >> one of the stabbed men is back home. the city police department has completed its investigation into the shooting death of a police officer but the findings
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will remain sealed. officer william torbit was in plain clothes trying to break up a fight at a downtown nightclub when another officer shot and killed him. another man, sean gamble was killed. a frederick county teacher is preparing to meet with the president. later this morning michelle shearer will be welcomed to the white housals the national teacher of the year. she teaches chemistry at urbana high school send the second maryland teacher to receive the honor. her students say she is an inspiration. >> gives so much time and energy and she really is able to motivate everyone. >> michelle will be spending the entire week in washington, d.c. the orioles will be in kansas city to begin a series with the royals. it comes after their winning streak was snapped by chicago.
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paul konerko's two home runs sent chicago to a 6-2 win over our birds. in the nba playoffs, the los angeles lakers begin their series with the dallas mavericks. kobe bryant. dallas rallies to a win. atlanta also beat chicago in game one of their series. >> let's take a look at the forecast for today. we're going to go for a high of 83. there could be a couple gusty thunderstorms tonight into tomorrow morning. 83. 51 today, just the low 60s tomorrow. ron is standing outside of kansas. good morning. how are you? >> reporter: we're live right in
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front of the beautiful ritz-carlton residents, the bso's decorators' show house. we'll take you for a tour when the eyewitness news morning edition continues.
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good morning. bought testimony -- beautiful snow advisory, getting ready to turn what was an overcast into a partly sunny start. there are clouds around right now. 58 degrees, 96% humidity. barometer is at 30.05. 58 in baltimore. 57 and once you get into the core of the state, low to mid-60s. 60 westminster. 57 bel air. 64 rock all.
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63 kent island. 63 degrees. warm flow ahead of a cold front out to the west. it's going to provide the recipe for these two air masses, possible gusty thunderstorms later on with a slight risk category of severe weather in the mid-atlantic at some point somewhere. ultimately high pressure comes in handsets up for a great weeks end. 83 today, tonight, a few showers around. 51 is your overnight low. tomorrow clouds brace for -- break for sun. look at this thursday, friday, saturday and sunday, 68, 68, 70 and 74. >> could be a good time to get in on the get up and g here's sharon gibala. we made it through over an
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hour of the morning commute problem-free. the top and west side. the occupy how look -- outer loop looking fantastic. that's at harford road. traffic is still light at harford road. traffic is moving smoothly on 83 in an area of mt. carmel road. there is a live look at 95 at route 24. remember, wjz is always on. so you can log on to this traffic report is brought to you by your toyota dealer. toyota moving forward. back over to you guys. >> all right. let's send it right out to the ronster. >> reporter: you mentioned the weekend is going to be very nice. it's mother's day weekend, a perfect time to come down here to the bso decorators' show house downtown at the fabulous ritz-carlton residences. come on down with a waterfront
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view. the views from the ritz-carlton residences are spec tack cue lamplet two luxury condos are the setting for this year's bso decorators' show house. this is the ritzy restreet. >> my inspiration was the water. i wanted the soft blue greens and used the soft creams for something calming. >> reporter: starting saturday you'll have a chance to see the work of 25 designers and check out both condos which are on the market. >> while seeing this as an opportunity to be a good corporate citizen with the bso, it's also a graft opportunity to show case the life-style in downtown living. >> reporter: living it up on the water, enjoying susan herbert's purple passion bedroom. >> it's called purple passion because that's what a bedroom is about. it's about being passion in the, luxurious, rich, sophisticated. >> reporter: one of the great
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things, most of the furnishings and accessories are for sale, like this light fixture or sofa, a sweet symphony for the bso. >> we are so, so happy and so proud to be part of this event. >> reporter: we're back here live at the ritz-carlton residences. we have the show house chair. good to see you. >> thank you. >> reporter: this is a huge benefit for the bso education program. >> absolutely. the education programs includes mid-week concerts and the orchid program. >> reporter: and these condos are spectacular. >> they're marvelous, which is the first time we've been in this kind of situation. in 35 years we've been in a home. this year we decided a new venue and found a great partnership. >> reporter: this leads to joe
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graziose. you'll have free valet parking. >> that's right. >> reporter: it's $25 in advance, $30 at the door. >> that's correct. we start this saturday. it runs through may 30th. as the corporate sponsor of the program i would say the bso program did a wonderful job putting thissing to the. it was this -- putting this together. i encourage people to come down. >> reporter: we took the tour yesterday, spectacular. >> our residents are ever so happy to live here. we're proud to be a sponsor. >> reporter: thank you, joe. appreciate it marge. it starts this saturday. >> mother's day weekend. >> reporter: and goes through -- >> may 30th. free valley parking and a cafe
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on site. >> we also want to mention that the harford community college interior design program is also part of the bso 35th annual decorators' show house. for tickets or more information, just go to our great website, gentlemen, it's a beautiful morning to be at the ritz-carlton residences with the bso. have a great day. we'll see you later. >> out of sight. next on wjz. >> alan gross is a man from baltimore. is he a spy or on a mission. wjz
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good morning. the sun's coming up. a bunch of weather will be here by-- i time. i don't think we'll need an umbrella coming home from school or work. a high temperature of 83. a cold front with possible gusty thunderstorms and showers, 51. behind the front tomorrow a 22-degree deference with a high temperature -- different with a
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high temperature of 61 degrees. a maryland man may be dying in a cuban jail cell. the u.s. contractor is appealing a 15-year sentence. he is accused of trying to overthrow the cuban regime. >> reporter: loring lorpgk--- loring alan gross went from a comfortable life in maryland to a jail dplel -- cell in cuba. gross was either working on a secret government mission to bring democracy to cuba or a simple humanitarian mission.
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le loved to travel. he turned that passion into his life's work, helping the needy. >> he's dedicated to progressive causes. he would know small details about the country he was in because he traveled all over the world. >> reporter: his most harrowing journey began almost three years ago much the united states was offering big money to provide big money to the community. they had just won a multimillion dollar contract and they knew exactly the man they wanted in cuba. gross went back and forth from maryland to cue barks bringing in satellite equipment, setting up computer stations. those trips quickly caught the attention of cuban authorities who believed the good samaritan act was an attempt to overthrow the country. >> it is not fair to him and to
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his family that he should be going through this and his family should be going through this. >> reporter: wjz obtained images of gross under armed guards during a high profile trial the u.s. announced as a sham. the cubans found him guilty and sentenced him to 15 year best hind bars. >> call on the government of cuba to release him. >> we want him set free. >> reporter: maryland representative chris van holland said bottom line, a man's life is at stake. >> alan gross has lost over 90 pounds. the cuban government so far has been ob stin nat and outrageous. >> he still seems to be in good spirits. he professes his innocence. >> reporter: with his health getting worse by the day, his
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family is pleading to bring alan back to maryland. >> gross' wife made another plea to redwood raul castro. next up -- >> i'm andrea fujii. inside the situation room as navy seals raid osama bin laden's compound. a look at how the covert operation went down just ahead in a live report. >> pakistani intelligence are operating with all their heart and soul. >> is the country really an ally sor is that country work -- or is that country working against
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the united states. a man dead in the basement and you won't believe who else they found with the corpse. i'm weijia jiang. that's next on wjz. it took almost an hour and a half but we have picked up our first accident of the morning. we'll tell you where it is and how bad it is. real man eaters live in rivers around the world. this is the real deal. it's a runaway reality tv show joins us with stories from the dark fresh waters and they're all true. stay tuned. you'll have fun with this. 6:45 as the morning edition returns this is the aircraft logbook.
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that's 50% of the daily value ♪ so pass on the news and we can help close this calcium gap together. to get you started, we're giving away a million free cups at yoplait dot com. the yoplait you love, now in a 4-pack. try it today. 6:30. that is a live look at ground zero, one of the buildings that is going up to replace the twin cities -- twin towers.
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>> let's take a look at how it's squaring away, a mild morning. a lot of folks are in the mid-60s, columbia, bel air, downtown bel air. on its way to a high of 81 degrees. morning clouds to burn off the sunshine. by the evening there will be thunderstorms firing up on first warning doppler radar. let's take a look at. this a big frontal system sitting out to the west. that will be your tuesday night and primarily wednesday weather. >> one problem on the pave m here's sharon. >> just one problem on the pavement. we have an accident in harford county. watch if you're traveling in edgewood. it's on route 24 at pulaski highway. otherwise, everything is running smoothly. there is that one spot on the northwest side that's slow, 37 miles an hour. there's a look at your average
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speeds on the west side a minor delay, 48-mile-an-hour. that is the west side at liberty road. there is a look at 95 north of caton avenue. this traffic report is brought to you by your toyota dealer. buy right the first time and you'll save in the long run. the killing of the world's most wanted terrorist, osama bin laden, later today the cia and the pentagon will brief congress on how it happened but new details are coming out. andrea fujii is live with some of them. >> reporter: the president is receiving rails from both republicans and democrats on bin laden's death. it took nearly 10 years. in the end military officials said he was hiding in plain sight. the president watched the military operation unfold in real time with his enclosest --
6:32 am
closest advisers huddled around him. a lone courier led u.s. forces to bin laden's heighting place in the million dollar pakistani home. >> what we see in this compound is different. >> reporter: officials tracked the courier's cell phone but he didn't make this easy, turning it off and removing the battery every time he got near the complex. bin laden was shot in the head. >> i want to, again, recognize the heroes who carried out this incredibly dangerous mission as well as all the military and counter-terrorism professionals who made the mission possible. >> reporter: after the mission bin laden's body was buried at sea consistent with islamic tradition. >> there will be mounting pressure to prove that bin laden has been cilgd. >> reporter: still, experts say the fight against terror is not
6:33 am
over. >> it is not the time to spike the football and do one of those celeb torrey dance -- dances in the end zone. >> reporter: don, back to you. >> with bin laden hiding in plain sight, there are lots of questions surrounding pakistan. pakistan's ambassador -- >> we shared everything we had. if we knew where he was or found out, we definitely shared it with you. the pakistani government is not denying this was sharing evidence. what they're denying is they had a hand in the attack. anything major available was given to you. >> what does bin laden's death mean for pakistan and the region? >> you see what the reaction is. people have promised to take on the state from his followers.
6:34 am
my crun will suffer the worst again. >> pakistan's u.n. ambassador said his country has gotten the short end of the stick on the war on terrorism. reporting for cbs news, new york. >> for the tens of thousands of troops serving overseas, this is the announcement which told them of bin laden's death. >> osama bin laden is dead. u.s. assets are saying that they killed him and that the body is in u.s. custody. >> the announcement made by sergeant adam prickle who works for the armed services network, the broadcast arm of the military. remember, wjz is always on. for more information, go to two city police officers accused of kidnapping two teenagers have been cleared in the most serious charges against
6:35 am
them it. is said to be a partial viblght ri for the city's state's attorney gregg bernstein. the two 15-year-olds were picked new a police van and left court smiling. a third officer has opted for a separate trial. an awful discovery inside a vacant home in howard county. a young by huddled next to his dead father. >> reporter: inside this jessup house family members made a gruesome discovery -- a stranger dead in the basement along with his 5-year-old son. >> he kept saying my daddy's dead. >> reporter: police identified the man as 26-year-old najib abdullah. they said he broke into the home to get away, a mile from his own house. >> he assaulted a family member and left the home. >> reporter: she believes abdullah had been in the house
6:36 am
since last tuesday when she noticed a broken window. police responded but did not find abdullah who was hiding in a closet. she said her father-in-law owns the home but passed away two weeks ago. >> we wanted to know if a dead animal crawled inside. if they hadn't gone in this little boy could have died. >> reporter: as for abdullah, police say there was no signs of trauma but they found drugs on his body. now they're waiting for toxicology results. police say the little boy was taken to the hospital for a checkup and is staying with his mother in good health. weijia jiang. >> court records show abdullah had a long criminal history. an anniversary of note today. it has been one year since the la crosse player from cockeysville was killed at the university of virginia.
6:37 am
love's alma mater, know ter dam -- notre dame prep will award its first scholarship. you got to check out the bright orange flashes that lit up the sky in missouri as a levee was intentionally blown up. the army corps of engineers did it to save the town from rising water. it will flow on to farmlands. still, the region could suffer up to $1 billion in flood damage. the search is on in arkansas for six missing boy scouts and two troop leaders. they were camping in a national forest. the eight have not been heard of since last friday night. >> nobody's made contact with any of the individuals in the party. that's where we are.
6:38 am
would' trying to locate them. the cell phones up here, we have absolutely no cell phone service in the immediate area. >> the group is camping near the site where 20 people died last summer. the weather continues to make headlines as we learn the tornadoes that tore through the southeast are the record. 24 hours, 312 tornadoes touched down, doubled the previous record set in 1974. 340 people died in the storms, most of them in alabama, but this morning hundreds more are still missing. in business news bwi-thurgood marshall's biggest carrier is about to get busier. southwest airlines' purchase of air tran is complete. the two companies will continue to operate as separate entities, at least for the time being. in sports the ravens' draft
6:39 am
picks have no idea what's in the playbook. jimmy smith was one of the only ones to get a copy of the playbook. the others are barred from getting their own from the theme because of the nfl lockout. if they choose, they can get a copy from another player. a big weekend ahead for boxing fans. manny pacquio is holding his last workout. it is set for this saturday night on show time, pay per view. all right. let's take a look at the forecast a high of 83 degrees, partly cloudy skies, a warm day, a little bit humid. it's very's but that's the beginning of the story. the forecast changes almost 180 degrees. we'll have those details coming up. coming up on coffee with, there's a great tv show called
6:40 am
river monsters. it's hosted by a by ole just. his name is jeremy wade. he travels around the world fishing rivers for river monsters. frankly, man eating fish. yes. they do exist and believe this or not, piranhas are just little tiny things compared to what this guy's pulling out of the water. sharon gibala's got wjz traffic control. we'll take a look at that first warning weather right after this.
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>> one of the best live shots of the year. calm winds. barometer is at 30.05. 6 d.c., easton and ocean city. columbia, westminster in the upper 50s. rock hall, kent island and annapolis in the low 60s.
6:44 am
the cold front is moving our way. it will be a 22-degree difference. this day 81, 83 tomorrow. certainly cooler. clear skies, and big time thursday, friday, saturday and sunday. 83 degrees. dinner time to bedtime, maybe a couple of strong thunderstorms. clouds brace for sun, maybe a lingering shower. 61 as a high. 68 thursday. beautiful, a bit of a breeze. saturday and sunday. 70 and 74 with a ton of sun. here's sharon. >> we have a little more to talk about. we have two accidents. the latest one on the inner loop, this one at camp meade road. edgewood working at pulaski highway. delays in place already.
6:45 am
795 to 95. average speed 41 miles an hour. there's a look at the west side. that's liberty road. there's a look at 95 north of caton avenue, no problem there, except for sun glare. there's a look at the beltway. that's camp meade road. this traffic report is brought to you by your toyota dealer. toyota moving forward. back over to you. this morning's coffee with is with jeremy wade. welcome to the shores of the chesapeake bay. how are you? >> i'm fine. thanks. good to be with you. >> great to have you. ever fish the chesapeake bay,
6:46 am
the susquehanna. >> patapsco. >> still on my favorite places to go. >> you have captured the imagination of a lot of folks with river monsters. always figure there would be something narly. now you got the book out. >> the river thing is interesting. i've always been interested in rivers because i grew up on a river. it never occurred to me until recently why there's this fascination with rivers. it boils down to the fact that river waters never tend to be clear. that means you can't see what's in there. you can't drop a cameraman in. rivers are very unknown and the
6:47 am
fish can be very big, very strange looking and you can even get potentially dangerous creatures. season three we were filming a program on electric ills -- eels. so that's an interesting thought. i think people love programs on lie crones feeding on wilder beasts. >> ever fish on the shallow side of a dam. i'm originally from kentucky. we were always told around kentucky dam and barkley dam there were cat fesh that sat there in front of those turbine
6:48 am
outflows. have you ever fished something like that? >> that story tends to come from -- i've heard this many, many times. it's about divers coming out of the water refusing to come out again. that you'll get minced fish coming through the turbines or confused fish. the actual volkswagen size thing, i'm in the shower about that. everything looks big under water. it's something i'll look noo. there's often something behind those stories. >> remember, volkswagens were smaller when we were growing up. >> real quick, i want to get to -- this is a great book. no fish tales here, just real
6:49 am
fishing stories. >> you had me at the cover. >> and the website. if you've never seen river monsters, you've got to watch it. you'll go nuts. since you're all over the world, what's the conditions of the rivers you're encountering these days? good, bad? >> i'd say they're bad. that's what i'm concerned b the tv shows give the impression that everywhere you look you're going to find two feet dangerous creatures. most places you're not going to find stuff. the number of these creatures has declined. to me it's important they do go back. the way we avoid getting on the wrong side of them is not by wiping them out, but learning
6:50 am
about their behavior and keeping out of situations where we might come in contact with them. the sign that they're in a few places is a sign of the health. rivers are not in a good way generally well -- overfishing, but also pollution, damming, water removal. we need to may more attention to what lives in rivers and the rivers themselves. >> we want to thank you for being with us. thank you for all the good trips. there's the book. river monsters. you can find this at any good website. jeremy, keep casting, buddy. we'll see you later. we're taking a break and
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there's not much of a breeze. now here are the updates from sharon and marty. it is a very nice day to start with the temperature around 60. 83 degrees will be the high. let's send it over to sharon gibala, wjz traffic control. only a few problems that could get in your way. one of them is on the beltway. it's on the southwest side. we have an accident.
6:54 am
it doesn't seem to be causing major delays. there's an accident in edge wood. no new problem -- new problems at kings wood. there's a look at your drive times and speeds. top side running close to full speed. the west side is slow. 41 miles an hour on the outer loop. a 15-minute drive time. that is the west side at liberty road. not looking so bad in that particular shot. there's a look at 95 north of whitemarsh boulevard. no delays there and a look at the beltway on 97. this traffic report is brought to you by loyola university. move your education forward. back over to you. >> thank you. the death of osama bin laden a good thing for some local
6:55 am
lawmakers. wjz spoke to senator barbara mikulski. she compared it to the death of hitler. ben cardin called it a turning point. meantime, security has been stepped at fort detrick. a local teenager accused of killing a man because he laughed at her will be charged as an adult. arteesha holt killed within man and injured another man. a national board will review the case of a baltimore city police officer killed by friendly fire. officer william torbit was in plain clothes trying to break up a fight when another officer killed him along with 22-year-old sean gamble. remembering crerd -- yeardley love. her ex-boyfriend killed her.
6:56 am
her alma mater will award the first yeardley love scholarship later today. speed cameras will soon be popping new howard county. according to our media partner the baltimore sun the county voted to bring cameras to school zones. a maximum of eight will be put up this time this fall. some baltimore county firefighters get some new wheels, two engines and a medic union. they were destroyed during the blizzard of 2010. stay with wjz 13, maryland's news station. complete news, weather and traffic still ahead. as you look live at what is replacing the world trade center, the hunt for bin laden may be over but the war on terrorism is not and more on pakistan's role. is that country an ally, an enemy or something in between? we'll get an in-depth
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