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tv   Eyewitness 11PM News  CBS  May 4, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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. wjzhd and, baltimore. from the city to the counties to your neighborhood. now it's complete coverage. it's wjz, maryland's news station. to show or just tell. the white house photos will not be released. >> reporter: tonight the exclusive interview with president obama and why some disagree with his decision. hello, everybody. here's what people are talking about tonight. we don't need to spike the football. that's one reason why president obama won't publicly release the photos showing bin laden's body. but there are two photos we can
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show you but we warn you, they are graphic. >> reporter: he will not release photos of bin laden after he was shot to death by navy seals. >> it isphotos are not floating around to incite additional violence. >> reporter: the president saw the pictures and say he's certain it's him. >> we are absolutely certain it's him. we've done dna testing so there is no doubt that we killed oh osama bin laden. >> i know he's dead, but i do believe it is in our national security interest to prove it beyond a reasonable doubt. >> i think if someone doubts right now with all of the
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verification that we have, they are always going to doubt and i don't think the pictures show anything. >> some pictures have surfaced. they occur the -- include the courier. navy seals found 500 euros and and -- sewn into bin laden's clothing. much of the information is encrypted. in the morning president obama will meet with 9/11 families. you can see the president's entire interview on 60 minutes. homicide, tonight investigators say high school honor student felicia barnes was murdered. says the question now was how she was killed and who did it.
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kelly. >> reporter: vic, it's been just about two weeks since her body was discovered. and now it is official that she was murdered, that's according to the medical examiner. police also know how she was murdered but they are purposefully not releasing that information. >> reporter: police searched seemingly everywhere for 4 months, then dam workers discovered her body just before easter bringing her family and the community into a new phase of mourning. >> my mind skipped from my sister is dead to what's the next step. >> reporter: investigators are taking the next step. the chief medical examiner has demmed how she died, but the information is not being shared. >> the information is at a sensitive point, a crucial point. that's one of the reasons investigators are holding the cause of death at this time.
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they believe it's important to withhold that right now. >> reporter: city detectives are confirming that she was murdered but are not giving any details that the murder may only know. friends and family both in and out of maryland. >> there is new evidence and information that came as a result of finding her body. so investigators are certainly examining that. >> reporter: recently the northwest baltimore community that had become so involved in the search remembered her with her family. >> our prayers were answered in a way they didn't really want to be answered but it's still some sort of ending to this part. >> reporter: police still do not know if they are looking for one person or several people who had a hand in her death. as of tonight there are no official suspects and no arrests. reporting live, kelly mcpherson. kelly, thank you.
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a funeral will be held in georgia on saturday. armed robbers strike a laundry mat and police need your help to find them. 3 band its rush in and knock a woman to the floor. it happened april 18th around 3:00 in the morning. if you have any information you're asked to call the hartford county sheriff's department. a gas explosion levels a maryland home and seriously injures the couple inside. mary but bub al a. >> just boom, you know, my whole house shifted. >> next thing you know we have 20 or 30 fire trucks in our neighborhood. you couldn't even recognize the house. >> his friends captured this picture. the home a ball of fire.
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>> glass everywhere, went through the back. i saw my neighbor screaming for his wife. >> reporter: ned found the man's wife. >> she just woke up in the backyard, she doesn't remember. >> reporter: there was no home standing, only debris between two neighboring houses. the gas company is making sure there are no leaks. all power has been shut off. but now investigators have to decide where to begin. >> and the sad part is they just moved in two days ago. that's really sad. >> reporter: the explosion caused $750,000 in damage. mary bub al a, back to you. and tonight investigators say a badly installed natural gas dryer caused the explosion. severe floods are pushing people along the mississippi river from their homes tonight.
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for one woman it was almost too late. one woman was trapped in rushing water in her car. two national guard members pulled her to safety. this aerial video shows the heavy rains. thousands from illinois to mississippi are evacuating tonight. forecasts say it could still be a week or two before the most severe flooding hits. a water main break along a busy baltimore road way shuts off water to a school and more than a dozen businesses. on york road between bos lee and -- it closed the art for technology. tonight the public works isn't sure if it will except the problem fixed tonight and if it doesn't it will affect your morning commute. not everybody is happy about the proposed sale of
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energy to an out of town company. and today dozens voiced their unhappiness. the protesters are worried when exlon corporation buys it will lead to a logs loss of commercial. a constellation spokesman disagrees. >> there's going to be ample opportunity for those concerned to vent their concerns through the maryland process. but at the end of the day this is a transaction that nets jobs positive for baltimore. >> reporter: pg says if the deal goes through a you -- all customers will receive a credit. scrapping plans to add a casino this year because its permits were delayed. the developer says it will
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concentrate on opening its nearly -- venue in 2012. some will charge you more money to take your purchases home in a plastic or paper bag. now the question is whether the tax is needed statewide. kei jackson explaining the reasons. this sweeping bag tax in montgomery county prompts the question of whether other jurisdictions will do the same. they are quick and convenient. plastic bags are everywhere but often times they end up in places they shouldn't be like rivers, polluting the environment. >> i don't think it's surprising given how many of them we use. >> reporter: paper or plastic may be the question you are asked at the grocery store. but in montgomery county, customers are now paying more at all retail stores.
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>> our attempt is not to obtain revenue but get people to utilize more reusable bags. >> no one wants to pay more taxes but some we spoke with say they would beling to make the sacrifice if it meant cleaning up the environment. >> i think it's a great idea if it's going to eliminate bags. >> reporter: montgomery county estimates it will generate about 1 1/2 million dollars a year. >> the consumer pays it. it's a tax. >> 5-cents per bag, you said? that's a lot. >> reporter: left over from carry out, prescription drugs and bags at farmer's markets would all be exempt from the new law. >> reporter: montgomery county's bag tax takes effect
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-- thieves love baltimore. how about a 13 story replica of the of the eye fell tower. considering 9 proposals including a 200-foot ferris wheel, an observation tower as high as the constellation's mask and even a zip line from federal hills to the visitor center. and that one i'm going for. >> you're kidding, right? >> no, no. that's one of those you do on your birthday. donald trump, you're fired. just minutes away, why there's an outcry to take the donald out of the indy 500. a man who was having a heart attack and who police have in custody. get up and fight now.
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the unconventional way a mother said she tried tofect her son. -- to protect her son. some milder days headed our way. i'm bob turk, i'll have the first alert forecast coming up next. complete coverage continues with denise koch, vic carter, kei jackson and first warning weather with bob turk and sports with mark viviano. it's wjz, maryland's news station. [ male announcer ] want to achieve more with your money?
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15-year-old megan mathis survived the accident. but her sister abby did not. the sister described the tragic situation as the cars collided just miles from their home. >> i wish i could take it back and i wish i was going just a little bit slower. he was on the wrong side of the road and i couldn't do anything. it was 2 seconds and there was nothing i could do. >> reporter: police say speed and alcohol were not factors in the accident. gabby was scheduled to graduate from high school later this month. a ballpark usher is kidnapped, apparently stricken after driving home from a game.
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when he stopped the car a 17- year-old came to the car and stole his car. police believe the man was still alive when the teenager came upon the car. however police say there is not enough evidence to charge him with a crime. a video you first saw here, a mother encouraging her son to fight a bully. but did she handle it the right way. mike halgren stays on is the story with advice from a child therapist. kelly white said she was fed up with her son being chased home so she faced the bully of and encouraged her son to fight him. >> as a parent, i felt that i was protecting my child to stand up to this child. >> reporter: child psychiatrist
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watched wjz's report intently. >> this is not the usual thing you want to see in apartments -- parents to encourage their children to fight like in a war. >> reporter: he says a parent reacting like this is rare. >> the mother was desperate. children handle bullies in their own way. but the parents are there to teach them how to problem solve in socially acceptable manners. >> the mother told me her son is no bully. she was too upset to even watch the video. some feel the mom was in the right, others disagree. >> now chase him. >> reporter: so what should happen now? the doctor says the mothers need to meet.
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>> hopefully they can come to a peaceful resolution. >> reporter: then teach the children how to get along. police are still investigating the video now to determine whether there should be any charges filed against anyone. mike hall halgren. and you can add your vase to the debate. just go to there is a movement to bump donald trump from the pace car at the indy 500. some state lawmakers are concerned trump's questioning of president obama's birth place will draw negative attention to the race. the indy 500 is scheduled for may 29th. -- years ago 13 people got on a bus and protested rules that called for divided buses
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and segregated restrooms. the group recently held a reunion in chicago, part of a pbs documentary. launches a tribute to america's first astronaut. allen shepherd is commemorated. members of the late astronaut's family were among those attending. he is the only astronaut to have his own stamp. see how far we've come since then. bob turk has computers. >> reporter: that's amazing. i'll never forget watching sputnik go around and i told my grandmother. look up and see that little spot in the sky, it's going to be back in 90 minutes. kind of hard for her to believe it. let's take a look at the
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temperatures. 48. west winds down to 6. 39 is your dewpoint. that's a good indication of how it's going to get later today. right now 48 here. 46 in cumberland. a little warmer down to the south and once again the winds beginning to die down. temperatures back in the 40s and north of town a good possibility many areas away from the city and out in the rural areas -- in fact it's going to be so chilly, i'll show you what's going to happen. winds are much lower than they were. but we do have a frost advisory out here in west virginia and further west, even a freeze warning could get down to freezing in some of the mountain areas. so if you do have some tender plants there way out west, cover them up or perhaps bring
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them in in. several sections in the north may bring us a sprinkle or shower. right now all that rain has moved off to the east. right now it looks pretty impressive. this is mostly a loft and not reaching the ground. but there may be some sprinkles to our northwest. for us, milder conditions tomorrow and high pressure begins to build in. a front set up close to the region may bring us a shower. northwest winds kind of breezy. the bay temp 62 now. so tonight generally clear and chilly. still some clouds around tomorrow. a lot more sunshine, breezy and warmer, upper 60s. slight chance for shower on friday. 74 friday. another chance after shower on friday. partly cloudy, maybe an evening
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thundershower here on sunday. coming up another close call in kansas city for the orioles. >> reporter: mark has @@ @@ at wendy's we grill fresh beef only from north america 'cause we believe that's the way you make hot and juicy hamburgers. like wendy's bacon mushroom melt with applewood smoked bacon and cheesy mushroom sauce. try one today. ♪ you know when it's real ♪
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but maybe it's also because they care about the markets they serve and the neighbors who rely on them. nobody sells more real estate than re/max. visit today. . the injury list for the baltimore orioles. >> reporter: yesterday for the os, kc to the dentist. looking for a we will pitched -- well pitched team. sent jake out as the startling pitcher. -- starting pitcher. his best performance of the season, one of the best of his career, air yet a struck out 8kc hitters in the process. as far as the hitters, nick
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markakis, he delivers another in the 7th. that's a solo homerun that proved to be the difference. the os will finish the road trip at kc tomorrow afternoon. the --cy money was arrest -- similar own -- see in the hockey playoffs another season comes to an end for the washington capital. after earning the top seed in the east they suffer a sweep against tampa bay. nets the 5th and final blow, the -- it is washington's.
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jordan williams has decided to leave the university of maryland and take his chances in the nba. he is declared for the june draft. williams early exit is risky for the -- williams could be a 2nd round selection. churchill downs, the post drawn. 20 horses set for saturday's race. the favorite will start on the 8 8th gate. dialed in, he's been named the morning line favorite coming up a -- uncle bo is the second favorite. you can catch me on the radio tomorrow at 10:00. tomorrow at 10:00. thank you, mark. your lawn is a living, breathing thing. it depends on you. it needs food. you have to feed your lawn. that's a must. i use scotts turf builder.
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