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tv   Eyewitness News Morning Edition  CBS  May 5, 2011 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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it's the top of the hour on cinco de mayo as we look to the east and the crowd is about to make their presence -- crowds blocking the sun, looks like the eastern shore mountain rangen. sharon has your traffic. marty is on weather. >> call this vegetation day where you can get your grain and corn in liquid form. >> let's go ahead and look at the day. what we are seeing here is a sunny day. beautiful this afternoon. a little breeze, but the sun
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will make all of the difference in the world from yesterday. 6 at lunch, going to a high of the low 70s, normal, 71, by the way. i do want to point out it's going to be a small craft advisory out. right now, let's just say through maybe 1:00 or 2:00. just a gust and a breeze don, take it away. >> here's sharon at "wjz" traffic control. >> >> we have video of this trouble from sky chopper 13. this video taken yesterday afternoon. emergency road work going on because of a 10-inch water main break. two way traffic pattern there is in effect in the northbound lanes, otherwise, if you are out -- watch for a fire on south paradise avenue at mount ridge road. that is apparently a pole fire there and there is a look at your drive times and speeds on the beltway. still no delays. taking a live look, you can see
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it is clear sailing there at wilkins avenue. no issues there. no issues -- pretty empty at hartford road. remember that "wjz" 13 is always on, for traffic information, you can always log onto "wjz." com. >> people are still talking about the raid on a pakistani compound that ended with the death of osama bin laden. servants were frequently sent out to get western soda brands, including coke. >> here's randall pinkston with the latest. >> reporter: president obama will visit ground zero for the first time since navy seals killed osama bin laden. he will lay a wreath at the site and meet privately with 9/11 families. including a man whose son died in the attacks. >> president obama promised us that he would hunt osama bin laden and these other men down.
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he is a man of his word. >> reporter: the president's trip comes a day after he said that photos of osama bin laden's body would not be made public. >> we have done dna sampling and testing. so, there is no doubt that we killed osama bin laden. >> he said releasing the pictures could put the u.s. at risk. >> it is important for us to make sure that very graphic photos of somebody who was shot in the head are not floating around as an incitement to additional violence. >> reporter: the president not expected to make any comments here at ground zero. the white house said he wants to focus on honoring the victims, not exploiting the death of the victim. >> reporter: the mother of firefighter christian eagerhearth who died on 9/11 said she wouldn't want to see the photos.
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but on capitol hill, opinions are divided. >> it is in our national security interest to prove it beyond a reasonable doubt. >> if someone doubts with all of the verification we have. they are always going to doubt. >> when the president lays the wreath at ground zero this afternoon. "wjz" will show it to you live. tune if for our special coverage beginning at 1:20 this afternoon. stay with emergency for the very latest. >> breaking news from egypt, within the past hour, a high court convicted one of mubarak's top security officials. this is the first conviction and sentencing since the february 11th ouster of mubarak. he is still facing separate charges of ordering the killing of protesters. a group of armed robbers still on the loose after a robbery caught on camera. it happened at the edgewood
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laundry mat on april 18th. surveillance video shows masked men coming in, rushing a woman to the floor and robbing the place. they all took off on foot. >> the high school student from north carolina found dead in the susquehana was murdered by someone here and there are plenty of unanswered questions. andrea live outside of maryland police headquarters. >> reporter: good morning, once again, felicia barnes body was found two weeks ago. investigators now know how she was murdered, but they are not saying a thing. 16-year-old felicia barns disappeared from her sister's northwest baltimore apartment right after christmas. workers at the dam discovered her body floating two weeks ago with no physical signs of trauma. >> my mind skips from saying my sister is dead to what's the
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next step? what are we going to do as a family? >> reporter: the chief medical examiner has determined how she died, but won't reveal details to protect their investigation. >> there is new information that came as a result of finding her body. investigators are looking at that. >> the man found dead miles from felicia on the same day she was found was the 53-year- old man who briefly lived in cockiesville. he had been threatening suicide, but investigators say the deaths are not related. >> our prayers were answered in a way that we really didn't want them to be answered, but it's still some sort of ending to this part. >> reporter: police say several people may have been involved in felicia's death, but so far, there are no suspects, yet. back to you. don. .
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gamblers will have to wait until next year to play slots at arrundell mills. the developer said they will not concentrate -- will concentrate on opening the venue by next year. >> important consumer watch. johnson & johnson are discontinuing infant drops containing tylenol, saying it could lead to dangerous overdoses of aceteminophin. turning to sports, impressive play on the diamond, leading to a w for the orioles, kansas city royals billy butler hit the ground ball hard. that double play ended the 6th inning, birds win 3-2. series
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finale in kansas city this afternoon. >> this weekend, the orioles will be coming back home and playing tampa bay rays. you can see sunday afternoon's game right here live on "wjz." and in churchill downs in louisville. post position draw up for the 137th kentucky derby. a full field of 20 horses is set for saturday's race. the favorite will start out at the number eight gate. i have captioned this photo getting ready to meet the future son-in-law. there is a bunch of
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pictures on our website. >> the forecast for mother's day -- sunday, itself will be kind of gray, but at least mild. 6 degrees going to be the high, windy, if not breezy at times and certainly warmer than yesterday. yesterday, that was, noon, 20 degrees chillier than the day before. today, close to 70, the normal is 71 degrees. >> standing out on charles street in front of the charles theater on the red carpet. where is joan and melissa? >> we have some films for you. the 13th annual maryland film festival tonight, it all starts, we are going to meet one of the filmmakers to tell you what is coming up over the
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next four days when the "eyewitness news" morning edition rolls on.
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good morning, ladies, thanks for being with us. the barometer is at 30.15. 44 hagers town and downtown, 46dc and pax river. 48 degrees in easten. 49 ocean city. overland at 36. the low 40s in cumberland and westminster. mid-40s bel aire and columbia, almost 50. yesterday's weather off to the south, deep high pressure into the area. a bit of a pressure gradient. wind, probably through late afternoon. not real windy. this cold front is going to
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define sunday's weather and that's mother's day and i think it's going to be great, but at least mild. 68 will be the high this day. overnight, 40, patchy clouds and winds diminish. tomorrow, we'll ramp it up to about 70, a chance of a spotty thunderstorm in the afternoon. i'm not going to put the background symbol up on that. 74 on saturday. here's sunday, gray, a couple of showers around, but at least mild. 76 degrees, 20 degrees warmer than yesterday. 73 and 70 with sun monday and tuesday. don, take it away. >> good morning, everyone. if you are just about to head out. no delays or accidents to get in your way. but we still have the water main break. this is a look at it yesterday from sky chopper 13, a 10-inch main break there between bossily and fair mount avenue. two way traffic pattern is in effect in the fort bound lanes. otherwise, will you want to
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watch for fire activity if you are traveling this morning in catonsville. south paradise avenue, apparently, a fire there, no delays as i mentioned on any of your major roadways, including the beltway. located your average drive times and speeds. problem free, we can say the same on the west side at wilkins avenue. this traffic report is brought to you by your toyota dealer. toyota moving forward. back to you marty and don. >> 13 years in the maryland film festival. it just seemed like it was 12. take it away. >> reporter: isn't that amazing? year number 13 for the great maryland film festival starts tonight. charles theater, great director, ramona diaz. we'll talk to her in a second. >> reporter: you are a man, 13,
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now. let's talk about this festival. so much going on. >> we open with shorts over at the brown center. tent village is up. everything over there is free. panels, filmmakers, box office, filmmaker's lounge. we have over 100 films of all types. and one of the things we have seen this year about some of the films, a lot of the films, the documentary world was often about things that went wrong, inside jobs, great films, but things that went wrong, ramona's film "the learning." "the interrupters" "cafeteria man" are about things going right. about people actually going to work, getting their job done and in ramona's case, it's about multiculturalism. go on the website. get full descriptions of everything. >> reporter: thank you, good to
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see you. ramona diaz, your story is called "the learning." >> yes. >> reporter: tell us what it is about. >> it's about four filipino teachers in baltimore city. i follow their first year on the job and i follow them back to the philippines as they reunite with family. >> reporter: did you have pretty much full access to everything? >> i had pretty much full access. i asked the baltimore public school system. it's filmed in four schools. harlem, harlem community school, poly tech nick and locker map bundy. >> reporter: what fascinated you about this topic? >> two very different groups of people meeting in a classroom inner city schools. inner city school, meaning filipino teachers. someone they were so unfamiliar with and at the end of the day, you know, they sort of meet in
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this middle ground where they navigate relationships and they really foster a very profound relationship and the teachers are still here, teaching. -- if only for that, they come back and they have been here for -- i guess it has been four years. >> good to see you ramona. >> we start tonight, right? >> tonight, 8:00, at the brown center. >> let's talk about closing night. you have an amazing evening coming up. >> there is a wonderful documentary about the life of harry belafonte. he will be here. he will come for the film and a friend of harry's going to interview him, taylor branch. so that will be a great, great evening. >> reporter: good to see you as always. >> quick question, how many
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months ago did they start to screen? how many months did it take to put this together? >> reporter: how long did it take to put it together? i know what the answer is. >> right after the last festival and we scout, we go to toronto, sun dance, we go to south by southwest. we scout all kinds of festivals. and then go through hundreds and hundreds of missions, so, it's a year round process, plus, we do screenings all year round. >> it has become a major stop on the festival circuit. that's a tribute to you. >> everybody come on out. it will be fun. md fill fest. com. get the complete schedule for the frenzy, congratulations everybody. don and marty, back to you. >> brown center, auditorium at
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the maryland institute of art on mount royal avenue. >> all right, coming up next on "wjz" -- being credited for saving his grandparents life in a fire. how a 14-year-old is honored toda
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>> >> good morning, let's take a look at the forecast. a real simple one. warmer, a little windy at time. low 50s, now. >> a teenager being hailed as a hero after saving the lives of three family members. here's jessica with the story. >> reporter: their home on dorisy avenue in essex is a total loss, but mary and david faulkner are alive thanks to their grandson who rescued them when their house went up in flips. >> flames started to come from left to right. >> reporter: charley had no idea what was in store for him when he arrived here at the baltimore county exexecutive's office. >> you saved the life of your family and i'm humbled by your
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heroism. >> they are one-of-a-kind. >> reporter: on april 14th, charley fell asleep watching the orioles yankees game. at 4:00 am, he heard crackling and smelled smoke. i had to tell them to jump. my grandmother was not going to jump, but she did. >> he is a good kid. we owe our lives to him. i can't say enough. >> reporter: charry caught his 10-year-old brother when he jumped from a second story window. >> congratulations again, we are very proud of you on behalf of of all baltimore county citizens, you did a good job. >> reporter: considered a hero, charlie said he is happy everybody is safe. >> it's what i should have done for my family, i need them. >> charlie also says the only thing he remembers about fire safety is stop, drop and roll. when asked if he plans to become a firefighter. he said no, he wants to be a professional baseball player. >> next up this morning here on
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"wjz," evidence now in the hands of the cia, what was uncovered inside of osama bin laden's compound? we are standing by for a full report from washington, d.c. good morning, live at state police headquarters, where investigators now know how felicia barns died. why aren't they telling us? that's just ahead. >> good morning, montgomery county passes a sweeping five cent tax on paper and plastic bags, i'm kai jackson. i'll have details on whether this could spread around the state. >> traffic control, if you are just about to head out. no major issues to get in your way. we'll show you a look at that from sky chopper 13 in just a minute. right now, we'll send it to marty. >> benefits, men and women in the armed forces. how you can participate.
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america's favorite drill sargeant, you know exactly who he is when you see him. he is talking about that can of wd-40s. you stay tuned. the morning edition continues, right after this.
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it is exactly 6:30 as you look at the inner harbor and the enchantment of the seas in the upper right hand corner, going into the port of baltimore. sharon has your land lock traffic. marty is at first warning weather. >> let's go ahead and take a look at the day part. it will be sunny and breezy if not windy at times. low 50s. 66, high temperatures right near 70, by that time, it will be back in the mid-50s. don take it away. >> and sharon at traffic control. >> good morning, everyone, so far, it has been pretty calm this morning with the accepting of the water main break we have been talking about all morning. it happened yesterday. this is video from sky chopper
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13. the water main break situation. 10-inch main breaks that caused americansy road work to close. southbound, you are closed between bossily and fair mount avenue. two way traffic pattern remains in effect in the northbound lanes. meantime, if you are traveling in catonsville, watch for a delay, fire equipment on the scene. the beltway, remaining problem free. same thing goes for 95. this traffic report brought to you by your toyota dealer. toyota moving forward. back to you, don. >> top of the news, beefed-up security in the big apple ahead of the president's visit. specially trained counter terrorism units standing by and staying prepared for a worst case scenario. we have a live look at the ground zero site. the president will arrive later today and meet with the families of those who died and lay a wreath at the memorial
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still under construction. here's joel brown reporting for "wjz" on what investigators now have from osama bin laden's compound. >> reporter: the raid in osama bin laden's compound lead to more evidence than u.s. officials ever expected. five computers, a dozen hard drives and 100 computer disks were recovered. the seals grabbed handwritten notes, weapons and personal items that could reveal key clues about other high ranking al-qaida leaders and potential terror plots. >> along with the body of osama bin laden, another intelligence find. 500euros and phone numbers sewn into his clothing. now intelligence is digging into those numbers, mapping out a network of terrorist communications. >> who was talking to osama bin laden? who was he communicating with and directing? are there other links and known fulls tied to that?
6:33 am
>> reporter: details continue to emerge about the 40 minute firefight that ultimately took out the al-qaida leader. when the seals finally found him. children ran out of the room, osama bin laden's wife rushed commandos, she was shot in the leg. that left osama bin laden alone, face to face with the seals. one shot him in the chest and another finished him off with a shot to the head. he was unarmed, bia pistol an ak47 was found in the room. >> he made no indication he was going to give up in any way. a lot of movement in the room. i think it was the absolutely right thing to do by those officers. >> for the first time this morning, we are getting a look at the u.s. helicopter that went down during that raid. experts say it appears to be a never before seen stealth helicopter. thanks to the fabric skin and special sound shield, it could stay off radar, making
6:34 am
considerably less noise than a traditional chopper. be sure to stay with "wjz" and for the latest anywhere, go to "wjz." com. >> flooding across the nation's mid-section has reached disastrous proportions. overnight, the president declared natural disasters in mississippi, tennessee and kentucky. >> back here, the teenager from north carolina whose body was found last month in the susquehana was murdered by someone. that determination comes from the state medical examiner's office which committed her autopsy. but so far, that's all we know about it. andrea is live at state police headquarters. >> reporter: the state medical examiner has determined a cause of death for felicia barnes, but right now, investigators are being tight-lipped.
6:35 am
16-year-old felicia barnes disappeared from her sister's northwest baltimore apartment right after christmas. workers discovered her body floating two weeks ago with no physical signs of trauma. >> my mind skips from saying my sister is dead to what is the next step? what are we going do as a family. >> reporter: chief medical examiner has revealed she died, but won't reveal how. >> new evidence as a result of finding her body. investigators are looking at that. >> reporter: the man found dead miles from felicia on the same day she was found was a 53-year- old man from cockiesville. he had been threatening suicide and police say the deaths are not related. recently those who knew felicia and some who didn't had a
6:36 am
gathering. >> our prayers have been answered, not in the way we wanted them answered, but it's an end to this part. >> funeral services for felicia will be held saturday afternoon at 1:00 in the state of georgia. the church will stream them live online for you. for a link, go to "wjz." com. >> two people recovering after their house explodes with them in it. it happened 24 hours ago in rockville, montgomery county. the couple just moved in last sunday. at this point, investigators say it appears a leaking natural gas line was set off by an improperly closed clothes dryer. the homeless couple banned from the mall in early february may now return. aclu argued banning the two from the mall would be an encroachment of their legal rights. the mall has since recognized
6:37 am
and apologized to the pair and have implemented several policy changes because of them. >> adding up the nickels to a more expensive grocery bill. some stores are preparing to charge us more to take our purchases home and kai jackson asks the question now is could this spread statewide? >> paper or plastic may be your answer at the grocery store, but in montgomery county, citizens are kicking out for coins, no matter what bag they choose or who hands it out. >> our attempt here is not to obtain revenue, but to get people to perform to utilize for sensitive reusable bags. >> reporter: reusable bags like this one. no one wants to pay more taxes, but some say they would be willing to make the sacrifice. >> i think it's going to be a great idea if it's going to eliminate bags.
6:38 am
runningback montgomery county estimates that the tax will generate $1.5 million. money used to clean up rivers and streams. >> the consumer pays it, it's a tax. >> five cents per bag you said? that's a lot. >> reporter: kai jackson, "wjz," "eyewitness news." general motors is >> reporter:ing chevrolet cruzs to make sure the steering wheels were installed properly. the recall effects only certain 2011 model year cars. >> the road back to the big leagues begins today for orioles pitcher for simone. he has been off the mound since the january arrest accused of killing a cousin in his native dominican republic during a new year's eve celebration.
6:39 am
so far, he has not been charged down there. >> in the nba playoffs, los angeles laker ron artest is facing a possible suspension for a shot of dallas guard. he was ejected from the game. dallas outplayed the lakers all night long. going up two games to one. >> chicago beat atlanta as well, tieing that series at one game apiece. >> how would you like to zip line your way from federal hill to the inner harbor? one idea that has been submitted to revitalize our waterfront. according to our media partners, nine proposals are being considered, including building a 200-foot tall ferris wheel, observation tower or even a 13 story replica of the eiffel tower. you know, a gimmick is a
6:40 am
gimmick. something solid and tangible is better like a lot of parking at a reasonable price. i'm just saying. sunny skies. a nice day. i kept saying all morning long the rain was going to end but what would get your attention was the jill. i was in a nursery with some plants and i'm telling you, it was cold. 66 on the way to a high near 70. 53, we have something dynamite coming up. >> long time marine, now host of a lot of stuff, if you will, on military channel, history channel. he is going to tell you how buying a bottle of wd-40 can help benefit military charity.
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sharon has traffic and we are taking a break, coming right back. >> mother's day is this sunday, we asked you to send in favorite photos of your mom. you have delivered. to see a more complete slideshow, go to "wjz." com. do you know what's in your spread ?
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. 44 degrees, 73% humidity. westerly breeze at 8:00, barometer is at 30.15, but in the spirit of the day, cinco de mayo, -- 43 cumberland, 44 hagers town. 467 washington, 48 easten, 45pax river, almost 50. still 48 degrees -- kent island, we had yesterday's rain pass off to the south and east, high pressure builds into the area and we are not looking at a bad day, although it will be a bit breezy at times, by late
6:45 am
saturday, the frontal boundary sits off to the west and that could mean a gray and maybe damp at times, mother's day. 6 today. winds will diminish, tomorrow a chance for an afternoon thundershower. 70 degrees. 74 saturday, 76 sunday, albeit gray, but i think we have stopped the bleeding in the forecast. yesterday, the outlook for sunday was really trending from good to bad. i think we stayed alive. monday and tuesday, 73 and 70 degrees. don, take it away. >> the way to work and school from sharon. it's getting busy out there. our first accident of the morning. on the southbound lanes. will you want to watch for it if you are traveling in the southbound lanes, speeds in the area still pretty much up to par. watch for a a water main break -- another water main break in south bend, between bossily avenue and fair mount avenue is closed. all traffic is being
6:46 am
transferred over into the northbound lanes for a two way traffic pattern. >> mean tile, fire activity at mount ridge road and there is a chemical spill reported in derricksville. maryland, 24 at greer nursery road. theres a look at your speeds on the beltway. starting to see minor delays. there is a live look at the west side. outer loop coming toward us, a bit sluggish. there is a live look at 95, this traffic report is brought to you by your toyota dealer where you will find quality cars and trucks. toyota, moving forward, back to you marty and don. >> amazing what the -- this morning -- satellite interview is furnished by wd-40. >> reporter: welcome to the "eyewitness news" morning edition, huge round of applause, baltimore, before we get into this thing that wd-40
6:47 am
is doing to support our troops, i have to ask you a question. we have been watching your previous interview and you have these servicemen and women behind you. in every interview, they are sitting here, running in place and you are screaming at them "drop and give me 40" and you are making them run under all of these nets. do you have like 100 troops there? >> we have a small group of volunteers, local rotc cadets. they are happy to be here to help us do the program. watch this. here it comes. drop and give me 40. >> >> it has been great. here's the beauty about this thing. we have been sitting here for 25 minutes, watching this and i guarantee you, they burn 4,005,000-calories at this point. lack at them. they are young flat bellies for
6:48 am
pete's sake. they should be able to do this. volunteers, good guys, helping us out. here's what happened a couple of months ago, the nice people at wd-40 came to me and asked me if i would help them with this program. they put together -- here's what the program is, wd-40, military collectible series, now, here they are. we have four different cans with four different military situations on here for every can that is sold, wd-40 is going to give 10-cents for each can to the charities that i'm going to mention right now. the charities that will benefit from this are armed services ymca. they are actually celebrating their 150th anniversary of helping the troops and supporting their families as well. the next charity is veteran's medical research foundation. they are based right here in
6:49 am
san diego, good military, good service town, san diego and they are very beneficial to the military. the wounded warrior project is the third one. at the end of the day on memorial day, right here in san diego, wd40 and i will be presenting checks to each of these charities for at least $100 thousand. a minimum of $100 thousand each. now, the more cans of wd-40 we sell, of course, the more we'll be able to donate to these three charities that i just mentioned. >> that's a good incentive. >> and wd-40 speaks for itself. to honest nest, it keeps the airplane behind you flying. it's aprofen product. what is incredible how many corporations are stepping up for the wounded warrior
6:50 am
project? i think this is one of the great military corporate civilian stories of the past 25 years. don't you? corporate america is stepping up to the plate and pulling their share of the load. so many people come to me every day and ask me -- they want to support the troops. they just don't know how to take the first step. so, i'll certainly tell them how. all you have to do is get on the computer, go to support troops dot wd-40. com. >> looking right at it right now. >> support troops.wd-40. com and it will tell you how to help out. i think we got the message across even if you don't need a can, you go out and buy it. it doesn't go bad for 75, 80 years. this ranks right up there next
6:51 am
to velcro, doesn't it and duct tape. >> you know you jack wagons, we have all been to mamby-pamby land and most of us have been able to climb our way out. >> there is the website. there is the wd-40. you are the best, man. >> thanks, god bless you all. thanks for helping us out. without your help, we couldn't get the word out. >> well, we are getting the word out this morning. >> love him
6:52 am
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♪ so pass on the news and we can help close this calcium gap together. to get you started, we're giving away a million free cups at yoplait dot com. the yoplait you love, now in a 4-pack. try it today. look at the forecast, today, we are in the low 50s. 6, partly sunny and windy at times. windy at times. >> it has gotten busier in the last 20 minutes. we are looking at delays and other problems, including this problem on the harrisburg expressway. watch for a water main break -- another one blocking southbound lakes of york bossily and fair
6:55 am
mount avenue. we have a chemical spill maryland 24 at greer nursery road and delays on the harrisburg expressway. it will take you seven minutes. there is a look at your average drive times and your speeds on the beltway, slowest spot. a look at 83 north of the beltway, looking okay there. north -- everything running smoothly on 895. this traffic report is brought to you by -- protect your home from the invisible destroyer. 16-year-old felicia barnes disappeared from her sister's apartment after christmas. her body was found in the
6:56 am
susquehana two weeks ago. evidence has shown that she was killed by someone, but medical exaimers and officials are not saying anything yet. two people in montgomery county hospitalized after their house explodes with them in it. investigators say it appears the leaking natural gas line was set off by an improperly closed clothes dryer. stay with "wjz" 13. complete news, weather and traffic still ahead for you this morning. you you are taking a live look at ground zero in new york city where the president will visit later on today. what's on the agenda and in store for the
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