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tv   Eyewitness Noon News  CBS  May 5, 2011 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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visiting ground zero. >> following the death of osama bin laden, the president is visiting new york to help those impacted by 9-11. i'm don scott. i'm jessica kartalija. an emotional day as the president visits ground zero. and the president is visiting a new york city fire house that lost 15 firefighters on september 11th. and we have more from new york. >> reporter: michael burke lost his brother billy, firefighter who died in the north tower. he was killed trying to rescue office workers. nearly 10 years later the pain is fresh but there is relief. >> i know nothing will bring him back but it is a great feeling of elation actually, the feeling that order has been restored to the world. >> he was not invited to meet with the president during the visit to ground zero.
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after laying a wreath at the site where nearly 3000 people lost their lives, the president will talk with her family members t will be a moment to reflect on the victims and to mark the death of osama bin laden, the master mind of the attacks. >> that sense of grief and senselessness, i think that's what this execution of the murderer has done. >> reporter: the white house said the president is down here at ground zero because he wants to share the victory of finally getting osama bin laden with some of the people hardest hit. and jim riches lost his son in the twin towers and meeting with the president this afternoon. >> he promised us that he would hunt him and the others down. he is a man of his word. >> reporter: the president's last visit was during the campaign. the white house says that he is determined to keep the politics out of today's events to make
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this a time for healing. drew levinson, ground zero. >> the president honors those lost in the attacks, many are questioning his decision not release photos of the body of osama bin laden. the president sat down with steve croft about why the government took care to be respectful to the remains. >> 'twas your decision to bury him at sea? >> it was a joint decision, we thought it was important to think through ahead of time how we would dispose of the body if were killed in the compound. and i think that what we tried to do is consulting with experts in islamic law and ritual to find something that was appropriate. that was respectful of the body. frankly, we took more care on this than obviously osama bin laden took when he killed 3000
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people. he did not regard for how they were treated and descrated. but that, again, is something that makes us different. we handled it appropriately. >> the president said he does not want to release the photos and risk turning them into tools used to fuel future terrorist attacks. you can see the president's 60 minutes interview here. it airs this sunday at 7:00. and the discovery of her body stunned and saddened people now maryland's medical examiner said that missing student phylicia barnes' death is a homicide. and we stay on the investigation. mike hellgren has more on what is kept secret about the findings. >> reporter: good afternoon to you. phylicia barnes' body gave them a lot of clues to solve the case and how she died but that is something they are keeping a secret right now.
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she was murdered, that's what the medical examiner has ruled and police say they know what caused the honor student's death but they will not reveal it. >> certainly, the investigation is at a sensitive point, critical point, that's why the investigators are withholding the cause of death t is important to the integrity to withhold that now. >> reporter: she was perhaps the highest profile missing person in baltimore history after disappearing from her sister's apartment in the northwest part of the city around christmas. she was visiting from north carolina. police led several searchs for the body where think recovered last month in the susquehanna river. >> i cannot express how special she is, i'm not going to use the word was. she is still special. >> reporter: police are conducting new interviews and reviewing others as they work
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to uncover her death. >> they are going where they need to go, they have talked to relatives and friends out of state and in state, they're not ruling anything out. they're not confining it to one area. >> reporter: the family had several memorial services for her, her funeral saturday in georgia will be broadcast over the internet. there will be a service in northeast baltimore at the mount pleasant baptist church. that's for may 14th. jessica. >> thank you. police have kept the dedicated tip line up and running. you can remain anonymous. good news for those who drive through towson. a water main break has been repaired. and the break was near fair month and new york and caused
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traffic. and services were temporarily closed. investigators are digging through a home that exploded in montgomery county t points to the new owners replacing a drier and not shutting off the gas completely. the park from the drier set off the explosion it destroyed the structure. as gas prices are rising, more and more americans are puttingness their tanks. and reports show that american demand for gas has dropped t is down 200,000-barrels per gay. this is as drivers in 13 state as paying more than 4-dollar force a gallon of regular gas. gas stations in the area are not better. the average price is a 33% jump. this time last year they were paying 2.86 a gallon. this has been a beautiful day from the get go.
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and the cool temperatures have been warmed by the sun. look out now as a breeze is probably the only thing close to a negative out there. so, we have marty in the breezy outback. and tim williams t is a great oven. >> it is. we're looking at calm conditions considering yesterday. we were wrestling with the showers. look at the temperatures now. we're looking at 61 and 65 on the shore. 50 in oakland and 59 in cumberland. the temperatures are cooperating with this time of may. and you can see from marty's shoutout there t is breezy. around the airport. 17 is the highest reading and coming from the northwest t is making for a nice afternoon but this is playing into the weekend. and more on that we send it out
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to marty. >> we started talking about this yesterday that the jet dream will be down to the south. that's going to play into the weekend. we're thinking there could be scattered showers. later on and the evening, maybe a thunder shower. i would classify it as garden variety-spring-like weather t will be partly sunny than today. and the forecast. we'll do that coming up shortly in the first weather segment. thank you. now to sports after a turbulent off season alfray dough sim moan is pitching for the bowy bay sox. he has been off the mound since being arrested. he is accused of murder in his
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home country. there will be a tress conference after the game. a little luck went a long way for the o's n the bottom of the 8th. and a royal's player hit as drive but it is stuck under the wall. that's a ground rule double. o's win 3-2. they will play the rubber game today. and the o's return home facing tampa bay. that's right here on wjz news. >> a lot of mothers there. >> that's a nice way to spend the day with your family at the park. coming up. justice for phoebe. could donald trump be getting fired. why they want to keep him away from an event. take another look outside on this cinco de mayo and the forecast is next.
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. a man is scarred after he thought he was going to meet a new friend. he went to meet a girl he met
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online and woke up in the hospital t was then he learned the word rape hist been tat today on his head. he said it was a group of five who met him and beat him and left him for dead. they are now in custody. he has had a bar code tattoo to cover the other. and several massachusetts teens who bullyed a classmate she took her own life will avoid prison time. two pleaded guilty to harassment and three others will take similar deals today. the six teps were charged in in connection with the suicide of phoebe prince. during sentencing one gave a tearful apology to the family. >> i had my chance to act like the person i was raised to be, i failed. i was the weak one. that will always be with me. i'm sorry. i am ashamed of myself that
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alette my emotions spiral into acts of unkindness twhrerbgs sentenced to probation. and phoebe prince's parents approved the deal and the threats and slurs about were criminal acts. donald trump to be -- could be fired from the indianapolis 500. the potentialal candidate is supposed to drive the pace car. but some lawmakers are concerned his comments could draw negative attention to the event. a campaign to bump trump from the indy has had 16,000 likes. so they like that he would be bumped. >> do you have to wear a helmet in the pace car? >> i don't think i have seen anyone. and the hair and the spray. >> still ahead on the news at noon, a picturesque day.
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welcome back. we're looking at a comfortable
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afternoon. breezy and comfortable t is going up high pressure in control and 50 in oakland and 06 in hagerstown. 65 on the shore and 63 in the river around the metro area. 61 is the magic number over to rock hall and over to an ap list. we're going to the mid-60s to the 70-degree range. winds from the northwest will keep us cooler than we would like with the time of year. we top out at 71. we may fall short of that t is a drying wind. coming from the northwest you see the temperatures are the same as they are up in detroit. that's a consistent air pass. down to atlanta and 62 over to memphis and 52 over to kansas
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city. this is terribly weekend. we're watching the temperatures and conditions here. high pressure in control. we're watching this front here that's going to move across the region not bringing moisture but drape across as the high moves out of here. we'll get into the 70s. just close enough with ripples of low pressure along it and we cannot rule out the possibility of a stray shower and sunday. keep that in mind spwrut a plan if you have plans outside. 8:04. small craft advisory and going up to 70 degrees. short of that. and 40 overnight. partly cloudy. and tomorrow 70 degrees. a possibility of a storm. 70 is the high. the five-day forecast coming up. still to come and noon.
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it is beautiful out here when it is not blowing. tomorrow we may see a scattered shower later on in the day. it will be partly sunny. mostly sunny. 74. sunday we just have to mention there could be a shy of 70.
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back inside. don't miss prime time this evening. 10:00 it is the mentalist. then the news at 11. >> thanks for watching on wjz news v a great day. enjoy
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