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tv   Eyewitness News at 4  CBS  May 6, 2011 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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al qaeda warning. they acknowledge osama bin laden is dead. >> now, the terror group says it plans to retaliate. >> hi. i'm kai jackson. >> i'm mary bubala. here's what people are talking about. >> threatening revenge. the al qaeda terror network finally acknowledges a threat and issues a warning. the president is meeting privately today with the navy seals responsible. >> reporter: president obama came to kentucky to welcome home members of the 101st air division. they just returned home from afghanistan. fort campbell is home to the specialized army aviation unit that carried navy seals into bin laden's compound, away from the cameras, he'll personally thank some members of the team involved in the raid.
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al qaeda acknowledged bin laden's death for the first time in an online posting. the statement is titled, you lived as a good man, you died as a martir. -- martyr. the new text goes on to say, you lived as a good man. you died as a martyr. >> he said it is a reminder that the country has to stay on alert. >> reporter: it shows al qaeda was considering attacks on the u.s. trains on the tenth anniversary of 9/11. there are also mentions of targeting major cities on holidays. the fbi and the department of homeland security are telling authorities around the country to be vigilant. the white house released a new video, taken the night bin laden was killed. the vice president called other officials to share the news, and the president thanked his national security team. months before the raid, the cia was already in abada bad. the agency set up a safe house,
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where agents gathered intelligence about the compound where bin laden was found. >> reporter: in washington, danielle nottingham, wjz eyewitness news. >> the president is just arriving in kentucky. we'll bring you more on his visit, coming up later in the hour. security scare. four more letters with white powder found today, addressed to schools in washington, d.c. wjz is live in the newsroom. denise has more on what they're saying. >> this now makes 30 suspicious letters mailed to schools in the districts. yesterday, 25d.c. schools were evacuated or locked down, after receiving the letters containing the suspicious white powder. the fbi says the powder in the envelopes snot hazardous -- is not hazardous. one is confirmed to be cooking starch. the fbi says they have the same characteristics as letters they are investigating there. mary? >> okay, denise. thank you. no letters have been report here in maryland. but state residents are warned to be on the lookout.
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shocking retirement of basketball coach gary williams. wjz was the first to break this to you. and we stay on it. mark, we can say to gary, job well done. >> reporter: no question about it. gary williams took the stage, set up on the basketball court that will soon bear his name. and he made it official, his goodbye, ending a coaching career that is worthy of the hall of fame. >> reporter: he leaves a storied legacy at his alma mater. gary williams will hang up his coaching whistle after 33 years on the job. half his life dedicated to the high pressure of coaching college basketball. >> i feel like i could still coach. but at the same time, you know, you realize that there's other things out there. i started coaching at age 23. and each year, it's always, you know your schedule, you know the recruiting period. you know everything is kind of programmed into your life. and this gives me a chance
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while i'm still relatively healthy, to, you know, do some things and see what's out there. i've never really looked at anything else. it gives me that opportunity to do that. >> it was an emotional press conference. williams will continue to work with the athletic department in helping him raise funds. and university president wallace lowe did announce that he will support a campaign to have the court at comcast center named for gary williams. kai? >> mark, thank you. mark will also have reaction to players and fans, to gary williams' retirement coming up. four twisters confirmed. the national weather service says a total of eight tornadoes touched down here in maryland last weekend. this is prince george's county, april 27th. tornadoes touched down in allegheny, baltimore, calvert, carol, and montgomery counties in that storm. a lot of damage was done, but luckily, nobody was hurt. here in maryland, the weekend is here. and it's a special one. so we hope the weather works
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out outside. it's warm and partly sunny with just a slight chance of showers. are temperatures getting back to normal a little bit, tim? >> yeah, they definitely are. four or five minutes after the hour. we're looking at temperatures about a degree or two above. first warning live doppler radar, shows that we have pretty much a calm area out there. we don't have a lot of activity. just a little bit by way of a few showers moving in from the panhandle of west virginia. for the most part, we don't have a lot of activity. but we have a chance of widely scattered showers and maybe even rumbles of thunder before it's all will said and done. this front that is poised to come in from the west is moving in. and alongside that and just ahead, it could trigger a few hours. we'll keep an eye on that for you. for now, looks like a pretty nice night. we'll talk about how this plays into your weekend ahead. an oversized load creates a big headache in the morning's rush hour.
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sky eye chopper 13 was over the inner loop at park heights avenue. around 9:00 in the morning, a truck hit a supporting girder. the incident backed up traffic for miles. the price you pay for every mile you drive has risen, 44 days in a row. but this may be as bad as gas prices get. in the pump watch report, mike parker reports, there is good news on the horizon. >> reporter: that vacation or your daily commute may become affordable. some think the price freefall begins right now and will continue into june. could this be the day? >> this could be the day. our long gasoline price increase nightmare could be over. >> it would not surprise me if we saw gas prices start with a 3 here in the chicago area. >> what's fueling these predictions? continued worries about the
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economic growth seemed to fuel prices. the demand for gone gasoline is -- for gasoline is also way down. and the strength of the u.s. dollar is up. it all adds up to optimism and hope for many drivers. >> fright now, i'm spending $9 a gallon. >> that's a relief. >> what goes up must come down. >> reporter: still, the big summer driving season starts memorial day. >> where do you think gas prices will be by memorial day? >> i think they're going to be coming down. >> reporter: for many drivers, it's a matter of "show me the money." >> i don't believe you. >> i would be surprised to see that at this point. >> reporter: here's a look at the pump watch report in maryland. regular gallon cost $3.68 a gallon. today, that same gallon will cost you $3.98. >> speaking of cars and gas. we're going to check in on our roads now.
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here's kristy breslin. >> hi, mary. hi, everyone. there's still plenty of cars out there. if you're trav -- traveling on northbound 95. at least 25 minutes on the top side inner loop. that's from park heights avenue to providence road. average speed, about 30 miles an hour. from providence road to the jones falls expressway. 795 to baltimore national pike. it will take you at least 20 minutes to get through that delay. northbound on the jones falls expressway, we have an accident attracting attention there. and a couple more accidents in the area. bel camp, riverside parkway, at philadelphia road. harrison avenue at north baker. taking a look at drive times on the inner loop from 83 to 95. 31 miles an hour average. and about 20 minutes to get through. note let's now take a live look. and we'll take another live look. there's 895, north of the harbor tunnel. this traffic report is brought to you pie the cochran -- by
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the cochran firm. if you or someone you know has suffered a personal injury, call 1-800-the firm. back over to you. >> kristy, thank you. a movie theater once popular with towson area college students is shutting down. according to our media partner, the baltimore sun, towson commons will be closing its doors after 20 years in the business. they are scheduled to do this sunday. a lack of business is blamed for the closure. safety net on the web. how you can keep track of your child on the internet. parents, you don't want to miss this story. senseless violence or true sport? watch the video of this fight club. you decide. can toilet paper be defective? one college thinks so. hear about this unusual lawsuit. the weekend is finally here. will the weather warm up?
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when i joined the national guard, i never thought i'd be saving lives. i put on the uniform and i have a whole new outlook on life. country, community, family-- that's what matters most to me. if that matters to you, go to
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more surgery for the baseball fan, badly beaten in los angeles at dodgers stadium. doctors have to drain fluid that is building up in brian stoh's brain. he was attacked by dodgers fans. police have not found his attackers. >> a real-life fight club. some arizona teens caught brawling in a park. take a look at this. you can see a huge crowd, surrounding the kids throwing punches at each other. teens and neighbors say it's a weekly event, called fight night. and they aren't even afraid to admit they're part of the violence. >> i like the fighting. it's raw. it's just my thing. >> there's no forcing people to fight. it's just, you get out here and you fight. >> reporter: phoenix police say the teens aren't doing anything illegal. but they are going to keep a closer eye on the park during fight night. ever wonder who your kids are talking to and what they're
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saying? john shumway has new tools to keep children safe in the cyber world. >> reporter: protecting our children is parenting job 1. and a shield we expect our schools to carry on as well. but at progressively earlier ages, social networking is also coming into their lives. >> it's like cutting your kids loose in times square in new york. it's just not necessarily a wholesome environment. even though it's popular. >> reporter: what they're doing on the internet is anything but private. they go in there and they talk to people. and they're exposing themselves to the entire world. >> reporter: and listen carefully. because this point can't be emphasized enough. >> things that cause the most harm to children, are things around their reputation, their privacy and their safety. those are affected most by information that they post publicly, or that other people post publicly about them. >> reporter: michael clark is cofounder of safety web, a website that allows parents to track their children's communications, whether it's by
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picture, tweet, text, call or social networking. >> anything that you can do to just see what they're looking at or see who they're talking to, definitely, i don't think you can overemphasize the importance of that. >> it's not fine. i mean, there's a lot of things that safety web does. but there is one thing that we don't do. we don't cross that private boundary. >> i don't have a problem with it if my parents knew what i was saying to people. like my exact thoughts. because ipine, there are so -- i mean, there are so many things as we can all agree, that are supposed to be kept in confidence. >> reporter: the websites charge monthly fees. parents can set up alerts to know when key words pop up in their kids' conversations, like drugs and alcohol or bullying. >> reporter: wall street ends the week on a very high note. the markets finished up but off session highs. the dow is up 55. s&p up 5. and nasdaq up 13.
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let's go to new york right now, where alexis christoforous has tonight's cbs money watch update. employers went on a hiring spree last month, adding 244,000 new jobs. that was better than wall street expected as the private sector hired the most workers in five years. the unemployment rate jumped up. there's no sign of recession in corporate board rooms. ceos at the nation's largest companies were paid better last year than they were in 2007 and back then the economy was booming, the stock market hit a record high, and unemployment was about half what it is today. warner music group. the company with eric clapton, will soon have a new owner. the buyout comes at a time when a global decline in cd scale --
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sales is making a dent in the profits of big companies. sony is offering a year's worth of identity theft insurance for free. sony's executive also apologized for the security breach of worn 100 million of its customers. sony has been criticized for waiting a week after learning of the cyber attack before notifying the public. that's it. at the i'm alexis christoforous. for sale, a piece of movie history. for about $2 million, you can be home alone in this illinois home. the 14-room house is where macaulay culkin fought off some bumbling thieves in the movie "home alone." another famous one was taken off the market. but the owners of the house for ferris bueller's day off plan to take it off the market, too.
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>> john hughes shot all of his movies in suburban chicago. >> nobody got teen angst like john hughes. >> i want to see what it looks like. still to come on wjz eyewitness news at 4:00. new crime trend. and an incredible robbery. and it's friday. will the weather cooperate for your weekend plans? and mary, mother's day is sunday, as you know. wjz asked to see your favorite photos of mom. here are just a few. to see a complete slide show, go to
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ introducing purina one beyond
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a new food for your cat or dog. pretty picture of the flag on federal hill. we know today is nice, mary, but we have been asking tim and bob, what does mother's day look like? that's the real big question. >> it's not that bad.
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it's not going to be a washout. keeping in mind, you all just did the story of macaulay culkin. what is your best home alone face? >> but macaulay does it the best. you can't repeat that. >> i'm sure there are a lot of mothers who don't want to be home alone with their little monsters this coming sunday. >> no, tim. they want to be home alone. >> that's right, mary. you got it. you're absolutely right. and with that said, let's talk about your forecast for that home alone day. let's call it that. first warning live doppler radar shows, we do have some showers moving into the region. we'll show you temperatures here in just a second. and we have a front that is going to be moving in. and along the front edge of that front is where you see a lot of these showers. now, these will move through here early. and we start to dry out tomorrow. looks to be a really nice day. and another bit of disturbance, sitting over us, coming sunday. we can't rule out the possibility of a shower. but it's not really going to be a washout. temperature at bwi marshall.
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40 is your diewrpt. -- dew point. the air is really dry out there. and that is helping to keep the shower potential down. even though we can't rule it out. south wind at 13 miles per hour. 29.85 is your barometer reading. that south wind is helping to keep the mild air across the state. everyone except out in oakland. 62 is the coolest spot on the map. and you see 66 down in ocean city. the result of some of the ocean and marine air down there. 67 on kent island. and 67 in annapolis. again, everyone just looking at around 70 degrees, courtesy of this south and southwest breeze. some of the heavier winds in northeast maryland at 20 miles per hour. air all around us is in the 70- degree range. coming in from the south, you might think it would really spike our temperatures. but atlanta is right around where we are. looking at 73 in mem memphis. and of course, all eyes are going back to kent extent and
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tense -- kentucky and tennessee. we've watching -- we're watching this disturbance here. this front moving through. we're seeing a few clouds out there. but just a few widely scattered showers this evening. don't be surprised to hear a few rumbles or so. this low stays right around us and into sunday. it just kind of hang its around -- hangs around just enough that a disturbance could pop out, maybe in the afternoon hours of sunday. again, we'll have much of the day may be overcast. have a backup plan, just in case those showers pop up. now, your next high tide is at 9:57. small craft advisory in effect until 8:00 p.m. tomorrow, 74 degrees. periods of clouds and sunshine. and if you plan on going out and about, starting your weekend, do not be surprised to see spotty showers. but the orioles are back in town. rays are with them. first pitch at 7:05. and game time temperature,
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around 60 degrees. >> maybe some sunshine still out there. >> just a little. >> okay, tim. thanks. the cbs primetime lineup is coming up at 10:00. it's another episode of blue bloods. then it's "eyewitness news at 11:00". and as timhensioned, the or -- tim mentioned, the orioles are back in town. you can see sunday afternoon's game, at tampa live on wjz 13. lots more ahead on wjz at 4:30. she wasn't born without an arc cent. in fact, she -- accent. in fact, she got it at the dentist. we'll have this bizarre story. i'm alex demetrick. coming up, local help with a big job of rebuilding, tornado- ravaged communities. that story continues. anger building. and we're learning more about the terror leader's final days. eyewitness news at 4:00 continues with denise and vic after this.
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tell is 4:28, 78 degrees with a mixture of sun and clouds. hello. thanks for staying with eyewitness news. i'm denise koch. >> and i'm vic carter. here's what people are talking about. building anger or osama bin laden's death. anti-u.s. anger is building. and bin laden's family is providing more information about how the terror leader spent his days in hiding. >> reporter: one of bin laden's wives said she lived in this house in abada bad for six years. and she never left the upper floor. it can explain how the al qaeda chief managed to elude authorities for four years. he was cash-strapped in the final days and had given more control to al qaeda's number 2 man. some still don't believe osama
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is dead because they've seen no proof. >> there was no osama there, he says. america is just creating this drama to attack muslims and pakistans. al qaeda calls on pakistanis to rise up in revolt. hundreds hit the streets, chanting go, america, go. saying the u.s. raid was a violation of pakistan's sovereignty. >> reporter: pakistani officials say u.s. special forces were operating within its borders without its permission. the u.s. carried out its first drone attack. a barrage of missiles killed at least 15 people in north wazirristan. u.s. forces need pakistan's help to fight the war in afghanistan. but pakistan's average is threatening to -- army is threatening to reassess its relationship with america, if the u.s. launches another assault like the one that
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killed bin laden. tina kraus, wjz eyewitness news. >> pakistani authorities say in addition to bin laden's three wives, they are also holding eight children found in the compound. tonight, japan's nuclear reactor. >> japan's prime minister wants to shut down three reactors at the fukushima power plant until new structures can be made. they're installing ventilation machines to absorb radiation. the radiation leaks forced thousands of people out of their homes. the company that owns the plant says it is considering the request to shut down the reactors. >> they plan to install a sea wall. experts say there is a 90% chance of another powerful earthquake hitting central japan in 30 years. the greatest disaster since hurricane katrina continues to
4:32 pm
overwhelm many southern communities. relief now has marylanders reaching out to help. >> traveling through tornado destruction in the southern u.s. >> we saw plenty of places where it was just the foundation left and just mountains and mounds of debris. >> reporter: and the christian humanitarian organization, world vision, began bagging up supplies at its warehouse in prince george's county. this center is focusing on tornado victims in virginia and north carolina. another in texas is concentrating on alabama. >> the people are very resilient. they're really -- they're a very working-class people. they rely on each other. they're family and friends. >> reporter: but sometimes, even that support was blown away. this world vision video found part of teresa perry's house in the woods. she was trapped in the home's rubble. >> he said, teresa, come and help me. come help me. >> and then when she was finally able to get to him, he was dead. there was an aunt in the house who was dead.
4:33 pm
>> reporter: the advanced team from pg county is just back. >> it's going to be long term to the rebuilding that is going to take place. >> reporter: world vision's contact was basically a scouting operation. >> to help with recovery efforts and then a long-term plan, a year plan, as far as rebuilding efforts through our wall. but then shingles or ceilings, paint, doorknobs. then a lot of people lost major appliances. >> reporter: what was lost in minutes, now a long haul to restore. alexalex demetrick, wjz eyewitness news. >> like a number of nonprofits, world vision can't help with this alone. just click on news, and scroll down to the story. >> our weather today has been calm so far. but we're watching for the possibility of late-afternoon showers. the clouds are building, as we take a live look outside. bob turk is tracking the updated conditions in the first
4:34 pm
warning weather center. >> it's been a nice day so far. very pleasant. widely scattered showers to the west of us. take a look across virginia there. shenandoah valley. they're moving off to the east and northeast. one little shower there, right west of frederick, middletown. it's not a big deal. but it's moving to the northeast. in that region, we're going to get wet in the next 15 to 20 minutes. baltimore, washington. probably at least a few more hours before any of that stuff down in virginia could make it this way. we'll see a little rain tonight. tomorrow look like a nice day. but on mother's day, maybe some more of this action for the forecast coming up. denise? >> all right. thank you, bob. a new development in the case of a maryland woman found dead on an eastern shore farm. mary is in the newsroom to explain who is facing murder charges. >> reporter: prosecutors have just charged leroy wilson, jr., with killing lindsay kristeno.
4:35 pm
she was found dead on a farm. police arrested wilson two days later when he crashed kristeno's stolen car. he also faces carjacking and robbery charges. he's being held without bond for a preliminary hearing june 2nd. >> the state's attorney says wilson was homeless and recently lived in cordoba. the man accused of kidnapping and killing 11-year- old sarah foxwell has been attacked in prison. thomas leggs, jr., was stabbed. he was not seriously hurt. he was sentenced to life in prison after he pleaded guilty to snatching foxwell from her home and murdering her. baltimore police discovered a woman's body, under interstate 83 in hampden. detectives are investigating the possibility that she is a
4:36 pm
person who is reported missing in anne arundel county. there are no obvious signs of foul play. but a homicide unit has been notified. dozens of people swarm a store. aaron drawhorn shows us the frightening robbery tactic caught in las vegas. >> reporter: caught on camera. a mob of young people, suddenly bombarded the city stop on sunset and pecos. >> they were in the store for 30 minutes. >> they darted in and snatched up $600 worth of items from the store. >> deer to jerky to candy bars to sodas. whatever hits their fancy. potato chips? >> reporter: he says this is known as the swarm. and after 42 years in the convenience store business, this crime stands out. >> this is the biggest one i've ever seen. >> reporter: in this day and age, you walk into a
4:37 pm
convenience store, you expect your every single move to be recorded on camera. >> reporter: but surveillance cameras in every direction didn't stop this crew. >> now you're seeing droves, swarming in the front doors right here, as fast as they can come in. can you see them milling around. they're by the beer doors. and now you're going to see them start selecting products they're putting in their coat pockets. putting it down their pants. >> reporter: the crowd started walking out without paying, only to return. >> here it is, two minutes into the deal and they're all coming back for seconds. >> reporter: seconds later, they grabbed more beer and the clerk's cell phone, then rushed out the door again. >> we were blessed nobody was hurt. >> reporter: he says this clerk followed his training. he hopes the crowd doesn't get more brazen. >> you can't allow this to happen because it will lead to more violence. some store clerk is going to decide to defend the property
4:38 pm
and he'll get hurt. >> they may have also recorded the thieves' license plates. and a new foreign accent. it's a rare condition and it happened to a woman in new york. karen butler was sedated to have her teeth pulled. and when she woke up, she no longer had her regular american accent. she sounds like she's come from ireland or eastern urine, even though she's -- europe even though she's never been to those places. >> young girls say, i want an accent like that. oh, go to my dentist. he only charges $7,000. >> it's called foreign arc cent -- accent syndrome. caused by brain or stroke. >> hi, denise. hi, everyone. 70 westbound. that's quite a problem this afternoon. you'll see brake lights from 29
4:39 pm
to marriottsville road. stop and go. and we're up to 30 minutes on the top side of the inner loop. park heights avenue to providence road. average speed, about 30 miles an hour. not much better on the outer loop. another, at least 15 minutes to get through. as far as 95 goes. southbound moving just fine. but northbound, you'll find delays from pulaski highway to the northeast corner. in the city, old york road at 39th and also hale thorpe. washington boulevard at old washington boulevard. let's now take a live look. plenty of brake lights on the road. this traffic report is brought to you by papa john's pizza. stop in to papa john's, any large pizza. any large pizza, only $12. visit them online at papa john' back to you.
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time for baltimore's annual rite of spring. today, the city is celebrating flower mart 2011. this event also features something new. it's a vendor showcase, where visitors can view the items available for sale. the flower mart continues until 8:00 tonight and all day tomorrow, around the monument in mount vernon. >> where are the lemons with the peppermint sticks? >> i love those. and i love the hats. >> a lot of flowers this year. straight ahead on wjz eyewitness news at 4:00. unanswered questions. a missing woman in georgia turns up with amnesia in illinois. what her family is saying. case closed. final two suspects make a deal in court in the bullying death of a massachusetts girl. and it's a warm spring afternoon. will we see the same this weekend? bob turk will tell us coming up.
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just moments ago, president obama personally thanked some of the navy seals who stormed osama bin laden's compound. the president also spoke publicly to hundreds ever troops at fort campbell, kentucky. the soldiers are recently back from tour in afghanistan. president obama also thanked the countless people who have been part of the mission to bring down osama bin laden. >> 101st airborne. intelligence, military, over many years. the terrorist leader who struck our nation on 9/11 will never threaten america again. [ cheering ] >> obama's visit to fort campbell comes a day after he visits new york to lay a wreath at ground zero. >> bullied to death. some massachusetts teens admit cruelly taunting one of their
4:45 pm
class mates who committed suicide. >> a judge put the three teens on probation for less than a year. they confessed to bullying 15- year-old phoebe prince. prince eventually hanged herself. two other teens cut deals early ther week. prince's family agreed to plea deals to end the distress of the case. all of the charges will be dropped if they don't get into trouble while on probation. >> prince's death was one of several high-profile cases that led to tougher laws cracking down on bullying at schools. blown to pieces. a miracle. a man survives after his house is blown to pieces. >> reporter: a 48-year-old homeowner, husband and father of three barely escaped death when his ranch house on alexander drive suddenly exploded while he was doing spring house cleaning in the basement. >> i live right across the street here. and it was just a big boom. it felt like it was in my house. >> reporter: brian welsh's kids
4:46 pm
were at school. his wife alina, was summoned to the scene, unable to explain the horror. >> what happened? >> i have no idea. >> reporter: she was rushed to her husband's side in the hospital burn unit. >> was he literally thrown out of the house by the force? >> we don't know how he arrived onto the front lawn. but he was sitting on the front lawn when we got here. and he was immediately transported via helicopter to the medical center. >> we came out and heard him screaming for help, saying please help me, somebody please help me. >> reporter: jennifer rubin called 911, as keyspan shut off the gas. welsh's panicked sister-in-law arrived as crews with remote search cameras poured over the desperate situation. >> just wanted to make sure my family was all right. i got so scared. thank god everyone is okay. >> reporter: she managed to save the family bird, a parakeet, african gray, along
4:47 pm
with photos and personal mementos. but everything else blew through wood and concrete. the attic, pancaked into the basement. >> big explosion. firefighters expect the homeowner to recover from his burns. a disturbing crime in india. a man is accused of hiding has murdered girlfriend's body in a freezer. police say the married man killed has girlfriend after she got into a fight with his wife. the body was in the freezer for almost three weeks. neighbors were tipped off to the body after a power outage caused the corpse to thaw and emit a smell. an oregon family found this snake, slithering out of their dish washer. they eventually tossed the unwelcome visitor outside. the good news is, that snake was not poisonous. mysterious disappearance. a mother ends up hundreds of miles from home. the woman told police, she has no idea how she got there.
4:48 pm
>> reporter: gail and jackie seger pulled into the parking lot in joliet. they have just driven 600 miles to see their daughter, amber. >> it was like, oh, my god, she's alive. we really almost lost hope. >> reporter: until monday, nobody had seen or heard from amber since april 9th. the next day, her car was found in georgia. then nearly a month later, she showed up up at the joliet police station, with no memory of who she was or how she got there. >> she still has no recognition of -- recollection of how she got there. >> reporter: amber is being treated for amnesia. doctors are hoping that the arrival of her parents will help to reclaim her memory. >> what are you hoping as you go up to see her? >> i can't wait. >> reporter: the waiting has been the hardest part. then yesterday, they heard a
4:49 pm
woman suffering from amnesia in joliet might be their daughter. >> the moment we saw the picture, we knew it was her. >> what did you do? >> we cried. >> jumped up and down. >> screamed. >> reporter: then amber's four young children were given the news by their aunt. >> she spoke into the fon and -- phone and they screamed. >> the making of a perfect holiday. >> there's never been a better mother's day in my entire life. >> reporter: police identified gerwick after someone on facebook recognized her picture from a missing persons flyer. trouble at the university of colorado. the university is suing two toilet paper suppliers, claiming the toilet paper caused major plumbing problems. toilets in 27 campus buildings overflowed the sewer lines. now they want the toilet paper suppliers to pay the $40,000 it cost to clean up the mess.
4:50 pm
bailts -- beatles legend, paul mccartney has just announced he will get remarried. he is 17 years older than his new fiance. this is his third marriage. cats and dogs don't always get along. but don't tell that to some pets in pennsylvania. along with raising her own pups, ana bell is raising two pups and kittens. a neighbor found the kittens. but they refuse the to -- refused to eat until they met ana bell. she even carries them around in her mouth. >> watch the claws. >> don't try to hang on. just eat. it's mother's day weekend. will the weather cooperate? >> bob turk has the first warning weather forecast coming up next. [ male announcer ] looking for a complete picture of your money? meet pnc virtual wallet. it comes with a calendar that shows you all your finances at once. it lets you know when your money's going out.
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the frederick area is going to affect you folks down that way. probably going to get d.c. probably i would say maybe by 7, maybe across the baltimore region, between 7:00 and 8:00 this evening. as it continues to head off to
4:54 pm
the east/northeast. at least that's our current look at radar. it's probably going to change obviously, which it always does. but not a whole lot of rain out there. 70, very pleasant afternoon. still very dry. the dew points way down to 40 degrees. humidity, 32%. even though those showers are out there. it's going to take an awful lot to get those out of there. south winds, 13, the barometer. holding steady. 29.85 inches. currently, 61 in oakland. 66 on the city. 70 in pax river and d.c. once again, the dew point is quite low. it's got to get to the 55- degree mark to get us out of the city. 67, westminster and annapolis. and 70 in bel air. rock hall. southerly winds over the region. kept us in nice, warmer air. normal high is 71. we're right on the money and got to 72. winds won't be a major factor. although we still have a bit of a breeze. that system last night out in
4:55 pm
missouri and kansas has moved off to the east. but it's quite windy. you can see there were shower activities in the carolinas. this system has really weakened as you can see. it's scattered showers. most of them down across southern virginia. there's a batch in ohio. if that continues, we'll see showers. tomorrow, most will be gone. we expect to see a mixture of sun and clouds on your saturday. unfortunately for sunday. yet another system is going to be come down from -- coming down from the northexpeft. -- northwest. and you can see from the model here of a scattered shower or two. mother's day. temperatures around upper 60s to low 70s. temperatures will be fine. it just means that saturday and sunday, we'll have clouds. more on sunday than saturday. saturday will be the driest pain. probably no rain at all. until late saturday. that will be down to the south. weekend not shaping up to be terrible.
4:56 pm
small craft advisory. until 8:00 at night. the bay temp now, around 62 degrees. tonight, look for a couple of showers, maybe a little thunder in a couple of spots. 46 by morning. tomorrow, clouds and sunshine. a little warmer than today. 74. so all in all, saturday will be a nicer day to be outside. sunday afternoon, maybe a few showers, about 3:00, 4:00 in the afternoon, by mother's day. >> at least we have one day. >> if you have a cookout sunday, you may have problems. >> i'm not cooking sunday. [ male announcer ] are you paying more and more for cable and enjoying it less and less? stop paying for second best. upgrade to verizon fios and get tv, internet and phone for just $99.99 a month for a year. call now and you'll get this special bonus: $100 back. there's no term contract required. if you don't absolutely love fios you can cancel any time with no early termination fee. fios is a 100% fiber-optic network
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maryland head coach gary williams retires. where is he headed next? plus, speculation. al qaeda's plan to avenge bin laden. more than 100 animals are removed from this house. i'm weijia jiang. we'll show you what they're doing and what neighbors have to say about it. check in for more on these stories and all the day's news. >> eyewitness news at 5:00 starts now. i'd like to thank the students humbly. >> gary says goodbye. the terps' most successful coach steps down


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