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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  May 6, 2011 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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about tonight. >> heartbreaking discovery. dozens of sick and malnourished dogs were found in a home in brunswick. wjz is live inside that home. >> reporter: the dogs have been transferred to the frederick county animal control. and even there, the stench is nearly unbearable. their fur coats were completely saturated in their own waste. >> reporter: seven birds and 95 dogs, all infested with fleas, missing chunks of hair, and clearly stressed other than removed from this brunswick home wednesday morning. >> the ammonia smell was really strong. and the house interior was deplorable. >> reporter: an anonymous tip brought animal control officers to this east a street house, where they say a couple lives and was hoarding the animals. upon arrival, they found one dog dead and had to euthanize another because it was in such bad shape. vetterinarians say most of the dogs are over 5 years old, but
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have never been outside. >> reporter: neighbors say they never saw a single dog. but they could often smell the smell of them. >> the smell is hor end us. -- horrendous. ure don't know where the smell is coming from. you think something died on your porch. >> it is crazy. i don't know how anybody can live like that. it's dangerous. i mean, we have children. there's other animals in the area. >> reporter: now, vets are monitoring the dogs to see if they can be adopted or rescued. but they say there's a chance some of the animals will have to be put down. police are also investigating whether the house itself is a health risk. on friday, nobody answered the door, but wjz discovered several cats living on the porch. >> reporter: and as of tonight, no charges have been filed against the homeowners. but police say that is likely to change, pending the investigation. we're live, weijia jiang, wjz eyewitness news. >> all right, thank you, weijia. and brunswick health authorities will determine whether the house is violating
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any health codes. there were tears, cheers and one final prompt. gary williams said goodbye to sports fans. sports director mark viviano has more on his farewell. >> coach gary williams said it simply, it's time to do other things. at age 66 and recently married, he has spent half his life in the high pressured world of coaching. today, he made it official, he's walking away. >> reporter: one more grand entrance to announce that it's time for him to exit. fans and friends gathered for the goodbye. for 22 years, maryland basketball was known as gary land. after a long, successful run, gary williams says now it's time for him to go. >> it's just a gut feeling, really, more than anything else. and it's a time in my life where i have an opportunity to do some things. >> reporter: williams leaves with more victories than any coach in maryland history.
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he won games, troveees,-- trophies and countless accolades. plus, the respect of many. >> when you think maryland basketball, you think gary williams. it's going to be very strange to not have him here. we just wanted to come and say goodbye. >> i think there will be great comfort in him sphwoiing the rest -- enjoying the rest of his life, knowing that he has millions who respect him. >> he has demonstrated day in and day out what it takes to be a great leader. and that's something i'll always cherish and something i'll always be grateful for. >> reporter: while he'll move on, his name will stay. the university plans to inscribe the hardwood, gary williams court. >> i didn't come out here for 22 years thinking, oh, i hope they put my name on a court. but now that it's here, it's an honor. hopefully a lot of people will feel the same way, that they were spj for that happening. >> an emotional day.
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athletic director kevin anderson declined to answer questions for the search for williams' successor. but among those being considered for candidates include mike williams, bray and villanova's jay bret. >> and williams will stay as an social director, and will help with the fundraising. dozens of suspicious letters sent to schools in washington, d.c. mary is in the newsroom with the latest on the concerns. >> none of those letters have turned up here yet. but the maryland emergency management agency is telling school officials to keep their eyes open. at least 32 letters containing a white powder turned up at washington, d.c. area schools yesterday and today. although the powder is not hazardous, investigators say it is intended to spark a panic. the fbi says the letters appeared to have been mailed from dallas, texas. they are similar to letters under investigation in that city. denise? >> thank you, mary.
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four letters were found at a washington postal facility this morning. a personal word of congratulations for a job well done. president obama thanks some of the u.s. force involved in the raid that ended osama bin laden's life. danielle nottingham reports from the white house. it comes as al qaeda issues a new threat against the u.s. >> reporter: the troops at fort campbell gave president obama a warm reception. [ applause ] away from the cameras, he also personally thanked members of the teams involved in the raid that killed osama bin laden and gave them the presidential unit citation, the highest honor given to military units. >> there's a chance for me to say on behalf of all americans and people around the world, job well done. >> reporter: al qaeda acknowledged bin laden's death for the first time in an online posting. the statement is titled, you livered as a good man, you died as a martyr. the text goes on to warn of new attacks on americans, saying their blood will be mingled with tears. >> reporter: the white house
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wasn't surprised by the new threats of violence, according to the president's spokesman. he said it's a reminder that the country has to stay alert. >> reporter: intelligence gathered from bin laden's compound shows al qaeda was considering attacks on u.s. trains on the tenth anniversary of 9/11. there are also mentions of targeting major cities on holidays. the fbi and the department of homeland security are telling authorities around the country to be vigilant. >> reporter: the white house released a new video taken the night bin laden was killed. the vice president called other officials to share the news. and the president thanked his national security team. months before the raid, the cia was already in abadabad, the agency set up a safe house, where agents gathered intelligence about the compound where bin laden was found. in washington, danielle nottingham, wjz eyewitness news. >> the statement also said that osama bin laden recorded an audio message last week.
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and that the message will be posted online soon. an honor student at the university of maryland is busted in the elaborate fake id scandal. tonight, he faces federal charges. wjz is live at college park right now. and mike hellgren has more on the bust and how widespread this problem is. mike? >> reporter: denise, this is a student who was going to graduate early. he had three majors. and police know the students who were going to get those fake ids. it's unclear if they could face any punishment. >> reporter: fake ids are easy to make and easy to get. and feds are cracking down hard at the university of maryland college park. where teddy michaels faces indictments for making hundreds of them. it could send him to prison for decades. prosecutors claim he would charge $200 each, and make more than $12,000, making ohio,
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pennsylvania and virginia licenses. the fellow student says the problem goes far beyond one case. >> i think it's a pretty common thing, actually. >> no. it's definitely really easy to get ids. you can just ask one person, like facebook them. and within like a week or two, you'll have an id. >> reporter: captain mike says it's not just about getting into bars. >> people are going to obtain identifications that really belong to somebody else. and that can be used for other crimes, such as identity theft. and in worst cases, promote terror activity. >> reporter: past investigations have exposed fake id rings. you can get one for as little as $50 online. >> pretty much almost everyone i know has fake ids. >> and to our daughters, barbara and jenna, we love you a lot. >> reporter: even a presidential daughter did it. >> this say fake id, then presidential daughter barbara bush used, calling herself barbara pierce. >> there is always someone out
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there, trying to create the counterfeit product. >> we have embedded security features that are difficult to replicate. >> reporter: but federal charges for small-time schemes are rare. that's why the attorney is surprised that they are charging his client. he said he is a spectacular kid with an unwhrem -- unblemished record. >> he also isn't sure whether his client will plead guilty or innocent to the charges. the u.s. attorney says the fake ids had realistic holograms made using a thermal printer. it's not each summer -- even summer and it's been a while. four confirmed tornadoes. this is video of the twister touching down in prince george's county on april 27th. they touched down in allegheny, baltimore, carroll. a lot of damage was done.
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but fortunately, nobody was hurt. live look outside at the weather right now this evening. no violent weather. but we could get a little rain later. meteorologist tim williams and bob turk the let us know what to expect. first, here's bob. >> here are some showers to the west and thunder as well. take a look at radar. a little batch there to the west of the mountains. and a little batch south of washington. and northwest. g.c. area. -- d.c. area. we'll take a look. right through there. to the northern fringe of carroll county, and much television northeastern frederick county. that is moving off to the east and northeast. this batch looks like it's going to head across south of frederick. may get to southern carroll county and the western suburbs of baltimore. i think about 7:15 to 7:30. there is activity in the region. and we'll see rain later this evening. the stuff down across southern virginia is going to affect most of extreme southern maryland. still pretty dry out there.
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so it's going to take a little while for that stuff to moisten up. what about the weekend? tim has a look at what we can expect this weekend. and also if you're headed out to the ball game. >> that front is pretty weak. and it will linger. it's going to present off and will on potential for scattered showers. while bob talked about tomorrow being pretty nice. and it will be. we'll see some cloud cover. and the rain, it stays a little unsettled sunday. the rain will not be the headline of your forecast. but it definitely could present again, some widely scattered showers on sunday afternoon. as far as tonight, looks like it's going to be a pretty nice night down at the ballpark. spotty showers possible. first pitch time at 7:05. orioles in town for i believe a six-game home stand. it will be pretty nice. just make sure you run in under the canopies, in case the sprinkles start to fall. we'll have your complete updated first warning forecast back inside. >> thank you very much, tim and bob. spring is here. and so is a baltimore tradition that has been around more than
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a century now. the flower mart. sky eye chopper 13 is over the scene now. famous for flowers, lemon sticks and vendors. wjz is live. and jessica kartalija has more on all of the fun. jessica, you have one in your hand. >> no, denise. this is my dentist at home tsitting and cringing. like, what are you doing? of course, call and make an appointment. absolutely gorgeous weather. a little cooler than last year, which is nice. everyone we spoke to, just having a wonderful time out here. these have been around since 1948. and let me tell you, people are bringing their moms out. and they're picking up all of those mother's day gifts early. take a look. in historic mount vernon. >> hey. >> flower mart. >> this is like our sixth year. and we come every year, my mom and i. >> reporter: the blooms are back. >> mother's day is when we plant our flowers. >> reporter: flower mart means it's time to celebrate spring. >> what's the best part of
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flower mart, do you think? >> just the people and the atmosphere. >> butterflies and even lady bugs. >> reporter: a great place to take a stroll and pick up chicks. >> my mother used to take me out of school when we were younger, so when i was 10. so i've been coming here, 40 years. so a lot. >> oh, that's a lot. >> 30 years! i'm sorry. [ laughter ] >> plenty of food. fun, and flowers. all for a good cause. [ indiscernible ] >> reporter: the late william donald schaefer loved flower mart. and we're told this is one of the last contributions he made. it is a flower mart recipe book. it goes for $20 and all of the proceeds goes to mount vernon. and to continue the flower mart tradition, you still have an hour and a half to get out here. it all ends at 8:00.
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then you can come back here from 11:00 to 8:00. i'm jessica kartalija, back to you on tv hill. >> recipe book is his recipes? >> it is actually everyone on the committee. but he is responsible for putting it together and responsible for adding the funding. >> that clears that up. this morning, they honored the former governor and mayor william donald schaefer who was there every single year. >> i'm sure jessica had a beautiful flower hat. >> we don't allow hats here on the air. >> not anymore. ortho exia. a surprising new type of eating disorder. you have to hear about it to believe. the ultimate sacrifice. honoring firefighters and police who died in the last year in maryland. judgment day. sentencing for a baltimore man who killed his wife in the street. and stick around for the first warning weather forecast coming up.
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killing his wife outside the courthouse. gigi barnett has more. >> 2 1/2 years after fatally stabbing his wife outside a baltimore courthouse. a judge sentenced 33-year-old cleavein williams to life behind bars. for the victim's family, it's justice, not closure. >> it feels like a relief to not have to be here. and have to hear everything
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that is going on during the criminal trials to know that this part is over. >> reporter: in november 2008 upon, sky eye chopper 13 was over the courthouse. it's where williams stabbed his wife several times in the face and neck. she had just asked a judge for a protective order against her husband. today in the courtroom, the judge heard tearful pleas and descriptions from veronica williams' family and friends. they talked about how she suffered years of abuse in the relationship. but the most powerful, letters written from the couple's three children, all telling the judge that they were afraid of their father, and asking him to send williams to jail. >> they want to know that he is going to be incarcerated for a long time. they want to be able to come on their own grounds to be able to, if they choose to see him. >> reporter: williams told a judge, this is the darkest hour of my life, i'm truly sorry for taking someone i can never get back. i have exhausted the words "i'm sorry." i hope this tragedy can help someone catch themselves before
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falling. while the victim's family says it's not enough remorse, williams' attorney says her client's family wants healing. >> now that this is over, the families can find peace and they can move on and raise those children to be healthy children. >> reporter: and judge timothy dori gave williams a life sentence with a possibility of parole. the victim's family had to also ask the judge to make williams serve his sentence at a prison outside of the state. but dori says he does not have the power to do that. vic, back to you. >> and williams told the judge that he needs help. the judge recommended that williams serve his sentence at the patux ept institute, which has a mental health clinic. because of dangers they might encounter, the fam lies are never sure when they will return. today, a special service for those who lost their lives in the line of duty last year. mike schuh reports from dulaney valley gardens.
6:20 pm
>> reporter: when what's left of the memories, ceremony helps to show those left behind that we still care. the tag "hero" may be bestowed too quickly and too often. but not here. for the 26th time, fallen heroes are remembered. >> it was a day when we remember those whose courage called them to do the most important work there is to do in this earth. and that is to protect the lives of others. >> reporter: six families of police and firemen, including the mother of city officer william torbit, were told thanks from a grateful public. a proclamation, a tribute. as the wife of lutherville firefighter mike falcanhan. >> today is very important to me and my family. to be here to honor not just mark but the police officers, too. they all gave their lives. [ bagpipes playing ]
6:21 pm
>> reporter: this may help to heal hearts. yet there are families right now, unaware that in 12 months, this tent will be full once again. >> hey. >> at dulaney valley, mike schuh, wjz eyewitness news. >> and also announced today, college scholarships for those pursuing a career in public safety. it is named after the founder of dulaney valley memorial gardens. a theater in the heart of towson is closing for good. towson commons will be closing its doors after nearly 20 years in business. the theater is scheduled to roll a week from sunday. a lack of business is to blame for the closure. >> that's too bad. even a quiet day, beautiful day so far. there are showers and thunderstorms developing to the
6:22 pm
west of us. take a look at temps now. 71. dew points still very low. south winds at 7. the barometer holding steady. let's take a look at this friday night and the weekend after this.
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sky eye chopper 13 is over
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the scene. captain mike perry, what can you tell us? >> hello, denise. the drum castle apartments, located on castle drive, at walker avenue. this is right near the city line. a working apartment fire. firefighters work to find smoke coming from a second floor front apartment in the drum castle apartments. they quickly were able to knock down most of the shock and flames. we still have smoke coming from the second floor apartment. there are no early reports on injuries or a cause of the fire. but a significant amount of fire apparatus is on walker avenue. police have closed walker avenue, just east of york road. as firefighters continue to work the same. back to you on tv hill. >> thank you, captain mike perry. thank you. sometime now if check in with bob. >> showers to the west of us. take a look at ticketitivity over carroll county now. and portions of frederick county. another batch across virginia.
6:26 pm
this batch around westminster now. has gusty winds. downpours southwest of westminster. that's all moving off the northeast. up toward northern baltimore county. just north of teles burg. you folks in carroll county, northern baltimore county, and now in southern frederick county. this is heading off to really western howard county. in some form. will get to the city, probably in the next hour to hour and a half. if you're heading out, you're probably going to run into showers. down to the south, there's more activity across southern virginia. this is moving off toward the east, towards southern maryland, and eventually crossing to the bay. there's another batch here. you will see showers tonight. looks like this will be it for tonight. and later on, we'll start clearing out. take a look at temperatures. very pris pleasant, 71. 59 in oakland. 68 in washington. those showers getting close there. 66, westminster. with the rain, probably dropping to about 62 very
6:27 pm
shortly. 66 in kent island and annapolis as well. southerly winds will continue. they came in through the area this afternoon. the area continues to move throughout the region. it will clear out. and saturday looks like a pretty nice day. another system heading down from the west. although we'll have pleasant temperatures. yes, scattered showers here on sunday afternoon. not a washup. but definitely showers. west winds on the bay. tonight, scattered showers and thundershowers. 46, before it clears out later on. tomorrow, sun and clouds. 74. a little warmer than today. all in all, a nice start to the week. but saturday will be the nicest day. sunday afternoon, for mother's day. maybe scattered showers. maybe an hour to hour and a half of showers sunday afternoon. >> okay. >> thank you, bob. still to come tonight on wjz's eyewitness news. a romantic gesture or an act of vandalism. and why it could cost the
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homeowners big bucks. i'm alex demetrick. coming up, local help with a big job of rebuilding tornado- ravaged community. [ male announcer ] want to achieve more with your money?
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it is just after 6:30. 71 degrees and partly sunny. good evening. thank you for staying with wjz. here are some of the stories people are talking about tonight. anger over osama bin laden's death is building in pakistan. with anti-u.s. protests popping up across the country. tina kraus reports for wjz. pakistani authorities are interviewing bin laden's bin bin laden's wives, learning more about the terror leaders' final days. >> reporter: one of osama bin laden's wives said she lived in this will hideout in abadabad for years and never left the upper floors. they hope bin laden's three wives who survived the u.s. raid can plain explain how the chief managed to escape authorities for years.
6:32 pm
they say they had given more control to the number 2 man. some still don't believe osama is dead because they see no proof. there was no osama there, he says. america is just creating this drama to attack muslims and pakistan. in an internet posting that acknowledges bin laden's death, al qaeda calls on pakistanis to rise up and revolt. hundreds hit the streets, chanting go, america, go. saying the u.s. raid was a violation of pakistan sovereigntiy. pakistani officials say u.s. was operating without the permission. they carried out the first drone attacks in pakistan since friday. a barrage of missiles killed 15 people in north wazirristan. u.s. forces nide pakistan's help to fight the war in afghanistan.
6:33 pm
but pakistan's army is threatening to reassess its relationship with america, if the u.s. launches another assault like the one that killed bin laden. tina kraus, wjz eyewitness news. >> pakistan federals say in addition to bin laden's three wives, they are also holding eight children found in the compound. 31-year-old thomas legs was slashed with a home made weapon sunday at the western correctional institution. he was cut on the head, neck and hand, but not seriously hurt. he was sentenced to life without parole in march, for kidnapping and killing 11-year- old sarah foxwell. the greatest disaster in this country since hurricane katrina. tornadoes now has marylanders reaching out to help. >> reporter: travelers to tornado destruction in the u.s. >> we saw plenty of places where it was just the
6:34 pm
foundation left. and just mountains and mounds of debris. >> reporter: and the christian humanitarian organization, world vision, began bagging up supplies at its warehouse in prince george's county. this center is focusing on tornado victims in virginia and north carolina. another in texas is concentrating on alabama. >> the people are very resilient. they're a very working-class people. they rely on each other, their family and friends. >> reporter: but sometimes, even that support was blown away. this world vision video found part of teresa perry's house in the woods. she was trapped in the midst of rubble. >> he said, teresa, come help me. come help me. >> when she was finally able to get to him, he was dead. there was an aunt in the house who was dead. >> it's going to be long-term rebuilding that will take place. >> reporter: world vision's first contact with tornado victims was basically a scouting operation. >> by looking at a 90-foot
6:35 pm
plan, to help the recovery efforts. and then a long-term plan. a year plan, as far as rebuilding efforts. through our wall. but then shingles. or paint. then a lot of people lost major appliances. >> what was lost in minutes, now a long haul to restore. alex demetrick, wjz eyewitness news. >> like a member -- number of nonprofits, world vision can help with the rebuilding alone. those interested in helping can find out how at major headaches. for commuters on the baltimore beltway. around 11:00 this morning. a tractor-trailer, struck the park heights bridge. all lanes on the inner loop had to be closed as the bridge was inspected for safety. traffic backed up all the way to security square. and it took about three hours for things to get back to normal. a 7-month-old baby will survive, after being ejected from a car during a crash. it happened on u.s. 15 near frederick. the child was in a carseat when
6:36 pm
his mother failed to yield while making a left turn and was struck by a pickup. that forced the car seat with the baby strapped inside onto the road. the baby was released from johns hopkins today. heroin in the suburbs. once known primarily as a city addiction, it's skyrocketing in the suburbs. mary joins us now with the story. mary? >> well, vic, this is the story of one young girl who snorted heroin once and lost the life she knew. >> reporter: if you think this is what a heroin addict looks like, look again at the new face of heroin. mostly young and living in the suburbs. faces like 22-year-old nicole duta of frederick. 20-year-old towson university student. 18-year-old elliott mason of harford county. and from carroll county, 15- year-old liam oharra.
6:37 pm
all dead after overdosing on heroin. leah tried heroin just once. >> what happened to you when you snorted that heroin? >> i think i knew that immediately something was wrong. >> reporter: the montgomery county high school student immediately went into cardiac arrest. >> next thing you know, i'm unconscious. >> and she entered a coma and was paralyzed from the head down. >> i was trapped in my body at 17 years old. >> reporter: heroin use in maryland suburbs is exploding. in dorchester county, heroin uses up nearly 400%. frederick county, up nearly 140%. huge increases in wicomico and queen anne's county. >> heroin is here. it's in the suburbs. and kids have access to it. >> you don't have to go into the city to buy heroin like we did in the '60 fist, -- '60s, '70s and '80s. it comes to them. >> reporter: mike gimble says
6:38 pm
heroin is now cheap and powerful. >> but me and my friend, we were like getting very experimental. >> were you scared of a drug like heroin? >> i was up for anything. >> reporter: one-time heroin users needing around the clock care. >> leah's mom tells me, she suspected her daughter was drinking, maybe even smoking pot, but never heroin. >> i had no idea. that it was in the suburbs like it is. >> reporter: the bigger thick is not to-- thing is not to make the assumption that just because we live in a certain neighborhood, make a certain amount of money, that our kids aren't going to be subjected or get adistrict -- addicted to drugs that we think belong only in the inner city. >> reporter: leah is now speaking to other teens across maryland. >> what do you want them to know? >> be above the influence.
6:39 pm
don't be stupid like i was. if i saw a girl like me in an assembly at my school, probably wouldn't have touched it. >> leah's life as a quadriplegic is a wake-up call. >> she has no defense. >> every day, i think, i could have done more. there's more i could have done. it was my job to save her and protect her. but i wasn't there to protect her. >> reporter: lea is scheduled to visit more schools throughout maryland, showing students how trying drugs even once can be dangerous or even deadly. vic? >> mary, thank you. statistics show more than half of all first-time users of heroin are under the age of 25. time now for a story you'll you'll see in the baltimore sun. beware of a number of internet scams that have appeared in the wake of osama bin laden's killing. and ritz carlton residences. and the candidate to succeed gary williams.
6:40 pm
for these stories and a lot more, read tomorrow's baltimore sun. remember to look for the forecast from wjz's first warning weather team. still to come tonight. dangerous situation. a hiker takes a serious fall. will rescuers get to her in time? containing the nuclear nightmare? new pictures contained inside the crippled nuclear plant. will mother's day be wet or dry in the region? i'll have the exclusive first warning five-day forecast. mother's day is sunday. wjz asks to see your favorite photos of mom. here are just a few. to see the complete slide show, go to
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6:44 pm
save a woman on the side of an arizona mountain. rescuers say she was hiking near phoenix when she broke her leg. crews put her on a stretcher and carried her to safety this. is the second rescue in that area in just two days. a florida man proposed to his girlfriend by spray- painting this message on a garage door. the only problem, the door belongs to a stranger. the homeowner didn't know any allisons. even though allison did say yes, the homeowners aren't popping a bottle of champagne. they had to pay $1100 to clean up the indecent proposal. doctors have diagnosed two new eating disorders. one of them is called orthough arexia. itpeople with the disorder only eat foods they consider pure, natural and healthle. another is adult selective eating.
6:45 pm
just like children, picky adult eaters limit themselves to foods like french fries and chicken fingers. >> i may know a few people who have that one. harry smith has a preview of what's coming up tonight on the cbs evening news. could evidence from bin laden's compound reveal the evidence for top leaders. that story and more tonight on the cbs evening news. looking at tonight's closing members -- numbers from wall street. we'll be right back.
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some showers and maybe ray few storms are coming our way. pollen is out there. all of the cars are starting to turn green. hopefully the showers will wash some of that out of the air. we start tomorrow with a decent amount of sunshine throughout the day. daytime highs up in the low 70s. overnight lows back down in the 40s. with another chance of showers heading into mother's day sunday. for a little more on that. we send it in to bob.
6:49 pm
showers across northern baltimore county. carroll county. moving off to the east/northeast. here in the city. showers will be moving across the region. probably going to get wet at least early on. let's take a look at the forecast for the next five days. tomorrow, looks like a pretty nice day. sun and a few clouds. 74. the risk of a few, maybe an hour or two of showers on sunday afternoon. 70s. drying out. looks like nice weather. 72, 70. and 74. no rain expected monday, tuesday, wednesday. even into thursday. denise? >> thank you, bob. still to come. gary williams says goodbye. and addresses questions about his decision to retire. mark has the latest coming up next in sports. juicy johnsonville sausage.
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the talk of the town today. >> sure was. >> we heard in the news from an emotional gary williams. more on his decision. in fact, two guys named williams left the maryland basketball program. jordan williams to the nba. then coach gary williams to retirement. now, the coach did speak about ending his distinguished career. and says his departure is not related to the players. it has been speculated that his jump to the nba was the final factor in gary williams'
6:53 pm
decision to quit. the coach shot that down today, talked about handling early departures to the pros. >> you recruit somebody, you tell parents and players that you're degree to do what's in the best interest of your player. and you know, obviously i don't know anything. but anything i tell a player, i'm going to do it to try to help him as much as possible. that's what i did with jordan. and jordan and his parents came to the decision to go to the nba. >> williams has had 16 of his players drafted into the nba during his 22 years as coach at maryland. from gary land to bird land, the orioles are back home, taking on tampa bay at camden yours tonight. the first -- yards tonight. the first three months of the season have been up and down. markakis has lacked his usual production at the plate. the pitching for the team has held up for the most part. but nick knows the hitters have to take up their end of the bargain, soon. >> it's a tough first month. and i think overall, for the most part, we've kept ourselves
6:54 pm
ourselves it. and found ways to win games. and our starting pitching has been, you know, the key spot. in the season so far. and you know, if they can just continue what they're doing. and get these bats going, i think we'll be well off. among those o's pitchers. rookie zach briton has been the best so far. he beat them in his first major league outing in april. tampa bay comes to town as one of the hottest teams in the american league. first pitch, 7:05. you can see it on masn. coming up on sunday, it's masn on wjz. we'll bring you the o's and the rays. coverage comes your way at 1:30. to racing, it's bad news. second favorite, uncle mo has been scratched from tomorrow's race. uncle mo is out because of the gastrointestinal virus that reduces the field to 19
6:55 pm
entries. dialed-in is the morning line favorite. phillies running in the kentucky oaks on the eve of the derby. outstanding finish. plum pretty with a lead down the stretch. but st. johns river. challenges over the final 50 yards. but plum pretty will hold on by a stride. plum pretty is trained by bob aboveord who also trains midnight. who will run in the derby tomorrow. more from gary williams coming up tonight. hopefully highlights for the birds. >> thank you, mark. be right back.
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that's it for tonight, everyone. we'll be back at 11:00. i'm vic carter. >> and for bob and mark, i'm denise koch. thanks for watching wjz, maryland's news station. don't go away, there's much more ahead on the cbs evening
6:59 pm
>> smith: tonight, the clues bin laden left behind. why u.s. intelligence believes he's given them the best chance in years to destroy the heart of al qaeda. i'm harry smith. also tonight, the commander in chief tells the team that got bin laden... >> job well done. (cheers and applause) job well done. >> smith: u.s. navy seals. what it takes to become the best of the best. and nearly a quarter of a million new jobs, but the supply can't keep up with demand and the jobless rate jumps back to 9%. captioning sponsored by cbs from cbs news world headquarters in new york, this is the "cbs evening news" with katie couric. >> smith: good evening, katie is off tonight. al qaeda finally acknowledged today that osama bin laden is dead and the


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