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tv   Eyewitness 11PM News  CBS  May 6, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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fbi investigation, nearly three dozen suspicious letters mailed to schools. >> tonight what's in the letters, where they came from, and why you're being put in on alert. hello everybody i'm denise koch. >> and i'm vic carter. >> maryland leaders are warning you tonight to be on the look out. that is after dozens of schools received letters containing a suspicious powder. kelly mcpherson has the investigation and what you need to be aware of. kelly. >> reporter: four months ago the state was on guard because
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of suspicious packages, now again tonight maryland emergency responders are asking everyone especially schools to be on the look out in the mail. >> reporter: 37 letters with suspicious white powder have shut down 28dc schools this week. >> and all the teachers were like, this isn't a drill, this isn't a drill. go, go, go. >> i touched the powder but i touched the envelope, there was some writing inside. it was from north texas. it said al-qaida, fbi. >> reporter: and the evacuation was cancelled after officials discovered the powder was not dangerous. >> if they get these things and they find they are not quite comfortable with them to isolate those into an area and call 911. >> reporter: this latest mail scare comes four months after
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two incendiary devices like this were sent to the mayor. no one was injured but it put all state postoffices on alert. >> these are not related incidents but they all come under the heading of terrorism. we have a heightened of sense that we stay on top of them. >> reporter: dc schools were back in session friday but anger lingers. >> we take every one of these serious, because we have to. it diverts our attention from other situations that our officers should be paying attention to. >> reporter: no one has been arrested and the case that happened here in maryland four months ago, no one has been arrested for that one either. reporting live in north baltimore, kelly mcpherson. >> reporter: the fbi and postal inspectors inspectors are
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investigating several letters mailed to schools in dallas, texas. this is new amateur video from inside . tonight we're learning propaganda and videos were recovered by the u.s. forces. today president obama met in part with navy seals that carried out the raid. >> i want to say for the people around the world, job well done. job well done. >> during his visit to fort campbell, the president thanked all the u.s. troops for their effort and he awarded the special operation units involved with the raid a presidential unit citation. the highest honor that can be given to a unit. outrage is growing over that violent beating of a transgender woman inside a baltimore county mcdonalds.
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for the first time we're hearing the calls to 911. many believe this is a hate crime. kai jackson has the story. >> reporter: the attack was vicious as it was sickening. now wjz news has the 911 calls for help. this rosedale mcdonalds was the scene of a violent attack caught on video. now police are releasing the tense filled call to 911 for help. >> can you tell if he's awake? >> he was assaulted. >> reporter: police say the he is a transgendered woman named chrissy. >> you don't have to explain yourself to anybody. >> reporter: mcdonalds says the employee that shot the video
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had been fired. the video shows polis having a seizure. >> we have a person having a seizure here at the mc mcdonalds. >> can you tell if he's moving? >> yeah, he's moving. >> reporter: baltimore county police have charged both attackers with assault and are debating bumping up charges to a hate crime. >> i believe it should be a hate crime. because hate versus one, versus another. it truly was hate. >> reporter: the 14-year-old in this case is being charged as a juvenile and that's why her name is not being released. back to you. >> all right, thank you kai. apparently the baltimore district attorney is still weighing in on if hate charges will be filed. vic, gary williams was overcome with emotional and in
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the verge of tears throughout his press conference. now he's ready for a change. one more grand entrance to announce that it's time for him to exit. fans and players gathered for the goodbye, for 22 years maryland basketball was known as gary land. after a long successful run, gary williams says now it's time for him to go. >> it's just a gut feeling really more than anything else. and it's a time in my life where i have an opportunity to do some things. >> reporter: williams leaves with more victories than any coach in maryland history. he won games, trophies and countless accolades. plus the respect and admiration of many. >> when you think of maryland basketball you think gary williams. it's going to be very strange not having him here. we just wanted to come and say goodbye. >> i think he's going to realize that there's great comfort enjoying the rest of his life knowing that he has
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millions that respect him and love him for what he did for the university of maryland. >> he's really demonstrated day- to-day what it takes to be a great leader. that's something i will always cherish and i'll always be grateful to coach williams for. >> reporter: he will leave but his name remains. the university will inscribe gary williams on the court floor. >> i never walked out here thinking, boy i hope they put my name on the court. but now that it's here i hope it's a great honor. hopefully a lot of people will feel the same way that they were responsible for that happening. >> reporter: athletic director kevin anderson who you saw seated there next to williams declined to answer questions about the search for williams successor, saying the day is dedicated to gary. i will have an update on who may be the leading candidates for the job later in sports. >> all right, thank you.
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and williams will continue as athletic director. a baltimore midwife pleads guilty in the death of a baby she was attempting to deliver. karen karr was trying to birth a baby everyone though she was not licensed. under the plea deal she will spend 10 years in jail and return the fee she charged the parents of the baby. 32-year-old kenya jordan was gunned down outside her house on lennox street. her ex-boyfriend davidson shot her with his new girlfriend's house. to tonight he is behind bars charged with murder. a woman living in squaller with nearly 100 dogs in their
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house. officials took 95 badly neglected dogs and five birds. >> reporter: seven birds and 95 dogs all infested with fleas, missing chunks of hair and clearly stressed were removed from this home. police say it was filled with urine and feces. >> the interior of the house was deplorable. >> reporter: an anonymous tip brought officials to this home where they say a couple lived and was hoarding the animals. upon arriving they found one dog dead and had to euthanize another. neighbors say they never saw a single dog but they could often smell all of them. >> the smell is horrendous. you don't know where it's coming from. you think something has died
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from underneath your porch. >> it's horrible, i don't know how somebody can live like that. it's dangerous. i mean we have children, there's other animals in the area. >> reporter: now vets are monitoring the dogs to see if if they can be adopted or rescued. but they say it's possible that some of the dogs will have to be put down. on friday no one answered the door but wjz discovered several cats living on the porch. no charges have been filed on the homeowners, but that is awaiting determination. and according to our media partner, the eight screen theater with show its last movies next weekend nearly 20 years after it opened. townsend unit has been in talks
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to lease some of the retail space. it's the annual flower mart. the festival started today and it will be opened up tomorrow morning. it is not just about flowers, the event holds a hat contest, it has wine, and those lemon peppermint sticks. nearly naked women in a parade, the so called slut fest, and why women are doing it. and how the feds got involveed in a fake i.d. scheme here at the university of maryland college park. i'm mike hellgren, wjz investigating the scope of the problem. mother's day weekend, will it be a wash out. i'm bob turk, i'll have your complete forewarning forecast coming up next.
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the kincaids live here. across the street, the padillas. ben and his family live here, too.
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ben's a re/max agent, and he's a big part of this community. there are lots of reasons why re/max agents average more sales than other agents. experience, certainly. but maybe it's also because they care about the markets they serve and the neighbors who rely on them. nobody sells more real estate than re/max. visit today. it is 53 degrees, partly cloudy in central maryland right now. right now you're looking at lightning strikes in roseville where severe storms rolled through. the complete forecast is coming up. visitors to the wichita zoo are horrified when they saw a 7- year-old mauled by a tiger.
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the child crawled over a guardrail. the leopard grabbed the boy's head and clawed him. the boy is listed in serious condition. and severe flooding is threatening states. levies are being raised to hold back the water. by next week the mississippi could cast at 17 feet. that would exceed the great floods of the 1920s and 30s. more than a dozen houses in memphis have been told to evacuate. a woman's body is discovered partially submerged in the jones fault way. police were called to the scene. they said there were no obvious signs of foul play. detectives are investigating the possibility that she's a person who's reported missing in anne arundel county. mike hellgren reports from
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college park on the arrest and also the extent of the problem. >> reporter: fake i.d.s are easy to make and easy to get and the fbi is cracking hard at college park. where teddy michaels faces a 16 count indictment for making hundreds of them. the fellow students say the problem goes far beyond one case. >> i think it's a pretty common thing actually. >> no it's definitely really easy to get i.d.s. you can get one person facebook them and in a week or two you will have an i.d. >> reporter: it's not just about getting into bars. >> people can obtain identification that really belongs to someone else. that can be used for other crimes such as identity case
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worse case to promote terrorist activity. >> reporter: past wjz investigations have exposed fake i.d. rings. you can get one for as little as $50 online. >> pretty much everyone i know has a fake i.d. >> reporter: even a presidential daughter did it. this is the fake maryland i.d. of then teenage barbara bush used calling herself barbara pierce with a baltimore address. >> there's always someone out there trying to create the counter fit product. we have embedded security features that are difficult to replicate. >> reporter: but federal charges for small time manufacturers are rare which is why the attorney for the maryland student now under indictment says he is surprised that this has turned into a federal case. that his client is a spectacular kid with an unblemished record and faces a terrible accusation that will affect him for the rest of his
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life. at the university of maryland and college park, mike hellgren, wjz eyewitness news. u.s. attorney says the fake i.d.s had realistic holograms made using a thermal printer. they are called slut walks and they are putting out a powerful message. protesters say women should not be subjected to sexual violence because of how they dress. the movement began when a toronto police officer say women need to stop dressing like sluts in order to avoid being raped. several slut walks are being planned throughout the country. mark zuckerberg has friended a $7 million house. the price tag is pretty modest in the land of the superrich. we do know the $5,600 home has a saltwater pool and what is described as a crochet worthy front yard. for him it's a big step up.
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he had a bungalow. >> yes he did. and he is only 27 and will have lots of houses in his lifetime. >> let's take a quick look around the region. lightning and thunder, brief heavy rain it's all off to the east now. look it's pretty clear. temperatures have dropped down to 53. no wind at all right now but the dewpoint right now 52 degrees. which means the humidity is way up there. 96%, and we will see rain, probably see some fog. at least patchy fog overnight. barometer has been falling but it's going to go back up again tomorrow. right now 50 oakland, 60 eastland. locally 50 to the mid- and upper 50s closer to the water. the water temperature around 62. showers started out to the west. you might remember we followed
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them through terrell, baltimore, harold county and north of the city. it didn't rain that much here on tv hill about 15 minutes is all we got. some areas got some heavy downpours. our little batch of showers developed over the mountains to the west of us, moved through the area tonight. now we're getting clear skies, as you can see to the west few clouds and showers in ohio, pennsylvania that one not impact our region. tomorrow for the most part looks like a nice day on sunday. behind this is yet another system weak as it is. but it will come to the area on sunday afternoon with a risk of a shower or two sunday afternoon. will not be a wash out. we will see a little sun then clouds then a couple of showers in the afternoon before it clears out. looks like early next week very nice weather. the bay temp around 62. so for the rest of tonight gradually clearing out.
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cool 40s in most places. tomorrow lots of sun and clouds. warmer than today, 70 with a risk of a shower on mother's day. won't ruin your whole day but it won't be perfect. 72, 70 and 74. looks really nice mondays, tuesday and wednesday -- monday, tuesday and wednesday of next week. >> be sure to tune in tomorrow morning for the updated forewarn weather forecast. and as gary williams says
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interesting next year as the maryland's new coaches. >> they don't waste time they go from thanks gary to who's next. the university of many ád m. maryland could be looking west. sean miller being mentioned in
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numerous reports as the terp's top choice. he's a 42-year-old pittsburgh native with roots in the east coast known to be an outstanding recruiter. the ability to recruit a top talent is key for whomever takes over for williams. he is confident they will find the right guy. >> whatever the new coach does for this program, he will make this place better. it will continue to get better. i have a total amount of confidence that's going to happen. >> reporter: among the other possible candidates. noter dame mike gray, a maryland native who has already been contacted. rookie pitcher britton back on the mound to face tampa bay. welcomes himself to the majors with a two-run home run in his first at-bat. tampa bay's james shield had no
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problems keeping the o's hitters quiet. here's striking out mark reynolds, they have now lost four of their last five. college lacrosse, hopkins on the road to west point new york to face army. bilge night for kyle warton working from behind the gate. charges in, got clobbered going in. spectacular effort. that one is worth another look. wharton tallied five times. their record is now 12-2. kentucky derby tomorrow, second favorite uncle moe has been scrapped from the race because of intestinal virus. manny paquia weighs in at 195 pounds his bout against
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shane mosley. the prefight show down didn't produce anything but laughter. and qualifying today that's ryan newman's second fastest. he's going to join casey cain in the front row. busch here suffered some damage. kyle bush won the nationwide race at darlington. have a great weekend and happy mother's day. at the ballpark, a man wanted to catch a foul ball [ male announcer ] what's in your energy drink?
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is pretty good at multi tasking. watch closely at this foul hits into the stands. and that's when the man with the green shirt catches it while holding his daughter. chattanooga's name is the look out which is exactly what everybody was yelling at this guy, look out. >> he caught it. a group of retirees in florida says the key to retiring life is to pick up a ball and bat. the baseball seniors started their league three years ago. >> [ male announcer ] looking for a complete picture of your money?
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