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tv   Eyewitness News  CBS  May 8, 2011 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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you want to get it up so quickly. jim: there is team byrd there, his mom, and a beautiful mother's day wish to her. nick: you don't get any squeeze to it. no resistance. can't impact any spin. high on the blade. >> the only good news for jonathan is that this is a similar angle to the putt he made in regulation, only
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longer. he should know how it breaks at the hole. >> these two go back so far. they met in the south carolina state amateur, back in 1998. lucas beat him. also beat d.j. trahan on the way to the title. lucas with an emotional acceptance speech dedicated to the victory to his grandfather. that had a huge impact on his career. here we go. needing to make this to play any kind of pressure certainly would change things here. look where you have to aim it. nick: my goodness. it is going to be an s-bender. right to left and left to right. jim: such a good putt. but it will be a 5.
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two-putts to win. nick: lucas will definitely go left to right. jim: he has been the best putt nert field all week long. he has shown it on a number of occasions today. he hasn't all week suffered a three-putt. all that he needs is two-putts all that he needs is two-putts to win.
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>> wiffed it. >> my goodness. jim: i know it wasn't easy. you can see how much bend there was to it. but it is a bit shocking to see it that far short. nick: shocking? jim: what did it look like to you down there? nick: did he even have a wander down to the hole to give it a quick 360? >> peter was closer than me. >> looked like he just read it from behind. i would have a good wander down to have a look at it. jim: we know that this one moves. nick: he has to start it outside. >> you want a hug from your mommy after that one. >> this is what has got him here all week long. now he has to finish it off.
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jim: he hasn't missed from inside 5 feet all week. this is to win it. yes. lucas glover takes the title in charlotte. nick: does the beard stay now or does it get shaved off? jim: i don't know. but when it has been so long after he has won a major. nick: he has been through the ringer on and off the golf course. this is a great win on this fabulous golf course. jim: he had the big par putt to close it out in regulation. predicted a birdie by jonathan, which in fact did occur.
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and then he holed another huge par putt. this time to win it. lucas glover, defeats jonathan byrd in the playoff at the wells fargo championship. we will see you in a couple of weeks, nick. nick: i will. jim: safe travels my friend. thank you all for joining us. lucas glover the winner. @
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uncovering osama bin laden's secrets. tonight the growing investigation into how the terrorists master mind hid in plain sight. he must have had help, that's what president obama says about osama bin laden. >> reporter: president obama told cbs and 60 minutes osama bin laden must have had a support unit inside of pakistan. >> we don't know who or what that support unit was. we don't know if it was people inside of government, people out of government. that's something we have to investigate and more importantly the pakistani government has to investigation. >> reporter: the investigation as to what the pakistani
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government must have known must include interviews from the three wives osama bin laden lived with. u.s. national security advisor tom donald says intelligence material could fill a small college library. pakistani authorities gathered additional documentation. both democrats and republicans say pakistan is a much needed ally. >> everybody has to understand that even in the getting of osama bin laden, the pakistanis were helpful. we have people on the ground in pakistan because they allow us to have them. >> pakistan is a critical factor in the war against terror. our war and the world's war against it. some would say there are other terrorists in pakistan. >> reporter: inez perez, wjz news. >> and the entire interview
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airs tonight on 60 minutes. you can see it here on wjz only here at 7:00 right after eyewitness news. we are following a developing story in rosedale where a dozen people have been taken to the hospital after a bus accident. this video just into the wjz newsroom, this car that ran into the mtsb bus. we're told that everyone should be okay. right now police are trying to determine if they will charge a driver who hit two hopkins students. as the accident is bringing back painful memories for the hopkins community, derek valcourt has the story. >> reporter: that's sadly because they are not the first students being hit trying to cross the road to hopkins unit. this time it happened in one of the busiest intersections near
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hopkins. a car struck ben zucker and beth cowen. the two students were rushed to area hospitals. the car that hit them a 2010 chevy imbala didn't stop -- impala didn't stop, it kept ongoing. luckily for those two students, a hopkins university security saw the incident happen and he called police. charges have not been filed, although it's thought the driver was may have been drunk. this follows the story of poler who was struck by a car while riding his bike leaving him brain damaged. and miriam fuller who was hit by a car in 2009. >> there needs to be more in
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policing or trafficking, these intersections. the one between 34th and st. paul. they both are really dangerous. >> me and my friends have had close calls. there's crazy drivers out here. >> it happens more than you think. but we are always in a hurry, so we might not pay attention to the cars and they might not see us. >> it's kind of crazy when you're walking or riding a bicycle, it makes me think twice at least. >> reporter: one of those students we are told had a bad head injuries. but luckily both of those students involved in the accident are expected to survive the incident. the state's attorney always will make the decisions on what charges to file in the
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case. two motorcycle officers collided near the intersection of 195. we told you it was coming and now we're finally seeing proof that gas prices are starting to fall. aaa says that prices are going to slowly begin dropping after peaking at near the $4 mark. experts say those prices could fall as much as 50-cents by the time this summer driving season could get here. the average price for the gallon of regular is $3.98. we paid almost 30-cents left last month. prices were below $3 a gallon last year. miss those days. the ace of cakes is offering a sweet reward if you can help him find a prized possession. someone stole mike goldman's 62
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corvette from the driveway in his brother's home. he is offering the person who can find his car free birthday cakes for life. animal kingdom's trainer says that the horse will run in the preakness may 23rd. animal kingdom will now return to his farm on cecil county to start training and get ready for the preakness. happy mother's day to all you moms out there. it's mom's day to relax. hopefully you're getting appreciated for all the things you do. we saw a lot of families today treating mom to breakfast. we still have a lot to come. including a security scare. the problem we'll tell you about a plane that was forced
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to make an emergency landing. we'll also tell you what police found on board. our neighbor screamed and wavered waver -- and waved his hand and said, i see someone under the rubble, stop. stop. >> the construction accident that has safety officials scratching their heads. [ male announcer ] looking for a complete picture of your money? meet pnc virtual wallet. it comes with a calendar that shows you all your finances at once. it lets you know when your money's going out. and when it's coming in. it even tells you when you're running low. we call that danger days. it's built to help you see your money in a whole new light. experience everything virtual wallet has to offer
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super poligrip free made the kiwi an enjoyable experience. [ charlie ] try zinc free super poligrip. a delta airlines flight diverted due to a potential security threat. the flight had to land in new mexico so the fbi could
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interview everyone in the runway. apparently the pilot told the fbi a paper with the word bomb was found in the bathroom. the crews were demolishing an old house when a neighbor suddenly started screaming when she saw a dead woman under the rubble. now tonight it's unclear whether she was killed during the demolition or if she was already dead. many are wondering why she wasn't discovered before the demolition began. >> as far as checking the building before demolition, that was done this morning. with our homeless problem we have in the city, we are very fortunate we don't have more tragedies like this. >> there were no obvious signs of foul play and the coroner is
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now conducting a full investigation. not a lot of rain i don't believe forecast over the next couple of days, but that mississippi they call it mighty for a reason. >> not a huge amount. >> the flooding extends into missouri, kentucky, and now there's threat of flooding in louisiana as well. >> that is right. fortunately for us we don't have that problem now. >> it was a gorgeous day. >> it feels wonderful. a couple of showers popped up ,@
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welcome back everybody. we've seen a couple of showers pop up in the last couple of
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hours. so we're going to show you doppler radar. this is what we have going on right now. this is not very much but we've seen plunging, heading back toward dc. a couple of showers up there. upstream just a couple of very isolated showers. they popped up west of fredrick and south of hagerstown. we got up into the 70s across the region. still hanging on to 70 degrees. 70 in dc. our high was 75 degrees on the day. so back above average. that's where we're going to be most of the next couple of days here. this is the over all pattern, we had this batch make its way through today. now there is still a storm track, not that far away that
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has stormy weather around it but nothing hugely organized. after this cycle through tonight we calm down tomorrow, and for the most part we're going to stand between a storm that's off storm spinning and one that's out in the midwest. for us tomorrow, back up into the 70s. then again on tuesday. we see some clouds come in west, but it's a very small chance. as we head into the end of the week all this moves our way but it's not until later this week. on the waters, north winds five to 10 knots. not much of a wind going on out there. tonight we go down to 53 degrees. tomorrow we're looking at a pretty quiet day as we get up into the 70s. tomorrow not a lot going on as we're wedged in a storm in the
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70s. adam. >> bernadette, thanks. the o's can't blame the weather today, it was a perfect day to be out in the yards. >> it was a typical problem, bad brad ferguson. he was bad today. >> he was 10 of six. >> no they're going to turn around this sooner or later, @
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stan is here with our wjz the fan sports report. you said the orioles have to turn this thing around. really nowhere to go but up. >> let's turn it around.
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today at the yards downtown, the rays returned the favor as the orioles returned the flirt with utility. one that was given this sunday, happy mother's day brought to you in o's pink says the o's family. 4-0 for matt wieters. this day they get swept by the rays. they're fifth straight defeat. meantime sometime late last night, sean miller turned down a serious university of maryland bid to hire him to replace gary williams. the terps continue their search, word is arizona brings in the fourth best recruiting freshman class so i think that's reason enough adam not
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to take the maryland job. you have four top freshmen coming in and you're number four, they have a good team on the way. >> so the search continues. >> for a while. >> okay, thanks. another deadly tour bus accident. tonight the driver is under arrest. we'll tell you about the shocking accusations that have left him behind bars. that is coming up tonight at 11:00. also coming up tonight at 11:00, a boos [ pilot #1 ] everybody gets excited
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