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tv   Eyewitness 11PM News  CBS  May 8, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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test test test test . . inside of the raid, the president gives his first interview about the mission to kill osama bin laden. >> the one thing i didn't lose sleep over was the possibility of taking osama bin laden out. >> reporter: tonight, revealing new details about taking town one of the world's most wanted terrorists. good evening, thanks for joining me, i'm adam may. "the longest 40 minutes of his life." that's how president obama describes the raid to take down osama bin laden. >> reporter: president obama said he has no regrets about launchenning the mission that killed osama bin laden.
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>> the one thing i didn't lose sleep over was the possibility of taking osama bin laden out. justice was done. and i think that anyone who would question that the perpetrator of mass murder on american soil didn't deserve what he got, they should have their heads examined. >> >> reporter: to potentially put a team of navy seals in harm's way. he said there was no conclusive evidence osama bin laden was inside of the compound, but as his national security advisors watched the video feed live, it was clear. >> it was the longest 40 minutes of my with the possible exception of when sasha got menengitis when she was three months old. it was a very tense situation. >> reporter: the entire mission
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was kept top secret from many in the administration and even from pakistan. >> if i'm not revealing to some of my closest aids what we are doing, i'm not going to be revealing it to folks i don't know. >> reporter: the president said he he was surprised when he found out that the compound was located near the pakistani military camp. he said he will be investigating to find out who may have known that. >> to watch the exclusive interview with the president, go to "wjz." com. >> tonight, investigators are searching for the cause of an mta bus accident. that crash sent 12 people to the hospital. another car rear-ended the bus this afternoon. the injuries are not life- threatening. >> two johns hopkins students run over by a car, now, police are trying to decide if that driver will face charges. "wjz" is live on the campus.
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this is the latest in a string of accidents involving hopkins students, derrick? >> reporter: the tragedies still fresh on the minds of many of the students as they learn about the most recent hilt and run right here at the one of the busiest intersections near campus. just after 2:00 saturday morning. bars in charles village had just closed. a driver hit the two as they were crossing the street. >> we were shocked. a lot of 0 students rushed out from whatever they were doing and came here to see how it happened. >> reporter: two students rushed to area hospitals. the car that hit them, a year 2000 chevy impala that didn't stop. >> reporter: one officer saw it and radioed for help and with the assistance of other police officers, he was able to chase
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down the driver. >> reporter: police say the driver may have been drunk, but no charges have been filed. >> the death of miriam franco, struck by a drunk hit and run driver as she tried to cross st. paul in october 2009. some hopkins students found their own survey 87% of the students felt unsafe crossing the road. >> there is the one between 34th and st. paul, they are both really dangerous. >> me and some of my friends have had close calls, people are kind of crazy drivers around here. >> it happens, yeah, pretty often, more than you think. >> reporter: one other students in this weekend's accident had a head injury, but we are told that both students involved in the accident are expected to survive and make a full
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recovery. >> derrick, thank you. >> police do say the state's attorney's office will make a final decision on what charges to file in this case. >> finally after getting hosed at the gas pump, prices are starting to drop. national average peaked near the $4 a gallon mark, now, it is believed that it could fall by as much as 50-cents by the time summer arrives. a gallon for regular $3.98. 30-cents more than we were paying last month and a dollar more than a year ago at this time. >> serious flooding concerns in the mid-south where all eyes are on the mighty mississippi. the nation's longest river is expected to crest in 48 hours, but tonight, some neighborhoods are already underwater. >> hundreds of homes in tennessee, already subamericanned as residents prepare for epic flooding of the mississippi river. >> we have a high confidence level as we have met with the national weather service this morning that the crest will be
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around 48 feet. >> reporter: that's seven inches shy of the all-time record set back in 1937. >> we are very concerned because we realize it's all unpredictable. >> reporter: flooding parts of arkansas, -- >> destroy, already, there is people -- it's sad. trying to help people that we can help. that's all we are doing. >> reporter: in arkansas, more than 1,000 people are in emergency shelters. >> our son is sick and he has to go home sunshine -- he asked to go home the other day. that was sort of hard. >> i can't get to it unless i go by boat. >> reporter: downstream, new orleans is having trouble -- >> these are historic stages. we have not seen this kind of water since 1927. there is no doubt we'll see a lot of water. >> the river is expected to crest in memphis on tuesday. more than 1300 people have already been told to evacuate
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the area. >> a nearby college campus on high alert after some students are beaten and tied up at gun point. it happened near georgetown university early this morning. the intruders thread the scene after stealing laptops and cellphones. one of the roommates that wasn't home at the time said that everybody is still shaken up. >> punched the girl, threw her to the ground, kicking my roommate, they went through the house. everyone's rooms are ransacked. >> they are looking for a nonstudent who lived in the home who recently skipped town afterring he could not pay his rent. >> police need some help finding a bank robber in -- police just released these pictures. it happened at 1:15 in the afternoon on friday. anyone who recognizes the man is asked to call police
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immediately. >> two police officers hurt when they crashed their motorcycles into each other. they were riding near interstate 195 and were treated for back and hip injuries and both of them are out of the hospital tonight. >> before graduating from the police academy, every baltimore city police officer goes through very intense training. tonight, gigi barnett shows us how it goes beyond knowing how to handle a gun and arrest bad guys. >> reporter: this is a baltimore police department's training, also known as the hazel emergency services team. it teaches officers ebbs actually how to teal with people with mental illness. the training is required for all-new recruits. >> when you are dealing with somebody with mental illness, if you don't approach them a certain way, it could turn very violent very quickly. >> reporter: the city has said
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that that has lead to numerous arrests. >> people if they feel they are at ease -- "we are just here to talk to you, not to lock you up." >> reporter: the first thing is to know what to look for. >> a lot of times, people with mental illness act in a way that would get another person sent to jail. >> reporter: in addition to deescalating what could become a violent situation. officers also learn where to find help for people with mental illness. the city's police department is baltimore's only large scale agency that has the best training in its entry level program. i'm gigi barnett, "wjz" "eyewitness news." and the police department has used some of the same program to train veteran officers about mental health over the last few years. >> ready to run in maryland,
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kentucky derby winner, ready to run. he will be coming on tuesday to prepare for the big race, the preakness. >> hopefully, it has been a great mother's day for all of you moms out there. we found alot of families treating mom to a nice breakfast. mother's day become a national holiday back in 1914. one of the busiest days for sales of flowers and greeting cards and of course for long distance phone calls. >> >> still to come tonight, on "wjz"'s "eyewitness news," a parking scam caught on tape. the sneaky way some drivers in chicago are avoiding parking tickets. >> another deadly tour bus accident. tonight, the driver is under arrest. the shocking accusations that left him behind bars. >> a threat in the skies, a disturbing note found onboard, a delta airlines flight. airlines flight.
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happy mother's day out there everybody. i'm meteorologist bernadette woods, we'll let you know to what to expect on your way back to work in the week's forecast. coming up. [ pilot #1 ] everybody gets excited when southwest announces a new nonstop. [ pilot #2 ] we like to look out the window and see new places. we love to fly. and we really love to fly to new destinations. [ male announcer ] starting june 5th, fly southwest airlines' new nonstop service from bwi airport to new york newark for just $69 one way. we have the best window office in the world. and the best job -- making sure people get where they need to go faster and better. [ laughs ] nice! [ ding ]
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complete forecast coming up in just a few minutes. >> smoke started to rise again from the nuclear plant in japan. officials say it is just steam coming from some spent fuel rod. it's not a fire. in fact, this is some new video of the fuel rods. workers are trying to air out the power plant to limit the dangerous radiation. >> a tour bus driver is behind bars, accused of killing a pedestrian in new york city. police say he was driving drunk when he hit and ill canned the person overnight. the body was dragged 30 feet before the bus finally stopped. detectives say they found a bottle of vodka on the driver when they stopped him. >> several people were taken away on stretchers and put in neck braces. police say that none of the injuries are life-threatening, but a lot of people were startled by the impact.
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>> a large -- i honestly didn't know what it was. who knows with all of these terrorist threats and stuff like that? it was the scary situation. >> reporter: there are some conflicting reports. of what caused the accident, one police officer said it appeared to be mechanical failure, but another person is calling the accident operator error. the investigation still ongoing. >> a brief security scare on a delta airlines flight. a california plane was diverted this afternoon. everyone onboard the plane was taken off and interviewed by the fbi right there on the run way, when police didn't find anything suspicious, the plane finished its flight onto san diego. >> scamming the system, some people in chicago have found a very unusual way of trying to get around a parking ticket. the drivers are parking in tow away zones near the county courthouse and this is what they are doing to their
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dashboards. they are not getting tickets because they are putting police uniforms and other police looking property in their windsheilds. this free ride is costing the city thousands of dollars in lost revenue. police are not saying way they are not getting tickets. >> thieves of this is the 62 collector corvette from his brother's drive way in california. this is a picture of the refurbished car. goldman has promised to give the person who finds the car free birthday cakes for the rest of his life. he recently moved to open a west coast version of charm city cakes. >> tim williams has more on how creationive expression helps the entire learning process. >> reporter: a way to teach the same lesson to the same students but with a different approach. using the arts to brink the
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understanding gap between subjects. >> i would integrate science into my art classroom. integrate social studies,. >> reporter: a new study by the president's committee on arts and humanity say arts education is an effective tool for school reform even as funds dwindled here. here, the principal agrees the method works. >> i think students have a tendency to be creative through music and dance and visual arts and things of that nature and they have an opportunity to greater grasp concepts that they are responsible for demonstrating on standardized tests. >> reporter: the reinvesting in arts education study finds ingreating the arts with other subjects is particularly helpful in raising achievement levels. the nonprofit group works to fund such programs in baltimore city schools. >> great to see the
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administration is standing behind something arts educators believed in from the beginning and it feels to good to be validated at this time. >> reporter: now, as long as the budget deficits don't eliminate the arts completely, students will continue to benefit. >> the kids won't know it's the same lesson, but they will learn more knowledge. >> reporter: tim williams, "wjz," "eyewitness news." >> schools in north carolina, oklahoma, chicago, and new york were examined in this study. hopefully, some people will listen. >> today, orioles fans showed their support for those fighting breast cancer. a billboard was hung, giving people an opportunity to write messages. it will be displayed somewhere in the baltimore area. a new campaign to support the baltimore chapter. >> a lot of moms pretty happy, today, bernadette is here. >> it turned out nicely. the sun came out for moist of
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the day and a couple popped up later, but very few. most people got their activities in. >> not enough to knock the pollen out of the air. >> no, that's way up there. >> okay, here's what we are looking at, temperature wise for today. with the sun out, we topped out at 75 degrees. a nice mild afternoon and for the next few days, we'll have this mild weather. even at this hour, coming in at 56 degrees in baltimore, 60 in dc and we could get a little patchy fog as we head through the overnight hours, but overall, a pretty quiet night. not much in the way of wind and it will not be again tomorrow. as far as the showers go, early in the morning, there was a batch that made its way down to the southeast and then as we moved through the afternoon, we saw a couple pop up late in day, but very few when the sun went down. upstream, this is the weather pattern that all of this has been moving in our direction. pieces have been breaking off and moving on top of us.
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however, interesting the next few days, this gets zapped up in the middle of the country, while a storm off shore stays there. we get wedged in between the two, so we don't have a lot going on in the next few days. even the showers to the west of us are dieing down. that storm is going to get hung up in the middle of the country. meanwhile, this is going to be moving off shore and we are in between the two pretty nice, tomorrow and even on tuesday. here, by tuesday afternoon, some of the clouds could be coming in from this western storm, but not much going on until later in the week when this storm finally breaks free and starts to move in our direction. but it's not until friday, probably, that that will be happening. we'll pinpoint the details as we get closer. overall, the next few days, not a lot going on weather-wise. out of the north, winds, 5-10 knots. we are going down to 50 degrees. partly cloudy and quiet out there. tomorrow, sunshine comes back
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out. 75 for the high and we hang onto this mild air, we are back at 75 on tuesday. storms out to the west bringing high clouds our way. wednesday, 77 degrees and then the storm looks like it will finally break free and start to move in our direction late in the week. chance of a few showers friday into the weekend and we'll fine tune the details as we get closer. >> sounds good. tune in to marty tomorrow are, the up-to-the-minute first warning forecast. >> orioles trying to pick up the pieces after being swept by tampa. details on that and more, coming up, next. [ male announcer ] what's in your energy drink?
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things will be turning around. tampa bay took their third straight from the birds here. happy mother's day, brought to you in orioles pink. bottom of the 4th. birds trail 3-0. matt, 2-1 pick over sam fold and now tied for the team lead in rbi with brian roberts. 3-2, birds come back. on this day, they get swept by the rays. birds lose by three. seattle in town on tuesday. >> nba playoffs, lakers coach phil jackson, fined $35,000 for berating officials before his very last game. jj gets hammered by andrew by number, boy, did he bring down the hammer. you know what? that's ridiculous. if you thought that was a beat down, you have another one coming. dallas, four games to none. you see jason terry, nba tieing
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nine three-pointers, lakers swept by dallas. 122-86 was the final. >> tonight in atlanta, hawks visiting the bulls, going for all of the playoff gusto. there is smith to johnson. smith had 23. nba mvp derrick rose. watch this move. he will probably duplicate in in chicago. rose, 23 points, pardon me, 34 points on 32 shots, but it wasn't enough. jeff in rogue like fashion and the hawks beat the bulls. series tied up at two apiece. just in case you missed it last night, put up your dukes, wba welterweight title fight, many, shane moseley retreated from the opening bell. pakio, the first to win 10 titles. continuing the regular pattern of taking route opponents. he absolutely embarrassed moseley and he is still the
11:27 pm
welterweight king winning by a unanimous decision, taking all 12 rounds. >> golf, a moment of silence -- wells far go championship in charlotte where your winner was that gentlemen. lucas glover. >> now, ncaa len's lacrosse tournament coming up soon. two men in the area, johns hopkins in maryland and for the women, navy, maryland and loyola of
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