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tv   Eyewitness 11PM News  CBS  May 9, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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. this is wjztv, wjzhd and baltimore. from the city to the counties to your neighborhood, now it's complete coverage. it's wjz, maryland's news station. hello, everybody, i'm denise koch. we begin with breaking
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news. just days after kerry williams mades tearful resignation the university of maryland men's basketball team has a new coach. >> reporter: the job that gary williams held for 4 years is filled in just 2 days, mark touring i know who -- tour engine who leaves texas a&m. he is 46 years old, in 4 seasons at texas a&m he led the aggies to 4 -- and was twice named the big 12 coach of the year. he issued this statement. he will speak in a press
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conference on -- at noon. more in sports coming up. you can find more on this story on our website. you will see the story at the top. placing the blame, two middle schoolboys in a fight. when the video hit the internet. tonight we stray stray on it live. -- stay on it live. >> reporter: that means her idea of tough love could mean punishment. >> reporter: caught on camera a mom encouraging her son to fight another kid. when the fight continues she continues her coaching. >> get up and fight now. >> reporter: now kelly white is in trouble with the law because of this spaz book video that went viral. >> i was scared for my son's
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life. >> reporter: she said her son was being bullied by the child. >> i'm sure i will face charges on this but as a parent i felt i was protecting my child to stand up to this child. >> reporter: her prediction has now come true. according to these court documents she now faces second degree child abuse. >> through our investigation we did determine that through this mother's actions, it did cause her son to fight. >> reporter: neighbors say the mom. >> she was trying to teach the right thing but through the wrong way. >> if she's going to encourage them to fight, thin do her -- then do her time. >> if i do have to face charges on this, then i will, as a parent i was scared for my son. >> reporter: if kelly white is
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convicted on all of the charges she could face the possibility of up to 33 years in prison. we're live at county police headquarters, wjz. derrick, thank you. white was not issued an arrest, but she was summoned. a driver runs off the belt way and into a pond. the woman lost control of her car, veering off the road way and finally stopping in a sediment pond. firefighters rushed to rescue her. she is expected to be okay. at the height of rush hour, over owen's road. throes one person -- at least one person was trapped. no word on what caused the collision. nearly 48 feet and climbing, the rising of the mississippi river is affecting 8 states tonight. reports at wjz, people are bracing. >> reporter: in memphis
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tennessee is mississippi river is rising to. >> you can see how high the water is on lynn man or. >> reporter: hundreds of people have been force ted from their -- forced from their homes. danny lee mitchell is wading through his basement. >> we have got two evacuations notices. >> reporter: while the river is dangerous and unpredictable, they are confident the levees will hold up. downstream the levees are being put to the test. earlier engineers took a big step to relieve some of the pressure. >> reporter: 28 gates were open to divert -- if necessary the army corps of engineers could open more. >> if we have to open more, right here will be filled with water. >> reporter: crowds gathered along the banks for a spectacle
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they don't see too often. but louisiana's governor is warning curiousty. engineers expect to keep the spill way open for 3 or 4 weeks until all that water makes its way out. in new other liens. so -- new orleans. no one gets the money. that is the word from the white house concerning the 25 million- dollar reward for finding osama bin laden. the state department offered the bounty for bin laden in 2004. that amount was raised to 50 million-dollar. say the money should go to
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survivors of 9/11. 18-year-old were hit crossing the intersection at st. paul and 33rd street. the driver left the scene but was found a few blocks away. no charges have been filed. prosecutors drop several charges against ulysses s curry. nearly half of the charges were connected to an outdated legal theory. but curry remains accused of put accepting more than a quarter million dollars in bribes in exchange for state approval in -- faster rides and less con
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congestion. kelly mcpherson explains how maryland ended up with millions of dollars. >> reporter: now coming here to maryland. it's all part of a grand plan to update american trains. train travel could be speeding up. >> if we're going to get people out of cars, we need to provide quality transportation that's convenient and reliable and quick. >> reporter: congressman dutch ruiners burger is one of -- bringing in. >> maybe about 6 times there have been delays. >> reporter: this bridge has been in operation since 1906 with a hundred trains going over it every day. its repairs have caused delays up and down the northeast corridor. monday announced an award to replace. >> if you're going to have high speed rail, safety is one of
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the most important issues. we have to make sure we redo a lot of these bridges. >> reporter: it's one piece of a 750 million-dollar investment that will increase travel. >> the president is not going to give up on his transportation vision, which is to connect 80% of america with high speed intercity rail in the next 10 years. >> reporter: that includes 6 more trains by 2015 and 15 more by 2022. >> i think that would be a help, yeah. any time you can get faster is good. >> reporter: ruiners burger tells me the next big announce willment will -- announcement will require some private investment. reporting live, kelly mcpherson. kelly, thank you, and there is no time line for the construction of the bridge.
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will offer buy ousts to -- outs to educators. the school system will offer early retirement to about 500 pair a professionals. those eligible must have more than 10 years experience. you can read more about the proposed buy outs in tomorrow's edition of the baltimore sun. some of the ravens served up food, not touchdowns for a benefit tonight and these professional athletes admit it's hard work. >> there's 250 people here w. the food is ready it's got to get out. they are hungry. i don't think they will ever go out for a nice meal again and take the server for granted because it's not easy. >> reporter: no, it's not. posed for pictures with diners. this special 4 course dinner
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benefits foundation for at risk kids. >> who is going to argue about your steak not being done. >> reporter: how do you tip them? >> there's a plate flying at you. olympic swimmer is nearly buried away. just minutes away. was cbs justin babier a brat. how much longer will this beautiful spring weather stay with us? i'll have the complete forecast coming up next. this is the aircraft logbook.
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♪ when you're resonsible for this much of the team, you need a car you can count on. ♪ it's 55 degrees and clear in central maryland right now. the complete forecast is coming up. a member of the swim team is the victim of a bizarre rescue. trying to save him from being buried a life in the sands. he dug a 7-foot hole and then jumped in. it took 3 hours to free him. tragedy at a major cycling race in italy.
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lost control on the winding downhill course. one come competitor says he catapulted across the road and slammed into a wall. riders were reaching speeds of 50 miles per hour. paramedics arrived male but he -- immediately, but he never regained consciousness. sends two planes crashing in up state new york. police say both pilots died as the planes came down 100 yards from one another. a witness said they were flying in the same direction when one of them clipped the other. a trend is growing across the nation in maryland from a simple item anyone can buy. tonight investigates the danger of lasers as more and more people are using them to target airplanes. it's not a prank and could
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result in catastrophe. >> reporter: southwest airlines flight 512 flying low over millersville, more than 130 people on board. it is the most critical time of flight. landing a 50-ton jet suddenly a flash from the ground blinds the pilot. someone from the ground targets the cockpit with a green laser. they landed safely but this could have been catastrophic. they are rushed to the hospital with eye injuries. showing just how dangerous this growing trend could be. our investigation reveals the number of planes and helicopters doubled, the highest number ever. it's happened here to a medevac
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chopper. >> i said, i think it's a laser. >> reporter: one of maryland's medevac choppers. >> you were flying in this orientation. >> it came from about the 2:00 position. >> and when it hit this entire cockpit was lit. >> that's right, light energy in here expand tremendously. it can cause dazzle effect. >> reporter: fortunately they were able to control the chopper. the person shining it is arrested and charged. >> we could have lost the whole aircraft or had damage to our eyes, damage to our equipment. >> reporter: a number of problems associated with laser pointers, number one, they are plentiful. secondly, they are inexpensive and they are powerful. some with a range as far as 2 miles. you see that building just over
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my left shoulder, we're going to see if we can hit it with this. take a look, our camera had no problem picking up the beam of the laser. an airplane flies at just a few thousand feet. >> i don't think there's any understanding of the damage it can do. >> reporter: the former director of the national transportation safety board. >> it's mind boggling that someone would think that's not dangerous. it needs to be greater understanding that these aren't toys. >> reporter: in fact, both houses are congress have recently passed legislation to make the strikes a federal crime. >> we could hit something, had a catastrophic accident. you could end uptaking out an aircraft and all the passengers on board. >> reporter: the fbi is offering a $5000 reward for the
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person targeting the southwest airplane. one cast member of csi is apparently immune to beaver fever. said he locked himself in a closet. the singer fired back via twitter calling the comments lame and adding that he doesn't spread gossip about others. if you are planning a trip this summer, a new reality show may be interested. the new show is called getting away together. the garrett county chamber of commerce is taking submissions. you could win a luxury stay. >> reporter: and there will be no snow on the ground because it will be summer. >> let's hope no. >> reporter: this morning the snow did melt a couple of weeks
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ago up there. let's take a look at beautiful weather up here. 55 here. winds are dead calm, dewpoint at 44. that pretty much means we're going to probably get down to about 44. the barometer holding steady. 74/52 today. 72 is the average high. 50 is the average low. 93 and 36 are the records. right now we're at 55. 55 in ocean city and the warm spot, 62 over in washington. locally mid-50s, a very pleasant night. the warm spot, dc. winds very light and will continue to be light overnight. some areas could get down to the mid mid-40s. we have shower activity across the midwest. the northern sections of the mississippi and missouri valley area. these rains are not helping the
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situation with the flooding out there. although most of them have moved off to the east. high pressure, very dry conditions will continue until i think friday night. rain off to the east and to the northwest. should stay there for the most part all week long. so enjoy this dry weather, storm system passing to our south tomorrow. but we'll have fine weather toward the end of the week. then will create clouds by friday night. north winds in the day. 5 to 10 knots. tonight clear temperatures in the 40s to the low 40s in the city. tomorrow lots of sunshine. may be some high clouds to the west of us. 77 on wednesday, 76 on thursday. look for shower possibly friday night and a better chance here on saturday. 74 for both of those days, denise. thank you, bob. coming up, maryland makes it
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official. they found a replacement for gary williams. more on ,@
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. mark is here with our sports report. is it a good match? >> we talked about mark turgin. at first the -- was to, but in a quick search they pick mark turgin. he was a point guard in college. he played at ku, became an assistant at his alma mater. include jacksonville, wichita and four stand out seasons at
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texas a&m. larry brown hired him as an assistant and with the philadelphia 76ers. he is the new top terp. he will be introduced on wednesday. there will be -- there's a college basketball vacancy tonight after 7 years on the job. going back to his previous job as an assistant at villanova. he was the patriot coach of the year. the naval academy has launched a nationwide search for his replacement. richy mead announces his resignation today. but pressure grew with losing seasons the past two years, including a 4-# record. tony seaman steps down. he led the tigers to the final 4 years ago. tony seaman's college coaching
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career is 33 years. baseball news, orioles outfielder is diagnosed with a torn -- in his right shoulder. the plan is to keep playing, possibly have surgery in the off season. he can still swing a bat but deals with pain throwing from the outfield. the orioles continue their -- nba playoffs where the celtics fall to the miami heat and fall further behind in overtime. he scored 28, lebron james led the way. miami in overtime take a 3-1 series lead. on the radio tomorrow, more getting to know mark turgin. it's prom season and girls everywhere are shopping for
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you couldn't blame one kansas couple if they felt stuck together at the prom. that's because their clothes were made from duct tape. the best prom duct tape outfit. 30 hours later she created their look. it was a little tough to dance but they sure stuck in everyone's mind. >> and pretty difficult to sit down. did you see that. >> yeah, you
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