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tv   Eyewitness 11PM News  CBS  May 10, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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too harsh or too bad.
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lacrosse players suspended after their bags are randomly searched. >> i am surprised about the whole thing. >> common sense should have been in play. are the students delinquents or did the school overreact. outrage is growing after two high school students have been suspended after items found in their lacrosse bag. those items are banned from school. talbot schools are under fire after arresting two students over equipment found to fix their sticks. >> it wasn't handled well at all. >> reporter: graham had a penknife and letterman that school authorities found before headed to a game. he now faces jail time and damage to his permanent record. >> police officer came and took
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him away in handcuffs and they said give us 40 minutes we have to process them so they did mug shots and they fingerprinted. >> took him away in handcuffs. >> i was able to pick him up at the police department 40 minutes later. >> reporter: casey had a lighter also used to fix his lacrosse stick. the police classified it as an explosive. >> i think the wheels came off that the point. >> the school refused to answer any questions sending wjz a statement saying the students broke school law. >> to charge him for having a deadly weapon for a two inch pocket knife is ridiculous. it's such a waste of everyone's time and emergency. >> reporter: maryland is
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already looking into whether school rules go too far. the parents say their sons have never been in trouble and never intended to harm anyone. >> it makes me think i can't trust people in a position of authority. it's scary that they would do something to a kid who doesn't have any problems. >> reporter: the students have served their suspensions but it's unclear what will happen with these charges. mike hellgren, wjz news. a team of staff members evaluated the case before making a decision about the punishment. a police raid nabbed six suspected gang members in annapolis. officers confiscated drugs and suspected drug money from what they believe is a growing gang called brown pride. police believe the same gang is
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responsible for vandalism at a middle school. >> reporter: today kendall was silent as he walked into court to plead guilty. his attorney told the court of the strict alcohol testing and counseling that kendell was forced to enroll in as an nfl player. though the prosecutor said that kendell needs to spends at least five days in jail. the judge disagreed, saying that the program the athlete checked himself in was enough. here is what he got. one year, all but five days suspended, abstain from alcohol and two meetings per year. the prosecutor clearly disappointed. >> i think for a second time offendser, a message has to be given not only to that individual but a message has to be sent to everybody out there.
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>> reporter: meantime kendell was let out through the back door. he ran off refusing to answer my questions and those from other reporters, that truck then sped away. >> if sergio was here, the question would be do you think you've gotten him through his head that this sort of behavior is no longer allowed. >> i think he's gotten it through his head. sergio has a lot to lose. >> reporter: kendall suffered a head injury prior to training camp last year and was not able to play. the ravens hope he is able to return to the field if there is a season this year. a home is crumbled to the ground and a clothes drier is to blame. >> reporter: a husband and wife were fast asleep when neighbors say all of a sudden. >> yeah the whole [ bleep ] blew up. >> do you know if anyone is in there. >> the whole house is full. the whole house is full.
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>> do you know if anyone got out? >> no, nobody has gotten out. you have to send help now because the whole family is in the house. >> they're on their way they're going to get as quickly as they can. >> reporter: neighbors helped to save the couple but the home was a full loss. developing story tonight in the skies where a passenger on a delta flight tried to open an emergency door on the way from orlando to boston. an off duty police officer who happened to be a passenger subdued the man. no word yet on what set off the disturbance. this is the second time in the past week that a passenger attempted to open a cabin door while in flight. and al-qaida says the u.s. committed a quote big mistake and a quote serious sin by killing osama bin laden. it also warning the american
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people will pay the price and urges muslims to carry out attacks. threats like that have some u.s. lawmakers pushing for tighter controls on potential terror targets such as the rail system. kai jackson has the latest on the potential no ride list for amtrak trains. >> reporter: greater concerns over terrorism like the story you just read, this plan could quickly gain steam. the train is a popular means of travel. yet there's concern trains are also vulnerable to terrorists. the issue was raised after the mission that killed osama bin laden uncovered information suggesting al-qaida may be planning to attack america's rail system. now mayor shumer is suggesting a no ride train list. >> we're going to look at all aspects of it with amtrak, with
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congress, with information we've received from other sources. >> reporter: michael greenburg is the law director and counter terrorism director with the clinton administration. >> this might provide a further layer of protection so that our passenger trains are not subject to attack. >> reporter: such a plan would have to be developed in close coordination with the transportation administration and implemented in a way that respects civil rights. it could be a very difficult thing to do. >> trains i think will be harder than airline, they have the small stopping points along the way. >> i think security is key, i think protecting your average citizen is really important. >> reporter: the department of homeland security hasn't responded to the plan so far but has said that since 2006 it's put $1.6 billion into the transit and public rail system,
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back to you. >> thank you, kai. last year amtrak carried more than 28 million passengers. the mighty mississippi river has finally leveled off. the crisis for the people who live on its banks has finally leveled off. the river has already crested there and the homes are under water. the damage in memphis alone is estimated more than $320 million. further south the extend of the damage won't be known for weeks. feeling herbs or dangerous drug? wjz is live downtown, kelly mcpherson explains patients caught with marijuana now have the law on their side, kelly. >> reporter: denise up until now any patient using marijuana for medical reasons would have been arrested, charged $100 and gone to court. now, that changes. for the first time ever some
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patients can avoid fines and charges for having marijuana. >> all they wanted was to be able to eliminate the fear of being arrested and that's how you got to where we are today. >> reporter: governor o'malley signed into law a defense for people if caught with marijuana. >> drugs are prevalent in our society. it just worries me. >> it's disappointing that we've only taken one more small step. >> reporter: maryland's law stopped short of legalizing the distribution of marijuana like in california where there are cannabis shops where a patient can pick up their marijuana legally. former talk show host, baltimore native and ms patient montel williams pleaded with the congress to make change. skeptics, critics and proponents still wrestle with
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what to do with the drug. >> the jury is still out on that one. >> reporter: do you think they should legalize it entirely. >> you might as well. you're one step below it. >> if you continue the way it is now, there are too many loopholes to get the marijuana. >> i don't want to take anything from them, they already suffer enough. but i don't know how you regulate it. >> reporter: proponents say true success will happen if -- here in maryland it's unclear what steps could be taken next session addressing this issue. reporting live, kelly mcpherson, wjz eyewitness news. thank you, kelly. maryland is now the 16th state to form some form of legalizing medical marijuana. the most famous horse in america is back in maryland. animal kingdom made a quiet entrance in cecil county. that's where he and grand motion will work closely together to get ready for the
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preakness and the shot at the triple crown. and maryland police searching for a polite robber. what he stole from the woman's life then returned to her. arnold schwarzenegger and maria shriver are separating. what they are saying after 25 years of marriage. more stormy weather headed our way. i'm bob turk, i'll have your forecast coming your way. could strip-mine our database. over my dead body. i switched to kaspersky. kaspersky -- the most advanced internet security software.
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it is 60 degrees with a few clouds in central maryland right now. the complete forewarning weather is coming up. but first, people in massachusetts neighborhood say it sounded like an explosion. a vehicle crashed into a home this morning. the homeowner just left to go shopping. her son was one of the first responders at the scene. the driver was treated at the hospital for a leg injurys in. a 24-year-old jock i jockey was found dead at churchill downs. he comes from the famous jockey
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family. his cousin russell is the sports all time leading rider. city police are investigating a home invasion with a strange twist. the man in this surveillance video broke in a home on west 2700 street. he threatened a woman and took her debit card. the card was used to get cash, then it was returned to her house. police ask anyone with information to call them. and are google and apple storing personal information? the companies say the data shows the location of wireless hot spots and is used to speed up service. they both reiterated that they do not track customers locations. lawmakers plan to introduce a bill this week which provides more privacy protection for the users of hand held devices.
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their marriage joined hollywood and political royalty. arnold schwarzenegger and maria shriver are separating after 25 years. she was a kennedy and a rising star in news. she started her news career right here on wjz. when arnold schwarzenegger decided he wanted to run for governor of california, his wife first opposed the move. but she eventually supported his decision and was by his side during his two terms in office. the couple bought a multi million dollars home in the exclusive brentwood community of l.a.9 years ago. they lived there together with their children until shriver phaoufed moved out just a few years ago. shriver eluded to some growing
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pains as she eluded from first lady of california to every day life. this has been a turbulent year for shriver. she lost her father in february, her mother died in 89. >> the couples young children range in age from 13 to 21. well you will find this interesting. one scientific study says bottle fed babies are more likely to become brats. british researchers found 15% of bottle fed babies develop -- the zoo may have another
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wayward family. this female peacock is on the lose. the brightly colored bird was seen perched on a van. one zoo keeper told the paper they feel the peacock will return because the zoo has a lot more food and less traffic. i don't know. >> she's strutting her stuff on the streets of the bronx. >> new york, i don't know. >> okay that's amazing. interesting story up there in the bronx. all right we have beautiful weather still. just a few clouds right now. out in far western maryland a few sprinkles tonight but that will do it for tonight. looks like a weather pattern we've seen is going to continue into the beginning of the week. temperatures right now still pleasant. a few clouds, 50 degrees. very light southwest winds. the humidity has come up a bit which is normal. the barometer has been rising 2.99-inches. right now it's 61 in oakland, 61 in elkton and 69 ocean city. once again the dewpoint early
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today was in the low 30s, it's up now to 44. a little warmer than last night. we're in the mid- and upper 40s tonight. just slight slight warming. 60 up in westminster now. lock hall at 59 and dc and annapolis also at 63 degrees. very light winds, the only place that has any wind at all is elkton with a 15-mile an hour breeze. you see ocean city, slightly windy. let's look around the country, to the west. that is still some snow up there, high elevations in the rockies. idaho and wyoming area. they're getting showers and thunderstorms. also unfortunately in the areas that don't need them, illinois, missouri and arkansas got some more shower activity today. further to the east down to our south across kentucky. pretty good shower activity. it's all kind of running up
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from ohio down to north carolina along a boundary between cooler air and much warmer. out here temperatures in the 80s today. in fact, some spot, chicago got to 90 degrees. back to the west, warm air, showers and thundershowers to the north. in our region, light pleasant weather looks like it's going to hold. high pressure until maybe late friday. saturday that's when we really have a chance to get a shower in the afternoon and a better chance here on sunday. east winds, five to 10 knots. the bay temp about 62. for tonight let's call it partly cloudy. tomorrow a lot of sunshine again. pleasant 74, 76 on thursday. a few more clouds. chance of a shower late saturday evening. a better chance 50/50 chance of showers here. 74 on sunday. denise. >> all right, thank you bob. check in tomorrow morning
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starting at 4:55 a.m. for the updated forewarning forecast. mark has orioles highlights next in sports. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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if you were at camden yards today you got your money's worth. mark is here with the latest from the o's. >> they just finished playing 13 innings. after a day off the o's were rested and ready to play some over time against the visiting seattle mariners. the birds willing to go extra innings if that's what it takes to ends a four game losing streak. j.j. hardy returning to the line up after more than a month. here's his welcome back. line drive at-bat. home run to left field. that's hardy's first homer as an oriole. they took a lead into the 11th
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inning but closer did not close it out. justin moore dropped a single to left. so we're all everyone 5-5 headed to extra innings. frustration mounds for the o's. he confronts the mariners first benchman, orders restored but persistence pays. 14th inning, mariners take the lead. the o's tied it up and wieters delivered a single. what a wild way to end a losing streak. they blow a lead in the ninth and score two in the 14th. it's a 7-6 win over the mariners. nba play offs are next. the chicago bulls stampeding the atlanta hawkings. game five of their series, chicago with a combo. dribble, drive basket and foul. rose leads the bulls to a 95-83
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win over the hawks that gives chicago a 3-2 lead in the best of seven series. gracing news fines for nasca drivers harvick and busch for their alteration. harvick got out and took a swing at busch. each is fined $25,000 and put on probation. that means nascar will not tolerate any further misconduct between the feuding drivers. tomorrow on college park, the new introduce to the new college coach, mark turk. this man must not be afraid this man must not be afraid of ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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it's a bird, it's a plane no it's jet man. jeff rosi took quite a ride with a jet pack. he jumped off a plane over the grand canyon. he jetted for about 30 minutes before he launched his parachute and came to the grand parachute and came to the grand cany,, [ horns honking ]
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