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tv   Eyewitness News Morning Edition  CBS  June 16, 2011 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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a mix of blue sky and clouds. >> i want to take a look at first warning doppler radar. some showers sit down to the site and west. it may make the presence known at the bwi parkway. take a look at this on the sat rad photo. it's the initial push of warm and humid front moving our way,
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still a different view. not a lot of rain. two degrees warmer than yesterday. by lunch 77 on a way to a high temperature of 80. watch for another chance of showers later this evening. >> what's happening on the commute. here's sharon. >> reporter: just that police activity. all -- you'll want to watch for. that speeds on the beltway still up to par. the east side is empty at the key bridge. there is a live look outside at 97 at benfield boulevard. traffic also running full speed. same thing goes the same for greenspring avenue. for traffic information anytime, you can log on to here's what people will be talking about today, riots in western canada all because of a
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hockey game. check out the scene in vancouver, british columbia. here's greg black reporting for wjz. >> reporter: while boston celebrated their stanley cup victory, thousands of vancouver fans took to the scene rioting. >> we're hearing of more cars that have been overturned. >> reporter: some people posed for pictures in front of fires. others broke through store windows. vancouver police tried to contain the unruly crowd that threw things at officers. some fans were wrestled to the ground by police. one fan said he found the riots to be an embarrassment to vancouver. >> this is wrong for the city. this isn't the reputation we want. >> the canucks have been to the
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finals three times but never won the stanley cup. >> no word on the number of arrests in vancouver but there were a few in boston from the celebrations there. back here, a family dispute ends with a multiple stabbing. police say it was the man of the house responsible. it happens on forest hill court in crofton. the man stabbed his wife along with his 13 and 20-year-old daughters. the man also had stab wounds. the teenager who skilled another as he road his bike in croft on it has been released from a juvenile facility. 18-year-old javel george was released to his mother and will be on probation until he is 21. days after two teenagers were hit by a car and left to
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die, a hit and run. gigi barnett has more. >> reporter: good morning. family and friends of two teens killed are grieving this morning and planning their funeral. police say they are making progress in this investigation. two teens, lifelong friends since grade schools, remembered at a candlelight vigil. >> why would you not stop after hitting not one but two children. >> reporter: 17-year-old emprald smith and 16-year-old courtney angeles were hit by a car as they crossed martin luther king boulevard. the driver never stopped. >> detectives are in the process of reconstructing the accident scene. >> reporter: after the incident police pulled over the car involved near bwi airport. they questioned both people inside. all family and friends can do
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this morning is wait and hope. >> we want justice. we want justice. we want justice. >> reporter: one city police officer concludes their investigation it will be up to the city's state's attorney office to decide whether charges will be filed. >> according to a recent study 20% of all traffic fatalities involve pedestrians making this the second deadliest state in the region. >> a deputy is out of the hospital after his car was hit. kevin johnstone slammed into deputy brad sives' car. today greece e prime minister is expected to form a new government. you recall the scenes from yesterday. 25,000 angry demonstrators to
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protest those cuts. the country remains emtbloild a debt cry -- embroiled in a debt crisis. the dow was down more than 180 points. a change of scene this morning for arizona congresswoman gabrielle giffords. here's joel brown reporting for wjz. she's been released from her houston rehab hospital. >> reporter: behind these doors, gabrielle giffords is beginning the next phase in her recovery. wednesday the arizona congresswoman moved into her husband's mark kelly home near houston after being released from this hospital. >> the congresswoman is elated. she's feeling very good about it. >> reporter: giffords spent five months in the hospital undergoing intense rehabilitation. her latest milestone had neighbors thrilled. >> she's home now. >> reporter: doctors say giffords is making remarkable
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progress. it's unclear whether she will be able to return to congress. she last until may of next year to decide whether to run for reelection. >> i'm so proud of her. >> reporter: pictures released over the weekend shows giffords beaming. the congresswoman continues to speak and walk. >> giffords will still receive round the clock care. turning to sports, the orioles are trying to avoid a sweep in toronto this afternoon. they're plague the blue jays. last night the birds extended their losing streak to four. the o's only got three hits off of ricky romero. closer to home, the o's are in washington -- washington,
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d.c. golf's u.s. open starts this morning at the congressional golf club in bethesda. phil mickelson is the favorite and does not include tiger woods, the first time in 17 years. >> there you go. there will be water in the golf course in the next hour or so. the question is, is some of that moisture going to make this up the chore ri -- corridor. let's take a look at the day. we are going to mention this chance for a morning shower. then we'll be a little more concerned about a shower later on. low 60s. on its way to a high of 80. 75 degrees this evening.
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it's -- where are we in canton. >> reporter: canton crossing. >> so you're receipt there. >> reporter: right at the first mariner building. it's a beautiful morning, by the way. we're enjoying it. hey, we've got george. we've got mark and matt, and they're going to go over the edge this weekend. that's right. they're going to be rappeling down that building, and it's all for the fight against kidney disease. we're going to tell you all about it. this is amazing, when the eyewitness news morning edition rolls on. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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you're looking live at baltimore. it will cruise top -- to new england and canada. >> we're five degrees warmer
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than yesterday. there are a couple showers down to the south and west. having said that, we'll watch and she if they made it up to bwi parkway. you saw the sun. it's a beautiful day. 59. winds calm. barometer is 29.92, still in the upper 50s, still almost 70 in d.c. hagerstown, elkton and ocean city at 64. 67 pax refer -- river. 58 westminster. 61 bell air and rock hall, mid-60s annapolis. let's identify what we're looking at right here. this will help us identify. this dry pocket, this area of high pressure is breaking down. we're looking at an area of low pressure. there's the low, the warm front. there's your weekend.
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it will be sunny but turn hot and humid, the last weekend of spring. the fact of the matter is, temperature also add five degrees above normal. normal is 83. 80 this day. a mention of an noon thundershower. mostly cloudy. there's that same mention for tonight. generally speaking, the most activity we see is tomorrow with a couple of thunderstorms. a high of 85. saturday, sunday, monday and tuesday, gorgeous but hot and humid. all right. don, take it away. here's the rush right now from sharon at wjz traffic control. >> we have picked up an accident at 100 westbound. watch for that one. we have the police activity on moravia road. there's a lock at your speeds and drive times, no delays just yet. there's a live look at the
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beltway. looks like sun glare could be the biggest factor. there's a live look at 97. pretty empty in the north and southbound lanes. this traffic report is brought to you by your toyota dealer. buy right the first time. toyota moving forward. back over to you, marty and don. all right. ronster joins us. are you going to rappel this weekend? >> i'm not, are you? >> no. >> reporter: the guys here say it's great. the national kidney foundation of maryland. it's tomorrow and saturday. they have a beg event on canton crossing. then people will be going over the edge rappeling down. dr. matthew cooper is not only a noted transplant surgeon but also rappeled before. >> that's right. >> reporter: what's this event
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like? >> it's a once in a lifetime opportunity. people wonder what it's like to be on the outside of a building. this is their opportunity. it's abnormal and unnatural but a remarkable experience. it's an opportunity for sure. >> reporter: and a great fund-raiser. they strap you in. is that the deal. >> you got this harness. i can't say it's risk free but you're harnessed so well. there's no way anything will happen. it's a lot of fun, a bucket list item, really, really cool. >> reporter: i want to introduce this gentleman. this is mark salvo from salvo auto parts. mark is a kidney transplant
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recipient twice. >> i got my first transplant from my mother and my second transplant from my brother. >> reporter: you rappeled. >> yes. definitely a bucket list item. we have a lot of fun and a lot of good times after. >> reporter: now we're talking. we've done more and more stories about kidney transplant surgery, a lot of advancement in that hear, right? >> probably the greatest advancement, the way we can remove kidneys from a living don't for. laparoscopiccally allows donors to be in the hospital only for two days. >> reporter: you mentioned before you did a three-way transplant yesterday? >> we were fortunate to have three incompatible pairs.
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the donor was unable to donate directly. we had three pairs this. was a complex system. we were able to put them together. real exciting for us and the patients, wron derful -- wonderful day. >> reporter: about 80 people will be rappeling this weekend. my cousin, stan the fan, charles will be rappeling. kim miser. former raven benny thompson. it's going to be an 87-year-old woman from california who's coming in to rappel. we've got to mention a good friend of ours who marty knows, greg devoe from blue cross and blue shield who's part of the
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dick elkton ride. greg will be rappeling, too. so that's it. come on down. you pledge $1,000, is that it? >> that's all this takes. >> reporter: george takes you. dr. cooper thank you. good luck to you. all right, guys, going over the edge. a lot of people said we went there a long time ago. >> a long time ago. >> reporter: thank you. have a great weekend. >> hey, ron, who's donating the diapers. >> reporter: the diapers. >> all right, bud. >> reporter: have a great one, guys. >> off the charts. i love doing extreme things, bungee jump, scuba dive, drive race cars fast. a couple things i never wanted
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to do, jump out of a perfectly good airplane and number two, rappel down a building with a perfectly good set of steps. coming up next here on wjz -- move over crowd, move over for shr,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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all right. take a look at first warning doppler radar. we're looking at shower activity down to the south. to be honest about it, i keep saying this, but i am not all that sure it's going to take it intact up the 95 corridor. i'd carry a little umbrella with me at a minimum. having said that, let's take a look at that forecast. having said that, i'm not going to rule out a chance of a morning shower. pleasant day start, a high of 80 degrees. there's a chance of a couple showers, maybe a thunderstorm later on. it's in the low 60s. take it away. the enchantment of the seas docked, less than a week after
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phillips restaurant announced it is coming. it's a company based on a hit movie. >> reporter: shrimp are taking over, list the rally. >> we've got deli, cheesecake and now more shrimp. >> reporter: phillips is closing up. in its place, bubba gump shrimp company. lori schwartz is executive director of the waterfront partnership. >> good news someone is coming in. it shows there's a real market and demand for space at the harbor. that's a good sign. >> reporter: not to worry. phillips will still be around. while they may be leaving this location, they are expecting to reopen here where the espn was. >> it's a destination.
6:25 am
>> reporter: they are confident the restaurant will have a jumbo shrimp impact on charm city. >> fried shim. >> shrimp kabob. >> all kinds of shrimp dishes. it will be cool. >> reporter: bubba dpum-- gump shrimp is expected to open in may of next year. >> lenny's deli and an h&m clothing store just opened at the harbor. a candy store called "it's sugar" plans to open. next up on wjz sometime in' kelly mcpherson. the white house is being sued by members of congress. we'll tell you what it has to do with the war in libya. two families in mourning as police investigate a deadly hit and run. i'm gigi barnett.
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the latest on the crimes. a breakthrough or a breakdown, conflicting reports about the state of the nfl after secret meetings in maryland. i'm mark viviano. just one accident to get in your way. we'll tell you where it is. let's send it over to marty. >> motocross will converge in m join us on coffee with. it's coy gibbs with joe gibbs racing. they're branching out into mow though cross. -- motocross. it's 6:45 when the eyewitness ♪ [ female announcer ] have you ever seen a glacier while sunbathing? why not? have you ever climbed a rock wall in the middle of the ocean? or tried something really wild?
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why not? it's all possible in the nation of why not. royal caribbean's floating nation. where you are free to do anything you want. which may be nothing at all. royal caribbean international. why not cruise from baltimore? visit today.
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it is another glorious get up and go. sharon's got traffic right after marty's first warning weather. >> let's take a look at radar. we got a couple showers
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southwest of d.c. i'm thinking they're not busting down. it's not improbable coming up the bwi park way. we could see a little bit of rain. charles, st. mary's county. it's all because of a warm front that's going to give us a great weekend. it's five degrees warmer than this time yesterday on its way to a high of 80. dinner time 75. >> outbreak. how's the commute running? here's sharon gibala. we picked up two accidents within the last few minutes. we have this one at 100 westbound. watch for an accident on reisterstown at stockton road. another one on east jeffrey court. there's a look at your drive times and speeds, starting to see minor delays between 795 and
6:31 am
95 down to an average of 50 miles an hour. there's a live look at the west side. that shot not looking so bad. 795 at cockeys mill. this traffic report is brought to you by toyota. back over to you. at the top of the news nearly a dozen republicans and democratic congress men are suing the president. they said they're abusing his powers by keeping up the fight against moammar gadhafi. kelly mcpherson talked to a maryland congressman who's among those suing. >> this is not an issue of whether or not we should be about but how we got there. >> reporter: roscoe bartlett said the war powers act prevents any president from sending
6:32 am
troops into war without congressional permission. >> this is not the king's army. the president does not have the right, the constitutional right to use this army anytime he wishes. >> reporter: he said this violates the constitution and asks for a judge's order to suspend operations. just this week congress passed a resolution asking for more information about how 750 million american dollars have been spefnlt the white house responded with documents explaining military operations saying in libya americans are helping nato with enforcing the no-fly zone. the white house is not backing down. >> the goal is protecting libyan civilians and holding colonel gadhafi accountable. >> reporter: many severals filed a lawsuit against former president bill clinton when he
6:33 am
went to cosew co-- kosovo. that lawsuit was not successful. other members say they believe it is unconstitutional but ask for congress' permission anyway. obama did not do that and he stands by his decision. al qaeda named who will row place osama bin laden as its leader. ayman al-zawahri is the new commander after serving as the number two for years. here two teenagers hit and killed in a hit and run will be laid to run. police are still investigating exactly what happened. wjz and gigi barnett have an anyone date live from police headquarters. good morning once again, gigi. >> reporter: good morning. police say they have the car involved in the hit and run and
6:34 am
they've also questioned the driver. now the victim's families are waiting potential charges. two teens, lifelong friends since grade school remembered at a candlelight vigil. >> why would you not stop after hitting not one but two children. >> reporter: 17 -- 17-year-old emerald smith and 16-year-old courtney angeles were let by a car early thiewls morning as they crossed martin luther king boulevard. the driver never stooped detectives are in the process of reconstructing the entire accident scene. we're talking to witnesses. >> reporter: after the incident police say they pulled over the car involved near bwi marshall airport. they questioned both people inside. all friends can do this morning is wait and hope. >> we want justice. we want justice.
6:35 am
>> reporter: right now the city's state's attorney hasn't time any charges but that all could change depending the outcome of the police investigation. a school crossing guard who knew the girls said they were always careful. a viewing today in northwest baltimore for the nephew of elijah cummings. christopher cummings was shot and killed. the next theme you fly into bwi-thurgood marshall there will be a familiar sight to greet you curbside. they have agreed to extend the license for the current company. they were worried a transfer to lava va-based bidder would mean a loss of their jobs. a new person is sing out on the twitter scandal that
6:36 am
surrounds congressman anthony weiner. a former porn star said, yes, she talked to weiner but never sexted him. >> anytime he would take our communications in a sexual direction, i did not recriprocate. >> she said she is speaking out now brawls the media would not stop hounding her. new york may be the next state to legal same-sex marriage. the issue passed the state assembly yesterday and heads back over to the state senate which has voted down same-sex marriage in the past. supporters are hopeful it will pass the senate this time. >> we have one more vote. we have a governor who has been trying to do this and also the gay community has gathered all its forces together and are working very closely in conjunction with one another. observers say a vote in the
6:37 am
senate likely won't happen tomorrow. new york's legislative session ends on monday. the boston bruins have ended a 39-year drought by capturing the stanley cup title. the bruins celebrated because they lost their last five stanley cup appearance. the fans got into celebrating as well. boston police said they have made several arrests. fans got excited. in vancouver fans set cars on fire and were hit by tear gas. and maryland may hold promise for the national football league. owners and players meeting here may be close tore ending their lockout. here's mark viviano to explain. good morning. the fact that there are continuing negotiations is a
6:38 am
good sign. both sign -- sides met at an undisclosed maryland location. nfl commissioner roger goodell was present for the talks. the talks took place in the presence of a immediate hatetor with instructions to keep the talks confidential. some have reported progress. others have reported a breakdown. there's pressure to get it done by early july to ensure a complete preseason. >> the ravens are scowled to play the pittsburgh steelers in 87 days. in toronto the orioles will try to avoid a three-game sweep. you can see saturday afternoon's game at 1 and sunday afternoon's game at 1:30 live right here on wjz 13. one of the best lines i've seen on social networking about
6:39 am
the vancouver riots has to do with maryland. six degrees separation in any story. i'll tell you who this was. it was shawn hall, legendary news plan in washington, d.c. i went to a stanley cup final and a maryland-duke game broke out. all right. coming up on coffee with, there's some huge doings. owner and rider, joe gibbs motocross coming up in southern maryland. this is going to be a very big deal at bud's creek. we're going to talk about what this mean force maryland coming up shortly. we've got first warning weather. we've got wjz tv traffic
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control. stay with us. we'll be right back. here's a look at some of the graduation photos. to see a more complete proud slideshow, go to ,,,,,,,, 3q
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hi, good morning. we're averaging five degrees warmer. got a big warm front starting to press up over the area. that will change our weather for the weekend to another very summer-like scenario. 59 right now. 83% humidity. winds calm. barometer is 29.92. 58, 59 oakland and cumberland. hagerstown 63. 67 pax river. ocean city 64. greater columbia 59. annapolis and kent island both in the mid-60s. this area of high pressure, this dry pocket starting to break down. an area of low pressure is dragging a warm front our way.
6:44 am
here's the low. your weekend is going to be dynamite. it's going to be hotter and more humid now for sure. now we are going to watch for the possibility of a morning shower. bring in first warning doppler. we've been looking at this cluster of rain. frankly, over the past half hour, it has really blossomed. the biggest impact will be the southern side of the western shore. however, i can't promise some of this is not going to my great up the bwi parkway. go back to the forecast. the bigger concern, the possibility of a thunderstorm, nothing severe, a high of 80. 64 tonight. tomorrow 85. almost guaranteed a couple of afternoon instability thunderstorms. here's your weekend and into
6:45 am
next woke as we start summer on tuesday. 87, 88, 90 and 90 degrees. beautiful maryland weekend. awesome. take it away. good morning. a few accidents to talk about this morning, including that one on 100 westbound. that one we've learned son the ramp to coca-cola drive. another one in reisterstown. and one more accident in the city on east jefferson. if you're traveling on the beltway, no delays. 44 miles an hour is now your average on president west side between 795 and 95. there is a live look at that delay. you can see the right two lanes are the two slowest. this traffic report is brought to you by your toyota dealer. toyota, buy right the first time and you'll save in the long run.
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back over to you. >> deaf vie millsap right -- davie millsap right here and coy gibbs. we'll get to what's going on this weekend in just a second. okay. who went to joe gibbs and said we have to get into motocross. >> it's been fun. any form of moat toe sports we seem gravitate towards as a family. >> you guys are one of the bigger corporate entities in the world of sports. you don't do something like this on a whim. >> it's been great. it's been great for our
6:47 am
sponsors. it's been building and encouraging. look like a bright future for the sport. >> that's a come thing to see. you having some fun? >> been doing it for a long time. >> when did you start? >> when i was three. >> with those tiny motorcycleles. >> bw50s. my dad got me one when i was three. >> got you one when you were three. did you not like him? when did we have travis on. we had travis on. he was about seven. he was doing bmx at the time. >> i road with travis a lot. >> did you, really? >> when i was little, probably
6:48 am
eight, nine. motorcycle. >> travis started doing moat seekles while he was on -- motorcycles while he was on our show. it's huge down at bud's creek. let's talk about what that's like for southern maryland becoming a motocross not like mecca but destination. >> it's a great event. >> like i tell everybody, if you haven't been out, check it out. it's a fun time. good family environment. so come on out. >> draw big crowds or tv coverage. >> big crowds, about 25,000, 30,000 people this weekend. >> sat dray is what we're talking about -- saturday is what we're talking about. gate's up at 8:30. >> correct. >> a legendary, truly a
6:49 am
legendary racing venue in maryland. maryland has great racing venues. look, you guys are down in charlotte, joe gibs. guys ever say to you, hey, guys, you should do some running up in maryland? >> a lot of guys, all over the country, really, but it's relly big here in maryland, down in north carolina, south carolina. >> reporter: it really honestly is. you have a question? >> i want to know how many bones you've broken. >> thought he was going to frame this differently. >> actually, this would be my one-year anniversary from my biggest crash in 20 years of racing. i broke a bunch of ribs. >> ouch. >> broke my back, broke my thumb, lost 80% of my kidney, concussion.
6:50 am
>> so it is, indeed, what it appears to be, a very dangerous sport. >> yes but i love what i'm doing. >> you can look at tour de france. wait until someone goes down in the front of that pack and watch what happens. >> sure, you're going to break bones. >> you look healthy as all getout. >> i'm still moving around. so that's a good thing. >> do we know what the admission is? >> we think it's around $40. >> all day. jonathan beastly has been -- beasley has been running the track. it's a great place to watch for fans. sit on the hillside and check out the whole event. >> sunny and 87. so still the mid-80s southern maryland. good to moat you. good luck.
6:51 am
you've got a tremendous skill set. you should be proud of yourself. congratulations on moving into motocross and just the success of joe gibbs racing. i'm telling you -- i'm getting ready to put an 18 hat on. >> appreciate it. >> coming right back. we got wjz tv traffic control. stay right there. stay right there. we'll,, x 8 8
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6:54 am
time for updates from sharon. i still want to go back to first warning doppler radar. we're not talking about a lot of rain. do you need to carry an umbrella? yes. clear with the metro grid, south will see activity. the forecast calls for to us see a shower later with a high of 80 and low 60s. over to sharon gibala. wjz tv traffic control. king george street is closed because of a motorcycle accident. we also have that accident on 100 westbound on the ramp to
6:55 am
coca-cola drive. an accident at johnny cake and one at high falcon road. one more in the city on east jeffery court. there's a look at your drive times and speeds. starting to see delays, also seeing delays on 95, about nine minutes between whitemarsh and the boulevard. here's a look at the beltway. this traffic report is brought to you by by home paramount. call 888-888-home. friends and family hold a candlelight vigil for two teenage girls killed in a hit and run. they gathered at the scene on martin luther king boulevard to remember 17-year-old emerald smith and 16-year-old courtney angeles. after hitting them, the driver did not stop. they caught up with the car at bwi-thurgood marshall.
6:56 am
a man replains under police guard this morning at the hospital accused of stabbing his wife and two daughters. police believe he attacked them in crofton. the man also as stab wounds. a harford county sleapt is out of the hospital -- sheriff's deputy is out of the hospital. kevin johnstone was drunk when he hit deputy brad sives' car in joppa. candidates vying to become the mayor of baltimore city met for a forum. they spoke about jobs, taxes and education. those who were in attendance did not hear from the current mayor, mayor stephanie rawlings-blake. she was speaking at a middle school graduation. complete news, weather and traffic still ahead this morning. al qaeda has a new leader. ayman al-zawahri is now taking
6:57 am
ayman al-zawahri is now taking over for,,,,,,,,
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