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tv   Eyewitness Noon News  CBS  October 12, 2011 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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app end with a changed plea. >> what is next for the so called underwear bomber? hello i'm don scott. >> i'm jessica kartalija. here is what people will be talking about today. breaking news of the hour, the surprise in the trial of the underwear bomber. terror suspect says he did it, admitting to try to blow up the plane to retaliate against the united states. >> reporter: umar farouk abdulmutallab stunned the federal courtroom when his lawyer announced he wanted to plead guilty to 8 count against him, attempted murder i and attempted use of a weapon of mass instruction. the terrorist told the judge he understood what he was doing by pleading guilty. admitted he try to blow up a bomb in his pants on a jetliner from amsterdam to detroit. the judge asked him a series of questions to determine his competency. she began to list the crimes he was accused of one by one. conspiracy to commit terrorism.
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attempted measurer on an aircraft. attempted placement of a destruction of device. the 25 year old man listened and agreed to everything. including decades in prison, the counts carry. umar farouk abdulmutallab is the educated son of a wealthy nigerian business man. in a statement that he read in court, in clear well spoken english. he described what he did and why. he said he had an agreement with at least one person to carry out the attack. that his attempted bombing was to fulfill a religious obligation to participate in jihad, and retaliate against the u.s., for its relationship with israel, and for the killings of his muslim brothers and sisters around the world. his letter of confession ended with a threat saying the u.s. will pay for what it has done. >> umar farouk abdulmutallab will face life in federal prison when he is sentenced. state department is urging americans to be on alert. the warning comes after federal
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agents foiled alleged plot to assassinate saudi arabia's ambassador to the u.s. ron matz has the latest. good afternoon. >> reporter: iranian born american citizen is behind bars in new york. another man is on the run. alertish issued late last night, u.s. attorney general eric holder says iranian born u.s. citizen and a man plan to use explosives to kill an ambassador. state department is hoping nations will do the same, if it see as growing threat and president obama is calling the plot a flagrant violation of u.s. and international law. iran denies the accusations. jessica, back to you. the man accused of in the plot is held without bail until his next court appearance october 25th.
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ulysses currie is on trial on corruption charges. prosecutors presented evidence in the case yesterday going over several memos from shoppers food warehouse. the documents highlight several areas where currie used his influence to help the chain and he accepted $245,000 for work as a consultant to the company. currie maintains he did nothing wrong. multimillion dollars lawsuit following the death of a prison inmate by other is delayed. court motions derailed jury selection that was supposed to start yesterday. kevin johns killed a man while being transported. family is seeking $21 million in damages from the state. teenager is in critical condition after a car crashes in to a home in arundel county. it happened around 7:30 this morning, near the intersection of mountain road and fairwood road in pasadena. police say tagirl was rushed to
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the hospital in cardiac arrest. the cause of the accident is under investigation. switching gears, no sign of sunshine in our area. let's look outside, a very gray and overcast day out there, it's been raining off and on since this morning. bernadette woods is watching the radar in the first warning weather center, good afternoon. nothing in the city, next batch is on its way. look at of it coming up from the south and it will move to the northeast as it progresses. what that does is bring everything that is dc up 95. a few showers in to westminster. a nice break this morning , the rain is starting to pick up. this batch making its way in to may recall now. it's heavy rain. farther west than that. still rain. now picking up again in cumberland. let's show you other things going on. with the storm approaching us, it's picked up the winds out of
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the northeast. it will be gusty at times. that's keeping our temperature down big time. we started out the day pretty much as the temperatures. that's where we will stay for most of the afternoon. what can we expect for the next few days? we will have the forecast coming up. bge customers left without electricity by hurricane irene, are hoping voices have been heard. a commission hearing in downtown baltimore gave customer as chance to speak out about nower company's storm response. 750,000 people were made powerless by irene, some for longer than a week. maryland is getting a telephone area code. public service commission announcing today the newest area code will be 667, and in to effect march 24th. the other codes are expected to be exhausted by next year. the new numbers will be phased in in central maryland and over on the eastern shore. some big changes could be
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coming to maryland's gas tax and the price of vehicle registration. panel is considering increasing the state's gas tax by $0.15 over the next three years. it's suggesting a 50% jump in vehicle registration costs. this is all in an effort to raise money for the state's transportation fund. racing fans can start marking calendars for next year's grand prix. wjz is live. pat warren has the details. good afternoon everybody, race officials say they are now in the process of look for possible areas of improvement. estimated 150,000 people attended baltimore's inaugural grand prix over the labor day weekend. businesses told wjz it worked to they advantage. >> loib weekend is not a weekend we look forward to. the restaurant business down. this was one for the bookses this was a good one. >> reporter: officials are
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looking at improvements like more crossover bridges around the course. mayor rawlings blake is positive about the event. >> it had a big impact on the city waiting for the visit baltimore review of the evaluation of the actual economic impact to come in. we know it's not just baltimore, it's a regional affect. many hotels and surrounding jurisdictions saw a bump up in the number of hotels tawere booked. >> reporter: city has a five year contract with the race and expected to make millions. reporting live i'm pat war -- warren, back to you. baltimore -- derrick mason is traded to the houston texian. mason played for the jets against the ravens. expected to dress and play this weekend when the texians come to town and see the ravens taking on the texians sunday afternoon at 4:00, live, here
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on wjz13. still to come on wjz eye witness news at noon, controversy in kansas over domestic violence law, why many are outraged. girl scouts are changing with the times, hear what some are doing to earn badges now. a gloomy and rainy day. we will have your forecast coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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historic move in israel as the jewish state agrees to a soldier swap with hamas. in exchange israel has agreed to release one thousand palestinian prisoners, a few ministers criticized the deal calling it a victory for terrorists. many are outraged in topeka kansas after leaders shoot down the local domestic violence law. the council and mayor approved the repeal yesterday saying such cases would be better handled by the county or the state. advocates for victims do not like the idea. >> i'm very disappointed. it's a very sad day for topeka
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rs but a sad day for victims because it sends, i think, a very bad message. >> prosecutors say they are overwhelmed with felonies in addition to budget cuts. the company that makes blackberry is recovering today after a worldwide service outage. officials say messaging and email services still sporadic for blackberry users in europe, latin america, asia and africa. research in motion is blaming the problem on a switch that links the internal network to the internet. u.s. is the only major company not affected. girl scouts can earn merit batches in more than just cooking and first aid. how about digital film making, financial literacy, website and product design, local food awareness and customer loyalty. a spokesperson says this is the first major update since 1987.
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take look at that. first warning doppler radar rs we had rain earlier today. here is the next batch making its way in. we will take you on a tour. all of this to the southwest is moving in to the metro region. see it in westminster, carroll county and west of that, we've seen heavier rain picking up. the darker colors, the yellow, that's a batch of rain that's going to make its way through hagerstown in the next half hour. eastern shore goes, we had earlier, but a break right now, except everything down to the south will be moving up in your direction as we head through this afternoon. we had the clouds in place
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yesterday giving way to the rain this morning. clouds are going to hang tough throughout the afternoon. when we are not getting the rain it's doing be damp. winds east sp northeast. that's going to keep our temperatures down. started out the day pretty much at these temperatures. we have not gone much of anywhere since then. it's going to make for a cool afternoon. tonight, we are going to drop a few degrees but dealing with this storm system. the center of it right in this section isn't going to pass us until tomorrow. it takes the rain with it. however, there is another storm behind that. that's in here. that is going to quickly follow, we get rid of one and tomorrow this one moving in. the chance for a couple of showers tomorrow, not as much so as today. it's still there, going to continue in to friday before thismont leaves us. drier and cooler air comes in for the beginning part of the weekend. forecast comes together like this today, staying in the 60s, that's about it.
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you are not going to get much more than you have now as far as temperatures go. rain and drizzle through the day. rain and drizzle tonight and fog and tomorrow, sunshine, a few showers possible from one storm leaving and another approaching us. we will have your weekend forecast coming up in your five day, later in the show. still to come on eye witness news at noon, a new reason to eat right, why researchers say we are what we consume, it's coming up in health watch. >> wjz 13 is always on. here are the top stories on at this hour. for instant updates on the day's news up and dated first warning weather forecast, log on to ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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in health watch, does what you eat change your genes? researchers followed people known to carry a gene to cause heart disease. another dietary study delivers interesting news, pregnant woman who take folic acid supplements can reduce the risk of having child with language problems. a little ginger maybe good for your colon. researchers say supplements can
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reduce inflammation of colon, it can be a precursor to colon cancer. check back in with eye witness news today at 4:00, 5:00 and 6:00. casting doubt, testimony from another doctor in the conrad murray trial, help or hurt his case? unexpected adventure, a massachusetts family with a very small baby gets lost inside a corn maze. hear how they got out. join us for the stories and the breaking news at 4:00 after dr. phil. please stay with us, your five day forecast is next. ,,,,,,,,,,
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gray day out there. cooler than it has been lately. we started out in the 60s. we are not going up from there this afternoon. rain around this morning for the commute. little bit of a break in the city. there is more on the way. you are getting that next round if you are living in other parts of the state. this will leave us tomorrow morning, little bit of a break. this is sunshine mixing in tomorrow. yet another storm follows for tomorrow night. scattered showers are possible between the two storms. things that's going to continue in to friday, both days in the 70s. out of her for saturday. 69 saturday. sunday a storm passes by to the north. we think it will not be a problem. we will keep you updated. dry out after this couple of
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rounds. don't miss the prime time line up on wjz. a ted danson episode of csi and eye witness news at 11:00. finally this noon tbs men of esquire magazine spoken and the new woman is the sexiest woman alive. rihanna will grace the cover. she played downtown to promote her album, it's gone platinum. . >> this is interesting what we are showing right now compared to this morning with her. >> we showed the magazine pictures. >> we were told not to show them again. >> she was naked. we didn't see anything. >> it was revealing photos. >> she was naked. >> she is gorgeous and so talented. >> she is the sexiest woman.
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>> second only to bernadette woods. >> i would not be posing for them. >> i don't pose for them at home. >> you know. i don't know. i'm too self conscious. >> i probably don't need to say thises but neither do i. ,,,,,,,
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