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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  October 13, 2011 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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>> and i'm denise koch. here's what people are talking about tonight. >> a tornado watch is in effect now. let's go over to bob turk. tracking the storms on first warning doppler radar. >> particularly south and west of the region. around d.c. area, strong storms. they still have a tornado warning in effect for portions of the northern virginia area. all of these moving quickly at 30 miles an hour. as you can see, right around the washington area. and portions of montgomery county. that's where the heaviest activity is now. around the beltway, around loudoun county. western portions of montgomery county, southern frederick county as well. and south of that region, as we go down toward the potomac river, in western sections of charles county, strong storms heading off to the north. looks like washington, washington, d.c. there right under the gun. here in the baltimore region now, it's pretty quiet. some of this activity can move further to the east. still have a risk of at least some scattered showers and thunderstorm activity.
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have produced at least three small, quick-moving tornadoes late this afternoon, around the richmond area, and also louisa county, virginia. let's take a look at the warnings. once again, the watches, they've extended that watch to the baltimore area, including harford county and howard county. and that's at 11:00. the rest of the region south of the city, until 9:00 tonight. once again, that warning for fairfax county was to expire at 6:00 this evening. and as i mentioned, there have been at least three small tornadoes reported down across virginia. denise? >> all right. thank you, bob. the other big story right now. the desperate search continues for 11-year-old william mcquain, after his mother is found dead inside their german town home. just a short time ago, her husband, curtis lopez, was charged with first-degree murder. he is the little boy's stepfather. weijia jiang has more on the search and the suspect. >> reporter: just before 8:30 wednesday night, police make a gruesome discovery inside the home of 51-year-old jane mcquain. her lifeless body. >> oh, my gosh.
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oh, my gosh. oh, gosh. and i mean, i was shaking, just like this. >> reporter: police now have a suspect in custody for the murder and for the disappearance of the victim's son, 11-year-old william mcquain. an amber alert for the 6th grader went out thursday morning. he's described as being 5 feet tall, weighing 85 pounds. though detectives may have the kidnapper, they have no idea where the boy is. >> i don't want to think the word. this is very sad. very sad. i hope nothing happened to him. >> reporter: because the autopsy report is still in the works, police say they don't know how long mcquain has been dead. but they're not ruling out the possibility she was killed around the same time her son went missing. that was nearly two weeks ago. >> i hope he has -- he hasn't killed him. i hope they haven't. oh, god. >> reporter: mcquain's neighbor said she noticed a strange
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person around the residence the last several days and that he was driving mcgain's car. mcquain's car. investigators are scrambling to put the pieces together, desperate to find william. >> we do believe that is a possibility that he is is alive. we want as many people as possible to know that he is missing. >> reporter: weijia jiang, wjz eyewitness news. >> now, once again, the missing child's stepfather is now in custody. but the child remains missing. wjz is closely following this story. we'll bring you the latest as soon as we get information. right now, baltimore police is searching for escaped prisoner. mary is in the newsroom with details. >> police say the suspect is considered armed and dangerous. take a close look at this picture. jermaine stroud was being transported to the eastern district when he escaped. he is suspected in an armed robbery that occurred just yesterday. detectives say he also has a history of past robberies. anybody with information on his whereabouts should call 911 immediately. vic? >> mary, thank you. we'll stay on this story and
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let you know as soon as the suspect is caught. well, for just the second time ever in baltimore county, a man stands trial for murder, even though the body of the victim has never been found. wjz is live at the courthouse in towson. mike schuh explains why 35-year- old jason gross is on trial. mike? >> reporter: well, denise, if you don't have a body, how do you prove somebody has been murdered? it is a huge obstacle. and for the second time in a year, it's one that prosecutors here are trying to overcome. >> reporter: in this case, 16- year-old rochelle battle went missing in march of 2009. her family hasn't heard from her since. her cell phone records quickly directed her family and police to jason gross. he is arrested. his property searched. but her body is never found. you'll remember this time last year, dennis tetso was convicted of murdering his wife, though her body was never found. legal scholars say few of these cases are brought to court because without a bodies how can you prove that the victim
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is dead and that the victim was murdered? >> can we speculate that a person who hasn't been seen for three years is dead, sure? you can speculate. but that's not evidence. dallas is hitting home on the fact that you need evidence. >> reporter: in opening arguments today, prosecutors tell the jury, jason gross thought of the perfect murder. a csi fan, he thought he could get away with it. he tells the jury about the backyard of the accused murderer. and that metal tube? it's an incinerator. he burned her body at the incinerator in the back of his house. >> reporter: cell phone records showed they were in the same place at the same time on the night she disappeared. and there are surveillance tapes showing the accused trucks, driving towards a rendezvous with the victim, at a time when he said that he was at a bar and had an alibi. an alibi that a friend later said is not true. >> the defense, though, in a mocking tone, told the jury, you have no body. how do they know that rochelle
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battle is dead? and calls the prosecution's case speculation, conjecture, a guess. >> reporter: from the standpoint of winning, which side of the law would this professor rather be on? >> i think in rare cases where you have a homicide -- where you think you have a homicide, not just a homicide, but a murder, not just any murder but one by that defendant and without a body, that makes the hurdle high enough that i would certainly prefer to be on the defense side. >> reporter: now, both sides say that the two met in an online adult chat room. and the defense further says that rochelle battle used that room to set up dates for prostitution. reporting live in towson, mike schuh, wjz eyewitness news, back to you on tv hill. >> the prosecution will continue its case tomorrow. police and federal prosecutors just announced the indictments of dozens of gang members, suspected of crimes across the state. >> the reality is, this makes the community safer. because the result of the activities of these hoodlums is
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that they are creating fear in their communities. they're engaged in robberies, home invasion robberies, burglaries. they're putting drugs in their communities. >> the 35 suspects are allegedly members of a subset of the bloods gang that rdgessated in california. they're facing several federal charges, including racketeering. police believe the crimes stretched from western maryland to the eastern shore. a 6-year-old girl is recovering now after she was attacked by a neighbor's dog. andrea fujii explains that the dog's fate is still up in the air. >> reporter: pania harris doesn't know when she'll walk on her own again after a neighbor's dog attacked her on monday. the 6-year-old was playing with a group of children when a pit bull across the street ran toward her. >> i got bit by the dog. >> the dog heard a noise outside and was able to push out of the house through the screen door. >> she was bit twice and taken to the hospital for surgery. >> my daughter, otiond, you -- on the ground, you know, with
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her leg all opened. >> reporter: no one answered at the dog owner's home. animal control says no charges have been filed and the dog is still in the house. neighbors say this isn't the first time. lawrence evans was bit two years ago. >> the dog came running out on the street and bit me on my knee. >> reporter: the dog's owner told police it is licensed and up to date on all of its shots. >> reporter: bud that doesn't bring punch-- but that doesn't bring much comfort to canigha's family, who hasn't received an apology. >> reporter: as she looks through well wishes from her first grade class, she's upset her injuries will keep her from a school field trip. but canaya says she knows not all dogs are violent. >> i think some are, but some dogs are not. >> reporter: baltimore county animal control says they are still investigating whether charges will be filedegance the dog owner and whether the dog will be taken from the home. vic? >> andrea, thank you. if animal control takes the dog, tell be up to the hearing
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board to decide whether it will be euthanized. more than a month after the east coast earthquake, repairs continue on the damaged national cathedral in washington. crews worked in the fog to remove two tons of stone. crewsue used the -- crews used the crane to bring down the tower. the cathedral is set to reopen for the first time since the quake, november 12th. many baltimore business owners are still steaming about the city's beverage tax. and they are fighting to get it to expire sooner. wjz is live. political reporter pat warren has has more. >> reporter: that's right. the beverage industry is claiming that it is losing more in jobs and business than the city is gaining in the tax. >> reporter: there's a lot to be said for customer loyalty. >> i think coming -- i've been coming here since it was a row home, where they had the store in their living room and their dining room. >> reporter: but marlene
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donahue isn't the typical customer. according to santoni's and others in the region, customers have been deserting them since the city imposed a 2-cent beverage tax. >> our store is approaching $2.5 million in lost sales. but that is going higher as the industry goes. >> reporter: for some individuals, 2 cents per container is not a lot. >> not at all. not when gas has gone up 50 cents. >> well, i didn't like it. i really didn't. but our streets need a lot of assistance. what are you going to do? ride over it with your car and bust your wheels up? or pay 2 cents a bottle? >> reporter: but for distributors and retailers, the better question is how dow stop riders from going to different counties and doing business there? >> who wants to do business here. let's go to the county where things are easier because we don't have this tax. it's an unfair burden. >> reporter: city councilmember says he's hearing a different
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story about why local businesses are losing money. >> it's the economy. people are laid off. they don't have jobs. they cut back their hours. >> reporter: repeals the tax a year early would mean about $5 million less in the bottoming, which the city say -- in the budget, which the city says it cannot afford. but the beverage industry disagrees with the actual benefit to the city. >> it's like the city is paying a dollar to chase a dime. >> reporter: and many residents would welcome the break. >> reporter: the bill that is under consideration would repeal the tax at the end of june next year. reporting live, i'm pat warren, back to you. >> all right. thank you, pat. there is a 2013 sunset on the beverage tax, meaning it would automatically expire then if no action is taken to extend it. desire still to come. a local man diagnosed with als, fighting death, teaching others and learning about himself along the way. tragedy on a busy county road. how students are dealing with the los of a -- loss of a young
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driver. i'm gigi barnett in anne arundel county. that story is coming up. we're having burgers and steaks here in college park. this is the way i like to spend my day. i'm jessica kartalija. look who is here. >> coming up next on wjz eyewitness news. >> and a tornado watch in effect for large parts of our area. the first warning forecast is coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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li s ,,,,,,,,,,,, id li s m ba llral,was ,,,,,,,,,,,, id unl m ba llral,was ,,,,,,,,,,,, vet.veou shock and sadness at an
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anne arundel county high school. a 17-year-old was killed in a crash in pasadena. she was a popular and high- performing student at chesapeake high school. gigi barnett has more reaction to this tragedy. >> reporter: drivers on this busy stretch of mountain road call this section treacherous. police say it's where 17-year- old kala marie austin died yesterday morning. she was driving eastbound on mountain road, lost control of the vehicle and slammed into a vacant house. nearby surveillance cameras caught it all. her family is grieving. so are students at ka la's school, chesapeake high in pasadena. >> i haven't started driving yet. and my mom kind of doesn't want me to because of stuff like this happening. >> reporter: today, grief counselors are at the school to help students deal with their loss. >> you will randomly see people crying. i really didn't know her it's
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really sad. >> parents need to sit down with their students and talk with them and help them to cope with this, and not be afraid to show emotions. >> reporter: while investigators are still looking into the cause of the crash. early reports show that speed may have been a factor. >> reporter: in anne arundel county, i'm gigi barnett, wjz eyewitness news. >> now, investigators say the slick road conditions may have also played a part in the accident. friends and family are holding a vigil for kala near the scene later tonight. a state trooper stops to help a motorist with a flat tire andinds up making a major drug bust. the trooper stopped to help the machine out, when they began acting suspiciously, he asked for and was given permission to search the truck. and found two duffle bags full of more marijuana. both men, from florida, were arrested. he is one of the biggest names on the food network. and now famous chef bobby flay is opening a burger joint in
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college park. jessica kartalija spoke with the throwdown star about food and much more. >> we're out of food. just kidding. >> reporter: iron chef, bobby flay, catering to the college crowd. >> look at these kids. they love this concept. >> reporter: his latest restaurant, bobby's burger palace, now officially open for business, just off campus at the university of maryland. >> i'm a burger guy. i've always been a burger guy. i always craved the cheeseburger. i thought it would be kind of cool to have my own berger place -- burger place. >> reporter: bobby has 10 signature burgers, like the philadelphia, santa fe, and dallas burger. no baltimore burger just yet. >> when i look at a map of america. you know, most people see states, towns and cities. i see ingredients. so when i think of maryland, i think of things like beautiful blue crab. >> reporter: and students are eating it up like only college kids can. >> the burger was phenomenal. i really enjoy the pleasure of being 10 feet away from bobby
6:18 pm
flay. >> reporter: so this burger was so good, you had to get a second one? >> yeah. it was amazing. best burger i've ever had. >> and don't forget the milk shake. >> it's ground pistachios. it's very natural. only two ingredients. tastes like pistachios, right? >> it's awesome. >> reporter: the iron chef took time to sign autographs and take pictures with some of his biggest fans. >> college kids now, these days, are so sophisticated when it comes to food. they really are. they demand better cuisine at every level. i guess college park is the next city on the map. i don't know. >> this is the 7th of bobby's berger palaces. but it's also the biggest. get here early. the line is long on this opening day. in college park, i'm jessica kartalija, wjz eyewitness news. >> jessica says, you have to get your burger -- crunchified, which means they add potato chips to the top, along with
6:19 pm
all of those extra calories. listen, if you're having a shake and burger like that, you're not thinking of calories. >> they use it for everything. >> that looked good. >> i'm hungry. >> yeah. let's take a look at temperatures and conditions around the region. right now, with all of the clouds and drizzle here. 70 degrees. it's warmed up to. that's the highest we've seen. east/southeast winds. barometer falling. come back and take a look at the tornado watch in our region tomorrow night after this. ♪
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here's kind of a gloomy night. warm out there. as a result, we have some tornado watches in effect. >> the watches, what that means is essentially, we do have some conditions that could produce some tornadoes. we've had three reports of small, very quick-moving tornadoes in southern and central virginia. right now, all of that activity is moving through the washington area. it has been weakening. they have been dropping down. so they had been weakening. still have some heavy rain and gusty winds. this one now outside of washington, has hail as much as an inch and a half. this one over to d.c., down to 100 feet. still got a chance of staying up.
6:23 pm
a new one, considered a severe storm. pretty strong activity down there. particularly in the d.c. area. western montgomery county, central montgomery county. and just a little southwest portions of p.g. county. here in the city now, it's pretty quiet. some of these showers south of us may get to us tonight. still have a risk of getting some shower and thunderstorm activity. though luckily, we're a little more stable in our region. a little cooler. it's a lot warmer in washington. take a look at temperatures. we're at 70. d.c. dropped with the showers at 73. last hour, they were up to 76, 77 degrees. same thing with easton. east winds now continue to bring in that moist air from the atlantic. but the southerly component south of us. that's where the warm air really is. that's where we had the thunderstorms. around the region, it's warmed up to the upper 60s to low 70s. and that is more conducive to severe thunderstorm activity. they've extended that tornado
6:24 pm
watch until 11:00 for the baltimore, harford, howard county area. areas south of us, until 9:00. it's a wash, which means in this entire region, there may be still an isolated tornado tonight. also, we do have coastal flood advisories and coastal flood warnings. because of the constant east winds. we're seeing tide joining as much as 2 to 2 1/2 feet above normal. there could be minor flooding. both sides on the bay. and also along the potomac as well. this low pressure that moved through the area way up to the north. what's happening is another system to the west is pushing that warm, humid air in our region. overnight tonight and tomorrow, through about the afternoon hours, a risk of more shower and thundershower activity before a front moves through, with dryer, breezy conditions. clearing skies by dinnertime. a much nicer weekend with a lot of sunshine. it will be breezy, though. southwest winds on the bay. maybe picking up tomorrow. bay temp, still around 67.
6:25 pm
tonight, shower activity. and thunderstorms. warm, 64. probably about 68. and 30 tomorrow. low 70s, sun and a couple of showers yet. anna, thunderstorm possibly as the front moves through. it will clear out tomorrow night, at a much nicer weekend coming your way. >> good. >> all right. thank you, bob. still a tight race in the pizza bolis football challenge. tim williams updates the bobblehead leader board at >> well, it's a two-way tie at the top of the bobblehead leader board. adam may, and jessica kartalija are tied with 56 points. and it's a three-way tie for second. with marty bass, stan saunders and yours truly. lurking in third place, though, not far behind. bob turk and sports director mark viviano. this week's big winner. tina small of baltimore. now, she got 12 of the 13 games correct and came closest to the score of the sunday night game. and for her effort, she wins a best buy and pizza bolis football card and sports
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memorabilia. if you want to play, all you have to do is come here to and click on the pro football challenge. what are you waiting for? get off defense and play. [ laughter ] >> the man loves props. the ravens are back in action this sunday against the houston texans. if you don't have a ticket, you can watch it here on wjz 13. and the game starts at 4:00. i'm going to find that yee haw and give it to ray lewis to run over. destroy that thing. >> i know you are. [ laughter ] still to come tonight on wjz's eyewitness news. caught on tape. a bus monitor attacks a teenage student. why she said she didn't do anything wrong. making their case. prosecutors using experts to try to prove dr. conrad murray is responsible for michael jackson's death. a salon murder. eight people murdered. eight people murdered. wh,, [ female announcer ] this is trish.
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we're now less than 30 seconds from 6:30. 70 degrees and foggy here with storms to the south. good evening, everyone. thanks for staying with wjz.
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here's some of the things people are talking about tonight. a custody battle may have sparked a massacre, inside a hair salon in southern california. as elizabeth sanchez reports from seal beach, the suspect calmly walked into the business, where his ex-wife worked and opened fire. >> reporter: mourners have started a makeshift memorial outside the beauty salon in seal beach, where eight people were gunned down. >> my heart just breaks for everybody gunned down. >> reporter: residents are trying to come to brips with -- grips with the town's worst mass murder. >> everybody is really upset. it is unnerving to think that something could like that could happen just out of nowhere like that. >> reporter: 42-year-old scott dekraai is under arrest. witnesses say he walked into the salon where his ex-wife worked and started shooting. >> reporter: this is a tiny seaside community. and just about everybody in town is familiar with the salon. >> it's a tight-knit community. and this is one of seal beach's
6:31 pm
greatest trag eltdies. -- tragedies. >> reporter: police captured dekraai about a half mile from the scene. he was wearing body armor and did not resist arrest. while the exact motive is not known, those familiar with dekraai says the couple was fighting over their son. >> i was thinking he must have thought, they're going to give custody of his son to the mom. >> reporter: elizabeth sanchez, wjz eyewitness news. >> police have not released any of the names of the victims. new developments in the case against the arizona man accused of a rampage at a political event that left several dead and a congresswoman gravely injured. mary is in the newsroom with the latest. >> reporter: jared lee loughner is back in a prison facility for more psychological treatment. prosecutors are trying to get him mentally fit for trial. he has pled not guilty to the massacre at a tuse -- tucson
6:32 pm
event. 13 were injured, including congresswoman gabrielle giffords. attorneys for loughner continued to fight efforts to get him forcibly medicated with anti-psychotic drugs. >> congresswoman giffords continues to recover from her near-fatal wounds. >> reporter: man charged with the death of michael jackson. sandra hughes reports for wjz from los angeles. more experts are taking the stand, trying to illustrate murray's negligence. >> reporter: attorneys for michael jackson's attorney questioned the sleep expert about the 25 milligrams of the sedative propofol. dr. conrad murray admits he gave it to the pop star on the day he died. >> that is a low dose, yes. >> and that is not a dose you would expect to cause complications, would you? >> not necessarily. >> reporter: defense attorneys suggest another doctor was treating jackson simultaneously for insomnia, without murray's
6:33 pm
knowledge and it was the overall cocktail of drugs in his system that killed him. they also say murray was trying to wean jackson off propofol, something jackson was not happy about. >> i recall dr. murray stating that that is what mr. jackson was asking for. but as physicians, we are not just there to enable and provide patients with what they ask us for but to do what's right. >> reporter: defense attorneys have abandoned their theory that michael jackson drank the final dose of propofol, but they may still argue that he injected the sedative or another drug into his ivmentd -- i.v. drip to try to get some sleep. >> reporter: but in thursday's testimony, they repeated that it should only be used for sedation, not to help people sleep. >> in standard practice, particularly in a home setting without appropriate monitoring, it is absolutely incomp incomprehensible. >> reporter: the defense is expected to begin its case next week, calling their own panel of experts who will counter
6:34 pm
what more than 30 witnesses for the prosecution have said over the past three weeks. in los angeles, sandra hughes, wjz eyewitness news. >> and stay with wjz for complete coverage of the trial of dr. conrad murray. we'll bring you the latest developments from the courtroom as they happen. >> well, right now, a tornado watch is in effect for our region. but to our south, some tornadoes have possibly already touched down. take a look at these pictures from louisa county, virginia. you can see the damage this storm caused there. this is the same area that was the epicenter of the east coast earthquake in august. let's go to bob in the weather center, who is tracking the system on live doppler radar. bob? >> those storms could move up the d.c. area. they have weakened somewhat. but they have a history of producing tornadoes. all of that activity now moving across portions of washington metro, southern maryland. particularly in the washington area. more down around fredericksburg, virginia. we do have that watch in effect
6:35 pm
until 11:00 tonight for the baltimore region. and south of us, it's in effect until 9:00 tonight. once again, we'll be here all night, tracking the radar. if anything happens, we'll let you know right away. denise? >> thank you, bob. baltimore police are still looking for the man who savagely beat another man with a baseball bat. wjz crews were on the scene in northeast baltimore last night. police say the 28-year-old victim was beaten during a robbery attempt. he's being treated for a broken jaw and head trauma. time now for a quick look at some of the stories you'll find in tomorrow morning's edition of the baltimore sun. we discovered one of the few places on the chesapeake, where african americans could go swimming before integration. everything you need to start getting fired up for sunday's ravens game. and the area's best haunted houses. for these stories and much more, read tomorrow's baltimore sun. remember to look for the updated forecast in wjz's first warning weather team. a doctor tells you, you
6:36 pm
have amyotroppic lateral sclerosis, or als, lou gehrig's disease. death is sure and often swift. a baltimore writer received that diagnosis less than a year ago. he is still alive, and his life is now being followed by readers around the world. >> if you're a regular listener to this program, you have gotten to know the journalist and author. >> reporter: every other monday morning, this is where you'll find dudley clendenon. ever since he was diagnosed with lou, as he calls it, last november, he's been sharing about the complications of living and dying with the disease. >> i don't want to live [ inaudible ] >> reporter: als can either start in the feet and work its way up or start in the muscles of the mouth or throat and work its way down. that's where dudley began. slurred speech was his first symptom. dudley loved life. it's evident in his charles
6:37 pm
village apartment. art, color, treasured objects. he's trying to sort through it all so as not to be a burden to his beloved daughter. death, he says, is no big deal. but dying is a chore. [ indiscernible ] [. [ indiscernible ] it's really comforting. >> you're not afraid? >> no, i'm not. i'm very calm and cheerful. >> reporter: that calm was evidencedded in a -- evidencedded in a piece he wrote for the new york times. the good short life. he talks about his plan to choose the moment of his death and the method. hundreds and hundreds of people responded from all over the world. and now, this prolific author and journalist has been given a reason to live. a book offer. and that's changed his plans to wink out, as he calls it, before the year's end.
6:38 pm
>> but now i have a book to write. ♪ [ music ] >> reporter: life, dudley says, is a negotiation. he will live until the "good short life" is written. there's a deadline and a mission to teach us all how to die a good death. [ indiscernible ] give its symmetry. there's no reason for me to feel cheated. this is a fabulous opportunity. >> and you can go to you can get links to wypr radio, where you can listen to the series of interviews. and you can read his essay on a good short life. >> what a brave man. still to come. trouble on the tracks. two trains collide in california. the injuries to the investigation. deadly pileup. dozens of cars collide in south america. how does it happen? i'm bob turk. first warning weather center.
6:39 pm
a dry weekend after storms tonight and more showers tomorrow. i'll have the exclusive first warning five-day forecast. >> and wjz 13 is always on. here are the top stories at at this hour. for updates on all the day's news, and the updated forecast, log onto [ dennis ] juggling insurance policies
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a 51-car file pileup kill -- pileup kills. they say the collision was caused by intense fog. it was reportedly started when one car stopped in the middle of the highway. in total, 23 trucks. 11 buses. and 17 cars were involved in the crash. well, nato trucks are under attack in pakistan today. gunmen opened fire on the nato fuel-supplied trucks and set fire to six of them. police say militants frequently attacked nato convoys to disrupt supplies heading to afghanistan. but attacks have intensified since the killing of osama bin laden. routes were previously bringing in 40% of supplies. >> two passenger trains crash in oakland, california. several people suffer minor injuries in the collision. amtrak officials say one train went straight through a red
6:43 pm
light and hit another train that was unloading passengers. a federal investigation will take 3 to 6 months to complete. a school bus beating caught on tape, surveillance video captures a 70-year-old bus monitor, attacking and biting a 14-year-old student. she can be seen putting the student in a head lock and punching him. the buzz monitor admit -- bus monitor admits she broke and rules but doesn't believe she broke the law. by the way, this occurred after that young man was involved in an altercation on the bus. scott pelley has a preview of what's coming up tonight on the cbs evening news. life-saving drugs are in dangerously short supply. and they're being sold at huge markups. a cbs news investigation finds out who is profiting at the expense of helpless patients. that story tonight on the cbs evening news. a look at tonight's closing numbers from wall street. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,
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it is a wet and kind of gloomy thursday. how much longer is this rain going to be sticking around. bob is in the weather center, with the updated forecast. as we roll into the weekend and
6:47 pm
storms. >> we have the light drizzle and fog here. just west of us, really a cluster of thunderstorms over howard county, montgomery county. it's moving up toward i-70. there you see it it. west of the city, the next 30 to 40 minutes could see gusty winds. very heavy downpours, each small hail with the storms moving right toward southern carroll county. and howard county. and maybe a little bit of western baltimore county over the next 45 minutes to an hour. now, tomorrow, we're still going to see more shower activity during the day. until maybe midafternoon, hippings will finally clear up. temperatures around the 60s to low 70s. but big improvement. wind coming back, drying things out friday night and saturday. sunday looks great. lots of sunshine. 70, 70, 72 monday and tuesday. with sunny to partly cloudy skies. denise? >> thank you, bob. if you're a fan of the twilight saga, don't miss an episode of entertainment tonight. >> coming up on entertainment tonight. our twilight world exclusive,
6:48 pm
brand new interviews and footage no one has seen from the set of breaking dawn, part 1. >> stay focused. keep your heart beating, bella. >> reporter: will bella die for love? kristen stewart, robert patterson and a shirtless taylor loutner. for the first time, the stars are dishing out details about the wedding. >> bella wants to spend forever with edward, but there's just something about marriage that she's apprehensive about. and it comes from the way she was brought up. >> so anything is kind of just relatively momentous moment for the series. it's just been building up and building up and building up. >> reporter: the marriage soon imperils the couple. >> towards the beginning of the movie, he's still the same jacob he always has been. he's jelts. jealous. he's still into bella. and he's hot headed. throughout the movie, he matures a ton. >> reporter: the twilight saga
6:49 pm
breaking dawn opens november 18th. also tonight, are ashton and demi about to file for divorce? we have the latest. plus, the power of cher. is she keeping chaz on "dancing"? that and much more coming up later here on entertainment tonight. >> that's at 7:30, here on wjz 13. and still to come tonight on eyewitness news. the ravens are arrested and ready. while their next deployment is black -- opponent is black and blue with injuries. >> mark has more next in sports. bge's instant discounts got our homeowner to switch to energy star® cfl bulbs. these covered cfls look great and last longer- perfect for 'them hard-to-reach places. 3-way cfls really click with my style. go to participating retailers for bge's instant discounts on select cfls.
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well, mark is here with the wjz the fan sports report. and the bye week will create a whole fresh attitude. >> you like that, huh? >> i've been covering the nfl for about 20 years. and it's amazing how they hide injuries, don't want to talk about injuries. it never changes. nfl teams also don't send sympathy cards to one another when one team is down and out because of injuries. players getting hurt. it's just part of the long season. and this week, the downtrodden state of the houston texans, happens to work in the ravens' favor. wide receiver andre johnson out with a leg injury. he'll be on the sideline in
6:53 pm
baltimore sunday, along with houston's best player on defense. mario williams, out for the year with a torn chest muscle. again, the ravens can't feel sorry for their broken-down opponent. but the purple birds know they are catching the inopportune texans -- the texans at an inopportune time. >> you can't replace mario johnson or williams. i'm not saying they're less or better or worse. but at the same time, them guys were names in the nfl that everybody knows. and they were make being plays year and year -- year in and year out. >> you can relax or whatever because they have a bunch of injuries. but then you're going to go out and get beat. they have very capable players. >> reporter: ravens update. starting offensive lineman ben grubbs, dealing with a toe injury that has kept him out of the last three games. receiver also sat out today. ravens are favored to remain undefeated at home this season.
6:54 pm
and if you don't have a ticket, you can tune in here to wjz. we'll bring you the game. coverage kicks off at 4:00. in baseball, at this moment, the detroit tigers arifying -- are fighting to stay alive in the play-offs. game 5. under way, the tigers leave texas. 6-2, 7th inning in detroit. rangers need one more win to clinch their trip to the world series. nationally, fans are crazy. they're fond of the rally squirrel. it's working with the down and dirty. st. louis pitching has been superior, especially in relief. cards got four perfect innings in their bull pen. cards lead the series, two games to one, game 4 in st. louis tonight. at underarmour headquarters candidate, -- today, the kicking off the the annual running marathon. they will kick off some of the
6:55 pm
world's world's elite marathon. they come to compete for the prize money and a 26.2-mile challenge. >> it's difficult because it's hilly. it's not as flat as new york or chicago. we do have great runners. and a lot of people don't realize that purse of $145,00045,000 draws them in. >> that's a big part of this. first place male and female finishers each win $25,000. runners from all 50 states and 24 countries will be represented in marathons, half marathons, team relays and 5k events, all coming up this saturday morning. i'll be out there this morning. one of the things i'm looking forward to, a twist on the marathon that goes through the zoo. >> we'll be running past the penguins and polar bears. >> we'll all be going like this. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
6:56 pm
6:57 pm
6:58 pm
don't miss the cbs primetime tonight at 10:00. it is the mentalist. that is it for us tonight. back at 11:00. i'm denise koch. >> for bob and mark, i'm vic carter. don't go away. there's much more ahead on the
6:59 pm
>> pelley: tonight, we've got the hold world in our hands-- again. john blackstone on the blackberry blackout and what it says about how dependent we've become. new york's mayor delivers a surprising message to those protesters occupying wall street. seth doane is there. armen keteyian investigates shortages of life-saving drugs and discovers just who's hoarding them to jack up the price. >> they're out to make a profit. plain and simple. >> pelley: and they're not the walls of jericho, but major work is needed to keep the stones of the national cathedral from tumbling down. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: good evening. on any given day here at the capital you will find members of congress walking the halls with their heads bowed-- not in prayer


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