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tv   Eyewitness News Morning Edition  CBS  October 18, 2011 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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it is the top of the hour and we're waking up to slightly cooler conditions. sharon will let you know if she put the whammy on that right after meteorologist bernadette woods, in for marty bass. we're in the 40s in some case ises. we'll take a look at the numbers. 50 degrees is what we're back up to at bwi-marshall. farther north we have a couple of 40s. 59 in annapolis and 59 along the water in kent island. clouds will start to thicken. overall, not a bad day. tomorrow the new storm comes our
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way. we'll have the forecast with the five-day taking you into the weekend coming up. here's inside scoop on a game we play around here. we often don't say when the commute is going well. here's sharon gibala at wjz traffic control. so you're going to put the blame on me if it's bad. i gotcha. right now i will say i don't have anything to report. no delays out there or incidents to report. if you take a look outside, you'll see we're starting to see more volume, 95 north of whitemarsh boulevard. no delays at this point. we'll cope you updated. remember, wjz 13 is always on. back over to you. here's what people will be talking about new developments in the case of an 11-year-old
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missing from montgomery county. his stepfather could be returned to face charges for murdering that 11-year-old's mother. >> reporter: curtis lopez will head back to maryland to face charges that he murdered his estranged wife jane mcquain. what police want to know is whether he can guide them to her son, 11-year-old william mcquain. >> i sat and cry because it's hard being in this building and you know what happened right upstairs. >> reporter: her friend said she spoke to lopez after the murder, a conversation that now gives her chills. >> i don't know. the hairs on the back of my neck went. >> reporter: investigators searched two parks for william mcquain but found nothing. >> the hope is that he's still
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alive. however, we are using teams and people experienced when the person is deceased. >> reporter: police arrested lopez in north carolina where they said he fled after the murder. police found another woman driving mcquain's suv and found mcquain's credit card and a box cutter in the hotel where they arrested lopez. they also found 18 copies of their marriage certificate. he had a violent past and told neighbors show was afraid of him. authorities have not given up hope that william mcquain is alive but the odds grow slimmer with each day that passes. police plan more searches for later in the week. mike hellgren, wjz eyewitness news. >> as of today lopez has not
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been charged. police determined the body found at trash dump is a loy yes a student. she was fond in the park charles apartment. there are no signs of foul play but police are awaiting an autopsy. last year a man died after falling down the trash chute in the same building. one person is hospitalized after jumping out a second floor window. this happened on thorndale avenue. the person has been take ton shock trauma. the cause of the fire still under investigation at this hour. the governor is talking about raising the gasoline tax. wjz and andrea fujii is live along falls road in north baltimore. good morning, andrea. >> reporter: good morning. this proposed gas tax is part of a jobs creation plan. if it passes, it could tack on
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an additional $2.50 every time most sedan drivers fill up. on monday governor martin o'malley announced he is considering an additional 15 crept gas tax -- cent gas tax to pay for infrastructure projects that he said will create jobs. >> whether we're willing to pay another penny or another nickel or dime or another 15 cents. >> reporter: maryland's gas tax would jump from 23 to 28 cents,. republican cents -- 23 to 38 cents. >> the people of maryland would wish he would start looking at what is good for maryland but he's more interested in the political stage in washington, d.c. >> reporter: some drivers already struggle to pay for gas. >> 15 cents on top of that.
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that's getting ridiculous. >> maryland is taxed pretty highly. >> reporter: this gas tax could be introduced in the next regular session, which starts in january. don, back to you. >> in addition to state tax we already pay 18 cents every time we fill up. the montgomery county man being held in aruba will remain behind bars. a judge denied gary giordno's release. giordano claims robyn gardner was swept away when the two were snorkeling. >> hundreds -- hundreds of palestinian inmates are being released in exchange for israeli
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prisoner gilad shalit. the iowa republican party announced it is changing the date of its caucus. the moves comes after florida said this was changing its date. the president will continue pushing his jobs plan in north carolina this morning before moving to virginia. as susan mcginnis reports, the republicans say it looks like a campaign tour to them. >> reporter: at a packed high school auditorium in north carolina, president obama pushed congress to pass his jobs plan piece by piece. >> we're going to clop this up into some -- chop it up into some bite sized pieces and give them another chance. >> reporter: he slammed senate republicans for block the measure implying that tea party
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conservatives hijacked the debate. >> it's way overdue trying to satisfy some branch of the party. >> reporter: the bus door will continue rolling through north carolina today before pulling into virginia. monday he got lap chance to stock up on candy. the who's insists this trip is about jobs, not votes, but that didn't stop supporters in asheville from shouting four more years. >> right now i'm thinking about the next 13 months. >> reporter: here in washington, republicans called it nothing more than a taxpayer financedded campaign trip. >> it's clearly about campaigning. and i must say i've never seen an uglier bus. >> reporter: democrats could bring up the part part of the
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plan this week. this contains $35 billion to help keep hundreds of teachers, firefighters and police on the job. >> congressional republicans insist the only way to revive the economy is so slash spending, lower taxes and ease regulations on corporations. in indianapolis race fans are paying tribute to a driver who lost his life over the weekend. the race track has turned into a memorial for champ dan wheldon. wheldon was killed by blunt force head trauma in a 15-car pileup in las vegas on sunday. the new york jets get back on track breaking a three-game losing streak on monday night football. he who get things started running an interception back, the largest interception run back in the league so far this
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season. the jets win 24-6. the dolphins remain winless. the ravens return to game action on monday night football when they travel to jacksonville. you can she them taking on -- see them taking on the jags. it begins monday night at 8:00. again, we hope florida dries out by the time we play football there. >> even so. it's so fun. >> a little cool, but it's october and it's football. this is just the beginning of what's to come. so good morning, ron. how are you doing out there. >> i thought you looked comfortable. >> reporter: we're doing great.
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we've got a fabulous event coming up, a taste, an auction of howard county. it's for the gill crest center. >> this is from a bakery in columbia. they've been voted the best bakery in howard county. >> reporter: we'll tell you all about the big event coming up sunday night.
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♪ start your morning a whole new way! ♪ ♪ pillsbury grands! biscuits ♪ filled with breakfast ingredients ♪ ♪ ready in minutes! ♪ you gotta taste...mmmm a brand new morning ♪ [ female announcer ] new pillsbury grands! biscuit sandwiches. good morning. a pretty good start to the day, light winds, cool this morning. this afternoon things will start to change. the rain will get closer and move into the mid-atlantic. this is how it looks now, 53 in baltimore, 40s north of the
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city. the light winds, may see a little bit of fog during the morning commute. the afternoon sunshine will give way to clouds. it will draw some of that rain up from the south and mix them teghtd and move through our -- together and move through our area tom p-tomorrow heave -- tomorrow heavy rain. we have the huge dip in the jet stream. that will keep us unsettled. it brings all that cool -- air down. tonight we're down into the 50s, going to see the clouds take over. a mild night with the clouds around. tomorrow rain possibly heavy at times. by thursday that moves out, a couple of showers possible and in the mid-60s. friday it leaves us.
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we're down around 60. on saturday looks to be pretty nice around here. don? so far, a cool and calm commute. here's sharon at wjz traffic control. we only had one accident and that cleared up about 5:30. everything is looking good. speeds on the beltway overall pretty good. average speed is 53 miles an hour. taking a live look outside at bel air road looking good. there's a look at the beltway. that is looking good, also. this traffic report is brought to you by your toyota dealer. see why now is the time to make the jump to toyota. great deals. now is the time to make the jump. >> and the ronster is out in the crisp morning air but he's got
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some food. >> already discussing baked goods and then you go pulling out this tray making us hungrier. >> i'm eyeing this chocolate cake that has my name on it. >> reporter: all right. wjz is proud to be a sponsor of the 26th annual out in howard howard. it's going to be sunday night, turf valley ellicott city, benefiting the gillchrist center. this is going to be phenomenal at turf valley. >> 25 restaurants will bring their samples of food. one of the auctioned items will be a pair of boxing gloves by mohammed ali, tour of the castle in owings mills.
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it's a lot of fun and goes to the new gillchrist center. >> reporter: we have 25 restaurants involved. the chef is fabulous. >> did a great job, did a rockfish special. his father comes and makes crepes suzette and flambe. >> reporter: we have caters. >> yes. it's a lot of fun. >> reporter: what do we have. >> this is from the bakery. this is one of my favorites, a chocolate raspberry cupcake, german chocolate cake. >> reporter: bernadette, what do
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you want? triple chocolate? there you go. let's go over the event. it's sunday night. >> 5 to 9. you can get more information on the website at gillchrist >> reporter: and the phone number. >> 410-730-1764. >> reporter: all right. very good. going to be a great event. sunday night. turf valley, five to -- nine. wjz a proud sponsor. cliff, great to see you and thanks for the goodies. >> all right. enjoy. take it back to the station. >> reporter: oh, we will, if they make it back to the station. >> thank you, cliff. >> well, we know he's sending them. >> reporter: don and burn, have a great day. >> for that event, the ravens
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are playing monday night. some people have sunday free time around here. >> that telephone number, if you didn't write it down, is available on our website, we're taking a break and coming right back. ,,,,,,,,,,
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good morning. in today's energy saver, how to save by doing smart laundry. about 90% of the energy is using hot wart. try to wash and dry full loads, but if you have a smaller load make sure you adjust the water level setting. i'm mary bubala. >> for more information, go to scroll down the righthand side and check on our special energy saver section. next up, locked in a basement. mentally disabled adults speak out about their house of horrors. a bomb shell announcement from a popular radio show
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personality. i'm derek valcourt. i'll tell you who is in the fight of his life. paying more at the pump. find out how much and why the governor wants to raise the gas tax. that's just ahead in a live report. if you're about to head out on the west side of the beltway, we're starting to take a lock at delays -- look at delays. let's send it over to bernadette. i'm in for marty bass. it is a dry start to the day. show was in the facebook movie but she's not on facebook book. she's on coffee with and will be talking about social networking and hair care. the eyewitness news morning the eyewitness news morning edition continues,,,,,,,, when it comes to getting my family to eat breakfast,
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it is a good looking cool
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feeling. sharon will have the latest and meteorologist bernadette woods is in for marty bass. it's just about 50 degrees now. 52 in baltimore. 48 in bel air. 58 in annapolis. 58 in kent island. now this afternoon we're going into the 70s. clouds will come. they will give way to rain by this time tomorrow. showing you the radar, if you have to get things done outdoors, today is the day to do things. >> thank you, the rush right now from sharon. 43 miles an hour is your average seed -- speed. the top side at full speed. so is 83 at the harrisburg
6:31 am
expressway. there is a look at crore top side still running smoothly but smoother at bel air road. it's the all new camry. it's ready. are you? >> it's being called a house of horror. four mentally challenged adults being held in a basement in philadelphia. they have been rescued and are talking about what they've been through. >> reporter: they're injured, emaciated and still scared. three of the four mentally challenged adults are speaking
6:32 am
out. the victims, three men and one woman were kept in this shallow space, too shallow for an adult top stand up -- to stand up. the victims all have physical signs of abuse. police say 41-year-old derwin mclem ire was chained to a boiler. >> i escaped from one of the houses of hers. >> reporter: 51-year-old linda ann west on it is -- weston is the ringleader. weston and two other suspects, gregory thomas and eddie wright, may have taken the victims to several states. they wound up here, victims transported in the middle of the night in an suv.
6:33 am
each suspect is being held on $2 1/2 million bail accused of kidnapping and assaulting those who are most vulnerable. >> turns out weston is a convicted murder and was found guilty in a starvation death and had 50 i.d.'s in her possession. a missing baltimore teenager has been found stabbed to death in curtis bay. ryan jackson was reported missing last friday. family members found blood at a home where they thought he would be. no arrests have been made. family, friends and a lot of ravens were in atend dance to say good-bye to pat modell. the wife of former ravens owner art modell was laid to rest.
6:34 am
she will be remembered. >> charming, you know, devastatingly beautiful, smart, had a lot of opinions about football, which she was always right. >> pat modell last week after being hospitalized for five months. she was 80 years old. >> a shocking revelation from a vet ran radio personality. ron smith telling his audience he's fighting pancreatic cancer. here's derek valcourt with more. >> reporter: ron smith cut right to the case. it is an advanced stage of pancreatic cancer. wbal radio host ron smith made the announcement. his doctors told him a cat scan discovered the tumor. >> he said you have grade four
6:35 am
pancreatic cancer that's metastasized. >> reporter: the 69-year-old said the cancer sin operable but treat -- is inoperable but treatable. he won't talk about the cancer on the show but instead will talk about the politics and social issues that have made him possible. >> the ron smith show will continue with ron smith except on days that i can't be here. all right. that's it. >> reporter: this was pancreatic cancer that killed steve jobs earlier this month. it is essential not digestive process. symptoms include persistent abdominal pain that leads to jaundice. >> by the time there's back pain, the cancer may have progressed considerably. >> reporter: ron smith said he
6:36 am
will have no pity party. >> something will get you in the end and what people should know is all is well. all is well. >> reporter: smith said he's not happy with the diagnosis but he is at peace with it and he will be in chemotherapy for the rest of whatever time he has left. there's a new tool to help respond to dangerous situations. in's a new hazardous materials unit. the vehicle replaces an old hazmat unit that was 23 years old. >> if the governor has his way, we will be deeping -- digging deeper into our pockets. he wants to raise the gasoline tax. good morning, andrea. >> reporter: good morning. this proposed gas tax is part of a jobs creation plan. if it passes, it would tack on
6:37 am
an additional $2.50 every time most sedan owners drive. on monday -- governor martin o'malley announced a 15-cent tax to help create jobs. >> what we need to figure out is, are we willing to pay another penny to bring those things about, or a nickel, or a dime or, as gus bauman and his commission say, another 15 cents. >> reporter: maryland's gas tax would jump from 23 to 38 crnt -- cents. republican lawmakers oppose the plan. >> his term will be over so help doesn't have to please the people of m the people have maryland wish he would start looking at what is good for maryland but he is more interested in the political stage in washington, d.c. >> reporter: some drivers already struggle to pay for gas with prices as high as this --
6:38 am
twice as high has a few years ago. >> maryland is taxed highly. aside from the inner harbor, i'm not sure where it goes. >> reporter: the gas tax could be introduced in the next regular session which starts in january. >> in addition to state tax we also pay in federal tax. lowes will not be coming to the city after all. according to our media partner the baltimore sun, the anchor has pulled out. by the way, none of those is in maryland. the owner of the ski resort in western maryland has filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. they defaulted on a $30 million
6:39 am
loan. and another rare rappeling demonstration, this time outside the national cathedral. the inspectors worked their way down the tower looking for more damage from last august's earthquake. this is the same group that recently inspected the washington monument. large chunks have already been removed and the national cathedral is set to reopen next month. lots still going on from our rare earthquake in august. >> followed by the hurricane. >> and a lot of rain after that. >> that's when i deliver.
6:40 am
quite an evening. if you have to get yard work done, the rain's going to come. now with the leaves getting the way they are, it's starting to be a pretty weekend. >> coming up on coffee with this morning, the parks and recreation actress talks about hair care and how you can get involved in your own dove commercial. sharon's going to have traffic. bernadette will have weather. ghouls and goblins, princesses and super heroes. go to our home page and click on
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good morning. here's what we're looking at to start off the day. 40's out west. 52 in ball. farther to the south we're not mid-50s. the winds are light. they will be turning around as the storm approaches us. the two will converge over the mid-atlantic. we're going to see the clouds come. they will thicken up. tomorrow rain and the winds picking up. on thursday, even though the center pulls away, the winds will be up. it will be very unsettled. scattered showers popping up as we settle into this. the cool air is going to come down from the north. so we'll see some difference in those temperatures. today we're going up to 72, still a warm one.
6:45 am
tonight down into the 50s. then tomorrow we go back up to 730. the rain comes in. mid-60s. scattered showers possible thursday. by friday that's out of here. 61 for the high. the sun is returning. a beautiful start to the weekend. 63 with sunshine saturday. >> the way to work or school. we have picked up an accident. this one is if you're headed to the south. 295 southbound at 197, an accident blocking the left lane with the backup. starting to look at the backup on 95 southbound between whitemarsh boulevard. it will take you three minutes to get through that. your average speed down to 36 miles an hour between 795 and 95, an 18-minute drive time. there's a look at 295 at 175, --
6:46 am
everything is moving smoothly. there's a look at the delay on whitemarsh and at harford road. this traffic report is brought to you by your toyota dealer. your toyota dealer has the car for you. back over to you. >> this morning's coffee with guest is rashida jones. the satellite interview provided by dove air care. >> rashida jones. welcome. >> lessen to that -- listen to that. >> you're one of the few people i met in your business not on facebook. we'll get to dove in a second. i find that fascinating. >> not even a fan page?
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>> listen -- dove hair is on facebook. >> we're talking about you. >> i'm personally not. i was in the facebook movie, so i think i did my due diligence, right? >> that's exactly where i'm going. i'm blown away that you're not. it say last lot about you in a very good way -- it says a lot about you in a very good way. it says you're confident. you have a tight circle of friends. you don't need to expand and you're busy. >> you're like a facebook psychic. >> kind of. she's got a real life. >> i've got a real life and so do you. >> i've got a facebook. >> let's talk dove. it's a whole lot easier.
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your hair didn't look as good not to be movie as now. i assume in the facebook movie, the stylist wasn't using dove. >> i didn't have dove back then but my life has changed. i'm here to talk about it. i'm very lucky to be partnering with dove hair in the make friends with your hair campaign. we made these commercials where i'm trying to make friends with my hair, which is frizzy and not really being my friend. we're encouraging other women to join us by entering the make friends with your hair contest. they can upload their own silly, creative, embarrassing, whatever, videos to illustrate how they're trying to make friends with their hair. >> what do they get in return? >> the winner will have their
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own dove hair ad. it's also cathartic. people can share their stories. it works for me. >> we keep this thing ice chilled, even in the summer. the studio crew will be wearing coats because of the frizz factor. >> there you go. you got to do what you got to do. >> some of the ladies doing the evening news, it could look like -- >> i get a wave factor if it gets muggy. >> i'll tell you why this gets muggy, because of all the cloth behind the sets. they tend to hold on to even the lightest moisture. that's why there's a humidity factor in the studio. >> you should have the women in
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your studio make a video. >> hey, listen, what else you got going on? we've got about 30 seconds left. what's the newest project. >> our fourth season and airs on thursday nights. we were nominated for an emmy. we didn't win but that doesn't mean we're not winners in our own right. maybe i need to get a facebook page. >> the show should. >> i'm sure they do. >> when the aokay ca lips -- apocalypse comes, you'll be the only person standing on earth. >> thank you, and my hair will look good, too. >> but does your hair look good
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if there's nobody left to see this? >> good question. i think yes. i'll say yes. >> listen, rashida, we've got to roll. >> thank you, guys. >> bye-bye. my dove comes in a bar. >> make sure she can't hear me. i guarantee we just gave her a headache. >> i got a headache. >> she's in this movie. >> she almost knows mark zuckerberg personally. >> that blew me away. we're,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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here come your updates. >> good morning, everybody. okay. here's our forecast for today. still dry for your morning commute. we'll have more in a moment take a look at the forecast. we're going to the low 70s. sunshine will give way to increasing clouds. tonight the clouds take over and the rain arrives. that will continue on and off through the day. heavy rain is possible. the winds will be picking up. thursday scattered showers, turning cooler. that starts to leave us. take a lock at temperatures, 61
6:55 am
for our high, going -- look at temperatures, 61 for our high and saturday is looking beautiful, 63 with sunshine. let's see if she is ready. good morning. sharon. you caught me. i didn't push the graphics button, but there's not much to delay. we have one accident on 295 southbound. it's still blocking the left lane with backups to 32. delay from whitemarsh boulevard past the boulevard. there's a look 37 miles an hour, your slowest spot. this particular shot isn't looking so pretty at harford road. there's a look at the delay. this traffic report is brought to you by home paramount pest control. call home paramount pest control at 888-888-home. the governor says he's
6:56 am
considering an additional 15 crept -- cent a gallon gasoline tax. most drivers would and up paying 2.50 cents. it will be announced at next general assembly, which starts in january. police found a body at the end of a trash chute. the body is that of -- is that of emily hauze. a missing lansdowne teenager is found. ryan jackson was reported missing on friday. one person is hospitalized after jumping out of a second floor window last night on thorndale avenue. the person was taken to shock trauma with unknown injuries.
6:57 am
stay with wjz 13. right now an israeli soldier is about to reunite with his famil,
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