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tv   The Early Show  CBS  November 1, 2011 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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good morning. herman cain fights back saying he never sexually ra hassed anyone, but the gop front-runner admits financial settlements were made with two of his accusers. what does this mean for his campaign and how will it impact the rest of the field? we'll go live to washington for the latest. more than 2 million customers are still without power in the northeast as the death toll rises to more than 20. this as an investigation is open into the jetblue flight that stranded pass ngers on the tarmac for more than seven hours
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during the storm. michael jackson's doctor will let us know today if he's going to testify or not. and reality bites kim kardashian files for divorce just ten weeks after her made from tv wedding. she says sometimes things don't work out. so what happens to all the money now? early, this tuesday morning, november 1st, 2011. captioning funded by cbs good morning. welcome to "the early show" on november 1. >> how did that happen? we begin with gop front-runner herman cain. he says he was accuseded of inappropriate behavior 12 years ago and the women involved did
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receive money. jan crawford is live with what has become a major distraction for that campaign. >> he spent most of the day repeatedly trying to shoot down these allegations, but sometimes his story did change. all of this is coming just as several new polls show his him solidifying his leader of the republican pack. >> i have never sexually harassed anyone. i've never sexually harassed anyone. >> was there any behavior on your part that you think might have been inappropriate? >> in my opinion no. >> the accusations against cain date back to the 1990s and were brought to life sunday on the politico website. two women at the national restaurant association a group cain then led, complained he engaged in sexually suggestive behavior. the women eventually were paid a settlement, a claim cain initially deposited. >> i am unaware of any sort of settlement. i hope it wasn't for much
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because i didn't do anything. >> but later acknowledged on fox news -- >> and yes, there was some sort of settlement or termination and i don't even know what the contents of that was since it was found baseless. >> talgzs have create add media firestorm and come as cain has created a media in the polls. >> i told you this bull's eye got bigger. i have no idea. we have no idea the source of this witch-hunt. >> others have gone further announcing cain is the victim of a high tech lynching. >> you have a high ranking black figure who dare toes break away from the liberal orthodoxy, who dares to challenge the republican elite, as well. >> but the reporter who broke the story denies he had any agenda other than the truth. >> i was doing my job and reporting a story about a candidate for president of the united states who had serious
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allegations lodged against him. >> reporter: despite the controversy swirling around him, cain was able to lighten the mood at his national press club appearance. ♪ i'll never know why jesus came to love me so ♪ cain said the story was designed to force him out of this race. he vowed that it wouldn't. the chief of staff toll me supporters were rallying behind him yesterday. online support was up 75%. the question is how long will that last if there are more disclosures. >> jan, thanks. we want to bring in now gop strategist mark mckinnon. mark, great to have you with us. we want to have you handicap what we've seen over the last 24 hours or so. taking a look at how this was handled by the campaign politico says they did reach out ahead of this story.
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they should have known this was coming. was it handled correctly? >> no erica, it hasn't been. the three things should have happened. one, they should have known it was coming. two, they should have been prepared. three, they should have had a singular message and stayed on that message. the problem is not even so much the story itself, but the changing nature of the story. and so if cain would simply have come out, acknowledged that the story had happened been prepared, had a proactive statement about the incident and left it at that it would have been fine. but now he keeps talking and changing the story and that's the problem is the evolution of the story. >> so how does he take control of the situation today? >> well we should just be affirmative and acknowledge that there was a suit and say that the deal was sealed and proactively reaffirm what he said before, which is that he never harassed anybody. the problem is that he went into the details of the alleged incident now which he never should have done.
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the he should have said, it never happened. i never harassed anybody. there was a settlement end of story. the problem gets into versions of the story now. he has a version of the story and the next thing we're going to hear is the version from one of the alleged victims of the incident is going to have their version. then there's going to be competing versions of the story. i think it was a mistake for cain too far get into how it happened where it happens and it would have been better to say it never happened that harassment never happened and that should have been the end of the story. >> so that's how it should have played out. you gave us some ideas of how the campaign should have handled this. moving forward today, support among his core group there is up according to his campaign manager. there was a rise in donations yesterday. how do the rest of the candidates handle this? they have been laying low. is that what you would have recommended if you were working
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with the other folks? >> never get in the way of a train wreck when that's happening to your opponent. the other candidates should absolutely stay away from this. the problem for cain is twofold. one is he's been seen as authentic. if any of this comes across as being inauthentic, that he's trying to change his story line or he's not -- his support among republican could collapse and that spells real danger for him. >> mark good to have you with us. let us know if any of the candidates give you a call. >> sure will. we want to turn our attention now to wall street. there's jitters this morning. >> they come all the way from europe where a shocking move is sending ripples through the markets. rebecca jarvis is with us. the europeans did have a deal in place last week and something seems to have fallen apart. what's going on?
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>> basically was going on in europe is a jockeying. greece has a massive debt. as a result of thats massive debt, the rest of europe is saying, greece you have to cut spending. you have to cut on your jobs and other entitlement programs. well it looked like last week there was a deal. it looked like greece was willing to play ball with the rest of europe and do what the rest of europe wanted them to do in order to get a bailout. today, we have news that the prime minister in greece went back to his people and said you get to vote on this. you get to say whether we go along with what europe wants us to do. and there's a problem because the people don't look like they want to do that. >> and so if they say no we run into a whole new mess. we spent so much time talking about how this october was a great october here in the u.s. despite everything that was happening overseas. how are folks thinking this is going to impact the markets here today? >> well, you have the near term pain you have the near term fear playing into what's happening. so around the world, stocks are
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pointing lower this morning. you mentioned, though we're coming off one of the best octobers in years. the dow was up 9.5% for the month of october. we've had a lot of positivity coming into all of this. we have a g-20 meeting taking place beginning tomorrow. and the united states along with the rest of the world is going to be pushing europe as well as greece to get on board with the austerity measures because it's really, as of now, it is the only solution on the table that can keep greece from going down that rabbit hole and from destabilizing the rest of the world economy. >> rebecca jarvis thank you. >> thank you. more than the 2 million people are waking up this morning without power in the northeast. >> space heaters are causing a spike in hospital visits as customers without electricity
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find anything they can to stay warm. in north jersey the power is still out. >> this is where the family spent hall hoe wean night, sharing tales of trick or treat by candlelight. it's their third night in a row without power. their one comfortable a propane space heater which out of caution they turn off before going to bed at night. >> what's your routine at night without power? >> lots of blanket, heat the place up light the candles. >> they're like many residents in must milford, new jersey, who refuse to let a late october snowstorm dampen their spirits. >> i have regulars. they come every year. >> rain or shine, veterinarian carol carbury becomes a witch on hollow's eve. >> what was it that made you say i've got to do this?
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>> because i'm the witch every year. i had to do it. i couldn't let them down. >> kids are grateful for candy being handed out this halloween. parents are thankful neighbors are sharing generators. >> and i was just bragging on saturday how we've had such warm halloweens and i think i spoke too soon and jinged everyone. >> one neighborhood has surprised power to five people on this street. >> we got in last night. >> a large tree limb narrowly missed marilyn cline's home while she was away for the weekend. was it freezing? >> it was freezing in here. >> utility companies say power may not be restored until late this week which means dark cold nights without the benefits of spooky fun. >> lots of problems in new jersey. my folks are still without power until thursday they're talking about getting it become.
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more on the jetblue flight this weekend that was stuck on the tarmac. >> the government is now investigating how it could have been happened. but as pier greenberg reports, the government touted passenger bill of rights may not have happened in this case. >> it's ridiculous. the airport is leaving us here and not doing anything about it. >> jetblue was forced to land at hartford's bradley international airport saturday night. >> is there any way you can get a tug and a tow bar out here to us and get us towed somewhere, to a gate or something. >> reporter: 129 passengers were stuck on the tarmac for more than seven hours and working rest rooms. >> no. they're filled. they're totally filled. no one can get in them any more. you have to hold it. >> tempers began to flare on board. >> i've got a problem on the airplane. i'm going to need cops brought
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on the airplane. >> behind us there was almost a fight. in front of us, people are yelling. >> jetblue's coo apologized. >> we know we let some of you down over the course of the weekend, and for that we are sorry. >> as of april 2010 a passenger egg's bill of rights says if a passenger is left on the plane for more than three hours, the airline can be fined up to $27,500 per passenger. >> when the airport realized they were being overloaded, they should have said we cannot accommodate the aircraft and you knight need to divert somewhere else. >> cbs news aviation safety expert pilot sullenberger believes everyone involved must work together.
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>> the airlines the air krafk control systems, the airports all have to have action plans in place to quickly turn to in adverse weather affair to get stairs and buses to airplanes that cannot make it through gates. >> peter greenberg is here with us for more. how did this happen, whether it's the airport's responsibility or the airline responsibility how do you leave people on a plane for seven hours? >> once you divert a plane and an airport accepts that plane, there's a certain responsibility the airport should have that goes beyond what the airline is responsible for. >> bradley is not a big a airline, but you have a guy on a wheelchair. >> exactly. we don't need a jetway here. go back to the future. get the stairs to the plane and get the people off the plane. >> which the pilot requested at one point. if i'm sitting on that plane, i'm literally thinking, can we open the door and put the slide down and get us all out of here? >> well, a jetblue flight
7:15 am
attendant tried that. but the pilot didn't declare an on board emergency and didn't call the authorities. this is a 911 call. >> do you think the pilot should have gone further? >> it takes it to another level. >> could you ever realistically, though, is there a situation where the pilot could say, it's okay, i'm giving you the okay open that door and get them these people out. >> once you deploy that slide, it's a very expensive process. but the bottom line is in the 16 months from the rules were put in place for the department of transportation, there were 900 delays. >> do you think they'll be fined here? yes or no? >> no. >> and nobody has yet. >> those passengers would like to see a fine. >> i think they may get together and ask for something on their own, too. betty nguyen is here for
7:16 am
jeff glor at the news desk. >> good morning to you. anger is rising with the flood waters in thailand this morning. millions of people in more than a third of the country are now affected by flooding that started back in july. water is receding in parts of bangkok. some people are calling for the government to open a flood gate to ease the high waters in some areas. almost seven years to the day that his son died in a horrible plane crash, it almost happens to nascar owner rick hendrick and his wife. they were landing at a key west airport last night when pilots radioed the jet lost its brakes. the plane ran off the runway and they suffered minor injuries. in romania, two soccer players were seriously injured when spectators got roudy. a man burst on to the field sunday and blind-sided a player
7:17 am
with a punch that broke his jaw. the players' teammates caught the a at thatter before security took him away. security canceled the match before taking him to the for fireworks. he suffered severe burns from still ahead this morning, spy versus spy. also ahead this morning, the
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when kim kardashian married kris humphries back in august, some said it would never last. many people were fooled until yesterday. she filed for divorce on halloween, 72 days of marriage. apparently kris humphries blind-sided. he says he is still committed. >> never saw it come. now there are all sorts of questions about the millions of dollars they made selling this made for tv wedding. huge extravaganza. >> it was insane. i got sucked in. i started running on the
7:22 am
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>> it is 25 minutes past seven. is that rain? >> no, it is the tears of angels. of course it is rain. we are seeing shower activity out of the east northeast. this is going to be long gone. for the most part we will see skies clear before not too long. forecast today calls for a high of 56 degrees, absolutely a gorgeous afternoon. just give it a while.
7:26 am
now over to sharon gibala, wjz tv traffic and control. good morning. >> hi there marty, good morning, everyone. if you are about to head out that accident on the west sight west side of the beltway and a crash on 29 blocking the ramp. another accident on columbia there. 795 southbound eight minutes from there to the belt way slow as well. take a look at this shot. the top side of the beltway at hartford road. it is stop and go, mostly stop in that shot. there is a look at the west side. don, back over to you. >> we have a school advisory for you. it is closed again today due to another power outage. against they still have no electricity.
7:27 am
if you are headed through a tollbooth this morning expect to pay more as new toll increasings are in effect. andrea fujii is live at the fort mchenry toll tunnel plaza. >> reporter: this one of two toll hikes we will see over the next two years. they go up there. the commuter easy pass increases. the cost to cross the bay bridge jumps from 2.50 to 4 dollars. the easy pass rate stays the same until july 2013. on i-95 and kennedy highway and the bridge the toll goes up and easy pass rates go up. phase ii of the hikes include raising that toll to 2013. don back to you. >> the search is on here this morning for who shot a man in the chest in a carry route in waverly. police say the motive was likely robbery and this is the third time in three years someone has been shot at that same carry out. no word on the man's condition
7:28 am
at this hour. stay with wjz 13, maryland's news station, up next new reports dr. conray murray may take the stand [ female announcer ] this is steve and lynn and they have a good question. can the aetna app make you healthier? well, that all depends on what you do with it. and there's an awful lot you can do with it. access your medical history, view claims get reminders for mammograms find in-network doctors, track your health goals... run with it. i got my cholesterol down. i lost five pounds. [ female announcer ] see for yourself, aetna. know more. get better.
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welcome back to "the early show" at half past the hour on this, the first day of november move. i'm erica hill awrong with chris wragge. if you like a good spy movie, we have a few tales for you that are real. the fbi just releasing these videos of russian spies who were arrested last year. anna chapman figured prominently. she's gone on to pursue other things in russia. >> she's gone on camera shopping in macy's.
7:31 am
it turnses out these spies were under surveillance in a decade. we'll see more evidence in just a couple of minutes. cash swaps, clan did he stine meetings. >> it really happened. first, to the dr. can rad murray man slaughter trial. he may or may not take the stand today. >> this after the prosecution went after a key defense witness on monday. as ben tracy reports, things got a little rough. >> are you saying he was not capable of pushing 911? >> the prosecution grilled the star wps for the defense, anesthesiologist paul white, trying to get him to admit that dr. conrad murray's treatment of michael jacks yolon violated the standard of care. >> if michael jackson came to you and said he wanted to pay
7:32 am
you to administer propofol in his bedroom every night, would you do it? >> absolutely non. that would be a job i wouldn't consider. >> this witness was virtually destroyed by the prosecution. not only was he a mixed bag, but he might have hurt the defense' case more than he helps. >> when asked, dr. white could not justify many of dr. murray's actions, including not calling 9 1 when michael jackson was found nonresponsive and for not telling paramedics and doctors that propofol -- >> well it was obviously overlooked. he -- >> well not obviously, but it could have been a lie, correct? >> if you say so yes. >> is and dr. white was repeatedly told he could be held in contempt by telling about
7:33 am
conversations he had with murray that were not admissible. good morning to you both. republican presidential candidate herman cain now admits he was accused of sexual ra harassment back in the 1990s, but says he did nothing wrong. in a series of interviews yesterday, cain repeatedly said he never harassed anyone. but as the day progressed the details of his short shifted. at first, cain said he was not aware his accusers received any settlements, but then changes hid story. it it skorted out it was a lot of money and it was baseless she ended up leaving with several months severance. >> kaib says his online donations nearly doubled yesterday. in other news, secretary of
7:34 am
state hill rad rodham clinton has canceled a trip because her mother is sick. there's no word on the nature of her illness. crews in the northeast are working to restore power after a power storm. the death toll has reached at least 21. well, the weather has got very interesting over about the past half-hour, we were going to have clouds around but there is an area of low pressure offshore swinging moisture our way. if you look straight out to the horizon, that is rain approaching the inner harbor, we will go ahead and take a closer look at i want to update you now on a story we first brought you last year. remember the ten russian spies who were arrested here in the
7:35 am
u.s. and sent home as part of a spy swap? it turns out chapman and other agents were caught on camera many times as they conducted their spy games. >> since being ex peld from the u.s. as a russian spy, anna chapman has become her own international brain, part-time lingerie model, tv personality and aspiring politician. but before japman was the star of men's magazine she appeared in more sedate almost boring videos and didn't know it. in june 2010 the red-hair spy delivered a lop top. later, the fbi watch her again while she shopped for leggings as a russian official waited outside. chapman was not the government's only unwitting video star. the fbi watched as two of chapman's fellow spies met on a brooklyn street and then again
7:36 am
near new york's columnby gentleman circle. frank bigluzzi is the is the top intelligent member. >> anytime you can totally dismantle an operating network inside the united states that's a huge win for us. >> it seemed over ten years, the fbi had cameras everywhere. agents took video of this stash. two years later, video cameras reported one of the spies retrieving the treasure. officials say the trade craft was sophisticated, but compromised. this video shows a package in a dead drop under a bridge in arlington, virginia. still, another camera captured this payoff.
7:37 am
>> so what you're seeing here in the passage is a russian official passing money to one of the actual illegals. >> fbi officials say they allowed the network to operate for as long as they did in order to learn as much as possible about russia's spy operations. but when the spies started getting closer to the circles in washington, a decision was made to end the cold war entries. >> this is why i always wanted to be a fed. it is fascinating. >> i thought you were going to say you always wanted to be a spy. >> they had cameras on these people for so long it makes boggles my mind. >> it will make me think quickly the luxurious time i try 20g9 on the subway. we're going to tell you
7:38 am
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experts predict the unemployment rate will save up to 9% next year so where are the jobs? try the fast growing energy industry. >> there are jobs to be had. a lot of those jobs are riding on the natural gas boom right now. business and economics correspondent rebecca jarvis is here with an inside look at the game changing potential of this natural resource. there's a lot of controversy surrounding it as well. >> there is. and we will explore both estimates. by some estimates, the u.s. has two centuries worth of cable buried thousands of feet below ground. but now through hydraulic fracturing energy wells are digging wells across the country and they're hoping to generate up to a million new jobs. >> how many guys would you find on a rig like this at any given time? >> it will vary a little bit. from five to as many as six or seven. >> from high above this rig
7:42 am
outside oklahoma city, chesapeake energy is focusing on america's drive toward energy independence. >> and this one can drill as much as two miles underground or could it drill even deeper than that? >> it could drill deeper. 18,000 feet, something like that. >> the drilling is part of a natural gas boom involving more than 150 companies across 36 states. >> what makes natural gas so important to this cup? >> it is the way away from foreign oil. it is the way towards more jobs. it is the way to stronger economy. it's the way to better national security. >> abdomenry mcclendon is ceo of chesapeake energy, the second largest natural gas producer in the country. he's betting his can company's fortune that this cleaner oil will eventually replace the 3
7:43 am
billion crude from opec we report every day. >> this is one turn. >> the more to inacceptsive natural gas does is it's a tremendous boost to our economy. it means electricity price res lower, gas price res lower, companies that would have gone overseas are building them in the united states. >> politicians of every strine -- >> it's a path forward president obama endorsed directly in march. >> recent innovations have given us the opportunity to tap large reserve reserves. perhaps a century's worth of reserves. >> reporter: the reserves are buried thousands of feet below ground in massive shale rock formations in states like texas, louisiana, arkansas and as far north aspen pen and ohio and new york. in 2010 the united states surpassed russia as the largest producer of natural gas. we currently get about a quarter
7:44 am
of our energy from natural gas and demand is climbing. >> is it easy? is it accessible to get to that 200 year's worth? >> yes. it's not that easy in the sense that it comes to you. you have to go drill a well. >> the process is noun as hydraulic fracturing. companies drill a well one to two meals below the either and turn it sideways, pumping large amounts of gas to the service. >> we've drilled about 125 wells in this particular field. >> that's a lot of natural gas. how many dollars does something like that equate to? >> they wells cost typically around $7 million, $8 million. some of the best wells might pay out in as little as 30 to 60 days. >> but the price of natural gas has dropped significantly, raising questions about the industry's profitability and its long-term nurch.
7:45 am
>> if we go into a deeper economic decline, a double dip, then we would see natural gas prices probably fall. they could fall to a level where you would see drilling activity decline simply because people don't have the capital. our company will make $2 billion this year for its shareholders. the industry is a protble industry. we're the lowest cost gas producers in the word today. and i'm going to deliver this american treasure to the american people because they need to know about it. the the. >> mcclendon tells us he's been in touch with several european conditions that are interesting in replicating this. tomorrow we'll look at whether high drat dralic fracturing is safe and if energies are done in the property agencies.
7:46 am
>> that's dwight dividing communities. >> it is dividing communities. on one hand, you have a cheaper potentially cleaner alternative to oil. but on the other hand there is an impact on the communities. we went out and spoke with a number of people in pennsylvania where the debate is very hot right now. >> cbs rebecca jarvis thank you. >> thank you. still ahead, the important of living a happy life no matter what kind of work you do. >> a new study shows happy people live longer. this is "the early show" on cbs. [ male announcer ] identity thieves never stop coming up with ways to steal from you. they can open up an account in your name and go on a serious spending spree. do you have cufflinks? mm-hmm. gold ones? [ male announcer ] not on our watch. we're lifelock. go to and learn how our patented billion point database can help protect you. call 1-800-lifelock today. lifelock. relentlessly protecting your identity.
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it is now five minutes before 8:00. this morning's sunrise kind of a study in pastels as you make your way by the water. what is happening out on the land? here is sharon. >> we cleared up those accidents. we have one there. we still have that wreck there on 29. that ramp is closed. another accident in columbia there. watch for delays on the jfx.
7:56 am
and those are your drive times. this traffic report brought to you by home paramount pest control. back over to you, don. >> thank you, marty is is over over in the first warning weather center. >> we saw that that passed off to the east. over the past half-hour a couple of showers have been flung our way from the coast. this is not any indication the forecast is going south on us in a big way. those are your temperatures. clearly along the 95 corridor and through the city and northern anne arundel county, light shower activity.
7:57 am
don, take it away. >> the toll increases are in effect. andrea fujii has the story. >> reporter: this is one of two toll hikes we will see over the next few years. those are your increases there on those. on i-95, kennedy, highway and the bridge the toll goes up from 5 to 6 dollars and easy pass rates from 80 cents to a dollar 50. phase ii of the hikes include raising the bay bridge toll to 6 in 2013. don, back to you. >> thank you very much. today a jury will continue to deliberate whether the man convicted of killing a gasoline station should live or die. last week he was found guilty. police recorded him confessing, making him eligible for the
7:58 am
death penalty. stay with
7:59 am
8:00 am
welcome back to "the early show." top of the hour november 1st. where is time going? >> it is an excellent question, my friend. >> hope you had an excellent halloween. i'm chris wragge with erica hill. most of us try to be happy, right? >> always. >> because it seems to me actual health benefits for being happy. >> yet another reason to keep that smile on your face. a new study finds happy people
8:01 am
have as much of a 35% lower risk of dying. in english, if you're happy, you live longer. there you go. >> works for me. >> what are the key toes being happy? we will take a look at the author of the happiness project who tells us how family and a little exercise can go a long way. >> but first there is new information about how much the justice department knew about letting guns walk into the hands of criminals. >> sharyl attkisson joins us with more on that. >> the federal government has insisted for months that it knew nothing. but new documents turned over late yesterday show that a senior justice official knew its own agents let a large number of guns walk in a case that goes back to 2006. that official lanny brewer acknowledged yesterday that he learned about the gun walking at least 18 months ago and did not take any steps to ensure that
8:02 am
such controversial techniques were not being used in other of their federal investigations. breuer said in a statement yesterday he now regrets not alerting others within the department of justice to those controversial tactics when they first came to his attention. when new gun walking allegations arose earlier this year bruer said he did not draw a connection to the unacceptable tactics of atf agents years earlier. last night, senator chuck grassley of iowa said quote, despite their denials of gun walking, it appears that senior justice department officials clearly knew that gun walking had happened previously and ignored the red flags that it was happening again in a newer case called fast and furious. breuer, that high ranking justice official is scheduled to testified before a senate southbound committee today and will likely be asked about all
8:03 am
of this. >> it's chris. how did the material come to life? >> the justice department turned over about 650 pages the of documents due to a congressional subpoena. investigators will be pour thing over them in great detail to see who thought up the scheme who approved of it and who knew of it. >> sharyl thank you. betty, good morning again. >> good morning, chris and erica and good morning to you. republican front-runner herman cain says he never sexually harassed anyone. but yesterday he admitted he was accused of sexual harassment back in the 1990s. cain said the allegations are part of a witch-hunt. ate first, cain denied he knew of any payout to his accusers. but then changed his tune. >> yes. that was some sort of settlement or termination and i don't even
8:04 am
know what the agreement was isn't it was found baseless. the report on president obama's recent sfl in. the white house doctor says he is in excellent health at age 50. he stays fit and drinks alcohol in moderation. and after a long struggle to quit smoking, he is tobacco free. in summary, it says mr. obama is fit for duty. and a report this morning says the giant brokerage firm mf global is under a federal investigation. it filed for bankruptcy yesterday. the firm is run by former new jersey governor jon corzine and the "new york times" says about $700 million of customer funds had gone missing from mf global. regulators want to know if the firm used that money to support its own trades as the firm failed. in connecticut, long lines after this weekend's surprise snowstorm. some stations had to shut down
8:05 am
because power outages knocked out the pumps. nearly 2 million customers are still in the dark. overnight in hard hit meridian, connecticut, five people including two children were rushed to the hospital after carbon mon automatics i'd
8:06 am
in brief, he's been a presidential speech writer actor, emmy award winning game show host lawyer, professor was in ferry beuhler's day off. >> and we are fortunate to have mr. stein with us here this morning. >> honored to be here in your deep freeze studio. >> and it's actually warmer than yesterday. it's a good thing you came in on a tuesday. you talk a lot about the importance of marriage. >> for more americans, the marriage choice they make is the most important choice they will ever make who they decide to marry or have as their significant other is the most important choice they'll ever make. >> so is 72 days long enough to allow a marriage to play out? >> if you're a wealthy beverly hills young woman whose father is a lawyer for a very famous sports figure yes, that's long enough. but for most people -- i don't know. i've been married 43 years to my same wife. we still learn new things about each other all the time.
8:07 am
but if you make the right choice about who you marry, pretty much everything else works out. it's vital. >> economics is definitely a big part of it. you don't want to obviously marry for money or anything like that. but if you marry into a situation where somebody is bad with money, it can create big problems. >> character is everything. one of the key hallmarks of character is if a person has a job. at least a person has to be looking for work. watching baseball games, playing video games, that is not usually good marriage material. work is so important in life it's unbelievable. >> it gives you a purpose. >> do you feel people now, we hear of a time of people that just stop looking for work.
8:08 am
>> there are an awful lot of americans that woep won't work at a fast food shop say they're artists and refuse to do things. that's nonsense. a person of good character will take any job rather than take welfare or take handout webs any job with dignity is a perfectly good job. my old boss president nixon, now belonging to the ancient past used to say emptying a bed pan, if you do it with the right spirit has as much dignity as being president of the united states. and i think it's true. carrying for the sick has incredible importance. >> and let's talk about wall street. you believe there is a lot of responsibility for what's happening right now. a lot.
8:09 am
>> when you look at occupy wall street, do they have the right message? >> no, they don't. they're a bunch of bums as far as i'm concerned. if they had some specific ideas, if they had some specific proposals, if they were doing anything whatsoever besides sleeping in their tents and banging drums, i would say great, god bless them. i spent a large part of my life crusading against fraud on wall street. but to just bang a drum and light up a big doobie and go back into your tent, that does not do anything whatsoever to advance the cause of justice or processsperity prosperity. if young americans want to fight fraud, that's great. but to bang against drums, no thanks. >> is he handling this the right way? what would you have done differently if you were him? how would you advice him inspect. >> i would advise him that he should have national experience in government before he run for president. i think he's an impressive guy.
8:10 am
i agree with his point of view on almost everything he says. but government is a job that requires experience. you cannot walk in after having run a pizza company and do it. he's not my guy to be president. i like him. he's impressive. the i think with some seasoning, he's the right guy, but he's not the right guy right now. >> who is your guy? i guess romney. >> thank you very much. >> i love how you talk about the importance of education, too. be sure to read it. "what would ben stein do" is now in bookstores. living happily can help you live longer. >> why your attitude and your health are linked. "the early show" right here on cbs. ó
8:11 am
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8:14 am
watch, health and happy ps. a new study suggests people who live happier lives may live a lot longer. to the author who literally wrote the book about finding the joy in life -- >> i think it's better almost of being happier, rather than focussing on this magical destination of happiness. think about what could you do today, next week to be happier. >> gretchen ruin spent a year researching what she calls the building blocks of happiness. >> one of the things that ancients philosophers and current scientists would agree that perhaps the key to happiness is strong relationships with other people. >> rubin writes a popular blog with a message that hits home for 57-year-old jenean isaac. she and her husband agree they're living happier lives because of strong bonds with family and friends. >> it's really important for me to feel connected to the people i care about. they are my support. i love being with my family. >> and while rubin says family
8:15 am
relationships are key when it comes to happiness, exercise is right behind. >> that's out. whew! >> if you're getting exercise even just a little bit of exercise, it's going to give you a sense of energy and well being. >> pop culture may want us to believe the young may have cornered the corner on happiness, but in mid life we're more satisfied. >> you don't have time for things that aren't important to you. you know what you value and you let a lot all the other things go and you really are true to yourself and that brings happiness. >> another thing jenean values is music. so she works as a project coordinator, handling recordings for music and video games. >> i feel i am a happy person because i am so blessed with work, my friends, my marriage. i have to say that. my husband is probably watching this. i choose to be happy. >> and joining us now is dr. holly philips. great to see you this morning. according to a new study, how much ooh a different does
8:16 am
happiness have on longevity? >> a profound difference. the study looked at 4,000 people and it followed them over five years. they were on the older side. it was people age 52 to 79. what they found was the happy who were the happiest on the very first day of the study had a 35% lower risk of dying over five years. so literally being happy saved their liveses. >> what is it specifically about happiness that could affect your overall health and help you live longer? >> it affects nearly every aspect of our physical health. the first would be, of course we have a healthier heart. the previous study showed people that were happy had a 22% lower risk of suffering from heart disease, our top killer than people who are unhappy. it xwats stress. stress is linked with cancer. among many other illnesses and it boosts our immune system. people who are happy have more white blood celles and more natural killer cells which help us to fight off viruses.
8:17 am
>> so these researchers, when they figure out and pinpoint what makes people truly happy, what were they able to come up with? >> that's a lot harder. it's easier to say if you are happy, you'll live longer. it's easier to tell people how to be happy. but there are sthings that happy people have no common. number one they are connected. they have meaningful relationships, whether it's at work, at home or in the community. now, you know facebooking kick kardashian isn't going to do it. >> maybe that's a ruined marriage. >> it could have been. was he following her on facebook? >> don't marry her. that's not going to make you happy. >> and the other thing is you really have to live in the moment. sometimes we postpone our happiness saying i'll be happy when i lose five pounds whether i get a better the job, whatever it is. the happiest people enjoy the journey getting there, as well. >> and you worry less which reduces your stress. nice to see you. thank you. >> dr. holly phillip webs thank you so much.
8:18 am
would you rather be happy or rich? kim kardashian may be able to answer that question for you. >> 72 days of marriage, and that was all. but they may get to keep all that money from that lavish wedding. remember? maybe you got sucked into the special like i did. you're watching "the early show" on cbs. part of my job is teaching my patients how to take insulin. but i've learned a lot from patients who use flexpen. flexpen comes pre-filled with the insulin i take and i can dial the exact dose of insulin i need. i live my life on the go and need an on-the-go insulin. i don't need to carry a cooler with flexpen. novolog is a fast-acting, man-made insulin used to control high blood sugar in adults and children with diabetes. do not inject novolog if you do not plan to eat within 5 to 10 minutes after injection to avoid low blood sugar. tell your healthcare provider about all medicines you take and all of your medical conditions including if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. the most common side effect of novolog is low blood sugar.
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8:20 am
not that lodge ago, the 10 million viewers saw the extravagant wedding of kim kardashian to nba player chris hum trees. >> but now the celebrity couple is uncoupling after just ten weeks of marriage. >> it was touted as america's answer to the royal wedding. >> mr. and mrs. kris humphries. >> with a star-studded audience in attendance and millions of
8:21 am
others watching at home. tv star kim kardashian tied the knot. the marriage lasted just 72 days, 13 less than the engagement. that fairytale has come to an end. rumors of marital trouble had been swirling for weeks. >> the divorce of kim and kris is not a shock to me. >> citing irreconcilable differences, 3 is-year-old kardashian filed for divorce on monday. in a statement kardashian said i had hoped this marriage was forever, but sometimes things don't work out as planned. we remain friends and wish each other the best. kardashian's soon to be second ex-husband seemed caught off guard by the news. in a separate statement, he said he was deaf state and had remains committed to this marriage and everything this covenant represents. while kim and kris may be without love, they won't be without money. the two-party marriage event and
8:22 am
sale of wedding photos earned them an estimated $18 million, or $250,000 per day as husband and wife. >> i think their marriage was an enormous media phenomena. >> long time hollywood publicist michael levine says the constant presence of cameras may have contributed to the demise of their union. >> living a public life brings with it a profound set of burdens that most people will never even begin to understand. >> while some view this short-lived marriage as a black eye, levine sees it as an opportunity. >> i think what it's going to do is just create more controversy, more attention which at this point in their career will just equate to more and more popularity. >> comforting news for a bride now unlucky in love. david clemens, cbs news. classic. >> what a scam. you think if you can survive a sex tape you know probably
8:23 am
survive something like this. >> longer than kim's marriage is one of the hash tags on twitter right now. one of the tweets was the number of licks it takes to get to the center of a tootsie roll pop 37. i will just hold it [ dennis ] juggling insurance policies at different companies... is a pain. but with allstate, bundling policies is easy and can save you money. you should try this instead. thank you...yeah... now she should be an allstate agent. shop less. get more. make one call to an allstate agent. [ female announcer ] introducing the allstate auto + life discount. now when you protect your family with allstate life insurance you can save even more on allstate car insurance. shop less. get more. make one call to an allstate agent. ♪ ♪
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8:25 am
it is 25 minutes past eight. we have enough this moment to effect the steam plumes. sharon is here to wrap up the rush after marty's first look at weather. >> can we go back to that shot? when you look at them, that is the wind coming from the east northeast. look at radar, over the past hour, don, a couple of light showers sneaking in from the coast and frankly, going, going and gone. we knew there would be cloud but those light showers were a
8:26 am
total surprise. if they inconvenienced anyone we are sorry. we are guaranteeing a beautiful day. a high of 56. over to you. >> we still have those accidents there. we still have delays headed out on the jfx. it will take you 15 minutes from the beltway to there. and delays there, too. delays in place on 795 southbound and there is a look at your average drive times and speeds on the beltway. there is a live look outside at the west side. this traffic report is brought
8:27 am
to you by auto service plus. back over to you. >> thank you. this is a day many motor efforts have been dreading. the toll increases have gone into effect. andrea fujii has details. >> reporter: this one of two toll hikes we will see in the next few years. they go up there. the ez pass discount increases. the cost to cross the bay bridge jumps. the ez pass rate stays the same there. and there they go up. and eases pass rates also. and there that is increase. don, back to you. >> one of the five men suspected of rape is behind bars.
8:28 am
police were able to track down lucky crosbie because of his court monitored gps monitor ankle bracelet. the girl was gang raped while walking down leslie street. detectives are starting my progresso soup for lunch plan, huh. nope just having some tender chicken and some tasty noodles. let's see...south western vegetables...60 calories. ya' know those jeans look nice. they do? yup. so you were checking me out? yup. [ male announcer ] progresso. 40 soups 100 calories or less.
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[ male announcer ] somewhere, there's a perfectly good lasagna being sent to the back of a freezer. and it's all because someone said "tacos." old el paso. when you gotta have mexican.
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welcome back to "the early show." it took 44 years, but today, the
8:31 am
beach boys officially released their iconic album, "smile" a record that was pretty much ahead of its time. bits and pieces have surfaced over the years. now the complete album, though is available. we'll ask the beach boys brian wilson why it took so long and how he feels about smile all these years later. also ahead, if you're lucky enough to have a job with health insurance, open enrollment is coming. we're going to have tips on what to opt for to get the most benefits. for example, how much should you put aside in flexible spending accounts? we'll answer those questions. >> and how do deal with those changes. a lot of companies looking at higher deductible plans to save a lot of money. we'll let you know if that's a good option fordown company. first, herman cain has been make lots of headlines in the last few weeks included hi smoking campaign ad. jon huntsman's three oldest
8:32 am
daughters are now generating buzz of their own with that interpretation of their ad. >> we are shamelessly promoting our dad like no other candidate's family ever has. but then again, no one has ever seen a trio like these girls. we need you to get involved to make sure our next president is based on substance, not sound bites. >> check out our dad at and follow us on twitter. >> what exactly is the xap strategy? let's ask the jon 2012 girls. they're known as abby huntsman livingson, mary anne hundredsman and liddy huntsman. >> did you wear those outfits for halloween? >> no. >> what is the genesis? why fire back with an ad like this? where did it all come from? >> wait.
8:33 am
i thought we were supposed to talk about the crashing award. >> we'll get to that. >> there are other things going on in the world. but yeah, we came up with the ad. we thought it was a very clever idea. we saw this video had just going gone viral. we thought this would be so funny to do a spoof of it and why not blow bubbles. >> you guys are having a lot of fun with this campaign. obviously, there's a lot of reason behind et because you want your dad to get the bid and ultimately become president. how do you think humor is helping you guys and helping rye to get the word out for your dad because he's lackinggging in the polls. >> we're trying to get out there. we're obviously being honest in our tweets. but we want to be light hearted and funny, but also you know help our dad out. so -- >> do you think it's -- do you notice a change in the buzz at all that you're seeing online?
8:34 am
>> absolutely. i mean it's generating a lot of buzz. and i think we're the only ones out there, especially our age, that has the opportunity to see the inside of what's going on in the election. i think a lot of people are curious to see what's going on. and we're very honest in everything we say. and i think people are really attracted to that. so we're having a great time. >> and they may find it weird that a politician's child -- we're so honest and blunt. we're supposed to be taken aback and reserved. but we're having fun with it and like people to see what we're saying behind the scenes. >> what does your dad say? does he say it's good to be funny, but you don't want to mention something that is going to generate -- >> there's definitely a balance with that. he trusts us but i think we're all in this for a very serious reason and we know that our country is going through some things that needs to be fixed. that's the main reason for doing this.
8:35 am
we hope while we're adding humor, that people are listening to the message that we're sending out there. >> and you guys have you looked collectively at why there isn't more support for it? maybe because he's honest. >> i also think that the party is more divided right now, more so than it ever has been. so i think it's been tough for him to get out there. but, you know if you stop and think about the elect blth factor and someone who can get to democrats, independentes and republicans and, you know -- >> we've noticed that it's one issue that people you know look at whether he worked for obama or he's for one thing or the other and you think, you know, at the end of the day, these issues don't really matter. when he was an ambassador or china fwhab it was a nonpolitical job. he's served for four presidents reagan, bush bush and obama. i served my country. that's what i was raised to do.
8:36 am
i think some people take that the wrong way. >> as much fun as you guys are having with add jon 2012 girls, which is the twitter handle you joke around with some of the other candidate's kids, but you have come out pretty strongly with other topics specifically with mitt romney. how did that go over with your dad when you guys do that? >> well i think at the end of the day, we believe in our dad so much. and when we see a lot of other people out there who kind of -- i don't know. we don't have the resume or the experience, you know as being out and saying you have the guy right here the candidate who has everything to turn this country around, you know, look into it. >> do you think young people are engaged in this election or do they feel forgotten inspect. >> i think a lot of people fooem feel without a home right now. i think there were a lot of oh bam obama supporters that was a thing four years ago. and i think my dad represents our age group and he provides a
8:37 am
roof for people to come under. we hope to reach out to our group and get people involved because it's so important for the next generation. >> do any other candidates have a sense of humor? >> clearly not. we try. we play around with them. >> thank you very much for coming. >> let's go to betty nguyen at the news desk for a check of the headlines for us. good morning to you. a bittersweet victory for two families in russia this morning. a court awarded them a huge settlement after their babies were switched at birth 12 years ago. cbs news correspondent charlie dagget reports. >> if the em braes between a mother and her daughter looks a little awkward, it's with good reason. >> i'm a strange woman for her, just a stranger and that hurts me, knowing she's my flesh and blood hurts me. >> no long ago, yulia woke up to the horror that she 12-year-old daughter she raised from birth was not her own.
8:38 am
then came the relation her real daughter, called anna had been raised by another family. it came to light on a russian tv show. julia's husband wanted a divorce and refused to pay child support says arena looked nothing like him. a dna test proved only was the little girl not his, it wasn't hers, either. while arena was raised by a christian family anna was brought up by muslim parents in a neighboring village. yesterday, the russian court ordered $100,000 paid to each family. it's a huge settlement where the average monthly wage is around $500. irena's biological father says some of the money may be used to buy a house so the family can live under one roof. julia's family says no amount of money can ease the pain of never
8:39 am
being the able to look at either daughter the same again. >> what a remarkable story. there has been an arrest in the murder of a usairway flight attendant. surveillance video shows the two men arriving at a mexico city total together on friday. ramirez admits he beat aaronson but denies killing him. the former city manager of bel belle, california, is suing the city. prosecutors say rizzo schemed to cheat the city out of more than $6 million. well, now, rizzo claims he's owed benefits and wages with interest because he hasn't resigned or been convicted. and a follow-up now on that surfer nearly killed bay great white shark in northern california. 27-year-old eric palentino was
8:40 am
released from a hospital yet. a shark lacerated his arm and neck, but he was lucky. it narrowly missed a main artery. >> i just want to thank everyone that supported me all my friends on the beach, the paramedics especially who helped me in the ambulance. they did a great job. also, everyone t hospital. >> doctors say tarantino good morning, we have got clouds in the air busting up before not too long. temperatures right now are in the let's say upper 40s, going to go for a high of 56 today. and that is not going to happen though until the sun really comes out big time. which it will in about two hours. then you are going to see a bang, real hop in
8:41 am
open enrollment season is kwhomg companies change their benefits and employees have to make big decisions. as the cost of health care rises, many americans are choosing workers who chose health insurance plans with deductibles. >> so we want to take a look at this for you. most of you are in the thick of this decision period right now. joining us is carmen wong ulrich. so these higher costs, one would guess that companies are trying to push you towards this because it's less expensive for them. >> yes, that's the key. this is growing, the high deductible plans. and they call it consumer directed plans. here is the way it is. you're paying less monthly in monthly premium, but you're going to pay a lot more when you go to the doctor and you have procedures. large companies, now two-thirds of large companies in 2012 that's what they're offering you. that's up from 61% this year. 10% of companies only offer high deductibles as a way for you to share the cost of health
8:42 am
coverage. >> if you have a choice, who could this be a good idea for and who may want to choose a traditional if they can? >> it's a good good thing if you're young and healthy because you don't need to pea pai these high premium. anybody with a crone inillness, you want to make sure you get a traditional plan. there's one key thing, this ch is great. the hsa, the health savings account that is tied to a high dedoubleble plan. they're like an ir.r.a., but for your health care. it's a tax deduction, up to $6,250 if you're a family of two or more. and it can grow you can invest it and it's potable. when you go from job to job, it stays with you through retirement. this is another way to save for your health care coverage. >> let's say you have kids that are often sick. >> traditional plan is for you.
8:43 am
it's going to cost way too much for you to go through that deductible. if you have to go to the doctor often, stick with a traditional plan. but a high deductible plan makes sense for a lot of other folks. >> and you mentioned this hsa. a lot of people are more familiar with what's called an fsa, the flexible spending account. walk us through quickly what the kirchbss are, but allow you can use that plan to your advantage. >> and that's very different. that's something we've seen a lot of hsa is different in the sense that this is something you can invest, it grows, take it with you. an fsa, this is an account you put money in and it has its limits, as well. and it is changing. in 2013 the new rules are that this is going to slipg from $5,000 that you can put away to $2,500 in 2013 also over-the-counter medications, no longer qualify for ffas. this is an account that if you don't use it you lose it. if you know you need insulin, this is a way to put pretax money away. >> if you're going to have a
8:44 am
baby. >> exactly. >> i wouldn't know but i'll taker word for it. >> they are very expensive. >> if you don't have health care coverage through your employer what should you do? >> and there's more and more americans in that situation whether you're in between jobs you're a freelancer you need to get your own health care coverage and here is where you need to go. your state department of insurance. this is the insurance information institute website. put in your state and it will give you that information. they help you stop. freelancers, check in there. if you or a member of your family, there are options out there for you. if none of this applies to you, health at >> whatever decision you make, do it quickly. exactly. >> always great advice. carmen, thanks. just ahead, it's time to smile. we've learned this morning that
8:45 am
happiness can help you live longer. >> a very very happy announcement this
8:46 am
8:47 am
beach boys were voted the world's top vocal group in one major poll. they were more popular than the beatles. >> i believe it. ben has the story of their next ground breaking album, out today after 44 years. ♪ i love the colorful clothes you wear ♪ ♪ and the way the sunlight plays upon her hair ♪ >> reporter: listening to brian wilson sing the beach boys smash hit "good vibration" is a tantalizing taste of smiles.
8:48 am
those famous unfinished rock and roll albums. tell me a little bit about your vision for the album. >> for this ul bum, i was trying to capture the mood of early americana, mid americana and hawaii as a third movement. >> reporter: wilson appeared in this landmark cbs documentary "inside pop" to announce his new creative vision to the world. >> there is a new song too complex to get all of us the first time around. >> reporter: but the album critics now call rock and roll's holy grail was never released. you got to this point where you have all of this amazing music and you shelved it. how come? >> it wasn't appropriate music for the times. it was too far advanced, you know? >> you didn't think people would get it? >> no. i didn't think they would appreciate it at all.
8:49 am
>> reporter: bootleg smile session tapes have been circulating for decades. they were even rumors wilson burned them. it turned out the masters were safe and sound in a capital records vault, rock and roll's ultimate buried treasure waiting to be released until now. >> reporter: when you heard those tapes for the first time so many years later, what did you think? >> how could we have created such a work of art, you know? we must be the greatest young guys around here, you know? >> reporter: this rare film footage never broadcast until now documents "smile" recording sessions. >> reporter: brian had stopped touring in '64. so to brian, the studio was his band. >> can you play that or lyric? >> reporter: you combine different instrumentations that no one would ever ever thought of. a french horn and a tuba and a
8:50 am
harmon ka. who were the people that you looked to and said, man, that's inspiring? >> bill specter's reports were a total inspiration for my work and the beatles, of course. and chuck berry, of course, taught me how to write rock and roll med-maldy. >> who did you view yourself as competing against? >> the beatles. >> that's pretty stiff competition. >> yes. >> reporter: who won? >> nobody won. a guy who could write "let it be," how could he be jealous of the beach boys, you know what i mean? >> yeah. but the same guy says that "god only knows" is the best song ever written. >> right. so we're proud of each other in that sense. >> so take us back to that time. this is basically a follow-up to pet sounds which was huge.
8:51 am
how much pressure did you feel at the time to outdo that? >> well we were on drugs. first of all, we were stoned on our -- on drugs. and we didn't know what to think. "smile" was deaf neigh natalie a psychedelic album. it was a complete statement where every single song was a three dimensional trip so to speak. this was pretty far out for, you know a family of pretty conservative guys in striped shirts you know, from southern california at that time. >> how did spirituality tie into music for you? >> you can't separate the two. >> reporter: the direction wilson was taking the beach boys wholesome california sound was considered weird, a freakout.
8:52 am
under the pressure of producing their next hit and rejection of his music, wilson suffered a mental breakdown. >> the generations have grown and they are able to hear music on a higher level now. >> reporter: with this finally coming out, how do you view your legacy in music? >> i think of myself as somebody who has left behind something that people will cherish for a long time. >> ben tracy, cbs news los angeles. and we asked brian wilson for his plans for the future. he said he's already at work on his next album. last month he received a collection of songs from seven decades of disney movies. "good vibration" still goes down as one of my top five of all times. i loved the beach boys growing up. >> i was going to say, my dad
8:53 am
always listened to big d 103 in connecticut. that was a lot of beach boys. >> i was always a much bigger beach boy fan. >> they can live comfortably side by side as they do on my ipod. >> have a great day, everybody. your local news is coming woman: day care can be expensive. so to save some money, i found one that uses robots instead of real people. 'cuz robots work for free. robot 1: good morning... robot 1: ...female child. sfx: modem dial-up noise woman:
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8:56 am
increase in tollbooths. here is andrea fujii with the story. >> reporter: this is one of two toll hikes we will see. those tolls go up from two to three dollars, the easy pass discount increases to 75 cents, the cost to cross the bay bridge jumps to four dollars, the easy pass rate is the same until july 2013. on i-95, kennedy highway and the bridge the toll goes up to six dollars, and easy pass rates from 80 cents to 1.50. phase two includes raising it to 6 dollars in 2013. >> the search is on for who shot a man in the chest in this restaurant on green mount unt
8:57 am
avenue in waverly. one of five men sought in the rape is behind bars, they were able to track him down because of his ankle bracelet. the person was gang raped while walking. they are still searching for four others. a man sneezed and wrecked his car. he remains hospitalized but his passenger was pronounced dead. he has been charged with wreckless and negligent driving. a local senator and congressman want to expand or add to the program that let's people donate frequent flyer miles to military families. they say they want to expand the program to include money for hotel stays. the program started in 2003 and
8:58 am
has provided 25,000 airplane tickets to injured service members and their families. it is administered by the non- profit fisher house foundation. we urge you to stay with wjz 13, complete news and first warning weather today at noon. as always updates available continue from anywhere at again the steam plumes indicate the wind is coming from the
8:59 am
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