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tv   Eyewitness Noon News  CBS  November 3, 2011 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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hell lose again. this is what people are talking about today. we have breaking news, police are investigating a murder/suicide involving a woman and her grandson. the body of the 66-year-old evelyn hoverberg was found in her home. when the police arrived at the home, the car was missing, they found it on lock raven drive. her grandson was inside the car dead from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. tune into eyewitness news at 4, 5 and 6:00, we'll have the latest on this investigation. in los angeles, closing arguments about to get underway in the trial of dr. conrad murray. at weeks of testimony they will get a chance to sway the jurors who will decide the fate of dr. murray. we have the latest. >> reporter: the prosecution will go first and have the
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final word after the defense. the state argues that his reckless care directly led to michael jackson's death. they say he should have never used the drug in a home setting. he did not monitor his patient and never told responders that he gave him the powerful drug. a defense witness admitted that he violated standards of care. but the lawyers argue that nothing he did or did not come true was criminal. and jackson desperate for sleep when he self-administered the dose. >> what has the last 24 hours been like for you? >> it has been hectic. one day is not a lot of time to go over relatively complicated testimony. >> and the jury never heard from dr. murray but they heard his lengthnise interview with the police recorded two days
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after the singer's death. ment believe that the trial has gone well for the prosecution but what about drawing conclusions, they look at the cases differently particularly from the benefit of the jury they do not. >> the family has been in court almost every day during the trial. he faces up to four years in prison and the las of hits medical license if convicted of involuntary manslaughter. >> the jury heard from 49 witnesses and saw hundreds of pieces of evidence. the trial of powerful state senator curry. we're live now outside of the courthouse downtown. good afternoon, derek. >> hello. the defense attorneys are making the case now calling curry an honest man who did not take bribes. he is being prosecuted in order to enhance the reputation and learn a trophy for the
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prosecutor. an attorney for the senator waste nod time getting right to the point in his closing argument saying i represent be a ant man. this is circumstantial, everything in the case hinges on inferences. and according to the prosecutors and the evidence proves that he used his power to get them lowering rent. traffic lights fire stores and he tried, though failed, to get millions in grand hun for a development. and all prosecutors say without disclosing that he was working as a paid consultant for the chain as required on ethics forms. but they maintained it was perfectly legal and more importantly, they argue the evidence shows that he and officials never believed they were doing anything wrong. they did not have theral
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contract to call him guilty. he said it was a mistake for letting his wife fill out the for the purposes without marking the relationship. attorneys wrapped up their closing arguments. the prostitutor has just started the rebuttal in the case and that means when she is completed, the jury will get instructions t is likely they will start distributions which the -- it is likely they will start deliberations by the end of the day. >> we'll have the latest on the case at 4:00, 5:00 and 6:00. republican presidential candidate herman cain is trying to work past a sexual harassment charge. a third woman accused him yesterday of inappropriate behavior in the 1990s. those allegations are not true and the rival is behind the stories. he is pointing the finger at
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mitt romney but romney says it did not leak the information. reaction after a verdict in the trial of a woman who murdered her co-worker. we're live with more. mary? >> reporter: good afternoon to you. a jury convicted brittney norwood of murder. the decision came after the jury deliberate ford an hour. she was guilty of murder in the death of her co-worker. it was inside of a lulu lemon store. >> hearing that we got a first degree murder verdict, it is pleasing. >> police say she attacked her when she confronted her about stealing merchandise from the store and the jury said the testimony murray's mother gave was powerful. back to you. >> thank you very much. >> she will be sentenced in january.
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it is now one big power outage for the occupy baltimore group. the power has been shut off to the protesters where they have been for the last month. the city is trying to keep everyone safe. an inspector found hazards there. and occupy protesters clash again with law enforcement. it came a day after protests throughout the city. check out the scene last night. this started after protesters started a bonfire in the middle of the street. they were dealing with a crowd of 3000 people. a reporter will return home from libya and he traveled to the country eight months ago to document the uprising. after six months in president he escaped and took up arms with the rebels. now that gaddafi is dead. her son will arrive home to bwi on saturday.
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and our thursday is fine, thank you very much. looking outside now. the sunshine and the fall crispness. and we have got marty bass in his suit coat in the outbake and tim williams. another great afternoon. >> it is, don, good afternoon to you. we're looking at a great afternoon shaping up. we have clear skies over the region. and board tells the story of what is coming in our general direction and i say that specifically, general direction. this is a system that's moving across much of the plain states and dumped 10 inches of snow on ten ver. like the system last week when we had rain moving across the area. that zoe is shaping up again t will not play out the same way. temperatures are mild. the high is 61. we're at 57. and 59 on the shore.
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higher elevations in the 40s and low 50 the. if you think this a replay of yesterday, you're right. the change. it is zero. we were at this point yesterday, temperatures right on target. so, what will it look like for the weekend ahead? for more on that let's go to marty. >> a few high clouds out of the frontal boundary that's pressing through. let's look at the graphic. and the general thinking we'll not see a lot of shower activity here in our slice of the atlantic. that energy should dive. but with a low that close tough at least mention the possibility of a massing shower. and once that low gets off you can see a better picture and they will head through the carolinas. then we'll get into the mild
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conditions. by next week, we'll be around an inch away from 70s. and tim williams coming up and back inside. >> thank you. we have a little while until christmas but the monument is almost ready for the holiday. and 1500 lights from the landmark. the baltimore grand prix is having financial problems according to the media organization that runs the race is facing lawsuits totalling $1.5 million from claims of unpaid bills. right now it's not clear if it will affect the grand prix t will be a big weekend it will be a big weekend for college football. at 8:00 that evening the biggest game of the year. number one lsu taking on
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alabama. coming up at noon, the world's wealthiest nations are meeting overseas. what is at the top of the agenda. a belt beating caught on camera. you will not believe what the man doing the beating does for a living. let's look outside and a beautiful fall thursday. and the forecast. stay with us. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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a meeting of the minds in france and the president gather for the g 20 summit. the financial woes and the move to put the deal up to a vote. and hun treads of protesters are gathering and the message to leaders is protect the people, not the banks. and a beat something caught on camera and the man doing it is the last person they would expect. and a judge william adams lashing his daughter more than a dozen times on her legs with
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his belt. it was recorded but his daughter, who is now 23, put it up on the internet hoping to force her father to get help. this is what the judge had to say. >> i disciplined my child after she was stealing. i lost my temper. it looks worse than it is. >> it happened because she down loaded some media files. police are investigating. still ahead on the news at noon, picture perfect fall day the forecast is two and a half minutes away. >> a look at the powerball numbers. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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it is gorgeous outside. >> getting used to it again. >> and we have not had the indian summer here. we had freezes. we have a warm up. we did not have a hard freeze here. until we have that we don't qualify for indian summer. we have another warm up. 57 is the temperature.
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the average high now is 61. that's our normal high for the day we're going above it. and north wind at 5 miles an hour. and across the state and 40s and 50s. the rest of the state follows suit. 59 on the shore. 57 in easton. from the north across maryland. and the winds in hagers down.
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and and you see some of the frozen precipitation. and a portion around. great lakes will lose the energy and moisture source. and the low will push through the south. we talked about that earlier. everywhere it has gone. they have take an hit. we'll see a gip in the temperatures. and the low goes to the south it picks up. we go back up to 0. a nice stretch. and 6:03. and. partry sunny and pleasant. down in the 40s. 44. cloudy and mild. cooler. freezey and clouds giving way
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to sun. we'll have the forecast in a moment. doctors in a state where medical marijuana is illegal. what they found coming up. >> and for updates of all this ,
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doctors in rhode island say that legalizing has not let to greater use. and they found no change in usage. 14 others have similar laws. >> you want to check back in at 4, 5 and 6. new information about the men and the plot to inflict terror. one of the largest outbreaks. >> the ,,,,,,,,,,
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we're talking about what you are do. >> it is never to start talking about it. remind you we'll set the clocks to standard time. that will happen on saturday. let's look at the five-day forecast forecast. sunny. 58, 52, 62. and that's a good looking hat.
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