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tv   Eyewitness 11PM News  CBS  November 3, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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♪ you can choose your own internet speeds. ♪ you can even choose to chat with a live person. ♪ and you're always guaranteed the lowest prices online. so don't wait... try, compare and buy at today. because there's never been a better time to build the perfect fios bundle. . this is wjz-tv, wjzhd and baltimore. >> from the city to the counties to your neighborhood. now, it's complete coverage. it's wjz maryland's news station. hundreds of city students and parents outraged over broken down buildings. >> my school is just a mess. >> the new push to fix
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baltimore crumbling classrooms. hello, i am vic carter. >> i am denise koch. here's what people are talking about. >> overflying toilets and leak roofs, students say the schools are falling apart and baltimore need to do something about it. we are down live -- can -- live downtown and meghan mccorkell is live. >> reporter: heave a plan to mod ren size the schools within eight years and holes in the wall. >> the floors are cracked and old. >> reporter: flooded bath rooms. >> it's disgusting. the toilets are falling apart. >> reporter: and no heat. >> how are you supposed to learn in coats? >> reporter: baltimore city school student and faculity say they have had enough and want improvements. >> we were able to pay for a grand prix race so you mean to tell me we cpt spend money to fix our schools. >> reporter: with 2.# billion dollars in renovations needed
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-- 2.8 billion dollars in renovation needed, transform baltimore is calling on the city for help. they will send 2,000 post cards asking for a new revenue source for construction and they want to adopt a finance plan to modernize schools including leveraging construction fund for long-term borrowing. supporting local revenue expansion for school construction, and increase in state funding. >> what we are pushing for is a really big think out of the box solution. >> reporter: and law makers are listening. >> we need to take one big jump for 2.8 billion dollars. get it done in a short period of time and start from a good place for the future. >> reporter: students say they won't stop until that future is brighter for all their classmates. >> the students we deserve more and want more and we are going to continue to advocate until we get more. >> reporter: the proposed financing plan is model after a one used in greenville, south carolina where they rebuilt 70
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schools in five years. reporting live, meghan mccorporalell. a 70% of city schools are in need of ren renne vagues or replacements. breaking news where firefighters are investigating -- investigating a fatal fire. it broke out in the garage on elmer avenue. they found a man dead in the garage and have not identified the victim. they are trying to figure out how it started. attack inside the city school a student is recovering after being stabbed by a classmate. skyeye chopper 13 over the middle high school. officials say a 14-year-old stabbed a 10th grader in the stomach and it happened in a school stairwell. the injured student is in stable condition tonight. the familiar lave murder johns hopkins -- family of a murder johns hopkins student takes a trip back to the scene of the crime. weija jiang is there for the murray's emotional return to lululemon. >> reporter: even though the
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nightmare of waiting for justice is over for jayna murray's family, now the task of moving on. >> nothing will start until we pass the first stage of new normal we are searching for. so, this was the appropriate location. >> reporter: less than 24 hours after a jury found the daughter's killer guilty of first degree murder, jayne jayna's murray's family went shopping in the store where it happened. >> we have always had lululemon gifts under neath the tree, for christmas, and we decided this year was not going to be any different. >> reporter: though composed now, moments after learning the verdict tuesday, the murrays sobbed. >> i want no other family to go through this. >> reporter: the family says revisiting the bethesda crime scene is necessary to find piece after a trial revealed how much she sufferedp it took
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less than one hour to convict the coworker 29-year-old brittany norwood. murray endured 331 stabbing cutting beating and choke wound before she died. prosecutors say norwood used a hammer knife and wrench among other weapons. >> i think she is remorseful from day one. > she never acknowledged our existence. >> reporter: murrays are ready to move on. >> jayna reside in our hearts. >> reporter: norwood would be sentenced in january. the maximum punishment is life in prison without the possibility of parole. reporting in bethesda, weija jiang, wjz "eyewitness news." >> prosecutors say norwood attacked because murray caught her stealing from the store. 10,000 dollars. that's how much congressman elijah cummings family is offering to find his nephew's killer. christopher cummings was gunned down in his apartment near old dominion university almost five month later, police say they are not any closer to making an arrest. cummings's roommate was shot
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but survived. shootout with police leaves two people dead at nightclub including an off-duty officer. the major police failures found in the friendly fire shooting. >> reporter: city watch camera video wjz obtained shows officer william torbit's final moments responding in plain clothes after a fight turned out of control outside a downtown club. a new inpent review reveals the police -- independent review reveals the police responsibility was out of controlled. uniformed officers didn't realize torbit was one of their own and he fired his weapon into the crowd attacking them and they began to fire and when it was over, officer torbit was dead. his devastated family is struggling to understand why police were unable even to determine whose bullet killed him? >> it appears they are trying to put this incident under the rug, but we are going to continue to fight for truth and justice. >> reporter: the report revealed breakdowns including inadequate training lack of leader heship and failures in the investigation.
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>> there were a series of mistakes and tragic consequences. >> reporter: among them no command post officers being rude to witness and waiting months to start an internal investigation. the officers involved are still all on administrative leave. the supervisors were never punished. and they never talked even after the commissioner ordered them to do so. >> which we thought hampered the investigation and handicapped the police department. >> i was not interested in having a glossy version of what happened. but we were digging deep. >> reporter: the independent review found officer to beit and four uniformed officers used deadly force within police policy but never had the training they needed to prevent the tragedy. >> our brother rest his soul, did his job and performed as a officer, and we just want the truth to come out and we want justice in honor of him. >> reporter: the police commissioner and the mayor say they want to implement most if not all the recommendations in
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the report within 90 days. the state's attorney declined to charge anyone criminally in this case. at city police headquarters mike hellgren wjz "eyewitness news." >> gamble was killed and he was 22 years old. police clashed with protesters during tense confrontations at occupy oakland. protesters eyeing night -- ignited piles of trash and threw things at police. that's when officers in riot gear fired back with tear gas. by the time the showdown ended, police arrested more than 80 people. five protesters and three officers were hurt. the protests in oakland quickly have become some of the most violent attacks in the country. another group of protesters shut down the port of oakland last night. the final word explosive closing arguments for the trial of michael jackson's personal physician. kai jackson explains the nation is waiting for the jury's verdict. kai. >> reporter: that's right. deliberations begin tomorrow and the jury will have a lot of
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evidence to sift through as they determine the fate of dr. conrad murray. before the jurors got the case, prosecutors had the final fiery word. >> because of the bizarre grossly neglect and criminally neglect action of conrad murray caused the death of michael jackson. >> they want you to convict dr. murray for the actions of michael jackson. >> reporter: but the defense says he killed himself with thepropofol and further claimed dr. murray is only on trial because of michael jackson's star power. >> you are going to hold dr. murray responsible don't do it because it's michael jackson. >> the cameras may be here because of michael jackson, but we are here because of the actions of conrad murray. >> reporter: but the defense urged jurors to not get caught up in the celebrity factor. >> this is. >> the reality show. it's reality. >> reporter: and the fans screaming for jackson's family.
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>> you must aquit. >> reporter: and strangers chanting for the doctor the jurors decision may be the only thing that grounds this trial in reality. the case has been underway for six weeks. back to you. >> kai thank you. if he is convicted he couldspend 4 years in prison be a lose his license. the baltimore grand prix in hot water for overdo bills with 110,000 tickets sold, race was a hit with fans, but wjz has learned it was also a money pit. hundreds of thousands of dollars in admission and amusement taxes are pas past due and the former ceo admits they owe vendors money. the city will release their report tomorrow. race cars to motorcycles. children get to enjoy a once in a lifetime experience. they heard the roar of motor bikes during a behind-the- scenes look at the arhina cross
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race -- arena cross races at first mariner. riders hosted families from the casey foundation casey cares foundation. the children will get to watch the races this weekend. >> that's exciting stuff. >> yes, it is. >> it's noisy. but it's exciting. coming up a. by conditiony clad burglar but that's not -- bikini clad burglar but that's not a lady. and massacre inside an i hop a new look at the restaurant shootout. nice fall weekend shaping up. i am bob turk and i will have the complete forewarning forecast coming up next. wjz on the, the east coast earthquake. imagine what it was like inside the area's tallest structure. walls shake and chunks fall nicky william jumps into action what happened? the incredible story, next. compete coverage continues with dough knees koch vic
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carter, kai jackson, and first warning weather with bob turk and sports with mark viviano. it's wjz, maryland's news station. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] combine a pnc cashbuilder visa credit card with a pnc performance select checking account and get up to 1.75% cash back for just about every purchase. learn more and apply today at
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it's 47 degrees with a few clouds in central maryland right now. complete first warning forecast is coming up dramatic new video released from september's deadly shooting at a nevada i hop. the cameras shows the gunman firing his weapon at a motorcycle in the parking lot. police say this video was taken shortly after edwardo killed four people including three
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national guard members inside the restaurant. he was later found dead from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. presidential candidate herman cain strugels to save face as sexual a razz mental gation pile up. they were made in the 1990s when he was part of the national restaurant association. that group may release one of the three accusers from her confidentiality agreement tomorrow. also the cain campaign backed away from the charge rick perry operative leaked the original story to the media. texas young who was secretly taped beating his daughter will not face criminal charges. police say the statute of limitation passed. judge william adams admitted he and the girl's mother hit his daughter in this disturbing video e says his daughter posted the 7-year-old tape in order to get back at him for cutting his financial support of her. >> she is mad because i order her to bring the car back. in a nutshell but that's me. and lost my temper and spanked her and her mother was there.
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she wasn't hurt. it was a long time ago. >> the judge said he lashed his then 16-year-old girl for illegally down loading material on their computer. adams is being investigated by the department of family and protective services. an indiana man face charges after trespassing incident is caught on tape. entered a court wearing a standard prison jump suit a far cry from the bikini he wore while running through a day care center. police say he has a criminal background including child sexual conviction and admitted he has a problems wearing women's clothing. the perry hall high schoolboys soccer team is eliminated from the state tournament because they danced. principal george roberts suspend them after performing the bernie dance during a playoff victory over dulaney. outraged parents and student protested the decision but the principal said the dance is the wrong gesture for athletes in high school. a race against the clock. right now the national park service is rushing to get the
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earthquake damaged washington monument ready to with stand bad weather. you remember the dramatic video inspectors repelling from the top to check on damaged stones from the august earthquake. now workers are plugging as many cracks as possible to keep winter weather from affecting the monument. they no target date for it to reopen. now imagine the terror felt by tourists inside at the very top of the monument on the quiet summer afternoon. inky williams tells adam-- nicky williams tells adabbing may it's a day she will never forget as she fought back fear to get everyone out safety. >> reporter: august 3rd, an earthquake shakes the east coast on a sunny afternoon, the earth shifts. >> like a bomb going off around you. >> reporter: panicked callers flood 911 centers as the grounded building began to shake. >> my house is shaking. >> reporter: bad enough on the ground but look what it's like to be trapped 500 feet in the air inside the tallest tower.
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>> as it started to shake i was terrified. >> reporter: that's park ranger nicky william with dozens of terrified tourists at the top of the monument. >> i heard noises from the elevator i never heard before and i feel the public look at me and they are wondering what's going on and then the walls of the elevator start to shake and they are metal. >> reporter: surveillance camera shows william running to yank over an emergency exit door racing to get tourist out dodging chunks of marble reign reigning down. what was your initial taught? >> we were under an attack and the bomb went off. >> reporter: advisors who are enjoying the view scream in mass confusion. williams rushes everyone out to safety. were you thinking the top of the hour was going to crumble with you inside. >> as we are going down the stairwell ate is -- it is shaking so hard and knocks me into the railing and that's when i am looking at the blocks wondering if they will stay in front of me or going to fall
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down. aid building with no mortar. nothing is holding the stones together. >> reporter: hundreds of chunks crumbled that day off the monument. the stone was caried in the middle -- quarryed into washington county in the 1800s. specially trained engineers repelled the perimeter discovering many cracks wide enough to see through. and 40 pound chunks of stone dangerously loose. until everything is repaired, the monument is closed. and park ranger williams will never be the same. when you look back at the video, what's your reaction? >> i start to shake. i was terrified when that building started to move. >> reporter: realizing how a few seconds can change your life. adam may, wjz "eyewitness news." >> and ranger william was so moved by the experience she may join the park service search and rescue team. >> imagine what that was leek. >> i don't want to imagine. >> yeah. >> there's a day none us will forget -- none of us will forget. >> absolutely. >> it never happened before and no one felt it.
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let's look at temperatures. 47 no wind and the barometers are holding steady. 29.95 inches. around the region 47 here and 46 in oak lan. down to the south low 40s in ocean city with clear skies 45 and clouds across the northern tier and to the north and west and clouds south of us. shower activity south of charlottesville, virginia but it's not going to get here. extreme southern maryland might see a shower overnight. 46 bel air for tonight and 49 in westminster. kent island annapolis at 53. right now no win at all. but tomorrow, the wind will come back out of the north, northeast. it will bring somewhat cooler air but initially it will be a nice day with a lot of sunshine and probably mid to upper 50s and then it gets chilly tomorrow night and to start the weaning,it will be cool on saturday, warmer by sunday. low pressure that was over illinois is now moving down across pourings of the carolinas with shower activity down there. to the north, the front is pesting southward so it's
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pushing the rain away from the region and you know we have cloud activity in the area. and you see the rain drying up as it ruches central virginia and we have two low dew points but the cloud will be with us in the morning. and it clears out nicely and we are looking for cooler temps by late in the day but on sunday that high will move off the east coast and plenty of sunshine and here comes warm air by next week. we might get up to 70 degrees. all right. little breezy and small craft advicery on friday. bay temp right around 57 degrees. and don't forget, saturday night or sunday 2 a.m., turn your clock back one hour. that's right. tonight look for partly to mostly cloudy skies down around 44. tomorrow, lots of sun up as the cloud move out. 58 by the afternoon and next five days cooler on saturday, and 52. but a warmup again sunshine 61. and 66 and 68 on tuesday.
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nice denise. >> thanks bob. the ravens have a mission statement beats pittsburgh. >> mark explains how the steelers influence how much they filled their roster coming up next in sports. ,,,,,,,,,,
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mark is here with the wjz the fan sports. >> denise is planning a meeting in the playoffs. i like it. from the owner on down, the ravens openly admit they are envious of the success of the steelers and ravens built the roster with the mission in mind of knocking pittsburgh off the perch. the ravens beat them in the opener. they will try again on sunday tightend ed dixon lead with 5 receptions in the win 8 weeks ago. steelers have taken notice of his impact with heath gone. dixon tells me he was brought to baltimore with the expressed
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purpose of stopping the steelers. >> that's why i am here. i mean, when they drafted me, they brought me in to beat pittsburgh. that's what we do. the things we do every day week work hard to beat that team because they were the elite team in the league and we have to go through them. >> yry news ben grubs practiced today number 66 has not played since the first pittsburg game and will be a game time decision on sunday. and lineman missed a second straight practic in baseball the familiar name emerges dan will interview tomorrow. his resume includes stance with the expose and road sox weans fired from boston gm in 2002 and has worked in the minor league since. he is the cousin of former o's gm. getting ball rolling on the
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college basketball season. loyola in being a against indiana of pens sane yeah. home lights fast break and eric finishes with two of the game high 2 # points and loy -- 22 points loyola get 83-71 win regular season starts a week from tomorrow at wake forest. and the terps plate exhibition tomorrow night in college park. more on the ravens-steelers matchup tomorrow. >> good deal. >> thank you. we will be righ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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lsu football fans break outing shoes for tickets saturday. the contest drew crazy costumes and crazier dance moves six finallest perform at women's
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basketball game. the winner is legoless. he is going to the game. you can watch the game here on wjz saturday night at 8 minus the costume. yes. unless you like to wear it in which case you your living room. you have to be lucky to wint lottery and one man got an he can tray helping of luck. robert -- extra helping of luck. robert thib thick dough is a million dollar richer. he was given a multiplier which took the winnings from 200,000 dollars to 1 million. robert says the cashier will share in his jackpot. a little. >> her mistake sorry. be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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