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tv   Eyewitness Noon News  CBS  November 4, 2011 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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. here is what people are talking about closely this noon, the corruption case of the maryland senator that is in the hands of the jury. we are live outside the federal courthouse where the deliberating started about 10:30 this morning. good afternoon. >> good afternoon. this trial is in the hands of the jury. the jury has a tremendous amount of testimony to get through before they decide of the senator is guilty. his fate is in the hands of the jury to decide if the 74-year-
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old sold his power. fbi agents raided his home and the offices of shopper's food warehouse. >> they carried out boxes. they are accused of taking bribes for $245,000, including a deal to let the company transfer a liquor license and more on the grant money for a benefit. he always said he worked for the grocery store chain, but did not remember to put that in the state's ethic forms. they tried to show he was honest, but disorganized. >> but it was said to be intentional, his connection to
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the shoppers. he is facing nine counts, providing a false statement to the investigators and if found guilty on all of those, he could get 30 years in prison. live at the federal courthouse. >> two former executives from shoppers are facing the same charges. more on what caused a deadly fire in the city. it broke out in north west baltimore. a body was found inside the garage. no word on the i.d. of the victim. we are learning more about the murder of an 11-year-old from montgomery. he is said to have died from blunt force trauma to the head and that lopez beat him to
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death with a baseball bat that was found near the body. a man said to have sexually assaulted a 13-year-old customer. this is from the hair salon. they they that the teen boy was sexually assaulted in september. they think that there could be more victims and if you have information, call the police. a story we woke yesterday and there is more from the high school, reversing the decision on the players did a victory dance after scoring a winning goal. it is a dance that other football players did and the coach said it was the wrong move for students. the parents protested and there
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is a news conference now with the talk about the reversal. the overflowing toilets, roaches and leaking roofs, the students that said they deal with this every day and there is a new push to change that. >> good afternoon, a group that is called transform baltimore, pushing to make all city schools moderntroke dearn in eight years. 70% are in need of major renovation that could cost $2.8 billion. the financing proposal is modeld after one used in greenville, north carolina, 70 schools made modern in seven years. >> this is a coalition of about two dozen smaller groups. a terrifying day after a 10th grader was stabbed by his
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class mate. it happen at the middle high school where the student was stabbed in the stair well. the student was taken to the hospital and he is in stable condition and a 14-year-old is in custody because of the incident. >> and in the trial of michael jackson's personal doctor, the jury will have to decide if jackson himself or dr. conrad murry is responsible for the singer's death. >> the fate is in the hands of the jury. >> it is up to you and you alone to decide what happen. >> seven men and five women will have to decide if his doctor is to blame for the death. >> michael jackson trusted conrad murry and trusted him with his life. he paid with his life. >> during the closing
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arguments, the prosecution called doctor murry's actions bizarre and said there was no reason for him to have the medication to sleep. but jackson, desperate for sleep, after taking other medication on the day he died, that was responsible -- they want you to convict conrad murry for the actions of michael jackson. >> this is not a reality show. >> the defense said that the jury's emotions and the three young children and showing pictures of them in court? >> how valid it is, i'm not sure. the important part of the case is the facts, what happen or what did not happen. >> if the doctor is found guilty of involuntary man slaughter, he could get
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probation to four years in prison and if acquitted, he could still lose his medical license. jackson's children have not been in court, but his parents and siblings were there for the closing arguments and other days in court. it is starting to clear up from the clouds. will it stay that way? marty and tim are here, and they have everything on the forecast. tim, first to you. >> you are a raven's fan? >> that said it all. this whole weekend is building up to what is happening later this weekend, sunday night. we will talk about that in a bit. we are looking at the radar, how it is clearing up, the rain to the south and the clouds are keeping the temperatures down, we are in the 50s around the area, the temperatures are around 53. right now, 53 at marshall,
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looking at 53 down on the shore and temperatures the temperatures around 41 in oakland and around the metro area, 52 in bellaire. 53 in columbia. that is the area around us and it will rebound for the rest of the week. what does this weekend mean? it is dinner than the other ones and it could be a benefit to some people. for more, mary? >> first, tim, thank you. looking to the west and the high pressure is building and forcing the morning clouds to the southeast and that direction. a lot of broken conditions, there is some blue and it is brighter and the dome of high pressure that will govern the weather for the next five days took over and that is in western pennsylvania and pittsburgh and we will look at how that will square away for the football game on sunday night and keep in mind, we are going to move the clocks back
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an hour before you go to bed on saturday. pittsburgh will have a high of 59 on sunday. keep in mind, we are talking about standard time. the high will hit about 1:00, not about 2:30 30 as it does on daylight savings time. we will be about 48 at game time. clear to partly cloudy skies -- what about our weather? back inside to tim and we will talk about more of the weather shortly. still to come, on eyewitness news at noon, a texas judge that admitted to beating his daughter and why he will not face charges. more on cain's stand inning the polls next. ,,,,,,
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. a texas judge seen on you tube beating his daughter will not face charges, that video is
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seven years old and the statue of limitations is five years. the judge said he did hit his daughter several times. >> she is mad because she wants the car back. it was over money. she was not hurt. it was a long time ago. >> she said she posted that to get back at him over financial issues. herman cain and the standings in the poll, cain and mitt romney are neck and neck in the polls. the reports of the sexual allegations is not said to matter when picking a dan kit. and in the college football
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game, putting on the hats to score tickets, there were costumes and dance moves for a contest and the six finalists performed at a basketball game. it took six weeks and 150 glue sticks to make the costume of the winner. watch that game right here with other games. tomorrow at noon, virginia will play in college park and at 8:00, the game everybody is looking forward to -- l.s.u. and alabama and both games are live right here tomorrow. if you are not cheering for alabama, don't tell marty. >> by all means! (laughs). coming up, a cloudy friday, looking like rain. what is in store for the weekend. >> first a look at the mid-day stocks and followed by the numbers -- ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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we have a situation we do not like, the family of grace is moving. they are not able to take her with them. thistroke grace is at the maryland spca. let them know if you could provide her with a home. this is the way to work together, on friday we work to make a difference with pets and have been doing that are for over 30 years. let's talk about the weather. >> don't let the fact that she is a black dog with a yellow scarf determine if you will adopt her. not a steeler's fan. we are seeing the temperature go up a degree or
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two, another cool day tomorrow and the temperatures will start to rebound and the north wind will not help us go up. the north wind keeping the cool air over the area. we have 41 in oakland and 53 down in ocean city and around the metro area, the temperatures from about 49 to the mid 350s near the water. the water temperatures are close to 60, keeping the temperatures moderate on the water's edge. the high pressure to the north and the low pressure to the south, we are watching most of the rain take a nose dive down to the southern portion of the area, down to the carolinas and virginia, we did not see much of that, but we have the clouds and it will take time for the low $0 to push offshore, we don't get the rain from this and the clouds will break and with that, the milder temperatures and the high pressure is building in and it
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looks like a nice stretch heading into the middle of the week. looking at 58, the morning showers are pushing out of the area down to the south and clearing now, mainly clear skies tonight, 35 and then 52, that is a ray lewis forecast, marty? sunshine, beautiful. the forecast coming up in a bit. looking nice for a november. >> (laughs) how about that? still to come on eyewitness news at noon, how much your child weighs could affect their report card! more on that study coming up. more on the top stories, for instant updates, ,,,,,,,,,,,
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. in the health watch, children may do better in school if they lost weight. 350 students were studied and found that weight would increase the sleep and the ability to perform complex mental tasks. be sure to check in with eyewitness news at 4:00, 5:00 and 6:00. your comments on line could be part of a google search and you want to make your brown eyes
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blue, you don't need contacts. be sure to watch today at 4:00, right after dr. phil. stay with us, the forecast ,
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. we may be shy on the temperatures as estimated. we will see how it goes. don't miss the cbs line ,,,,
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