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tv   Eyewitness News at 4  CBS  November 7, 2011 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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between when the jury came to a verdict and when it would actually be read, that is in order to late the attorneys, dr. murray and the jackson family to arrive here, the jackson family arrived an hour ago and they are inside, waiting. take a look behind me what you will see is a huge crowd, that is just started amassing, since, it was announced that a verdict would be coming up soon. they are on both sides, they are for dr. conrad murray and for michael jackson. and sheriff's deputies, lapd have lined themselves up and down the street to keep the two sides separated when the verdict is read. now jackson's family as i said was inside, is inside the courthouse they have been attending most of this trial including closing arguments last week in which the prosecution said they feel they have an overwhelming evidence in this case against dr. murray
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that he was responsible for jackson's death administering that dose of propofol that highly powerful anaesthetic and then leaving the room and also delaying in calling 911. dr. murray has pleaded not guilty to one count of involuntary manslaughter, that is what it comes down to, just one count and the defense all along has said they don't believe he did anything illegal and they say michael jackson administered that final fatal dose of propofol. if conrad murray is found guilty he could face up to four years in prison and of course would lose his medical license. reporting live in downtown los angeles, from the criminal courthouse back the you sandra hughes reporting. >> thank you. we want to ask you to stay with wjz for updates on this breaking story we will bring you updates on the verdict and reaction as soon as rereceive it again the verdict is in. well, killed trying to keep
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the peace today the student behind bars for fatally stabbing a frost burg sophomore says she didn't do it. denise. >> well, mary, 19-year-old holly tech graduate was stabbed to death sunday morning, 23- year-old shenae liggens is being charged without bail for the murder. today she says she didn't say it. witnesses say mccoy and friends were tossed out of the off campus party and a fight broke out and mccoy was stabbed in the neck. liggens said she was stabbed bya man involved in the fight. >> she is awaiting a bond review. >> pretrial motions in the high profile murder case of a local coed. they are looking at a request to sequester jurors in the murder trial he is charged in the may 2010 death of yeardly love defense attorneys want access to love's medical
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records, they say, prove a mix of alcohol and prescription drugs killed love and not hugly hitting love's head against the wall. now what happened to yeardly love and courtney mccoy has happened to other local students they went off to college, never to come home again. tonight at 11:00 p.m., wjz investigates with denise cope how you can protect your children when they are away at school. a sex scandal rocking penn state university two school officials are stepping down accused of covering up sex allegations involving a former football coach. drew levinson reports from harrisburg pennsylvania. >> penn state's former athletic director and former vice president turned themselves into authorities. kim curly and gary shuttle are accused of -- shuttle are accused of lying to the jury. the 67-year-old retired coach
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was arrested saturday on charges he targeted boys over a 15 year -- 8 boys over a 15 year period he faces 40 criminal counts ranging from inappropriate touching to statutory rape. sandusky preyed on boys through a charity he founded for at risk kids. an assistant saw sandusky with a boy in the shower and reported it to schultz. >> the two men say they did nothing wrong shuts lawyer says it doesn't apply to his client because he didn't witness the assault. he retired in 199 helping -- 1999. the allegations have stunned penn state fans. >> we followed him when he was a coach and doing so many good
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things, and you are kind of like proud of him. >> sandusky free on $100,000 bail denies the charges in hair us are burg pennsylvania, -- harrisburg pennsylvania, drew levinson. coach paterno does not face chargemay be called as a prosecution witness. the jury in the michael jackson manslaughter trial reached a verdict, dr. conrad murray is charged with involuntary manslaughter the verdict is expected to be read at any moment wjz will bring it to you live when it happens. jury deliberations continue in the federal corruption trial of curry, he is accused of taking $245,000 from shoppers food warehouse in exchange for voting on projects that benefited the supermarket if convicted he could spend 20 years in prison. we are following the deliberations closely stay tuned at 5 and 6:00 p.m. for any developments.
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spiraling sexual allegation as fourth woman comes forward with fresh claims against herman cain. danielle nottingham reports on what this means for the republicans campaign. a woman is publicly accusing herman cain of sexual harassment,. >> i want you mr. cain, to come clean to admit what you did, admit you were inappropriate to people. >> the allegations from three other women were anonymous, but sharon told her story in front of cameras monday the chicago area woman says cain made an unwanted sexual advance toward her in 1997, when she sought his help getting rehired at the natch fall restaurant -- national restaurant association. >> i am coming forward to give a face and a voice to those women who can no or for whatever reason do not wish to come forward. >> cain's campaign says all of the allegations are false, the
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candidates spent last week pushing back against the initial accusations and found himself in testy exchanges with reporters. >> don't even go there. >> can i ask my question. >> no. >> may i ask a good question? >> where is my seat? please follow the journalistic code of ethics. >> new polls have cain and romney tied in first place voters so far seem to be shrugging off the allegations. >> i don't think he was to blame either way. cain may have to address the questions later this week he and fellow gop candidates meet for debates in the next 6 days. she says she did not notify the nash real restaurant association because she didn't work -- national restaurant association because she didn't work for the trade group then. chopper 13 over the scene of a police involved shooting
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in elk ridge. no officers were hurt, where this happened on high tech drive, details, still coming in right now but we know the office irfired his weapon at least one, we don't know who the officer was firing at or the circumstances surrounding the shooting, we will have more updates on this breaking story coming up all new at 5 and 6. incarcerated in cuba for almost two years today a demonstration in washington is calling for the immediate release of maryland business man alan gross. the weekly vigils are being held outside the cuban intersection, northwest dc, the interfaith conference and jewish community relations council are sponsoring today's demonstration, gross was helping establish internet for a small jewish community in cuba when he was arrested for spying he was convicted and sentenced to 15 years in prison. >> it is a bright beautiful autumn day outside let's lookout side where it is clear and mild. i tell you that picture doesn't do it justice you have to step
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outside for yourself. weather and traffic together. bob turk is here with updated numbers. >> so far a november to remember i mean just perfectly gorgeous fall weather, look at the conditions and the radar nothing at all any where, look at these temperatures right now, last hour we were close to 70 right now, drop a little bit to 66, 70 in carmelen, oakland 61, tomorrow, same weather even a little warmer it may get to 70 degrees tomorrow all the rain and clouds stay way out to the west there may be a shower here on thursday, talk about that when we come back mary. >> thanks we will check in on our roads here is christy bries lynn hi. >> hi everyone. the outer loop of the belt way not in bad shape but problems around the inner loop travelling on the top side inner loop slowing north road to providence we have a delay on the west side stop and go from baltimore national pike
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over to security boulevard we are also watching out for a crash on the inner loop 70, beginning to tie things up as far as accidents go, hartford county, accident east church field, all lanes are blocked at this time, philadelphia road at middle river in the rose dale area, right to town road, lock raven boulevard kings way and also charles street at east cold spring lane in baltimore city let's take a live look, everything moving well 95 north of the tidings bridge looks like a little sun glare this is brought to you by papa john's pizza don't forget the the ravens for touchdowns special. back over to you. christy thanks. -- thank you. >> she is giving up the word hon cafe owner says she decided to give up her controversial trademark on the word hon.
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she became unpopular in a sense with the city when she legally trademarked the word part of the region's vocabulary for decades. >> still ahead, we are following the breaking story out of l.a. where a jury is about to return a verdict in the michael jackson death trial. >> hope you get -- help you get where you are going but they are invading your privacy we will explain pgh >> and lollipops laced with chicken pox why people are buying and selling them and the danger they present. november is proving lovely so far will it last. get your updated first warning forecast ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> once again as we told you top of the show the jury in the michael jackson manslaughter trial has reach add verdict dr. conrad murray is charged with
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involuntary manslaughter verdict is expected to be read any moment. wjz will read it to you live as it happens. lyndsey goes to jail in and out in less than 5 hours how long she spent behind bars this weekend. she was booked into jail 8:50 p.m. last night she was to begin serving 30 days for violating probation but she was released before dawn this morning, the century regional detention facility says the reason was jail over crowding she will have to serve all her community service at the morgue or with more jail time. off duty illinois police officer found murdered inside her home now police say her grandson is facing charges. police say the 15-year-old confessed to beating and stabbing his 55-year-old grand moth tore death during an argument about school he stashed her body in a closet. we have breaking news out of los anglo it is jury returned a verdict.
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good afternoon. >> good afternoon. >> ladies and gentlemen of the jury i am advised the jury has reached a verdict who is the floor person of the jury? >> i am your honor. >> juror number 3 is that in fact correct? you have reached a verdict? has the jury to the floor person assigned the appropriate form. >> yes, sir. >> do you have all the verdict form s with you? >> yes. >> could you provide the verdict forms to deputy jones who will then present them to me. court has reviewed the verdict form and ladies and gentlemen there was a typo in terms of date of the alleged incident it was written june 9th, 2009 juror number 3
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you corrected that to june 25th you put a 25 and squigglies after. >> yes. >> thank you i have reviewed the verdict form which now i will pass to mrs. benson the court clerk mrs. benson will publish the verdict. >> superior court of california, los angeles county the people of the state of california, plaintiff, versus conrad robert murray, defendant. case number fa 073164, title of court and cause. we the jury in the involved entitled action, find the defendant, guilty of the crime of involuntary manslaughter [ screaming ] >> in violation of penal code section 192 subjection b alleged victim michael joseph
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jackson alleged date june 25th, 2009, as charged in count 1 of the information this 7th day of november, 2011, floor person jurorid number, 145 seat number 3 is this your individual and personal verdict so say you one so say you all? >> yes [ all ] >> all jurors repeat affirmative. ladies and gentlemenly ask you whether this is your individual and personal verdict i am going to ask you individually if this is correct if it is your individual and personal verdict say yes if it is not your individual and personal verdict say no. is this your individual and personal verdict juror one. >> yes, sir. >> juror two. >> yes, sir. >> juror three. >> yes, sir. >> juror four. >> yes, sir. >> juror five. >> yes. >> juror six. >> yes. >> juror seven.
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>> yes. >> juror eight. >> yes juror nine. >> yes. >> juror ten, eleven, twelve. >> yes. >> all responded in affirmative. mr. walgreen,. >> yes. >> ladies and gentlemen of the jury i will now read to you final instructions upon discharge of jurors, you now have completed your jury service on this case, on behalf of all of the employees of the los angeles superior court and the parties in this case, and others involved in this case, please accept my thanks for your time and effort, throughout this trial i have admonished each of you, not to discuss anything about this case with anyone, other than a fellow juror during deliberations in the jury room that order is lifted and vacated, which means, that from now on, you have the absolute
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right either to discuss, or not to discuss, anything about this case, with anyone else. if you want to talk about the case, that decision is appropriate. if you do not want the talk about this case, the decision is appropriate, the decision is yours and yours alone. i repeat, the decision is yours and yours alone. i remind you that is correct under california law, you must wait at least 90 days, before negotiating or agreeing to accept any payment, or benefit, in exchange for providing any information about the case. let me advise you of some rules the law puts in place for your convenience and protection. the lawyers in this case, defendant or their representatives now may talk to you about the case including your liberations or verdict.
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those discussions must occur at a reasonable time and place, and only with your consent. please immediately report to the court any unreasonable contact made without your consent, by the lawyers in this case, defendant, or the representatives a lawyer, defendant or representative who violates these rules violates a court order and may be fined, i hear by order, that the courts record of personal juror identification information including names, addresses, telephone numbers, be sealed until further order of this court. if in future, the court is asked to decide whether this information will be released, notice will be sent to any juror, whose information is involved. you ma oppose the release of this information and ask that any hearing on the release, be closed to the public. the court will decide whether and under what conditions any
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information may be posed. i do order the confidential emergency contact information forms you completed and provided to court staff be destroyed. on a personal note i remember way back when, in early september, when first we met, i advised you at that time, that you were being asked as all jurors are asked to accept your responsibility of citizenship in this great county i told you i understood serving on a case would be a hardship, and inconvenience and burden on you because you have your own lives out of this courtroom you have responsibilities to your jobs, your profession and your families, you have under taken this responsibility of jury duty in a remarkable fashion. >> you just heard the verdict in the michael jackson trial that is the judge presiding
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over the case that has lasted for the past six weeks now dr. murray has been found guilty of one count of manslaughter at this point, what we are waiting on in this case is to find the date of sentencing for dr. murray, he sat stoic and expressionless as judge pastor read that verdict the judge then went through every single jury member to make sure this indeed was the verdict, each of them had come to independently he also stated the jury could not for a period of 90 days do anything to benefit from this trial we will keep you posted and updated on the developments again dr. conrad murray found guilty of one count of unvoluntary manslaughter in the death of michael jackson who died june 29th, 2009. an uneven day to start the week on wall street. the dow is down triple digits, one point before rebounding the dow is up 85 s&p nasdaq up 9 let's go to new york now alexis
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has tonight's cbs money watch update. >> reporter: financial officials from around europe are meeting in brussels for urgent talks to ease the debt crisis, greek officials are expected to name a new prime minister and temporary government that will enforce names of the package and in italy they are calling for resignation as the world's third largest economy falls in debt. the class action suit accuses the bank of america for processes debit card and check payments in a way that triggered more over drafts and more fees the law covers people with fee a day debit cards between january 2001 and may of this year. personal computer tablet market is about to get more crowded barnnoble is announcing nook tablet a $249 light weight tablet for reading e books,
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streaming movies, browsing the web it hits stores, two days after amazon ships kindle fire tablet. >> boeings 787 jet ran into its first technical glitch sunday when the landing gear failed to deploy. airlines have placed ordered for more than 800 fuel saving planes. for more go to cbs money at the new york stock exchange,. a mysterious ravens fan is showing their team pride here on tv hill someone put these flamingos near the wjz station before dawn as you can see the purple flamingos are standing victorious over their black and gold counter parts much like the ravens who defeated the steelers late last night if you went to bed early you missed it. so rest for the ravens they are back on the road again next
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weekend as they take on the seahawks seattle, watch that game at 4:00 p.m., live here on wjz 13 >> i think we just need to paint those fallen flamingos, the seahawk color now. keep them there and just put different -- every time we just run over another teem. coming up, high flying protest what sent this new york activist over the edge. why new forms of birth control could be putting women at risk. >> we know a jury in los angeles returned the verdict in the michael jackson death trial more coverage coming up. it is a mild, sunny, perfect november day, bob's updated, first warning forecast. for instant updates and fi,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> incredible afternoon, up to 69 degrees last hour. 66 degrees, dew point way down 39 dry air sunshine wall to wall, southwest moves, barometer holding steady, 70 right now, 59 ocean city by the
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water, 58, we are at 66 just beautiful weather, 63 bel air and cooler temperatures by the water, 57 annapolis. southwest wind kept this warm air in the region tomorrow the same thing could get it warm or maybe a little warmer tomorrow. now to the west, there is some activities, showers and thunderstorm activities, there was an earthquake in oklahoma. the strongest they have seen there. this activity for the most part moving way off to the west a little piece of that front will come through the regions not until thursday until then winds out of the southwest, continuing this dry, sunny beautiful weather. thursday may kick up a shower or two, and it gets cooler chilly again not until thursday, when that sun gets closer will we see cloud activity and maybe a shower and
4:31 pm
then it will cool down probably close to a little bit below normal for friday and the weekend all in all chance of showers, not that great. 5 to 10 knots, bay temp 55 degrees, tonight then, look for clear to partly cloudy skies, temperatures mid-30s to low to mid-40s. morning fog, 68 morning fog and then a lot of sunshine once again, upper 60s which is about 8 or 9 degrees above average on your tuesday just beautiful, november weather. thank you. there is a lot more ahead on eyewitness news 4:30 p.m. including images blocked why cigarette packages won't get an edgy upgrade any time soon. >> death toll rises find out about the latest victim in the new york chopper crash. >> breaking news from california, jury finds dr. conrad murray guilty in the death of michael jackson our live continuing coverage continues right after this ,,,,,
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>> just after 4:30 p.m., 66 degrees and sunny thanks for staying with eyewitness news. here is what people are talking about. >> breaking news you watched here on wjz, dr. conrad murray found guilty in the death of michael jackson. >> denise, the jury walked into the courtroom and returned the verdict a few minutes ago. we the jury find the defendant, conrad robert murray, guilty of the crime of involuntary manslaughter, in violation of penal code section 192 subsection b alleged victim michael joseph jackson, alleged date of june 25th, 2009. >> now the jury deliberated
4:36 pm
less than 9 hours you see here dr. murray is being lead out of the courtroom he has been handcuffed he faces up to four years in prison he could also lose his medical license michael jackson died june 25th, 2009 prosecutors proved he was negligent in the care of michael jackson causing his death everything centered around this very highly powerful drug known as propofol which most medical experts say is almost never given outside of a hospital setting, but in this instance, dr. murray was criticized by prosecutors and by expert testimony, for leaving michael jackson's side the defense trying to say michael jackson administered the propofol to himself that was up for debate outside the courtroom hundreds of fans, gathered and cheered when the verdict was announced the date of sentencing has not been determined we will bring you that that will obviously be
4:37 pm
another part of this case. michael jackson 's family his mother katherine, father joseph were in the courtroom the entire time, latoya, his sister tweeted before the verdict was read and his sister janet cancelled a tour to make sure she was there to give support to her family. dr. conrad murray guilty of one count of involuntary manslaughter back to you. >> we have just learned sentencing will be november 29th. stay with wjz for complete coverage of the jackson manslaughter verdict much more at 5. a third person dies one month after a helicopter plunged into new york's east river as the new york medical examiners office says 60-year- old english tourist hair yet nickel son died she was aboard the helicopter, with her husband, daughter and darter's
4:38 pm
partner last month only nickel son's husband and the pilot survived. >> the second person involved in the murder of a johns hopkins researcher found out how long she will be behind bars, what she had to say in court. she will spend 15 years in prison a 30 year sentence, 15 suspended for her role in the death of steven. for the family, this marks the end of a terrible or deal. the 23-year-old johns hopkins researcher was walking down st. paul street july 2010 when john wagner and merit robbed him merit stabbed him and merit -- wagner stabbed him and merit punched him. merit waswagner was sentenced to life plus 20 years. >> she got the sentence she deserved. >> neighbors where he was
4:39 pm
killed say she deserved more. >> i thought it was a little ridiculous they were in it together, so, they should get the same sentence it seems like >> i thought they would be in it together, you know, i was told both were responsible. >> in court, merit admitted she is just as guilty as wagner but not a cold hearted person the judge though, didn't buy it. >> after merit's 15 years the judge said she will be watching for any probation violations, to impose the full 15 years suspended sentence. wjz eyewitness news. merit will be eligible for parole after 7.5 years. a judge is blocking a federal requirement forces tobacco companies to put graphic images on cigarette packages, live in the newsroom with the latest. >> u.s. district judge ruled that it is likely that the cigarette makers will succeed in a lawsuit claiming the images violate free speech the
4:40 pm
fda planned to require the images, involving a cloud of cigarette smoke in a by byes face a pair of healthy lungs next today seized lungs and a dead smoker on an autopsy table they hoped it would deter smoking. the requirement is stalled until the lawsuit is resolved which could take years. >> oklahoma rattled by earthquakes and several after shocks, late saturday night they were hit with their second earthquake in less than 24 hours, the 5.6 quake was the state's largest ever, hours earlier the same area was hit with a 4.7 magnitude quake followed by nor than 10 jolting after shocks, no one was hurt but damage is extensive. here in maryland, what a beautiful start to the workweek taking a live lookout side a warm, sunny monday, weather and traffic together, bob is here with updated numbers. >> doesn't get much better than this. it started last sunday after the snow was gone, it was
4:41 pm
absolutely perfect let's look at radar nothing around the east coast any where, one shower by cleveland and detroit that is about it, 66, rest of the region, 66 degrees here, 68 in cumberland, 58 in the ocean and over in dc 63 tomorrow, very much the same kind of day, southwestern region, warm temperatures, bright sunshine maybe a little fog as we saw this morning, particularly west of the city, quite a bit of fog but it will burn off and turn into another beautiful afternoon. let's check on the roads. hi vic hi everyone traffic is building out there but not as bad as it normally is if you are on the southwest side of the inner loop you are looking at 15 minutes, southwestern boulevard to security boulevard north side outer loop, stop and go new york road over to green spring avenue traffic does break free after green spring a lot of accidents to watch out
4:42 pm
for philadelphia road, white marsh boulevard, philadelphia at middle river, hartford county area, bel air, east church hill at mooresville accidents blocking all lanes accidents reported taylor avenue, in the parkville area, west 25th, north howard street and fire activity, causing closures in the city as well light street east cross. let's take a live look as you can see traffic moving smoothly there, a look at the jones fault expressway, and we will take another live look not a bad drive at all, 95 north of the tidings bridge this traffic report is brought to you by bills hard wood, carpet and laminate, call them at 1-877-75 bills. >> straight ahead, relief at the pump what is behind the different gas prices. >> love lost, amanda knox's exboyfriend opens up about what tore them apart. we have beautiful weather,
4:43 pm
back in a few moments to tell us what is coming up for the rest of the week ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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michael jackson's doctor, conrad murray found guilty of involuntary money slight in connection with the pop star's -- in manslaughter in connection with the pop star's death he will be held without bail until november 29th, the houston cardiologist faces 4 years in prison and will also lose his medical license. amanda knox's former boyfriend is breaking his silence about their relationship he spoke to an italian news agency saying their relationship is over their love was crushed under the media scrutiny and legal problems following the murder of knox's roommate. merideth's charges were over turned. a scene on a bridge in new york this morning a man hangs
4:47 pm
from a rope ladder on the bridge, the former government worker was carrying a sign accusing his former employees of misconduct, they lowered the rope ladder to the water the man jumped in and tried to swim away but was arrested. a warning to parents trying to expose young children to chicken pox you may be doing more damage than you think some parents who don't vaccinate children have parties where they infect them with chicken pox to build an immunity, some send chicken pox infected lollipops through the mail however doctors liken it to medieval medicine and increases your child's risk of contracting hepatitis. more evidence linking newer birth control pills to higher risk of blood clots. the latest study findings. 35-year-old edwards started taking birth control pills five years ago knowing they could
4:48 pm
increase her risk of blood clots. >> i was nervous about that. >> now more research shows blood clots are more likely for women taking newer birth control pills like yaz andyasmine those taking the so called next generation of pills, including a synthetic hormone are at more risk for clots. the risk is highest in the first few months after starting the pill. >> two weeks ago the food and drug administration released another large study saying women taking yaz have a 70% greater chance of developing a clot than older pills. oral contraceptives are the most popular method of birth control in the u.s., more than 10.5 million women take birth control pills. dr. wu says while the overall risk of clots is small, patients should discuss the other risk factors with doctors. >> family history, obesity, and
4:49 pm
other medications which can increase risk of blood clots. >> bayer makes the pill 13 is reviewing -- and is reviewing the latest study. >> she is comfortable with choices she made after doing research she opted for a newer pill that contains a safer hormone. in new york, randall pinkston wjz eyewitness news. >> >> women should discuss blood clot with doctors, family history and smoking can increase your chances of a clot. good news for cash strapped drivers, gas prices appear to be coming back down the national average sank nearly 4¢ a gallon the first drop since early october in maryland we are paying 3.35 a gallon for regular 4¢ lower than last month and a far cry from the $2 or higher that is far cry from 2 .8 5 last year.
4:50 pm
>> city of baltimore threatening to pull the plug on future grand prix races, city officials say the group owes the city $1.5 million so far the group has yet to comment we will have more on this story as it becomes available. the first monday since we went back to standard time. >> the sun is beginning ,,,,,,,,
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at today. because there's never been a better time to build the perfect fios bundle. >> oh, there goes the sun. yeah, setting in 8 minutes or so, unfortunately. let's look at temps, a fantastic day hope you got outside, 66 now, 2 points way down, humidity way down, south, southwest winds 5, barometer holding steady, 30.29 inches, right now, 68, they were 70 last hour, 59 oakland we did get up to 69 degrees today our normal high is 60 right now. 63 washington, a little cooler by the water, 69 and 58 over in ocean city, locally, low 60s still cool spots, by the bay, of course a lot colder, bay
4:54 pm
temperature mid-50s. southwest winds, will keep us in the milder air, the next couple days until thursday, that is really the next weather maker coming across the region, and point out, there were some strong thunderstorms, missouri, oklahoma, north texas this afternoon, snow around flagstaff, arizona, quite normal for those folks. this front will mainly head out to our northwest, but a piece of that front will cross the region on thursday, afternoon, bring some clouds, maybe a shower with it, even a rumble of thunder, still a lot of energy but most passing to our north. next couple days, high pressure, not a cloud from maine down to florida, gorgeous conditions, high moves off the coast, winds once again come back out, west, southwest, keeping the rain and shower activity way out to the west or so, another mild day, all up and down the east coast, really unusually warm helping to melt the snow. thousands of people across connecticut, new england still
4:55 pm
don't have power from last sat's snow storm. mild conditions, yeah, not tonight, clear skies, it will drop back into the 30s, to low 40s. fog, south winds, 5 to 10 knots, 65 degrees, tonight, clear except for patchy fog, in the morning, 35, low 40s city, tomorrow morning fog burns off nice mild beautiful afternoon again, 60. thank you still to come, dr. murray found guilty in the death of michael jackson, wjz has more on the jury's decision and the latest from los angeles ,,,,
4:56 pm
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justice for michael jackson, the singer's doctor found guilty of involuntary manslaughter. >> killed at college. i'm jessica cartalia, ravens sweep the steelers, and you won't believe what fans have to say. that story coming up on wjz. check in for more on these stories and all the day's breaking news. >> eyewitness news at 5:00 starts right now.
4:59 pm
convicted -- >> we the jury in the above entitled action find the defendant conrad robert murray guilty. >> michael jackson's doctor found guilty in the singer's death. >> hi i'm kai jackson. >> i'm mary bubala. here is what people are talking about. >> breaking newt out of los angeles. a jury finds dr. conrad murray guilty in the death of pop super star michael jackson. wjz has been following this case for you. the world has been watching this case. let's go to sandra hughes on the decision. >> reporter: four or five dark vehicles waiting for the jackson family to come out of courtroom. now the crowd that was gathered here started cheering when they


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