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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  November 8, 2011 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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wjz is live at the federal courthouse downtown. derek valcourt with the verdict and the reaction. derek? >> reporter: it took the jury 3 1/2 days to make this decision after hearing six weeks of evidence and testimony from dozens and dozens of witnesses. in the end, they found there was not enough there to convict the embattled prince george's county senator. >> it's hard to explain. this has been a rough four years. almost four years. but my wife, my family and i. and also for my constitd wents. -- constituents this. is the greatest moment of my life. >> reporter: not guilty on virtually all of the nine charges against him. the jury clearly accepting his defense that his paid position with shoppers food warehouse was all legal, and not the secretive bribery scheme that the prosecutors made it seem. it's been hanging over his head for the last three years, since the fbi swooped in on his home
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and on shoppers. tonight, currie says he hold nose grudges and now prepares prepares to -- holds no grudges and now prepares to move on. >> no, i was never sour. i'll continue to serve my constituents as long as they would want me to do. i enjoy working with the people in the community and i'll continue to do that. >> reporter: as the verdicts were read, i could see senator currie taking deep breaths almost a sigh of relief. his wife, had tears in her eyes and she appeared to be praying as those not guilty verdicts were read aloud. we're live at the federal courthouse, wjz eyewitness news. >> thanks for getting all of that information to us. and we have more breaking news to tell you about. republican presidential candidate herman cain wrapped up a news conference, where he fired back against sexual allegations against him. >> reporter: once again, herman cain says he has never
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herselfed anybody -- harassed anybody and added, there is no chance he is dropping out of the race. this comes after sharon biy'allic came forward. she is the fourth woman to claim sexual harassment. cain fired back moments ago. >> i will repeat i have never acted inappropriately with anyone. period. and these accusations that were revealed yesterday simply did not happen. >> cain's campaign has wraiz raised questions -- raised questions about biyalic's claims, pointing to her history of bankruptcy, unpaid debts. she says she came forward to tell the truth. >> cain remains near the top of the polls with republican contenders. according to reports, a
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school is trying to force coach joe paterno to step down. fallout is growing over the former assistant coach. >> penn state assistant coach joe paterno said he wants to respond to questions about the sex scandal. >> i was hoping to be able to answer them today. we'll try to do it as soon as we can. >> reporter: earlier in the day, the university canceled paterno's press conference. his former assistant coach, gary dan sandusky has been charged with sexual assault on boys. paterno has been criticized for not going to police after he saw sandusky harassing a boy in the showers. paterno's son says his father has no intention of resigning.
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>> there's been no contact from university other than, we're coaching football. >> reporter: during his six dekid cades of coaching, -- decades of coaching, he's won two championships and pushed his players to succeed on and off the field. >> matt millen played for penn state and was on the board for second mile. that's the charity sandusky started for at-risk kids and where he targeted his victims. >> it make you sick to see that this could happen to this level. >> reporter: it's a black eye on the university and its legendary 84-year-old coach. >> joe paterno! >> reporter: who may be forced to wrap up his last season with the nittany lions. in state college, pennsylvania, drew levinson, wjz eyewitness news. >> reporter: the coordinator on paterno's two national championship teams. chaos as a community mourns a prominent college student
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steps from the state university campus. we are learning more about the out-of-control crime scene. wjz is live at poly, in west baltimore, where the victim graduated high school last year. mike hellgren has unfolding developments. >> reporter: there is a deep sense of pain both here and in frostburg. by some accounts, there were as many as 150 people when it turned violent, making it difficult for even first responders to do their job. >> reporter: police described a party so out of control that people were making death threats. the 19-year-old frostburg state university student from baltimore, who was stabbed to death at a house off campus. she was a beloved member of the empowerment temple church in northwest baltimore, where people are still struggling to understand what happened. >> reporter: what is going on that another young lady can step on? i mean, are you that angry that you would want to take someone's life? >> i know that i have been to that location before. >> it was just a regular party.
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like if you see any arguing or anything, usually, you just walk away, or just try to leave. >> reporter: police charged a fellow student, with first- and second-degree murder, saying she stabbed mccoy with a kitchen knife. her defense attorney. >> the facts will come out. and i feel for the parents of the deceased child. equally, these parents are in great turmoil about this incident. >> reporter: university officials told wjz they cannot say whether alcohol fueled the chaos at the party, but they're working to curb binge drinking and keep students safe. >> as much as i would like to hold each and every student in the palm of my hands to keep them safe every day, that is not possible. >> we want answers. and unfortunately, who has an answer to that? why did this happen? >> reporter: and the suspect remains in jail at this hour. she's being held on no bail. live in northwest baltimore, mike hellgren, wjz eyewitness news. denise? >> all right. thank you, mike.
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empowerment temple will hold a memorial service for nicole at their church in north baltimore. and coming up all new at 6:30, we investigate the seemingly growing party of college students being murdered away at school. baltimore police are looking for a drug suspect who dragged an officer two blocks. the officer tried to stop a pickup truck here at penrose avenue. as he reached into the vehicle, the driver sped away, dragging the officer, who was driving at shock trauma. >> a dangerous gas emergency in locust point. hundreds of people are without heat or hot water. and businesses are shut down. they're losing money. wjz is live there now. adam may with more on the extensive repair under way right now. adam? >> reporter: vic, this is a difficult situation for bge. look back here now. you can see crews are out here. firefighters are out here. even hazmat officials are out here. they're trying to get this main fixed. meanwhile, it could be days before service is restored for
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everyone. >> reporter: baltimore police stand guard as bge breaks into homes across locust point. the utilities in a race to fix service to about 1,000 customers. >> what utilities will you be missing? >> the stove and the dryer. >> and the shower. >> and the shower. >> it's hard cooking with microwaves. >> the problem started when a contractor working with a nearby bridge broke this 12- inch gasline monday morning. >> once the repairs have been completed, we'll have to go back into each of those homes homes and relay all of their natural gas appliances and restore service. at this point, we are looking at a multiday restoration effort. >> reporter: businesses have crabs waiting to be cooked but no customers to eat them. >> we can't tell them we're open. we don't know what to say. it's bad. we're losing a lot of money. >> reporter: and the gas shutoff itself hasn't been without a few problems. >> when i showed up from work, the cops were outside, all of my doors were open. i thought, what happened? >> reporter: carl dilorenzo
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said bge shut off has security alarms, after they shut off his home twice. >> they didn't record that they shut off my gas. so they broke back in just to just reshut it off. >> whoops. >> yeah. >> reporter: and right now, crews are trying to reconnect service for about 100 customers. meanwhile, if residents in this area smell a strong odor of natural gas, they should evacuate their homes or businesses immediately and then call bge. also, just a few seconds ago, mayor stephanie rawlings-blake was on the scene here, talking to some business owners. she is concerned about how long this could take. we're live in locust point. adam may, wjz eyewitness news. >> what a mess. adam. thank you very much. bge is holding a meeting for residents tonight at the church of the redemption at 7:30. an absolutely beautiful fall day today. let's take a live look from sky eye chopper -- no, excuse me. yes. from sky eye chopper 13. outside right now. incredibly beautiful november days. but how much longer can it last?
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meteorologist bernadette woods and bob turk have the answers. let's go to bob first. >> beautiful it is. no matter how you spell it. it was a fantastic day. take a look at radar. nothing around here. not even a cloud. you gotta go way out to indiana, illinois. and seeing a few showers and clouds. that -- at least a portion of that will be in our region thursday. up until then, tomorrow's forecast, looking just beautiful once again. 60s way up in upper new york state, melting that snow from last week. 60s to the low 70s down to our south. looks like tomorrow, maybe not quite as warm as today. and then we'll look at the chance of showers here on thursday. yes, thursday. bernadette is in the outback with a look at these crazy temperatures. bernadette? >> it really is amazing. now, to keep it all in persphective, take -- perspective. take a look at these numbers. the average dropped down to 59 degrees today. we went up to 71 this afternoon. that's closer to the record of 80 degrees. we're going to stay above average for the next day or so
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before that front does come through here. it's going to take this november warmup with it. but not for too long. we're going right back up again over the weekend. maybe not to the 70s, but we'll have the numbers coming up. >> orioles' right-handed pitcher, alfredo simone has been cleared of wrong doing. according to our media partner, the baltimore sun, simone was supposed to have a hearing today. his lawyers say all potential charges have been dropped. simone has been accused but never charged of accidentally shooting his cousin while firing guns. a new era for the baltimore orioles. the team introduced its new general manager today. sports director mark viviano has more now on dan duquette. >> dan duquette takes over as the orioles' gm? n what is a long history of those trying to turn over a franchise that has now suffered its 14th straight losing season.
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>> reporter: dan duquette is a boston-area native with the red sox on his resume, but with orioles tradition on his mind. immediately, he referred to restoring the o's glory days and former ways, to improve the team in the present. >> those same fundamentals, good player development, of sound scouting, aggressive scouting, to build a team that orioles fans can be proud of. and i know that orioles fans are hungry for a competitive team. and so are we. >> we're very fortunate to have somebody like him with his background and experience and track record of success. in all levels of the needs we have as an organization, with the player developments in scouting and the leadership. >> reporter: the new gm gets showalter's endorsement. but the hiring of duquette does come with some concern. he's been away from the major leagues for nearly a decade, something he says will actually help him. >> my focus is going to be sharper and better, from my time being away from the game. i've got an opportunity to look
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at running a ball club from not being in the seat. general manager and that has given me some insights that i think will be very helpful and valuable in this opportunity. >> anybody that has a passion about the orioles and has a strong opinion from his background, i'm in. >> reporter: buck showalter is in. and so is dan duquette, who gets a three-year contract. among them is hiring new scouting. and baseball's free agency period is now under way. many decisions to make. more from the new general manager coming up later in sports. vic? >> okay, mark. we'll check in with you then. still to come tonight. mishandled remains. disturbing allegations against the military, about missing body part pa -- parts and soldiers killed in the line of duty. i'm pat warren. the big story in this direction may not be who residents voted for, but who bothered to vote at all. honoring our veterans.
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i'm jessica kartalija, at bwi thurgood marshall airport. what is being done to help fight overseas. that story coming up. and delightful fall temperatures. how much longer will it last? stick around for the updated first warning forecast. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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polls open. residents are deciding their leadership for the next four years. wjz is live.
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political reporter pat warren has more on the voter turnout. pat? >> reporter: that's exactly right, denise. election officials have predicted voter turnout for this general election will be even lower than it was for the primary. >> reporter: the september primary thinned the herd in the baltimore mayor's race. out of the field of five, stephanie rawlings-blake was the clear winner. maybe too clear. early winners indicate baltimore's general election was dead on arrival. >> in my exercise class, my instructor was asking, i said, i have to leave here and go vote. he said, why are you going to vote? we voted several months ago. and i said, well, wasn't that the preliminary? and this is the -- what is it? >> general. >> i said, this is the general. she said, yoi know anything about that. >> reporter: wjz talked to mayor rawlings-blake about the election just minutes ago. >> so many people like to complain. but then you ask them if they actually participate, that's a different story. >> reporter: some voters who did cast ballots today were
6:18 pm
surprised how few of them, as in voters, there were. >> persons that are going to be in are going to be in. there's nothing they can do about it. when we had the primaries, it was a little activity, but nothing like what we should have. >> but even little turnout is better than no turnout. those who want to set an example for their children. >> are you disappointed in the turnout in general? >> yes. because i feel like this isn't right -- is a right of the american people. and it's a time to express how we feel about things. and if you don't take advantage of it, you can't complain about it. >> reporter: but some voters were also wondering why they didn't see more candidates at the polling places either. >> i think we have to pray for the best. because the way that our country is now, we do need our candidates not just to have a job, but to do their job. >> reporter: about 23% of baltimore city voters turned out for the primary in september. the prediction is between 10 and 12% for the general election today. not a lot of time left to get
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out and vote. hope we can encourage you to do that. reporting live from northeast baltimore, i'm pat warren, back to you, denise. >> that may be a record low turnout. thank you. in just a few days, marylanders and the nation will honor war veterans. jessica kartalija reports. today, the governor honored fallen soldiers while pledging to do more for vets. >> reporter: o'er the ramparts we watched, were so gallantly streaming ♪ >> reporter: inside, the international terminal at bwi marshall, maryland's top brass honors our veterans. >> what good, decent, caring, generous, salt of the earth people we have, serving in our armed forces. >> reporter: it's the 8th annual salute to veterans and military families, and gold star mothers who lost sons and daughters. >> we are what we are because
6:20 pm
of one, what the troops are doing now. and they did all the way back when the national guard started. >> we want to recognize our families. we want to be close to everybody. >> our main mission is to honor and remember our fallen heroes by serving veterans, active duty, military and their families. >> reporter: they also signed a fort meade covenant. designed. >> governor martin o'malley also stressed the importance of maryland businesses, offering positions to soldiers who return from overseas. i'm jessica kartalija, wjz eyewitness news. >> the state posts available jobs for veterans on its website. wow, wow. >> yes. >> gorgeous day. >> we'll take more of this. at least one more day. then some changes. mild out there. southeast winds, 6.
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barometer, 30.23 rising. come back and take a look at a very nice wednesday after this. , [ male announcer ] it's a rule of nature.
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tornadoes. some damage was reported. but no one was hurt. the storm comes just days after a large earthquake comes from significant damage in the sooner state. wow. enough. >> crazy. >> all right. it's really not typically tornado season. but you have the same kind of conditions that you normally have in the spring. a lot of cold air. a lot of warm air clashing. and that's going to get thick. take a look at radar. real quick. that low pressure that is now over northeast sections of oklahoma, it was over central oklahoma. you can see that spin there. still pretty good, gusty thunderstorms in kansas. and near little rock. and approaching carow, illinois. some of those showers will be reaching our region on thursday. but nothing like that. lucky if we get much rain at all. 59 degrees now. still 64 in cumberland. 54 in easton. and it's already dropped down to prefn. pax river-- 47. pax river. 48 at ocean city. at the ocean. 63 up in elkton.
6:25 pm
the dew point is 44, which is pretty conducive for temperatures dropping to around the low 40s tonight. and also, another chance of fog, particularly on the eastern shore, which had delays for dense fog. didn't see a whole lot north and west of the city. but we might see some. 59 over in washington. right now, winds continue to be very light. generally out of the south and southeast. moisture is picking up a little bit. and with clear skies and light winds, we'll see temperatures drop back into the 40s. and to our west, that's where the rain is. right now, see how the difference is in temperatures? 70s here. 30s here. with snow in southeast colorado this afternoon. thunderstorms, earlier today in oklahoma. it's all moved off, away from that region. that front is moving across the great lakes. but this portion of it will cross our region with a chance of some showers. don't expect to see a lot here on thursday. and then it gets cooler after that, as that front moves through the area. it replaces that warm air with
6:26 pm
chilly, northwest breezes. it will get cooler by the end of the week. quick look at the tropics. yes, we have sean, believe it or not. it's heading up to just the northwest. it may have winds of 40 to 50 by the time it gets there. it may see a little rain. but it's of no threat to the united states whatsoever. southeast winds. hopefully that will be the last of those storms. it is november. southeast winds, 5 to 10 knots. the bay temp at 55 degrees now. tonight, then, generally clear. except for that fall, which can be locally dense. 41. tomorrow, sunshine. and a few clouds coming in late. but still warm. mid-60s. clouds hold up. might even get a little warmer than that. once again today, up to 71 degrees. >> they were the last one until next break maybe. >> all right. thanks, bob. stir. still to come. an update on the breaking news we have been following. powerful maryland senator ulysses currie, cleared of bribery charges. hear from a member of the jury
6:27 pm
coming up. a mother begs for your help in finding her child's killer. i'm weijia jiang, with her emotional plea coming up next. yeardley love, dominique frazier, christopher cummings, support off to college, their families never to see them again. denise koch investigates. how can we,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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it's 6:30. clear and 59 degrees. good evening, everyone. and thanks for staying with wjz. here are some of the stories people are talking about tonight. fighting back against sexual harassment allegations. just a short time ago, republican presidential candidate herman cain held a news conference, strongly denying that he harassed anyone. >> reporter: republican presidential candidate herman cain is going on the offensive. >> the charges and the accusations are absolutely
6:31 pm
reject they simply didn't happen. >> reporter: he's fighting back against allegations from sharon biyalic. the chicago woman accuses him of making an unwanted sexual advance towards her in 1997. >> i wanted to be the voice and face for those women who couldn't or wouldn't come forward. >> reporter: tuesday, cain's campaign put out a release titled, who's cam campaign is cain running? >> now, they have brought a troubled woman to make false allegations. >> reporter: cain has been battling allegations for more than a week. it's thrown his campaign off message. and he's tried several times to tell reporters that he is done talking about the issue. >> he said he is willing to take a lie detector test. and as far as these accusations causing me to back off, ain't degree to -- going to happen. >> reporter: the allegations
6:32 pm
began with two women who said cain acted improperly toward them when he headed the international restaurant association in the 1990s. they each reached a settlement with the organization. >> cain says his fundraising efforts have not been impacted by the allegations. powerful senator ulysses currie has been cleared of all charges against him. derek valcourt has new reaction from one member of the jury. derek? >> reporter: well, when senator currie walked out of the courthouse after the not-guilty verdicts, hoofers overwhelm -- he was overwhelmed by all nine not guilty verdicts for the charges against him. the jury accepted his defense that his paid consulting relationship with shoppers food warehouse was all perfectly legal and not the secretive bribery scheme that prosecutors made it out to be.
6:33 pm
while there may have been ethics violations, they were not convinced that currie intended to break the law, saying his actions may have looked guilt but they were not prove beyond a reasonable doubt. >> we don't believe that innocence is proven. that's not the goal of the process. the prosecution presented the theory that the conspiracy began with the meeting between white and currie before their first correspondence. they're not required to prove innocence. >> reporter: senator currie said he is holding no grudges. he is prepared to move on with his personal and political life. meanwhile, the lead prosecutor, federal u.s. attorney rod rosenstein says he is accepting the outcome of the trial. says he knows a lot of these political corruption cases end in acquittals. derek valcourt, wjz eyewitness news. >> and of course we'll have a complete wrap-up on the verdict
6:34 pm
tonight at 11:00. they made the ultimate sacrifice for their country. and now, there are stunning allegations about how the remains of some of those killed overseas are being handled. mary is live with details on this scandal. >> reporter: all of the soldiers who are killed in iraq and afghanistan arrive until dover to be prepared for burial. a new report finds that at least twice since 2009, portions of soldiers' bodies have been lost. this has prompt the the air force to discipline three officials for gross mismanagement. however, the air force inspector general found no violations of the law. none of those found at fault have been removed from their positions. >> another independent investigation is under way. looking for leads. a transgender woman is murdered in baltimore. 9 months later, the victim's mother and police are issuing a new plea for help to catch the killer. weijia jiang has the story. >> would you please?
6:35 pm
you know come forward. >> reporter: sandra trent's heart broke on valentine's day, the last day she saw her child alive. >> some days, you know, i'm angry. some days, i'm very sad. some days, i just wish he hadn't went out the door that night. >> reporter: six days later, they found tyra trent strangled to death. detectives are out of leads. >> we know that someone out there has some information on this case someone saw something. heard something. but we're really asking for the public's help. >> trent ran into trouble in the past. because of the way he lived his life. but she's not sure his transgender had anything to do with his murder. >> he had problems like we all do. but he had a good heart. >> he was trying to earn a ged
6:36 pm
and go to nursing school. it's the second time mrs. trent buried a child. now, trent wants the person who killed her baby to pay for it. >> you took the only thing i had left, you know. my only child. >> reporter: mrs. trent said she is not sure where tyra was going the night she left home for the last time. and police have not worked out a motive. >> police urge anyone who has information to let them know. tips can remain anonymous. a student at frostburg state university is murdered, trying to break up a fight. and tonight, the suspect denies she did it. according to court documents, shaunie ledans claims she was attacked by three men at a party. and one of them had a knife used to kill baltimore native, courtne mccoy. but -- courtney mccoy. mccoy, a poly graduate was a sophomore at frostburg. >> well, it has happened again and again to maryland families, including that to eliia --
6:37 pm
elijah cummings. tonight, they investigate campus crime and what parents can do to keep children safe. >> reporter: christopher cummings, honor student at old dominion university, gunned down while sleeping. >> he was literally executed. >> dominique, stabbed to death in her dorm. yeardley love, lacrosse star at the university of virginia, plungeoned to death. police say all three, killed by someone in a fit of rage. >> it is an emotional trauma. in the past years, several hundred have been murdered on or near a college campus. >> my family had never experienced a death like this. >> reporter: maryland congressman elijah cummings, a powerful voice in washington, said he can't get over the death of his nephew, a young man he loved like a son. >> a young man, working hard, getting good grades. happy. and the next thing you know,
6:38 pm
they're dead. >> reporter: last june, 20-year- old christopher cummings had everything to live for. studying criminal science, hoping to go into public service, just like his uncle, elijah. he was living in a house in norfolk, with two fraternity brothers. >> and you think at 5:00 a.m., this person, whoever they are, used their foot to kick open the door, went straight up, found your nephew and killed him? >> there were three of them. yes. and the roommate who was downstairs says, christopher? so they then shot the roommate four times. four times. when i went to visit that house for the first time, and saw blood splattered all over the walls, down the carpet, and to learn -- know the same blood runs in my hand, it was tough. >> reporter: 40% of violent crimes at college involve students hurting other students. >> once we get behind a closed door, anything can happen.
6:39 pm
>> christopher cummings, dominique frazier, and yeardley love, all killed at college. >> in what ways are all of these young people the victims of the same kind of circumstance? >> i think clearly anger management is an issue. >> reporter: dr. vay says parents must help their children deal with failure and rejection before sending them to school. >> where did i learn that if something doesn't go my way, i can physically injure someone. >> he warns to stay close to their kids. >> text them, call them. they might not call you back. but they'll know you're there. they're interested and they know where they can go to. >> i think it's so sad that you send your kids to college to get an education and to nurture their talents and abilities and they come back to you in a coffin. >> reporter: now, congressman cummings says police have a person of interest in his nephew's murder. but no one has been charged. for more on my interview with
6:40 pm
dr. vaight and more go to time now for a look at the baltimore sun. the state's tour rocky gap, competing for the license at the troubled resort. meet a man who collapsed and nearly died within eyesight of the finish line at the baltimore marathon. and reopening by preakness weekend. for these stories and more, read tomorrow's baltimore sun. remember to look for the updated forecast from wjz's first warning weather team. still to come. who are you bringing to prom? one colorado teen has a date none of his friends will forget. big mess on the interstate. what caused this accident on 95? bob turk. will this unusually warm weather -- i'll have the exclusive first warning five- day forecast. and wjz 13 is always on. and here are the top stories on at this hour. for instant updates and the updated forecast any time, log onto ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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an investigation is under way after a tanker truck imloids during a collision. it happened last night, about
6:44 pm
30 minutes outside of manhattan. the tanker was carrying thousands of galons of gasoline. the people in the minivan were rushed to the hospital no word on their continue condition. we have sad news to report from the enterinment world. well-known and well-bike liked rapper heavy d. has died. he had a string of hits in the 1990s. he was only foryears old. a colorado student is making headlines after taking lindsay vaughn as his date. she was walking through his school he asked her to go to
6:45 pm
prom with her. >> is he the big man on campus or what? we asked some of the leaders in washington how they'll create more jobs am. we'll tell you what they had to say tonight on the cbs evening news. and here's a look at tonight's closing numbers from wall street. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,
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as well as the big financial picture. so you can do more with your money. see what a complete view of your money can do for you at ♪ pnc bank. for the achiever in you. wow. take a look at this. just any moment now, you expect to see samantha go flying across there, from bewitched. live look outside now. temperatures climbed to 70 degrees today. meteorologist bernadette woods and bob turk are checking the forecast. and it's amazing to think that it's this dark, this early. for tomorrow, this is what we expect fog to start out. sunshine, mixing with clouds out there and warming back into the 60s. by tomorrow, we'll see more on the picture. >> maybe a couple of showers here on thursday, as you mentioned. it will cool down to 59.
6:49 pm
much cooler with a breeze and some clouds and sun on friday. 52. 58. already warming up with sunshine on the weekend. 63 again with a lot of sun on sunday. denise? >> wonderful. thank you, bob. still to come tonight. the orioles hire a new general manager. and he stops by wjz for a chat [ female announcer ] this is steve and lynn, and they have a good question. can the aetna app make you healthier? well, that all depends on what you do with it. and there's an awful lot you can do with it. access your medical history, view claims, get reminders for mammograms, find in-network doctors, track your health goals... run with it. i got my cholesterol down. i lost five pounds. [ female announcer ] see for yourself, aetna. know more. get better.
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well, new chapter for the orioles. mark is here for the wjz the fan sports report. >> it's a tough job. and this is a guy that wants to do it. let's see what he wants to do. this is dan duquette. and he is on the job. it is his job to turn around an orioles team that has been buried in and around fourth place for 14 years. and duquette comes in after being away from the major league for nine years. his last top job was with the red sox. prior to that, he was the gm of the montral expos. the leadership duo has a baseball mountain to climb. >> this challenge is the kind of challenge that i look for and that i successfully met in the two places that i have been
6:53 pm
in montral and boston. i took over teams that were below 500. and i wouldn't be here if i didn't think i could turn this around and get it to a championship level. >> one of the reasons you had in towards the interview because you felt like he might be a front runner. a lot of people sa said, they're going to see why he's had success. >> hits the ground running. he will attend the gm meetings in milwaukee, coming up next week. day of rest for the ravens, before they begin preparations for their road trip to seattle. ravens are coming off an uplifting win. featured a game-winning touchdown. and another rookie receiver from the university of maryland steps into the spotlight against the steelers. baltimore native, lakwan williams.
6:54 pm
a grab on a final drive led to the touchdown. williams is taking advantage of a continuing opportunity while veteran lee evans is out for an ankle injury. not bad for a drafted player from poly. >> it's a pretty amazing thing. i don't think kwan looks at it this way. he looks at it as, he's going out there, making plays. he climbed the leader. those are -- ladder. those are big-time catches that receivers make. >> harbaugh also has rave reviews for second-year tight end, dennis pitta, who had career catches. many on third down conversion. ravens do hit the practice field in owings mills tomorrow. they hit the road in seattle. and a reminder, you can see the game here on wjz. they'll kick it off at 4:00. an outpouring of condolences and memories in the sports world today, following the death of heavyweight champ joe frazier. fighters of all ages, paying tribute.
6:55 pm
smoking joe frazier was the first to beat ali. that led to a pair of epic rematches. ali won them both. but frazier's fame was set just a couple of weeks ago, frazier was diagnosed with liver cancer. and his family announced his passing late last night. this is frazier, shadow boxing in the halls here at wjz, during a visit back in 1996. always playful and friendly. he greeted fans with the line, joe frazier, sharp as a razor, what's your name? he was 67 years old. back in the 70s, when you were heavyweight champ, you were king of the world. not like that anymore. but for those of us who remember, what a figure. >> wow. >> absolutely. >> thank you, mark. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,
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6:59 pm
cain fights back. he calls one accuser a troubled woman. >> my first response in my mind and reaction was "i don't even know who this woman is." >> pelley: bill whitaker and jan crawford are covering. they lost their lives in afghanistan. now the air force is investigating what happened to their remains. david martin has the story. at independence hall, we asked some of the most successful people in america the toughest question. how do you create jobs in this country? and remembering smoking joe frazier and the fight of the century. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" >> pelley: good evening, herman cain, the front-runner for the republican presidential nomination, forcefully confronted charges of sexual harassment late ty.


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