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tv   Eyewitness Noon News  CBS  November 9, 2011 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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. there are shock waves, this is in state campus, this is in happy valley. hello, jessica. >> it is a sad day and hello. we are here in the last five minutes and the students are learning that joe paterno will be stepping down. the students said that they are sad to learn the news. several students rallied at the school, as well as in front of his home and his son's and many said that they are sad that his career will be ending. they said that they are sad it involved paterno, but they said
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he did so many great things that it will not tarnish his example here. as you have heard, the entire situation a tragedy. the students a door him here. for those that don't know this community, they have done so much for the school, they donated over $4 million to the university and the football program here has been out standing and we will continue to talk with the students and bring you more from the state college tonight at 5:00 and 6:00. don, it is a very sad day here in happy valley. >> as you heard, we will lead the coverage of the scandal at 4:00 and 5:00 and 6:00. back here, a lack of hot water and heat making headlines and the residents are waiting for the national gas service to
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be restored because of a broken gas main. good afternoon, adam. >> a challenging situation, but right now, right back here, they are running the tests on that gas main and if it goes well, good news for the people here, the service could start later today. the break will be tougher to fix than thought. the service will be rerouted and leaving 900 people without heat and hot water. it happen when a main was hit by a constructioner worker early in the week. in a meeting, they told the customers how they will have to get inside every home and the police watch as owners out of town have their locks broke. >> when i got home from work, i saw the cops and my doors were
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open -- the company went into this man's home twice. >> they did not record that they shut off my gas and they broke back in to shut it off -- the other businesses suffering, crabs waiting to cook and no one to eat them -- we cannot tell hem if we will be open, we are losing a lot of money. >> the mayor said to stay optimistic. >> we are working together to resolve this issue and get the project back on track. >> the services have been restored to about a hundred people late last night and the businesses on the east side of the bridge back here, close to the shopping plaza, that has some of them ready to reopen today. >> with progress or not, they are ready to call if they smell
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natural gas. and senator curry will wake up for the first time in years without the cloud of a corruption case over his head. >> after days of deliberating, a jury deliberated and acquitted him of all charges. he was seen leaving the federal courthouse downtown with his wife and legal team downtown. he was said to have taken money for political favors. >> it was a tough few careers for myself, my wife and constituents. it is the greatest moment of my life. >> the jury did not feel like he was part of a bribery conspiracy. >> he said he was a paid consultant and never meant to hide his feelings from the grocery store chain.
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>> there is new information from the women. one settled a complaint with the republican hopeful with hermman cain and they are another with a dissent because three years after cane. there was a demand for thousands in damages and then dropped the complaint and then cain sounded off at a news conference yesterday. >> these allegations are false and now the democrats and their machine in america have come forward to make these troubling allegations. >> the statements, the common sense -- he said that some people are trying to under mind him pause they don't want a black man to be elected as a single businessman president.
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marty bass is here, we have more from the weather center, it is a great afternoon! >> it is amazing and that is what we will see now. we will talk about the change in a moment, but before we get to that, looking at the temperatures outside, at this hour, it is 60, above average, probably not going to be as warm as yesterday, you see the upper 50s and the 60s and on the doppler, there is still nothing happening in our area, but not that far off, we are seeing the changes. detail that, we are sending that to the outside. >> good afternoon. let's go back to the first morning doppler radar. i mentioned this yesterday, we are seeing what is happening in the forecast, we saw the showers on thursday, that is still in the outlook, which means we are on track to clear it out and maybe on if i fry, maybe a good weekend coming in and there is the low over
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chicago and that will pull a cold front and showers in the air and let's look at the graphic we have, and by the way, i hope you noticed on the radar, that is falling apart, colder, yes, in the low 50s on friday, but i have news for you, there is something consistent in the forecast and there is the good news and the meteorologist has details coming up shortly. we will though that inside. the customers at the mount washington tavern will try to be back hope in may for the preakness event. the damage from that fire is said to be $2.5 million. two tractor trailers collide and break into blames in the middle of an inter state
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and more on the sudden death of heavy d. more from the medical experts and the run of beautiful ought item weather continuing. stick around, the first weather morning forecast is coming up. ,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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. here is a look at the firey accident that caused hotels and schools to be evacuated in arizona. one person was killed. no word on who caused the crash or the condition of the other driver involved. with hours until a major deadline in the nba negotiates, no deal. the commissioner said that the deal will be taken off the table at 5:00 and the future deals will only get worse, but the union rejected that offer and they are asking for a meeting to try to save the season. more on the sudden death of
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hip-hop heavy d (i have nothing for love for you baby). >> the mucisian died of a heart attack yesterday after collapsing outside his home. he had several popular songs in the 90s and created the theme songs for "in living color "and others. the sun is out and shipping brightly and we will have the updated forecast in a few minutes. more on the lotto numbers last night and the stocks today -- ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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. welcome back. not up to the levels of yesterday, but we are already above average. the winds are from the south. the mild air until the cold front comes in and you will see the cold front on the temperature map. the cold front locked up and we benefitted on the mild side of everything and we will tap in to the colder air and here is a look at the front. there is the snow on the pack side and we have sunshine and then the front will move in and
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we will move to the east and it is weaker. some showers as that passes by and look at how we put this together. that is strung out, the weaker front and the chance of showers and that will move out and we will keep the tropical storm away from the united states and kick it out to sea. for us rings once we get rid of the front, cooling down on friday and then warming up again over the weekend. here is a look at the forecast, 66 for the high and we are on the way up and 45 for the low and more clouds tomorrow, some showers, 57 for the high. then we will feel the cooler air on friday, a dose of the cold air and then out west in western maryland, we could see some snow showers at the end, but not a huge storm and it will move out and warm up over the weekend. we will have those numbers
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shortly -- we had a lot of named storms this career. >> amazing how many we have had that did not effect the united states. the weather is not keeping the ravens from practicing outside. don't miss the game in seattle when you can see it live right here on wjz 13. coming up at noon, a new study on how the older americans are dealing with this troubled economy and we are always on for you. here is what we are following on the web site -- for updates of the news and the weather fo,,,,
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. it is beautiful, if you can get out and take a walk. i call it me time. it is sun that is high enough in the sky to feel warm. score you some "me time ." let's look at the outlook, some clouds dimming the sun and maybe some showers. $5 is the high and slow to clear and -- 65 is the high and 67 on sunday and monday. >> sounding good!
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>> that sounds wonderful. even with the rain, i can handle that. don't miss the cbs line up and then stay with us for eyewitness news at 11:00. thank you for watching. we are your news station. have ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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