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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  November 9, 2011 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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coach is leaving. joe paterno is leaving after he reportedly failed to do more when he was told about abuse of children. a very quiet and very sad day here. now, joe paterno says the entire incident was a tragedy and wishes he had done more. >> reporter: outside beaver stadium in what has become phone as paternoville. this as beloved football coach joe paterno announced he will leave. >> this is probably the first time i-ineheim cry. i got teared up myself. >> he was crying the whole time he was talking. >> reporter: in a statement,
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paterno said, it is one of the great sorrows of my life. with the benefit of hindsight, i wish i had done more. this, after allegations of sex abuse with former assistant coach, jerry sandusky. when made aware of them, paterno did report it to his superiors. he is not charged with legal wrongdoing. however, critics argue that he should have done more to stop sandusky. >> it's sad to retire this way. >> the whole life of the university is hurt by this. this is an emotional time. >> people are not seeing all of the good stuff he's done to the community and campus. >> rallying on campus and outside the paterno's state college home. students pled their report for the iconic coach. >> it's a shame it has to end this way. now it's get to end in a bad way. >> reporter: many are calling
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this the most tragic end in the history of college sports. students, faculty and alumni are sickened by the end of paterno's college career. a legacy these students hope will live on. >> around campus and downtown, many students are wearing t- shirts in support of joe paterno. additionally, penn state plays nebraska this weekend. a very big game. they typically wear white for what is called a whiteout. this weekend, they'll wear blue in support of a blueout, for fighting child abuse. i'm jessica kartalija. >> police say a ninth alleged victim has come forward. sandusky has denied all of the charges. a search for an escaped suspect. denise is in the newsroom with details. >> reporter: the suspect broke out of custody today.
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29-year-old maury figueroa, fled on interstate 83. as you said, police shut down a portion of the highway near 28th street. but he did get away. he was arrested on drug violations and is wanted by immigration officials. anyone with information about his whereabouts tonight is asked to call police. mary? >> okay, thank you. it is still not clear how the suspect escaped. the jfx reopened around 1:00 this afternoon. >> slow progress, the gas main break shuts down service for hundreds of people. now, after three days, patience is wearing thin. wjz is live in locust point. adam may is there and has the latest on repairs. >> hi, kai. lots of heavy equipment. a lot of crews on the scene. for hundreds of people in this neighborhood, it's going to be another cold night. >> reporter: bge crews test repairs to a 12-inch natural gas main. it broke off cutting off service to 1,000 people. >> pretty inconvenient, you
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know what i mean? >> it's a little unfortunate. you can't do everything you would do on a regular day. >> such as? >> cook on a stove top, boil some bottles. get stuff clean or make pasta. >> reporter: they are also three days cold. >> we don't cook anything. don't sell anything. rather than some groceries and cigarettes. >> you gotta be losing money. >> yes. >> reporter: affected residents aren't home, they need to physically break in with a locksmith. >> it is a lot of work to get into every single house twice to turn off the service for safety and then to restore it and introduce the gas safely back into each home. >> service has been restored to about 100 customers, include barracuda's tavern. >> we're glad to see we have power. we had no business monday. it was really, really hurtful to the restaurant. >> reporter: but for the rest, still waiting, their wish is simple. >> to seep in my bed.
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not having to listen to the noise of the motors. >> reporter: bge is planning to start hooking up some individual customers, even if that work does start tonight. and even if they brought in 200 from other countries, hooking up all of the people could take several days. >> adam, thank you. residents are warned to evacuate their homes and call bge if they smell gas. frostburg state university trying to reassure students and their parents after a murder near campus. in an e-mail sent to all parents, the university's parents is promising the school will increase the vigilance in ensuring the school stays safe. this comes after courtney mccoy was stabbed to death in an off- campus party sunday. state senator ulysses currie is cleared of federal corruption charges. but his political future remains uncertain. wjz is live.
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derek valcourt explains the problems he now faces. >> the law did not catch up with currie. but lawmakers still might, as they consider whether his actions were unethical. >> reporter: the threat of the law no longer hangs over currie's head. he was acquitted of charges that he was part of an illegal bribery scheme. >> this is the greatest moment of my life. this is by far, the greatest moment of my life. >> reporter: his defense attorneys conceded that while they may have been ethics violations, they did not constitute violations of the law. >> reporter: currie may have escaped criminal punishment. but his relationship with shoppers food may likely earn him sanctions. >> reporter: they will likely meet in january. at issue, meetings they had on
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shoppers behalf. at least one vote on legislation that directly ben fitted shoppers. and mostly, his failure to disclose his relationship with shoppers, while on their payroll. >> taking money is a big problem. >> reporter: matthew censon predicts the ethics hearings won't have the same happy ending as currie's trial. >> they're probably going to look at these instances of behavior in a slightly different light than the jury did. >> if that state ethics panel does find currie's actions to be unethical, he could face anything from the equivalent of a slap on the wrist to expulsion from the general assembly. >> derek, thank you. >> the last time the legislature dealt with such serious ethics complaints about one of their own was back in 1998, when senator larry young was expelled from the general assembly. >> reporter: desperate to free him. the family of a maryland man is
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turning up the pressure. mike hellgren reports from washington, where there are fears that alan gross could die behind bars. >> reporter: talks between washington and havana have been at an impasse. ellen gross hopes this could change that. >> because of this humanitarian work, alan is sitting in a jail cell today. >> reporter: jody gross spoke to hundreds of members of the jewish-american counselim. alan gross was working for a maryland-based contractor, providing internet access to havana's jewish community, when he was convicted of spying and locked up. >> it's beyond any sense of reason. it's inhumane and it's unjust. >> reporter: despite high- profile visits from former president jimmy carter, jesse jackson, cuban leaders have shown no signs they will release him. >> reporter: our main objective for the last two years is to
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ensure alan gross's unconditional release. >> we need him to come home. he's done nothing wrong. and i'm here to show my solidarity. >> alan's only intention was to help the small communities in cuba, nothing more. >> reporter: cuba would like to see the release of five of their citizens being held on spying. the u.s. so far has said that is not an option. reporting from washington, mike hellgren, wjz eyewitness news. >> reporter: coming up new at 6:00, the maryland, new maryland action -- or new action maryland senator ben cardin is taking to try to free alan gross. it has been an awful day on wall street. stocks plunge over fresh concerns about the european debt crisis. dow is down 389. s&p off 47. nasdaq down 106. investors are worried that italy will default on its debt, which will have a domino effect on the u.s. economy. so a rough day on wall street.
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but our weather on maryland, smooth and easy tonight. that's easier to say. outside right now, it's clear. still a bit warmer than usual for november. we'll is live with first warning weather. meteorologist bernadette woods. bob turk has a look at our updated conditions. >> live shot. you see the clouds to the west. take a look at radar. right now, just north of garrett county. you see a couple of showers popping up. and as you open up, you can see a line of showers here across portions of eastern ohio. down through west virginia. and that will be approaching our region overnight, into tomorrow, with some changes. bernadette woods has a look at the changes for your thursday. you knew you couldn't last forever, right? >> there is a chance for a couple of showers as bob was saying. but take a look at this graphic. when that goes through, a shot of cooler air. and the thing is, it is going to come our way. but it's not going to last all that long. we'll have those coming up in your forecast shortly. now, back inside.
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back to work for the ravens coming off their big win at pittsburgh. mark viviano joins us with a look at how the team is looking. >> we did talk about the private win. you fans, you can celebrate. players can't. >> they walked out onto the feet on the ground. that's literal and figurative. back to earth and back to work. ravens were flying and rightfully so. but that's history now. >> we have to do the best and put it through seattle. it was exciting. it really was. and i think it always will be. to go and meet pittsburgh. like i said before. it's our job to go and take care of the rest of the year. >> every dame is exciting. that's what you practice for every weekend. you know, for us, we have another big challenge ahead of us. and that's going to be a tough
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team. another tough season. so we have another. >> and if they're looking for lessons, the ravens don't have to look far back. week 2 at tennessee. and week 7 at jacksonville. losses to lesser teams on the road. and both happened after victories. >> coming off some big wins, you know? like to say we got that tendency of a letdown. i think it's time for us to be able to put the big games behind us and treat every game like it's a big game. >> we know what happened in the past. but every week is a new week. and there's new opportunity. so we're going to take this game as it is. and it's an important game. >> there's no easy weeks in the league. every time should know that by now. every team, no matter the record, is going to come out and fight you. the coach is preaching the same lessons that we're being preached here. >> and ray lewis was preaching again today, about the league's crackdown on safety. it has hit him in the wallet
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again, at a cost of $20,000. details on some big finds. and the ravens' reactions coming up. kai? >> all right, mark. thank you. by the way, when the ravens take on the seahawks in seattle, you can see that game live here on wjz. coverage starts at 4:00. >> still ahead on wjz eyewitness news at 5:00. the top amateur performer here in baltimore. meet the talented local high school. >> a few clue in the mysterious disappearance of lisa irwin. why police are now focusing on her mother's cell phone. on the road to the championship game, it almost danced out of the tournament. >> i'm gigi barnett and perry hall. that story is straight ahead. clear and mild. but will rain interrupt our streak of beautiful fall days? bob has more on his updated forecast. [ male announcer ] does your cable company keep charging you more...
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tire justice tonight for two catonsville families. a baltimore county judge sentenced a man to life in prison for a deadly shooting inside a convenience store. monique griego reports with reaction from the victim's family. >> it was an execution-style murder. bradderic green walked into the store. she robs the clerk and shoots him in the face. >> if i think about it, i'll just wonder why. you know? why it had to be that way. >> reporter: the brutal way her son was killed is still hard for jane bowen to bear. today, she and her daughter were in court, as the judge sentenced green to life in prison without parole. >> it doesn't mean bring brian back. but some justice has been served here. >> reporter: bowen says green showed no remorse.
5:18 pm
>> grinning, laughing. and just lean way back in the chair like this is -- what else is new? >> still, the store owner struggles physically and openly. days after the murder, police arrested green after a shootout in baltimore. it put an end to his career. >> the family believes when it comes to green, the court system failed. >> it should never have happened. because the justice system has given him so many chances in his lifetime. >> reporter: and green was previously sentenced to 11 life terms for the city shooting, in addition to today's two life sentences for murder and attempted murder. mary? >> all right, monique. thank you. green's defense attorneys are appealing both convictions. today, a judge denied her request for a new trial. let's check on the roads with kristy breslin at wjz
5:19 pm
traffic control. >> hi, kai. hi, everyone. a lot of traffic to deal with out there. if you're traveling on 70 westbound, that's really jammed up there from 29 to mare marriottsville road. as far as the west side inner loop, 25 minutes from 95 to security boulevard. and we're off to a solid half an hour. that's on the top side inner loop there, from park heights avenue to harford road. the outer loop on the north side, also slow there from providence road to stevenson. average speed at this point, about 31 miles per hour. and northbound 95, also struggling in that direction from pulaski highway to the beltway. as far as accidents go, old york road, at monkton road. also york road at shawan road. and in baltimore city, style street at president street. let's take a live look, as you can see, things pretty heavy there. and we'll take another live look. you can see things definitely slowing down there, on the harrisburg expressway, on warren road. this traffic report is brought to you by bill's carpet, hardwood and laminate, too.
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you can call them at 1-877-75- bills. back to you. >> kristy, thank you. another gorgeous day. >> eight straight dry days. pretty amazing. tomorrow, a little bit of a change. then we mentioned, it's going to get colder. take a look at temps now. a few high clouds starting to move into the area. 55 degrees, south/southeast at 5. barometer, 30.05 inches. we'll come back and take a look at the thursday forecast after this. ,,,, [ male announcer ] it's a rule of nature.
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it's been a fantastic start to this month of november. pretty unbelievable. we had so many beautiful, sunny dry days. a bit of a change coming as we told you. a cold front coming through the area, overnight into tomorrow. it would get chilly. the chances of showers aren't that great. take a look at temperatures right now. but it will get cooler. 55 right now. 66 still in cumberland. 58, ocean city and d.c. and then 57, over in oakland, out in garrett county. the dew points at 47, which is going to come up a little bit. a little more moisture. yeah, 60 in westminster. 55s, lots of places this afternoon. temperatures tonight are not going to get that chilly. we won't be back in the 30s
5:24 pm
because clouds coming in. and a bit of a wind change off the southeast. that means we're getting this moisture up the bay and the atlantic ocean that kept our dew points up and keep the humidity up a little bit. that keeps the temperatures up as the clouds move in tonight. and now, tomorrow, the winds will go back to the west/northwest. once this pressure goes. the front will clear our rear area, probably i think by early afternoon, and even maybine earlier. and a batch of showers associated with it. already into portions of west virginia. late tonight, tomorrow morning, just a chance of some of those showers. most of the energy way up to the north. you see the snow in wisconsin. and the upper peninsula of michigan. some spots getting 4 to 8 inches of snow. temperatures marginal. in our area, sunny skies today. winds out of the eastern direction. the front coming through. that will change the wind direction and bring us cooler air. right now, chicago, down to 39.
5:25 pm
minneapolis. kansas city. cooler air. but not what we're seeing. atlantic, at 69. and miami, coming in at 80 degrees this afternoon. that front just to the west of us tonight, coming through the area. yes, chance of some showers. 20% chance. that's about it. then the wind changed to the northwest. here comes the cooler air. but over the weekend, already some warming expected. a quick look at the tropics. sean could become briefly a hurricane as it passes to just to the northwest of bermuda right there. may see some rain out of it. friday, friday afternoon, it's way out to the east. as that cold front, going to take it away from the united states. gusty winds on the bay. bay temp, around 55. so tonight, increasing clouds. maybe some showers by 6:00, 7:00 a.m. 47 tonight. tomorrow, any showers are pretty much done in the morning. and then we'll see sunshine. breezy and turning cooler. 57, and down into the 40s by this time tomorrow afternoon.
5:26 pm
>> all right. we'll bring coats. thank you, bob. another woman goes public with accusations against herman cain. how the scandal is impacting his race for the white house. killed in war. the bodies of fallen soldiers, mishandled by the air force. new details about the horrible mistakes as the pentagon joins the investigation. 100 million worth of changes are coming to bwi marshall. all this hopes to make your life easier. i'm weijia jiang, ,, [ dennis ] juggling insurance policies at different companies... is a pain. but with allstate, bundling policies is easy and can save you money. you should try this instead. thank you...yeah... now she should be an allstate agent. shop less. get more. make one call to an allstate agent. [ female announcer ] introducing the allstate auto + life discount. now when you protect your family with allstate life insurance you can save even more on allstate car insurance. shop less. get more.
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it's 5:29. 55 degrees. and mostly clear. good evening. thank you for staying with wjz eyewitness news. here are some of the stories people are talking about tonight. major chances -- or changes are in store for bwi marshall airport. the airport is trying to make life easier for travelers. weijia jiang reports with details on the $100 million project. >> reporter: the merger of southwest airlines and air tran is a done deal. >> it's just nice to have more options at a lower price. >> reporter: but now come the growing pains. they are moving to terminal ab to join southwest. >> roughly 15% of business move in over there. so we will make sure people understand that. to get ready for that, we have done a number of things. everything from adding new concessions to improving pickup in the baggage area. >> reporter: look for signs to
5:30 pm
direct you. next, delta airlines will shuffle to air tran's old space. and its current home will become a construction site. the airport continues to grow every year. to make room, executives are launching a $100 million project to build a new connector from concourse b to c. as it stands, passengers have to go through security, every time they go to and from, which can lead to a traffic jam. >> when you go through security, you have to take off your shoes and go through so much. and you know, i think just going through one time should be enough. >> reporter: the new connector includes nine security checkpoints, moving sidewalks and 8500 square feet of food and retail space. >> the ability to get from one place to another is important because there is different restaurants, different things and different gates. >> reporter: the expansion will provide access between all gates. >> and the project is funded through existing airport- generated revenue sources. >> reporter: police are investigating an armed robbery at a busy rest stop on i-95.
5:31 pm
detectives are searching for suspects who held up the gas station at the maryland house travel in aberdeen. it happened around 12:30 today. police were on the scene interviewing people for several hours, but no one was hurt. a secret service agent accidentally fires his gun near washington, d.c., causing panic at the embassy. >> the uniformed secret service agent mistakenly fired his weapon this morning. he was sitting inside a marked cruiser during a routine patrol when the gun went off. police showed up to show shots being fired. the officer's car was damaged by the bullet, but no one was hurt. the secret service has opened an internal investigation into the matter. >> the agent is part of the foreign mission branch of the secret service, which provides foreign governments on u.s. soil. herman cain, topic may
5:32 pm
surface during debate tonight. danielle nottingham reports tonight for wjz. cain could end up answering if more questions about the accusation. >> reporter: all eyes on herman cain when the gop fields off in a prime time debate. cain will have to brace for more questions about the sexual harassment allegations tahave dogged his campaign for more than a week. he tried to put the issue to rest tuesday. >> i have never acted inappropriately with anyone. period. >> reporter: on stage, in rochester, michigan, the other republican candidates are hoping to get back some of the spotlight. cain has been occupying the headlines. and they're ready to spar over the economy and their plans to get americans back to work. >> when the allegations first surfaced, some of cain's opponents steered clear. but now that the sister isn't going away, cain's rivals are starting to say, he owes voters
5:33 pm
a better explanation of what happened. >> reporter: and republican strategists predict that shaking shake -- shaping the controversy will only get more difficult in days to come. sharon bialec and another person are planning to detail cain's alleged inappropriate behavior when he ran the restaurant association in the 1990s. >> absolute denial. no gray area. never saw them, never did it. so if there is any receipt that shows them together, any pictures, it casts additional doubt. >> reporter: despite the allegations, cain still performing well in the polls at this point. >> in washington, danielle nottingham, wjz eyewitness news. >> a new poll in south carolina shows cain trailing mitt romney by only two points. new information about the disappearance of kansas city baby lisa irwin. police say someone made a call
5:34 pm
from the cell phone of lisa's mother on the night the 10- month-old girl went missing. deborah bradley previously had told police whoever took her baby also stole her cell phone so she couldn't call anybody. police have not named any suspects. well, for the first time, we're hearing from one of the jurors who convicted michael jackson's doctor of involuntary manslaughter. juror number 5 says most of the jury had already decided conrad murray's guilt in the first hours of deliberations, but it took lots of yelling and stressful moments before the majority managed to convince all jurors that murray's negligence and mistakes caused jackson's death. a scandal at dover military mortuary. david martin reports for wjz with details on an investigation by the pentagon. >> what i want to talk about is tough stuff. >> reporter: air force chief of staff, norton schwartz is talking about caskets, coming home from iraq and afghanistan.
5:35 pm
a federal investigation has found gross mismanagement at the dover air force base mortuary in delaware. the first stop of the fallen on their final journey home? >> we found a pattern of wrongdoing, and the air force has refused to admit culpability. >> reporter: they investigated whistle-blower complaints and found two cases in which body parts of a soldier and an air force pilot were either lost or misplaced. in another case, an arm bone was sawed off, in order to fit a marine killed by a roadside bomb, into his dress uniform. the investigation covered the years 2008 to 2010. but general schwartz acknowledged, he does not know whether there have been other instances. >> i cannot identify with certainty that prior performance met our standard of perfection. >> reporter: the families were not told what had happened to their loved ones until this past weekend.
5:36 pm
>> they should have informed the family members, the minute they knew there was a problem. they chose not to. it was just a threat of our report going to the president and to congress that made them tell the family members. >> a colonel and two civilians were disciplined. but none of them was fired. another major recall from toyota, involving half million vehicles. they include 2004 and 2005, camrys, highlanders and siennas, along with some lexus models. toyota says a power steering problem is the reason for the recall. no accidents or injuries have been attributed to it. but owners will be notified if their vehicle needs a free repair. posing as police. police are searching for a police impersonator in anne arundel county. the suspect was carrying a silver taser. the suspect even handcuffed the victim before stealing cash ask driving away. it happened near the intersection of cram and doris
5:37 pm
avenues. anyone with information should call police. the perry hall soccer team almost lost the chance to play in the state tournament. now they're one step closer to the championship game. gigi barnett explains, it's all over a controversial victory dance. >> reporter: perry hall high school's boy's soccer team is still on the road to the state championship. and they almost lost the chance after doing this controversial victory dance, called the bernie last week. >> we don't celebrate no more. we just run to each other and give each other high fives and then get back and continue playing. >> reporter: it was this dance, performed after scoring the winning goal against delaney high school last week that landed the team in hot water. delaney parents called the bernie lewd and inappropriate. so the boy's principal, george roberts, forfeited the win. but roberts soon changed his mind after heavy backlash from players and parents. >> the intent of my original
5:38 pm
decision was not to punish the students but to preserve the dignity and character of an educational based athletic program. >> the whom thing -- whole thing, is if the principal wouldn't have reversed the decision, we would have never known. >> last night, the team clinched the championship. practice is intense. they're one game away from the championship match. and perry hall is now a cinderella team. >> right now, i feel like it's all or nothing. >> reporter: the bernie dance comes from the '80s movie. weekend at bernies. and it's so popular now, ravens players use it to celebrate, but not perry hall. >> no more bernie in public. >> reporter: the next step now is the state semifinals. that game comes on saturday night. and if perry hall wins, they'll advance to the state championship game. in perry hall, i'm gigi barnett, wjz eyewitness news. >> although the team can now
5:39 pm
play, players aren't in the clear for doing the bernie dance. school leaders ordered the boys to complete an online training course in good sportsmanship. time now for a quick look at some of the stories you'll find in tomorrow morning's edition of the baltimore sun. why baltimore county schools ignored warnings and spent $5 million on textbooks and a curriculum that fit shelves of new national standards. maryland specialty breweries. add a preview of the local college basketball season. for all of these stories and more, look at the baltimore sun. remember to look for the updated forecast, from wjz's first warning weather team. a local high school student is in the national spotlight after winning amateur night at the apollo, as he found out, only pure talent can win over the sold-out crowd in harlem. ♪ [ music ] >> reporter: baltimore's keith davenport brings down the house, winning amateur night at the apollo. >> i was just like, oh, my
5:40 pm
gosh. ♪ [ music ] >> reporter: he's just 15, a sophomore at poly tech, a true phenom. he started playing the trumpet when he was 8, just happened to pick it up in music class at his elementary school, and he was hooked. >> after i got down all the keys, like all the fingerings, it came because i got my ear from my father. [ applause ] >> keith won $2,000 at the apollo after rising to the top of more than 350 other young amateurs. >> going to put $1,000 in my savings bond. and then the other $1,000, i'm going to split with me and my parents, since they put a lot of money into getting me to the apollo. >> people kept saying, he's amazing. i can't believe he's so little, so young, and they were saying, we don't know what he's going to be when he grows up if he's this good at a young age.
5:41 pm
♪ [ music ] [ applause ] >> 15. he's 15. keith also plays middle linebacker on poly's football team. he's on the wrestling team in the winter, along with taking music classes at the peabody. he also says he has chores at home. don't forget, i got chores at home and homework and all of that. he's amazing. >> a little mar salis davis. >> -- myles davis. >> miles was the man. without a doubt. still ahead. thousands of students take to the streets. how they're fighting back against higher tuition. a 2-year-old nearly drowns. how another man risked his life to save the little boy. bob turk, first warning weather center. weather center. cooler a we had a mouse. what? where? don't freak, it's gone.
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making life easier for veterans. andrea fujii explains how a federal grant will help with more ways to get around. >> reporter: they put their lives on the line. but when they come home, many
5:45 pm
veterans face another challenge. just getting a ride, but a $2 million federal grant is expected to simplify their plans. >> these are developed so that every veteran who needs a ride can get one. >> reporter: within a few months, all transportation options will be in one place. >> having services is one thing. people having access to the information holding services is another thing. >> reporter: veterans will be able to go to a website that will provide them with all of their transportation options. >> giving veterans a small gift for their service to the country. >> this is sort of tragic
5:46 pm
because the service is there, but the transportation to the service is important. 32 stations nationwide are receiving similar grants, totaling $35 million. we are halfway through our workweek and still enjoying this beautiful weather. taking a live look outside in downtown baltimore. but is there some rain on the horizon? we're going to start up this time with bernadette. >> that's right. we have this beautiful stretch of weather but a little bit of a cold problem. and tomorrow afternoon, mostly cloudy skies. chance for a shower or two as we head through the day. a little rain around. that's about it. not a huge storm. however, this does get out of here. for the rest of the five-day, here's bob. it will get cool, compared to what we've seen. it's going to feel chilly.
5:47 pm
but a warmup begins. back here monday, amazing. mary? >> all right, bob. thank you. in today's energy saver, experts recommend that you use a programmable thermostat. for more information how you can be be an energy save every, go to police say a 2-year-old fell off a pier. a 50-year-old man was the first in the water, but he got caught up in a current. the child wasn't harmed. the man was taken to the hospital in stable condition. residents of a small indiana town say it sounded like a bomb went off. instead, it was a water tower, crumbling to the ground. the quarter million gallons of water were released, flooding nearby homes.
5:48 pm
no one was injured by the falling debris because of the investigation. engineers say the tower was 50 years old. student protestors take over the streets of london this afternoon, as tina kraus reports for wjz, hundreds were on duty to keep the march peaceful. >> reporter: a massive crowd of students marched through the streets of central london, to protest higher tuition fees and cuts to education funding. >> they're being turned to the north. >> i won't go anywhere near the stock exchange whatsoever. >> reporter: police kept them moving, along the route to the city's financial district. >> you can see it. >> reporter: about 4,000 police officers were on duty for the march. they had threatened to use rubber bullets if things turned violent like they did last year. >> reporter: last november, about 55 students took part in a demonstration that turned violent. that protest was also about
5:49 pm
education costs. a small group attacked the headquarters of the conservative party, shattering glass windows and starting fires. a month later, demonstrators battled with riot police and attacked a car carrying prince charles. at wednesday's protest, police made several arrests at an encampment. but the demonstrations remain mostly peaceful. in london, tina kraus, wjz eyewitness news remember. >> tuition in british universities may triple, starting next year. >> check in with eyewitness news at 6:00. denise is standing by with a preview. >> well, kai. troubled waters. oysters dying. and too much of a good thing is the reason for the die-off. and... i'm mike schuh in towson. parents, if your kids are wearing one of these, it could land them in jail. check in for more on these stories. we'll have more on the breaking
5:50 pm
news coming up at 6:00. >> thank you. still to come tonight on wjz's eyewitness news. we have been told for years that salt is bad for you. >> but tonight, a surprising study raises new concerns. how a low-sodium diet may actually hurt your health. ,,,,, [ male announcer ] it's a rule of nature.
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in tonight's wjz healthwatch, we're used to hearing that cutting back on salt can lower the risk of heart problems but a new study shows they may actually issue harmful. alison harmelin reports for we'll. >> i really believe that you're living very vegan. >> reporter: josh orleans stays away from salty foods but says it isn't easy. >> i was in penn station last night. and i really wanted popcorn with salt on it. and i just had to say no to myself. >> ray new study questions
5:54 pm
whether reducing it could. >> there's an increase in renin and triglycerides, which can actually increase your risk of heart disease incredibly. according to government guidelines, the majority of adults should be on a low- sodium diet. that means about a half teaspoon of salt. >> reporter: the study says it may be time for doctors to rethink a low-salt diet. but other experts disagree. >> my biggest concern is that people will think, it's okay to eat salt now. i think we still have a lot to learn. >> reporter: josh orleans says he is not about to give up his low-salt routine, even if it is a little bland. >> reporter: it won't be just bland if i were pouring salt
5:55 pm
but i'd rather be safe. >> orleans lost his father and grandfather to heart attacks and believes his healthy lifetile is helping keep him healthy. >> now, the study comes as the food and drug administration holds a public hearing tomorrow on ways to reduce sodium consumption in the united states. in research suggests children with autism have early brain overgrowth. the study in the journal of american medical association finds autistic children have bigger, heavier brain and have rapid growth in some sections. the study was small, and included only 13 boys. it found those with autism had 67% more neurons in their brains. still ahead on eyewitness news. >> outside beaver stadium here at penn state, i'm jessica kartalija. this is paternoville. where students gather before a big game. reaction from campus today as head coach joe paterno decides to resign at the end of the season. that story coming up on wjz. ,,,
5:56 pm
5:57 pm
5:58 pm
coming up on wjz eyewitness news at 6:00. camp in turmoil. >> amid allegations of sex abuse scandal, coach.
5:59 pm
et ceteraics troubles i'm derek valcourt. the story coming up on eyewitness news. what a week so far. will the weekend be be just as nice? stick around for the updated first warning weather forecast. check if for these stories and all the day's breaking news. >> wjz eyewitness news at 6:00 starts now. end of an era. legendary football coach, joe paterno, ending his career. >> shocked on campus and why others


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