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tv   Eyewitness 11PM News  CBS  November 11, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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volunteering builds a better community. ♪ the time is now . these drugs down right dangerous. the operations that are trying to trick you online. >> and will colder temperatures continue through the weekend? i'm wyatt and i have your forecast on the news at 11 which starts right now. >> abc 2news start its with breaking news. you are looking at a live picture of the white house. earlier tonight shots were fired between two cars near the white house. police are saying that two officers heard gun shots and saw two vehicles speeding down
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constitution off. one of them was found abandoned. the president wasn't at white house. police don't believe there was ever any threat to the white house. a company hopes a reward will bring a driver in a hit and run to justice. ted's towing is putting up a 10,000-dollar reward after a driver was hit and killed on the job. we spoke to them about this new development. >> reporter: if it takes money for someone to come forward jenna is thankful for the reward. also, i learned her husband's co workers hope to use this case to clowe tow truck drive drivers in the move over law. her life changed when her husband was working in pasadena. he was a tow truck driver for 12 years. he was going to leave the scene after looking up a vehicle when a driver hit him and kept
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going. >> took an accident and needed a -- a crime against our family. >> reporter: jenna is now a single mom to a 3-year-old son and a 1-year-old daughter. >> she sees pictures and kisses him. she gets --. >> reporter: their extended family at the towing company said to much time has gone by so the owner is putting up a reward. >> wasn't much thought. what he thought would help get somebody to come forward. >> reporter: since the accident the driver carried these signs warning drivers to move over. they are pushing lawmakers to expand the move over law that requires drivers to move away from emergency vehicles. >> the accident scene with the fire department and the police department. why aren't we in it? >> reporter: days after the police put out this picture of the car they believe hit him.
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it's a maroon or burgundy nissan path finder. jenna wants the reward to bring new leads. >> be a great gift. >> reporter: we want to show you the vehicle again. police are looking for this nissan path finder. the suspect driver is described as a white man in his early 30s. if you have any information that will help police you are asked to call the crime stoppers. you could be eligible for that 12,000-dollar reward and will help bring closure to a grieving family. >> new, baltimore city schools have finally responded to a story that we first brought to you at five and six. a 14-year-old said she was sexually assaulted near ben franklin high school at
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masonville cov. she said it happened just off school grounds while she picked up trash as part of a school project. she said a man grabbed her. tonight the school system said it treats all allegations of this kind with you most seriousness and reports them to the proper authorities. police say they are still investigating the case. investigators are also looking into the report of a rape in north baltimore. it happened thursday at around 4:30 in the morning. police say a woman woke um to find a man on top of her. earached her and then left the house. the 29-year-old said her children were in the next room but weren't hurt. who would rob the goodwill? baltimore county police are looking for suspect who robbed two different goodwill stores. the first happened just before noon at the location in parker. a man walked in and showed a
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gun. then this evening a man tried to rob another goodwill. right now police don't think the two incidents are related. in land over a teen is charged with stealing money from a group of girl scouts in october. the police say he stole a cash box with about $200 from scouts selling cookies at the wal- mart. detectives caught him wednesday at the same shopping center where the crime happened in the first place. he is charged with theft under $500 and has been released to his parents. >> weather wise out there tonight. things clearing up nicely for us across the state. i mean it's a chilly one. there is still a breeze but skies running clear. that's going to be a lot of sun in the morning. winds letting up but tomorrow won't be as windy and the temperatures -- already to
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freezing in frederick, they will be down near the upper 20s in the morning. good news, warming up through the day rapidly, should make 60 by 4:00. more on your weekend forecast coming up. >> nebraska and penn state will play at noon in happy valley tomorrow but instead tonight -- instead of the pep rally they held a vigil for the alleged victims of jerry sandusky. the revelations have resulted in the firings of the university president and famed coach joe paterno. the game tomorrow will be the first in more than 60 years that the they won't have joe involved. ? also the perry hall boys soccer team will be back on the field. the school got a lot of attention when they were temporarily suspended after the other team complained about their victory dance.
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tonight phillips is back open in baltimore's inner harbor but with a new location. we are there live with that story and i can smell the crab cake cakes from here. >> reporter: yeah. the new location is big. i'm standing outside the plant. it used to house end zone. i talked to the general manager who came out and he said they don't release financial figures but said there were no major issues. after 30 years in the light street pavilion they have moved here. putting on the finishing touches, every last wipe, every napkin folded, every bottle perfect. >> you are never fully prepared, hats much as you think you are ready and something else pops up. >> reporter: ready or not at five the new phillips opened. >> i'm already on four tables
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because i'm super waitress. >> reporter: after moss of planning construction and preparation, it was finally time to eat or at least to order. >> any questions in any recommendations? >> reporter: the new kitchen is in full view of one of the two dining rooms. >> thrilled. >> reporter: the question, how would what comes out of that kitchen stack up? >> how is the crab dish? does it taste the same as before? >> little different. >> reporter: there is a new pie made from another baltimore tradition. >> a whole package of burger cookies on each pie. >> reporter: the family from new york makes the five and a half hour drive twice a year. >> i come down for two reasons, to see my daughter and to eat here. >> reporter: now the end of that drive has a new defendantation, a few piers to the east of where it used to be. >> the food is great and the new building is beautiful. >> reporter: one big difference between this new location and
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the one that was over at the light street pavilion is no all you can eat buffet here. both of those dining rooms you saw on the first floor, the second floor that was used by the espn zone, they are not used for phillips. the new restaurant seats 330 people inside once it gets warm they will seat another 200 on the deck. exciting night for them here in the inner harbor. we are live. >> thank you. today is veteran's day. for some it's become nothing more than a day off work or a good sale at the mall. it's supposed to be a time for americans to honor our country's military men and women. a ceremony in downtown baltimore was attended by the lieutenant governor. it was held on the war memorial plaza. the president and first lady attended it at allege arlington. then it was off to the carl vincent for the first carrier classic where they mark the
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day. abc2 is honoring local veterans by sharing their pictures on the website. now throughout the show we will put some of the pictures up on the screen. today is also 11, 11, 1, a lot of people think it's a lucky date. we will meet a lucky baby born today and find where couples are flocking. and prescription drugs filled with rat poison and dry wall past. how to avoid contaminated medication. and the sales secrets you don't want to waste your money. first we want to recognize some of the local vets and thank them for their service.
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. it's 11, 11, 11, the earth is moving . that's not going to happen again for 100 years. i plan to be around. i hope you are too. in honor today coupleless took the plunge. these folks went to vegas. it here in baltimore a birth, he was born six pounds six ounces, mom and baby are doing just fine. it's a night to beat up someone for a good cause. hundreds people packed in to the arena to help fight breast cancer. they were boxing for boobs tonight. the card was stacked and i mean stacked amateur bouts, men and women. fighters at that. a part of the proceeds will go
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to help fight breast cancer. >> we have a 50/50, silent auction where some of the raven material is being auctioned off. a lot of restaurant that have pitched in and contributed to this. detailing company. anything you can imagine. >> and they raised a lot of money. look at that crowd. proceed wills go to the american breast cancer foundation. each year black friday shopping gets bigger. when it comes to black friday deals not all hours are created equal. john breaks down the best time to buy each item so you don't waste your money. >> reporter: forget black friday. this year it's all about black midnight. more and more stores rushing to open at ten or midnight on thank gives day. that leads to a new problem. when will you find the best
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deal? wal-mart will open at ten and to get a earlier jump its released its day after thanksgiving add. what you learn is if you hope to grab all the deal was one stop you may have to rethink. the deals are staggered. some of them start at ten, others at midnight and others at 8:00 a.m. clothing and toys go on sale at ten when the store opens. electronics including 99-dollar tvs and 199-dollar x boxes will be marked down to midnight. blenders, toasters and other small items go on sale friday morning at 8:00 a.m. good news it should spread out the crowds and shorten lines, bad if you hope to buy door busters, all at once, you may have to make multiple trips or send other family members later. for more of the report go to my website click on the money tab so you don't waste your money.
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>> this is certainly been a hot topic on facebook. people are all fired up over the idea of giving up time with your family to go shopping on the holiday. join the conversation on facebook on the always free website. >> tonight's health alert more doctors recommend a controversial test for your children. the national heart, lung and blood institute and say every child between nine and 11 needs to be tested for high cholesterol. in the now only those with certain risk factors were tested. doctors say the growing problem of obesity prompted the recommendation. new numbers showing the demand for sexual therapy drugs has skyrocket. so has the number of really bad and dangerous counterfeit pills. tonight we have a behind the scenes video and pictures of makeshift labs.
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authorities raided for making fake viagra and others. what investigators found as well as helpful information to make sure you aren't buying the wrong stuff. >> reporter: this dirty, disgusting warehouse with fungus on the wall is where investigators busted counterfeiters making fake drugs in chain a. it's one of a series of raids all over the world that found counterfeit pill making operations. in ecuador boric acid an agree helicopter. in another country wall paint was used to give pills color and in columbia they were made using sheetrock and rat poison. hungry, they contained speed. >> if you are taking a pill that has rat poison, lead, acid you could become potentially very ill from that, possibly have a fatal problem. >> reporter: the real pills help treat eed, the fakes won't
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help anyone. customs is taking them through the mail and page carriers. feds are stepping up enforcement after it's becoming more common. in 2010 they nabbed about 330 ship helicopters of fake ed drugs. this year the number is at 1200. >> a lot of them are ordered over the internet from what appear to be legit pharmacies. they are shipped directly to patient. >> reporter: can you tell which is real? the ones on the right are real. the fakes are on the left. sometimes knock offs look so conventioning even drug companies have to take a closer look. >> we can't tell quite often until we get in the lab and test the chemical. >> reporter: when investigators from the maker of viagra ordered their pill from 26 online pharmacies 81% of the pills turned out to be fake. >> counterfeiter is nobody
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looking to see how he is making the product. >> reporter: that's why the they are so dangerous and now drug companies are fighting back on the frontlines of drug raids, aggressively pursuing counterfeiters and taking legal action. experts say not all online pharmacy deserve a bad rap. just make sure you buy from one witha blue oval zip seal of approval and confirm it's on the national association boards of pharmacies list of approved pharmacies. >> just have to be careful. have to do some research and they have to make sure that when you order medication that it's a legit and legal pharmacy. >> reporter: if you think you may have bought counterfeit medication contact the company that makes the drug you meant to order. they may test it for you and contact your doctor and report it to the fda. we have a link on abc to let you know how to do that and we have information on how to find if an online pharmacy
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is legit. >> some of the other drugs the dea is warning about. coming up --. >> now, maryland's most powerful doppler radar and the forecast certified most accurate by weather rate. >> we will get back to you. yeah. tell you what. i just want to say one thing for all the american veterans out there watching tonight happy veteran's day. thank you for your service. 38, it's getting cold out there after a brisk, breezy kind of day. winds west southwest at six. we hit 50, 58 would be the normal this time of year. colder than average. here is the shot across inner harbor as we saw the skies clear off late in the day. beautiful day in annapolis, windy, shaking the camera here at the naval academy. throwing up a chop on the river and one last stop in ocean city. the waves with all the wind,
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nice finish to the day down at the beach. clear radar right now. that should continue to be the case throughout the weekend. right now temperatures in the upper 30s to low 30s. we will continue to look for the temperatures to drop another ten degrees or so over night. could mean a frost, a few spots at daybreak in the upper 20s. you can see the winds aren't letting up. the wind chill playing a factor but the winds dying down not as much a factor. in 209 day tomorrow 59 in little italy. to the west right now very little weather moving in. things clear, we had lake effect snows up in new york coming off lake ontario and lake eerie. you see the wrap around weather pattern dropping in the cooler temperatures, just for the night and the early part of the day tomorrow. we will bounce back. the north winded out of here and that will mean a lot of sun. windy conditions, warm up
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tomorrow and as we go into sunday a similar day. mildler, not as cold a start but clouds will blow in from the west late in the day sunday. one last check, what is left of shaun, now just an open wave over the atlantic ocean. it was an interesting late season tropical storm. well organized too. overnight 29, clear breezy, colder, frost by dawn. a breezy day, two degree guarantee 60. 37, partly cloudy, the wind will go calm and the seven day forecast basically showing temperatures running in the upper 60's with just a few showers around for the middle part of next week. >> thank you. coming up what's a cat stuck on a cactus to do? we will show you. first a look at what you
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will see at 11. >> coming up on night line in the wake of the penn state abuse scandal we bring you a interview with the mother of one of the alleged victims and we look at how frequently boys are abused. and a very special veterans day reunion. home from afghanistan. that's coming up right after abc 2news at 11. . as we go to break we want to honor a few more veterans. thank you for your service.
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. you have heard of the cat stuck in the tree. how about stuck up a cactus in that's what happened to this little guy in arizona. the cat was on top of the cactus for about three days. eventually she came down. we aren't sure how many live you loose but -- got to hurt. and we have heard of some of them chewing on shoes and furnish tew but a dog in florida prefers cash. while her owner was working she bit into an envelope, inside a thousand dollars this cash. the money and the paper clip holding it wound up in her belly. the owners gave ers -- were able to recover about $900 but a little messy. one last look at the forecast. >> she was expensive tastes. >> seven day forecast, we warm up through the weekend this to next week but this weekend look for chilly starts and daytime temperatures will be back in the low 60s. enjoy it. we will be back.
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at bank of america, we're lending and investing in communities across the country, from helping to revitalize a neighborhood in brooklyn to financing industries that are creating jobs in boston or providing funding for the expansion of a local business serving a diverse seattle community and supporting training programs for tomorrow's workforce in los angeles. because the more we can do in local neighborhoods and communities, the more we can help make
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opportunity possible. . a couple weeks ago we asked people what they were having for dinner and they responded. we asked one to send in a recipe of her country checken. it's chicken with squash, mushrooms, tomatoes and other good ingredients. you can get her recipe in the lifestyle section of the website, abc and feel free to live us your recipes. >> you can send us that free sample in.
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>> wyatt takes all free food. >> all right. plans for the weekend? >> i'm going to enjoy the weather. you know, we will go. because it's weekend time. that's aller to us. you can get the latest online. when we aren't here you go there. we want too leave you with that man. thank you wyatt for your service . >> big boots. >> about 12. óçç
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