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tv   Eyewitness News at 4  CBS  November 14, 2011 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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occupy eviction. hundreds of police in riot gear raid an encampment. >> other cities follow the lead against the movement. >> i'm kai jackson. and i'm mary bubala. here's what people are talking about. >> running out of patience, police in two cities are fed up with the violence and sanitation problems of the demonstrators. bigat shoban -- bigad shaban has more. >> reporter: secondary to the occupy. >> reporter: he was one of the original occupy protestors. lister says their intent was good, but the message got lost as the crowds crew. -- grew. >> unfortunately, when you allow everyone's voice to be
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involved, you let everyone's voice to be involved. >> reporter: in oakland, california, officers in riot gear, took protestors away in handcuffs after they ignored warnings to clear the camp. >> the encampment became a place of repeated violence and this week, murder. >> reporter: the mayor said unsanitary conditions and a lack of protest -- cooperation from protestors will lead to a greater police presence. >> reporter: for cities already strapped for cash, cleaning up after the protests can be costly. here in portland, the city estimate its could take several weeks and as much as $19,000 to get the downtown parks back to normal. >> i think it's really wrong. they should be held accountable for their actions. >> people were here to be a nuisance, rather than be to stay involved in what the process was and what they were trying to convey. >> reporter: protestors hope the end of the occupy camps isn't the end of the movement.
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in portland, bigat shaban, wjz eyewitness news. linked to scandal. the president of the second mile charity is stepping down. the board of directors of the second mile is accepting dr. jack ra covits's resignation. the organization's owner, jerry sandusky is facing multiple sex abuse charges. as you know, head coach joe paterno and the school's president have been fired by the university. we'll have the latest on the story coming up all new at 4:30. safe and sound. washington nationals baseball player, wilson ramos is taken from his kidnappers in a dramatic rescue. vic is in the newsroom with the unprecedented show of force. and new arrests in the case. >> reporter: six people connect the with ramos' kidnapping are are taken into custody. the rescue involved planes,
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helicopters and the national guard. and venezuela's agency similar to the fbi. a shootout took place before ramos was whisked away. the six people in custody are columbian citizens. >> okay, vic. thank you. ramos says his kidnapping is not going to make him leave his home country of venezuela. >> reporter: he faced off with police three times in a matter of weeks. and today, 19-year-old jeffrey nichols is dead. nichols was shot by howard county police eight times last week. he died this morning of his injuries at shock trauma. last week, he waved what appeared to be a semi automatic handgun at police. when he refused to put it down, deputies fired. police have been called in to nichols' home. in those two incidents, he was armed with a knife, asking police to shoot him. >> reporter: city police commissioner fred bealefeld hits the national stage in a
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crusade against tasers. they investigated whether officers are becoming too dependent on the devices. >> if you don't emphasize the training. that's a key component, and the oversight, the use of them, it could lead you down a path of overdependence on that device. that's been a chief concern that i've had. >> reporter: we'll feld said there are fewer than 500 in usage over the city. that means many are not equipped with them. a boost in the city's bottle tax. as political reporter pat warren explains, the plan is being asked to look at this. >> in addition to other proposals to raise money to improve condition of the
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baltimore city school. >> reporter: community activists walked this weekend in support of efforts to raise money for baltimore city school improvements. and now that voteir -- voters have established a fund for approving those, mayor rawlings- blake is proposing a way to raise money. >> new, real and funding for our schools. >> reporter: this is the proposed increase of the city's bolt tax. from 2 cents to 5 cents per container. local retailers are doing it as a disadvantage. >> it's total disrespect by our mayor. and i don't think -- you know, in my opinion, it is an abuse of power. >> reporter: but the school plan is winning support and of course, appears to be set. >> since becoming mayor, some have been opposed to quick spending cuts or revenues. but rarely, if ever, do they
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offer a solution to generate funding that our children need. today, i'm introducing a physically sound solution that can begin to address our school facility shortcomings immediately. >> reporter: and by immediately, she means immediately. the mayor is asking council to pass her plan by thursday. reporting from east baltimore, i'm pat warren. now, back to you on tv hill. >> the plan also uses $12 million in state funding from the city teacher's retirement fund. >> on the defense, a maryland woman who had nearly 90 cats removed from her home said she did not abuse any of the animals. jessica kartalija is live in the newsroom with more. >> kimberly mcmillen says the county has always known she's had dozens of them. she's now had animal cruelty charges. when animal control arrives, they say the smell was so bad, they had to wear hazmat suits. they also found 68 dead cats on her property.
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the homeowner insists that number is exaggerated. mcmillen states she fed the cats and had a permit up to 140 animals. >> reporter: mcmillen stakes is trying to get the remaining animals returned to her. >> reporter: well, the calendar may say november. but mother nature is saying spring. here's a live look outside at an unbelievably warm, beautiful, clear and sunny day. wjz has weather and traffic together. bob turk has the updated numbers from first warning weather. bob? >> people were saying no- vember. really. got up to 84 today. the record -- 74 today. the record is 77. just three degrees shy. to our north and northwest, a whole batch of rain with that frontal system. and slowly, but surely, we'll see clouds increased overnight. better chance of a few showers tomorrow and a steady rain with that front. but that is not going to happen probably until late tomorrow night and on wednesday. we'll get cooling down and a
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good chance of rain. we hadn't seen too much of that this month. kai? >> bob. thank you. let's check on the roads with kristy breslin at wjz traffic control. >> hi, kai. hi, everyone. >> well, a couple of early afternoon trouble spots, if you're traveling on 95 northbound, we have an accident there, on the right-hand shoulder, at mountain road, definitely attracting a lot of attention. we also have a problem in the joppatowne area. downed wires blocking the roadway. philadelphia road at joppa road. as far as delays go, delays on the west side inner loop from baltimore national pike to security boulevard. and the north side outer loop, slow spots there from york road to the harrisburg expressway. as far as accidents go, north warwick avenue, at gwens falls parkway. east oliver between north chester and patterson park. let's now take a live look. you can see, not too much activity going on there. that's a look at the harrisburg expressway at pedonia road. this is brought to you by home pest control services. they now offer professional
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wildlife and animal control services. you can call them at 888-home. back to you. hope for those with heart failure. in today's healthwatch, for the first time, doctors are using a patient's own cardiac stem cells. sandra hughes reports for wjz from los angeles. >> reporter: it's hard to believe, ken millis suffered a serious heart attack just two years ago. >> i feel great. fantastic. i feel 100%. >> reporter: he was just 39 when a heart attack left him with heart failure, meaning the heart couldn't pump enough blood and oxygen to support his other organs. he millis volunteered for an experimental trial in los angeles. doctors injected stem cells from his own heart into the area the attack damaged most. >> these cells are factories of growth factors. and when you inject them, they will, in fact, positively
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impact the environment. and cause the cells to grow. >> reporter: cedars isn't alone in making these conclusions. the university of louisville published similar research in the new issue of the lancet. while the two institutions argue over who made the discovery first, the results are the same. stem cells were able to heal heart tissue. >> reporter: almost 6 million americans suffer heart failure after a heart attack. and 20% die within one year from diagnosis. >> millis underwent the stem cell procedure in 2009. he said he started feeling better almost immediately. >> feels like i broke my arm and was in a cast. and it healed. and now it's forgotten. that's exactly what it feels like. >> the results are encouraging. but doctors admit, the studies are small and more research is needed. >> reporter: in los angeles, sandra hughes, wjz eyewitness news. >> the cdc says in 2010, heart failure cost the u.s. more than $39 billion. still ahead at 4:00, on
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eyewitness news. an insider's account. the prosecutor in the casey anthony murder trial prepares to explain why he's convinced she's guilty. >> reporter: summer riots in london. security concerns for next summer's olympics. how american athletes will be kept safe. >> mishandled remains. what the former dover air force base said about the three whistle-blowers who uncovered the heinous treatment. >> enjoy these above-average temperatures today because there is a change for tomorrow. ,
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how did caylee anthony die. it is one of the questions that may soon be answered by a key player in the casey anthony trial. dr. phil will speak with the lead prosecutor from the casey anthony trial, just ashton. ashton just wrote a book about the case and will explain where
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he thinks the case went so wrong. it will also reveal never- before-seen contents of casey anthony's psychological report. be sure to tune in to dr. phil, this wednesday, only on wjz. a wild scene after a california highway patrol officer is shot and wounded during a traffic stop. police say a man fired shots at two patrol officers in sacramento. the men then tried to flee the scene but his car flipped. police say when the suspect refused to obey commands, officers shot and killed him. the officer is expected to recover. olympic concerns. the british government is defending security plans for the 2012 games, despite reports u.s. officials are worried about protection. heather cocar reports from london. >> reporter: london police say about 12,000 officers will help protect the olympic summer games next year. but a british newspaper said organizers underestimate security needs and that twice as many guards may be needed.
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summer riots after a deadly police shooting. british police won't be ready. according to reports, the u.s. plans to spend up to 1,000 of its own agents, including 500 of the fbi, to look after american athletes and diplomats in england. >> i think it was a knee-jerk reaction by the americans, saying what is security? how is it going to be set up? >> reporter: the games will be held here. british police say they are still working to finalize security plans for each site but that they're confident. >> i'm satisfied that we've got the skills and expertise to make sure they practice off. and to make sure the focus is what it should be. >> a source tells cbs news, u.s. officials aren't happy with the planning and say they don't do risk management, they do risk elimination. the british military has reportedly agreed to give military help, otherwise it could mean pulling forces from
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afghanistan for the olympics. heather cobar, wjz eyewitness news. another rocky day on wall street. the markets have been falling all day long. dow down 75. s&p off 12. nasdaq down 22. let's go to new york now, where alexis christoforous has tonight's cbs money watch update. the response to the debt crisis continues to be the key driver for stocks. the new greek prime minister says remaining in the euro zone may be the only choice. they will revert back to the drac maas its currency. they are encouraged by the idea that italy may be there. many believe he'll make fixing the economy his top priority. boeing has landed its biggest
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order ever. emirates airline is offering 50 777 jets. emirates made the weekend dubai show. boeing says it will sustain thousands of american jobs. starbucks has stopped tacking on a surcharge for bags of coffee beans, weighing less than a pound nagd nationwide. -- nationwide. and toys r us will open its doors at 9:00 p.m., thanksgiving day. that's the earliest opening announced by any retailer so far. many stores are opening at 10:00 p.m. or midnight on thanksgiving to lure shoppers early with door buster deals early for the holiday. that's your money watch. for more, go to cbs money in new york, i'm alexis christoforous. amazing video takes a look at this. this is africa's largest volcano. it's in a remote area of the
4:19 pm
democratic republic of congo. now, volcanologists say the eruption doesn't pose a threat to the local population, but they are monitoring it. >> it is a spectacular sight. >> amazing. >> all right. well, coming up on wjz's eyewitness news at 4:00. stuck on the tarmac for hours. how the government is punishing a major airline. >> relief for people who suffer from migraines. could a small device be the solution? >> and it is much warmer outside than normal. but don't make your picnic plans for tomorrow just yet. >> wjz 13 is always on for the top stories on, instant updates and first warning weather all the time, click ♪
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beautiful. beautiful. 74 degrees this afternoon. yesterday was seches -- 70 in chicago. and i've got to figure yesterday in 70. we beat that by a couple of
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degrees. shower activity to the west/northwest of us. sooner or later, we'll be moving in the general election. -- direction. tomorrow, maybe a few showers. the bulk of this however, will not get here until late tomorrow night. and wednesday, looks like a pretty rainy day. we have had no rain this month at all. 73 right now. the dew point, at 51. southwest winds, ahead of that system, bring in this very warm air in. all over the east coast. it's very, very warm. the jet stream is way up in canada. so the warm air is staying around. 29.82, the barometer. holding steady. falling. temperature-wise, look at this. cumberland at 77. up at the mountain there. higher elevation. oakland at 63. pax river, 73. ocean city, 63, but the water, of course. and we're at 73. we've got to 74. at least that was on the hour. 70 up in bel air. 69, westminster. mid-70s still in annapolis and
4:24 pm
kent island. pretty amazing stuff for november. winds now south/southwest, kept us in warm air. it will do the same thing tomorrow. not quite as warm because we have clouds tomorrow. 62 in boston. 48, detroit. 53, chicago. today, 50, 56, 49. really, cold air. 81 in dallas this afternoon. 80 in miami. what we've got here is this frontal system is going to get a little closer to our region. depresses further south. it will take some of the clouds with it. and we'll start taking light rain, drizzle sometime tomorrow. you can see, it's all kind of moving in our direction. the front moves just across our region. and that's when we'll see the rain on wednesday, with cooler temperatures. and eventually, we'll clear out late wednesday night. thursday, it will cool down, back below normal. northwest winds, 5 to 10 knots. a gust to 20. and a small craft advisory. the bay temp in the mid-50s. so tonight, let's call it cloudy later on, with maybe a
4:25 pm
shower overnight. i'm talking very late. 53. 68 tomorrow. another warm, a lot of clouds. a little sun. passing shower. maybe a little drizzle. but the real rain doesn't start until really early wednesday. wednesday looks like a wet and cooler day. >> i think a lot of people noticed that. >> we can take that. >> yeah. the inside of their house is colder than the outside of their house. >> true. very true. >> all right, bob. thanks. don't miss tonight's prime time lineup at 10:00. it's a new episode of hawaii five-0. stay tuned with eyewitness news at 11:00. the ravens are a very poor key divisional showdown. catch all of the action this sunday at 1:00, live here on wjz 13. well, there's lots more ahead on wjz at 4:30. far-reaching allegations. what president obama is saying about the penn state child sex abuse scandal. >> bizarre behavior. the norway massacre suspect in court. hear about his frightening ramblings.
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will she stand by her man? gloria cane speaks out about her -- cain speaks out ,,,,
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it is 4:29. 73 degrees and mostly sunny. hello. thanks for staying with eyewitness news. i'm denise koch. >> and i'm vic carter. here's what people are talking about. we have breaking news right now. we know there is an accident. let's go live to sky eye chopper 13 and captain mike perry. what can you tell us? >> sky eye chopper 13 is over patapsco avenue and magnolia. this is in southwest of baltimore. looks like federal agents and city police were involved in apprehending several suspects when there was a crash. now, apparently, this white vehicle looks like -- looked to us like federal agent was taken out of that vehicle. the other white vehicle appears to be the one the suspects were in.
4:30 pm
we do know that there is atf agents on scene. there are three people of interest in custody right now of the atf and city police. it is unknown at this point what this investigation was. but it appears to be a possible city and atf joint task force operation. but as you can see, lots of federal agents here, lots of federal tactical officers. also, patapsco avenue is closed, in both directions, about a block, either side of patapsco and magnolia. we have learned very little at this point. because obviously the federal agents are here. we can't monitor their communications. but at this point, we know city police, blocking off the area. three people of interest in custody at the scene. it appears one federal agent was injured. he has been transported to a waiting ambulance. no word on his condition, but he did appear to be conscious and breathing when they took him out of the vehicle here. we'll stay on the scene and keep updating you as we continue to gather information on tv hill. >> thank you very much.
4:31 pm
captain mike perry. the wife of embattled presidential candidate herman cain, plays down sexual allegations. but will her interview help the republicans get back in the polls? danielle nottingham has the latest for week. >> reporter: new poll numbers show herman cain still leading the pack of republican presidential hopefuls. but the closer look at the politico george washington survey indicates his support is slipping in the wake of sexual harassment allegations. cain spent more than two weeks, fighting back against those accusations. now, his wife is defending him publicly. >> to hear such graphic allegations, i know, that's not the person he is. he totally respects women. >> reporter: gloria cain's interview airs tonight on fox news channel. it's a rare appearance for her. she's not been a visible part of cain's run for the white house. >> reporter: the latest polling shows mitt romney and newt
4:32 pm
gingrich, gaining some support. the two took aim at president obama's policies over the weekend at the cbs news national journal debate. >> if we reelect barack obama, iran will have a nuclear weapon. and if we elect mitt romney, if you elect me, as the next president, they will not have a tunuclear weapon. >> we're here talking about why every single one of us is better than barack obama. >> reporter: numbers show that people may be inclined to agree with gingrich. they are not happy with the president's performance on the economy. when asked if they would rather reelect a challenger, voters were evenly split. at the white house, danielle nottingham, wjz eyewitness news. >> reporter: and the candidates are now shifting more of their focus to iowa. and the caucuses are set for january 3rd. he will stay behind bars. a. >> reporter: ruled -- a judge ruled to keep a suspect locked up. kai has more on the accused
4:33 pm
courtroom behavior. >> reporter: anders breivik will remain jailed until his criminal chime trial gets under way in 12 weeks. the norwegian suspect confessed and tried to give a speech during his first public court hearing. he called himself a resistance leader but was caught up by the judge. he also asked to address survivors and victims' families who were in court but was again stopped by the judge. breivik pled not guilty, claiming he was protecting europe from muslims. an investigation is under way tonight after a man is shot dead outside a glen burnie restaurant. sky eye chopper 13 is over the scene of mo's seafood. that's where police say they found 25-year-old andrew johnson, suffering from a gunshot wound sunday night. he later died at the hospital. hondle detective -- homicide detectives believe he was targeted. and they are asking anyone with information to contact them.
4:34 pm
>> reporter: another top official steps down in the wake of child sex abuse scandal. earlier today, they announced its president is resigning. >> running around. >> and it's incomplete. nebraska wins. >> reporter: losses are rarely viewed as wins in football. but penn state's 17-14 defeat at home had elements of victory. the chaos and confusion of an unspeakable child abuse scandal surrounding former defensive coach jerry sandusky, replaced by powerful expressions of healing and hope. >> i told him it was a privilege to coaching, the way he behaved this week, the way they stood up to the test of a lot of emotion, and a different and outside influence that happened to them. >> reporter: a quiet calm on campus sunday, belied the most turbulent week in school
4:35 pm
history. three separate far-reaching investigations are under way into the scandal. and the university response that has already cost four top officials their jobs, including the school's legendary coach, joe paterno. >> for the alleged facts of that case to have taken place and for folks not to immediately say, nothing else matters, except making sure those kids are protected, that's a problem. >> reporter: prosecutors charge sandusky's repeated abuse of young boys dates back 15 years and that he used a charity he founded for troubled kids in 1977, the second mile. troy craig is a former member of second mile. though never abused by sandusky, he told cbs news, his actions were creepy. >> he would put his hand on my thigh. and he would just keep it there. sometimes, there would be a squeeze. but he would just keep it there. and it made me uncomfortable. >> a maryland lawmaker wants to
4:36 pm
beef up laws here, requiring people to report suspected child abuse. but her comments have created a firestorm of controversy. and adam may will have more on this story coming up at 5:00. federal agencies are sending a message. either take off or pay up. mary is in the newsroom with more on the crackdown on the long tarmac delays. mary? >> reporter: the department of transportation has handed down a major fine for an airline in chicago. american eagle was hit with a $900,000 fine, after more than a dozen fines sat on the tarmac for longer than three hours. the violations happened back in may at o'hare. american eagle blamed the grays on -- delays on congestion and slow-moving weather system. last april, they put in limits of three hours. >> after the three-hour limit,
4:37 pm
airlines must either provide passengers with a means to get off. in honor of world diabetes day. city officials say the washington monument in mount vernon will light up blue this evening. that is the color recognized as a symbol for diabetes. diabetes affects nearly 26 million people in the u.s. alone. we're enjoying spring-like temperatures today. here's a live look outside and a much warmer-than-normal afternoon and a lot of sunshine. bob is here with the updated numbers from wiefort warning weather -- first warning weather. bob? >> somebody was making the comment, it's cooler inside your house than it is outside. and it was. 74 degrees. not quite a record. but pretty close. record is 77. right now, down to 73. no precip around the region. lots of clouds to our north. and that's where the rain is. and looks like it's going to take a little while to get here. and looks like we'll see more rain in the region. tomorrow, maybe a few sprinkles
4:38 pm
before the steadier rain moves in, late, late tomorrow night. and wednesday, we'll cool down with a good chance of rain. denise? >> thank you, bob. let's check on the roads with kristy breslin at wjz traffic control. we have a lot of accidents there this afternoon. southbound on the harrisburg expressway. we have that accident past pedonia road. it's really slowing things down. we also have another crash, northbound on the jones falls expressway. that one at ruckston road, blocking the right-hand lane. the delay is pretty solid. jobbatown, downed wires are blocking the road. also, northbound 95, some sluggish traffic there, from pulaski highway there to the beltway. and we're still seeing some minor delays on the west side inner loop, from baltimore national pike to security boulevard. as far as the top side of the outer loop goes, stop and go there, from york road to the harrisburg expressway. and we have that accident that sky eye chopper 13 spoke about in the city.
4:39 pm
west of patapsco in the city. east oliver between north chester. let's now take a live look. as you can see, that is the delay due to the accident on the jones falls expressway, at ruxton road. this traffic report is brought to you by bill's carpet, hardwood and laminate, too. you can call them at 1-877-75- bills. back to you. a little fun for a great cause. put dozens of people to the shop right supermarket. wjz cameras were there for the first annual bowling invitational. they featured a member of the baltimore blast. a food bank representative. and a shop right store manager. regardless, both teams received a case of 100 turkeys to donate to their local food bank. and they'll be tender, i guess, now. >> no frozen turkeys hurt in this event. oh. that's more like a pitch than a roll. >> yeah. >> straight ahead at 4:00. >> who guards the guardians. the judge in the uk phone
4:40 pm
hacking scandal. this will be going beyond the signing blame. we'll explain. and we'll update you on the breaking news in southwest baltimore. an accident involving federal agents. and the temperatures way above normal for this time of year. but the sunshine is not going to last. bob turk will tell us about the forecast coming up. ,,,,,,,,
4:41 pm
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we have an update now on breaking news in southwest baltimore. a swarm of federal agents converge on an accident scene. captain mike perry has more on the number of people injured. mike? >> hello, denise. it appears the federal agents may have been involved in the accident, in the course of the apprehension. we see two vehicles here. you're looking at the one against the telephone pole and the white vehicle. it appears the one against the telephone pole, a federal agent was taken out of that vehicle into a waiting ambulance and was taken. they appear to be alcohol, tobacco, and firearm officers,
4:44 pm
federal agents. that federal agent has been taken to shock trauma. he was conscious and breathing when they took him from the scene here. it appears that all of the injuries were related as a result of the accident. three people in the white vehicle were taken into custody, by both city police and these alcohol, tobacco, and firearms agents. it is not known at this point what exactly they were stopped for, or taken into custody for. but as a result of the accident or the collision between those vehicles, several of the suspects also are being transported to local area hospitals. there's no word on their condition. they all appeared to be ambut latery. -- ambulatory. they were taken to the hospital. but there is absolutely a swarm. a dozen or more, atf tactical agents, as well as some city police presence. it is not known whether this is a joint investigation. but what you can see here is a federal apprehension that
4:45 pm
apparently is resulted in a crash. and it has closed patapsco avenue, in both directions. just -- i cannot remember -- magnolia is the cross street. so it's going to be patapsco and magnolia. police have closed the block, about a block either side of here. and it appears the only injuries are those four, i told you about, the three suspects and the one atf federal agent. but as you can see, there's is a swarm here. looks like there will be some time. it is not known what these three suspects will be taken for. the phone hacking scandal that shook rupert murdoch's media empire, could cause media services for regulation. now looking into new ways to limit the power of the british press. and find new ways of regulation for the media to abide under. the changes come after the popular news of the world
4:46 pm
tabloid admitted to illegal phone hacking. >> former dover air force commander is defending three whistle-blowers. adam may is live in the newsroom with more on what he's saying. >> reporter: retired colonel rich harper said the three did the right thing. last week, the air force nouned -- announced the punishment of three top officials for gross mismanagement. an investigation found at least two facilities where they lost parts of human remains that were shipped home from afghanistan. the three whistle-blowers said they went outside their chain of command after their supervisors failed to address the situation. >> reporter: harper said he was surprised the whistle-blowers were overridden by their superiors. getting trapped inside a wrecked car. police say a man crashed his car off the road friday, with his 9-year-old daughter inside. it took police two days to find the vehicle. the driver was killed, but
4:47 pm
police say the girl survived the crash and was able to eat pop-tarts while waiting for help to arrive. in today's wjz health watch, if you suffer from migraine headaches or know someone who does, you know how painful they can be. but now, a small device is offering to help rid the head of pains. manuel gallegus has more from philadelphia. >> reporter: ron reg ner started getting migraine headaches in his 20s. the pain became unbearable as he got older. >> two days a week, i will be in bed. wouldn't be able to listen to anything. wouldn't be able to see anything. >> thank you very mh. >> reporter: but he is now back running the family business, and pain-free because of this tiny electronic stimulator. the battery-powered device, sort of like a pacemaker, is implanted under his skin. two wires in the back of his neck. sending signals to his skull through nerves in his brain, in effect, turning off the
4:48 pm
migraine before it starts. >> reporter: he is one of dozens of sufferers who tried the device in a clinical trial. dr. silverstein says the results are encouraging employing. >> we had people who had no life, couldn't leave the house, they couldn't work. now they've got their life back. >> reporter: it's estimate body 4 million suffer from migraine headaches. up to 4% of those adults have migraine headaches four days a month. >> we're searching for the answers. >> reporter: medications can help. but for regner, nothing worked until the implant that switches on every morning. >> i can't say how much it has changed my life. >> reporter: he says he's now happy just to be able to go to work today. >> reporter: in new york, manuel gallegus, wjz eyewitness news. >> it's estimated that migraines cost the u.s. billions of dollars every year because of lost time, lost wages and medical costs.
4:49 pm
police are looking for the grave robber who made off with a piece of presidential history. police say someone has stolen a 3-foot-long copper sword from the tomb of abraham lincoln in spring ford, illinois. it was attached to a civil war officer, before it was snatched. officials say that same sword was pilfered back in the late 1800s but later recovered. a one of a kind world record. one brave customer tried on 247 t-shirts at the same time. oh, my gosh. bested the old world record by the end. but hard to find shirts that fit. the biggest they had was a 20xl. [ laughter ] >> that's one of the stupidest records to be broken i've ever seen. the man weighs like 40 pounds in real life. [ laughter ] >> yes.
4:50 pm
but he's suffocating, too. >> i'd be like roll them out, will you? feels more like spring than mid-november. but it's not going to last. >> bob has the ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
4:51 pm
4:52 pm
4:53 pm
we just missed this. just a few moments ago, bob. >> gorgeous. >> what a day it was. >> yes, it was. >> unbelievable weather here in november. got pretty close to the record. the record high today is 77. we got officially at the airport to 74 degrees this afternoon. even warmer than expected. and that was 70 across the upper midwest. even the great lakes yesterday. and that came due east. take a look at temps. like a radar. to our north, that's where the difference is between cooler air. in fact, i'll show you the temperatures. up here in the 40s. south of that front, 50s, 60s. yeah, big differences. let's take a lock at the temperatures. -- look at the temperatures. 67 in cleveland. 70 in pittsburgh. look at the mild temperatures. that's the contrast area there,
4:54 pm
that's where the rain is. and we'll eventually get the rain down across the region by late tomorrow night, wednesday with that front, looks like a pretty wet day. we're at 73 degrees now. 73, southwest winds at 10. the barometer, currently holding steady at 29.82 inches. around the state, it's mild veteran. the only cool spot, if you can call it that, with the winds bit off the ocean. 63. 65, elkton. 77 last hour. and a 63, even up in oakland, at like 2,000 feet above sea level, it's 63 this afternoon. locally, upper 60s to the low to mid-70s. southwest winds, will keep us mild tonight. clouds will come in late tonight. i don't think we'll see some showers tonight. but tomorrow, with the cooler fronts and the temps getting closer, the contrast will give us a chance for a little rain. 50s, not even that cold, except in montana. up there, it's in the 30s.
4:55 pm
even denver at 56. and boston at 62 degrees. the front to our north, with the rain activity for the most part today was well to our north. but the front is going to get a little closer to our region. over the next 24 to 48 hours. looks like this front will be right across the area on wednesday, with warm air coming over the south. good chance we'll see rain. much of the day on wednesday. so it stays mild tomorrow. and we begin to cool out. now, once the rain moves out wednesday night, we'll clear out quickly. and it will become quite a bit cooler for thursday into the end of the week. gusty winds at times. and i do have a small craft advisory through the morning tomorrow only. tonight, then, increasing clouds. could be a shower overnight. but mild. 53 for the low. and tomorrow, 68. again, a mild day. maybe a little sprinkle or drizzle activity. then rain moves in late tomorrow night. >> okay. >> thank you, bob. still to come tonight on
4:56 pm
eyewitness news. an update on the breaking news in southwest baltimore. federal agents involved in a car accident. wjz is live over the ,,,,,,,,,,,
4:57 pm
4:58 pm
coming up next a car crash. wjz is live over the scene with the latest. plus, new security concerns as the busy holiday shopping season approaches. teachers protecting pedophiles? i'm adam may. controversial remarks from a maryland lawmaker in the wake of the penn state sex abuse scandal. reaction is coming up. on trial, the man behind the controversial 2010 election night robocalls prepares for his day in court.
4:59 pm
i'm derek valcourt, that story coming up on eyewitness news. >> stay tuned for all the day's breaking news. >> eyewitness news at 5:00 starts now. hi. i'm kai jackson. >> and i'm mary bubala. here's what people are talking about. >> we have an update on breaking news in southwest baltimore. sky eye chopper 13 is over the scene of an accident involving federal agents. captain mike perry is over the scene with more. >> reporter: it appears about an hour ago, federal agents were attempting to take several people into custody at patapsco avenue and magnolia avenue in southwest baltimore, where there was a collision between two vehicles. now, at this point, you see


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