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tv   CBS Evening News With Scott Pelley  CBS  November 14, 2011 7:00pm-7:30pm EST

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following this therapy for two years. it's important to note it's just the beginning of trials and it's not clear where all of this will lead or how many patients it might help. but we asked bill whitaker to show us what's happened to the very first patients who received this treatment. >> reporter: ken, how are you feeling? >> i feel fantastic. >> reporter: when we first met ken millis two years ago, he had suffered a serious heart attack. >> the artery was 98% blocked. that particular type of blockage is called the widow maker because it's the one where typically when people get it it's over, they're dead. >> reporter: at aged 39 with 30% of his heart damaged, he faced a diminished life of limited exertion and shortness of breath. so he volunteered to be patient number one in a risky clinical study-- the first person ever to receive an infusion of heart stem cells. the experiment was the brain child of dr. eduardo marban of cedar sinai heart institute in los angeles.
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>> if someone's had a heart attack and they have seen part of their heart turn into scar, that is irreversible, it's there for life. >> reporter: seeking to reverse heart injury, dr. marban used a catheter with pinss to snip healthy tisch view from millis' heart. since the heart produces so few stem cells on its own, the doctor in a laboratory coaxed the bits of tissue which producing stem cells-- millions of them. he then deposited millis' own laboratory-grown stem cells into the damaged area of his heart hoping it would repair itself and beat more strongly. previous studies have used bone marrow stem cells with mostly disappointing results-- prompting dr. mar ban to try this new approach. >> now we have completed this study and we have outstanding results that are very encouraging to us. >> reporter: millis was one of 25 volunteers in this small study. 1 got stem cells, eight control subjects got standard heart care. all the stem cell recipients had
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their heart attack scars reduced most dramatically. on average almost 50%. damaged muscle replaced by new healthy heart tissue. the eight control subjects saw no improvement. ken millis had better than 50% improvement. >> people have been talking about stem cells and their regeneralive the potential for a long time. but most of it had been wishful thinking. this is where the rubber hits the road. >> reporter: no shortness of sfwlet no pain, no anything? >> never. >> reporter: doctors say his heart looks almost normal again and ken millis says he feels so normal he never even thinks about his heart. >> it's like someone gave me a magic pill. i felt better all over suddenlyment it's science fiction basically to me. that's what it feels like. >> reporter: now, these are the first results of a unique study. now, other researchers will have to replicate this which could take two to three more years. but, scott, these first results seem promising.
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>> reporter: thanks, bill, especially promising when you consider there are 935,000 heart attacks in america each year and a third of those -- 325,000-- are repeat heart attacks. when there's medical news we turn to dr. jon lapook. jon, i understand there have been a lot of stem cell breakthroughs that have been announced over the last few years and they have not panned out. what's different about this? >> reporter: some skepticism is healthy but i have to say these come from very good institutions talking about it. cedar sinai in the joint study with johns hopkins. another thing is today another study came out from a good institution, university of louisville the lancet, a very, very good journal showing similar results. >> pelley: what's new here. >> what's new is previous studies used stem cells from the bone marrow, non-specific. these take stem cells from the heart. so theoretically they should work better. >> pelley: when would this become a common treatment, do you think? >> i spoke to both sets of
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authors today. they say it won't be for years. next year in 2012 they're hoping to recruit more people for the next phase and see how safe and effective it is. >> katie: thanks, jon. there is a grim prediction today about another deadly disease, diabetes. worldwide, 366 million people have it, but the international diabetes federation said today that by 2030 the number will rise to 552 million, that's one in every ten people on the planet. the increase is blamed on diet and life-style changes. in the presidential campaign, herman cain-- who has risen in the polls on his economic plan-- seemed to have trouble today on foreign policy when he sat down with the editorial board of the milwaukee journal sentinel. the question was on libya. >> do you agree with president obama on libya or not? >> okay, libya.
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president obama supported the uprising, correct? president obama called for the removal of qaddafi? just want to make sure we're talking about the same thing before i make sure yes i agree or no i didn't agree. i do not agree with the way he handled it for the following reasons. um... no, that's a different one. i've got to go back. um... i got a lot of stuff twirl around in my head. >> pelley: when he got his thoughts together, cain said the obama administration had not done enough to assess the libyan
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rebels, their strength and their plan to govern. cain was much quickener that interview on those economic questions we talked about. john dickerson in washington is our cbs news political director and, john, what's the cain campaign saying on this? >> reporter: well, i talked to them and they recognize this is a viral video nightmare. mr. cain has been making the case if he comes into office he'll get up to spooek speed quickly on these issues and this shows the understandable difficulty of trying to cram too quickly. they say he was being peppered with a number of different questions on a number of different fields and he only had four hours of sleep, they said, though he stumbled at first, he finally round home to his essential point which is that the president didn't pay enough attention to the opposition and who would be taking over in libya after qaddafi was ousted. >> pelley: how has cain's positions in the polls been changing? >> it's been dropping. there was a new poll out by cnn today that shows those sexual harassment claims have been weighing on hill. he's down 11 points since last month. also the underlying attributes,
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underneath that he's the most unfavorably seen republican candidate among the general population. so it's kind of a one-two punch. he's had those numbers dropping for that reason and this video hits on his biggest weakness, which people worry about his ability to be dpand xhander in chief. >> pelley: and newt gingrich, the former speaker of the house, his poll numbers have been rising. what's behind that? >> he's basically tied at the top with mitt romney. what's interesting about that is that his favorable rating has gotten much, much better. he used to be an unpopular politician. now among republicans 61% say they have a favorable opinion of newt gingrich. there was a period at the beginning of his campaign when he was having trouble, a voter came up in iowa seasoned said "why don't you get out of the race and stop disgracing yourself?" people change their minds. >> pelley: john dicker son, cbs news political director, thank you very much. all of the republicans answered questions saturday in the commander in chief debate sponsored by cbs news and "national journal". there's been some controversy about some of the things they said? that debate and today president obama joined the argue.
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here's chief white house correspondent norah o'donnell traveling with the president in hawaii. >> reporter: scott, the president is here for an important economic summit and i think was trying to avoid getting involved in election year politics. but with his foreign policy record under fire, the president seemed all too ready to vigorously defend his agenda. during the cbs news "national journal" debate, mitt romney calls iran the president's greatest foreign policy failure. >> look, one thing you can know and that is if we reelect barack obama iran will have a nuclear weapon. and if we elect mitt romney, if you elect me as the next president, they will not have a nuclear weapon. >> reporter: in a news conference, the president suggested romney was naive. is mitt romney wrong? >> you take a look at what we've been able to accomplish in mobilizing the world community against iran over the last three years and it shows steady,
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determined, firm progress. now, is this an easy issue? no. anybody who claims it is is either politicing or doesn't know what they're talking about. >> reporter: mr. obama was also asked about this exchange on the controversial use of waterboarding. >> i don't see it as torture, i see it as enhanced interrogation technique. >> if i were president i would be willing to use waterboarding. (cheers and applause) i think it was very effective. it gained information for our country. >> reporter: but the president wasted no time in calling his opponents uninformed. >> let me just say this: they're wrong. and anybody who has actually read about and understands the practice of waterboarding would say that that is torture. and that's not something we do. period. >> reporter: president t president has had stronger approval ratings on foreign policy than the economy. the economy is his weak point.
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and that's why his advisors say this trip through the asia-pacific is so important because it's about boosting world trade which the president hopes in turn means more american jobs. >> pelley: thanks, norah. there is more fallout tonight from the child sex abuse scandal at penn state. today the president of the children's charity founded by former assistant football coach jerry sandusky resigned. jay raykovitz said he hopes his departure from the second mile will restore faith in the charity. sandusky is charged with abusing eight boys he met through that program. the supreme court will decide whether health reform lives or dies. an airline draws the first fine for stranding passengers on the tarmac. and a beautiful eruption when the cbs news continues. [ male announcer ] when these come together,
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>> reporter: it's considered president obama's signature achievement. >> we are done. (cheers and applause) >> reporter: he had to force the affordable care act through a reluctant congress. in the end, the law passed without a single republican vote. >> you can put lipstick on a pig mr. president, but this is still a pig. >> reporter: now the supreme court will decide whether the landmark legislation is unconstitutional or whether congress went too far when it required that all americans buy health insurance or pay a penalty. florida and 25 other states joined forces and sued the federal government to block the law. the 11th circuit court of appeals in atlanta agreed and struck it down. in a statement today, the white house received: "we know affordable care act is constitutional and are confident the supreme court will agree." representing the states, attorney paul clement says congress overstepped its power by making people buy insurance. >> it is the first time that congress has ever tried to force
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somebody to buy a product that they didn't want and that is not a proper regulation of commerce so it is unconstitutional. >> reporter: but the administration says the law's individual mandate provision is critical to its success. health reform measures like insurance for people with pre-existing conditions won't work unless all americans pay into the system. even though this court leans conservative, that is not necessarily mean it will rule against the administration. in the lower court, some conservative judges have voted to uphold the law. a decision is expected in june and, of course, scott, that is right in the middle of the presidential election. >> pelley: thanks, jan. for the first time today the treasury department fined an airline for violating the new law against holding passengers hostage on the tarmac. american glooel will have to pay $900,000 for stranding passengers for more than three hours. it happened on 15 american eagle
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[ harriat ] you hoo! [ female announcer ] must be the os-cal. only os-cal ultra has the most calcium and d3, plus 7 bone health nutrients. >> pelley: jordan's king abdullah says it's time for syrian dictator bashar al-assad to go. abdullah told the bbc today "if
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bar baah sharr has the interests of his country, he would step down." on saturday, syria was suspended from the arab league for its violent crackdown on protestors. the u.n. estimates 3,500 syrians have died since march. a former c.i.a. officer once disgraced as a traitor now finds the federal government coming to her rescue. nada prouty was vilified in the media as a terrorist and she lost her citizenship. but now director of the c.i.a., the attorney general, and the secretary of homeland security are intervening in her case. we first reported the story of nada prouty last year on "60 minutes." >> i believe in the country. i believe in everything that this country stands for. >> reporter: prouty's missions as an f.b.i. agent and c.i.a. officer read like a history of the war on terror. she investigated the bombing of the u.s.s. "cole," this attack on americans in saudi arabia,
7:20 pm
she took part in armed raids in iraq and helped develop intelligence that led to saddam hussein. a stellar career-- until prouty's name came up in an f.b.i. investigation. it was 2004. the f.b.i. was looking into whether this lebanese restaurant owner was sending money to terrorists. it turned out, nada prouty's brother-in-law and during the investigation the f.b.i. found that prouty had a secret-- not terrorism, but citizenship. about 20 years before as a lebanese immigrant in a u.s. college, she arranged a sham marriage to become a citizen. prosecutors went after her for that. they never presented any evidence that she was connected to terrorists. but in press releases, they dragged her name into the terror investigation. once even using the word "espionage." one of the new york papers called you "jihad jane." >> that's the jane that went to
7:21 pm
iraq and put her life on the line. >> pelley: prouty pled guilty to the immigration violation and automatically lost her citizenship and her career. the judge in the case excoriated the prosecutors telling prouty their p.r. campaign grossly distorted the circumstances of your case. after our "60 minutes" story, she got word that some of the top officials in the government were intervening to make her a legal resident alien. the director of central intelligence, the attorney general of the united states, and the secretary of homeland security all signed off on this change in your status? >> absolutely. i feel more american today than i ever felt in my life. >> pelley: what are have you learned from all this? >> at the end of the day it's the power of the people in the country and within the pow over the people, without media actually investigating and reporting these kinds of stories we don't have that. that's what makes this country a great country. >> pelley: prosecutors say they
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>> pelley: benjamin franklin wrote "he that can have patience can have what he will." for the woman you're about to meet it took patience, luck, and as wyatt andrews reports, a benjamin. >> reporter: for anyone who loved the national cafe in downtown milwaukee, loved its gourmet coffee and organic menu, it was inconceiveible the place was for sale for $100. >> chef nell benton. (applause) >> reporter: the lucky buyer is 35-year-old nell benton, a local chef who was unemployed. >> it's completely changed my life. completely. >> reporter: thls also a dream that nell first had when she was seven years old. do you remember being seven years mold? >> oh, yeah. i was writing menus and playing
7:26 pm
with my holly hobby oven, setting things on fire. yup. >> reporter: on a deal this good there is always a catch, and here there was a big one. nell had to promise to keep the national as is. keep the staff. keep the name. buy local and stay organic. she wanted to do all of that anyway, but that still leaves one question: who sells a restaurant for $100? >> crazy people. >> reporter: the seller and the man who built the national is michael diedrick, a man who also owns a web site design company two doors down from the cafe. he lost $50,000 on this sale but still calls it a business decision. >> the idea of a $100 restaurant is to really find the right kind of owner. >> reporter: the national, michael explains, is the economic angkor of the neighborhood, an area of milwaukee where the ballet school is blocks away from the soup kitchen. lose the national to an owner who might change it and michael
7:27 pm
thought he'd lose the neighborhood. >> is it pie in the sky to imagine you open up a restaurant you're going to build a community? absolutely. it is, however, a start. that's what i was going for. >> reporter: so michael got his owner, nell got her restaurant. >> a hundred bucks for michael. >> reporter: and out of nowhere for $100 a dreaming seven-year-old girl woke up and found the dream was real. >> you're the new owner? >> i am. i'm nell benton. >> reporter: wyatt andrews, cbs news, milwaukee. >> pelley: that's the "cbs evening news" for tonight. for all of us at cbs news all around the world, good night.
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now "entertainment tonight," the most watched entertainment news magazine in the world. >> what's the first world you think of? >> friendly. >> thank you. >> gabrielle giffords, the voice we didn't think we would hear. >> learning to walk, leaning on a grocery cart, breaking down and seeing her wedding photo. >> this is one of my favorites. >> and plus, her husband's message from space. >> i love her very much. >> j. lo's new man. 18 years


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