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tv   The Early Show  CBS  November 19, 2011 8:00am-10:00am EST

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captioning funded by cbs penn state scandal. the family of joe paterno says he has lung cancer. a charity set up by the coach accused of abusing eight boys may be about to fold and the ncaa will investigate whether the school has broken any rules. we are in state college, pennsylvania, with the latest on all of the developments. pulling the plug. fda says one of the top selling breast cancer drugs can no longer be used to treat breast
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cancer. 30 years later of the boat natalie wood was on the night she died speaks out, saying her death was not an accident. he joins us with an explanation. and justin time. singer justin bieber sits down for a revealing one-on-one interview and tells the world why wishes really do come true "early" this saturday morning, november 19th, 2011. new york city not quite unds under the mistletoe yet. bieber was in town yesterday. with him. i'm rebecca jarvis. >> i'm russ mitchell. j.b. was in the house and you got to talk to him. >> i did. a very revealing interview and we will take a look at it coming
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up. ♪ under the mistletoe ♪ >> wow! wow! >> very good very good. thumbs up for rebecca j. we will save you some money on your thanksgiving dinner and tell you how to awe void some drama at the table. >> always good to do that on thanksgiving. >> that is true. >> all coming up in a bit. the top story. the sexual abuse scandal at penn state. the ncaa will look at how penn state manages its athletic programs and the school faculty is naming to the scandal have no links to penn state. manuel gallegus is in state college with more. >> reporter: penn state has a new collect director who is promising to most of forward through the sexual abuse scandal. more troubling news for coach joe paterno. he has lung cancer. >> he had gone for a couple of tests and i guess it was monday night they got a couple of things back and then they said there is a couple of more things
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they have to check. tuesday, my mom kind of called me. when it's all said and done it's very treatable and he is going to beat it. if there is one guy i know can beat that it's him. >> reporter: joe paterno is fighting another battle. he was diagnosed with a treatable form of lung cancer. another setback for the 84-year-old who was fired last week in the aftermath of the sex abuse scandal that has up-ended the football program and the university. >> defensive coach jerry sandusky is accused of molesting at least eight boys during a period of 15 years. one of those victims is represented by pennsylvania attorney ben andriosi. >> my client was involved with mr. sandusky and initially met him through the second mile program. through a course of time mr. sandusky built a relationship with my client and i believe he used that relationship with the second mile program and with the university to his advantage to he could essentially stalk and
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prey on these victims, including my client. >> reporter: second mile was a charity for at-risk kids that jerry sandusky founded. following his arrest long time ceo jack raykovitz. they might have to close their doors for good, one option as they struggle with the fallout of sandusky as abuse. then the ongoing investigation at syracuse university where a case first brought in 2005 has been reopened. two men claim long time assistant basketball coach bernie fine molested them for years when they were ball boys. >> he started trying to touch me angle things like that. honestly i don't remember if i thought that what is supposed to happen. i know i cringed up and didn't want it to happen. >> i didn't feel right about it and i told him that bernie please don't do that to me and then, you know he'd do it again and again. >> reporter: fine is on administrative leave, as the university investigates. but in a statement released by
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his attorneys, fine dismissed the claims at patently false. as for jerry sandusky he is free on bail and due back in court december 7th. russ? >> manuel gallegus in state college, pennsylvania thanks a lot. for more on the story, let's turn to jean casarez, a correspondent for "in session" on trutv and has been covering the penn state case since the very beginning and is in state college with more. we talked about the ncaa investigation. let's talk about the police investigation now. what is the latest? >> reporter: well, the latest is that we are hearing that more alleged victims are coming forward this week. we tried to contact civil attorneys to talk about the civil rights aspect of all of this. they would make appointments but then have to cancel because saying that alleged victims were coming to them they needed to talk with them. when you look at the federal aspect of this this may be growing, because when you look at the grand jury document it talks about victim number 4, for instance that he went with jerry
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sandusky to the alamo bowl to san antonio and outback bowl that is florida. he accompanied him on numerous penn state games. they are out of state many, many weekends and also went to charity golf turpts and stayed in hotel rooms with him. that could be out of state. there are federal statutes of transporting minors across state lines for sexual purposes. >> when is sandusky due back in court? >> he is back in court about two weeks. that is the preliminary hearing. a very important hearing because witnesses will testify. we will hear more. more will come out. the whole purpose is there probable cause to bind this over for trial? if so then the case will go forward. next would be called an information, which is like a complaint. >> you've been covering this story from the very beginning. what is your sense of the buzz around campus as more revelations come out about what has happening there allegedly? >> reporter: people are in shock. they don't want to believe it. they love joe paterno.
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they love him. they adore him. they don't want to believe he covered something up for upwards of possibly 14 15 years. they can't accept that. people know jerry sandusky. lots of people know him. they said they never dreamed he would do something like this. and this is an area that the defense may want a trial to be held in because this is a campus that may support jerry sandusky. >> let's talk about the allegations at syracuse university against the basketball coach bernie fine were determined unfounded back by the university in 2005. jean let me ask you. how can you re-examine allegations like this once a case has been closed? >> reporter: it could be very difficult because as time marches on witnesses forget people pass on people move. you can't locate. evidence has been destroyed. but if there are multiple victims that come forward have the same story intptly that could corroborate each other. the police department opening up an investigation shows they must
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have something that they believe they need to look at and go forward on. >> jean casarez, in state college, pennsylvania as always thanks a lot. appreciate it. >> reporter: thank you. joining us now from harrisburg, pennsylvania is senator bob casey who is calling for a senate hearing on the sex abuse scandal. good morning to you. thanks for being bus. >> good morning. >> do you believe, senator, that this hearing could potentially prevent something like penn state from happening in the future? >> well, the hearing i'm calling for is a particularly focused hearing as it relates to legislation that i've introduced that would deal with part of this problem and the basic problem we have across the country is that only 18 states require all adults to report instances of child abuse or suspected child abuse. pennsylvania, unfortunately, is not one of those 18. so the only people in our state that are required by law that have a legal mandate to report
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child abuse are so-called mandated reporters and that is a list of several categories of people doctors and nurses for example, teachers but it doesn't cover all adults. what i think we should have is a national standard. the hearing i've called for in particular is to focus on this piece of legislation. >> you consulted a number of authorities, the leading authorities on child sex abuse in crafting this legislation. do they think what you have on the table goes far enough? >> well, certainly i think they would agree that it would cure one of the problems which is to say to states if you don't have a requirement that all adults have to report child abuse, that you can't get the benefit of the child abuse federal statute that provides assistance to states. but not a bill -- a bill like this won't be a guarantee that all of the horrors that the
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victims in pennsylvania suffered from will be prevented. we have to do a whole lot of other things. we have to have more education for people who come into contact with children and we have to make sure adults have a heightened degree of responsibility, but we also have to look across the board at institutions not just an institution like a college campus, but all institutions to make sure that when the reporting is done it's done in a way that it either goes to law enforcement or to child protective services. >> the people at penn state, the professors the students they have been rather quiet in all of this amidst the scandal. why do you think that is? >> well, i don't know but i do know that the most important obligation that we have when it comes to a tragedy like this is first and foremost is to punish the predator and punish anyone who helped that predator and punish them severely. that's the number one
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obligation i think that we have in addition to making sure that we are doing everything to help the victims. and penn state, i think has a long way to go in demonstrating that it will never allow this again to happen and it has to demonstrate it's going to help these victims. so there's still a lot of work that penn state has to do. but i also think it causes us to ask questions about a whole range of strategies that we need to employ to protect our children. >> senator bob casey of pennsylvania, thanks for being with us. we appreciate it. >> thank you. >> now here is russ. with the national debt not more than 15 trillion dollars time is running out for the so-called super committee to make a deficit reduction deal worth more than a trillion dollars. lawmakers are still holding out hope. cbs news correspondent whit johnson is in washington with the very latest. whit, good morning. >> reporter: russ, good morning. the super committee is actually hoping to reach an agreement by monday so it can be made public and reviewed before wednesday's
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deadline. that means a heavy weekend of negotiations here on capitol hill with little progress in sight. shuffling in and out of hours of meetings on friday. >> the meeting went just fine and i'm not going to comment any further. >> the super committee talks yielded nothing more than a promise to keep trying. >> we are going to work as long as it takes to get an agreement. >> reporter: as the bipartisan group looks for $1.2 trillion in deficit reduction. two parties are caught up in the same old fight, one that nearly caused a government default in august and a government shutdown back in april. >> we are the dividers right now is on taxes and whether or not the wealthiest americans should share in the sacrifice that all of us have to make. >> reporter: earlier in the week republicans appeared willing to give a little on taxes, but wanted to make the so-called bush era tax cuts permanent. when democrats didn't buy it republicans offered a smaller, $643 billion package. it included spending cuts new
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fees and would have closed tax loopholes for corporate jet owners. aside from its lowered amount it was hardly controversial. still, no deal. >> we are painfully, painfully aware of the deadline that is staring us in the face. >> if the super committee fails to reach an agreement before thanksgiving the automatic cuts wouldn't take effect until 2013 which would likely make deficit an issue in the next election. >> whit johnson, thanks a lot. joining us now to discuss how the super committee stalemate could impact the markets and every one of us is robert douger of hanover investments and glenn nye, a former congressman from virginia. glenn, i want to start with you. this is like groundhog day here. indecision in washington is the name of the game and has been for years now. this go-round what does that
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indecision mean as far as the impact for all of america? >> unfortunately, this failure of the super committee to reach a deal to solve the debt problem and inspire confidence is an indicator in congress hurting america. especially at a time when america needs their leaders in washington to step up the most they seem incapable of putting asite their differences and coming together to solve this problem and that is wore yik a lot of americans. what americans are watching happen on tv what they are looking at happening is washington is they are saying there's some big issues being discussed right now some very fundamental issues when you're talking about debt reduction you're talking about people's medicare, their social security and how much they pay in washington. they are getting concerned and this is leading to a civil conflict in this country. >> rob, i mean, we have seen the civil conflict in temples of the tea party and also in terms of occupy wall street. what do you think are the nearer
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and longer term consequences of this decision in washington and also if an agreement isn't reached what will we see happen as far as policy and the market is concerned? >> rebecca, political indecision leads to budget crises. that's what creates it. crises under mine investor confident. when we lurch from crisis to crisis we saw that last august. now we have a situation where, once again, an important institution of congress is likely to fail make an agreement. this is going to hurt the stock market regardless of what people say, it creates the impression that a crisis is more probable. as stocks fall the economy weakens, the deficit gets worse. people's fears about the commitments they have made to each other over the years, everything running from food safety to national security to medicare. all of these commitments are the fabric of our society.
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when we have a budget crisis it's a crisis because the fabric of the society is being torn. people don't know what their relationship to each other is. that undermines markets further. >> what do we think then glenn, this is going to me for the 2012 election? it's likely to be a big issue there, especially if the indecision amounts to another question mark in terms of the economy and what happens next. >> well, as americans, what we'd like to see the 2012 election become about is a choice about how to solve this problem, who has got a better vision from moving the country forward, and who is going to be honest and lay it on the table and say to americans, look, something has to give here. the american people need to be presented with some honest choices and then they can divide which way they want to go forward. i can also tell you there is a civil conflict going on in this country because americans are concerned that when they are up against people with preference access to power in washington. the average home is saying if
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somebody is going to lose out in this deal is it me or the guy with the lobbyist in washington? >> they expect it to be them and what we see out of the tea party as well as occupy wall street. thank you both for sharing your time and thoughts this morning. >> we are talking about this at our blog and invite people to go there. >> thank you. now to the latest ruling by the food and drug administration that could devastate some breast cancer patients. they have pulled the drug on avastin. the drug remains in the market to treat other types of cancer. joining us is dr. mala ka marshall. thanks for coming in. why is the fda doing this? >> so avastin was approved by the fda in 2008. it went through an accelerated process because there were promising preliminary trial suggesting benefits. since then we have had several studies show is doesn't improve
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survival and it doesn't improve quality of life and it doesn't slow the regression as they had hoped. >> let's talk about the dangerous side effects. high blood pressure. bleeding blood clots. >> all medicines have side effects and avastin has particularly bad ones. you measured high blood pressure. you can get knows bleeds but in some women it can cause a blood transfusion. it cause gastrointestinal perforations. heart attack, stroke, kidney damage blood clots. it's a tough drug to take. >> avastin is available for other types of cancer? >> it's still approved for the treatment of advanced colon cancer kidney cancer lung cancer and blastoma. because it's still approved for the use of these cancers oncologist can use it off label
8:19 am
for the treatment of breast cancer. >> does the cost go up? >> it's a very expensive drug. it's usually given by i.v. every two weeks or so and for a year's course it can cause upwards of $88,000. yes, there are going to be some private insurers that are not covering it any more for breast cancer but medicare will for the time being. >> if i'm a breast cancer patient and currently using avastin, what do you do? >> it's made on a case-by-case bays. you and your oncologist can decide if you are willing to accept the possible side effects for a small benefit or if you should try other treatments out there. >> this is fairly common of the fda to take a look at drugs like this and have a ruling i guess to amend a ruling. >> they took another look at it and said it's not doing what we thought it would do.
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>> dr. mallika marshall thank you. >> thanks russ. for more headlines of the day, here is betty nguyen. moammar gadhafi's son saif has been arrested in southern libya. libyan officials say he was captured as he tried to cross into neighboring nyjer. the international criminal court issued a warrant for his arrest several months ago. president obama had a surprise last-minute meeting in indonesia last night with china's premier. administration officials say mr. obama and the chinese premier discussed the value of china's currency which the u.s. believes is artificially low. they also talked about territorial disputes in the south china sea. the worst of a huge wildfire in reno, nevada, may be over.
8:21 am
more than two dozen homes were damaged. about 10,000 people were forced to evacuate. administer diminishing winds are helping the firefighters kabcontain the blaze. one death and dozens were injured. herman cain says the accusations of sexual harassment against him are not true. last night on "the late show" with david letterman, letterman asked him about those allegations. >> there is no more documentation. there is nothing else has come up. so we have moved on. >> these statements are all false? all of these women are lying? they are all lying? they are all lying? >> yes, they are! >> four women, similar circumstances? >> how did you get four? >> you tell me? >> i'm sorry. is it 9-9-9? >> cain said the charges of unwanted sexual advances started after he running for office, not during his business career.
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21 minutes past the hour. here is lonnie quinn with the first check of the weather. getting cold around here. >> some places are getting colder. here are the weather headlines. most are precipitation-free today but brutally cold in the northern plains. the jemtt stream is the key to this whole puzzle. you can see where the precipitation is. not a lot of it. a little bit of activity up around the northern plains and lo and behold that is where your jet stream lies. the jet stream that separates the warm air from the cold air and wherever you see this dip well, it's like a big old bucket and fills in with cold canadian and i'm talking a feel like temperature 10 to 15 below. hello, again, a very clear start today. sunshine and blue skies. winds are pretty calm. when they are blowing, they are
8:23 am
from the southwest. that's going to mean a very, very mild air mass moving across the area. so, it etch its around 54 degrees today. wherever you are, make it a great one and bundle up. coming up the dna gene that lets you read people like an open book. >> the cost of thanksgiving dinner has skyrocketed. we will show you how to trim more than 30% from thursday's holiday feast. that looks
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it is one of hollywood's greatest mystery. was actress natalie wagner murder? she had been on a boat with her husband, robert wagner christopher walken and the boat's captain. coming up why the boat's captain is suddenlily change is his story 30 years.
8:26 am
>> trying to understand why he would change his song this late in the game. >> robert wagner spoke of it yesterday. they say he's
8:27 am
good morning. it is saturday, november 19th. i'm gigi barnett. here is what people are talking about. from wall street to prat street, occupy wall street protestors are on the way headed to baltimore. several founding members are walking their message from new york city to washington, d.c. the 230-mile trek will bring them through the occupy baltimore encampment this evening. they will rest here and then move onto washington, d.c. a local teen accused of impersonating a police officer is facing real life charges. police are saying the 18-year- old admitted to stealing a badge, handcuffs and other items when he was in a junior police program in baltimore. he used the items to work as a private security officer.
8:28 am
he is charged with in prosecuting police officer. representative -- is trying to help marylanders keep their homes this holiday. he is holding together foreclosure worktium later on today. the workshop gives homeowners a chance to meet one-on-one with mortgage lenders and counselors. this will be his fifth workshop. nice day ahead. here is a look at first warning weather five-day forecast. 54 degrees. mostly sunny. tonight, 40 degrees. increasing cloudiness. then tomorrow, another nice day, mostly cloudy skies and mild. 62 degrees.
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♪ the empire state building on a great fall day in new york city. mr. lonnie quinn says it's going to be 52 today. >> pretty fall weather. >> welcome back to "the early show." i'm russ mitchell i- >> rebecca jarvis. police have reopened the case of the mysterious drown death of natalie wood. 48 hours has recovered? evidence about what really happened the night she died. also this morning. can people read you like a good? >> also we will show you how to save more than 30% on your thanksgiving dinner. first, we begin with a case that has been a hollywood mystery for 30 years the death of screen legend natalie wood
8:31 am
who drowned off the coast of california in 1981. at the time her death was ruled an accident. but now the case has been reopened and cbs news "48 hours" and vanity fair magazine have uncovered some startling new evidence. cbs lee cowan reports. >> the information we received made us want to take another look at the case. >> reporter: with that a mystery that has gripped hollywood for almost 30 years. the death of screen icon natalie wood is back in the headlines and one of the reasons is this man. >> i believe that robert wagner was with her up until the moment she went into the water. >> reporter: dennis davern was the captain of robert wagner's boat the splendour. it was an accident said the coroner back then but davern reveals that wagner was arguing with wood and he not only knew
8:32 am
his wife had fallen overboard, he claims he did little to help. >> i said to robert wagner maybe i should turn on the search light? he said "don't do that." >> reporter: investigators won't say what new leads they have but did answer one question. >> is robert wagner a suspect? >> no. >> reporter: wagner admitted to the argument in a 2008 auto biography. but told cbs "sunday morning" back then his wife's death was an accident nothing more. >> we were so in love and we had everything and in a second in a second it was gone. >> reporter: investigators say they have seen nothing to change their mind. the death of natalie wood remains an accident for now. lee cowan, cbs news, los angeles. >> joining us now from jacksonville florida, is dennis da shortstop vern former captain of the boat splendour. and with us in new york is the author of "goob natalie."
8:33 am
dennis why would you change your story after all of these years? >> it's not that i really changed my story. in the very beginning, i told the police what happened that night, but i failed to tell them everything. but for the last 20 years or more i've been trying to tell the authorities that it would be a good idea if they could take a closer look at the case. >> reporter: why not tell them everything in the beginning? >> well, in the very beginning, we were just -- talked it over. robert wagner and myself that hey, this is what happened and this is what we say, and that is exactly what we did. >> so you're saying that you and robert had a discussion about what to say and that is what you said?
8:34 am
>> yes. >> i want to understand from you, marty, you've heard from the police you've had conversations. what are the police saying now about this investigation? >> that they are finally going to take the old information that was never really looked at 30 years ago and give it the attention today that it did deserve 30 years ago. that information that was put out, the media back then went with the accidental drowning and the authorities didn't ask many questions beyond that. and now i think what they are doing is taking the old files, looking through them and seeing what they missed. their agreement now to reopen this case i think is an admission that yes this case did deserve more attention than it ever did receive. >> does it surprise you then
8:35 am
that they are already taking suspects off the board? for example, robert wagner, not a suspect here. >> well, they have just begun their investigation. they are not about to name suspects. they want to give this case the months of attention that it deserved not the three or four days that it got in 1981. >> dennis what new information have you provided to police as of late on this case? >> well, i just told police the arguing that was going on the boat the tension that was building between robert wagner and christopher walken of robert wagner's jealousy and, basically, the arguing. >> robert wagner as i just discussed with marty, has been taken out of the mix here as a suspect. do you think that is an appropriate read on the situation by police? >> at the present time, i would say yes, because no one is a
8:36 am
suspect right now. >> who do you think did it? >> well, it really doesn't matter what i think. i think the important thing is that there is a proper investigation done. >> but you do think there is somebody who did this and you do think they were on board that boat that night? >> like i say, it doesn't matter what i think really. it's up to the investigators to figure this out. >> all right. we appreciate you being with us dennis. and you as well as marti. >> thank you. >> don't forget to watch "48 hours mystery vanity fair hollywood scandal." for new details on the death of natalie wood it is tonight at 10:00 eastern, 9:00 central here on cbs. now here is lonnie with another check of the weather. >> good morning, everybody. here are my weather headlines. about a half of foot of snow near rapid city south dakota. on the flip side right now there is hardly a cloud in the sky in the southeast, but you can't rule out the chance for a storm in that portion of the
8:37 am
country. here is the reason. as of right now, again so quiet out there. look at the sky. satellite picture almost crystal clear out there, but it's the gulf of mexico that holds the key in this equation, because the winds are going to be coming in off the water. so they are loaded with moisture. they hit the land. the lands warm with temperatures around 60 to 70 degrees. that forces that air to rise. you pull out a thunderstorm possibly from waco to springfield to atlanta and jackson. have an umbrella ready in case. happy saturday, everybody. up next a gene so powerful even a stranger can tell that you've got it. this is "the early show" on cbs.
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♪ in this morning's "healthwatch," the kindness gene. new research suggests that people who are carrying open and trustworthy may have it hard wired into their dna and that means making nice may be easier for some than others. dr. holly phillips is here with an explanation. the very nice dr. holly phillips. thanks for coming in. >> good morning, russ. >> is empathy part of our dna? >> this research shows is may very well be. they looked at 23 couples and had them each describe to the other partner a very hard time in life or something, an occurrence that made them sad, while the other partner listened. then later, these tapes were played for total strangers, outside observers. >> okay. >> and they were told to watch the person who was listening and rank how empathetic they found that person to be. whether that person seemed kind and caring and trustworthy. what is interesting about the
8:42 am
study, they were able to predict with remarkable accuracy who had what variation of this kindness gene. >> interesting. >> just by looking from outside. >> let's talk about the kindness gene. exactly what is it? >> sure. it is a receptor gene for oxytocin. that is one of the feel good hormones released in the brain during times of caring and compassion. for instance if you're holding a baby. now there are three variants of the gene. gg is the one that is linked with being the most empathetic, the most caring. people who have this varnt variant are more social. ag is moderate and aa is the least caring. interesting the outside observers could say this is the most caring and this is the least caring and match it up. >> other than what other people tell you, how do you know if you have this gene? >> well, you know what?
8:43 am
the test is done on saliva but this is not something that is done in regular medical practice. you know, we don't just walk into the doctor and say, well, let me go on ahead and have my kindness tested. >> right. >> but the observers were looking from the outside/in at particular gestures that we use when we listen to another person that demonstrate caring. for instance nodding along when somebody is talking to you. or leaning in holding a very open body posture as opposed to keeping your arms closed. >> i see. >> so those are some of the things that make for good listeners and also make for a person to seem kind and compassion. >> i have a picture of two random people we just came up with. now, as a medical professional can you tell here which one is nice and which one is not? >> oh, my god. you know what? they both look nice. but i guess i'm a little bit biased. i may or may not know both of the subjects involved. >> good answer. >> i may or may not be able to say both are incredibly nice
8:44 am
people. but that one on the right has a nice smile. >> oh, that's nice. that's nice. running for congress dr. holly phillips. >> always politics. great to be here. >> you are really nice. i really meant that. for more on the kindness gene go to our partner in health and search empathy. up next don't let your turkey dinner take a bite out of your budget. show you how to save more than 30% on your thanksgiving holiday shopping bill. this is "the early show" on cbs. ] how are we going to make this season better than the last? how about making it brighter. more colorful. ♪ ♪ and putting all our helpers to work? so we can build on our favorite traditions by adding a few new ones. we've all got garlands and budgets to stretch. and this year, we can keep them both evergreen. more saving. more doing. that's the power of the home depot. make your season even brighter with 300-count icicle lights for just $7.48.
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in this morning's "moneywatch," beating thanksgiving day sticker shock. the economy is still sputtering. the average cost for thanksgiving dinner has jumped 13% from last year. that brings the cost for a holiday dinner for 10 to about $5 a person so here to talk turkey and bring the price down is cbs "moneywatch".com contributor. we love having you here. especially when you save us money. the bird get down to it. >> it is the most expensive item on the table. turkey costs have been going up. the tip here is you want to go
8:48 am
frozen versus raw or natural. top chefs live by this rule and you can save about 30%. we did a price comparison frozen is $23.84 versus $35 for a 16-pound turkey. if you do go frozen, leave time to let it thaw. it takes one day for every five pounds. this turkey would take three or four days to thaw. >> you say the top chefs are doing this so you're not sacrificing taste? no. not taste or nutrients. this is one of my favorite vegetables. we did a price comparison here. get this. we actually found that the natural raw fresh green beans were less expensive than the frozen. >> really? >> that just might have been our luck. the tip is do your price comparison. we saved about $4. we are serving ten people so just keep in mind. >> that changes the pricing dynamics so it might not be the same as your average trip to the
8:49 am
grocery store because you're buying in bulk here. >> exactly. >> the sweet potatoes. >> fresh versus canned is what we wanted to test. we found that canned is cheaper but not that much cheaper. so it's about 30 cents cheaper. if you're really into the fresh, go for fresh because it's not that much of a difference. >> if you're cooking fast though go for the canned because if you're doing it fresh, it's more work. >> go for the all natural. tons of variety out there so check the ingredients and make sure getting something that has no preservatives. >> good to know. cranberries? >> canned is your best way to go if you're looking to save money. you save about $4.10 when you go canned but as we discussed earlier, you know, it's all about preference here. if your goal is to save you would want to go with canned. >> i like the sound it makes when it comes out of the can on to the dish. >> this is science. this is like science fiction right here. >> the sucking noise. all right. >> finally, the pie. my favorite part of the meal. you can make this yourself or buy it from the store.
8:50 am
guess which is cheaper? >> let's see. um i have no idea. >> making it yourself is cheaper! it's $5.28 home made versus almost $11 bought from the store. here is what i would do. ask a guest to bring it! >> that's a great plan! >> save money. really for all of these items, you either want to pair up with a co-host and buy in bulk and split the cost. buy generic. you can save 15% for anything you see on this table for the most part and invite guests to bring something. make a list and have them bring something. >> you'll save a little sanity. >> and stress and everybody can partake. it's thanksgiving. >> what is your favorite on the thanksgiving? >> i'm going to have a slice of that when we are over. >> really? >> yes! >> is it someone else's pie you like? >> my mom's costco store bout pie but she likes to tell everybody she made it.
8:51 am
>> let's see how much we saved. >> the total savings is $25.21. not bad. >> not bad. >> 50% trim right there just by you know, we said earlier that the average cost is about $5 per person. now it's about $2.50 per person so high five to us. >> high five. happy thanksgiving. >> you too. >> thank you. we got a southern twist on thanksgiving dinner compliments of top judge hugh atchison. stressed at work? more and more people are telling their bosses in no uncertain terms they will be moving on. we have the story when we come back here on "the early show." by someone on the first morning of their retirement. it's the first of more than 6,000 sunrises the average retiree will see. ♪ ♪ as we're living longer than ever before, prudential's challenge is to help everyone have the retirement income they'll need to enjoy every one of their days. ♪ ♪ prudential. bring your challenges.
8:52 am
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8:55 am
rehearsing for the thanksgiving day parade. he is about to quit his job. >> i'm here to tell you i'm quitting. >> 1, 2, 3, 4! ♪ ♪ ♪ >> reporter: when he posted his mass exit online and saying good-bye to his boss sounded like a wonderful idea. >> a lot of stay passive and don't say anything and that frustration builds up and builds up and builds up to a point where they can't take it any more and they explode! >> like tom cruise's famous exit in "jerry maguire." >> don't worry. i'm not going to do what you think i'm all going to do which is flip out! >> reporter: or the jetblue pilot who slid down the slide and into the hall of fame. weird ways of quitting are everywhere from a restaurant manager to the disgruntled taco bell employee. quit wasn't the only four-letter word he used to resign.
8:56 am
"stop pushing me around". >> corporate profits are up. productivity is up. unemployment is up and we just are not up so that causes a lot of stress. >> reporter: in fact a series of recent surveys find that workers are stressed to the limit. with large numbers citing lack of advancement, heavy workload and unrealistic expectations as major factors. 71% of employers are now placing greater emphasis on emotional intelligence over i.q. >> not a good idea to explode at work. it's not a good idea to burn your bridges because it's really not good behavior and if you want to be hired someplace else why would i hire somebody who exhibits this type of behavior? >> reporter: joey de fran waited before he quit. he had a new job before he said good-bye. >> toss out that application from that bar. >> not going to happen at all.
8:57 am
>> interesting. >> so be it i guess. coming up got puppies and justin bieber. >> need we say more? >> i mean, come on! >> your local good morning. it is saturday, november 19th. i'm gigi barnett. here is what people are talking about. from wall street to prat street, occupy wall street protestors are on the way headed to baltimore. several founding members are walking their message from new york city to washington, d.c. the 230-mile trek will bring them through the occupy baltimore encampment this evening. they will rest here and then move onto washington, d.c. a local teen accused of impersonating a police officer is facing real life charges. police are saying the 18-year- old admitted to stealing a badge, handcuffs and other items when he was in a junior police program in baltimore. he used the items to work as a private security officer.
8:58 am
he is charged with in prosecuting police officer. representative -- is trying to help marylanders keep their homes this holiday. he is holding together foreclosure worktium later on today. the workshop gives homeowners a chance to meet one-on-one with mortgage lenders and counselors. this will be his fifth workshop. nice day ahead. here is a look at first warning weather five-day forecast. 54 degrees. mostly sunny. tonight, 40 degrees. increasing cloudiness. then tomorrow, another nice day, mostly cloudy skies and mild. 62 degrees. that's our
8:59 am
9:00 am
♪ aw central park. >> that is lovely. >> it is beautiful. you see rebecca down the street. the big snow flake is up. every time around this year they put the snow flake up. you know it's the holiday season when they do that. >> telltale sign. >> welcome back to "the early show." i'm russ mitchell. >> i'm rebecca jarvis. we have been talking about this yesterday. we have also been talking about that. the puppies in the studio. russ do you want to take that one? >> yeah. did you know this time of year, more puppies are given away than any other time of the year? people get them for christmas and what not. we should tell you what to look for when you buy a puppy.
9:01 am
we also have the interview with justin bieber coming up here. he talks to me about what he is wishing for at this time of year so that should be fun. >> it's a cute overload. >> it's something overload. >> something like that. that's all coming up in a bit. first, new developments this morning in the penn state sex abuse scandal. correspondent manuel gallegus is in state college, pennsylvania, with the very latest. manny, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, russ. a few things to tell you about today. today's penn state football team plays ohio state. it is an away game and the first with the -- second excuse me without legendary coach joe paterno who was fired over the sex abuse scandal involving the firing of jerry sandusky. more troubling news for paterno and his family. the 84-year-old has a treatable form of lung cancer. he was diagnosed last weekend. second mile the children's charity found by sandusky and
9:02 am
where he may have met some of his victims may be closing its doors for good. the organization say it is one option they are considering. >> the school got a letter yesterday from the ncaa. what can you tell us about that? >> reporter: the ncaa is potentially launching a formal investigation of its own. the president of the ncaa sent the president of penn state a letter asking for some very specific questions to be answered within the next couple of weeks and eventually russ that could lead to a lengthy several month formal investigation. >> okay. manuel gallegus in state college, pennsylvania, thanks so much. joining us with insight to spot a possible sex offender is sex crimes expert jim clemente. he is a writer for "criminal minds" of cbs and he joins us in our los angeles bureau. a clip this week that jerry sandusky gave to bob costas. a interesting and revealing interview. >> are you sexually attracted to
9:03 am
underaged boys? >>. >> am i sexually attracted to underaged boys? >> yes. >> sexually attracted? i enjoy young people. i love to be around them. >> sandusky said he is not sexually attracted to young boys. jim, let me ask you, what did that answer say to you? >> well, the first thing it tells me he is trying to avoid the question. he is repeating the question to get time to think of an appropriate answer he thinks will pass muster and he also is showing basically he is deceiving when he answers that question, because he can't just spontaneously answer it. he then also goes on to change it from underaged boys to young people. he is trying to distance himself from actually the things that he did and that are described in the allegations. >> as you watched that interview, which, again a lot of us found to be extraordinary. what else stood out for you? >> well, i think one of the other things when he was asked
9:04 am
about the mcqueary allegations, he basically blames the kid. he basically says we were in the shower and the kid turned on all of the showers and he was sliding around blaming a child for acting like a child. and then he goes on to say that we were as i recall possibly snapping towels. he can't even buy into his own lies. he is deceiving people. he is coming up with a story that he hopes he can prove or somebody can't disprove and he is not even buying into it it himself. it's just very disturbing. >> of course this will be settled in court at some point. when you look at the grand jury report and you see the interview and hear what some of these victims are saying what do you think? sandusky does he have the characteristics of a child sex offender? >> if these allegations are true, he certainly does. first of all, these allegations are extremely strong. in most cases like this it's just the children's word against the offender or the alleged offender. in this case there are a number
9:05 am
of cross corroborations between the children and adult witnesses who saw various acts over time over a long period of time. and those are some of the major characteristics, the hallmarks of a child preference shal sex offender. the allegations cross a great span of time in this case. he has specific sexual interests. he is interested in apparently preadolescent boys. he has well developed techniques to get access to these kids and he is fantasy driven behaviors so he has all of the hallmarks of a sex offender. >> what kinds can parents look for if they are worried about a relationship their child may be having with a parental figure? >> look for people who want to spend more time with their children outside of the program. basically, if they are seeing an adult who is asking the child on
9:06 am
trips, asking to have them come over for overnight stays, even spending too much time with the child, adults typically get tired of being around young children. i mean children are sort of like puppies. they are cute and they are playful, but after awhile they start chewing on things they start getting in your way, and so the average adult will want to distance themself from a child that isn't their own child. in this case, you know this guy is described as just a big kid as, you know loving children and so forth. and those kinds of things should be, you know sort of red flags for parents. >> i see. jim clemente thank you for your insight. you take care. >> thank you, thank you, russ. time for more of this morning's headlines and for that let's go back to betty nguyen. >> good morning to you. there are reports this morning that syrian forces have launched new attacks against opponents of president bashar al sad's government. the assault one day after syria
9:07 am
unintense international pressure indicated it might be open to a peace plan overseen by the arab league. >> reporter: the people who film this cell phone video say it shows heavy gun battle in a syrian city of palm and a attack on an orm vehicle. it says more on switching sides and taking their heavy weapons with them. the arab league that already suspended syria and issued another ultimatum for the president bashar al assad. crack down to the protesters by midnight or face heavy sanctions. damascus has agreed for troops in the area. it's far fewer than the 500 the arab league had called for. opposition activists say the regime is just stalling. the u.n. estimates that 3,500 people have already been killed in the eight-month uprising.
9:08 am
the regime blames the violence on the work of armed gangs. dissidents say assad is increasingly isolated and if the military had the power or the will to silence the protesters it would have done so by now. charlie d'agata, cbs news london. a federal investigation is under way into an apparent cyberattack in illinois that may have shut down and damaged a pump at a water utility. the incident happened last week. there were reports that the computer that hacked the utility system has been traced to russia. the motive for the attack is still not known but it could be the first time foreign hackers have struck a u.s. industrial facility. pakistan's envoy to the u.s. is returning home to answer questions in a growing scandal about a secret unsigned memo sent to the pentagon. it was written days after the u.s. military killed osama bin laden inside pakistan. the memo asked the u.s. to step in and tamp down pakistan's powerful military which has been accused of protecting
9:09 am
terrorists. the envoy denies writing the memo. oklahoma state university is in morning today. the head coach and an assistant of the women's basketball team were both killed in a plane crash in arkansas on thursday during a recruiting trip. before the kickoff at last night's football game at iowa state, a moment of silence was observed. number 2 oklahoma state lost on iowa state 37-31 in double overtime. the hero of the hudson is still one lucky pilot. sullenberger successful landed his us air jet in the hudson river almost three years ago. on friday he piloted a vintage airliner on a flight for a charity event with 50 paerges aboard. no problems but on the return flight with a different pilot, the plane developed engine problems and had to make an emergency landing in north carolina. and it wasn't snakes on a plane, but snakes at a school. oh yeah.
9:10 am
five rattle snakes in fact were found at a high school in central california. can you imagine? officials closed it early for thanksgiving. exterminators are coming in monday. now all of the snakes that were found were small, but, you know, rattle snakes are still poisonous and can be deadly. the principal said he didn't want any of his students proving how brave they are. twots if i saw a rattlesnake i would not be proving how brave i was. i would running in the opposite direction! >> the snakes are small they say. they are rattle snakes! get to weather headlines for you, everybody. november snow falls today in the northern plains. i got to tell you, that is not unusual for that portion of the country. but what is unusual minus 20-degree windchill. those sort of temperatures in that portion of the country should be picking up maybe january or february not before thanksgiving. here is what i'm talking about. so again a little bit of snow around the dakotas. it looks like take rapid city 4 to 6, possibly 8 inches of snow
9:11 am
out of it. the cold air just pummels into the area from canada that becomes your story. we are talking a feels like temperature of 15 below to 20 ble below zero. hello, again, a very clear start today. sunshine and blue skies. winds are pretty calm. when they are blowing, they are from the southwest. that's going to mean a very, very mild air mass moving across the area. so, it etch its around 54 degrees today. partly announcer: this portion of "the early show" sponsored by macy's. they could have made rattlesnake steaks in that last story. >> they could have. i'm probably not one of the takers on that. by the way, lon, ready to be bebiived? >> you bet i am. >> coming up next the pop phenom justin bieber talks about
9:12 am
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♪ ♪ the mistletoe ♪ >> there is no mistaking that haircut. the one and only justin bieber. this week, he did something near and dear to his heart. he joined with macy's believe campaign in the make a wish foundation to grant the wish of 30 deserve kids yesterday. so far he has given away an amazing 90 wishes and we caught up with him at the hard rock calf cafe here in new york. it must be so incredible to be able to grant wishes for so many kids. >> it is. it's great to be here for such a great cause. we're giving portions of the proceeds from my christmas album to make a wish so it's really special what we're doing. >> what is the most important thing to you about your involvement with make a wish
9:16 am
foundation? >> you know, at the end of the day, it's all about the kids and being able to make them happy and make them smile and have them forget about what they are going through for just a second and get them out of their world, because it makes me feel great to be able to just see them smile, because at the end of the day, they are going through, you know like the worst times of their life and to like to be able to help them feels amazing. >> is it ever difficult to see kids who are so sick? >> yes. it's so difficult. when they come to my concerts and they are coming in and they you know, they are telling me that they might have a long time to live it's like -- it breaks my heart because, like you see them and they don't look because they are, like i so sick and, like i is breaks my heart. >> are there any wishes you've granted that stand out the most to you? >> yeah. i met a girl in brazil and she
9:17 am
was really just really special. she made a video because she was -- she had cancer and/or has cancer and she made a whole video of how my song inspired her to get through her chemo and all of this stuff and it was just really inspiring and scooter and i were just watching the video and like tearing up. it was amazing. >> how about your wish? what do you wish for? >> if i could make a wish i would just, you know, to be able to probably just spend more time with my family. i don't get to spend a lot of time with my family and i wish i could spend a little bit more time with my family. >> the holidays are just around the corner. >> yeah, i'll be with them for the holidays, that's for sure. >> are you? >> yeah. >> how about thanksgiving? i know you're canadian? do you get to enjoy turkey on thanksgiving? >> yeah. we already had thanksgiving so we enjoyed that and all of that stuff. >> favorite food? >> i love pizza.
9:18 am
>> favorite topping on pizza? >> i like regular cheese or just hawaiian. >> not a lot of fans like hawaiian but after you said it, i bet you there will be. does it feel funny to you you like something and all of a sudden millions of people follow in your footsteps and like it too? >> you know what? i think it's really flattering especially with everything, you know with the whole hair thing when i had the swoosh people were like to rock the hair. it's really -- it really is great to see people, you know, looking up to me. >> before you go and get a haircut, for example, do you ever think about, it will be interesting to see if people follow this one next? >> i don't really think about it like that. it's just like i just cut my hair and i'm just like everyone else. >> just like everyone else but with a lot more people following you and interesting what you have to say and think about the world. does that ever feel like a heavy weight to bear? >> no. i mean, i feel like it's a big responsibility but, you know, it's important that i, you know, stay strong for my fans
9:19 am
especially when people, you know, say rumors and stuff and things happen. you know, you got to always keep your head strong and remember what is important in life. >> what helps you do that? >> just keeping my family close to me and making sure that i, you know i pray every night and thank god for the things he has given me. >> you pray every night? >> yes. >> is there a prayer you say? >> not a specific prayer no. i just pray about the blessings he has given me. >> we are so happy you could join us. >> thank you. >> thank you, justin and best wishes to you. the new christmas album. >> yes, "under the mistletoe." in stores now? >> yes. >> yes. >> thank you justin. >> seems like such a nice young man. >> he is. your daughter is 13 right? >> oh, yes. she is justin bieber crazy. i hope you don't mind me saying that. >> i love to take care of these things. >> he doesn't have the swish thing any more? >> he has gone to a new do but
9:20 am
did great stuff with maascy's and make a wish foundation. >> he seems like a nice kid. >> he is a good kid. coming up next ashton kutcher and demi moore getting divorce but did ashton really tweet love and life? >> there is a lot of speculation perhaps his publicist did that. we will see. our trend benders report is coming up in a little bit. you're watching "the early show" on cbs. and syringe as part of my daily routine anymore. my doctor showed me the novolog mix 70/30 flexpen. flexpen is discreet and comes pre-filled with my insulin. flexpen goes with me and doesn't need refrigeration. and it's covered by most insurance. if you're still using a vial and syringe ask your healthcare provider about the benefits of flexpen. flexpen is a discreet, pre-filled dial-a-dose insulin pen. you can dial the exact dose of insulin you need. and inject insulin by pressing a button. novolog mix 70/30 is an insulin used to control high blood sugar
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9:23 am
♪ this morning on trend benders, a look at what is getting the big buzz on the internet this week. here with the latest on the hottest is bridget carrie. >> good to be here. >> demi moore and ashton kutcher announced they are splitting up. a lot of activity on the web? >> yes. they made their lives known on twitter. they tweet back and forth. ashton kutcher was the first person to get a million followers on twitter so everyone flocks to see how it's going to break apart. >> has either one of them tweeted about this? >> yeah.
9:24 am
ashton tweeted that he is going to be cherishing the times he had with demi. but, you know, it's -- also demi moore is twittering as mrs. kutcher so don't know if she is changing her name now. >> i bet she will be. ashton kutcher got in trouble earlier in the week for tweeting about joe paterno? >> he embarrassed himself not knowing about the scandal and now says after embarrassing himself he'll have a publicist do all of these tweets. was it a nice thing he said about demi? publicist or not, i don't know. >> what is the reaction? >> people on both sides and keep it to yourself and some joke about the whole thing maybe it's his publicist tweeting. >> move on to bradley cooper named the sexiest man alive by "people" magazine. i understand some don't agree with that decision. >> some are outraged about this important decision that was made. the ryan gosling fan club. a lot of people taken to the streets and occupy movement in
9:25 am
front of the "people" magazine office in new york. you can see here. >> they are outraged! >> basically, this kind of movement was organized on a facebook group and a lot of fans got together and did this improv movement to have a little fun with it. >> i see. here is what people are saying about it. pretty funny stuff. as you said a very pressing issue and i'm glad we got to that. let's change directions and change species now. i understand there is an interesting item with a shell that is getting a lot of attention this week. let's take a look. >> get up. guess what? the bus isn't running? >> why? >> because the bus is a caterpillar and it threw up. guess what i want but i'm not going to beg for it? >> what? >> a nickname. >> now what is this character's name? >> this is marcel, the shell, with shoes on. he was a popular character a year ago. he had his little own video.
9:26 am
a year later, we have part two coming out. so everyone just flocked to go see this video because in one day, it became the most seen video and the most shared video in the u.s. on youtube. >> my goodness. >> just a little shell. he wears a lima bean as a hat. >> does he do anything else? am i missing something? help me out here! >> it's adorable to learn more about the life of a shell. >> that is true. that is true. does marcel have a twitter page? >> i think it's a little hard for him to type so he doesn't have one but a lot of people on twitter sharing their love for him. >> here is one right here. >> it's one of his quotes. >> i see. who is behind this? >> it's a former "snl" cast member named jenny slate and she created it and now a children's book out about it. very popular and we might see more of marcel if the fans demand it. >> a lot of stuff happening on the web this week. bridget, thanks a lot. have a good thanksgiving. >> thanks. still ahead, a litter of the
9:27 am
cutest puppies you have ever seen. expert who wrote the book on
9:28 am
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♪ that is a gorgeous shot of central park right there, russ. >> fantastic. >> you hear the puppies in the background here in the studio in new york city. welcome back to "the early show." i'm rebecca jarvis. >> i'm russ mitchell. >> and as we have been talking about, 'tis the season for puppies. we are going to answer your questions about adopting a loveable canine this holiday season. >> that's right. they look cute now but they do grow up. also is your thanksgiving like a scene from a bad movie? we have expert advice on how to make nice and break the tension. >> sounds good to me. also a thanksgiving treat. top chef judge hugh atchison is here to tell us about his ultimate dish. there will be eating and enjoying and great conversation
9:31 am
that is coming up. first over to lonnie quinn for our final check of the weather. >> good morning, everybody. look. they are talking about just being into the thanksgiving state of mind. into thanksgiving state of mind for today, cranberry marsh, wisconsin, 47 degrees. a shower chance for you. turkey, texas. 78 with sunshine. true story. a little push right now to change turkey texas, to toefurkey. i kid you not! potato creek, south dakota. 20 degrees. look at that. snow showers for you, pie, west virginia, 63 with sunshine. the puppies are in town! if you take a look here at the satellite and radar picture. we see a system out west. we will watch the system. the tail end of this system because it could affect possibly the northeast and why is that important? well, by the time you get to thursday, you need to have good conditions if you want the balloons flying and the thanksgiving day parade. if the winds are over 23 miles
9:32 am
an hour the balloons do not fly. as of right now they will be above 23 miles per hour the night before. should clear out nicely for thanksgiving day. everybody, it is that time. it's my shout-out. the russians are coming for my shout-out this morning. what are you talking about, lonnie? i'm talking about kalamazoo, michigan. hosting the annual kalamazoo russian festival this weekend and to incredibly tasty food there will be artists and performers. we like to welcome everybody watching "the early show."
9:33 am
that is news channel three wwmt. thanks for watching. how cute is this little guy? if you're thinking of adopting a pet this holiday season like this little guy, well, there are a lot of things you need to know about raising and training puppies so pet expert and contributor to animal planet pet 101 is mere to answer your question. great to have you with us erin. we have a lot of viewer questions. the first one from cleveland and via skype. let's take a listen. >> hi. my name is julie and this is buddy. we're from cleveland. we want to know can we feed buddy anything but his puppy food and when should we start feeding him dog food? >> well, you know, it depends on the dog, because the smaller the dog is the more quickly they develop, so if you have a dog like a maltese and yorkie they move into their adult life five or six months old. if you have a lab or st. bernard
9:34 am
mix, they are in the puppy stage until they are 7 or 8month-old. at that stage you can give them adult food. >> let's take a listen to this. >> hi andrea. i'm benny and this is our new family dog dylan. a 4 1/2-year-old rescue dog. she recently started groundhog a little bit. especially with my 11-year-old daughter and i'm a little worried. it's plaulve butyful but i worry it's going into the next level. >> the most important thing to consider is growing is a way of a dog saying i'm trying to create social distance. do not punish the dog. if you punish them for growing they will jump to next step which is biting. you need a treat pouch and fill it with yummy treats and put it our hip. everywhere you go with that dog give them things they like in exchange for giving interaction.
9:35 am
>> some sort of positive reinforcement when they are behaving well helps to go a long way. >> exactly. >> we have a question from facebook. they are jumping out of our cage! they are having fun at least. this is the facebook question. as things go nuts here on "the early show" set. this one comes from katherine, my 8-month-old dog chews on everything and joied one pair of boots and radio airpiece and two pillows and every i do given to him. any suggestions or time frame when he'll stop being a little land shark like these guys? i can't imagine how a puppy could do something it wasn't supposed to do. >> i'm trying to catch them! geez! >> puppies are a handful as you see here. they are very investigative creatures and don't like to stay focused in one environment and they want to check out the whole place and use their teeth to investigate. no surprise your puppy will want to chew things. the best thing is get food stuffable toys. i put food in here and fill it up with food. >> it's helping with one of them
9:36 am
at least stay more focused. >> what they are going to do it will act like a pacifier for your pupper and keep them focused and focus on chewing the appropriate things instead of the illegal objects. >> perfect answer. we have another question. let's take a listen. >> andrea i'm katie and this is paulo. he is about 4month-old. he is a yorkie. my problem is this little guy drinks a lot and he pees all day. he is is not 100% cleaned yet so i'm having to clean up after him a lot. is it okay to regulate his water schedule and, if so how often? >> people need to remember while you need to be concerned about your puppy becoming dehydrated due to an inadequate amount of -- >> oh, no! we need to do a rescue! >> please rescue this puppy! >> come here. there you go. you also need to consider you don't want to kill with kindness meaning giving your dog unlimited supplies of water
9:37 am
meaning they need to have to go to the bathroom on unlimited amount of time. give your puppy watering about five to seven times a day for about five minutes at a time. you can give them as much water as they want during that time. by controlling the number of waterings you're hopefully going to control the number of times a day your dog needs to eliminate which will help you to predict when they need to go which will help you with house training. >> great stuff. appreciate it. if you'd like to adopt one of these guys go to or call 516-883-7575. is there a reason that you see your aunt and uncle only once a year for thanksgiving. we have the expert advice on how to stay stress-free over turkey and stuffing. you're watching "the early show" on cbs. yoohoo, hi. i noticed you used the largest cash back card... why is that? they give me 5% cash back at department stores this quarter. but only on up to $300 worth of merchandise. so the most you can earn is $15 dollars. chase freedom also gives you 5% cash back at
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9:41 am
family's thanksgiving. awkward silences and tensions. >> rebecca says the darnedest things. here to help your holiday stress-free is ryan callahan and matt bean. i heard that smart money you want to invite someone from outside the family to thanksgiving dinner to join your family because that will keep the conversation calm and everybody on their best behavior. good advice? only helps if your family is prim and proper and you don't want to bring somebody who has never been around your family or doesn't feel comfortable with things that happened thanksgiving past. if people usually act up in previous years be prepared for that and don't think bringing somebody new will stop them from unloading their family dirty laundry because they will do it. >> some like to rehash the past at the thanksgiving dinner table. not a good idea? >> it's not. bringing in an outside guest could be a double-edged sword.
9:42 am
they could be a referee or a witness to the complete deconstruction of your family's baggage. so you want to be careful about a couple of different things. number one, these issues are going to get out so be careful with your seating chart. also be careful when you plunk that bottle of bourbon down on the table. everybody knows when the booze comes out, so do the skeletons in the closet. >> there are certain topics that should be avoided at all costs? >> definitely stay out of that religion and politics. we are in such a difficult economy and we have got a presidential election coming up to people are fired up about these issues. it's hard for them not to come up but you kind of want to bring them to a close, stay with a lighter stuff. sports, current events but nothing really heavy. >> what about honesty? you're with your family or your dearest and nearest. >> are we talking about the food here? because if the turkey is extremely dry and someone slaved over it for five hours, just grin and bear it. tuck it underneath your plate in the corner of a napkin. that is not the honesty you want at thanksgiving. a time and place. it's a gathering of your family
9:43 am
and opportunity to deal with issues that need to be dealt with but probably at the big table in front of everybody. take them aside before or after when your uncle is snoring on the couch to deal with those issues but definitely not at the big table. >> i totally agree with that. i think people feel they haven't seen family in a long time so issues that have been bothering them for a while they decide this is when they want to pull them aside and feel confident because other families members are there. they might want them there or to hear the story so think now is the time to put this out on the table but it's not. it's time to share good information but if you're going through something heavy and dark this may not be the time to bring it up. the next day, over the weekend. let it be light and fun. it's to enjoy each other's companies. >> when you talk about why you've thankful talk about why you're thankful and not the way you would change the situation, correct? >> yes. it's thanksgiving. some people as a ritual will go around and talk about what they are thankful about but we are in such culture of complaining and whining you are on a down yard slope, i don't
9:44 am
like the food and i don't like your thanksgiving outfit and i don't like you don't work here or all of these things they don't like about you personally and about the event. instead of just saying all of the great positive things that you finally have an opportunity to be with your family to share. >> i have a question. i want to throw this out there. there is a big game on cbs on thanksgiving, right? dolphins and cowboys. everybody wants to get to the couch and watch the game. how long do we have to help out doing the dishes afterwards until we can slip out to the living room? >> i think as long as you make sure you bus the table and scrape everything off and agree to wash the dishes after the game. >> one last question about whether to talk about yourself versus other people at the dinner table. >> i would say talk about yourself. >> absolutely. you do not want to air anybody else's dirty laundry. you feel like chatting? chat up your own conversation but not the time to say what is wrong with you? what is going on with your marriage? when are you having a baby? you know it comes up.
9:45 am
>> ration the booze. >> matt and michelle thanks so much and happy thanksgiving to both of you. >> happy thanksgiving. up next from top chef to the dish. chef hugh atchison on why he has a giant radish on his arm! >> where is that radish? >> i don't know. we will see. he is pouring bourbon, though! >> let's do this! my moderate to severe plaque psoriasis. i decided enough is enough. ♪ ♪ [ spa lady ] i started enbrel. it's clinically proven to provide clearer skin. [ rv guy ] enbrel may not work for everyone -- and may not clear you completely but for many, it gets skin clearer fast, within 2 months, and keeps it clearer up to 9 months. [ male announcer ] because enbrel suppresses your immune system it may lower your ability to fight infections. serious, sometimes fatal events including infections, tuberculosis, lymphoma other cancers, and nervous system and blood disorders have occurred. before starting enbrel your doctor should test you for tuberculosis and discuss whether you've been to a region where certain fungal infections are common. don't start enbrel if you have an infection like the flu.
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♪ on the dish this morning, a canadian who ended up in georgia and inventing southern cuisine and has a twist in the thanksgiving dinner. he is not only a judge on this season's "top chef" but voted the best by "food and wine magazine." and voted the best for having a tattoo on his arm. you don't have the tattoo in sight. can you please pull up your sleeve and show us this tattoo? >> i left my sleeveless dress shirt at home. >> what inspired you? >> things you can grow and do in the garden. it's a radish and simple and straightforward. >> it's cool. >> it's organic. >> what do we have on our plate?
9:49 am
>> we have sweet tea brined turkey with cornbread stuffing and and it's the thanksgiving flavors around us right now. the tea brne onine there. so it really gets this beautiful color. it's been an idea that really done well in the past. john fleer had a blackberry farm in tennessee. he was the first guy who really did this sweet tea brini,ng. it gets a beautiful roasted color. >> what is this drink?
9:50 am
>> it's a simple bourbon with a little ginger syrup and some fresh apple in there. >> yum. >> in the summer we do it with peach. but it's fall so we wanted to get some apples in there. >> it's fun and snappy and you may want to have it before or after dinner. >> or sometimes at 5:00. how do you go from ottawa to the south and sort of adopting these very southern recipes? >> you know, you take a plane. >> it's as simple as an airplane? >> no. i followed my wife to georgia. she did her master's at uga. we just stayed there over time and just enjoyed being there. >> it's good. >> thank you. >> sure. >> we love it. we were in california a while and came back and opened our first restaurant about 12 years ago. we just love it. wherever you are in this world, it's good to immers yourself in the locality of what you're doing. get into that community and understand the food around you and the beauty about southern food is there is such an immense
9:51 am
amount of history to it. it's so cool to look into it. >> growing up in canada you have thanksgiving there as well. >> we have it earlier. there is more traditional stuffing as opposed to dressings and things like that. turkey. ham wasn't a big fixture in the canada thanksgiving. turnips would show presence. in the south we see more oyster dressing and turkeys and spiral ham and okra the end of the season okra and things like that that showcase. it's fun to have grits on the plate too. >> we are eating here and having a nice time. you can get the recipes on the website and we will give you the address in a minute. >> what inspired you to become a chef? >> i had always been cooking after school throughout high school. just gutted my interests in not being interested in school i think.
9:52 am
food is this endless topic. i started to go into it as a backup trade in case but it became the thing i loved and adored. it is this endless topic. i can wake up and dream and learn about food every day. >> are you saying i should become a chef? >> we all should be. >> i dream about food throughout the show and when i cake up. >> you can learn about it every day. >> how will you spend the holidays? in the mountains of north carolina with my family and in-laws and my two wonderful kids and my wife and hang out and eat food. i won't do a lot of the cooking. my father-in-law is the busman on this one and it's good to have that. >> we have all of our chefs sign a plate. can you do that? >> very cool. yes. >> how are you liking this? >> i'm kind of loving this. this drink is really good, too. i like the apple. >> what is in this again? >> ginger simple syrup and then just really the bourbon and then some apple and that is about it.
9:53 am
the ginger simple syrup is easy to make and fun to unup a simple cocktail. it's more in the season and a little more complex. >> chef we really appreciate it. you can get the recipes at cbs news/saturday. >> awesome. thanks for having me. >> keep cooking. >> keep cooking. >> happy thanksgiving. >> very cool. it's all in the book. >> we will be right back. don't go away. >> what she said. ♪ ♪ announcer: this portion of "the early show" sponsored by smuk smucker's. [ male announcer ] for tim and richard smucker giving a gift of their family's delicious jam always made the holidays just a little bit sweeter. we forgot to put our names on them! richard, i think they'll know who it's from. ♪ ♪ thank you boys. you're welcome. you're welcome. [ male announcer
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words, jingle responds. this evening on "48 hours mystery" hold scandal. a look at the reopening of the natalie wood case with startling new evidence uncovered by "48 hours" and "vanity fair" magazine. >> and on "60 minutes" taylor swift will tell us why she is very serious about being a role model for kids. holiday is coming up. big plans? >> i'm flying home to texas. not going to have any turducken
9:57 am
but we will have turkey on the
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