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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  November 21, 2011 4:30am-5:00am EST

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terror plot. police say an american-born muslim was just hours away from carrying out a plan to bomb new york city. debt deadlock. more d.c. dysfunction as the deficit reduction super committee comes up short. and occupy outrage. university of california police dousing protesters with pepper spray. the officers have been put on leave and now students want the school's chancellor out. captioning funded by cbs this is the "cbs morning news" for monday, november 21st, 2011. good morning, everybody. appreciate you joining us. good to see you this morning. i'm terrell brown. we begin with an alleged
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terrorist plot broken up here in new york city. jose pimentel is under arrest this morning and held without bail charged in a plot to bomb police and post offices in manhattan. his other target, u.s. troops returning from iraq and afghanistan. prosecutors say pimentel, an al qaeda sympathizer acted alone and was hours away from carrying out attacks. randall pinkston has more. >> reporter: a new york judge arraigned an alleged home-grown terrorist on the charge he promised to detonate pipe bombs around new york city. he has his head as prosecutors laid out his reasons for his arrest saturday afternoon. >> he had just finished drilling the third and final bomb. >> reporter: new york city police say this video shows the power of the devices pimentel was allegedly building. >> pimentel talked about killing u.s. servicemen returning from iraq and afghanistan. he talked about bombing post offices in and around washington heights and police cars in new york city, as well as a police
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station in baown, new jersey. >> reporter: investigators started following the 27-year-old more than two years ago when they found out he was a follower of radical cleric anwar al awlaki. >> the suspect was a called lone wolf, motivated by his own resentment of the presence of american troops in iraq and afghanistan, as well as inspired by al qaeda propaganda. >> reporter: police say pimentel used an online jihadist newsletter to learn how to build bombs. investigators say he likely accelerated his plot after a u.s. drone strike killed al awlaki earlier this year. >> i don't believe this case is as nearly as strong as the people believe. >> reporter: pimentel faces several charges. he will be prosecuted, under state, not federal, law. randall pinkston, cbs news, new york. pimentel's lawyer said he was not planning a terror attack. a convert to islam. he is known as muhammad mousaff.
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he lived most of his life in new york city and he maintained his own website that included bomb-making discussions. friends and acquaintances were sid to be shocked of his extremism. new york city offices saying the 14th terror plot they have interrupted since the 9/11 terror attacks. today the leaders of that bipartisan deficit super committee will declare defeat. the finger pointing has already begun after two months of talks, the 12-member panel failed to agree on spending cuts or tax increases. susan mcginnis is in washington with that and more. susan, good morning to you. >> hi. good morning, terrell. >> reporter: this sounds an awful lot like the deadlock we saw over the summer in the debt negotiations. this is deadline day. that is today. and if this super committee does not have some kind of late breakthrough, they are set to announce today, they have failed. after months of negotiations, the congressional super committee is expected to officially throw in the towel. aides say republican and democratic leaders of the bipartisan panel will announce today they have failed to reach a deal to cut $1.2 trillion from
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the federal deficit. >> the wealthiest of americans, those who earn over a million dollars every year, have to share too, and that line in the sand, we haven't seen any republicans willing to cross yet. >> reporter: democrats blasted republicans sunday for refusing to budge on tax hikes for the wealthy. the gop argued democrats are more interested in raising taxes than trimming entitlement programs like medicare and medicaid. >> there was an unwillingness to cut any kind of spending at all, unless there was a huge tax increase. >> reporter: the panel must come up with a proposal by midnight eastern tonight in order for members to vote on it by wednesday's deadline. >> nobody wants to give up hope. reality is, to some extent, starting to overtake hope. >> reporter: congress formed the committee last summer to end the bitter debt ceiling standoff. if members don't reach a deal, about a trillion dollars in automatic spending cuts would take effect beginning in 2013. an extension of payroll tax cuts
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and long-term unemployment benefits could also be in jeopardy. both are set to exspeier next month. if those expire, that could put another dent in economic growth here. >> there wasn't a lot of talk on plan b. it seems like everybody was pinning they're hopes on these negotiations. now they are apparently failed, where do we go from here? >> if there are automatic cuts, that go in across the board $1 billion starting in 2013. if there is not some other kind of package -- and they are being talked about of some kind of an agreement, there are going to be consequences. the stock market could take another hit. there could be some uncertainty overseas. it could prompt another credit downgrade of the u.s. debt and, of course, congressional approval already miserable and that could take another hit if that is possible. >> susan mcginnis keeping an eye on things from washington this morning, good to see you. thanks. to the penn state sex scandal now. it's reported that penn state police learned of another alleged incident of assault. it is reported the alleged assault by a, quote, known
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individual took place at a swimming pool in 2000. the police cannot say whether it was jerry sandusky, the former football coach now charged with 20 counts of sexual abuse. today, the chancellor of university of california davis plans to meet with campus demonstrators to discuss a troubling incident involving campus police. two officers are under administrative leave this morning due to their use of pepper spray demonstrators but they may not be the last to go. ben tracy has our report. >> reporter: the video is shocking. students at the university of california-davis huddled on the ground in protest and police began shooting pepper spray in their faces. some students scream in pain, while others chant -- >> don't shoot students! >> reporter: the students were part of the larger occupy movement, railing against everything from big banks to tuition increases. the uc-davis chancellor promised to investigate the police response. >> it's very unexpected and very sad and really very abruptly, i would say. >> reporter: but when students stormed the news conference demanding to be heard.
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>> i'm sorry. i think we have to stop it now. >> reporter: the chancellor disappeared for three hours. >> we believe in peace! >> reporter: students called for her to come out and when she finally did, they made their point, sitting in complete silence during her long walk to her car. pepper spray is becoming an increasingly common weapon for police in their efforts to control occupy protesters across the country. yet, there are questions about whether it is excessive force. at uc-davis, two police officers are now on administrative leave, as the school investigates. so far, the chancellor plans to keep her job. >> i don't believe that it is appropriate for me to resign at this point. >> reporter: while silent, many of her students loudly disagree. ben tracy, cbs news, los angeles. in egypt this morning, government forces and protesters are clashing for the third day in a row. the protesters have been battling for control of the main square in cairo. they want military rulers to quickly transfer power to a civilian government.
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at least 20 people have been killed in the fighting. parliamenry elections scheduled for next week. a nationally televised inquiry into media ethics gets under way in britt this morning. some high profile witnesses are expected including actor hugh grant and j.k. rowling. prime minister david cameron ordered the hearings. news of the world hacked the phone of a murdered school girl. and not so fast. recent findings that seem to show some particles travel faster than the speed of light are being disputed. a group of international scientists reported in september that the particles beamed to them. a research center in switzerland traveled faster than light. startling finding that tore a hole in ieinstein's theory of relativity. now another team of scientists studying the same particles show their first group is wrong let us know when you agree, guys. just ahead on the "morning news," why this black friday could be the biggest ever.
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hey, it's your right to breathe right! this is so crazy! oh, my god! thank you so much to the fans. >> taylor swift just keeps racking them up. last night, she was named artist of the american music awards for the second year in a row and earned two other awards. other big winners niki minaj and adele. one u.s. marine is a very happy man this morning. remember sergeant scott moore? this summer while on deployment in afghanistan, he made headlines by going on youtube and asking actress mila kunis to accompany him to the marine corps ball. on friday, she made true on her promise. she joined him for a date he will never forgot. cbs "moneywatch" time.
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android phone users be aware. ashley morrison has more on that. >> asian markets saw losses today on more european debt fears. hong kong's hang sang left 1.5% and tokyo's nikkei edged down a fraction. today, wall street gets the latest on home sales and consumer spending. stocks are looking to bounce back after one of the market's worst weeks in months. last week, the dow lost almost 3%, while the nasdaq was down 4%. this could be the biggest black friday ever. 152 million shoppers are expected to visit stores and web sites this weekend when retailers traditionally slash prices to jump-start holiday sales. 36% of them will be buying for themselves this year. that's the highest since 2004. and most shoppers surveyed said they will avoid using credit cards to avoid a holiday hangover. if an android phone is on our shopping list, invest in some serious anti-virus protection. malware has exploded the past couple of months up 500% since
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just july. hackers are increasingly using apps to deliver the viruses as opposed to attacking the operating system itself. at the movies, vampire drained a lot more than blood. the new twilight movie "breaking dawn part one" took in almost 140 million here in the u.s. and almost $300 million worldwide. and that is only the second best debut weekend for the franchise. the dancing penguin sequel "happy feet 2" had a rough opening taking only $22 million for a very distant second place. last week's number one, "immortals" fell to third. i think i'm going to be seeing "happy feet 2" this coming weekend. >> it's coming. ashley morrison, good to see you. thank you very much. we will take a quick break on your monday morning. straight ahead, your monday morning weather. and in sports, the giants try to rally in the fourth against the eagles for another dramatic comeback.
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expect severe storms in the southern plains where the northwest looks for snow and rain and very warm in the southeast with temperatures in the 70s and 80s. in sports this morning, the eagles make a comeback against the new york giants. down by seven in the fourth. giants eli manning scrambles and finds victor cruz in the end zone for the score. that will tie the game at 10, but the eagles vince young in for the injured michael vick caps the must win drive. an eight-yard td pass. eagles over the giants 17-10. overtime dramatics. hard luck redskins have a chance to take one from the cowboys but graham gano's field goal attempt sails wide right. dallas gets the ball back. dan bailey wins it with a 39-yard kick. dallas is tied with the giants for the lead in the nfc east. check out the buccaneers. legarrette blount literally bulls his way through the packers defense busting five tackles. 56-yard touchdown run right here.
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that was all about that tampa bay would get, though. packer aaron rodgers tossed three touchdown passes. he had another incredible game. green bay stomps the buccaneers 35-26. and the pack remains undefeated. they are 10-0. this has got to hurt right here. take a look at this. in the second against cincinnati, torrey smith makes a nice grab. cuts up the middle. then the bengals, adam "pac-man" jones grabs him by the hair and drags him down which is not a penalty, by the way. it wouldn't work anywhere else. in the fourth, joe flacco tosses a nice pass that is caught in the back of the end zone by torrey smith. ravens beat the bengals. when we return, another look at this morning's top stories. and first lady michelle obama gets an earful from some nascar fans. the rewards are considerable. so are the benefits. plus, i only need one active state license to practice in any va facility. you know, it's bigger than giving back to my country.
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detergent alone doesn't fully dry your dishes. it leaves spots and residue behind. add finish jet-dry and they dry two times better. and they're shiny. that is shiny. on the "cbs morning news," here's a look at today's weather. a new storm system will take shape in the southern plains. warm and humid air is in the southeast with highs in the 70s and 80s. the northern plains will see cold and dry air.
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another early winter storm swings into the northwest. here is another look at this morning's top stories. jose pimentel, a u.s. citizen, is under arrest for allegedly plotting to bomb police cars and government buildings in new york city. he was arrested saturday and is being held without bail. the deficit reduction super committee expected to announce today that their work ended in failure. after two months of negotiations, the committee couldn't reach a deal on spending cuts or lowering taxes. first lady michelle obama was booed sunday at the big nascar race in miami. >> sergeant andrew barry and family, first lady of the united states, michelle obama, and dr. jill biden as they deliver the most famous words -- >> mrs. obama and mrs. biden helped start the final race of the nascar race at homestead-miami speedway. the boos were mixed some light applause. the white house had no comment. a big change coming to
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baseball the next season. for the first time in pro sports history in the u.s., major league baseball is expected to announce this week the players union has agreed to mandatory blood testing for human growth hormone. tony guida reports. >> reporter: when major league baseball players show up at spring training next february, they will face a challenge they have never faced before. blood testing for hgh, human growth hormone. >> i think it's imperative to do it. >> reporter: dr. gary wallener world renowned for his expertise on performance-enhancing drugs, is pleased with published reports that baseball is about to test for hgh. but, still, he's weary. in the world of doping, the devil is in the devils so we need to see the program, not that they are necessarily doing a test on a player once a year. >> reporter: neither the nfl nor the nba nor the nhl, no other major north american sport tests for hgh.
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when baseball breaks the barrier, fans will applaud, or will they? >> i'm not sure the huge bulk of fans care. they want to see the game, whatever the game is. >> reporter: never was that clearer than in baseball's home run binge year, 1998. mark mcgwire of the cardinals and sammy sosa of the cubs blasting moon shots every other night and igniting baseball. years later, mcgwire would admit he hit those home runs on steroids. >> i wish i had never played in that era. i wish we had drug testing. >> reporter: major league baseball began testing for steroids in 2003. a full nine years later comes the blood test for hgh, long after all-star pitchers andy pettitte and roger clemens were linked to hgh by baseball's own investigation. baseball and its players are expected to announce the unprecedented new policy on tuesday. tony guida, cbs news, new york. this morning, on "the early show," the latest on the
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