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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  November 22, 2011 4:30am-5:00am EST

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de debt debacle, the congressional super committee ends in a super failure. now what? on the attack, mitt romney goes after president obama in his first television ad of campaign 2012. and a canine crush, jake the border collie spends hours watching tv and you won't border collie spends hours watching tv and you won't believe why. captioning funded by cbs this is the "cbs morning news" for tuesday, november 22nd, 2011. good morning, everybody. appreciate you joining us. good to see you this morning. i'm terrell brown. now that the deficit super committee has thrown in the towel, automatic spending cuts are scheduled to kick in in 2013. but depending on the outcome of next year's elections, even that is up in the air.
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the 12-member committee held last-ditch negotiations into the 11th hour. after two months of talks, couldn't come to terms. the leaders of the committee said in a statement, he did spite intense deliberation, the panel was unable to bridge the committee's differences. susan mcginnis is in washington with more. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, terrell. after this huge failure, now these severe automatic cuts are set to kick in in 2013 now the president in new hampshire today will have some strong words for congress. president obama is expected to keep the pressure on congress when he heads to new hampshire this morning. >> there will be no easy off ramps on this one. >> reporter: monday, he threatened to veto any attempt to bypass automatic spending cuts after a congressional super committee announced it had failed to reach a deficit reduction deal. >> the only way these spending cuts will not take place is if congress gets back to work and agrees on a balanced plan to reduce the deficit by at least $1.2 trillion. >> reporter: without an
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agreement, just about every government program faces drastic spending cuts beginning in 2013 including the pentagon. in a statement, defense secretary leon panetta said the cuts threaten to, quote, tear a seam in the nation's defense. so what went wrong? the president said republicans refuse to raise taxes on the wealthy. the gop is blaming democrats for not budgeting on the become on the entitlement programs. >> democrats were not willing to raise a dollar without cutting taxes. >> hopefully the congress can now move forward on some of those specific initiatives from the committee to address the very real and bigger problems that we face. >> reporter: in new hampshire today, president obama will call on congress to begin with extending payroll tax cuts and unemployment benefits. both are set to expire next month, but there was hope the super committee would continue them.
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experts say the stalemate could last through the elections, and likely will, which means these automatic cuts will never kick in and that is simply because the elections could change the entire political landscape. terrell. >> susan, thank you so much. standard & poors says it has no plans to downgrade the country's credit rating following the super committee's super failure. still, the deficit deadline did have a chilling effect on wall street. the dow jones industrial average fell almost 249 points. that's more than 2%. asian markets are slightly lower this morning. ashley morrison coming up with our money watch, she'll have the latest coming up then. the gop presidential candidates will be in new hampshire today for a debate on foreign policy and defense. a poll holds good news for mitt romney. when asked if the primary was held today, 42% said they would vote for romney.
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14% favor ron paul and newt gingerich and 9% favor jon huntsman. mitt romney begins airing his first television ad today in new hampshire. the white house calls it dece deceitful and confidence. i am confident that we can steer ourselves out. we need a rescue plan for the middle class. we need to provide relief for homeowners. if we keep talking about the economy, we're going to lose. >> the white house says the problem is that when the president says if we keep talking about the economy we're going to lose, he's mocking and quoting an aide to the cain campaign. that was his opponent back then. the ad never acknowledged the ad was quote ago campaign adviser. a ten-hour stand off at a colorado air force base near denver is over. an airman with a handgun had barricaded himself in a building at schreiver air force base.
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the gunman walked out last night. there were no injuries reported. police in houston shot a man and wounded him, as well, with a gun near a park where anti-war wall street protesters were camped. the gunman fired into a reflecting pool. several campers said the man was not part of the protest and that they hadn't seen him before. former fbi director lewis free is heading up the penn state child investigation scandal. free said the inquiry is to go back to 1995. the university has been criticized for how it handled the abuse allegations. the police chief at the university of california davis has been put on leave after protesters were doused with pepper spray. and the university president has apologized. >> reporter: chants echo through the center of campus at the university of california davis. thousands of students, including
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22-year-old dominick gutierrez protested what happened here on friday. >> it's so casual, like he was watering flowers or something. i couldn't believe it. >> he and a dozen other students demonstrating against tuition hikes had pepper spray shot in their face by campus police. >> you can't when it happens, it burns your skin. anywhere it touches, it burns. >> reporter: the students were camped out as part of the occupy movement. when police asked them to leave, they sat on the ground. the two officers who sprayed them are now on administrative leave and so is their police chief. at the rally, the students yelled for the school's chancellor to address the crowd. she had to wait in line like everybody else. >> it is my responsibility to earn your trust. >> reporter: the chancellor apologized, but didn't offer her resignation, despite calls from her students and faculty. >> the image that this has created to the public is
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damaging so we need her to go. >> it represents our solidarity for the movement together. >> reporter: 22-year-old senior kelly taylor says momentum is only growing. >> i'm excited to see where it goes today, tomorrow, the next week and the next month, however long it takes. >> reporter: the university has launched an investigation into the police response. cbs news, david, california. a russian space capsule carrying three members landed safely in kazakhstan. american astronaut michael fossa and his two mates landed safely yesterday after spending 165 days in space. that fleet has been retired. capsules are the only way to get up to and down from the space station. russia says a new round of sanctions against iran are unacceptable. the u.s. wants to apply greater pressure against tehran to stop its nuclear weapons program. the new sanctions were coordinated with britain and canada. they include increased monitoring to make sure all u.s. financial institutions have no contact with iranian banks.
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more demonstrations are expected today in egypt with clashes between police and those who want an end to military rule. the country's military cabinet resigned yesterday. demonstrations were held overnight in cairo. at least 33 people have been killed since saturday. coming up on the morning news, targeting target from opening at medication midnight on black friday. plus, before he was president, a very young barack obama in his first psa. this is "cbs morning news." " [ female announcer ] kleenex brand tissues are america's softest... no wonder people want to share them on and on. ♪ send a kleenex brand share package for free today at kleenex. softness worth sharing.
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singer lyle lovette was among those performing at the white house last night. president obama thanked the performers. who also included james taylor, alwayson krause, james tucker. the show will be on pbs tv stations tomorrow night. and speaking of president obama and the white house, we have a video of president obama
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made 20 years ago when he was an editor and chief at the harvard law review. somehow this video has surfaced and has become an internet sensation. take a look. >> the distinguished charles hamilton houston was born in 1895, eight months before the supreme court's separate but equal ruling. in plessy versus ferguson. >> the fro and all. mr. obama was only 29 years old when he made this commercial for black history month. it's believed to be his first ever national appearance. at&t gets hacked. ashley morrison is here from new york with more on that. ashley, good morning. >> and good morning to you, terrell. with the collapse of deficit reduction talks put most asian investors in a selling mood. most markets were lower while hong kong's hang seng was up a fraction. today, wall street gets the third quarter gdp numbers from the commerce department. on monday, anxiety over debt both here and overseas sent stocks lower for a fourth straight session. the dow fell 248 points. that's more than 2%. the blue chips are now in the
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red for the year while the nasdaq lost 49. bank of america has been warned. "the wall street journal" reports federal regulators are still not satisfied with the bank's efforts to strengthen itself after warning the second largest lender in 2009 that its practices were too risky. b of a dropped to its lowest in more than 2 1/2 years. at&t says it's fought off a hacker. on monday, they notified customers of a cyber attack aimed at collecting online information. at&t says less than 1% of mobile customers were targeted and no sensitive information is compromised. spear spirit airlines is writing a check to uncle sam. the department of transportation fined them $50,000 on monday for deceptive advertising.
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in june, spirit announced $9 fares and it turns out there were other fees and surcharges that jacked the costs much higher. terrell, some employees are putting a big bull's eye on target. after they announced opening at midnight on thanksgiving, employees started an online campaign to convince the retailer otherwise. they've asked to cancel the early opening so families can spend the holidays with their family. you can't blame them. >> of course you do. we'll be home, too. how many times do you go to the movies on thanksgiving day? those folks have to work, too. >> that's true. that's right. coming up, we'll have your weather forecast. and in sports, the kansas city chiefs try to put the hurt on the high flying patriots. kansas city chiefs try to put the hurt on the high flying patriots. holiday secret. there's only one place that has the new kardashian kollection, apostrophe, uk style by french connection,
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so if you missed it earlier this year, come on down. if you've already been here come on back... to mississippi... florida... louisiana... alabama. the gulf's america's get-a-way spot no matter where you go. so come on down and help make 2012 an even better year for tourism on the gulf. brought to you by bp and all of us who call the gulf home. here is a look at the weather in some cities around the country. partly cloudy and 83 in miami. mostly cloudy skies, 46 degrees in chicago. mostly cloudy, 62 in dallas. sunny and 67 in los angeles. time now for a check of the national forecast. latest satellite pictures shows clouds from the great lakes to to the gulf of mexico. the southwest continues to see clear skies. later today, scattered showers will move into the northeast while the northern plains stay sunny. in sports this morning, the chiefs scored first against the
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patriots on monday night football, but tom brady took over after that. to the highlights, the all-world qb hit growkowski with the pass in the third. tight end, on the goal line, does a flip. he lands on his head. julian edelmann grabs the punt, fakes left and leaves everyone behind. new england stunts kansas city, 41-3. in hockey, after sitting on the sidelines for almost a year with concussion-like symptoms, sid the kid is back in a big way. sydney crosby scored a pair of goals along with two assists. 5-0. in baseball, a great year for detroit's justin varlander just got even better. monday, tiger's ace was named the american league mvp. last week, he won the cy young award. verlander is the first starting pitcher to win mvp owners since roger clemens in 1986.
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major league baseball is going to announce a new labor deal today. the five-year history makes history with baseball. it becomes the first major sport in north america to blood test players for human growth hormone. when we come back on a tuesday, another look at this morning's top stories. and meet jake, the lovable border collie who is obsessed with a celluloid pig. how can you get back pain relief that lasts up to 16 hours? with thermacare heatwraps. that's 8 hours while you wear it, plus an additional 8 hours of relief after you take it off. can your patch say that? for up to 16 hours of relief... try thermacare. for up to 16 hours of relief... my coat? solid gold. my insides? pure platinum.
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when we come back, meet on the on the "cbs morning news," here is a look at today's weather. flooding rains could bring flooding to mississippi valley and ohio river valley. the southwest will be warm and humid. here is another look at this morning's top stories. the deficit reduction super committee is out of business. the 12-member panel failed to reach a deal to cut $1.2 trillion from the deficit. the failure triggers automatic
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cuts beginning in 2013. and mitt romney unveils his first tv ad of 2012 campaign. taking direct aim at president obama. the white house calls the ad, quote, deceitful and dishonest. a mad dash for water in new zealand. about 50 penguins caught in an oil spill in october are now clean and back in the ocean. another 300 penguins are in the wings waiting to be set free. wish those guys the best of luck. in colorado, a bizarre rescue. dozens of bunnies were dumped alongside the road in colorado springs. they were taken to animal shelters. and across the country, a growing number of animal shelters are overcrowded because of the tough economy. many people just can't afford to keep their pets. some rescue organizations are coming up with high tech ways to find their homes. >> the cameras are rolling when the stars come out. their irresistible performance
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streaming live online. >> do you think they know they're being watched? >> web users have been checking in weekly, watching these puppies grow before their eyes. once they're ready for adoption, the north shore animal league predicts people will be lining up. >> they'll know that animal already and say, oh, i have to have that animal. i already know everything about her. >> drawing perspective clients into shelters is difficult during this economy. north shore decided videotape would lure in even more animal lovers and it worked. the shelter says the videos boosted adoption more than 10%. >> i want to help it and pet it and show it we care. animals don't have to be perfect. this is franklin. he has no back legs. once the shelter shared his story online, his video and others help raise $400,000. >> some of that money paid for an operation to help frankly who now gets around on wheels.
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while nobody has adopted him yet, franklin is a celebrity with visitors coming just to see him. people check on beetle the cat thrown from a car. beetle needed extensive medical treatment. >> because of that, he'll probably have a limp for the remainder of his life. >> but beetle is ready for his close-up and chance for a new home. >> on the whole animal theme, here is dog in ohio is completely obsessed with the movie "babe." everybody meet jake. he's a border collie. he has been watching the film about the talking pig over and over and over for more than 11 years. his owner says jake insists that people that come into her store watch the movie with him. since he was a puppy, he liked animal movies, but now all he will watch is "babe." >> one day i put that one in. he made it quite clear that was what he wanted to see. every time he would go to the movie, he would hit the tv and
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bark until i put it back in. she has they have gone through seven televisions, 10 vcrs and 26 "babe" tapes. i'm terrell brown. this is the "cbs morning news." morning news." hey babe... oh, hi honey! so i went to the doctor today, then picked up a few extra things for the baby. oh boy... i used our slate card with blueprint. sz we can design our own plan to avoid interest by paying off diapers and things each month. and for the bigger stuff, we can pay downalance faster to save money on interest. bigger? bigger. chase slate with blueprint helps you save money
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two navy soldiers have been killed by insurgents and the city of west hollywood is
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improving a local ordinance that is thought to be the first ban on fur products. more on the super committee that did not come up on a compromise and now the automatic cuts will kick in and the close call for a california man, lucky to be alive after being pulled from that burning car. more noose, first traffic report in ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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