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tv   Eyewitness Noon News  CBS  November 29, 2011 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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this is wjz tv, wjz hd, and, baltimore. >> from the city to the counties to your neighborhood, now it is complete coverage. it is wjz, maryland's news station.
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>> sentencing day, dr. conrad murray faces prison time in connection with the legend's death. >> what michael jackson's family is asking for. >> hello again i am jessica kartalija. >> i am don scott. >> here what is people are talking about today, conrad murray was convicted in the death three weeks ago. a live look now inside the courthouse where lawyers are making their final pitch before sentencing. we have the latest. >> reporter: members of michael jackson's family, including his sister and his mother arrive for the sentencing of dr. conrad murray. the cardiologist could spend four years in prison for the devastate pop singer but legal experts believe he will serve less time because of overcrowding in california prisons. >> we, the jury, in the above entitled action, find the defendant, conrad robert murray, guilty. >> it was three weeks ago when a stick murray was conducted of involuntary manslaughter. he was denied bail and taken
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away in handcuffs. he has been at the county jail in l.a. ever since. during the six week trial here in l.a., jurors decided dr. murray's negligence directly led to the superstar's death. they blame the singer's personal physician for giving jackson the powerful anesthetic prof a propofol, a drug given to patients before surgery. they estimate he would have learned 100 million in his come back concert, in l.a., wjz eyewitness news. >> the prosecution is seeking the costs of funeral experiences, which amounted to 2 million dollars. >> opening arguments are
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underway in the trial of an aide to the former governor. he is accused of approving robo calls. we are live outside the courthouse. good afternoon. >> reporter: hi, don, those opening arguments just wrapped up, prosecutors trying to convince the jury here that those calls were intending to keep african american democrats from ever voting on election night but the defense says it was an honest attempt at reverse psychologically, saying they were trying to get african american democrats to get out and vote for bob urlich. prosecutors say they have the evidence to prove the campaign manager paul shereke authorized the company to place election night robo calls to 112,000 registered democrats. prosecutors argued there is no need for democrats to go vote.
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>> governor o'malley and president obama have been successful, we are okay, relax, everything is fine. the only think left is to watch on tv tonight. >> nothing wrong with calls -- >> his lead defense attorney hopes to convince jurors the evidence shows there was no conspiracy, that he accepted advice from the consultant and never intended to break the law. >> so the only thing that you have is a campaign manager accepting the recommendation of a consultant, who is contracted to make those decisions and saying, hey, if you believe this will help us get our votes out go ahead. >> the state begins their case. their star witness is the woman whose voice you can here in those calls, she has agreed
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to testify in exchange for immunity. derek valcourt, wjz eyewitness news. >> he will go on trial in february. >> a montgomery county man suspected in the disappearance of a woman in aruba is being released today. ron matz has details. >> reporter: hi jessica, jerry gary giordana is expected to be set free. a hearing will be held tomorrow but by then he is expected to be back here. he is the only is the in the disappearance of robyn gardner in arube, a he has e has been held there. they can seek his extradition back there if needed, back to you. >> please stay with us for continuing coverage of gary giordana's release on eyewitness news today at 4:00,
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5:00 and 6:00. >> the wife of former syracuse university assistant coach bernie fine is silent today, fine, who is accused of molesting boys was fired from the university on sunday. it happened after espn released a phone conversation said to between his wife seen there and one of his accusers, on the tape she appears to have had knowledge of the actions plans for her to speak to reporters today have been nixed. jerry sandusky has hired a private investigator to look into the allegations against him. he is charged with 40 counts related to the alleged sexual abuse of eight boys, he has denied the allegations and is free on $100,000 bond. >> the u.s. government has agreed to pay $2.5 million to the widow of a man killed in the anthrax attacks. she says it failed to stop someone at the medical research institute there from creating
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anthrax. it was used in letters that killed her husband and four others. a manhunt is on for a suspect who escaped his home detention. 23-year-old cornelius moore left his wetion west baltimore home overnight, violating his one year sentence for illegal possession of a firearm. his home is in the 2000 block of west baltimore street. if you see him call police. >> a man charged with assaulting a federal air marshal on board a plane. our partner the sun is reporting happened sunday night as it was landing here. prosecutors say william barna hit another passenger then assaulted the air mayor shall. he will spend 28 days in an inpatient alcohol program. >> breaking news out of the baltimore county. captain mike perry is live over a water main break. >> reporter: hello jessica, we are blare road and dunfield road, this is in baltimore county north of route 43, where a throne inch water main has
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broken causing belaire road to be closed in the northbound direction just north of route 43. it is affecting about 50 homes and businesses that we know of at this time. as you can see dpw is on the scene as a large sinkhole in the roadway and to the north side of belaire road, it is unclear how long bellaire will be closed at this time. whether this is going to affect the evening drive time or not but a messy day and a difficult repair in this rain. back to you on tv hill. >> thank you. rain has started to roll back in but still feels more like spring than winter. taking a long look outside how long will this rain stick around? i feel bad complaining because it is so warm. meteorologist tim williams is in the first warning weather center with the answer. it is like bad hair weather but still not cold enough to wear a coat. >> you are right, teetering right on that line there, that coat you may still be able to put it away for a couple of
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days. as jessica mentioned the temperatures are warm today. 57 degrees our temperature at dwi marshal, the average high for today is 51 degrees so this is the first thing you notice outside. then you will notice the rain. across the area we are starting to see more showers moving into the region from the south so they are bringing in a nice warm air mass. it is going to take a while for this to move out of here. i will change this over quickly to give you an idea of what we are dealing with. we are going to see more rain through the afternoon because there is a large system that is out to our we an down to our south. out to our west, well that is spinning all of this in our direction. what we are going to see until this gets out of here -- well there you go just kind of an off and on rain event. we will have your complete forecast coming up in just a few moments. >> tim, thank you. >> still to come on wjz's eyewitness news at noon legally insane, what this declaration means for the admitted norway terrorist. >> american airlines goes broke. what this means for passengers.
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>> and take another live look outside and stick around. your complete first warning weather forecast is still coming up. >> completes coverage continues with don scott, jessica kartalija, and first warning weather with marty bass, and meteorologist tim williams. it is wjz,,,,,,,
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the man accused of killing 77 people in a bomb and gun rampage in norway is declared insane, experts based their decision on 36 hours of interviews with him. he will still be tried but under norwegian law he cannot be sentenced to time in prison. he has been in custody since his arrest on the day of the shooting. >> police in riot gear clear out protesters downtown los angeles. l.a.'s mayor had put a midnight deadline for the occupy protesters to vacate their park encampments. many moved from the park but then took over nearby streets. police declared an unlawful assembly and that is when it turned violent. dozens have been arrested. protesters in the iranian capitol of they rain stormed into the united kingdom's embassy, they broke down the door and took down the flag and
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replaced it with an iranian one. on sunday they voted to expel the ambassador and reduce ties with the uk. >> two people are dead after a plane crash near chicago. the faa says the small plane left georgia and was five miles away from the airport when the pilot reported a fuel problem. three people survived. >> the parent company of american airlines is filing for bankruptcy protection. they are filing for chapter 11. that will not affect people who have trips and reservations. >> still ahead how long will this rain stick around? >> first a look at today's midday stocks and -- woman: we had been called up for the first time. wildfires were getting close to homes.
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but we are still above normal. how about that? >> huh. >> so really not much of a trade-off, we won't be quite as spring like. >> that is okay. >> when does the hammer come down. >> i know, i know. >> when the blizzard comes next week. >> take a look, first warning live doppler radar shows what is going on, low pressure to our west over the tennessee valley is spinning and bringing all this moisture in to our region. it is kind of flinging it around. of course it is that counter clockwise flow around the low bringing this moisture from the south and up to the north and around, so we have been dealing with northeasterly winds throughout the day. although some of them have been coming in with a bit of a southerly component but the easterly component is what is consistent, so some of this flow is bringing the warmer air in, temperatures in the 60s just about all day long, even before sunrise, but this rain is riding along the front. it is going to take a while for it to move out. right now 47 our temperature at
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dwi marshal, 55 the dew point humidity at near%, 93%, that flow across the airport is bringing a 23 mile per hour wind reading. those those are your readings, we are pretty much in the rest of the state filling in the blanks in then those two numbers. those are your temperatures there. those winds are coming in at 23 miles per hour around the airport, 17 down near dc, 18 mile per hour winds near the river. we are still surrounded by warm air. for the most part that is with us throughout the evening but then the temperatures start to bottom out. the clouds will clear, all of this warm starts to rise up and out of the atmosphere and we are going to start to see some clearing out, which means all that warm air just kind of goes away. now high pressure builds into
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the region starting tomorrow. so through tomorrow cooler temperatures settle in but the sun comes back quickly, the sunset today at 4:45. the small craft advisory through noon. 39 degrees our low tonight, for tomorrow 10 degrees colder than today but still mild all in all. your five-day-forecast is coming up. >> tim, thank you. this weekend the ravens head to cleveland to take on the browns, catch the game live right here on wjz sunday at 4:00. >> and still to come on wjz's eyewitness news at noon, the soccer shocker, why doctors say it can cause permanent damage. >> we are always on. here are the top stories, for instant updates and the weather forecast log onto ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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in today's w where z health watch, a a new study says women should do that. they found women without a family history are just as likely to develop it as women with a genetic link.
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hitting a soccer ball with your head, yeah, over and over with your head may damage your brain. doctors used mris to study the brains of amateur soccer players. they found players who head the ball most frequently show symptoms similar to traumatic brain injury. >> check in today on 4:00, 5:00, and 6:00 for more on that. did you miss out on deals? don't worry. hear how much long you are you will have to cash in on the bargains. join us for these stories after,
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make some totino's pizza rolls. we don't have any! front... left, totino's. [ male announcer ] well done mom! less drama, more fun! totino's pizza rolls. expect to see clearing tonight and the breeze which will help dry us out. tomorrow 53, 50 on thursday, then the sun comes back, 54, 54, then back up to 56. the ravens will have much the same forecast we will have. temperatures in the 50s with sunshine on sunday. >> and don't miss the cbs primetime line up at wjz tonight. at 10:00 the victoria's secret fashions show. kanye west and maroon 5 and others will perform as they showcase that company's loungerie. >> sorry to disappoint but i decided not to do it. >> but they have your wings. >> i know but never mind. >> i know. >> thanks for watching wjz news
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