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tv   The Early Show  CBS  November 30, 2011 7:00am-9:00am EST

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good morning. after two days of waiting, riot police move in to clear out the occupy l.a. protesters arresting more than 200. on the east coast, philadelphia's anti-wall street protesters are also forced out overnight. we will have the latest. herman cain says he is not dropping out of the presidential race but reassessing his claim one day after a woman claimed they had an 13-year affair. >> we have to do an assessment as to whether or not this is going to create too much of a cloud in some people's mind. >> you'll hear more from the candidate. dr. conrad murray is going to jail as the judge throws the book at him along with a few choice words. we will get the jackson family's reaction and talk to one of the murray's lawyers. ♪ we could have had it ♪
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>> adele. and taylor swift in high contention. we preview tonight's big grammy nomination concert "early" this wednesday morning, november 30th, 2011. captioning funded by cbs good wednesday morning, everyone. i'm jeff glor. >> i'm erica hill. chris wragge is off this morning. looking forward to those grammy nominations. >> you can't go wrong starting the morning with adele. >> and rihanna. >> on the last day of november? >> how did that happen? >> seller. we begin in los angeles where prisolice are clearing out
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the protesters in front of city hall. >> reporter: just after midnight pacific time police told the occupy l.a. protesters that this was an unlawful assembly. it told those who wanted would be given time to depart but those who stayed would be subject to arrest. after several such warnings the police who had massed in large numbers, some 1,400 police downtown, moved in. some 200 police swarmed out of city hall in riot gear and took up positions around the camp. they were then joined by other officers in hazmat suits. out in the streets, a long blue line of police moved slowly through the intersections walking the protesters out of the intersections and clearing protesters out around city hall then set up dismantling the cla camp camp. it was an amazing show of peaceful police power.
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the police arrested about 200 people and it was all done with no violence. now, this was the largest remaining occupy encampment in the country. the first of 500 tents went up on october 1st and they were originally welcomed by the mayor, but with no end in sight, the mayor ordered this morning's action. and he issued this statement this morning. saying we have taken a measured approach and he went on to say that during the park's closure, a first amendment area will remain open on city hall steps. that will be so that people can continue to speak out. now i'm not sure what you can see behind me now but the park has been largely cleared out and this whole operation took about three hours. erica? >> bill thanks. bill whitaker in los angeles morning. campaign 2012, herman cain says he is taking a second look
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at his presidential run after a multiyear allegation of an affair surfaced. he denies those allegations. >> dean reynolds is with us now. >> reporter: herman cain is continuing his campaign but there is a gathering sense among many republicans that matters are spinning out of his control. highly embarrassing perhaps even disqualifying matters. the candidate was in fine form in michigan, delivering a speech on foreign policy. but there were passages that were almost a possible reference to the troubles besetting his campaign. >> life can be a challenge. life can seem impossible. it's never easy. >> reporter: indeed for cain it just keeps getting harder to numerous charges of sexual harassment you can add an allegation he had a 13-year extramarital affair with this
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woman, ginger white, who provided cell phone records and a book inscription from cain, the author, to back up her claim. friends are forever, it read. everything else is a bonus. cain has denied any impriority. >> was this an affair? >> no it was not. >> there was no sex? >> no. >> but called reporters on tuesday. cain campaign issued a calm down clarification on twitter. the definition of reassess is to consider. doesn't sound like dropping out. at the same time, cain asked for donations, for prayers, as well as money. this is a trying time for my family, my campaign, and me, he wrote. tuesday night, several who heard cain speak in michigan were inclined to give him the benefit of the doubt. >> not one of them is without sin. even though he has made mistakes, if he can get this
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country back on track, i'm all for it. >> reporter: no doubt, many republicans feel that way. while his aides consider herman cain is staying in the race fewer and fewer voters apparently, feel that herman cain is the answer. jeff? >> dean reynolds thanks very much. as cain considers his option newt gingrich looks to pick up more support in south carolina. >> he has been spending a good amount of time and money in that very important state. nancy cordes is there covering the gingrich campaign and joins us from greenville, south carolina, this morning. nancy, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, erica. we are at tommy's country ham house. newt gingrich is holding a town hall meeting in this diner before heading to iowa to continue campaigning. he has been asked about herman cain and says cain has the right to stay in the race but he hopes
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the votes defect to him. newt gingrich is all smiles as he chris crosses south carolina and why not? a new state poll shows him 11 points ahead of his closest rifle mitt romney. >> i think it's very important for us to carry the state. >> reporter: for gingrich it's a huge turnaround from this summer which he says was the worst period of his political career. his campaign had tanked and top staffers had left and even his friends said he should get out of the race. >> somebody compared me to bruce willis who said i was the only guy in the room who didn't know i was dead. >> reporter: if cain drop in the polls that fueled gingrich's rise. you also said you are the most electability of all the republicans but the polls don't show that right now. they show mitt romney doing much better in a head-to-head matchup with the president than you would do. >> i think it comes down who will debate best in the fall of
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2012. the president is going to have probably a billion dollar campaign war chest if they get their way and the power of the white house, they probably will get their way. they will throw every ounce of mud they can. >> couldn't be better. >> reporter: but right now the democrats are throwing all their mud at mitt romney not gingrich, a sign they don't think his rise in the polls will last. democratic national committee has released several ads attacking romney. >> two mitts willing to say anything. >> reporter: romney campaigning florida said he saw it as a badge of honor. for the first time last night he trained his fire on gingrich. >> he's a lifelong politician. i think you have to have the credibility of understanding how the economy works. >> reporter: gingrich has frequently said that republicans should not attack each other, but he hasn't been able to resist getting this a few digs at romney lately saying he changes his position based on the political winds. still, he trains most of his fire on the president. erica? >> nancy cordes in greenville
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south carolina this morning, thanks. >> joining with husband take is political director john dickerson. good morning. >> good morning, jeff. >> good to have you here in the studio. let's talk first about herman cain. the reassessment period how long does that last for? >> well, it lasts a little bit longer than we thought. when the report first came out he was reassessing some people took that to mean he might leave the race entirely. i talked to his iowa director said it means thinking through the new reality the fund-raising is probably going to fall off and they might see dedefections in iowa. it's retooling whether to decide whether to drop in or out. >> how much of a viable candidate is he? put the allegations aside and look at his credentials. there was a slip-up recent on libya and criticism about his take on foreign policy, his knowledge of foreign policy. is he a viable candidate? >> this is the bigger problem for herman cain. if you look at his poll numbers,
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it's a bell curve and been on the decline recently. that's a number of things. the sexual harassment charges but it's more importantly, people look at him and don't see him as commander in chief. they don't have he can handle a crisis. this is proven in polls and when you talk to voters. he was already on the decline and newt gingrich was benefiting from the decline and where he was before he came into this problem. >> the prevailing thought when he announced he was getting out in a couple of days you don't think that is going to happen now? >> you never know. i talked to two representatives who have abandoned the cain and gone to newt gingrich. he said after this i just had enough. that tide may continue to roll and if it does despite what herman cain says it may put must pressure on him. >> newt gingrich continuing his tide in south carolina. everything comes back to mitt
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but mitt romney may have the most staying power. >> mitt romney has stayed steady the entire race. gingrich is the third to rise to the top of the polls since this race began and extend the run better than the nonmitt romney candidates but now he will receive lots and lots of scrutiny. he benefits a few things. nobody else to go to with republicans looking for an alternative to romney and voters seem to be giving him a break now. he has had tough shots thrown at him and he holds steady. we have will to see in the next couple of weeks. >> are there any nonmitt romney candidates left who could surge into the poles after gingrich? >> there is rick santorum and working hard in iowa. some people think a way somebody doing that much work in iowa could squeak up to the front and create a moment. congressman paul has not had his real burst to the top.
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i don't think either of those two things are likely. >> nancy talked about this seeing it the last few weeks newt gingrich saying we should never attack each other. he is going after romney more using language we have heard from folks involved with president obama. david axelrod. does it help or hurt him with voters? >> i think it helps him. you're quite right. the person following what gingrich is saying is mitt romney. romney is ignoring except the tiny comment about he is being a lifelong politician. he is saying i'm setting the record straight and talking about the distinctions. >> john dickerson, thank you. brittin' faces a ki chaos there. >> the government says cutbacks are needed to prevent larger budget issues. charlie d'agata joins us from
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london with more on that. >> reporter: good morning. parts of the country have come to a stand still and organizers warn this is just the beginning. what we are seeing today some of the same kind of anger spreading throughout the europe reaction to austerity packages and cutbacks and workers say they are the ones paying the biggest price. the biggest strike in a generation, 2 million people have walked out to protest changes in their retirement schemes. the measures mean they will have to work longer before retiring for a pension that will be worth a lot less. teachers abandoned schools. hospitals have come to a standstill with thousands of operations canceled. airports brought in reinforcements after border guards walked off. britain's chancellor george osborn says the cutbacks may hurt but the pain is worth it. >> the crisis we see unfolding in europe has not undermined the case for the difficult decisions we have taken. it has made that case stronger. >> reporter: politicians have been quick to point to countries
7:14 am
in the faltering euro join to justify cuts at home because there has been civil action there too which frequently tipped over into violence. in greece public outrage at huge tax hikes and unemployment brought chaos to the streets of athens. in italy where even the wile e charm of now ousted berlusconi couldn't prevent mayhem in rome. it wasn't the rye theiots but the skyrocket in bond trading that risky debt finally signaled the end. >> interests rates are now 7.2% and what are the odds they are less than 2.5%? >> reporter: the governments of greece and italy collapsed because of their confidence in their ability to repay debt collapsed. what is different about britain in flat lining growth and decreasing unemployment it's been able to refinance its debt and cheaply, that and it's not
7:15 am
part of the euro zone. >> for the time being, the uk is regarded as a bit of a safe haven because we are not in the euro zone. so we are not going to be picking up the bills of bailing out greece or portugal or spain, for example, or heaven forbid italy. >> that doesn't mean britain is immune. britain is a huge trading partner for the united states for that matter. >> charlie d'agata, thanks. terrell brown has more headlines over at the news desk. president obama flying to scranton, pennsylvania trying to put the pressure on congress to extend and enlarge the payroll tax holiday for american agersers. they are expected to vote on that proposal this week. more on that from senior white house correspondent bill plante. good morning. >> good morning. >> reporter: there is bipartisan support for extending that payroll tax cut before congress goes home but not bipartisan
7:16 am
agreement how to pay for it. the president wants to do it with a tax on people who make more than a million dollars. david plouffe talked about that earlier with erica. >> we think the right way to pay for is to ask for 300,000 people who make over a million dollars per year to do their fair share and pay a little bit more. >> reporter: the president wants to increase the amount of the tax break and say that again today in scranton and says if it doesn't get extended every working american will get 100 tax increase. it's a campaign style argument and that campaign continues this evening where the president goes to raise money for his re-election. >> bill plante, thank you. new pictures this morning of the aftermath of last weekend's nato attack on two pakistan army bases. the hillside base near the afghanistan border still smoking from air strikes that killed 24 pakistani soldiers. pakistan released the picture saying the attacks went on even after nato knew what was
7:17 am
happening. 16 minutes past the h still to come this morning, michael jackson's doctor gets the maximum sentence four years in prison, for causing the singer's death. >> we will hear how the judge lashed out at conrad murray' get reaction from one of his lawyers coming up in a few minutes. you're watching "the early show" on cbs. to believe in. like being able to shop for the gifts we want, however we want... and have them ready for pick up in 5 minutes, guaranteed. and if the gift we want isn't in store,
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it is now 25 minutes past 7:00. the last day of november. sharon has traffic right after tim's first warning weather. >> good morning, everyone. temperatures in the 40s right now. going up to a daytime high of just around 50 degrees. it is a little chillier than yesterday. almost by about 15 degrees. we will be up above average highs. 52 degrees today and tomorrow. looking at temperatures going down to around freezing tonight with mostly clear skies on both ends. we will have your complete updated forecast coming up here through the morning but for right now another check of the roads with sharon gibala and wjz traffic control, sharon. >> good morning, everyone. that chemical spill is gone but we are still looking at a delay back to maryland line on 83 southbound, watch for that.
7:26 am
and also an accident in cockysville there. a crash there. another one there and fire activity on dalesford road. 95 southbound 10 minutes if you are traveling on the beltway. also delays, typical delays. there was a live look pat that back up on 83, the biggest problem of the morning. this is brought toy by home paramount pest control. back over to you. >> we appear to a have a school advisory, that school is closed due to having no heat. the staff is asked to bundle up and report. the montgomery county man accused in the disappearance of robyn gardner is out of jail but not off the island. monique griego has the latest on him. >> reporter: good morning, everyone, his attorney says he is excited to return but he is still in aruba, these are images moments after he walked out of jail last night.
7:27 am
he is expected to leave the island today. they remain convinced he is hiding something. the court ruled he could not be held any longer. prosecutors do plan to appeal that decision, don. >> thank you very much. this morning city homicide detectives are investigating a shoot ing in baltimore last night. an adult male shot in the head there no. no arrests have been made. a crash there happened at the height of the afternoon rush hour. the injured children were passengers on the car. there were students on the bus but no one was heard on it. up next a history making trip for the secretary of state. why it is so important to the united states. and michael jackson's physician is sentenced, how many years will he actually have to serve because of all
7:28 am
the overcrowding in california's prison system?
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7:30 am
♪ a beautiful shot of the sunrise there. >> gorgeous. >> starting to warm up some of the buildings here in manhattan. welcome back to "the early show." i'm erica hill along with jeff glor. chris is off this morning. hillary clinton has been about everywhere as a secretary of state but never to burma until today when she arrived for a first visit as a top diplomat in that country in more than a century. >> the military took over there in the 1960s but now burma is starting to reform which is why this visit is so significant. we will tell you why the united states is so interested in reaching out right now. >> before we get to that though, a lot going on here at home. michael jackson's family is now say justice has been done two and a half years after his death. >> the doctor convicted of killing jackson with an accidental overdose got the
7:31 am
maximum sentence on tuesday, four years in prison for involuntary manslaughter and as national correspondent ben tracy reports, he also got a stern lecture from the judge. >> drrks. murray became involved in a cycle of horrible medicine. >> reporter: the judge pastor called dr. conrad murray a grace. >> some may feel this was a medical malpractice case. it wasn't. it was and is a criminal homicide case. >> reporter: the prosecutor argued murray was so reckless he deserves the maximum sentence. >> the defendant was playing russian roulette with michael jackson's life every single night. dr. conrad murray was administering propofol in that
7:32 am
scene in a reckless manager. >> reporter: the judge said dr. murray said this recording of michael jackson as a blackmail. >> it was designed for that patient at a vulnerable point. >> reporter: pastor said he gave murray the four-year sentence in part because he never showed any remorse and said jackson demanded the drug that killed him. >> and dr. murray says he feels betrayed and entrapped by michael jackson. yikes! talk about blaming the victim. >> michael is not coming back. >> reporter: the jackson family did not speak in court but their attorney did read a statement. >> and as children we will grow up without a father, our best friend, our playmate and our dad. >> reporter: dr. murray's attorney argued that living with public scorn is punishment enough. >> dr. murray, for the rest of his life whether he's a greeter at walmart, he is still going to be the man that killed michael
7:33 am
jackson. >> reporter: despite the four-year sentence dr. murray will serve at most two years behind bars, because of overcrowding in california. ben tracy, cbs news los angeles. michael flanagan is one of murray's defense lawyers and he is joining us. good morning. >> good morning. >> some of the words we heard from the judge yesterday, horrible doctor a danger to society and a disgrace to the medical profession. too much? >> way too much. he was very harsh in this case. he acted like it's an intentional act done by dr. murray. at the best case scenario or worst case scenario depending upon how you're looking at it it was an unintentional accident. >> michael, how is your client doing this morning? >> i haven't talked to him this morning. we are going to see him in a couple of hours, but based upon my interviews with him last week he is doing okay. he's resigned himself to his position and he'll come through it. >> i know he has spoken in
7:34 am
public. he gave a public interview but not spoken in court. any plans in the near future for him to speak at all? >> well, he hasn't really given a public interview. he gave a private interview. >> that was broadcast publicly. but understood. >> yes. but, no, he has no plans to speak at this point in time. >> how long do you think, given the california overcrowding situation in jails, how long do you expect him to serve? >> i don't know. i've gotten conflicting reports on that. two weeks ago, lee bacca said due to overcrowding they were going to have to release some of the nonviolent offenders that weren't a danger to the public and he said, obviously, conrad murray is not a danger to the public and he probably would be on that list of early releases. on the other hand, yesterday, his -- a spokesman for bacca indicated that conrad murray is a danger, kind of mimicking the
7:35 am
judge's statement, so i'm not sure what the position is going to be of the sheriff's department. >> do you think your client is in danger in jail? >> well, he would be in danger in jail. there are -- there's an element in jail somebody might think they -- it would enhance their position in the environment to take out dr. murray or do some harm to dr. murray so they do have to keep him away from the general prison population. >> finally, michael, what do you think your best grounds are for appeal? >> we have got several grounds. there's sequestration issue. we lost a couple of evidentiary issues and warranty allowed to put in the financial condition that michael jackson was $400 million in debt. to show desperation we weren't allowed to subpoena dr. klein. we couldn't cross-examine him on whether or not the records were valued. we have -- there's a bottling evidence that contains some
7:36 am
propofol, an analysis that would show whether or not the prosecution's theory was true or not. if it's 100% propofol, they wouldn't have a case. if it is 100% propofol, that would validate their theory. i don't know why the judge doesn't care what the truth is but we will pursue that in the appellate court. >> we will be watching. michael flanagan appreciate you coming on this morning. thank you very much. >> you're welcome. thank you. let's check in now with terrell brown who is at the news desk with other headlines we are following on this wednesday morning. >> good morning. early this morning, los angeles police moved in on occupy protesters. hundreds of riot-equipped police involved in the raid. more than 200 protesters were arrested. the demonstrators had been given a midnight deadline to clear their encampment by city hall. a similar scene in philadelphia. two dozen demonstrators who were roaming the streets were
7:37 am
arrested. syracuse university head basketball coach. three men say bernie fine mow lessed them -- molested them as children. last night, boeheim said he is not worried about losing his job. >> when the investigation is done, we will find out what happened on my watch. we don't know what's happened on my watch right now. there is an investigation under way. >> yesterday syracuse's chancellor gave bay home a vote of confidence well, outside our window we are looking at a pretty cool start to the day but a very clear one, a lot of sunshine, all the rain has moved out, a have inch of rain moved through here after the last day but now seeing clearing conditions, 40 degrees our temperature at bwi marshal, 30 oakland, 42 on the
7:38 am
shore and 43 in elkton so we are all starting off pretty much in that 40 degree range, a daytime high of 53, look for it to ahead we take a look at on the aids stand and where the battle stands on hiv. >> you're watching "the early show" on cbs. great prices. i just wish you could guarantee me they won't be beat. oh, actually... then i'd be like you rule! and my kids would be like, you rule!
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tomorrow is world aids day and a new report from the centers for disease control and prevention saying 2.2 millions are living for hf hiv. there is still much work to be done. joining us with the cdc is dr. kevin fenton. good to have you with us. >> thank you. >> there has been significant improvement. 28% of those living with hiv now have it under control with medication, although i know you and so many other folks would like to see those numbers rise. what so more needs to be done? >> you're absolutely right. we now have very very powerful
7:42 am
tools to really have a tremendous benefit on the lives of people living with hiv, as well as to help them prevent transmitting hiv to others. so, today, what we need to focus on is how do we get more people tested, more people linked to effective care and more people started on these life-saving treatments which can be a key tool to ending the epidemic in the united states. >> you mentioned access and testing. >> we know that so many people are still afraid of getting an hiv test and there is no need for that fear. the diagnosis is very easy it's simple, and it's cheap, and there are life-saving techniques. we need to address our affairs and stig that against hiv raenand get more people in for care and
7:43 am
treatment. >> how realistic is a cure? >> a cure is a long way off and we need to use the tools that we have available to us. that includes hiv testing and effective treatment and care and using condoms and helping people to reduce their risk behaviors. the better we can do that management today is the better we will be able to really leverage the cure when it becomes available. >> one of the biggest barriers has been the stigma that was associated with aids with hiv. how much of that barrier still exists? there have been really significant inroads made there. >> that's correct. i think we have made a tremendous advance both in terms of improved knowledge and awareness on hiv. people are now much more aware and able to talk about hiv but we need to do a better job and some populations are severely effected. for example, black men in the united states and why cdc launched a new campaign to focus
7:44 am
on black gay men to promote awareness and better lingerage to care. >> you've launched this new campaign. we looked at the numbers. five, ten years out, where do you expect us to be? >> my vision in five to ten years we would have managed this epidemic. too many people are becoming hiv infected every year. about 50,000 americans are becoming infected and far too much for our country and we can do a better job and part of that is ensuring we are aware of hiv stations and talking about hiv and our physicians are offering the test to more people and more people are bringing the life-saving treatments to bring an end to the eastbound academic. >> so important to point out this is not a death disease.
7:45 am
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brand. this morning secretary of state hillary clinton is making
7:48 am
a historic visit to burma where she will nobel prize activists. >> myanmar hard closed off to the west since the 1960s. wyatt andrews is traveling with the secretary. >> reporter: the visit is a gamble and outcome unclear, but secretary clinton will be testing if myanmar is serious about reform. clinton will meet with some of the same government officials who were in the regime four years ago when masked protests led by buddhist monks were attacked and unknown killed. now the regime is asking to join the world community. it has allowed to register her party for elections and she, herself, who advised president obama and secretary clinton to view this moment as an opening. >> after years of darkness, we have seen flicker of progress in
7:49 am
these last several weeks. >> reporter: clinton is bringing a list they hope myanmar will do next but she recalled on to release the remaining prisoners. >> unless a country is free from prisoners of conscientious it is not a really free country. >> reporter: two of the most influential women will be discussing if the baby steps taken by myanmar deserve more of an american response. wyatt andrews, cbs news myanmar. still ahead this morning, is college degree worth all that money? >> it is a lot of cash. we will speak with a dropout ceo who says he made the right move. you're watching "the early show" on cbs. my name is marjorie reyes. i'm a chief warrant officer. i love the fact that quicken loans provides va loans. quicken loans understood all the details and guided me through every step of the process. i know wherever the military sends me, i can depend on quicken loans. [ female announcer ] secret scent
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7:55 am
tim, good morning, everyone, even though that fuel spill is clear on the harrisburg expressway, still looking at a 40 minute delay back to the pa line that runs down to mount carmel road where
7:56 am
we have the fuel spill. big delays there. watch for delays there. there is a look at that delay. this traffic report brought to you by home paramount pest control, back over to you. >> the elementary is closed today because it has no heat. the staff is asked to report. gary giordana is expected to leave aruba today nearly 4 months after being detained there. monique griego has his story. >> reporter: good morning, everyone. gary giordana's attorney says he is excited to return home to the united states but he is still in aruba. these are new images of him moments after he walked out of jail last night a free man for the first time in nearly 4 months. he is expected to leave today. robyn gardner's boy friend and
7:57 am
family remain convinced he is hiding something but the court ruled that without new evidence or formal charges he could not be held any longer. prosecutors do plan to appeal that decision. don. >> thank you. the local trucker responsible for leaking liquid asphalt along 40 miles of the turnpike last week is being ticketed in the case. our partner the sun is reporting george delaney was cited for failing to secure the load and obey a state trooper. it disrupted holiday traffic and ruined more than 100 cars. his employer's insurer is paying out claims, stay with us, up next a new program in a california school is improving test scores and behavior. and some tips on how to find the best
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
♪ wow. >> beautiful. >> no graphic programs were used to doctor this image. >> there was no camera plus action, my friend. the beauty of the sky this morning here. not too shabby. top of the hour. welcome back to "the early show." i'm erica hill, along with jeff glor. chris is off this morning. ahead, we are taking you to a middle school in the bay area that teaches reading, writing, and yoga. students there actually practice yoga. it's all part of the curriculum. it was started as a program to help them clear their minds and relax. the benefits though, go far beyond that. a lot of the kids feel they can concentrate better in class and administrators tell us they have seen higher test scores and a
8:01 am
excellence in the community and they say yoga was apart of awarding that. >> you're going to teach them that? >> yeah. >> nicole is a certified instructor, knew thaw? >> is she? >> good test scores if they come through math class and yoga class will help get knew college. some are asking whether college is worth it giving the i creasing costs. we are going to talk with a college dropout, now a successful web developer who says today's universities are not properly preparing young people for jobs. we begin with a new tax battle in congress. senate democrats are planning a vote today. joining us this morning is senior white house adviser david plouffe. good to have you with us this morning. >> thanks for having me. >> we learned yesterday there seems to be some growing support
8:02 am
among republicans for extending this payroll tax country. the issue here though, of course, seems to be how to pay for it. democrats want to raise taxes on those making over a million dollars a year. republicans are not getting behind that. the president has said that every single part of his jobs bill would be paid for, would not add to the deficit. but if there is no consensus on how to pay for it would the president still be behind extending the cut? >> well, erica, our focus right now is getting this tax cut for a 160 million americans and let's step back a minute. if congress doesn't extend the payroll tax cut every working american will have their taxes go up a thousand dollars next year and in this economy no one can afford that so we have to get this done. we think the right way to pay for is to ask roughly 300,000 people who make over a million dollars a year to do their fair share and pay a little bit more and that is the vote this week in the senate and the president is going to encourage from
8:03 am
scranton today, people all around the country to lift their voices and let it be known congress ought to help to help the economy and cut the taxes for the small class and middle class. >> things are moving in that direction, it could be supported on both sides of the aisle. senator kyl will come out with details hopefully, today how republicans will pay for it. again, is this something the president would still get behind if, in fact, it is not paid for and if it could potentially add to the deficit? >> first of all, we believe is there a way to pay for it and that is what our focus is on. a lot of republicans who voice support of this and many have voted for this payroll tax in the past. hopefully, congress will come together in the closing weeks of the session and do some things to help the middle class who are struggling out there and help with the economy. so our focus is on this payroll must be extended and we think there is a smart way to pay for it. we also have to deal with extending unemployment insurance for the millions of americans out there who are still looking
8:04 am
for work. a lot of business to do here and we think we can do it in a responsible way that is paid for but we have to get this done. again, not many people out in america in this economy who can afford to have an extra thousand dollars taken out of their paycheck check year. >> we're not going to get a yes or no on that one. let's move on though. looking other things have happened. a lot of criticism when it comes to the president lately about leads. . heard this come up among potential republican presidential candidates in debate. a lot of talk after the super committee failed. governor christie went very far saying what are we paying the president for? he needs to leave. is the president doing enough to sit down with lawmakers to try to bridge the many divides that there are in washington today? >> listen. the president has been leading in every way, to try and, you know, make sure that congress does something this fall to help with the economy. it's only because of his leadership that we are having discussions about cutting taxes to the middle class and small businesses so he has been pushing his ideas to create jobs
8:05 am
through the american jobs act. he laid out a very clear plan on the deficit and willing to do tough things that many in our party have a problem with. further spending cuts but also asking the wealthy to do their fair shayre. if we would just have republicans here in washington be willing to ask the wealthy to do their fair share, we could solve our deficit problem and we can do a lot of things on jobs. that is the real barrier to progress. >> would the president's energy be better directed in talking with lawmakers and win them over rather than talking to voters who are very important but at the end of the day they are not the ones voting in congress. >> i think it's important to rally the public. i think the more people understand their taxes could go up a thousand dollars next year, and congress could leave town without doing anything-of-enough on the economy that could put pressure on the congress.
8:06 am
i don't think anyone out there who thinks president spend a lot of time in congress this year to try to solve our deficit problems. we have spent a lot of time talking to the congressional leadership and laid out our plans. the real question in the closing weeks of congress are we able to do some things here to help the middle class, help the economy, and the president is going to continue to make the case that the american people need action they need the middle class to be helped right now and where our focus is going to be. >> you and david axelrod have been outspoken about mitt romney. when will we hear the president directly going after any of his potential opponents? >> as we see this republican primary race is very unsettled. the voting doesn't begin for a few weeks now. at some point we will have an "pont" opponent and then engage more directly. still a full 11 months before the next election. we need to do some things right
8:07 am
now to govern and help cut taxes for the middle class and small businesses and put construction workers back to work and handle our long-term fiscal challenges in a smart way so that is where the president's focus will be. there will be a time for the campaign and we will be ready for it when it comes. until then we have to fekus on putting americans back to work. >> the focus for the president is not campaigning despite the travel we have seen to important swing states? >> we travel all across the country obviously. and, again, we think it's important to invest the american people in these debates. i think they very unhappy with a lack of progress here in washington on the economy, on helping the middle class, so i think to get them involved in this cause, to demand that congress can't leave town on their month-long vacation they can't leave without making sure we are cutting taxes to the middle class and doing things to help this economy which is far too weak right now. >> david plouffe thanks for
8:08 am
joining us this morning. >> thank you. here is terrell brown at the news desk with a check of today's other headlines for us. a massive raid overnight on occupy wall street. a champamp in los angeles. many police raided that encampment outside city hall shortly after midnight. >> the whole world is watching! >> police moved to tear up the camp. several protesters climbed into trees. most of the arrests were made pelve peacefully and no reports of injuries. >> in my life, i have never seen a more professional restrained police force under very very trying circumstances as i witnessed today. >> occupy wall street protesters have been camped out by l.a.'s city hall for nearly two months. police also cleared out anti-wall street camps in philadelphia overnight. the demonstrators later marched through the streets. about 50 people were arrested
8:09 am
after refusing to clear several blocks. winter is still officially weeks away. try telling that to some motorists in parts of michigan. up to 9.5 inches of snow fell overnight. the storm left thousands without power. to chicago. strong winds and rain blasted the shores of lake michigan with massive waves. police had to block parts outside our window we are looking at a chilly start to the day, 53 degrees is our high with a good bit of sun as you can already see out there moving across the sky inner harbor is already bright but there is a small craft advisory, 53 degrees today, breezy and chilly with a blend of clouds 32 tonight, tomorrow 52 mostly sunny, the average high is 51
8:10 am
announcer: this portion of "the early show" sponsored by usaa proudly serving the financial needs of the military. veterans and their families. up next take a deep breath. >> am i doing it the right way? >> yeah. we are going to take you with us on a little journey to a california school that is helping students focus on their learning through yoga. >> you're watching "the early show" on cbs. stick around. u.s.a.a. auto insurance is often handed down from generation to generation because it offers a superior level of protection and because u.s.a.a.'s commitment to serve the military, veterans and their families is without equal. begin your legacy. get an auto insurance quote. u.s.a.a. we know what it means to serve. come on! wait for me! there it is. ah! hurry up. you're heavy. are you sure these letters will get to santa? yes, of course. hold still. almost there. a little bit higher. i can't
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8:13 am
all free clear oxi-active. it is not just at the gym. these days the ancient art of yoga is find ago place in modern education. >> we visit one school in california which is adding a daily dose of zen to its curriculum. >> 1-2-3. 1-2-3. 1-2-3. >> reporter: warriors alive ready for their next challenge. >> and go for it. >> warrior 3. >> reporter: whether it's reading, math or simply finding the strength to focus in class.
8:14 am
>> sometimes, it takes a lot of courage to just be a little bit more still and not busy. >> reporter: the lesson is universal. >> you have the courage to fall. >> reporter: the tool a bit less other doxrthodoxed. >> how many of you think yoga has made a difference in your life? >> i'm open. like my mind is comfortable. >> i forget about like the bad things that are happening. >> i feel happy. and, like calm. >> before i'm always just running around and not really paying attention, but after yoga i feel like i relax and could do my work more faster and calm. >> let it go. >> reporter: it was a difference catherine noticed a decade ago. when she first turned to yoga as
8:15 am
a stressed out school teacher. >> i think the real benefit is learning a process for internal listening. >> inhale halfway up. >> reporter: if it worked for her, why not the overworked kids in her classroom? >> take a deep breath. >> reporter: in 2008 priore founded headstand a nonprofit dedicated to bringing yoga in schools. >> some people might look at this saying you're doing this wacky hippie dippy yoga stuff, my kid needs to be focused on learning. >> i do understand the skepticism. yoga is simply a word to define the connection between your mind, your emotion and your physical well-being. 98% of our students say that after yoga class, they are more ready to learn. >> reporter: the 400 students at san lorenzo's academy need that focus. the charter school is known for
8:16 am
its rigorous academics and long school days. >> those are the -- >> i have kids who before they started taking yoga would have a hard time finishing assignments and once they started taking yoga, were able to keep their head in the game longer. >> reporter: it's not an elective. it's a part of the curriculum every day, right? >> right. i made it part of the curriculum because i saw the value in it very early on. >> hands to your heart. >> reporter: since bringing headstand to kip, suspensions are down 60%, while state test scores are up. but the benefits stretch far beyond the school day. >> a lot of times i get mad at like my brother or my sister and then just go to my room and do yoga for while and then i go back out. >> i get a clear mind and that helps me reflect on myself. >> what are some of the things that you think about or that you look inside yourself for? >> i start thinking if i'm wrong or the reason why i'm -- why am
8:17 am
i fighting? what should i say? should i apologize. >> reporter: simple yet poignant lessons with a daily impact and for katherine priore proof of lasting power. >> my ultimate goal is giving them a process to learn how to build that character and become the person who makes good choices, in a moment where maybe those choices are challenging and the answers aren't always clear. reach your right arm up. triangle triangle. >> it was great. >> thank you. it was a great piece to do. . headstands are looking to exattend a little bit more. but the teachers and the principals when the kids are their true testament how it's working. >> something to think about. we will be right back. you're watching "the early show" on cbs. e like yes, i do rule! ohh! that rules! oh, load up the sleigh; this is going to be a great christmas. yeah. ring dinga-ding, ring dinga-ding ring, ring, ring me up. [ male announcer
8:18 am
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8:19 am
when you're making out your holiday shopping list or wish list, keep in mind this is the best time of the year to buy a car. >> that's a big present.
8:20 am
>> my husband and i say every time we see the commercial who is buying a car for christmas? >> dealers want to clear out last year's model, so you could find a bargain. personal finance contributor carmen wong ulrich is here to help you get a big deal. >> but do you have a big red bow? >> i can afford the bow. >> me too. >> a new car isn't in the budget this year. >> is there something happening specifically in the market that makes this such a good time to bite buy right now? >> a lot of it is seasonal. monthly quotas to fill. the end of the year is a great time to buy because they want to move out 2011 models and some 2012s. they got a new fleet of new cars coming in so they have to push the merchandise. car sales up a million this year. >> oh, wow. so people are buying. >> detroit doing great? >> and a lot of hiring. >> which we love. even though we are selling more cars, you can still get a good
8:21 am
deal. i know you picked out a few models we could save thousands on. >> it worked with true to look at new models on sale right now. if you think what is popular and what is not. you will find deep discounts on cars and trucks that aren't moving so quickly because folks are looking for fuel economy. so we have chevrolet silverado, $1,500 and down 29% discount. look at that discount rate saving almost $8,000. mid-sized cars. volume volvo. forty ford escape. this is a brand-new car going at 17% off msrp. if you're a hard barger maybe you can do better. >> we are hard bargers. >> are you? >> i think so. >> carmen definitely is. december in general is a good month to buy a car. any specific dates in december?
8:22 am
>> there are specific dates. here is the crazy thing. of course, it depends on the make and model. however, on the average, next weekend or this coming up weekend, december 10th, we are talking 8.8% of a discount. new year's eve is the biggest discount months. it's the end of the year and the end of the month so they want to move those vehicles. 9.3 average discount on new cars. >> here is the thing. i say this as the daughter of a car dealer. my dad was a car dealer. he always said to me never buy a new car. >> yeah. >> always buy a used car. >> years, i've been saying buy certified preowned right? here is the thing. everybody took all of our advice to do that over the past couple of years because everyone's budget is tighter, right? driving up the price of used cars. especially hybrid models. subcompacts. if you're in the market for one of those and looking for new and used, do the math. with incentives you can pay less
8:23 am
for the new model. >>
8:24 am
hey, what are you drinkin'? dunkin' iced. the biggest iced coffee i can get. iced coffee helps me keep up. i love iced coffee. drinkin' dunkin'. i'm drinkin' dunkin'. drinkin' dunkin'. dunkin'... iced coffee. i run on dunkin' iced coffee. america runs on dunkin' coffee.
8:25 am
it is now 25 minutes past 8:00, we have got lots of shine but less in the way of warmth outside there this morning. sharon is here to wrap up another morning's rush right after meteorologist tim's first warning weather. >> good morning, everyone, we have rely gotten spoiled with the temperatures, 53 degrees seems chilly and definitely chilly tonight, we are talking 32 degrees which is right on target and mostly sunny and seasonallabley chilly, back up to 52 degrees, now for a check on the roads we send it over to sharon gibala, sharon. >> two accidents but plenty of delays, one of those accidents in windsor mill, that accident is going to be at windsor mill there another one in towson. meantime watch for that big
8:26 am
delay caused by that earlier fuel spill. it is still 33 minutes back to the state line. a 23 minute set back on the jfx from the beltway down to 28th street and a 10 minute set back on 95 southbound running from white marsh boulevard down to 8 895. there is a live look. it is brought to you by auto service plus. back over to you, don. >> we want to remind you the consume advisory, mary and whitterling is being closed. teachers are asked to report. the man is free to leave the island. monique griego says on the story. >> reporter: his attorney says he is excited to return but he
8:27 am
is still in arube apartment aruba. these are images as he walked out of jail. he is expected to leave today. they remain convinced he is hiding something but the court ruled without evidence or charges he could not be held longer. prosecutors do plan to appeal that, don. >> thank you very much, two more people have died from a prince george's county house fire. simon monroe and janet mclynn died yesterday at the washington hospital center. their home caught fire on sunday when six-year-old amare' noel died, investigators are blaming an overloaded power strip in the living room. a prison remains on lock- down more than a week after two bullets were founded in an inmate bagged meal put together in the kitchen of the prison
8:28 am
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♪ i heard that you settled down ♪ ♪ me swallowing my pride standing in front of you ♪ >> there is taylor swift. every time you hear adele's voice, great stuff. >> you thought the first album was great. >> so good. it's grammy season.
8:31 am
we will find out tonight's -- this year's nominees tonight. a lot of people predicting adele will be in the running big and taylor swift and nicki minaj and all of these people that erica rocks out to early in the morning. we will have a preview this morning and talk about who might be nominated very soon here. >> it's ahead of the big concert here on cbs. >> should be a lot of fun. welcome back. i'm jeff glor along with the aforementioned erica hill. chris wragge is off this morning. >> also ahead yankees center fielder curtis granderson is here. just had his best season ever. he has put out a fantastic children's book and teaches kids important lessons through baseball and all of the ill strags illustrations were done by new york children. so we will talk about that work and some of the other great work he is doing. >> we have the book here and no matter what team you cheer for, curtis is a great guy.
8:32 am
that is coming up. the debate over higher education and rising cost. more seem to be saying it's too expensive and many institutions are increasingly out of touch. >> joining us is sam tarantino who dropped out of college and now hires other dropouts. joining us also is catherine rampell. you're saying college isn't worth it and drop out and you can be successful like me. >> well, i'm not an advocate -- >> not possess put words in your mouth anything. >> i'm not advocate for dropping out. dropping out is the risky path and the entrepreneurial path. people aren't as risk tolerant as me. >> let's clarify. a couple of high profile people recently said, listen this may be the right course. you're saying it's not necessarily the right course for everyone but it was for you. >> yeah. i mean, at the time we were kind of head-first into the construction of the company and,
8:33 am
at that point, it was more apparent to me that focus on the people's money i had raised and i couldn't let that go. so for me it made sense. but i think the real issue here is a miscalibration between what schools are actually teaching and what is required by what -- at least tech companies are hiring and the only perspective i have is high-tech industries. >> you are looking at high tech. you weren't getting what you needed. when it comes to college in general, though, is there enough specific education to help people get a job, particularly as you look at the unemployment rate notably for people just coming out of college. >> yeah, but if you look at the unemployment rate for college graduates versus people whose highest degree is a high school diploma, it's still much lower. the unemployment rate for college graduates is a little over 4%. over twice that for people who only have a high school diploma. even though the economy is lousy and everybody is feeling like they don't have as many opportunities as they would
8:34 am
like, people who have that higherhigh educational attainment is better off. it's not true everyone will get a guaranteed job. i would say sam is probably the exception, rather than the rule. but, for the most part, having that item our resume and going through that process does protect people. >> by the way, the unemployment rate for those who don't each have a high school diploma is around 15%, even higher than that. catherine, you have a blog on the times website a few months now. you talk about some of the degrees are the most beneficial the ones you're most likely to -- not surprisingly some of the more specific degrees. engineering. >> it's a lot more technical, stem, science technology math science, health. those types of more scientific degrees are likely to land people more jobs.
8:35 am
>> speaking to high tech you weren't getting what you needed. when you are looking at potential employees, how important is the studies that they have done whether in some sort of vocational program or even a more directed course in higher education? >> see for us the actual piece of paper, the degree to us sort of means nothing because at the end of the day you can always teach skills and we have a whole grew shark university we built to actually train people on the relevant skills that are necessary within what we need. so one of the things that we see here is there's a lack of in general, again i can only speak for high tech is there a lackthere is a lack of what is being taught. in the florida world, there is a lack of relevant skills like php, sql things that are actually used in the silicon valley is now in the silicon valley up here, that are just not being taught. so for us the degree is less
8:36 am
important because you can teach skills. you can't teach traits and traits that we look for that we hire to are motivation people that are willing to learn, people that are willing to better themselves and that is an area that i think people get too caught up in at least in my generation they get too caught up in the piece of paper and that is not what people are looking for. >> i think a lot of employers use the piece of paper as a skill. >> of course. >> an unmotivated person -- an unmotivated person is unlikely to have dropped out of high school or dropped out of college, right? >> there is a certain sort of standard now that's been set by if you go to college, yes, of course, this is sort of separating you from everybody else. remember, a lot of colleges are really are mostly about partying and in a general sense. now, again it's sort of generallyizes because there's a lot of schools -- >> it's a pretty big generalization. not that i didn't have a good time in college, but i learned a
8:37 am
lot too. >> there are a lot of people are not in college to learn relevant skill sets. it's sort of a four-year break that is funded by your parents. >> i wouldn't blame that entirely on the schools, though. >> it's not the school's fault. >> i think how is my time well spent to invest in my career. >> we have to leave it there. >> thank you both for joining us. terrell brown is over at the news desk with a final check of your headlines. 37 minutes past the hour ist partying. >> that is right. secretary of state hillary clinton is going to burma and arrived this morning. the first secretary of state to visit the isolated nation since 1955. burma had been ruled by a military dictatorship for 50 years. clinton will meet with burmese leaders and opposition leader aung san suu kyi. >> vice president joe biden met with al maliki.
8:38 am
he arrived yesterday on a surprise visit. herman cain campaign energy said he has no decision to drop out of the race. he said yesterday, complications of a extramarital affair may reowed his support. >> this is cause for reassessment. we have to do an assessment as to whether or not this is going to create too much of a cloud in some people's mind. >> in a broadcast interview this morning, ginger white the woman who claimed to have had the extramarital relationship with cain said it was, quote, a very casual affair. newt gingrich is in south carolina today. he said herman cain could still recover. gingrich has strong showing there which is seen as a big step for a nomination. a stumble yesterday for rick
8:39 am
perry. speaking yesterday, he didn't seem to know the u.s. voting age is 18. >> those of you that are -- will be 21 by november the 12th, i ask for your support and your vote. those of you who won't be, just work hard. because you're going to inherit this. >> perry also got the election day wrong. it's november 6th, not the 12th. this is the last day of the 2011 atlantic hurricane season. two destructive storms hit the u.s. tropical storm lee which pounded louisiana in september killing 1e people and in late august hurricane irene killed 48 on the east coast and caused $10 billion in damage. time lapse satellite video shows irene assess it rolled up the coast from the caribbean. it caused historic floods from the carolinas northward all the way to maine. a reindeer aren't the only things that can fly this christmastime. a small decorated christmas tree was launched into the air with helium balloons sunday near vancouver, canada.
8:40 am
a woman did it to impress her friends but the tree ended up getting away. whoopsy. they told police when it drifted into airport air space that tree hasn't been outside our window we are looking at a bright start to the day. a very cold start compared to what we have had over the last few. we have been looking at these days of around 70 degrees over the last few and now we are just a little spoiled. with the rain moving out cool air i filling in the gap. today temperatures around 40, we go up to 53, breeze with with a blend of sunshine and clouds, lows down around 32, which is again we begin a special series called "local legends."
8:41 am
>> we begin in north carolina. people say you can't understand the blue bridge mountains unless you meet max woody. he is a spirit of a place he calls home. >> this is going to be a back play for a rocking chair. my name is max woody. my grandfather taught me the chair trade. now, this machine is old, old, old. sometimes, i'm not sure whether i'm i own this shop or whether it owns me and there is no glue or nails used. we drive square pegs in round holes. that will cause them to interlock together. if there is someone i don't like i just won't build them a chair, but most people are appreciative of what you do. ♪ >> max is certainly aprishtedpreciated
8:42 am
the culture of this place where he kept it alive. he has a gift for working with wood and for bringing people together. >> when you visit the blue ridge mountains, particularly the blue bridge parkway, you don't want to miss a max woody performance. you can visit with max at the chair shop. if you're there on friday night, all you have to do is walk with him directly across the street to woody's original mountain music. ♪ >> music is so important in our culture here. ♪ >> i'm not a real gifted musician. i never had anyone show me anything. i just learned it on my own. ♪ >> it's not a lot of separation between building chairs and building instruments and then sitting in those same chairs to play music on those instruments that you've built and max has always help make that happen here. >> we never know in a day's time
8:43 am
who is going to walk in. it gives us a lot of pleasure to be able to add a little spark to somebody's life. ♪ >> you always have to have the last note, don't you, max? >> i love that guy. max told us his high school home room teacher told him he was the least likely to do anything worthwhile with his life. >> proven wrong. >> absolutely! absolutely. >> curtis granderson plays on a much bigger stage. he hit 41 homers for the yankees and drove in 119 runs to finish fourth in the american league's most valuable player vote. >> some say he should have finished much higher in that vote. the grandee ma'am is the son of two and he has a new book "learning and growing through sports." there it is. we have it here on the set as well. curtis granderson good morning. >> good morning.
8:44 am
how are you? >> good to have you with us. >> thanks for having me. >> the book is divided up into nine separate innings. >> basically, we have nine innings in baseball and nine chapters talking about the importance of your friends, family education, setting goals. different things that we've had had to go through growing up that kids today have to continue to go through as they grow up. the main thing showing that i'm not much different than you. you know? all of the different issues that you had to deal with, i had to deal with to let me get to this point where i am today. >> so much talk and so much discussion typically, when there is a scandal about athletes as role models. what a great thing i think for any parent to show their child you as a role model, i play baseball, i'm lucky. you know, you're very good and you're an incredibly gifted athlete but you said like these young kids growing up and having to work at these things. >> we all have to go through the peer pressure of choosing the right friends and staying out of trouble and none of us are perfect so we had a little bit
8:45 am
of trouble but knowing what to do and saying yes or no to certain situations to allow me to continue to play sports and be the person i am today. >> one thing is cool is the illustrations. >> we did it in michigan where we had kids throughout the entire state of michigan and we collected from the cities. in the yankees we did all five boroughs which is amazing. i know i couldn't draw that well so i'm glad when they asked we are putting those kids in there, i thought, great, because i couldn't do it. >> anything that stood you when you look at the illustrations? for children it's an important way to express themselves. >> i think it was a mixture of the age of the kids doing it and how well they did it and some of the kids i met along the way their confidence went through the roof and know i can do something well and look how far my accomplishments go and now i'm in a book. who knows what else i can be and
8:46 am
therefore the title, "all you can be." >> what is your future? >> the future is bright and the bar stays high. >> awesome season. >> thank you. i'm still missing a ring on this finger. not a wedding ring but a championship ring. looking to get that soon. this book was the first of hopefully a couple of more to come and it's amazing to get a chance to be named an author. somebody said that to me the other day and i stood back and said, i actually hm. >> does it carry a lot of weight as far as accolades? >> yes. the fact i have a book that someone wants to purchase and buy, it's amazing. >> education is important to you. what do you think was the most important lesson you had growing up? >> i think the big thing across the board is education. probably the biggest accolade is that i graduated from college. i'm one of about 28 players out of 750 baseball players with a
8:47 am
college degree. it's a small number and i've played in a world series and been drafted but no one can ever take that away from me so i'm prideful i get a chance to do that and i have fun playing and doing it every day. >> you are a fantastic role model for my kids and so many others, so thank you. >> a sort of book you can pick up. a 10-year-old kid not feeling too good about himself so he picks that up and reads it and feels better. >> we go from 10 years and on the way up. yesterday, an older lady said i enjoyed reading that all the way through. >> curtis granderson thank you. come back any time. yo [ male announcer ] are you paying more and more for cable and enjoying it less and less? stop paying for second best. upgrade to verizon fios and get tv, internet and phone for our best price online -- just $79.99 a month for two years with a 2 year agreement. it's an amazing holiday deal.
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but don't wait. it's only available for a limited time. so go to to sign up. act now and we'll add a special bonus -- $300 back. fios delivers the best picture quality plus america's fastest most consistent most reliable internet. spend the holidays saving money. switch to fios and get our best price online -- just $79.99 a month for two years with a 2 year agreement when you order online. save $840 in your first two years. and don't forget your special bonus -- $300 back. hurry, offer ends soon. go to contact the verizon center for customers with disabilities that's at 800-974-6006 tty/v. fios. a network ahead.
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big night forhe music
8:50 am
industry coming up. we are about to hear this year's grammy nominations. taylor swift is one of the big names you'll likely here and one of the hottest names is adele. >> nominees will be revealed tonight during a special live concert on cbs. with a look at the top categories is joe levy our music man who has covered the music business for "rolling stone" and many more. maxim. not maximum. >> don't you look at the pictures in maxim? you're a guy. >> the big nominee tonight is adele. adele has one of the -- is the biggest record of the year. two of the biggest singles and young talent and a lot of raw emotion on this album and it's the kind of thing the grammys love. it's a young singer who has a classic sound. >> she's got a great story too. people are drawn to her music and her songs, but also her
8:51 am
story. >> that's right. in the bigcategory she is shoo-in for album and -- >> who is the best nominees new artist nominees. i think nicki mi dunn najnaj cartoon who is a classic. i think lesser known acts. foster had a big hit single this year. and a young country band called the band perry. three siblings from mississippi had a big, big hit this year on an album that is building about two years. >> haven't heard them. well, now i have. >> now you have. you're not a country radio fan but if you were a country radio fan you would be living with this band over a year now. >> i am a country fan but not heard of them. gaga? >> lady gaga has one of the biggest selling albums of the year and sold a million albums in a week. is she going to get nominations?
8:52 am
yes. i'm not sure which ones. her album has not been as big as her last one and i'm not sure if she is a song of the year nominee. sounds a lot like madonna and i don't know what they will make of that. >> i feel like gaga and minaj are sharing bikinis. snapshots of the business. this is a snapshot into what is happening in the music biz. the grammys this year the trend is what moving ahead? >> i think the biggest stories of the grammys is youth and women. a lot of big artists, taylor swift and adele, rihanna and katy perry are all female artists and all young and under 25. p >> nicki manaj best new artist seems like she has been around forever now.
8:53 am
>> she has released
8:54 am
8:55 am
it is now five minutes before 9:00, more clouds have drifted interest the southwest sky but looking in all the other directions just brit blue sky and cold temperatures at least compared to what we have been used, to meteorologist tim williams in for marty bass in the first warning weather center. >> we will get up to a high close to normal, which is 51, we will get to about 53 with lows dropping down to around frozing, clear to partly cloudy, tomorrow 52, 54 on friday, the sun stays with us saturday and sunday, 52, 56, by monday we are up again around 60 degrees don. >> gary giordano, the man accused in the disappearance of robyn gardner is out of jail but is not home yet. monique griego has his story. >> reporter: good morning, everyone, his attorney says he
8:56 am
is excited to return home to the united states but he is still in aruba. these are new images of him moments after he walked out of jail last night. he is expected to leech leave the island today. the boyfriend and family remain convinced he is hiding something but the court ruled he could not be held any longer. prosecutors do plan to appeal that decision, don. >> thank you very much, this morning city homicide detectives are investigating a shooting death in southwest baltimore last night. our media partner the sun reports an adult male was shot in the head and later died. so far no arrests have been made. two more people have died from a prescription george's county house fire, simon monroe and janet macklin died yesterday. their home caught fire on sunday when six-year-old amare'
8:57 am
noel was killed they are blaming an overloaded power strine for the blaze. the state is expected to call its star witness today, the woman whose voice was heard on the call is scetd scheduled to testify. his attorneys say she made the calls, his lawyer says it is to get people to the polls. another person is charged and will got on trial later. phillips seafood is expanding again right here just before the official power plant opening they announced they will open it. it will feature nearly 5000 slot machines and several now restaurants there at the
8:58 am
casino, some other other well- known restaurants are also
8:59 am
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