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tv   Eyewitness News at 4  CBS  November 30, 2011 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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out of patience. police in riot gear crack down on more occupy wall street protestors. >> the raid under the cloak of darkness and where the protestors go from here. >> hi. i'm kai jackson. >> and i'm mary bubala. here's what people are talking about. >> ending occupations. police in los angeles arrest hundreds of anti-wall street protestors during an early- morning raid. bigad shaban reports, the demonstrators have lived in the park for more than two months. crews are putting concrete barriers and chain-link fences in parks in los angeles. where anti-wall street protestors camped overnight. police swept in, clearing out
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hundreds of demonstrators. there were a few isolated scuffles, but city officials say the massive operation was mostly peaceful. police arrested around 300 people who refused to leave. some protestors linked their arms in defiance. >> reporter: police even used a cherry picker to get protestors down from a tree. >> i couldn't be prouder of the men and women of the los angeles police department. the strength they showed in the face of a potentially dynamic situation is the key reason why city hall park was closed in an orderly manner. >> the park will remain closed until it's clean. but the mayor says protestors can continue to exercise their first amendment right, just around the block on the steps of city hall. >> reporter: crews are sorting through the rubble and debris through the park. officials are concerned that demonstrators may have left hazardous materials behind. so far, no illegal weapons or
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drugs are found. protestors are expected to hold a rally later today. in los angeles, bigat shavan. the city has denied the city's permit to remain in mceldon square where they have been living for two months. the city is also rejecting the request to camp out at the park 24 hours a day. hear what baltimore's mayor is saying they are planning for the occupy encampment at the harbor. more trouble for jerry sandusky. the former penn state football coach is now facing his first lawsuit in the sex abuse scandal. vic is in the newsroom with today's development. vic? [ no audio ] >> and i'm going to pick up the story there. the lawsuit accuses sandusky of sexually abusing the anonymous accuser for a four-year period. the 29-year-old man who filed
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the suit says he feels tormented after learning at least eight others may have also been abused. the suit accuses san dunky -- sandusky of more when he was 8 years old. sandusky acknowledges he showered with the boys, but denies molesting them. penn state's head coach and the university president were fired for allegedly covering up that abuse. there is new information in a scandal that is rocking syracuse university. a former ball boy is coming forward, saying basketball coach bernie fine molested him. mike fine said he was placed at the home when he was ail child. fine was fired sunday. the team's head coach spoke out for the first time after last night's game. >> well, to put everything into words.
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and i thought a lot today about different things. but i'm saddened in many ways by the -- what's unfolded. >> fine has not been officially charged with any crime. hear from the former ball boy about his allegations against fine, coming up all new at 5:00. gary giordano is back in the united states. the gaightders -- gaithersburg man left aruba and flew to new york by way of miami. these photos show him still in the back of the car. giordano is presumed suspect in the death of gardner. they brought him back, saying there is not enough evidence. it is unclear if he will stay in his home or return to montgomery county. wjz is live in gaithersburg. >> the prosecution continues to build its case again today, against one of the men accused of the controversial robocall
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against bob ehrlich's campaign. derek valcourt has the latest. >> on the stand this morning, the state's star witness says her boss told her to record the robocalls on behalf of the ehrlich campaign. >> i would call it a political tactic of counterintuitist. >> -- counter intuitivity. >> republican campaign of bob ehrlich, to 112,000 democrats in prince george's county. the call told voters, governor o'malley had won elections, even before the polls closed. >> we're okay. relax. everything is fine. the only thing left is to watch it on tv tonight. >> reporter: prosecutors argue the robocall is illegal because it was meant to keep democrats from voting. they blame paul suric and rontda russell's boss, campaign
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manager julius henson. but they said it was meant to be reverse psychology. >> this is to stimulate voters, saying, hey, my vote was for ehrlich. he's down and out. i'm going to go. >> russell said she used computerized phone lists of democrats she already had available, rather than generating new lists of republican voters. >> i used lists of previous clients because i was being lazy. it wasn't out of anyone's asking or anyone being explicit. it was my decision to use the list. >> reporter: also on the stand, several of bob ehrlich's campaign staffers who said they were presented with voter suppression proposal. but they say the campaign rejected that idea. and all of them testified they had no idea about the election night robocall. derek valcourt, wjz eyewitness news. >> the defense is expected to begin its case tomorrow. we'll have more on today's testimony, coming up all new at
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5:00 and 6:00. out of control. a driver in middle river leaves the road, crashes through a fence and hit the house. the impact sent the car flipping over in the front yard. it happened near kingston and south horn road, just a short time ago. two medic units are on the scene. it's unclear if there are any injuries. we'll update the story for you coming up at 5:00 and 6:00. filling the sky with blue angels. the famous squad of naval aviators is coming tomorrow at noon. they'll be here to get ready for next spring's bicentennial celebration. it runs june 13th through the 19th. what a site the blue angels are. it will be clearing skies. here's a look outside. the skies are cloudy now. bob turk is here with the updated numbers from first warning weather. hi, bob. >> we had sun this morning. that means clouds will come in. they will clear out.
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chilly air coming in. but it's not really producing any precipitation, just a lot of clouds. that will get out of here tonight. and tomorrow looks just perfect. take a look at radar. the only thing we're looking at on radar right now, up across new york state. a few light flurries of snow, across the adirondacks. that's about it. we're down to 47, which is close to normal for this time of year. and tomorrow, a day with a lot more sunshine as high pressure builds in. normal temperature this time of year. tomorrow is 50. we're looking for a high of maybe 51 or 52 degrees. so it looks like back to pretty normal conditions, even a little warmer by the weekend. mary? >> all right, bob. thank you. we'll check in on our roads right now. here's kristy breslin, at wjz traffic control. hi, kristy. [ no audio ] >> issues with our microphones here at wjz. we will continue to bring you some of the traffic a little
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bit later in our newscast. >> all right. still ahead on eyewitness news at 4:00, a new study prompts action. what the fda is doing about claims of arsenic in apple juice. 35 years after his execution, a new victim of mass murderer john wayne gasey is identified. how the body was linked to the convicted killer. why are 4,000 people going to don red ponchos out on this football field tomorrow? stay tuned and find out. and if you need a poncho when you go outside tonight, bob will let you know if you'll need sunglasses tomorrow morning in your first warning weather forecast. what does home feel like?
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it's in the faces of americans
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who built generations of memories in their home and then saw it slipping away. until friends they have never met, turned out to lend a hand. for more than 30 years, rebuilding together has spread hope to home owners in need. providing free home rehabilitation, making homes safer and more energy efficient. go to rebuilding together dot org and share the feeling of home. preventing nightmare scenarios to prevent flyers. the most prominent example happened last month in
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connecticut, when hundreds of passengers were trapped on planes for hours. the faa is working on improved communications between the airports, airlines, and air traffic controllers. the obama administration promises to make the decision before the christmas season. ringling brothers and barnum and bailey circus has agreed to pay a record $275,000 fine. the company admits no wrongdoing. the lawsuit claims the circus violates the endangered species act. well, millions of parents give their children fruit juices, but there are new concerns about what is in them. manuel gallegus reports for wjz from new york with the troubling results. >> reporter: consumer reports tested 88 samples of apple and grape juice and found both arsenic and lead. >> we think it's especially important for children whose young, small bodies are growing
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and who are much more vulnerable to those exposures, based on the frequency of how much they consume juice. >> reporter: 10% of the juice samples had arsenic levels above what is allowed in drinking water. specifically, a type called inorganic. and 25% had more lead than what is allowed in bottled water. what do you think about lead and arsenic in these juices? >> well, that's not a very good thing. i wouldn't be happy about that. and i wouldn't purchase it any longer. >> that's crazy. i would never guess that arsenic or anything would be in there. you obviously don't want to be drinking that. >> the government has rules about arsenic and lead in drinking water. but for now, those standards don't apply to fruit juices. >> reporter: since some samples contain higher levels of arsenic, the fda says it is expanding surveillance activities, to help determine
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if a guidance level can be established. >> we think the fda should move swiftly to put guidance in place, followed by standards for arsenic and lead in juices. >> reporter: for now, they are recommending that parents avoid giving juice to babies under 6 months. and children over 6 months old should drink no more than a few ounces per day. >> a few months ago, the talk show host, dr. oz, warned about high arsenic levels in june. but the fda said his testing was flawed. a huge day for investors on wall street. stocks surged in the opening bell for a day-long rally. the dow gains 490 points. the s&p up 51. nasdaq adds 104. let's go to new york now for tonight's cbs money watch update. stocks enjoy their biggest rally in months. on news the world's central banks are coming to the rescue of the financial system.
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the u.s. federal reserve and five other central banks are working together to make it cheaper for banks around the world to borrow u.s. dollars. banks need dollars to fund their daily operations. without them, we could have a credit clash, like the one we saw three years ago, following the collapse of lehman brothers. better than expected news on the job market also put investors in a buying mood. private employers added 206,000 jobs last month. that was better than expected. and a number of planned cuts fell. the reports point to some improvements in the job market. and hope to raise the government report which comes out on friday. traders shrugged off a ratings downgrade by standard and poors for six major banks, including bank of america and citigroup. the downgrades was based on how much debt a bank was carrying and how well it can weather another economic downturn. >> reporter: the number of americans who signed a contract to buy homes jumped 10% in october to the highest level in a year. but the national association of
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realtors says the gain follows three months of decline and is not enough to signal a housing recovery. that's your money watch. for more, go to at the new york stock exchange, i'm alexis christoforous. in the 30 years since a.i.d.s. and hiv was diagnosed in america, baltimore has seen its new infection rate climb to be the fifth worst in the country. but as mike schuh reports, some are looking to fight back in a very big way. >> reporter: on this giant field, 4,000 people willing to wear this red plastic poncho, with some patience and a little direction, are going to -- >> stand up and create the world's largest human red ribbon. >> reporter: the goal of that is to raise awareness of hiv. >> reporter: an attempt specifically targeted for thursday. >> to celebrate and bring attention to hiv for world a.i.d.s. day. >> letting people be aware of hiv and a.i.d.s. >> and why does it matter to
4:18 pm
you? >> why does it matter to me? because i have it. >> reporter: williams had it for 24 years. >> when i found out i had it, i lost the will to live. >> reporter: you're looking at the very first time in public he's ever talked about it. >> i didn't think i'd be here this long. >> reporter: he says for the past four years, it helped keep him alive. it's one of the groups making this world record attempt, hoping people will connect the dots between awareness and action. >> it's not a magical connection. but anything we can do that reminds people of the right choices that they need to make. >> reporter: william's choices led to hiv. and 24 years of hope. >> well, i was told never give up. >> reporter: to put them over and in the record books, they need about 1,000 walkups tomorrow to wear these red ponchos. registration begins here at coppin at 9:00. the ribbon will form at about 11:30. in west baltimore, mike schuh, wjz eyewitness news. back to you on tv hill.
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>> mike, thank you. check in for the red ribbon will be at the coppin athletic complex on gwens falls just south of mondawmin mall. let's check on the roads with kristy breslin at wjz traffic control. >> hi, kai. hi, everyone. we have a couple of delays to update you on out there. slowing from 795 to edmondson avenue. on the west side inner loop, also heavy in that direction. stop and go, from baltimore national pike to security boulevard, over on the north side inner loop, heavy there from dulaney valley boulevard to perring parkway. now, let's take a look, as you can see, things slowing down there. and we'll take another check, 95 southbound at whitemarsh boulevard. you can see volume is beginning to build there in both directions. this traffic report is brought to you by navy federal credit union. celebrating the military for over 75 years. if you are a family in the
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navy, army, marine corps or department of defense, they're happy to serve you. he wants more freedom. the requests john hinckley is making and the ironic day he chooses to make it. guys, if you want to become a father, you may want to stay away from wi-fi. we'll explain. the rain is gone. and it took the warm air with it. bob says the weather is going to improve. he's got your updated first warning forecast. wjz is always on. for the top stories, click ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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a live look outside. it has been kind of a cloudy, dreary day. but i do see that sunshine there. >> there's been a lot of sun east of us, southwest of us. but we're getting stuck in these clouds, at least in the afternoon. started off bright and sunny. but a bit of a disturbance coming in overhead behind that big storm. still stuck us with the clouds. they will move out tonight, later this evening, it will clear out. it will be a chilly night, normally chilly this time of year. and looks like a lot of sun coming in for the rest of the
4:24 pm
week. take a look at temperatures now. compared to where we have been, it's a lot cooler. 47. dew point down to 29 degrees. west winds, still 16. the barometer 29.86, on the way back up. 28 right now in oakland. that is where the cold air is. 39 in cumberland. 49, ocean city. 50, pax river. once again, the dew points pretty low. a lot of areas tonight will get down around freezing or a few degrees below freezing by morning, as long as the winds die down. 49, kent island, annapolis. and 45 up in westminster. 46 in bel air. west winds right now. usually, the west winds as they come down the mountains, they really do tend to dry things out. eastern shore has a lot of sun today. just a little further away from that component of clouds. later tonight, as the winds will slowly diminish, they will start to see the clouds kind of just break up. big low pressure to our north. snow on the western side. see what happened. that big area of low pressure
4:25 pm
spinning around the atmosphere. and it's still bringing moisture around. in fact, the colder air was down here. cool air didn't come from the west. came, believe it or not, from the south and southwest. it was colder from the south. still see some clouds to the noartle. and rain showers warmer. boston in the 50s today. still warm. southern new hampshire, still in the low 50s. really mild for those folks. forrure -- for our region, high pressure will build in tomorrow. and eventually, the cool air will still be with us. but behind this high, the winds go back to the southwest, beginning friday into the weekend. and temperatures going back up into the 50s again. getting above normal for this time of year, which is 50 for tomorrow, by the way. northwest winds on the bay. 10 to 15. bay temp around 52 degrees. and there will be a small craft advisory from now through thursday afternoon, for the breezes. tonight, it will gradually clear out. down to freezing. some upper 20s, some of the
4:26 pm
colder, suburban areas. tomorrow, however, it will be a nice start to the month. normal high, 50. let's call it 52 with a lot of sunshine. not much of a breeze. all in all, it will be a nice, crisp, sunny thursday. >> nice. as we move into the weekend. thank you, bob. well, cbs primetime highlights the hottest musical acts tonight. tune in to the grammy nomination's concert, live at 10:00, followed by eyewitness news at 11:00. scott pelley has a preview of what's coming up tonight on the cbs evening news. gang members are playing on top college sports teams. but how much do the schools really know? we'll take a closer look in a cbs news, sports illustrated report, gangs and sports, tonight on the cbs evening news. army base shooting ram pain. -- rampage. could the suspect in the fort hood shooting massacre face the death penalty. the patented ends. what one major drug company is
4:27 pm
doing. character attack. will the allegations of extramarital affair be enough to force herman cain in the gop race for president. ,,,,,,,,,,
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it is 4:30. french degrees. mostly cloudy. hello. thanks for staying with eyewitness news. i'm denise koch. and i'm vic carter. here's what people are talking about. >> focusing on the future. herman cain says he is planning for the future, despite the problems plugging -- plaguing his cam feign. it appears the questions about women is benefiting newt gingrich. >> reporter: a friendly crowd turned to dayton, ohio. the presidential hopeful focused on his 9-9-9 tax plan, steering clear of the personal problems, plaguing his campaign.
4:31 pm
>> the establishment does not want herman cain to get this nomination. the liberals do not want herman cain to get this nomination. but i happen to believe that the american people have a different idea about who will get this nomination. >> reporter: cain is rethinking his strategy, following accusations from ginger white, the atlanta businesswoman claims she had an affair with herman cain that lasted more than a decade. >> campaign aides call it a reassessment. cain's campaign manager tells cbs news, his candidate is not dropping out of the race for the white house. >> the affair accusation comes on the heels of sexual harassment allegations that pushed cain from the top of the polls down to third place. as his support slides away, newt gingrich is gaining momentum. the former house speaker is wrapping up a swing through south carolina. polls have him leading in that state by 11 points. he is determined to win the first primary in the south come january.
4:32 pm
>> from 1980 to the present, the winner of the south carolina primary has been the republican nominee. >> reporter: gingrich is working hard to hold onto his front runner status, less than five weeks to remain until the first votes are cast at the iowa caucuses. at the white house, tara mergener, wjz eyewitness news. >> meanwhile, mitt romney calls it a badge of honor to have the democrats target being him. he dismisses gingrich's rise in the polls, calling him a lifelong politician, not the best choice to run the country. john hinckley shot and wounded president reagan. a hearing began today to see if he should be allowed additional visits at his mother's home in virginia, with the goal of living outside the facility at some time. today is also the anniversary of the signing of the brady
4:33 pm
bill, which puts restrictions on people asking for handguns. kai has new developments in a case. >> military judge is hearing arguments on several pretrial motions, including whether major nidal hasan should face. he is charged with 13 counts of premeditated murder. and 33 counts of attempted premeditated murder. u.s. officials believe it was inspired by a radical u.s.- borne muslim cleric. he also asked to recuse himself. >> he earned his medical degree in bethesda. his trial is expected in march. >> reporter: a former rock climber pleads guilty today to child abuse. michael lyons admits he had sex with the 14-year-old at the facility in columbia several times this year. his defense lawyer calls the sex consensual.
4:34 pm
lyons is expected to be out next year. he am have to register as a sex offender. a fatal hit-and-run crash. 72-year-old louis potise was struck from behind while driving on the baltimore parkway. he later died at the hospital. police are searching for the driver in a dark-colored mercedes, responsible for the crash. officers say they may have been racing with a silver lexus. anyone with information is encouraged to call police. in healthwatch, a scramble from pfizer to keep profits from rolling in. that's because it loses its patent today. that means cheaper, generic versions have to be on the market. pfizer will continue paying for the bills. patents on prescriptions only last a small time before generic versions can be made. mary is in the newsroom with the latest discovery. >> researchers found laptops,
4:35 pm
connected to wi-fi internet may damage sperm, when placed too closely to the male reproductive organ. it took samples from two and stored one underneath the laptop connected to wifi. researchers found the sample exposed to the wi-fi was three times more likely to have dna damage. experts say the electro radiation admitted. meanwhile, semen place under the wi-fi did not experience sperm damage. >> reporter: scientist says more experiments are needed to verify the link. well, a gray way to end november. imagine that. take a look outside. it's cool, breezy. what can we expect as the calendar changes to december? bob is here with the updated numbers from first warning weather. >> december around here can mean pretty nasty weather from time to time. we're not going to start out nasty. it's going to be a lot sunnier,
4:36 pm
brighter. except for the lingering clouds. up to the north, a few rain and light flurries of snow across northern new york state. that's about it. take a look at tomorrow's forecast. high pressure will build in. that means we'll have a lot more sunshine. but normal temperatures tomorrow around 50. we're predicting a high tomorrow around 50, 52 degrees, which is about where it should be this time of year. a nice end of the week. with a lot of dry and sunny conditions on tap. vic? >> thanks, bob. let's check on the roads now with kristy breslin at traffic control. the congestion is still building, especially around the beltway. as far as the north side of the inner loop goes. heavy there from charles street to harford road. and heavy as well, from york road to the harrisburg expressway. at least 20 minutes in that direction. traveling on the west side inner loop, stop and go there, from fred ike -- frederick to security boulevard. and 70 westbound, still struggling there. as far as accidents go, still quite a few out there. walgrove road at main street.
4:37 pm
in the reisterstown area. police activity, we're following washington boulevard at mayfield. also in essex. back river road at middleborough. and also harford road at chesterfield. let's now take a live look. you can see, things are moving but continuing to build up on the beltway there at providence road. this is brought to you by the rock of ages. it's at the lyric, for three performances only, december 2nd and third. you can get your tickets today. back to you. >> looks like it will be a fight to the finish in the pizza bolis pro football challenge. jessica kartalija is at with this challenge. >> reporter: at a jam-packed bobblehead leader board after 12 weeks of the football challenge. but still, adam may remains on top, just ever so slightly. stan saunders and i are behind. tim williams there with 121. 120 points. and john and mary have 119. the big winner this week,
4:38 pm
ronnie sword senior of joppa. he correctly predicted all 16 games. he wins best buy and pizza bolis gift cards. way to go, ronnie. you can still sign up to play. and click on pro football challenge, under quick links. back to you. >> thank you, jessica. this weekend, the ravens will be on the road in cleveland to take on the browns. watch the game live here on wjz this sunday, starting at 4:00. and straight ahead on wjz's eyewitness news at 4:00. overseas dangers. the warning from the state department after three students are detained in egypt. and harried husband. the important item he left behind in his shopping cart, after loading three children and his groceries in the car. and it is a chilly, gray afternoon. but the sun is coming back. stick around for the updated first warning forecast. ,,
4:39 pm
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the u.s. state department is warning american students abroad to avoid protests in egypt. the warning comes just days after three american students were arrested in demonstrations in egypt. they made it home safely. but officials say the turmoil in egypt is still as dangerous as ever. nearly 900 died in the egypt uprising earlier this year. a new jersey man, accused of killing his daughter has been captured. the nationwide manhunt for arthur morgan iii, ended yesterday. he was found in san diego. his daughter was found strapped in a car seat, this in a creek 20 miles from her home. a major search organization steps in to help find a missing florida mother. >> reporter: well, denise, it's been nearly two weeks since michelle parker vanished without a trace. police say the father of her kids, dale smith junior, is the prime suspect in the case.
4:43 pm
now he's contacted ecusearch to find her. police still haven't found her. parker vanished november 17th, shortly after she appeared on the people's court with smith. >> parker was battling her children's father over an engagement ring. the judge ruled the pair should split the value. one of the 8 previously unknown victims of serial killer john wayne gasey has been identified. mike parker reports from chicago. >> reporter: for three decades, the family of a 19-year-old man who vanished, wondered if he, like 32 others, had been murdered by gasey. today, sheriff tom dart said dna evidence proves that william bundy of chicago was among the bodies found hidden in a crawl space at the home. >> today is a terribly sad day for my family, especially my brother and i. >> reporter: in the spring, the family will put up a marker in resurrection cemetery in
4:44 pm
justice, where bundy's remains are buried, with seven other still unidentified victims. >> but i know that the sorrow will eventually go away. and i'll have a place to visit him. >> since dart set up a hotline for other wondering families months ago, investigators have fielded 125 inquiries, except for the bundy case, no matches yet. the detective heading the operation made another discovery some weeks ago. >> going to old boxes and things like that, i found an envelope containing gasey's blood. >> reporter: three vials of the serial killer's blood. gasey's dna has now been sent to the national dna database. >> just so it's compared against any other crime scene dna, but for purposes of completeness. >> possibly other murders. >> possibly. >> you can't put anything past someone so evil. >> the detectives can see that the chances of linking gasey by dna to other unsolved murders are remote at best. but they believe it is worth
4:45 pm
the effort to get a complete picture of this psychopathic killer. two pieces of adolf hitler's sheets go up for auction. sheets embroidered with swastikas went up for $3100. it was embroidered with the initial and a.h. an anonymous online bidder bought the linens. a cry for help is caught on camera. >> help. help. >> he's bleeding. >> help. >> reporter: >> it happened after the officer stopped the suspect seen running. the man resisted arrest. that's when he started to strangle the officer. luckluckily, a woman and three others saw the man and rushed to help. the attacker took off. and on the same night, he was seen shirtless inside a restaurant. police are still looking for the man. before opening day next year. among the additions will be a statue
4:46 pm
honoring a fan who died. >> i've got memories that revolve around baseball with my own kids. >> reporter: green will tell the story. shannon stone and his 6-year- old cooper at the ballpark in arlington. >> they're talking about what they have seen in the game. and what's -- what, you know, doing the play-by-play. and i want to put a ball, either in cooper's glove or in his hand here. >> reporter: the artist has been hand-picked by texas rangers president, nolan ryan. to create a statue, honoring stone. a brownwood firefighter. stone died in july, after falling from the stands at a rangers home game. he was trying to catch a ball for cooper. >> the figures were great. -- were greet the ballpark visitors as they come in to the home plate corner. >> reporter: green plans on working closely with shannon's widow and cooper on the life-
4:47 pm
sized bronze statue. it will be called rangers fans. >> we kind of tell that story right as they're coming in. >> reporter: he hopes to unveil this story in april, just in time for the start of the season. >> reporter: you walk away with how special the relationship is and how fun it can be to be at the ballpark with your family, your son, with your dad. >> reporter: the statue honoring shannon stone and his son, will be the third sculpture at rangers ballpark in arlington. a father accidentally leaves his baby in a shopping cart at a grocery store in kentucky. the man was loading his three other children and his groceries into his car when he simply forgot to pick up the baby. people who passed by saw the baby sitting alone in the parking lot and called police. police say the father realized his mistake after driving a few blocks. no criminal charges will be filed. hollywood is mourning the loss of a comic genius. patrice o'neill. o'neill took part in the
4:48 pm
central comedy roast of charlie sheen in september. and also performed on sitcoms including arrested development and "the office." up close and personal with hollywood veteran tom cruise. mark steines has the latest. >> reporter: coming up, our new tom cruise interview. and the amazing footage you have not seen from the set of mission impossible, ghost protocol. >> energy, energy, energy. >> i love making these movies. it's hot. on fire. >> it was a setup. >> the blame points to you and your team. >> reporter: with the imf under fire, tom can't go rogue in this mission impossible. ethan has been disavowed by his own government and must learn to be a team player. one is jeremy renner, who has been an analyst until now. but nothing is as it seems. >> who are you really? >> very analytical. and not very emotional about
4:49 pm
things. >> he brings a physicality and an intelligence and a charm. and it's a surprise. >> reporter: mission impossible goes protocol, opens december 21st. >> now? >> yes. commit. jump. >> jump? >> jump. >> and i catch you? >> jump! >> reporter: also tonight, kourtney kardashian's surprise pregnancy. and network news bloopers you just have to see. that and much more coming up later on entertainment tonight. >> and you can see entertainment tonight at 7:30, here on wjz. >> well, two zebras escaped from a virginia zoo. the zoo said outside workers left the gate open. zebras saw it and ran free. animal control officers safely captured them with tranquilizers. they are now back at the leesburg animal park. and they were unharmed. but the people who drove by and
4:50 pm
saw them in virginia. >> imagine the 911 operator. you see a what? and it's where? >> uh-huh. >> looklook at the painting on that horse. the sun made an early appearance today but was covered by clouds for most of the afternoon. >> and bob turk has the updated first warning forecast coming up next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
4:51 pm
4:52 pm
4:53 pm
we got a peek at the sun setting. >> sports down around 4:44. finally beginning to clear out. and it will be chilly. temperatures getting back where they should be, back in the 30s at night. even colder in some of the suburban areas. tomorrow night, looks like a lot more sunshine. in fact, hardly any clouds. it's a lot cooler than yesterday. although this time of the day yesterday, we dropped down around 50, 47 now. dew point 29 degrees, which means a lot dryer air coming in. west winds coming down at 16. they'll be coming down. the barometer on the way back
4:54 pm
up. high pressure builds in. only 28 now in oakland. 39 in cumberland. 42. a little warmer on the eastern side of the mountains. upper 40s to near 50 degrees. loamly, 50. by the bay, which is around 51, 52 degrees. obviously any of those thermometers, close to the water, will stay a lot warmer. 54 today. our normal high now on today is 51. tomorrow, it drops to 50. 32 is the average low now. we just reached that freezing mark for an average nighttime low. 74 and 12. oh, 1929. 12 degrees, probably some snow on the ground that morning. but really, 74, the record high 1933. right now, we still have a west wind in the region. still have the clouds. but it's beginning to break up. and later tonight, it will totally clear up. all because of this deep area of low pressure that is still spinning around.
4:55 pm
bringing milder on the east. still in massachusetts, maine, new hampshire. on the chilly side. this cold air actually went down across the deep south. and it was actually colder down there, usually it's not. but our air wasn't coming directly from canada. it was going on a secure route. tomorrow, with high pressure building in. winds will be dying down. it will still be cool friday as the high pressure moves off the coast. winds start coming back to the west/southwest. a little milder air. and milder still for the weekend. but it should be mainly sunny. so a nice weekend once again. northwest winds at 10 to 15. bay temp, around 52 degrees. as you can see tonight, then, it will clear out later on. right around 32, which is smack dab normal. tomorrow, back up with sunshine. a nice start to december. dry, but sunny. a high of 52 degrees. so don't forget the winter coat. you'll probably need it, for
4:56 pm
sure, in a week or two. things are probably going to change. >> yeah. >> most likely. >> we'll see you. >> thank you, bob. still to come on eyewitness news tonight. >> out of aruba. but not out of trouble. i'm mike hellgren, with what's next for gary giordano. [ mom ] hey guys. guys... [ female announcer ] pillsbury cinnamon rolls with cinnabon cinnamon are an irresistible sunday morning idea. nothing calls them to the table faster. sunday morning ideas made easy. [ younger brother ] oh, do you want it? yeah. ok, we'll split it. [ female announcer ] made fresh, so light... ...buttery and flaky... this is half. that is not half. guys i have more. [ female announcer ] do you have enough crescents?
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4:59 pm
is the city on the verge of clearing out this area? that's coming up. >> check in for more on these stories and all the day's breaking news. >> eyewitness news at 5:00 starts now. on the move. gary giordano is back and on the move in aruba. >> he's suspected back in the disappearance of a maryland woman on vacation. where is he tonight. and will he remain free? >> hi. i'm kai jackson. >> and i'm mary bubala. here's what people are talking about. >> from an aruban jail to new york city. the man accused in the disappearance of frederick native robyn gard


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