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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  December 5, 2011 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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very latest. >> reporter: i'm here with chopper 15 bringing us these images. this is a middle school not far from fort meade. this afternoon a group of special forces police officer were serving an narcotics search at this home. part of a long drug investigation. police said they found 27 pounds of marijuana on his person, also $900 in cash. after that it is when police officers went inside the home. they took another person there into custody for questioning. this was a joint task force with a number of different officers from various agencies. that's when police say a baltimore county police officer had an accidental discharge of his weapon and it struck a baltimore city officer in the arm. now the injuries here luckily are not that serious. that officer was taken to shock trauma via ambulance, they did
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not bring a helicopters. police say the officer is on a routine administrative leave while they figure out exactly why this weapon discharged. hitting the bullet point, a major drug operation busted 27 pounds of marijuana taken a baltimore city police officer accidentally shot in the arm. the injuries here are not life threatening. mary, back to you. >> all right adam. thank you for all the information. we'll bring you an update as soon as we get them. jury deliberations are in the way. he's one of the man accused of trying to influence theout come of last year's election using robo calls. derek valcourt has the latest on the decision facing the jury, derek. >> the jury is now -- has that case in their hands and they are now tasked while trying to listen to both sides of the case. the prosecution and the judge have clearly indicated they
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feel this was a fraudulent robocall intended to sway voters. nay say it's up to the jurors now to decide what they feel when they listen to this robocal. >> i'm calling to let everyone know that governor o'malley and president obama have been successful. we're okay. relax. everything is fine the only thing that's left is to watch it on tv tonight. >> that call which was agreed by ehrlich's campaign manager. who says there's only one meaning there. it's deceptive, it's wrong. he knew it was wrong. but they say he was just following advice from julius henson. he called it a political misjudgment, a bad decision in
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hind sight he says it all seems stupid now but not he argued illegal -- hindsight. >> there was no conspiracy on the second of november. i think we established that. i think the testimony points to the defendant. >> the call did not identify which campaign it came from as required. henson faces a second trial. they have just been dismissed after telling the judge they were tired. they were ready to go home. they will be back here at the courthouse resuming their deliberations tomorrow morning, 9:00. live at the courthouse, derek valcourt, eyewitness news. you will be there. derek thank you very much. if convicted on all four criminal charges henson faces a possibility of nine years in prison. the search continues for a river man who went missing.
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the man vanished friday at the triafiat reservoir. he was inspecting an area for a deer hunt when he disappeared. his boat eventually washed ashore without him. duckett lives in middle river with his family. family says they're not giving up home. des era e nicholson kicked and stabbed another protester. she is in stable condition with bruises to her arms and legs. new insight into a frightening abduction of a maryland man. why would al-qaida capture him and hold him. >> reporter: this brings al- qaida into the spotlight again. it's not clear if they bought
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him from other captors or organized the abduction himself. >> i can't imagine if it was my husband or son that captured, the poor families that have to go through this. the unknown is so frightening. >> oh my goodness especially since he was coming home. this was his last assignment. >> reporter: the terrorist group which was weakened is using winestein too make big demands. >> including the ends of all air strikes in afghanistan and pakistan as well as all muslim countries. as well as the release of all muslim prisoners in guantanamo
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bay. >> reporter: we detain this man who has been neck deep in american aid to pakistan since the 1970s. he also referred to wintestein jewish heritage. vandyke knows the terror all too well. >> right now he's completely terrified, he's lost all sense of masculinity, all sense of being in control. >> reporter: the odds are growing longer for his safe return. >> now winstein was in a secure location when he was taken. it was suspected his guards, mary right now the state department says that pakistan is leading the investigation into his whereabouts. >> all right mike thanks. winstein has his wife and children right here in maryland, he's in his 70s and has several medical problems.
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>> starting today it will cost you to -- a long way trip from interstate 95. nearly 38,000 vehicles have traveled the icy seas since it opened 10 days ago. >> big cuts that will impact your mail delivery. the changes that will take effect in just a few months. it'll take longer for your mail to get to its destination. for the first time in 40 years the u.s. postal services says it will slow down first class mail starting this spring. >> it's not fair. >> i think it's ridiculous. >> reporter: right now nearly half of all first class mail arrives the next day. but the postal service plans to close nearly half of its 500 mail processing centers. the result, it will take at least two days to deliver magazines, mail order medications and that birthday card to mom. >> the cuts come as the postal
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service faces default in a $5.5 million payment for retiree health benefits. as most people move from snail mail to e-mail the postoffice has been in the red for the last five years. our network is too big. we've got more capacity in our network than we can afford. >> reporter: the postal service already announced the price of a first class stamp is also going up to 45-cents. 3,700 local postoffices are set to be shut down. nationwide 100,000 postal workers could lose their jobs. >> everything in the world is more efficient and the postoffice is less efficient, it makes no sense whatsoever. >> reporter: the u.s. postal service also wants mail delivery cut down to five days a week. a decision that would need approval from congress. postal officials say today's cuts will save about $3 billion annually but the agency is still expected to lose $14 billion next year. it is a cloudy start to the
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workweek. outside tonight it is overcast but at least we're enjoying great temperatures. >> just a little bit of breaks in the cloud cover. i think later tonight we could have clouds and rain. the rain remains to way to the west. the bulk of that is not moving toward us but is moving across portions of the upper mid-west as you can see. up toward buffalo and down to nashville. eventually the southern end of that will swing by. we do expect to see rain in the region. the main area of rain coming late tomorrow night into wednesday. it may just get cold enough at the very end of the precept on thursday morning. temperatures just above the freezing mark but the ground will be quite warm at that time any way. >> the ravens are back home after a very important win on the road in cleveland. wjz is live at the team's training complex in owins mills. mark viviano joining us, he
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just spoke to john harbaugh, mark. >> reporter: coach john harbaugh says his players have a lose and confident atty taoud in approach but they are aware of the pressures of a play off push -- confident attitude in approach. and it showed in that resounding win at cleveland. the ravens have already established themselves as one of the best teams in the conference. cleveland is far from it and the raven victory in ohio was never really in doubt. with an offense led by ray rice who rushed for more than 200 yards. three wins in a row as the ravens build momentum and a play off resume toward a run at the super bowl. >> it'll be great to have a play off game in baltimore. we know what our fans bring and we just have to win football games from here on out. you know it's clear cut, you know play offs started today we know where we would be at. but we have games left. >> the pressure is to stack
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those winds over the course of the whole month because what you're saying, you're going for that number one spot, ultimately you're playing for a division championship against two teams that are right there with you. so there's pressure to win every week. >> reporter: four games to go and the ravens are favored to win them all. so we ask you with our fan cam. what is the team's biggest challenge ahead? >> i think the biggest challenge is for the ravens to stay consistent. i know that they can do it. i don't think i have any challenges, i think we might be able to go all the way. >> i think the biggest problem is we're consistently. >> the biggest problem is we go to indianapolis. the ravens from baltimore. >> as we take over the town of minneapolis. >> reporter: to get there one of the stops along the way, the colts, the ersays will come
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here to baltimore. they are 0-12. their focus is not the play offs but beating the colts. >> great, mark, thank you. we'll see you then. >> you can see the ravens take on those colts sunday at 1:00 live right here on wjz13. >> the ravens give a special gift to iconic radio baltimore host ray smith. he was awarded with the ravens game ball after their victory in cleveland. smith is in home hospice. smith comes the honor iconic and says for a moment it made him feel better. >> he had a great conversation with coach harbaugh and says that was one of the most inspirational phone calls he's ever had. >> still ahead, senior citizen strip search. mortified.
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outraged, angry. an elderly woman forced to take off her clothes at the airport. how her family plans to fight back. and herman cain drops out and who's benefiting. and we're going to tell you the latest project opening up and what they mean for the community. after a cloudty monday, we're waiting for better weather to return. bob has more in his updated forecast. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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herman cain is out of the race for the white house. so far newt gingrich is benefiting the most. danielle nottingham is reporting from the white house. >> reporter: newt gingrich drew
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crowds in new york wednesday. if former house speecher said he's confident he can win the state and vowed to reach out to every voter. >> we're going to compete in all 50 states. i don't believe in a red versus blue model i believe that we are 100% american. >> reporter: the political veteran has recaptured the media spotlight and surged to the top of the poll. he's getting traction with voters like linda brock. >> i just like all of his positions as far as they are conservative and i trust him and he has the experience and he serves a lot. >> reporter: gingrich is seen as a favorite to pick up many of herman cain supporters and his endorsement. cain promised to back one of his former rivals after suspending his campaign. now that he's the front runner, gingrich faces more scrutiny but so far his personal baggage, three marriages and an extramarital affair hasn't hurt his standings. two new polls has him leading
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in iowa. gingrich's campaign rolled out a new out there on monday. >> we can and will rebuild the america we love. >> reporter: with a month to the iowa caucuses, republicans are still not sold on gingrich or any other republican just yet. >> reporter: donald trump is also planning a debate on december 27th in iowa. he says he will wait to make his endorsement after that. if you're waiting for someone to get back to work let's check on the roads right now. hi again christie. >> hi mary, hi everyone. we do have delays in the northbound directions. heavy there from swan road to belfast. charles street to heartford road, that is thinned out just a little bit. the auto loop busy there. it'll take you at least 15 minutes to get through that delay.
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over on the west side interloop stop and go there from righteous town road to 70. still backed up from 29 to marysville road. northbound 795 an accident there at owins mill boulevard. in columbia, 175. and two in baltimore city. also west 28th street at north howard. let's now take a live look, as you can see there's still a bit of a problem there. we'll take another live look no problem whatsoever there. 895 just south of shell road. this traffic road brought to you by bill's. bill's has it all for you. you can always call them at 1- 877-75-build. development is booming at locust point. at the middle of it all is
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mckinly road. >> reporter: in the last years mckinly rose had grown and come to life. this is a big part of that convenience. harris peters grocery store opening up on the road this week. >> we saw this as a really great opportunity for us to come into an area where we didn't see the need being filled. there's a lot of development, a lot of growth out here. >> reporter: katherine row says right now employees are stocking shelves and doing other final touches as the chefs prepare all the ready made food teeters is famous for. >> we can run in here, pick up a hot dinner and take it home to their families. >> reporter: despite the convenience these lanes will bring, the store also brought jobs. harris teeter hired 125 people. >> i think it's great putting jobs into this city. >> reporter: the grocery store is only one part that is set to open here in the next few
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months. in addition to all the new business growth there's also a new set of high end department. >> we are looking forward to having the services that we have here. >> fantastic, i can't wait for everything. >> harris teeter opens for shoppers on wednesday. but tomorrow night they're inviting the community to come in and try the food for free. >> woe, woe, woe. >> i know bob will be there. >> locust point. >> you can't miss it. you got it. >> go down there. maybe a little rain by tomorrow. that's okay. just take the umbrella. 49 your dewpoint. temperature at 54-degree. east winds at three. the barometer right now holding steady. we'll come back and look at that tuesday and wednesday forecast. details right afte,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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look at those lights, beautiful. right now it's pretty clear as far as any precept goes. we could see drizzle and fog forms late tonight into tomorrow morning and spotty rain on your tuesday. it won't be an all day wash out.
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very mild afternoon, still mild. 54. not going to get really chilly tonight. the dewpoint is way up there at 49. may get to the upper 40s that's about it. 54 oakland. 57 in cumberland, pax river. 59 over in ocean city and locally a mild night. 52 at rock hall by the bay. 54 the latest, and 56 up in westminster. with east winds now. those winds will continue to be light. overnight probably in the morning hours going to be a little fog and drizzle this morning. a lot of heavy fog in the eastern shore. very spotty in the western shore. we will probably see a lot more of that happening. during the overnight morning hours watch out for that fog perhaps. to our west, here's where the rain is over ohio, indiana. just clear chicago down into louisville, down into louisiana. some thundershower and in the western side of this colder air
5:26 pm
drilling south winds. this snow over portion into mexico, had a little bit over arizona. but north texas getting some snow. even into oklahoma, this low pressure is eventually going to give us rain. in the meantime the bulk of that temperatures passing to the west. a few sprinkles showing up in carolina. later tonight with the east winds increasing you expect to see some drizzle. eventually the mild air would be pushed out as a front goes through the area. it'll start turning chilly again on wednesday. wednesday night into thursday morning. you may just get cold enough to be in the northern fringe of light precept. maybe a few northwest snow flakes. then it'll quickly clear out. it'll get pretty chilly by the end of the week. bay temp right around 50 degrees once again hasn't changed really. tonight lots of clouds. a mild night upper 40s, maybe a shower or drizzle fog
5:27 pm
overnight. morning fog and a little bit of rain on or off throughout the day. a mild evening again in the low to mid-60s. it'll turn colder wednesday. but looks like a wet start to your weekends. >> still fairly warm. still ahead on eyewitness news at 5:00. injured during a football celebration, what happened to these fans caught up in the play offs. the chemical discovered in rice and the threat it could pose to your health. is u.s. military technology in the hands of the military? the -dad, why are you getting that? -that's my cereal. is there a prize in there? oh, there's a prize, all right. is it a robot? no. is it a jet plane? nope. is it a dinosaur? [ laughs ] [ male announcer ] inside every box of heart healthy cheerios are those great tasting little o's made from carefully selected oats that can help lower cholesterol. stickers? uh-uh. a superhero? ♪ kinda.
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[ male announcer ] and we think that's the best prize of all. ♪
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it is 5:30, 54 degrees and cloudy. good evening. we're following breaking news in baltimore county. sky chopper 13 over the scene of i95 and rosedale. captain mike perry over head with details. >> if you're on i95 in the roseville area expect major delays. a track for trailer carrying a large piece of steel. the piece of steel has fallen off of the truck and landed on the roadway blocking two lanes of i95. this is just south of 695 on the rosedale area of baltimore county. the delays now extend on 95 all the way back to the tunnels on both 895 and i95. so, if you're working your way out of the downtown from the 95
5:31 pm
area, you may want to consider route 40 as an alternate or cutting through one of the city roads that lay here is substantial. it appears that it's going to take some time for some heavy wait a minute to show up for state highways to get this piece of steel back into the truck. expect major delays in the area, big problems for drivers coming out of the downtown back over to you. >> occupy dc members clash with police, dozens of protesters are arrested after refusing orders to leave. andrea fujihi reported the area declared new tensions with police. >> reporter: in all 31 occupy dc protesters were arrested sunday morning after they refused to leave a structure that sprung up overnight without a permit in mcpherson square. >> let america know that
5:32 pm
america lets people -- >> reporter: earlier sunday morning police had to remove occupiers who refused to leave using a cherry picker to get them down. >> you don't represent us. >> reporter: not all in the square are supporters of the protesters, especially the homeless. >> they just want to be on tv. they're not homeless, they have some place to stay. they don't represent us. >> reporter: that was andrea fujihi reporting. for people under arrest in anne arundel county after a bad break up ends with an attack. daniel thompson and two others assaulted his new boyfriend. the victims suffered nonlife threatening injuries. the suspects are charged with robbery and assault? as victory celebration turned deadly after a football game between bitter rivals. denise is in the news with a
5:33 pm
look at the chaos. >> fans went wild after oklahoma state beat rival. you can see hundreds of fans rushed to the field and toppled the goal. some suffered ankle fractures. it took police an hour to restore order in the stadium. two senior citizens claim they were strip searched at jkf airport. tonight one of those women is speaking out against the tsa. >> mortified. i mean angry, do i look like a
5:34 pm
terrorist. >> reporter: there she was in a wheelchair. >> this 85-year-old lady they thought needed to be strip searched. >> reporter: she says when she travels she avoids the full body scanners opting for pat downs instead. but this time she claims it went too far. >> after they patted me down they took me into a private room and strip searched me. she said will you pull your pants down please. then she pulled my underwear down. i said why is this happening. she didn't respond. >> reporter: she said she was allowed to keep her top on. a spokesman for the transportation security association released this statement. the tsa does not include strip searches as part of our security protocalls and one was not conducted in this case. it lasted approximately 11 minutes. >> i had to wait 2.5 hours for the next flight. >> reporter: zimmerman made it to her winter home in florida.
5:35 pm
she called her son bruce. he tells us the family plans to sue. >> i think the two people who conducted the strip search should be terminated. and the rest should get a severe training course. >> 88-year-old ruth sherman of florida says she was also forced to pull her pants down at jfk airport. the tsa is also looking into her case. in the hands of the enemy, a u.s. military drone is missing and iran says it has it. the unmanned spy plane is one of the most secret air airplanes in the military arsenal. the drone carried highly classified intelligence technology. there's no information tonight about the florida a & m drum major who died as a result of potential hazing. anna warner reports with the latest in tallahassee.
5:36 pm
at robert champion 's funeral, drum majors sang marching 100 band led the procession. it was in honor of their classmate, a 26-year-old drum major himself who was found unconscious on a band bus after an apparent band hazing. >> is he breathing? >> i have no idea. i cannot tell you that. >> okay. >> he just threw up. >> reporter: champion later died and the university dismissed four students for violating the school's hazing policy. cbs news has now confirmed that some of the same drum majors marching in that funeral were those dismissed. >> i feel very comfortable that i did all i could. i'm not proud that i lost one of my children. >> reporter: dr. julian white the band director was fired after champion's death. but white says for years he tried without success to stamp out the band's persistent hazing culture with workshops and anti hazing messages. >> the drum majors are a step
5:37 pm
above as far as the music is concerned. so i talked with them even more about hazing than i do to the band. >> reporter: just ten days before champion died, white notified the school he was suspending 26 band members for separate hazing incidents. cbs news has learned that the following day a school's dean and university police chief met with the entire band to admonish them about hazing. but the anti hazing never got through to some of the students heading to the biggest performance of the year. champion died just two days after that warning. >> as state investigators pursue possible charges, all band activities are on hold. brutemire committed
5:38 pm
suicide, his family says he did so after severe bullying. this comes after police failed to find enough evidence to file charges. first it was aptitudes and now it's rice. a new study shows arsenic found in rice can pose problems especially for pregnant women. >> reporter: rice is something people have on a regular basis. >> it's also, the primary use of rice. we also like to eat stir fry and rice pudding. >> reporter: now rice can expose pregnant women and their babies to arsenic. >> women who reported eating
5:39 pm
rice every day have higher arsenic numbers. >> reporter: arsenic made news last week when a consumer report study revealed high levels of arsenic and lead in some apple uses. arsenic occurring naturally in the environment. in water, air and food. higher rates of infant deaths are associated with high levels of arsenic. >> we're not suggesting that people stop eating rice. we just need to monitor the amount of arsenic in our rice. >> millions of years people have been eating rice and haven't gotten sick. or drinking apple juice for decades. >> reporter: for now she's not changing her diet.
5:40 pm
80% of the women in the study had arsenic in drinking levels. it's important to have your water tested if you have a private well. as she prepares for tomorrow's inauguration, blake talks about the plans for her term as major. how the u.s. postal service cuts will affect you. and reports of major league baseball's winter meetings in dallas. for these stories and much more, look for your baltimore stun. today baltimore city began replacing water meters in home that are about decades old. the good news is that their meters will be read remotely. and workers will no longer have
5:41 pm
to estimate. it'll be much more accurate. >> most of these are not functioning properly anymore. so unless we can get into your home or there's someone to let us in. most of these customers would be getting continuous estimated bills. based on their past usage but still estimated and not an accurate read. >> reporter: complaints from homeowners have been rolling in for years. >> one time i had rental, it could have been four people and they use a lot more water. now i have two people, so disabled, they don't use a lot of water at all so they're getting a big bill. this will make it much better. in the next three to five years the entire water meter system will be automated for more than 400,000 homes at a cost of $130 million. >> a lot of people will be happy about that. still to come on wjz eyewitness news, an angry
5:42 pm
father's message. >> you're number one. you can run but you can't hide. >> reporter: harsh words for the man suspected in his daughter's disappearance in florida. plus the latest from police. ferrari's, lambourghini's ,, [ male announcer ] are you paying more and more for cable and enjoying it less and less?
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alex demetric reports private dollars are planning to make the affordable unaffordable. >> reporter: at meridian park math begins with the basics. but what doesn't add up is what's needed to operate a school. fewer tax dollars are shrinking budgets to keep the basics going, schools are often passed to give up areas of enrichment like new library books or even libraries. and don't think they aren't important. >> i think they're very important because kids should be able to read different kinds of books. >> so the more book it is better? >> yeah. >> reporter: and that and more is coming after a million
5:46 pm
dollars donation from the harry and antoinette foundation. >> new fixtures, new reading materials, including e-books, a bank of computers. >> reporter: four schools have been targeted and nearly $4 million have been spent. >> the support of the philanthropic movement is in part be the community. >> construction of the first of the four new libraries begins tomorrow. bob turk has what we have coming up. >> did you forget the weekend? >> i know, i'm sorry. >> give me a break there.. we have clouds on the way.
5:47 pm
we have maybe some drizzle and fog. the real rain doesn't come tuesday. 50 down to 36, maybe a few snow flakes early thursday. a high of 86, 48 on fridays. 42 really chilly as we start the weekends but it'll be primarily sunny and dry. mary. >> bob, thank you. today's energy saver, save water by scraping dishes instead of rinsing them before loading the dishwasher. most dish washers can thoroughly clean dish s if they've been scraped properly. the father of a missing florida woman speaks out against the plain suspect in the case. >> this goes for dion. you're number one. you can run but you can't hide. we're coming after you.
5:48 pm
>> bret parker believes his daughter's exfiance is responsible for the disappearance. parker was last seen dropping off her children at smith's home. a car accident in japan is going to cost a pretty penny to fix. the pile up involved, three ferrari's two lambourgini's and eight her mercedes. it is going to cost $2 million to fix. the washington dc this is as hollywood as it gets where the popular meet the powerful, paying tribute to those special artists of our time. >> we have meryll bloody
5:49 pm
streep in the room. yeah. >> every thing i've seen meryll do, i am shocked by how she honestly portrays such a wide range of characters. >> song write and performer neil diamond. >> when it comes to neil diamond i am a believer. we are all believerrers. >> reporter: chelis, yoyoma. >> today we celebrate the greatest living cellist. tonight we cellibrate if you will. yoyo does not only play the cello, he rocks it. >> sonny. >> sonny, tonight, welcome home. >> reporter: and theater legend barbara cook who made her broadway debut in 1951. >> barbara cook belongs on that short list of beloved new york treasures. >> reporter: the annual award
5:50 pm
ceremony brings together the greatest in stage and music. earlier in the day, president obama praised them for sharing their gift. >> by expressing themselves they help us learn something about ourselves. they make us laugh, they move us to tears. they bring us together and they push the boundaries of what we think is possible. >> reporter: celebrating talents which are distinct but carry the power to unify. >> cbs will broadcast the special in december. a police officer shot serving a warrant and a a fellow officer is to blame. gone without a trace, rescue crews continue to search for a missing worker. the latest for the search effort. check in on all these stories,
5:51 pm
we'll have all the breaking news. denise, thank you. still to come tonight on eyewitness news, the family survives a ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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5:54 pm
a school bus full of children get stuck in water. water started seeping into the bug. luckily everyone was safe. no one was hurt. just one day after a battle to ban horse drawn carriages, a horse carriage collapses. they were horrified when they saw the horse slip and fall near central park. the animal was pulling a carriage with four people. animal activists say the accident moves that animals are not fit for the city. a woman opens up for a late night snack and discovers her
5:55 pm
house is on fire. she saw a huge glowing light. her kitchen was up in flames. they say the home was built in the 1880s. the old structure allowed the flames to spread rapidly. >> my daughter lost everything she and her kids had and she had her christmas shopping done and everything. and she needs help. >> the fire also damaged two homes across the street and at least two neighboring homes. officials determined it started because an electrical problem. luckily no one was injured. >> everyone got out though. that's a horrible thing to happen. >> during the holidays. still to come on eyewitness news. i'm derek valcourt at the mitchell courthouse downtown baltimore where jurors are deciding who's to blame in ,,,,,
5:56 pm
5:57 pm
5:58 pm
coming up right now, a jury is now deciding the fate of the man in the middle of election robo call controversy. the question they asked that could give insight into the case. abducted and held by al- qaida. i'm mike hellgren, what makes a man from maryland such an important target for the terrorist group. the ravens are back home after taking care of business against the browns. what players and excited fans are saying against the win and what comes up next. it is dry out there now,
5:59 pm
but rain is on the way. we'll have the details in your complete forecast. check in on all these stories and all the breaking news, eyewitness news starts right now. closing arguments, the first robo call trial is in the hands of a jury. >> are they close to reaching a verdict. hello everybody i'm denise koch. >> and i'm bob carter. >> bob ehrlich's personal manager is waiting as a jury determines his fate. derek valcourt has the latest in this trial, derek. >> reporter: the jury has gone home, they have


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