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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  December 15, 2011 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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year male, in the roadway, dead on arrival. baltimore county police immediately closed off the roadway. they found that at least two vehicles had struck this teen. one vehicle striking the teen knocking it into the path of another vehicle. police have had the road shut down here. this is putty hill avenue, between wilson and harford road. for about the past two hours or so, conducting their investigation. the state medical examiner's office just responded to the scene. they're going to take the youth's body to the medical office for an autopsy. at this time, police have not released the identity as to the 15-year-old victim, pending notification of next of kin. baltimore county police continue to maintain a crime scene here as they continue their investigations. at least one of the two vehicles has been towed from the scene. back to you on tv hill. >> captain mike, thank you. and we will bring you an update tonight on eyewitness news at 6:00. another developing story. police race after a suspect,
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waving a gun out his window. the chase through two counties in the city, ends in gunfire in a quiet neighborhood. wjz is live at county police headquarters. alex demetrick is there with details. >> reporter: well, kai, it may have ended in baltimore county. but this case drew in four different police departments. it also put a lot of other motorists at risk as well as police and the suspect who was eventually stopped by a police bullet. >> reporter: the baltimore highlands neighborhood in baltimore county went from quiet to wild at lunchtime. >> i was in my house with my sister. and the next thing you know, our friends were calling us, saying that somebody got shot. and the school is on lockdown. i was like, what is going on here? >> reporter: according to police, it started last night where this white chevy was seen. it was spotted this morning by anne arundel police who chased it back north. >> the suspect driving the vehicle, the white malibu, was waving a gun outside of the vehicle. as it traveled up 97.
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>> it ended here with a crash. but not before state police and baltimore police joined the pursuit. >> he bails out of his vehicle. he is armed. he dropped the gun. but then went to retrieve the gun. at that time, one officer from baltimore county and one officer from anne arundel county, discharged their weapons. the suspect was shot. >> reporter: the suspect's gun can be seen in the gutter. the officer's guns were also taken as evidence by detectives. bullets were counted and shell casings, marked in the street. a bullet hole can be seen in the suspect's car. it's not believed he fired any shots. >> this is ridiculous in this neighborhood. i mean, should be a nice neighborhood. shouldn't have to go through all of that stuff. >> all of these people here don't need all of this. you got all of these people here. they're probably worried. you know, they'll have all of their doors locked and stuff tonight. >> reporter: although police say it's not clear if the suspect ended up here deliberately or by chance. >> reporter: at this time, police will only identify the
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man as a 19-year-old. he was taken to shock trauma with injuries that are described as nonlife- threatening. kai? >> alex, thank you. as in the case of all police-involved shootings, officers will be placed on administrative leave, pending investigation. >> fbi is trying it catch a serial rapist. vic is in the newsroom with a new effort to find justice for the victims. vic? >> one of the men -- one man is responsible for eight unsolved rapes in montgomery county. federal authorities are calling him the potomac river rapist. today, they launched a website, showing sketches of his possible appearance. all of the attacks happened in the 1990s. investigators believe this man also murdered a female scientist in washington's georgetown neighborhood in 1998. the fbi is offering a $25,000 reward for information leading to an arrest. mary? >> vic, thank you. digital billboards containing the suspect's photo will be
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posted in the region. a baltimore family takes their fight to court. they say their special needs child was repeatedly bullied at two city schools. now, their case goes before the jury. mike hellgren is there following the story. >> reporter: these are parents who want to show city schools they mean business. and two principals named in the lawsuit were in the courtroom today. the proceedings moved fast through jury selection and onto opening statements. >> reporter: donna and eddie sullivan headed to court for a landmark case against baltimore city schools. they claim teachers and administrators did nothing to stop their 10-year-old son sean from being bullied. beaten, yelled at, and even choked at hazelwood and glen mount elementary schools. >> unfortunately, it's something that needs to happen. the public needs to know what was going on. >> reporter: their lawyer pushed for and got a jury trial. most bullying cases never make it that far.
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and she says the ordeal left the little boy who has special needs, emotionally damaged. >> i will use the word "terrorized." this child was terrorized by some of these boys. >> reporter: school system plans to vigorously defend itself against the lawsuit. >> i can't have no comment. you can contact our communications department. they'll be able to give you some information. >> reporter: but wjz got no comment there either. the sullivans say they're doing this to protect other children. >> and you can't just keep denying that it's happening and expect the problem to go away. children are actually being hurt. and sooner or later, somebody is going to seriously be hurt. >> reporter: now, the problem of bullying has made nationwide headlines. and city schools have told wjz in the past, they have taken steps to curb it. but the sullivans say they haven't taken enough of them, at least not in their case. reporting live at courthouse east, mike hellgren, wjz eyewitness news. kai? >> mike, thank you. >> the trial is expected to last into next week.
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after nine years, the iraq war is formally over. american soldiers radio re tired the mission's flag in baghdad in a milestone ceremony today. tara mergener reports for wjz from the white house. >> reporter: the iraq war has come to an official end, with a small, solemn ceremony. soldiers rolled up the flag. u.s. forces flew during a military campaign and put it into a sheath. it's headed back to the united states. a symbol of the nearly nine- year war that killed 4500 americans and injured more than 30,000 others. defense secretary leon pineta was in baghdad for the ceremony. he paid tribute to america's fighting forces. >> your nation is deeply indebted to you. you have done everything your nation asked you to do and more. >> reporter: president obama has said, u.s. troops will be home by christmas. but commanders say thousands of
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them will have to stay in kuwait for a few more months. >> reporter: about 4,000 forces remain inside iraq. they're packing up the last two u.s. bases there. some have mixed feelings about leaving. they're happy to head home, but concerned about iraq's future. >> i really do hope the best for the iraqi people. this has been really hard. >> many iraqis are blad to see the -- glad to see the american forces go. this man says the u.s. has only sewn seeds of division and sectarianism. others are optimistic about their future, saying they confident the iraqi police and military can secure their country and protect it from terrorism. at the white house, tara mergener, wjz eyewitness news. >> the final u.s. troops are supposed to be out of iraq by december 31st. coming up all new tonight at 5:30, we will hear from two maryland soldiers who are still there. >> no turns to yes.
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an agreement with the state allows a proposed merger between constellation energy and exelon to move forward. wjz is live. pat warren explains the potential benefits for bge customers. >> hi, kai. governor o'malley said he first opposed the deal because he didn't think it was in the best interest of the state. now he says there is a new and better deal. >> reporter: constellation and exelon enter into agreement with maryland to invest in renewable energy, to harness the power of the sun and wind, burn natural gas and chicken poo, and pass on the savings to you. >> it's 10 times more generation than originally posed. >> reporter: these mergers are legally required to do no harm, to benefit reality payer -- ratepayers and be in the public interest. the deal benefits ratepayers with a $100 credit on their bge bill, assistant to people who can't pay their bills and a
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weatherization program for low income to moderate income families. it will increase development renewable sources and reduce greenhouse gases. also gives the public service commission the power to separate bge. >> one of the major concerns we had was that bge, the electric company, the service delivery company, could be compromised in its ability to maintain its lines to deliver its service, to provide the sort of reliable electricity and restoration of power after a big event. in order for it to become a new cash cow. >> governor o'malley says appropriate protections are now in place. >> reporter: now, the agreement does move the merger forward. but it's no guarantee of approval. back to you, kai. >> all right, pat. thank you. some members of the general assembly. a mandatory spinoff of bge as a condition of approval. well, some scattered rain in maryland today. but tonight, the skies are starting to clear up. wjz is live with first warning weather.
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meteorologist tim williams and bob turk have a look at our updated conditions. pretty out there now. we'll start with bob. >> great shot. have to get up high to see a little bit of that light western sky there. take a look at this radar. this front slowly moving into the area. the amount of rain they've had is just min minuscule. to the west of us, you can see things have cleared up. one batch of showers near pittsburgh that may get to garrett county. we'll see at least partly cloudy skies. and tim has a look at your five- day forecast. it will be cooling down. right, tim? >> yes, it will, bob. and cooling down is not such a bad thing. it still means we'll be at temperatures higher than what's normal this time of year. filling in the blank from all of the rain is going to be windy and dryer conditions. going to be coming in from the northwest. but even that, with the few clouds out there, means we stay in temperatures at or around 50 degrees. keep in mind, our normal high for tomorrow's date, right around 45. we're still on the mild side of
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things. bob will have your complete updated forecast coming up. >> we're following more breaking news in baltimore county. sky eye chopper 13 is over an accident involving a scooter and a car. let's go to captain mike perry with details. >> hello, kai. we are on east joppa road between perring and the beltway, where a car has struck a scooter alongside the roadway. now, the man that was riding the scooter was knocked off. he has been taken to a waiting ambulance. and as you can see, police have completely closed eastbound -- this is going to be eastbound joppa road, between perring parkway and harford. westbound traffic is moving. but eastbound is completely closed as police continue their investigation. there's no word on how serious these injuries are. but as you can see, it's causing quite a traffic problem, all the way back into east towson. >> thank you, captain mike perry, reporting live. and still ahead on eyewitness news rat 5:00. -- at 5:00. not what you would expect to see in new jersey. the chaos when a man finds a
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bear, sleeping in a basement. >> here we go. >> go, low. what went wrong? a new report reveals the cause of the crash that killed popular race car driver, dan weldon. >> a shooting at this barber shop in northeast baltimore. i'm jessica kartalija. coming up next, why police want you to be on alert tonight. is our unusually warm weather running out? bob will have more in the updated forecast. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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the search continues for an armed suspect, wanted in connection to a barber shop shooting in northeast baltimore. wjz is live. jessica kartalija has the latest on the investigation. jess? >> that's exactly right, kai.
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tonight, police say that gunman is armed, obviously. and he is still, apparently in the area. they're urging everyone to be on the lookout for him tonight. >> reporter: a brazen robbery attempt during business hours has a store owner fighting for his life. >> it's a robbery, attempted robbery. the owner was shot as a result of the robbery. >> reporter: city police were called to the up-close barber shop on harford road, just before 7:00 wednesday night. police say a man walked into the shop, attempting to rob the 32-year-old shop owner before shooting him in the head. >> we're also looking at the individuals that were in the store. we're looking at the criminal histories of those individuals, trying to determine if there is anything more serious than just a random robbery attempt. >> reporter: baltimore city police are also urging anyone who may have seen anything to please come forward. they tell me, they are interviewing witnesses who are being cooperative, but they still need additional help. >> we need individuals that may have been driving home. it's kind of around the rush hour time. may be walking in the area that saw the vehicle. or even people on foot that
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ran. >> reporter: police say it's unclear whether the suspect got away with any cash. now, the shop is closed. as the owner remains in critical condition, at johns hopkins hospital. >> people we spoke with in the area did not want to go on camera. police are reminding everyone tonight to be on the lookout. they say these types of crimes typically tend to increase around the holiday season. in baltimore, i'm jessica kartalija, wjz eyewitness news. >> thank you, jessica. if you have any information, you're asked to call the baltimore county police department. let's check in on the roads now with kristy breslin. hi again, kristy. >> hi, mary. hi, everyone. it's been quite an afternoon for accidents. sky eye chopper 13 is over that scene. near perring parkville parkville. you can see plenty of congestion in that area. unfortunately, we have quite a backup on the beltway as well. let's take a look at our
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graphics there. as you can see, on the southwest side, heavy to security boulevard. and the top side inner loop, heavy there, from jones falls expressway to 95. so unfortunately, that takes out your alternate. busy there. and 70 westbound, plenty of delays there, from 29 to marriottsville road. as far as other accidents go, traveling in the harford county area. pulaski highway, at magnolia. in bel air, the emerton bypass road. over in perry hall, bel air road, at schroeder. and baltimore city, wilkens avenue, at charles street. let's take a live look. as you can see, we have a decent look there at our drive. 295 at the split there. everything seems to be moving pretty well. and as you can see, plenty of congestion there on the beltway. that's a look at dulaney valley road. this is brought to you by bill's carpet, hard wood and laminate, too. you can call them at 1-877-75- bills. back to you will.
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the awards season is revving up in hollywood tonight. the awards are in and it's a silent film that is grabbing the most attention. bigad shaban reports. >> the new movie artist may be a silent film, but it's creating a loud buzz in hollywood. romance that recaps the fall of the silence industry, captures best musical in the comical category. the drama category, both the help, and ides of march received five nominations. >> reporter: political thriller gave george clooney nods for best director and best screenplay. >> this is stupid. >> reporter: he also earned a third nomination for best actor in "the descendants." that puts him up against his good friend, brad pitt. and leonardo dicaprio. >> reporter: a relative newcomer to hollywood is also one of this year's youngest
5:20 pm
nominees. 26-year-old rooney maura scored a best actress nomination for the girl with the dragon tattoo. she's up against glenn close, meryl streep and viola davis. and for best actress for musical comedy, snl star kristen wig was nominated for her role in bridesmaid. she'll face jodie foster and kate winslet, when the golden globes are handed out in hollywood, january 15th. >> ask juliana margolees got a nod for her role in the good wife, which you can watch sundays at 9:00, here on wjz. >> sounds good. and of course, my buddy josh tro is there, too. >> yes, he is. well, take a look at temps and conditions. a very mild afternoon still. 57 now. goodness. south/southeast winds at 7. the barometer on the way back
5:21 pm
up. we'll look at the friday weekend right after this. ,,,,,,
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nothing severe around here. except these mild temperatures. what do you think the high was today? 61 degrees, briefly this afternoon. then the rain knocked it down. but still warm out. as i mentioned, 57 degrees at this hour is still pretty amazing. 62, last report at washington. and a very warm, 64 in patuxent. right now, it's 62 at bababeach it will get cooler tomorrow. but it will get cooler for the weekend. 54 in hagerstown. locally, temperatures in the mid- to upper 50s. 60, last report, coming in from annapolis, and kent island, at. a light southerly wind, southeasterly wind keeps us in tonight. until late tonight, the winds will eventually turn to the west and northwest and that
5:25 pm
will allow cooler and dryer air move in. this afternoon, the bulk of the rain north and west of us, but we had such a dry air mass arnlgd here. a lot of the rain never even made it through the region. as you saw west of us, still some clouds. but generally clear and cooler, dryer conditions moving in. light rain moving in this afternoon. very warm temperatures. 70s in the carolinas today. that's how it got so warm here. but that will be cut off. maybe a sprinkler two. but tomorrow, clouds and nine. temperatures will be cooler than today. so a little cooler than -- looks like it may actually get colder for saturday and sunday. temperatures holding in the low to mid-40s, which is normal for this time of year. normal low, 28, as it clears out later. but a high near 50 degrees tomorrow, which is still above
5:26 pm
normal, being 45. so the mixture of clouds clouds and sunshine. a little breezy. so it will feel a little cooler than it has in the last day or so. >> but still, amazing, bob. thank you. it is a fight to the finish. in the pizza bolis pro football challenge. tim williams is live at wjz. com to update this week's standings. tim, any props to bring with you today? >> we'll see. the bobblehead leader board has tightened up. at the top now, there is a tie for first place. adam may and jessica kartalija both have 140 points. sports guys are right behind with 143 points. then it's marty with 142. mary and i, after some ill- advised picks and long shots, i'm down with the bottom dwellers. mary and i have 141 points. and don has 140. but there's still time. this week's big winner, however, steven colfield of pikesville. he correctly picked 15 out of 16 games, incredible. and came closest to the score
5:27 pm
of the sunday night game. now, he wins for his effort, sports memorabilia, and best buy and pizza bolis. even though there are only three weeks left, there is still time to come here and sign up. you can come to and come to the pro football challenge. and now with three weeks left, mary, the gloves are coming off. we are going to -- it is on. it is on. the gloves come off, mary. >> those are very cool, tim. i knew you'd have something. >> yes. >> i like them. >> gloves off. >> gloves are off. come on over here. i'll get you. i'll get you. i'm right next to you. thanks, tim. well, the ravens take on the san diego chargers this sunday. >> i think he's throwing down the gauntlet to you. >> i think he is. or knocking them off. as bob would say. a headless bobblehead first, tim. still ahead at 5:00. a most-wanted elementary school student. how quick thinking led to an
5:28 pm
arrest. who created this disturbing image? and what will anybody be punished? the war is over. now, dozens of maryland soldiers hear from iraq. hear from them ,,,,
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5:30 pm
it is 5:30, 58 degrees and cloudy. good evening. we're following some breaking news in towson.
5:31 pm
sky eye chopper 13 is over a car accident. captain mike perry is above it with details. >> nasty night for accidents, mary. this is allegheny avenue at bosley avenue. right near the courthouse. a three-vehicle collision. one of those vehicles is a little difficult to see. it's under the traffic signal here. but off the roadway, up on the sidewalk. you got another vehicle, on allegheny avenue. at least one person, we know, has been transported to local area hospital. it is affecting traffic on allegheny avenue. and you lose one lane of bosley, coming up from the towson bypass, to york road. so expect delays. baltimore county police on the scene. no word on how serious the injury is to the one person. they're inside the ambulance. they'll be taken to an area hospital. >> thank you, reporting live in sky eye chopper 13 over to uson. tonight, the iraq war is officially over. ♪ [ music ] z the --
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>> the u.s. military shut down the war with a ceremony retiring the flag of u.s. forces in iraq. but some soldiers from maryland are still there. mike schuh spoke with two of them via the internet today. >> reporter: when this aviation command unit left maryland on september 1st, they thought the next kiss and cry, would be over a year away. >> the last combat aviation brigade in iraq right now. >> and it turns out, they're right. i spoke with two maryland guardsmen, near baghdad, now on the verge of leaving iraq. their unit flag is down. their unit completed. >> we're not coming home. we're actually reposturing south of here. >> reporter: by moving to kuwait, these 150 maryland soldiers will continue to lead a larger force of 2500. >> obviously it's a tough time of year, though, with the holidays around the corner. you see your friends and comrades in arms are coming home for the holidays, and
5:33 pm
we're happy for them. but still there's that tinge in you that says, man, it would be mice to be -- nice to be coming home for the holidays. >> reporter: at the same time, he adds they get something out of staying on deployment, more time to do what they love. >> when you are deployed, you have more access to more flying hours, more opportunity to fly and hone your skills. >> reporter: their base once had 145,000 soldiers. today, it's empty. under 500 left. >> i would say the biggest feeling is, it's surreal. >> reporter: the colonel misses the ravens second, his family first. >> and actually, they're heading out to disney world. so have a great time. love you guys and miss you. >> reporter: mike schuh, wjz eyewitness news. >> now, that unit is the last aviation brigade left in iraq. an army private accused of leaking sensitive court documents is preparing for court here in maryland. 24-year-old bradley manning is charged with sending military field reports and secret
5:34 pm
diplomatic cables to the website wikileaks. his preliminary hearing is planned for tomorrow at fort meade. hundreds are planning to protest outside in support. he faces prison time if convicted. denise is in the newsroom with the latest on this. >> the photo has military families extremely upset. tang a look. take a look. 15 airmen found another airman with a noose around his neck. the air force became aware of it this week. the secretary of the air force apologized for any further grief the picture may have caused for fallen service members' families. they say it is still too soon to say whether the airmen will be disciplined. >> this comes after they found out about the remains at the
5:35 pm
mortuary in delaware. new information about the race car crash that killed dan weldon. indy car has completed a two- month investigation into the october 16th accident. the report shows weldon died when his head hit a fence post. the investigation determined it is impossible to find one single cause of the crash. instead, many things combined to create a perfect storm. weldon was a two-time winner of the indianapolis 500. has death has raised the question of safety. testifying before a congressional hearing. the hearing was called because a record number of children are falling into poverty. manuel gallegus reports with their stories. >> they are the new faces of poverty in america. >> me and my mom are homeless. pee we've got that way because my -- we got that way because my dad hit me and my mom told
5:36 pm
us, we were stupid and worthless. the hardest thing about living with other people is watching my mom cry. >> reporter: children living in shelters and dangerous motels. sometimes their car felt safer. >> in my car, i was in control. i didn't have to worry about people who would try to touch me when i was asleep. >> reporter: kids who say they're tired, underfed, embarrassed and failing in school. with parents struggling to find regular work. >> we had to eat at the gas station, at the corner because they had a microwave. >> reporter: destiny rainer's family recently got a break, after "60 minutes" aired a story about impoverished kids in her floored community. >> because of the 60 minutes segment, our community has came together and provided my family with a home. >> reporter: congress is looking for answers as it tries to write new laws and help a new generation of homeless. in new york, manuel gallegus, wjz eyewitness news. >> and a recent report says the economic downturn has pushed more than half a million
5:37 pm
children into homelessness. a most wanted criminal is arrested after he's spotted chaperoning an elementary school field trip. seattle police put the school on lockdown after a parent recognized donald vasser. he fled the scene but later turned himself in last night. vasser is among the most wanted fugitives with more than 20 arrests on his record. the school is investigating how vasser was able to go on that field trip. the italian appeals court is explaining the reason behind its ruling of amanda knox. in a new report, it says faulty evidence was used to build the case against knox. her body was found in -- her roommate's body was found in her apartment. knox spent four years in jail before her guilty verdict was thrown out. final debate in sioux city, iowa. it's the last chance that the candidates have to win over
5:38 pm
voters before the january 3rd, iowa caucuses. >> just hours before the debate, newt gingrich released a new ad. >> others seem to be more focused on attacks, rather than moving the country forward. >> reporter: those attacks against the former house speaker will likely intensify tonight, when the candidates take the debate stage. it's their final meeting before the iowa caucuses, and gingrich leads in the polls. his rivals are already ramping up the rhetoric. mitt romney released this web commercial. >> governor romney in his career released more jobs than the entire obama cabinet combined. >> reporter: and they attacked gingrich. >> gingrich and romney, insiders. >> reporter: ron call criticized the other candidates, calling it his responsibility. his numbers have been steadily rising. >> his numbers have been peaking out at the right time.
5:39 pm
>> michele bachmann and rick santorum are hoping to get more supporters to the caucuses on what will likely be a cold january night. john has put his eggs into the new hampshire primary. at tonight's debate, all seven candidates will be under the microscope. gingrich wants to use it to seal his lead. >> what i want to ask you is to be with me. >> reporter: it's his consistent performance in past debates that helped him climb to the top. >> reporter: in an interview with iowa television, gingrich says he expects the negative ads to cause some volatility in his polling numbers before the caucuses. a trip to the rawlings conserve conservatory. ron matz reports, what is blooming there now will put you in a holiday mood. all the buds -- buzz at the
5:40 pm
rawlings conservatory is about a plant in mexico. >> looking at .7. >> it's showtime. >> is it poinsettia or poinsettia? >> it's like tomato and tomato. nothing is wrong. >> okay. >> poinsettia was brought to the u.s. in 1825. an. >> an ambassador to mexico, joe poinset, came back with cultings. -- cuttings. >> this is bursting with color and a lot more. >> came to see all of the poinsettias and bring back memories of when we were children and used to come over here and spend days. >> and we're reminiscing from her childhood as she drove around the complex. and she told about warmer days. >> reporter: pick one up for a great gift. we have poinsettias for sale from $4 to $18, various sizes. >> reporter: this is
5:41 pm
baltimore's own poinsettia. it's called jingle bells. >> john phantom. >> john phantom discovered the jingle bels -- >> poinsettia. because of the breaks? >> because of the color breaks. >> reporter: poinsettias, their time of year. >> they're gorgeous. one is more beautiful than the other. >> reporter: ron matz, wjz eyewitness news. ♪ [ music ] >> and the holiday poinsettia, poin settia show at the rawlings conservatory continues through january 1st. however you say it. they're beautiful. >> they really are. >> gorgeous. still on eyewitness news. caught in the act. how a car burglar was stopped by a grandfather. a bear chase through a new jersey neighborhood. how it all started and how the animal was finally caught. bob turk. first warning weather center. drying out. cooling down a little bit. i'll have the exclusive first warning five-day forecast. here's today's report from wall street. ,,,,,,
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clouds beginning to break up. maybe an isolated sprinkle for a little while. looks like temperatures will be dropping probably only into the low 40s tonight. a mild night tomorrow. we'll see some clouds and sunshine, but still not all that cold. upper 40s to maybe 50, weather mixture of clouds and sunshine. tim in the outback with a look at that five-day forecast. tim? >> well, it's incredibly mild out here. but the five days, we'll see a little fluctuation in the temperature. bob talked about it tomorrow. 44 on both days, with a good bit of sunshine. average is 45. so we're right on target. look for temperatures to go up on monday. next chance of rain on tuesday. 46, temperatures again leveling out. now for your energy saver tip of the day. if you're gitting appliances, new -- getting appliances, new appliances for the holiday, look for energy star products. they meet strict efficiency guidelines celt by the united
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states environmental agency and. for more information gto scroll down the right-hand side of the page and click. investigators are looking at possible mechanical problems as they try to find the cause of a freak elevator accident. suzanne hart stepped inside the elevator when it suddenly shot up, crushing her above. they say it is possible a sensor failed, allowing the elevator to move, even though hart was not fully inside. the building received four unsatisfactory ratings in the last year. brea hunter was a freshman clarinet player, when she joined the red dog order, an unsanctioned group within the band made up from students from georgia. shortly after, she says she suffered a fractured thigh bone from an alleged hazing incident.
5:47 pm
>> well, they went around the room. and they asked people, did you want to be part of this organization? but first, they were like, everybody will -- not everybody would. a good few people got hit. >> police arrested and charged three famu students in connection with the incident. hunter plans to sue the school. a college fraternity at the university of vermont is coming under fire for a survey that appears to promote violence against women. sigma phi epsilon handed out the surveys which asked who they would rape if they could. sigma phi epsilon is suspending this, pending the results of the investigation. santa ana police find children living in a home with more than 100 cats. police say cats, feelsies, and overflowing lit -- feces and overflowing litter boxes covered the house.
5:48 pm
this came after neighbors reported foul odor coming from the house. the two little girls have been placed with relatives. caught on tape, a grandfather takes the law into his own hands, after a burglar tries to rob him. restaurant surveillance video shows the suspect breaking into the restaurant owner's suv. the owner catches the man behind his restaurant and chases him away. the vandal hops into his vehicle and leaves the scene. the suspect got away empty- handed. finding a black bear inside a new jersey basement. setting off a wild chase through this new jersey neighborhood. kathryn brown has more for wjz. >> big-time bear chase. and there's nothing better than a bear chase. >> reporter: this huge, black bear caused quite a commotion. leading animal control officers on an hour-long chase. >> i went into the house and said to my wife, you see the news van over there. and she goes, there's a big bear over there. >> this is one of the most beautiful animals i've seen.
5:49 pm
he's beautiful. he's the biggest grizzly bear i've ever seen. >> reporter: the 550 pound bear was first spotted in this home of dave cornine, who was doing a repair job for cable vision when -- >> i heard the growl. and it was like, what is that noise? >> turns out a bear had made a nest for himself. it's unclear how long he had been living here, but he apparently what wandered through a hole in the crawl space to hiberinate. >> it caught the corner of my eye. i freaked out, threw my tools and ran out of the basement. >> reporter: officers and wildlife officials came to tag the bear. but the chase lasted about an hour, as the bear took multiple tranquilizer darts and kept running. when the bear finally went down, it took eight officers to take him into the woods. officers took him to the street
5:50 pm
where they tagged him and checked him for injuries. that was kathryn brown reporting. animal control officers say the bear is in healthy condition and will be released to a state property after he's given a medical exam. check in for eyewitness news at 6:00. for these stories and more, vic is standing by with a live preview. a gruesome crime. a young maryland woman, murdered at college. one step closer to a permanent tribute to yeardley love. one will offer benefits to spouses if they get legally married in another state. thank you, vic. and still to come tonight on wjz's eyewitness news. don't let the record fool you. the san diego chargers can be a dangerous team. stan saunders explains, ,,,,
5:51 pm
5:52 pm
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and don't forget your special bonus -- $300 back. hurry, offer ends soon. go to contact the verizon center for customers with disabilities that's at 800-974-6006 tty/v. fios. a network ahead. three games, three wins, that's what the ravens need to guarantee a home play-off game. stan saunders has more on the tough test they will face this weekend in san diego. stan? >> while the chargers face the pressure of fighting for their play-off lives, the confident ravens stroll in, realizing
5:54 pm
their 6-7 record is no indication of how explosive they can be. particularly on offense. first off, however, check out number 9 on your screen. he really wears number 52. he's arguably the best linebacker. as he could return to action sunday. now, among louis's teammates, shoring up the defense this weekend. safety, bernard pollard. battle-tested and ready to go up against a big chargers receivey. >> how do you cut those giants down? >> they played us. >> hard part, indeed. coming up at 6:00, the orioles introduce their newest player. the newest bird who traveled a long way to get to baltimore. back to you, kai. >> all right, stan. thank you. a man is under arrest in western pennsylvania for a bizarre robbery attempt of a drive-through coffee shop. take a look, as a masked man
5:55 pm
lunges out of his car and through a window. you then see him hitting his wife with a coffee pot. you also see she threw scalding coffee at him. >> you think you have seen it all then you see something you haven't seen. firefighters rescue a teenager from a pretty embarrassing situation. take a look as he was pulled out from a chimney at his home. firefighters say the teen became stuck as she tried to sneak into his bedroom after his curfew. the teen was not hurt, except maybe a bruised ego. >> ouch. >> yeah. >> really? >> you can get hurt doing that. >> yeah. don't do that. still ahead on eyewitness news. i'm alex demetrick. coming up, a chase draws in four police departments. and police guns. that story as eyewitness news continues.
5:56 pm
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5:59 pm
don't miss the updated first warning weather forecast? >> check in for the stories and all the day's breaking news. >> wjz eyewitness news at 6:00 starts now. police pursuit. dozens of officers chase a suspect. >> vehicles crash. and shots are fired. how the chaos unfolded. >> hello, everyone. i'm vic carter. >> and i'm denise koch. here's what people are talking about tonight. >> a chase through two counties and the city, as police race after a suspect waving a gun. it ends with gunfire in a quiet baltimore county neighborhood. wjz is live at baltimore county police headquarters. alex demetrick has more on what happened. alex? >> reporter: well, vic, this may have ended in baltimore county.


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