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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  December 15, 2011 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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different police departments. it also put a lot of other motorists at risk, as well as police and the suspect who was eventually stopped with a police bullet. >> reporter: the baltimore highlands neighborhood in baltimore county went from quiet to wild at lunchtime. >> i was in my house with my sister. then the next thing you know, our friends were calling us, saying that somebody got shot. and the schools are on lockdown. and i was like, what's going on here? >> reporter: according to police, it started last night, with a robbery in baltimore county, where this white chevy was seen. it was spotted again this morning by ann arundle county police, who chased it back north. >> the suspect driving the vehicle, the white malibu, was waving a gun outside of the vehicle. as it traveled up 97. >> reporter: the suspect got out of the car, holding his gun to his head. investigators say he then pointed it toward the officers. >> at that time, one officer from baltimore county and one officer from anne arundel county discharged weapons. the suspect was shot.
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>> the suspect's gun can be seen in the gutter. the officers' guns were also taken as evidence by the detectives. bullets were counted and the clips of the seized weapons, and the shell kaigs -- casings marked in the street. a bullet could be seen in the suspect's car. it's not believed he fired any shots. >> this is ridiculous in this neighborhood. it should be a nice neighborhood. shouldn't have to go through all of this stuff. >> all of these people don't need all of this. you have all of these people here. they're probably worried. they'll have all. their doors locked and stuff tonight. >> reporter: although police say it is not clear if the suspect ended up here deliberately or by chance. >> reporter: well, at this time, police will only identify the suspect as a 19-year-old man. he was taken to shock trauma with injuries said to be nonlife-threatening. vic? >> alex, thank you. as in the case of all police- involved shootings, officers will be placed on administrative duties, pending an internal investigation. well, just before christmas, a tragedy for an area family, after a teenager is struck and killed in
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baltimore county. mary is live in the newsroom with more on the incident. >> reporter: baltimore county police and fire are investigating. it happened before 3:00 this afternoon, on putty hill avenue in parkville. police say the 15-year-old boy was struck by a car and then tossed him into a second car. the drivers of both cars did stop. but the teenager was prowdgessed dead at the scene. at this point, police have not yet released the identity of the teenager involved. denise? >> all right. thank you, mary. and we don't have word if the driver will be charged. remembering yardley love. a local school is preparing to break ground in honor of the murder victim. love was killed in 2010. her ex-boyfriend was charged with the crime. they have now raised enough money to begin construction on a field name in her honor. love graduated from notre graduated from notre dame prep in 2006. construction will begin this summer. a baltimore family takes their fight to court. they say their special needs child was repeatedly bullied at two city schools. now, their lawsuit goes before
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a jury. wjz is live at courthouse east. mike hellgren is following the case against the city school system. mike? >> reporter: and vic, they say this has been a niets mare for them and for their -- nightmare for them and their son. they say they have exhausted all of thoptions and they have filed this lawsuit to show city schools they mean business, that this is a problem that has got to stop. >> reporter: shauna and eddie sul san headed to -- sullivan headed to school for a landmark case against baltimore city schools. they claim teachers and administrators did nothing to stop their son from being bullied. beaten, choked at glenwood and hazel mount elementary schools. >> unfortunately, it's something that needs to happen. >> their lawyer pushed for and got a jury trial. most bullying cases never get that far. and she said the ordeal left the little boy, who has special needs, emotionally damaged. >> he's the tarkelt of some, and i will use the word terrorized. this child was terrorized by
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some of these boys. >> reporter: the school system plans plans to vigorously defend itself against the lawsuit. >> i can't have no comment. you could contact our communications department. they'll be able to give you some information. joolingsz but wjz got no -- >> reporter: but wjz got no comment there either. they say they are doing this to protect other children. >> you can't keep letting this happen and it will go away. children are actually getting hurt. and sooner or later, someone is going to be seriously hurt. >> reporter: and two veteran principals were named in this civil lawsuit. they have been front and center throughout the proceedings. it's moving rather fast, with the jury selected today, and onto opening arguments. reporting live at courthouse eaft, -- east, mike hellgren, wjz eyewitness news. >> mike, thank you. the trial is expected to last into next week. beginning in january, baltimore county will grant healthcare benefits to employees in same-sex marriages if they are legally married in other states. the decision will apply to all
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county employees. the county's healthcare review approved the move this week. county director kevin kamenetz supports this. no turns turns to yes as the city approves a plan to allow constellation and exelon energy to move forward. and wjz could see some coverage. >> reporter: that's right, denise. governor o'malgy said he first thought that the deal was not in the best interest of the state. but since then, they reached agreement on a better deal. >> reporter: constellation and exelon enter into an agreement with maryland to invest in renewable energy, to harness the power of the sun and the wind, burn natural gas and chicken poo, and pass on the savings to you. >> it's 10 times new generation as was originally proposed. >> reporter: the state first opposed the deal as a significant risk or harm to bge customers. these mergers are legally required to do no harm, benefit
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ratepayers and be in the public best interest. it began with a $100 credit on bge bills, assistant to people who can't pay their bills and a weatherization program for low- to moderate-income families. it includes 6,000 new jobs, and reducing greenhouse gases. it also gives the public services commission the power to separate bge from its parent company. >> one of the major concerns that we have was that bge, the electric company, the service delivery company, could be compromised in its ability to maintain its lines, to deliver its service, to provide the sort of reliable electricity and restoration of power after big events. were it to become a cash cow through this new company. >> reporter: governor o'malley says appropriate protections are now in place. >> reporter: the agreement with the state moves the merger forward. but it does not guarantee final approval by the public services
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commission back to you. >> all right. thank you, pat. some members of the general assembly want a mandatory spinoff of bge as a condition of approval. the war in iraq is officially over. all forces will be out of the country by december 31st. as tara mergener reports for wjz from the white house, many iraqis are glad to see the americans go. but some have mixed feelings about the withdrawal. >> reporter: the iraq war has come to an official end, with a small, solemn ceremony. soldiers rolled up the flag u.s. forces flew during the military campaign and put it into a sheath. it's headed back to the united states, a symbol of the nearly nine-year war that killed 4500 americans and injured more than 30,000 others. defense secretary leon pineta was in baghdad for the ceremony. he paid tribute to america's fighting forces. >> your nation is deeply indected -- indisebted to you. you have done everything your
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nation asked you to do and more. >> reporter: president obama has said u.s. troops will be home by christmas. but commanders say thousands of them will have to stay in kuwait for a few more months. >> reporter: about 4,000 forces remain inside iraq. they're packing up the last two u.s. bases there. some have mixed feelings about leaving. they're happy to head home, but concerned about iraq's future. >> i really do hope the best for the iraqi people. this has been really hard. >> reporter: many iraqis are glad to see the american forces go. this man says the u.s. has only sewn seeds of division and sectarianism. others are optimistic about their future, say they're confident the iraqi police and military can secure their country and protect it from terrorism. at the white house, tara mergener, wjz eyewitness news. >> no iraqi officials attended today's ceremony in baghdad.
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u.s. officials say they did invite iraq's president and prime minister to take part. >> we have breaking news to tell you about in an apparent police chase ends in towson. captain mike perry has more on this. mike? >> reporter: it has been a busy day for baltimore city and baltimore county police. the police in towson apparently trying to stop a car on york road, right in downtown towson. this occurred between chesapeake avenue and towson town boulevard, on york road. while trying to stop this vehicle in the foreground, it fled from police and then crashed into this taxicab, occupied by three elderly females. and the driver of the cab, of course. now, at this point, it's not known how serious the injuries are to anyone in the taxicab. the people that were inside of the car that fled from police, jumped out of the vehicle and ran. they were apprehended by baltimore county police here in the towson district. now, police do have york road
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closed in both directions between chesapeake and towson town, as they continue their investigation. apparently at least one suspect in custody for sure that we know about. another person of interest being detained. the folks that were inside the taxicab have been transported to local area hospitals. back to you on tv hill. >> thank you, captain mike perry, live in sky eye chopper 13. another mild december evening. a live look outside now. the rain has moved out. how does the forecast look? as we move into the weekend, we are live with first warning weather coverage. meteorologist tim williams and bob turk are updating this. >> would you believe we're at our high for the day now? 61 degrees. unbelievable. look at radar. we've had a few very light periods of rain this afternoon. the air put up 1/100ths of an inch. southwest winds at 10. barometer on the way back up. so how does the friday forecast shaping up for the region? tim williams in the outback. don't even need a coat out
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there. with a look at your five-day forecast. >> and you really don't. it is absolutely just incredibly comfortable out here. when that front moves through and pulls the rain with it, it's going to leave a little bit of a void. what fills the void, cooler air and wind from the north and northwest. we'll call it breezy. it's definitely going to have gusts for sometime. and cooler air means we'll have temperatures a little above normal. normal high is about 45 degrees. even tomorrow will be daytime highs around 55 degrees. another mild day shaping up. bob will have your complete updated first warning forecast coming up in a few moments. back inside. >> thank you very much, tim and bob. still to come on eyewitness news. controversial picture. why top brass in the air force are so upset. a shooting at this barber shop in northeast baltimore. i'm jessica kartalija. coming up next, why police want you to be on alert tonight. fatal crash. the results of the investigation into the death of indy car driver dan weldon. could he have survived?
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clearing up. how is friday and the weekend looking? don't miss the updated first warning weather forecast. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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the search is on for an armed suspect. wjz is live. jessica kartalija has the latest. >> reporter: tonight, police are urging everyone in that area to be on the lookout. >> a brazen robbery attempt during business hours has a store owner fighting for his life. >> it's a robbery, attempted
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robbery. the owner was shot as a result of the robbery. >> reporter: city police were called to the up close barber shop on harford road, just before 7:00 wednesday night. police say a man walked into the shop, attempting to rob the 32-year-old shop owner before shooting him in the head. >> we're also looking at the individuals in the store. trying to determine if there is anything more serious than just a random robbery attempt. >> reporter: baltimore city police are also urging anyone who may have seen something to please come forward. they tell me they are interviewing witnesses who are being cooperative. but they still need additional help. >> we need individuals that may have been driving home. it's kind around the rush hour time. may have been walking in the area that saw the vehicle that perhaps looked suspicious or each people on foot who ran. >> reporter: police say it's unclear whether the suspect got away with any cash. now, the shop is closed as the owner remains in critical condition, at johns hopkins hospital. >> reporter: and people we spoke with in that area did not want to go on camera. police want to remind everyone, be alert.
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robberies like this tend to occur more frequently during the holiday season. in baltimore city, i'm jessica kartalija, wjz eyewitness news. >> and if you have any information, you're asked to call baltimore city police. new criminal charges are filed against a prince george's county delegate. a grand jury returned an indictment, charging tiffany allston with using state funds to pay employees at her law firm. they also say she used thousands to pay for her wedding shoovmenty faces time -- she faces time in prison and $10,000 fine if convicted on all the charges. republican presidential candidates will get one last chance to win over undecided iowa voters tonight. final preparations are under way for tonight's debate. but the fireworks have already begunlt -- begun. >> reporter: just hours before the debate, newt gingrich released this ad. >> others seem to be more focused on attacks, rather than moving the country forward.
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>> reporter: those attacks against the former house speaker will likely intensify tonight, issue when -- when the candidates take the debate stage. gingrich is leading in the polls. mitt romney released this web commercial. >> governor romney in his business career created more jobs than the entire obama cabinet combined. >> reporter: and rick perry attacked both gingrich and romney in an ad. >> gingrich and romney, insiders. >> reporter: he calls it his responsibility. his numbers have been steadily rising. >> in political terms, it means that we're probably peaging at the right time. -- peaking at the right time. >> reporter: rounding out the candidates, rick santorum and michele bachmann, hoping to get more supporters out to the caucuses on what will likely be a cold january night.
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at tonight's debate, all seven candidates will be under the microscope. gingrich wants to use it to seal his lead. >> what i will do is ask you to be with me. >> reporter: it's his consist anti-performance in past debates that helped him climb to the top. sanda hughes, wjz eyewitness news remember. >> romney's campaign is stressing that it has support from former reagan officials who remain very popular among conservative voters. president obama and the first family are in the holiday spirit. the first family sat down for a portrait in the oval office this weekend. they will be sending out this picture as their holiday card. here's a look in case you're not on their list this year. inside, it says something warm, i'm sure, like sending you the best greetings of the season. >> beautiful kids. let's take a look at the weekend heading our way. it's going to cool down. but it's going to be dry. right now, things are quieting down. 61 degrees.
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at 6:15 in the evening. 49, dew point. beginning to dry up. humidity dropping. south/southwest winds. barometer, 29.89 inches. and it's on the way back up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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tonight, the golden globe nominations are in. and it's a silent film that is grabbing the most attention.
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bigad shaban reports from california. >> reporter: the new movie, the artist, may be a silent film. but it's creating the loudest buzz in hollywood. the romance that recaps the fall of the silent movie industry earned a best 6 golden globe nominations. including best picture in the musical or comedy category. >> i'd like to write something in the point of view of help. >> reporter: in the drama category, both the help and i'ds of march received five nominations. >> what's he want? >> reporter: political reporter george clooney was given nods. he also earned a third nomination for best actor in the descendants. >> that's don't ever do that to me again. >> reporter: that puts him up against his good friend, brad pitt and leonardo dicaprio and ryan godling. >> 26-year-old rooney maura scored a best actress
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nomination. she's up against glenn close, meryl streep, tilda swenton and davis. and for best actress and musical comedy, snl star was nominated for her zany role. when the golden globe awards are handed out january 15th. in hollywood, bigad shaban, wjz eyewitness news. as for tv nominations, cable shows once again dominated most categories. juliana margollies got a nod for drama, the good wife. and for his role in giving us a warm winter so far, here's bob turk. >> take a look at these forecast numbers. it is amazingly mild out there right now. d.c., up to 62 degrees. 61 here. 52, each in oakland. 51 in cumberland. and 54.
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elkton, ocean city. very mild air continues through at least the next four or five hours. 60, annapolis. 54 in bel air, at westminster. it stays mild, at least for most of tomorrow. won't even be that cold. 61, 44 today. now, the average high is 45. 28 is the average low. the record high, 70. in 1971. and in 1962, 6 degrees above zero. right now, we're still in that southwest wind, continuing to funnel in mild air all the way from georgia, florida, up the east coast. and until we get a wind change, tonight, later on, the winds go more to the west. as i mentioned, the northwest, that will usher in somewhat cooler air coming in tomorrow. probably a high near 50 tomorrow. still above normal. and then on saturday and sunday, a little bit cooler air coming in again. probably in the low 40s, which is very close to normal. here's the front. gave us very light rain today.
6:25 pm
the most i could find was maybe 5 or 6 1/100ths of an inch. not even that cold here. a little rain, new york. all moving off to the east. you see some breaks in the clouds. we will clear out somewhat tomorrow. this front is going to kind of slow down, taking the mild air with it. we'll cool down, and a little lorn passing to -- low pressure passing to the south. turns milder. if you're heading out to san diego, game time sunday night, around 57. and partly cloudy skies out there. not bad. northwest winds on the bay, at 10 to 15. maybe gusts to 20. and a small craft advisory, through friday afternoon. the bay temp, they're at 46 degrees. so tonight, it will clear out later on. but 42 degrees for a morning low. the normal low in the upper 20s. still 50 tomorrow, with a mixture of clouds and sunshine.
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but it will be breezy, so it will feel a lot cooler than it did today. but all in all, a nice way to end the week. and even cooler for the weekend. but dry. >> all right. thank you, bob. okay. it's a fight to the finish in the pizza bolis pro football challenge. tim williams is live at he's going to update this week's standings. how are you doing, tim? >> i'm not doing so well, after a few long shots and ill- advised picks. but there's still time. but the bobbleheaded weller board. there is a tie for first place. adam may and jessica kartalija both have 44 points. stan saunders behind with 33 points. then marty bass with 132. mary and i still have 141 points. there's still a charges. this week's big winner, steven colfield of pikesville.
6:27 pm
he correctly repredict -- predicted 15 of the 16 games and came closest to the sunday night game. for that win, he gets a pizza bolis and best buy gift card. even though there are three weeks left, you can still sign up as the team heads out to the west, to take on the san diego -- well, you get the idea. you come here to, click on the pro football challenge. and you can click on and still win for the last three weeks. you see, i know where the west is. i do that in weather all the time. >> i think it should be the other way. but maybe people's televisions reverse it. in any case, i know you know where the west is. >> ravens take on the san diego chargers this sunday. >> the west is right there in his hand. he's holding it. >> that's right. still to come on wjz eyewitness news. unbearable situation. a large black bear in a suburban neighborhood. see what happens. the war is over. but dozens of maryland soldiers are still in iraq. hear from them as they prepare to leave. the people would yell at my
6:28 pm
mom because we didn't have any money. and they would yell at us to get out. it hurt me. >> the new faces of poverty in america. homeless children testify before congress about what should be done. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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it's 6:30. cloudy and 61 degrees. good evening, everyone. here's what people are talking about tonight. homeless children and adult who live on the streets once testified before congress. lawmakers want to find better ways to identify homeless children and families. >> reporter: they are the new faces of poverty in america. >> me and my mom are homeless. we got that way because my dad was abusing me. and my mom. he hit me and called me stupid and retarded. >> reporter: homeless children from florida, illinois and new york, told a congressional committee what it's like not knowing where they will slope at night. >> the hardest thing living with other people is watching my mom cry. >> reporter: children living in shelters and dangerous molts. sometimes their car felt safer.
6:32 pm
>> in my car i was in control. and didn't have to worry about what would happen to me or people who would try to touch me when i was asleep. >> reporter: it's estimated that one in every 45 children now in the u.s. are homeless. kids who are tired, underfed, and embarrassed. >> we had to eat at the gas station at the corner because they had a microwave. >> reporter: destiny's family finally got a break, after 60 minutes aired a story about impoverished kids in their community. >> because of the 60 minutes segment, our community has come together and provided my family with a home. >> reporter: congress is trying to write a new law and help another generation of homeless in new york. >> the rate of homelessness among kids, have seen a dramatic increase of 32% since 2007. the fbi is taking new action to try to find a rapist and murderer. they have released new sketches
6:33 pm
of what they think the suspect looked like when they raped a number of women in 1998. one woman was murdered. they also released an age- progressed sketch of what they think he looks like now. the fbi hopes a website and digital billboards will help them identify the attacker. a controversial photograph has the air force investigating some of its own airmen tonight. mary is in the newsroom with more on the. >> it shows 15 men pretending to be dead and lying around a casket with a noose on his neck. this comes after finding the mishandling of remains. the secretary of the air force says he is saddened the photo could cause further grief to the family of the fallen. it is unclear if the picture was taken before or after the remains scandal became public.
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the war in iraq is officially over tonight at this solemn ceremony in baghdad. soldiers wrapped up the specific flag described for the war. it will be taken back to the united states and never fly again. about 4,000 u.s. soldiers remain inside iraq. they're packing up and getting ready to hand over the remaining military bases to iraqi forces. and soldiers from maryland are getting ready to make their return home. mike schuh spoke with two of them today who are still in iraq. >> reporter: when this aviation command unit left maryland on september 1st, they thought the next kiss and cry would be over a year away. >> the last combat aviation brigade in iraq right now. >> and it turns out, they're right. i spoke with two maryland guardsmen near baghdad, now on the verge of leaving iraq. their unit flag is down. their leaving ceremony, completed. >> we're not coming home. we're actually reposturing south of here. >> reporter: byuf moog -- my beautifulling to kuwait,
6:35 pm
these 150 maryland soldiers will continue to lead a larger force of 2500. >> obviously it's a tough time of year, though, with the holidays around the corner. so you see your friends, your comrades in arms are coming home for the holidays, and we're happy for them, but still, there's that tinge in you that says, man, it would be nice to be coming home for the holiday. >> reporter: at the same time, he adds that these aviation soldiers get something out of staying on deployment, more opportunities to do what they love. >> when you're on title 10 and you're deployed, you have access to more flying hours. more opportunity to fly and hone your skills. >> reporter: their base once had 45,000 soldiers. today, it's empty, under 500 left. >> i would say the biggest feeling is, it's surreal. >> reporter: the colonel misses the ravens second. his family first. >> and actually, they're headed out to disney world. have a great time. love you guys and miss you. >> reporter: mike schuh, wjz eyewitness news. >> that unit is the last aviation brigade left in iraq.
6:36 pm
a frightening discovery, a cable man finds a black bear inside a new jersey basement. kathryn brown reports for wjz, with more on the wild encounter. >> big-time bear chase. and there's nothing better than a bear chase. >> reporter: this huge black bear caused quite the commotion. leading animal control officers on an hour-long chase through yards, driveways and woods. >> i went in the house and said to my wife, you see the news van over there? why are they there? she walked up front and said, because they're over there. >> this is one of the most beautiful animals in history. >> he's the biggest grizzly bear i've ever seen. >> reporter: the 550 pound bear was first spotted in this home of david cornine who was repairing for cable television. >> i was like, what is up with that noise? >> reporter: turns out a bear had made a nice nest for himself in the basement. it is not clear how long he had been living here. but he apparently wandered through a crawl space and open
6:37 pm
door, to hibernate. >> caught me out of the corner of my eye. freaked me out. i threw my tools and ran out of the basement. >> reporter: officers with the department of fish and wildlife came to tranquilize the bear. but when he dart -- when they carted him, he took off. it ended up lasting about an hour as the bear took multiple tranquilizer darts and kept going. when the bear finally went down, it took eight men to carry him out of the woods, while bystanders watched in amazement. officers brought him into the street where they tagged him and checked him for injuries. >> and that special tag will keep tabs on the bear. >> can you imagine? just going to take a few minutes. still to come tonight on wjz eyewitness news. fighting back. what a small coffee shop owner does, when a burglar tries to get in. serious flames. what caused this tanker to explode on a busy california highway. dryer, cooler weekend. i'll have the exclusive first warning five-day forecast.
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and wjz 13 is always on. here are the top stories on at for the updated forecast, log onto ,, [ mom ] hey guys. guys... [ female announcer ] pillsbury cinnamon rolls with cinnabon cinnamon are an irresistible sunday morning idea. nothing calls them to the table faster. sunday morning ideas made easy. [ younger brother ] oh, do you want it? yeah. ok, we'll split it. [ female announcer ] made fresh, so light... ...buttery and flaky... this is half.
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that is not half. guys i have more. [ female announcer ] do you have enough crescents?
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today, indy car announces the finding of the investigation into the crash that killed race car driver dan weldon. the report found that several factors caused the accident. and no single factor could be labeled the cause of the crash. weldon was killed when his hit head hit the post. his car spun out of control in a 15-car pileup. a tanker fire causeds traffic trouble for a busy mile of the freeway. it will close throughout the weekend. after burning sent chunks flying from an overpass. the double tanker was hauling 88 gallons. the cause of the fire has not been determined. flooding in new zealand causes serious damage and a state of emergency. heavy rains that force hundreds to evacuate their homes within 24 hours. more than 17 inches of rain have fallen. these are the worst floods that have hit the island country in the last 10 years. conditions are not expected to get better until tomorrow.
6:42 pm
russia's prime minister is rejecting calls to send voters back to the polls because of fraud. he took to the airways to defend the recent election results. right. russian prime minister vladimir putin went on television to confront his critics. protestors and international observers claims he rigged this month's parliamentary elections. but putin says there will be no revote. putin's party lost some power but watchdogs say it should have been stripped of even more. they accuse his government of ballot-stuffing. tens of thousands of people have taken to the streets in russia's largest protests in 20 years. putin is slamming the west for supporting them and claims organizers paid people to march. american-russian relations are even more strained since u.s. officials also challenged the election results.
6:43 pm
putin insists he'll install web cams in every voting booth to proof the election is fair. his name will be on the presidential ballot in three months. he says he welcomes the show with mikale procoofficer. the russian billian or is trying to capitalize on the massive protests that have swept across the country. rita nissan, wjz eyewitness news. >> putin says russia wants to be allies with the united states but claims the world is fed up with taking orders from washington. a terrifying day at a pennsylvania coffee shop, when a robber jumps through the drive-through window. take a look as the masked man lunges out of his car and into the coffee shop. the worker attempts to protect herself with a coffee pot. when that didn't work, she picked up a pot of hot milk and threw it on the suspect. police have arrested the man and charged him with attempted robbery. >> i'm sorry. he would just have to go down. you know? scott pelley has a preview of what's coming up tonight on
6:44 pm
the cbs evening news. there's a new bipartisan plan for overhauling medicare. we'll look at what it means for you and its chances of becoming law, tonight on the cbs evening news. and here's a look at tonight's closing numbers from wall street. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,
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another unseasonably warm season. meteorologist bob turk and tim williams are updating the five- day forecast. >> it's going to be another mild night. temperatures only going down into the 40s. average overnight low is in the 20s. about 28 degrees. we go down tonight. it will be breezy. even actually windy and gusty at times. but the daytime high, back up to 50 degrees. then we start a bit of a cooldown. for the next five days, we send it in to bob. >> tomorrow, still 50 degrees. back to normal side and -- saturday and sunday, 44 and 44. milder on sunday. and a chance for showers by late tuesday or tuesday night. 46, 36. looks like a few showers lingering into wednesday morning. denise? >> thank you, bob.
6:48 pm
still to come. a familiar face and an unfamiliar number. stan has the team's final preparations for the big game in san diego. that's next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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6:50 pm
well, their bags are packed. they're ready to go. stan is here with the wjz the
6:51 pm
fan sports report. >> long trip out west. and a very tough opponent. be sure of that. while the chargers face the pressure of playing off live. the confident ravens stroll into san diego, realizing their opponents 6-7 doesn't explode. first off, check off number 9 on your screen. he is arguably the best linebacker. ray lewis second best day. could return to action on sunday. it will be a gametime decision by the coaches. among louis's teammates. in the secondary. shoring up everything back there is safety bernard pollard. he's battle-tested, ready to go, against a group of big, talented chargers receivers. >> how do you cut those giants down? you hit them. that's how you cut those giants down. they've hit us. they know how we're going to come play. this is going to be a hard- fought game. >> meanwhile, a notable
6:52 pm
sidebar. all-defensive pro tackle, haloti ngata became the first to make the fundamental team. like defeating a block in what is called at arm overrush. it's not his first time, winning this award, by the way. >> rumble it in for the touchdown. >> definitely. i have two other in my home. this will be the third one. >> where do i put them?" >> the case. in the office. >> ngata has two. conversely, bad news. chicago bears wide receiver, sam herd. he's also a special teamer. sam was arrested on special charges, after allegedly trying to purchase several kilos of cocaine. they say he was also busted back in july. herd told the officer last night, he distributes about 4 kilos of coke per week in the chicagoland area. back to good news, though. for the towson football team, coming off their 9-3 record.
6:53 pm
although losing in the football subdivision play-offs. freshman running back terrence west. all colonial athletic association. matrickulateed at northwest high school. today, he was named second team, all america. he finished the year with 29 touchdowns. baseball now. the orioles, introduced the newest birds of the flock. 30-year-old japanese left- handed pitcher. last year in the majors, in japan. had 168 strikeouts. over 184 innings. >> the words of the great oriole manager, earl weaver, we want to have great depth. so we are going to add as many good starting pitchers as we can to improve our pitching. >> and college hoops from a night ago. in college park, mark turnin and the terrapins, losing to fiu. visitors coached by isaiah thomas. one of the 50 greatest coaches
6:54 pm
in history. maryland's ashton panky, downright defensive, rejecting fiu, not once but count them, twice. 20 points, meantime, for terps' guard, terrell stokeland. late rally, plus baltimorean, sean mosely. the st. francis academy grad there on the denial. terps win, 65-61. that's their third straight victory. and next up, ranford, albany, sanford and cornell. all at home through january 3rd, 2012. >> we'll talk about the baltimore blast. our great pro indoor soccer team. >> and they are great. be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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6:58 pm
♪[ music ] this incredible display is in geneva, illinois. it links the lights to the song. witnesses say neighbors have been coming from miles and mile away just to see the show. >> looks like the house is dancing. >> neighbors also say, we keep our blinds closed during the month of december. gives you a headache but it's great. that's it for us tonight. back at 11:00. >> thanks for watching wjz, maryland's news station. don't go away, because there is much more ahead on the cbs evening news with scott pele, including a report from baghdad, as the war in iraq officially comes to an end. we'll now take >> pelley: tonight, can it be? a bipartisan agreement in washington? a republican and a democrat roll out a plan to overhaul medicare.
6:59 pm
nancy cordes on what it would mean to you and future generations. is jim axelrod is in iraq where the war that began with shock and awe officially ended today with quiet reflection. >> it's a bittersweet moment. >> reporter: erin moriarty is following a murder mystery on long island where the discovery of the remains of nearly a dozen people set off a hunt for a serial killer. and the thousands of pictures that are worth one incredible story. anthony mason with the artist no one knew until now. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: good evening. just when you thought washington was hopelessly deadlocked, a conservative republican and a liberal democrat have net the middle with a proposal to save medicare. 49 million americans are on the government health plan, but it


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