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tv   Eyewitness News at 4  CBS  December 28, 2011 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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i'm kai jackson. breaking news, there is a serious accident on the jfx, it's backing up traffic this afternoon. this was the scene a short time ago, on i-83, on the northbound side to the inner loop of the bellway. police say three vehicles were uninvolved in an accident before 3:00 this afternoon. two children sustained serious injuries in the crash. both flown to johns hopkins pediatrics. more information on the news part of the story in a moment. now to christy in traffic control with more op how this is affecting the afternoon commute. i saw this accident as i headed in to work today. >> so did it. let's go to the live shot.
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we have a closure, northbound on the jfx, falls road. nothing getting by, if you are going to take the inner loop to the beltway, traffic is getting by, just on the shoulder. we will look here, as you can see, so much congestion there as you head towards the scene of the inner loop of the beltway, backed up. avoid the jfx at all cost. take charles street if you have to travel in that direction. we will cup to bring you up to date as we get more information on the two children. that's the second bad accident this afternoon by the way. it was a nasty crash on the bellway, sent a police officer to the hospital and brought traffic to a standstill. mary bubala has the story. >> three vehicles were involved before noon on the inner loop of the beltway, providence road. the accident shutdown the inner loop completely and gridlock in the other direction. a county police officer was trying to get on the highway,
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when a tractor trailer hit him and sent him slamming in to the wall. he is now listed in stable condition. two other people involved in the crash were rushed to sinai with nonlife threatening injuries the highway re-opened two ors after that accident. a massive procession in north korea as kim jung-il is laid to rest. >> reporter: steps of thousands of north koreaians lined the streets to say a final good-bye to kim jong-il, they waited for the casket. state tv showed mourners falling to their knees and soldiers pushing back crowds to keep the path clear. kim who ruled the nation with an iron fist died this month of a heart attack.
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his youngest son led the elaborate procession. as a giant military officers kicked in , the younger kim cliewted his father. it's been days since his death and his son is hailed at the next ruler. supreme leader and great successor. washington is watching. analysts believe the transition could mark a turning point for the communist country and relationship with the rest of the world. >> may be a moment of opportunity for north korea. on the other hand they are a nuclear power and tested the nuclear power. >> reporter: north korea's focus on grieving the loss of the leader. more than a week of mourning and like much of kim's life it had been shrouded in mystery. north korea will hold a national memorial service for kim tomorrow. police in arundel are look for the people who pepper sprayed a man and left him
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without clothes. 3 masked men approached the man as he waited for the bust. the victim says one of the robbers used pepper spray on him while the others stole his shirt, pants and shoes. police have not identified any suspects. a year ago today, phylicia barnes disappeared in baltimore. investigators found her body but yet to make an arrest, new at 4:00, mike hellgren speaks with phylicia barns' father about the investigation. >> reporter: police are making progress but won't say how or why. it involved most of the city's homicide unit and continues to puzzle investigators. fee lesha disappeared without a trace from her sister's apartment a year ago, police have yet to make an arrest in her killing. the compossive search gained nation tall attention, the biggest missing person's cases in history. authorities found the body of the teenager honor student naked with no obvious signs of
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trauma in the cold susquehanna river. they know little about how she got there or whether she was dumped some place else. friends and family held a rally near where she disappeared, holding another vigil tonight in baltimore and this afternoon in north carolina where fee leshoo lid, visiting her sister at the time of her disappearance. >> i can't express how special she is. i'm not going to use the word, was, because she is spill stecial. >> reporter: days ago, police issued a statement saying investigators worked the case continually and progress has been made, although making the details public at this time could henned ter outcome of the investigation. they say they are reinterviewing family and friends and conducting
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examinations hoping to close the case and give barnes' loved ones peace. >> we want to continue to have her name out here until the person who killed her is brought to justice. >> reporter: the vigil is at browns memorial baptist church on west belvedere avenue at 7:00. mike hellgren, wjz 13. we will have more of phylicia barns family and the memorial garden dedicated in her honor. arson investigators are looking in to a suspicious house fire in west baltimore today. started after 7:00 this morning in the 800 block of west lumbar. crews found three separate fires burning inside the home leading investigators to believe they may have been set. now the cause of the fires is unknown. the down economy is taking a toll on maryland homeowners, according to media partner, the baltimore sun, home values have fallen 17% since 2008.
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that's based op assessments from the state. the drop was steeper in baltimore with home values down an average of 19%. encouraging news on the health of the chesapeake bay. scientists say the setment plume left over from hurricane irene and tropical storm lee is doing less damage than expected. there were fears that the plume would destroy under water grass beds as a feeding and nesting place for blue crabs. oyster population didn't fair as well when lee and irene dumped 32 inches of rain in the bay in late summer. powerful winds in maryland. this is the scene in north baltimore. see how strong the winds are, whipping through the area. live look outside now, the sun returning, let's look at first warning weather, tim williams is here with more. a windy day. temperatures have been cool, and with that winds we are talking slight windchill.
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temperatures feeling lower than what they actually are. [technical difficulties] we don't have any rain in the forecast, rain zipped away in to new england helping to bring -- [technical difficulties] 18 miles per hour winds at bwi. 25 miles per hour at elkton, higher winds towards hagerstown, 20 miles per hour. basically seeing for the most part, or feeling i should say, for the most part gusts up to 35 miles per hour. that's been pretty much what we see all throughout this day. we will keep you posted as the winds die down and updated forecast in a few moments. free cab ride will be a call away early on new years day for people who need to get home safely. it's expected in 200 people will take advantage of the offer. >> last year four motorists
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died due to alcohol related crashes on new years day and 193 motorists in maryland spent the first day of 2011 in jail charged with dui. when the new year starts, with too much alcohol in the system, similar to a program run for other holidays, the idea with tipsy taxi is get folks home safely. >> we will be providing the tipsy taxi service for anyone drinking in a baltimore city bar or restaurant, a program we created to decrease impaired driving on the roadways. >> on average over ten year period, 142 motorists will die on new year's day. making it the 5th most dangerous day of the year for motorists. here is the surprise, the most dangerous day of the year for pedestrians is new years day. words projected that 410 pedestrians will die. tipsy taxi runs through 4:00
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a.m., covers rides up to $50. wjz 13, eye witness news metro, light rail and circulator will run until 1:00 on new years day watch the wjz new years eve special with coverage of the fireworks live from the inner harbor. see the festivities here on wjz at 11:00 saturday night. final preparations understoodway for new years eve in times square. the final panels are in place on the water ford crystal ball, counting down the new years in time squares. the theme is friendship. people holding hands around the world, 1 million people expected to watch the ball drop in times square new years eve. still ahead at 4:00, wild crash, police car goes in to a crowded restaurant in new mexico what caused the officer to lose control.
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how a first of its kind law could cut down an abuse of over the counter medicine. lottery winner takes procrastination to the next level. a sun filled day after rain overnight. finds out if clear skies will stick around in your complete first warning forecast. ,,,,,,,,
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truck burst in to flames after slamming in to an overpass. the truck sideswiped a honda civic. the big rig got stuck under the bridge. firefighters put out the flames and crews pulled the driver from the smoking vehiclement his condition is critical. it's not clear what caused the crash. surveillance video catch as sheriff's deputy smashing his car through a crowded
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restaurant. it pummeled and stopped feet from a tent packed with people. the deputy was responding to a call when another car hit him causing him to spin, hit a snow bank and flip. the deputy is recovering from the accident the new years rings in a new law in california. it's going to limit what medications teenagers can buy at the pharmacy. the law is the first of its kind kind. >> reporter: the doctors office isn't the first place jennifer turns to when she has a cold. the 16 year old almost always relies on over-the-counter cough syrup. january 1st, she will not be able to buy a bottle on her own, california lawmakers are banning the sale of most cough medicines to anyone under 18, teens are getting high on one of the ingredients.
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dxm can cause hallucinations and death. >> it is the number one drug of abuse in children less than 18. common than marijuana. it is easily access. >> reporter: teens can buy it if they have a prescription. pharmacists will have to check ids for proof of age. 5.5% got high on cough medicine this year. >> people using it for recreational purposes may take a half a bottle on a daily basis. >> reporter: the makers support the change and trying to raise awareness on line. >> its destroyed me. that was it. i was done. from that point on i decided i was done. >> this teen isn't convinced , the law will prevent abuse. >> if they want to get it, they will. doesn't matter if there is a law against it or not. >> reporter: it makes it harder for people like her who want to
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take the right dose for the right reason. >> california pharmacies face a $250 fine for selling to minors. not a good day for investors on wall street. stocks take a midweek dive after five days of gains. the dow loses 139 points, sp down 15. nasdaq falls 35. let's go to new york where alexis christoforous has the money watch update. >> reporter: euro slumped to a 15-month low against the dollar making goods more expensive overseas. senior saudi official tells the gulf arab nation are prepared to offset the loss of oil in the market. he says his country would close
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the street cutting off oil exports if western nations pose sanctions. a 6th of the oil moves through the strait. last minute holiday shoppers gave retailers a solid lift the week before christmas. sales rose 4 and a half percent. consumers got help getting shopping done on time. some retailers stayed open for 24 hours a day. on line spending hit a record. according to comp score, americans spent over $35 billion on line from the day after thanksgiving, through christmas eve, that is up 15% compared to last year, on cyber monday alone, consumers spent 1 and a quarter billion dollars buying gifts over the internet. head to i'm alexis chris christoforous.
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let's check in with christy at wjz traffic control. >> we have a little bit of good news, let's look now as you can see the jfx in the northbound direction has been re-opened but traffic is getting by on the inner loop to the beltway on the shoulder. as far as other accidents go, northbound, accident blocking the left hand lane, northbound 95, another accident there at 195, quite a day for accidents. on the northeast side of the beltway, a car fire between 95 and philadelphia road. in towson, two crashs in the region, goucher boulevard, west joppa, chestnut avenue. up in harford county, two accidents in the region. tow gate and bel air between whittaker mill and harford road. back and take a live look. again, jfx, in northbound
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direction, head -- a look at the inner loop , the ramp of the beltway, traffic is getting by on the shoulder. this traffic report is brought to you by your baltimore chef i have dealer, the chevy cruise has the highest gas engine mileage at 42 miles per gallon. thank you. time is running out for winning lottery ticket holder in iowa. that ticket is worth 16 and a half million dollars. no one claimed it. it was sold almost a year ago, but it has to be cashed in by tomorrow afternoon to collect the money. if the winner does not claim the pot before the deadline the ticket will be worthless. the state keeps the money. all 16.5 million dollars, paul. come up at 4:00, a hungry crocodile attempts to make lunch of a lawn mower and nearly takes the operator with it. more on the amazing video coming up.
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deadly bacteria, another infant tests positive for the infection that spurred a nationwide probe of baby formula. the latest in the search for the bacteria's source. a breezy end to the afternoon. tim williams tells us what to expect as we close out 2011 in your first warning forecast. wjz 13 is always on for the stop stories on, updates and first warning weather, click ,,,,,,,,
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we are just going to talk about windchills this time of year when the winds are blowing at 18 miles per hour. 40-degree temperature, feeling chilly when you go outside. definitely feeling 5 degrees or so colder than the actual temperature, 40 is the current temperature, bwi marshal. 18 the dew point. air is dry. the relative humidity at 40% with the winds from the west, northwest at 18 miles per hour. sustained winds, the gusts have been up around 35 miles per hour, off and on at times. 29.87, rising, high pressure
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struggles to now take a grip of the forecast. 26 degrees oak lands. 33 cumberland. 46 on the shore. mild, down around patuxent river, temperatures close to 50, temperatures in the mid to upper 30s from westminster, towards bel air, 39. there 40 columbia, 41 rock hall. 42 in the state capitol. 42 kent island. the wind are over the last hour or so, see they are ranging from the mid teens up to 20 miles per hour, these are the sustained winds bringing in very chilly canadian air, as it moves across the great lakes and funnels across the mid atlantic, 32 miles per hour gusts at the airport, 32 elkton. if you are traveling for the holiday, could cause delays, the gusts are around the mid atlantic and towards the midwest, chicago and that's because of the low pressure system that zoomed out of here, see the tail end of the moisture as it spins away here,
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high pressure is building in. a pressure gradient, starting to create all of these strong winds around the region. it's also bringing in a little lake effect snow, up in parts of central pennsylvania, we could see some in the higher elevations, no accumulation in maryland. it's close enough around our next chance of a system coming through is going to happen us this in to friday. what we are going to see primarily is cloud cover and winds picking up. dry heading in to the holiday weekend. even though it looks like we have cool temperatures and brisk winds to tend with, sometime throughout the friday, saturday, forecast time. small craft advisory in effect through late, a gail warning in effect through 6:00 p.m. this evening. sunset time today at 4:52. tonight, going down to 24 degrees. that's cold by any sprech of the imagination. tomorrow up to around 44. sun followed by increasing clouds ahead of the next system that's going to breeze through
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tomorrow night in to tried. >> thank you, hope it breezes back out. don't miss the prime time line up on cbs, 10:00 csi, eye witness news at 11:00. still ahead at 4:00, justice delayed the murder trial of egypt's former president resumes after three months of waiting. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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it is 4:30, 40 degrees and
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partly cloudy, hi, everybody, thank you for staying with eye witness news i'm mary bubala. denise and vick are off today. the trial of ousted e gips president mubarak resumes after a 3 month delay. after appearing today, the overthrown leader won't be back until after new year. heather reports for wjz with the latest fromm the courthouse. >> reporter: mubarak was brought to the court house in an ambulance, wheeled in to ace trial on a hospital stretcher. outside, egyptians protested demanding the death penalty for their former leader. riot police surrounded the court in cairo and armored cars on stand by. he faces chars in the deaths of hundreds of protesters killed during an uprising. he is charged with abuse of power. the 83 year old has a heart condition and under arrest in a hospital since april.
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his two sons, in prison, face charges also. those antiand pro mubarak protesters led chantss that trial resumed wednesday after a 3-month delay, the hearing lasted a few hours before the judge adjourned the trial again until next week. the case could drag on for years. many of his aids facing charges. many egyptians hope the trial will heal scars to help the country move forward after a year of political turmoil. lawyers for some of families of the dead filed suit trying the get some of the trial judges replaced. another day of violence in syria as protesters clash with police. despite the presence of arab league monitors, security forces opened fire on thousands of antigovernment demonstrators in the city of ha ma.
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6 people were killed. monitors are on a mission to end a crack down on antigovernment protesters demanding more agree dom. learning more about the tragedy in new england, police released a 911 call made moments after a home went up in flames, kai jackson has more on the fatal fire. >> reporter: flames ripped through a home with an entire family sleeping inside. the fire killed three little girls and grandparents who were visiting for christmas. the mother escaped along with her boyfriend. firefighters say he tried to lead the girls to safety but lost them in smoke. firefighters say that same man may have inadvertently started the fire when he put hot ashs
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too close to an outside trash area. >> thank you. the connecticut medical examiner says the adults and children all died of smoke inhalation. with just a few days left before the iowa caucuses mitt romney, ron paul, newt gingrich are locked in a three way race. now the republican candidates are crisscrossing the state and taking shots at each other. torrell brown has the latest from washington. the ground war in iowa is underway. newt gingrich is off on a 22 stop bus tour, he said he is taking the high road. with less tan a week until the caucuses, the other candidates are slamming him with negative ads. mitt romney has been taking shots at gingrich, today heturned his attention to president obama. >> he said he wanted to
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fundamentally transform america. i wouldn't want to transform america in to something we don't recognize. >> reporter: the president maybe better off if the candidates fight with each other. his approval ratings are up, gop campaign is diverting attention away from the fragile economy. texas governor rick perry, lagging in the polls, is trying fodefine himself. >> why would you settle for anything less than an authentic conservative who will fight for your views and values without apology. >> reporter: the candidates have a packed schedule, ron paul appears at veterans rally and michelle has 11 stops on her bus tour across the state. he says if he finishes dead last he will end his campaign. the iowa caucuses are next tuesday and polls show voters are undecided. in today's health watch, a third baby tests positive for a potentially deadly bacteria
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linked to baby formula. two previous cases purred a probe in to formula including enfamil. wal-mart and other stores pulled cans after a missouri baby died after drinking formula including enfamil. also in health watch, news for millions of people taking the blood thinner plavix. researchers are questioning a 2010 warning from the fda which said patients may not be able to process the drug making it less affect i have. a -- the patients did not have more heart attacks or strokes than other patients. a bit of a chill in the air, the winds isn't helping things. a live look outside , the sun is finally returning this afternoon after all of the rain yesterday. it's pretty a pretty night. weather and traffic together. here is tim with up the dated numbers. good afternoon everyone. the winds dried us out for much
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of the rain, they've chilled us down. first warning live doppler , there is no real precipitation anywhere around. 40 degrees now, but the winds are from the west. sustained at 18 miles per hour over the last hour or so. they have been gusting up to 35. that l you see over minneapolis to the top left, that's the low pressure system that's going the breeze through here tomorrow and basically bring us more cloud cover but not necessarily anymore rain. we have been talking about the winds however, though, temperatures are around 40 degrees, take the winds and maybe deduct 5 degrees from the temperature. we talked about the gusts in the last hour, gusts as high as 32 miles per hour at bwi, 30 on the shore, 20 oakland. winds will calm down through the evening. how does that shape up for the forecast? we will have thatness in your forecast in -- answer in you toshing in a few minutes -- in your forecast in a few minutes. a lot of accidents this afternoon. first let's give you an update
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on the accident, northbound on the jfx, there is a look at the jfx, the accident was on the ramp to the inner loop of the bellway, that's blocked off, traffic is getting by on the shoulder. which is causing a delay as you can see the delay now, back to northern packway at least 25 minutes to get through. as far as other accidents go, if you are traveling northbound 395, an accident blocking the right happened lane, also northbound 97 at new cut road. west joppa, greenwood and chestnut avenue, puddy hill, several in the harford county region. bel air, whittaker and harford, churchville at 155 and also toll gate at kentmore. let's take a look, a lot of problems 95 southbound, there is construction being done on the tightings memorial bridge, it's backing things up. it does break free after you
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get through the construction site over the bridge. straight ahead at 4:00, stage collapse, why two meme are facing criminal charges in connection with a deadly accident at the indiana state fair. a mississippi man leads police on a high speed chase. how the chaotic scene ended. a chilly windy afternoon out there. tim has the new year's eve forecast coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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police in north carolina say a man's hoarding habits may have stopped him from escaping a burning building. neighbors banged on his door when the building caught fire but the man didn't make it out. his apartment was full of
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possessions to block his escape. the cause is under investigation. they said they were injured when a stage collapsed at the indiana state fair, police say they made it up to cash in. kai jackson has the major fraud arrest. >> two women lied to get thousands of dollars from a victims relief fund. prosecutors say sandra and stephanie filed claims to the indiana state fair remembrance fund using false hospital documents. in august 60 miles per hour gusts toppleed the stage as fans gathered to watch a sugar land concert. 7 people were killed and 60 hurt. the women are charged with forgery, perjury and attempted left, felony crimes. thank you, police say neither of the women were at the concert. they could face between 14-35 years in prison. a tragic shooting in colorado, a fife year old is dead after accidentally shooting herself with a gun. the girl was playing with the
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weapon in her parent's bedroom. the parents were downstairs. the district's attorneys office will determine if the parents will face charges. a utah man is facing charges in a facebook rescue hostage case. troy is accused of holding his girlfriend and her child at a home for five days. she posted a message. crispfield spent time in jail this year for another kidnapping, he pleaded not guilty in this case. talk about a wild ride. a mississippi man steal as police car and leads police on a chase through several counties. we have dash cam video of the chase. a very quiet ryan in court today, barely said anything at all during his arraignment.
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he says he doesn't remember much of this. a high speed chase that all got started here at the colonial inn motel. they uncovered a meth lab in his room. during the search you can hear him fighting his way to the driver's seat and takes off in the patrol car. the wild ride continues through jackson county, then to washtenaw. he gets close to a cement barrier. at times reaching speeds more than 120 miles per hour, the chase continues through monroe county, he gets close to the michigan-ohio border, traffic ahead that doesn't seem to be moving. that doesn't stop him. he keeps going, driving in between the two lanes of traffic, hitting cars, and then crashing.
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despite the chaotic chase, his words in court today -- >> (inaudible.) >> cunningham will stay behind bars on a $100,000 bond. southwest airplane belows two tires before taking off in california. the seattle bound flight was forced to abort in sacramento. firefighters doused the wheels to be safe. witnesses say the rub ore didn't tire was down to the rim, no passengers were hurt. there is no word on what caused the tires to blow. mothers around the country hold a breast-feeding protest at target stores. a mother in texas says employees harassed her for nursing her baby at a target store. she sat down in the women's clothing section and employees made fun of her for not using a dressing room. she organized the protest at target stores across the
4:47 pm
country, corporate officials say customers are welcome to breast-feed in their store. employees have been informed of the poll city. a crocodile weighing over 1000 pounds attempts to eat a lawn mower whole and nearly takes the operator with it. the beast named elvis burst out of the water when rangers were mowing his enclosure. >> reporter: elvis is fairly placid for a crocodile. just don't cut his grass. billy was mowing the end closure this morning. >> he was attached to the end of the mower, almost took me in with him. it happened that fast and it was that scary. glad to be alive. >> reporter: the rangers plotted how to retrieve it. luring elvis away with real
4:48 pm
food. being on the other end of that stick isn't as scary as this morning's shenanigans. >> i could see him coming. when you are focused on the mower, trying to dodge the tree and the water and the crocodile is hanging off the end, my heart almost jumped out of me chest. >> compared to this kangaroo, it came out relatively unscathed this time. >> i'm worried he has this and sat next to it in his pool for an hour. to him, he just won. he just won a big game. elvis lost a couple of teeth. i think elvis will always win the game. his teeth measure 3 and a half inches long. visitors with watch him feed on weekends and holidays but may not get to see him munching on a mower any time soon.
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tarzan's side kick cheetah dies and they say he was 80 years old. he was comic relief in the tarzan film that dates back to the 1930s. cheetah was outgoing, loved to finger paint and to make people laugh. today it is time to say good-bye to what made you blue in 2011. it's national good riddens day. whether it's a bad memory, parking ticket, old valentine's day card from someone you have broken up with, people are mass shredding in times square. it's inspired by the latin american tradition where people put artifacts in to giant dolls and set them on fire. poof. it's all gone. plenty of sun to end the last wednesday of 2011. take a live look outside, a beautiful sunset to end the afternoon. tim williamss that updated
4:50 pm
first warning weather forecast coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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look over a very bright horizon, and a few cloudses it is relatively it's relatively bright despite the clouds we've had roll through, throughout the day. the winds have been the story for the day. also, the winds and the windchill, first time we started talking windchill, let's tell you what it feels like, technically speaking on your skin. it's chilly. you will notice, 40 degrees now, bwi marshal. dew point 18. makes the air pretty dry now. coming in from the west, northwest, tapping in to cool canadian air, cold chilly air up to the north, creating lake effect snow. not getting the bankrupt of. that we are getting the cool down, 29.87 the s your barometer, going up, high pressure is taking hold of the forecast. 23 oakland. 39 elkton. 39 dc and easton. temperatures temperature
4:54 pm
patuxent river. 44 kept island and 44 in annapolis. talk about the winds, these are all over the last hour or so, 18 miles per hour sustained winds from the west, northwest across bwi marshal. 20 miles per hour winds, higher sustained winds towards washington county. gusts higher, 32-35 miles per hour, throughout the day off and on, at bwi marshal and 95 corridor, if you are driving a high profile vehicle, be careful in you are going around the highways , the wind will knock you around a little bit. let's talk about the windchill, 40 degrees, feels like 31 on your skin if you are going out there with skin uncovered and bare. bundle up as we move in to this evening. we have the rain now moving well up to the northeast, very weak wave of low pressure is going to move across the great lakes to the north over the next 24 hours. talking tomorrow, in to friday
4:55 pm
morning. with that our temperatures are actually going to go back up again. the winds are going to pick up as well. as that moves out, we will see more clearing and new years eve things look nice. don't hesitate to make your plans. sunset today at 4:52, sal craft advisory in through tonight. 2 4, breezy and cooler. breezy as opposed to windy. 44 degrees, sun followed by increased clouds as that system moves across to north, doesn't look like a bad weekend ahead. hopefully it will be comfortable down at the inner harbor on new years eve. >> we've had years, where it's calm. a mild one would be nice. thank you. the ravens closed out this season, this weekend, with plenty on the line. they are playing for the home field advantage in the playoffs when they take on the bengals. watch the game against cincinnati here this sunday at
4:56 pm
4:00. still to come tonight, who killed phylicia? one year ago today she disappeared from this apartment complex in northwest baltimore, how her friends and family are remembering her and the progress police are making in their investigation. a lot of patients are using toothpaste to clean their dentures. you really want to be careful, you can't use something as abrasive as a toothpaste because it will cause scratches. as a result of those scratches, bacteria will get lodged in that denture and as they multiply in the mouth the odor can get stronger.
4:57 pm
i always advise my patients to use polident. it has specific agents in it that can kill bacteria. using polident daily, you definitely will not be creating the scratches. you're going to have a fresh bright smile, and you're going to feel confident.
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coming up next, what happened to felicia barns. on the anniversary of her disappearance, her father speaks to wjz about the search for her killer. a horrible accident on the beltway sends a police officer and others into the hospital. the effect on traffic is coming
4:59 pm
up. the division title on the line. how the ravens are preparing for the final game of the regular season. these stories and all of the days breaking news, eyewitness news at 5:00 starts now. hi, i'm kai jackson, and i'm mary bubala. >> breaks news in baltimore county, two children are badly hurt in a car crash on i-83. let's go to captain mike perry with new details. >> it occurred at 2:55 on the inner loop of the beltway from the northbound jones pauls


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