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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  December 28, 2011 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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three vehicles collided. the middle vehicle containing a driver and a mother and a 9- year-old girl and 5-year-old boy. the 5-year-old and 9-year-old were most critically injured. they were flown from the scene by two state police helicopters. the trooper picked up the 5- year-old boy and in the process of taking him to hopkins hospital, some type of a medical emergency occurred with the crew on board. that trooper had to land and wait for another med evac helicopter while the 9-year-old girl was taken to johns hopkins hospital. the conditions of both of the children are not known at the time. it is believed to be very critical. maryland state police have not released any other information at this time about the condition of any of the other drivers involved in this accident. but they still have two lanes of the ramp that go eastbound on the inner loop of the beltway closed as they continue their investigation. that is causing a fairly massive traffic delay back on
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the jones paul expressway extending back into the city. i would urge drivers to use another route out of the city other than the northbound 83. as you can see, it is backed up significantly. will likely be so for sometime. back to you on tv hill. >> thank you captain mike perry. continuing coverage continues at kristy breslin has more on the delays. well the delays, as captain mike shows you, it will take 30 minutes to get through the city. get off at cold spring lane and get off at northern parkway. if you are in the delay, even roughton road would be faster. but the best case is to avoid the scene altogether. so if you don't have to travel the jfx, ignore it. charles street is your best alternate. we'll continue to bring you up to date on the delays. back to you. tonight the family of felicia barns is marking the one year anniversary of her disappearance and police claim
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they are making progress in solving the case. wjz is live at brownsville memorial baptist church where mike hellgren has more on a vigil there tonight. >> reporter: it starts at 6:00 near pimlico and there are testimony members here. felicia's dad is speaking about the toll this is taking on his family. >> we just want this purpose brought to justice. >> reporter: russell barnes is desperate to find his daughter's killer. one year ago the teenager disappeared while visiting her sister in northwest baltimore. investigators found her body naked in the susquehanna river but have made no arrests. >> for my daughter to be found in a body of water and where i've seen her body at, no human should ever be disposed of like that. >> reporter: the case gained
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national attention and unprecedented resources from baltimore city police. almost the entire homicide unit was working it. brian williams, whose mom lives in the building where felicia was last seen alive, remembers the exhaustive searches. >> there was a lot after tension over here. a lot of attention here all day and all night. >> reporter: police say they found no evidence of foul play where she disappeared. state police have taken over the case and tell us they are making progress, reinterviewing family and friends and conducting forensic examinations and reviewing evidence. >> as a family, we want them to do what they have to do, take their time, but just make it happen. >> reporter: on this anniversary at felicia's high school in north carolina, classmates dedicated a garden in her honor. she's gone but far from forgotten and someone knows what happened. >> for her to rest properly, we have to make sure justice is served. >> reporter: and the family plans to announce a fund in her
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honor tonight, including for a scholarship at towson university where she planned to attend classes after graduating high school. live in west baltimore, mike hellgren, wjz. >> coming up at 6:00, we'll have more from her dad and why he believed some people have not been truthful to police. a baltimore county police officer is hospitalized after a crash with a tractor-trailer. that accident tied up traffic for hours on the beltway. adam may has new information about the drivers involved. >> reporter: a baltimore county police officer flies across the belt and smashed into a jersey wall. after a three-vehicle crash involving this tractor-trailer and a jeep. >> there was a semi-truck that looks like they are trying to pick up off the ground. >> reporter: the detective said all of the drivers are lucky survivors. >> the officer was extricated out of the vehicle and flown to shock trauma where he is in stable condition. >> reporter: the accident led to traffic nightmares on the inner loop. gridlock from the scene after
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providence road to three miles west from noon until the mid afternoon. >> i was there for about 45 minutes. >> this traffic is a mess. they are lined up miles down the beltway. >> reporter: the accident forced police to close entrances to the beltway and caused traffic back-ups on the side streets in towson. this man moved here from michigan and got lost in the detours. >> had to go west and come east. >> reporter: the cruiser and the tractor-trailer collided but who is at fault remains unknown. >> there is a lot of witnesses to interview in a crash like this so the cause is under investigation. >> that was adam may reporting. car accidents are the number one cause of death for police officers on duty. powerful winds causing damage on the east coast. in south carolina the winds ripped a sign off a best buy store. the structure came crashing to
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the ground right in front of the building. thankfully no shoppers were injured. that could have been bad. here in maryland, trees are swaying and traffic lights are shaking with heavy wind gusts sweeping through the region. let's check in now with meteorologist tim williams tracking our conditions in the first warning weather center. >> good evening, everyone. the winds do not really help with traffic around the area at this time of evening. especially when you are talking about high-profile vehicles, the winds broadside jeeps and trucks and push them around a little bit. and we've been dealing with those winds throughout the day. taking a look right now at first live doppler radar shows no precipitation around. temperatures dropping to 38 degrees and relative humidity at 43%. winds from the northwest at 15 miles per hour. we do not have much going on by way of any systems move -- moving through the regions now but we'll have one come through tomorrow and staying through friday and that will help the wind pick up a little bit. this is the first time we've talked about windchills.
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we've been talking about windchills about 5 degrees less than what our temperature is so you've been dealing with temperatures in the 30s all day long. but things are going to calm down a little bit. we'll have the complete updates forecast coming up in a few minutes. >> thank you. a bizarre crime in anne arundel county. police are searching for men that used pepper spray to mug a man at a bus stop. derek valcourt has more on what happened. >> reporter: police say not only was the victim pepper sprayed, they say the three suspects striped the victim down and took all of his clothes. it's a story many neighbors in brooklyn park can't believe. >> that's crazy. >> reporter: the attack happened shortly before midnight where a 25-year-old man told police he was approached by three large men in ski masks. >> one of the suspects asked him if he had any drugs and he did not. at that juncture he was pepper sprayed. the two other suspects began taking things. >> they pulled off his shirt,
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shoes and pants which had his money and cell phone in the pocket. leaving him half naked, the suspects took off across richie highway. and the victim scantily clad came in this neighborhood knocking on doors asking for help but none of the neighbors we talked to encountered him. >> did you hear any knock during the night? >> no. and i sleep on the couch. >> reporter: they are taking the story seriously. >> it sounds like a bunch of bull to me. >> reporter: they are not sure whether the victim was targeted or chose as random by his attackers. derek valcourt, wjz. >> anyone with information is urged to call anne arundel county police. three teenagers are charged with arson in frederick county.
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they stole marine flairs from a wal-mart and used them to set gauges on fire in the villages of urbana subdivision. the fires caused $130,000 worth of damage. all of the suspects are 16 years old and will be referred to juvenile court. hundreds of employees at sparrows point steel mill are out of a job for several months. about 720 workers at the count are furloughed until march. the steel mill employs more than 2200 people. workers who receive a layoff notice can file for unemployment benefits. we were unable to reach union officials for comment. the home values in maryland are still dropping. a new report shows prices have fallen by an average of 17% by 2008. nine out of ten homes reassessed by the state lost value. but there is one trend. assessors are seeing signs of stabilization in many neighborhoods. there is a lot on the line as the ravens go on the road to cincinnati this weekend for the
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final game of the regular season. sports director mark viviano was with the team in owings mills today for the latest on the ravens preparation. >> reporter: the ravens have clinched their playoff spot and the bengals have not. but there is plenty at stake for both teams and the ravens do expect a fight in cincinnati on sunday. the ravens hit the practice field with that playoff ticket in hand. but what they want and feel they really need is to lock up a home playoff game. to do so, they need a win on the road against the cincinnati team that is fighting for its playoff life. so it is big for both. >> no, this is a playoff game. the thing is they're trying to get in. we're already in and we have to go finish what we started the whole year. and that is we know that we're playing for home field advantage. >> is there a feeling on this team that the playoffs are now underway? >> without a doubt. without a doubt. i mean, this is our whole season right here, where we want to be, exactly where we want to be. we want to have a home playoff
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game and it starts with this week. we know these guys aren't going to lay down nor us so we have to go in their house and take it. >> i think we have the men for the job, meaning we've been a playoff team each year and we're going to be out there maying for our lives as well. >> reporter: the ravens already know they are without anquan boldin and david reed for sunday, both out with injuries and a number of other injury questions linger. marshall beyonda, cory redding, billy cundiff, donnell ellerbe and kerry williams all question marks heading into the regular season finale. back to you. >> the ravens have lost the last two times they've traveled to cincinnati and you can see the ravens battle the bengals at 4:00 on sunday only here on wjz. >> should be good. still ahead at 5:00, why iran is threatening to cut off a key oil supply and will it impact gas prices. and a scam involving indiana's stage collapse. how police say two women took advantage of the tragedy and
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how they were busted. is chicken maneur ruining the chesapeake bay? environmentists say yes. i'm weijia jiang with their fight to protect the water coming up. will the weather stick around for new year's eve? tim has more in the updates forecast. complete coverage continues with kai jackson, mary bubala, and first-warning weather with ,
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mitt romney, ron paul andante knot are locked in a -- newt gingrich are locked in a political race. they are crisscrossing the states and taking shots at each other. >> reporter: newt gingrich is off on a 22 stop bus tour and he said this morning he's taking the high road. >> we ought to have a campaign
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of positive ideas and positive solutions because the only person helped by negative ads is barack obama. >> reporter: but with less than a week until the caucuses, the other candidates are still slamming him. >> having more baggage and the airlines. >> reporter: today they returned attention to president obama. >> he said he wanted to transform america. i don't want to transform america into something we wouldn't recognize. i want to restore the principals to america that made us the strongest nation on the earth. >> reporter: but the president may be better off if the candidates fight with each other. his approval ratings are up and the gop campaign is diverting attention from the fragile economy. texas governor rick perry lagging in the polls is trying to define himself. >> why would you settle than anything less than a authentic conservative who will fight for views without apology. >> reporter: ron paul appeared at a veteran's rally and
5:17 pm
michelle bachmann has 11 stops scheduled on her bus tour. rick santorum is still behind. he said if he finishes dead last he'll end his campaign n. washington, terrell brown, wjz eyewitness news. >> the iowa caucuses are next tuesday. polls show many voters are still undecided. let's update the breaking news. traffic is still backed up after an accident on jfx. kristy breslin is live at traffic control. quite a scene on the jfx. we are over the scene and have tow trucks coming to the scene. but the ramps are still closed off. traffic is only getting by on the shoulder and the delays are back to northern parkway. it is going to take you at least 25 minutes to get through. the better bet would be to take charles street or cold spring lane as your alternate. and significant delays on 95 as
5:18 pm
well. traveling 95 southbound, heavy delays from white marsh boulevard. northbound 95 heavy up to 152 in the fullston area. and the baltimore hasn't been too difficult today. north side outer loop slowdown from york to fog road and the west side inner loop does slow down making your approach to security boulevard. as far as accidents go, westbound 40 at winters lane, also westbound liberty and churchville road at 155 up in harvard county. and delay again at least 25 minutes. and this is brought to you by len plumbing. call len the plumber and have it done today. back over to you. a free cab ride will be a call away on early new year's eve for those who need to get home safely. mike schuh reports that it is expected that hundreds of people will take advantage of
5:19 pm
the tipsy taxi service. >> reporter: last year four maryland motorists died due to alcohol related crashes on new year's day. also 193 motorists in maryland spent the first day of 2011 in jail charged with dui. so when the new year starts with too much alcohol in the system, similar to a program run for other holidays, the idea with tipsy taxi is to get people home safely. >> we're providing free cab ride for anyone drinking in a baltimore city bar or restaurant. obviously it is a program we created to decrease impaired driving on the roadways. >> reporter: if you look at federal figures on average over a 10 year period 142 motorists will die on new years day, making it the 5th most dangerous day of the year for motorists. here is the surprise. the most dangerous day of the year for pedestrians is new year's day, where it is projected that 410 pedestrians
5:20 pm
will die. tipsy taxi runs through 4:00 a.m. on new year's morning, covering rides up to 50 dollars. in baltimore, mike schuh, wjz eyewitness news. metro light rail and the circulator will stay in operation until 1:00 a.m. new year's day. and if you are staying home, watch the wjz new year's eve special. you can see all of the festivities here only on wjz starting at 11:00 saturday night. but judging by the story, i'm not sure how we need to dress. >> t-shirts or winter coats? i'm going to call an audible here. take a look at this forecast. we're talking about the new year's eve, tranquil, how is that. along the eastern seaboard we are looking at calm conditions, no real chance of rain for the evening and temperatures are going to be in the 40s. how do you like that, around midnight time. >> i love it. thank you. >> we'll have ,,
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now complete forecast and a first warning of severe weather. >> what a beautiful night tonight. i know it is a little colder
5:24 pm
than it has been, but it is still fairly mild for this time of year. >> a pretty sun set. >> it is, mary. when the temperatures are this mild in december, we can't argue. we're going into the first of the year. january is less than a week away and we may likely have temperatures in the 50s going into the first part of the year and the first part of the week for that matter. right now looking at temperatures coming down from a daytime high of 47 degrees. 39 was the overnight low. 42 is the average high. 26 is the average low. so when we're talking about temperature this is far above the normal, then we are considering it mild conditions. and we're not talking about temperatures that are going to be as bone-chilling as they will be eventually before the season is out. but for right now we're enjoying this stretch. 24 in oakland. 42 down on the shore. 44 at patuxent river. 38 in elkton. and in the metro area, temperatures from 35 in westminster to 42 down in annapolis and on kent island. talking about the windchill, the first time we've had to
5:25 pm
address it this season so far. we have winds coming in in elkton at 22 miles per hour sustained over the last hour or so. 15 mile-per-hour winds across the airport. and with the gusts up around 21 miles per hour, we've seen them as high as 35 miles per hour throughout this day, the windchill has been substantial. it feels more like 29. we've been seeing the temperature close to 40. the actual windchill is just about 10 degrees below that. so the winds are making an impact this evening. the rain that moves through here zipped on through after last night it dumbed a ton of rain on us at the airport. now up into the northeast. and as it continues to bring in the counterclockwise throw it is bringing cooler air across the great lakes and lake effect snow as close as central pennsylvania. and we do have another system that will move through here tomorrow. it will bring added clouds to us but we're going to stay on the dry side. and then on saturday again we could see another system approaching from the west. that one will not move through
5:26 pm
here until new year's day so we stay again with tranquil conditions through the holiday weekend. sunrise tomorrow is at 7:26. a small craft advisory in effect through tonight late and maybe again tomorrow morning before the winds start to subside. 24 degrees, partly cloudy and breezy and colder tonight. and then for tomorrow, sun, followed by increased clouds as the system comes in from the west. and 44 degrees, with 50s in our five-day forecast. >> and i know we were talking about how mild it is and the ski resorts are suffering because they can't make snow. >> the temperatures are too mild. >> you have to head out west. >> thank you. still ahead at 5:00, close encounter. see what happens after this crocodile steals a lawnmower. and a first of its kind law, new cold medicines and who will feel the impact. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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this is wjz tv, wjz hd and, baltimore. >> from the city to the counties, to your neighborhood, now it is complete coverage, it's wjz, maryland news station. >> beautiful sunset, everybody. it is 5:29 and 38 degrees and partly cloudy. good evening. thank you for staying with wjz eyewitness news. we continue to follow a story in baltimore county. sky chopper 13 is live over an accident causing major delays onj fx. captain mike perry is over it with more. >> reporter: we're in baltimore county, the jones falls expressway, the ramp to go
5:30 pm
eastbound on the inner loop of the beltway. at about 255, causing injuries to children traveling in the vehicles. a 5-year-old buy and 9-year-old girl suffered substantial injuries. like we said, around 2:55 three vehicles collided and they were in a car in the middle of a rear-end-style collision. she suffered damage to the rear and front of the car. the children were in the backseat and they suffered the most serious injury. they both were airlifted by maryland state police med evac helicopter to johns hopkins university where they both remain in critical condition at this hour. now maryland state police have concluded their investigation. the accident scene has just been cleared just a moment ago. and traffic flow has been restored. this is coming from the northbound jones falls expressway on to the beltway eastbound so you'll experience at least a 30-minute delay as
5:31 pm
the backup extends back to northern parkway but traffic will begin moving, just be patient and the scene will clear as traffic continues to flow. back to you on tv hill. >> captain mike, quickly, you mentioned earlier a mechanical issue with one of the med evacs. has that been resolved? >> it is not clear, kai. apparently a trooper 2 picked up one of the 5 years old at the scene and was transporting him to hopkins when he suddenly had to return and land at the scene. we were told it was an issue with the crew. the pilot was apparently ill and they had to call another helicopter to the scene which transported that child. now that helicopter has since been flown from its scene by a back-up pilot. we're not clear on how serious or what the injury was or what the medical condition was with the pilot of that air crew. back to you on tv hill. >> thank you for that update. captain mike perry, we appreciate that live reporting. we'll bring you more of this crash tonight at 6:00. a fight to protect the
5:32 pm
water. environmentalists say chicken maneur is ruining the chesapeake bay. weijia jiang has the new research. >> reporter: a new report shows every year the state produced an uptick in maneur to create a pile twice as high as m&t bank stadium and much of that is said to be commuting our local -- polluting our local waterways. it is maryland's most money- making form of agriculture but chicken farming produces something else. nearly 650 million pounds of maneur every year. most of it is used as fertilizer but environmental activists say there is not enough land to handle it all. >> so what we end up doing is putting it down on the our fields any way because we don't have anywhere to put it right now. and that's a major problem. we need better regulations. >> reporter: now the group environment maryland is pushing lawmakers to enforce stronger rules to control the litter which contained fos ferrous, a dangerous nutrient for waterways where it often ends
5:33 pm
up. >> we need better business models and management and so we need a partnership with our agriculture producers. >> reporter: a study shows fos ferrous levels in the river have increased by an average of 1.9% every year from 2000 to 2008. and more than 60% of soil samples in the state's crops have more phosphorous than they need. and they could hurt the maryland industries that rely on them to survive. >> we are talking about the crabbing industry, oysters and the tourist industry if the chesapeake bay isn't clean enough. >> reporter: because the storm runoff leads to dead zones. better buffer zones could be the solution. and the national chicken council issued a statement to say the industry is already doing a lot to control the amount of nutrients that flow into the water. they also say there are other
5:34 pm
things other than moonure causing pollution. live in baltimore, weijia jiang, wjz. >> the maryland department of agriculture is considering stronger rules to clean up the pollution from the farms. police are search,ing for a group of men responsible for a tack at a westminster park on christmas eve and police are offering a $500 reward in the case. detectives say five young men beat the victim and scratched him with a box cutter in bell grove square. anybody with information should call police. two women are accused of pretending they were hurt in the stage collapse at indiana state fair. derek valcourt is in the news room with new details of the charges in this case. kai, >> reporter: kai, police say they intended to get money for victims of those of the stage collapse. they allegedly submitted fake claims totaling $22,000. the real victims say they are
5:35 pm
furious. 62 people were hurt and 7 dies when scaffolding fell on the fans waiting for a sure ago land concert to begin back in august. the women could face up to 36 years in prison. >> investigators determined neither woman was at the concertba they claimed they were present for a few shong -- for a few songs but the band never performed that night. and the president has used more drone strikes to kill terrorists than any other president. the obama administration has increased the drone program. the operation involves dozen of secret facilities, including two hubs on the east coast and bases in afghanistan, yemen and somalia. the president was sworn into office in 2009 and the nation's drone war was confined to pakistan. north koreans paid last respects to their late leader kim jong-il with a massive procession in the country's capitol. darty geraldine reports from
5:36 pm
washington. >> reporter: tens of thousands of north koreans line the streets of pyongyang to say goodbye to kim jong-il. they waited in the snow for a glimpse of the leader's casket. at one point state tv showed mourners falling to their knees and soldiers pushing back crowds to keep the path clear. kim died this month of a heart attack. his youngest son led the elab or at funeral procession. as a giant orchestra kicked in, the youngest kim saluted his father. it is only days since kim's death and his son is being hailed as north korean's next ruler with titled like supreme leader and great successor. washington is watching. some analysts believe the transition could mark a turning point for the community country and its relationship with the rest of the world. >> it may very well be a moment of opportunity for north korea. on the other hand they are a nuclear power and they have
5:37 pm
tested this nuclear power. >> reporter: for now north korea's focus on grieving a loss of the late leader. today's funeral comes after more than a week of mourning. and like much of kim's life it was shrouded in mystery. wjz eyewitness news. a national memorial service will take place tomorrow. iran is threatening to cut off a key oil supply route of the west. roughly 20% of the oil moves through this straight. the mere threat of closing the straight has caused oil prices to rise above $100 a barrel. iranian officials say they will disrupt shipments if they are slapped with any sanctions over their nuclear program. another warning for participants about a dangerous designer drug called pump it powder. and it is marketed as a vitamin in many convenience stores. but many teens are snorting or smoking it and ending up in the hospital. it has side effects similar to methamphetamine and can cause addiction in as little as three weeks.
5:38 pm
police say they are testing the powder to find out if any ingredients are already banned. the new year rings in a new law in california. it is going to limit what medications teenagers can buy at the pharmacy. and in tonight's wjz health watch, bigad shaban reports with details of the first of its kind law. >> reporter: the doctors office isn't the first place jennifer barrios turns to when she has a cold. the 16-year-old almost always relies on over-the-counter cough syrup. but starting on january 1st, jennifer will no longer be able to buy a bottle on her own. california lawmakers are banning the sale of most cough medicines to anyone under 18 because teens are getting high on one of the ingredients. in large doses dxm can cause hallucinations and even death. >> it is the number one drug of abuse in children less than 18.
5:39 pm
more common than even marijuana because it is so easily accessible. >> reporter: teens will be able to buy the cough syrup if they have a prescription. otherwise pharmacists will have to check i.d. for proof of age. 5.5% of 10th graders got high on cough medicine this year. >> people may be taking half a bottle to a full bottle and maybe more than that on a daily basis. >> reporter: they are trying to raise awareness of dxm online. >> it seriously destroyed me. and that was it. i was done. from that point on, i decided that i was done. >> reporter: but this teen isn't convinced the law will prevent abuse. >> if they want to get it, they will. it doesn't matter if there is a law against it or not. >> reporter: and it only makes it harder for people like her who want to take the right dose for the right reason.
5:40 pm
in los angeles, bigad shaban, wjz, california pharmacies caught selling the cough medicine to minors face a fine. moms lash out after saying they were harassed after breast feeding her story in a women's clothing section in target and employees made fun of her for not using a dressing room. and she organized a protest today. corporate officials say customers are welcome to breast feed in the store. time is up for the person who bought a winning powerball ticket in george, worth $77 million but no one claimed it. it was purchased at a travel center near atlanta in june. the deadline was money. the money will be returned to each state to be used in future games and prize promotions. and here in maryland the winner still has not come forward. lottery officials confirm it was sold at wesley's restaurant but don't know the person's
5:41 pm
identity. they have a cash option that comes to more than $51 million after taxes. time for a quick look at some of the stories that you'll find in tomorrow morning's edition of the baltimore sun. an elkton wedding chapal could be yours for the right price. meet this week's top high school athletes. and noticeable marylanders offer suggestions for achievable resolutions for the new year. for these stories and more read tomorrow's baltimore sun and look for the updates forecast from wjz first warning weather team. well each year the library of congress adds new titles to the national film registry. manuel gallegos reports on the new classic that made the list. >> my mom always said, life was like a box of chocolates. >> reporter: 1994's forest gump is one of 25 films the library of congress chose this year to
5:42 pm
preserve for future generations. the newly honored classic spanned decades from 1912, silent cry of the children about child labe, to walt disney's personal favorite bambi, it is a film that exceeds with each generation and catches a new age of viewers and endures from one generation to the next. >> reporter: some are based on true stories like stand and deliver, part of a wave of movies made in the 80s. and norma ray, a drama about unionization and the empowerment of women. it is the public that votes on which movies can be considered. but any new movies out now will have to wait. they have to be at least 10 years old. >> the current films, i don't think of them would belong in that. >> the shawshank redemption is a film i would say should be added to the registry.
5:43 pm
the library chooses movies that reflect american culture and history. with cold war invaders like war of the worlds. and one of the greatest villians of all time, hannibal lector got the award. something for every taste. in new york, manuel gallegos, wjz eyewitness news. >> that last part, it creeps us all out. this brings the number of films in the registry to 575. >> silence of the lambs still scares me. moved here in baltimore. >> i forgot that. >> hannibal lector. >> scary man. i'm mark strausman. lost business and hurt feelings, a p.r. nightmare and some of the original supporters say america's toughy anti- immigration law has done more harm than good and needs to be
5:44 pm
changed. that's coming up tonight on cbs evening news with scott pelley. and still to come on wjz eyewitness news, rescued at sea. how three people survive after their plane crashes into its ocean. a popular magazine falls victim to an internet trick. who is behind this fake people cover and claims about a teen celebrity. i'm tim williams in for bob turk, putting the finishing touches on your holiday weekend forecast. we'll have it in just a moment. and here is today's report from wall street. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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taking a look out at a pretty bright and clear city for the most part. the winds are calming down as we move through the evening. but we've had substantial winds throughout the day. they will subside throughout the evening. tomorrow we'll have a breezy day but nothing like the 35 mile-per-hour wind gusts like on this wednesday. tonight in the low to mid 20. starting off with 24 degrees and a daytime high in the mid- 40s. we'll see clouds increase ahead of our next system and that moves out of here on friday. temperatures go up, look at that, 57 on friday.
5:48 pm
51 on new year's eve. 54 on new year's day and 44 on monday with overnight lows down into the 30s. mary. >> tim, thank you. in today's energy saver, many americans work from home and that could increase energy bills and so people should plug into a smart strip and that automatically turns offer the pow we are not in use for more than an hour. and an energy star labeled computer uses 70% less activity. energy star desktop computers enter a sleep saving mode. for more information go to click on our special section. a texas family is killed during a bus trip in mexico. a 39-year-old woman was headed to vera cruz where they were attacked by gunman. all three women were shot and killed. the u.s. has issued a warning
5:49 pm
asking americans to stay on high alert when traveling in mexico. and in cairo, after a three month delay, the overthrown leader wouldn't be back in court until after the new year. heather cobar reports for wjz. >> mubarak was brought to the courthouse in an ambulance and wheeled in his trial on a hospital stretcher. outside egyptians protested, demanding the death penalty for the former leader. armors cars were on stand-by. mubarak faces charges in the deaths of hundreds of protestors killed during an up- rising that led to his ousting earlier this year. he's also charged with abuse of power. the 83-year-old has a heart condition and has been under arrest in a hospital since april. his two sons, who are in
5:50 pm
prison, also face charges. those and mubarak -- anti- mubarak rallies. the case could drag on for years with many of his senior aides also facing charges. but many egyptians hope the trial will heal scars and help the country move forward after nearly a year of political turmoil. heather co var, wjz >> lawyers for some of the families of the dead have filed suit trying to get the trial judges replaced. investigators are trying to determine what caused a small plane to crash near the florida keys. witnesses say its engine cut out seconds before the plane slammed into the water. some fishermen were able to pull the men from the wreckage before the plane sank. another boater towed the aircraft into shallow water. no one was injured. you're not going to believe this video. a crocodile weighing more than
5:51 pm
1,000 pounds attempts to eat a lawnmower whole, and nearly taking the operator with it. take a look. >> let it go. let it go. >> the crock is driving that bus, buddy. the crock named elvis played with his new toy for several hours while rangers came up with a way to retrieve it. finally elvis was lured away with a more appetizing snack. the mower was a loss but the ranger came out of the ordeal unscathed. wow, look at this thing. >> i would say let the grass grow around it. check in with eyewitness news at 6:00 for new stories. on the one year anniversary of felicia barnes death, her dad continues to search for answers. and the latest on a chaotic day on the roads with a number of serious accidents causing a lot of trouble. check in for these stories and the breaking news coming up all new at 6:00. and still ahead on eyewitness news tonight, a
5:52 pm
surprise ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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5:54 pm
5:55 pm
diners get a surprise in new mexico when a police car crashes through a crowded restaurant. it smashed through the patio. the officer was hit by another vehicle and that caused him to spin and hit a snow bank and then flip. the deputies recovering from the crash and no one inside the -- the restaurant was hurt. twilight star taylor lautner is circulating on the internet, it reads out and proud and plugs in an interview about his sexuality. people said the cover is an absolute fake that originated on twitter and went viral. no word on the source of the hoax. still ahead on eyewitness news tonight -- >> who killed felicia. one year ago today she disappeared from this apartment complex in northwest baltimore. how her friends and ,,,,,,,,,,,,
5:56 pm
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coming up, we have updates on a frightening accident on the jfx that's left a family reeling. gone but not forgotten. remember felicia barns one year after she disappeared. her father talks to us about this difficult year. what does a mugging, pepper spray, and a half naked man have to do with this
5:59 pm
neighborhood? we have the bizarre story coming up. a live lookout side as darkness settles in on a very windy day. we have the first warning weather forecast that takes you into the new year. wjz eyewitness news at 6:00 starts now. hi, everybody. >> updating the breaking news on interstate 83. we have now learned one of the children in that crash has died. captain mike perry is live with the very latest. captain mike? >> reporter: you're looking at a live picture of the northbound


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