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tv   Eyewitness News Morning Edition  CBS  March 5, 2012 6:00am-7:00am EST

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i'm jessica kartalija in for don. let's go to marty. >> right now, essentially around the area, in the upper 20s, 28 by the way, is when you crunch 24 hours ago, 14 degrees difference than yesterday morning. 42 lunch. high of 43. variably cloudy. chance for passing shower or snow shower. over to sharon. >> good morning, everyone. two accidents still working out there, one on 95, southbound direction, in the area of route 32, second accident is in edgewood, harford, southbound 24, approaching 95, beltway speeds looking at normal speeds, 55 and 60, top and west side, there is a live look at
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the topside at delaney valley. there is a look at the northwest side, green spring avenue. this is brought by your toyota dealer, back over to you. here is what people will be talking about today. a baltimore girl disappears. family members discover her body. gigi barnett has the reaction from the girl's family. >> reporter: her family says that they tried to report her missing but police turned them away. that's when they took matters in to their own hands. a grief stricken mother, speechless, in shock, not able to understand the murder of her 13-year-old daughter. she left home to go roller stating and never returned. the family feared the worst, calling police at 1:00 in the morning to report her missing. >> she didn't come home and never did anything like this before. we knew that. for her not to have come home was out of the ordinary. we called the police last night
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and told them that we think she is missing. >> reporter: the family says it was told to wait 24 hours before filing a missing person's report. the victim's brother and friends went out searching, just before 6:00, sunday night, they found her body in an alley behind the 1600 block of cliff view, covered with trash. >> she has signs of trauma, we aren't sure what she was killed from. >> reporter: detectives are going door to door questioning neighbors for clues and interviewing her friends. >> she didn't walk out there by herself. someone pulled her out there. if you saw anything suspicious, anything unusual, give us a call. >> reporter: her family is heartbroken. >> we never had problems. she was a little good kid. >> reporter: neighbors are left wondering who could have killed monet. >> that's a monster. what kind of human being would do something like that to a 13- year-old child. i can't describe the feeling, i have a child myself, i have two
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kids, it's a monster. >> reporter: the next step now is determining exactly how monet died. her body is at the medical examiner's office for an autopsy. back to you. >> anyone with information is urged to call city homicide detectives. a shooting in northeast baltimore leaves a man dead. terrence joiner was found shot multiple times on marble hall road. he died at the hospital. police believe he may have been involved in a dispute before he was shot. no arrests have been made. a stabbing sends fife men to the hospital , the men ages 17- 22 were stabbed by a group of men while walking in edgewood saturday night. all five victims expected to recover. anyone is information is urged to contact police. 39 people are dead across five states after powerful tornados tore through the midwest and the south.
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terrell brown reports for wjz from indiana where residents are trying to pick up the pieces. >> reporter: people are working together, distributing water, and sifting through donated supplies, food and clothing as they start to rebuild their lives. two tornados hit henryville friday, one packed winds in excess of 16 a 165 miles per hour, clean up is underway but it's going to take time. officials are trying to figure out how they will finish the rest of the year, the elementary, middle and high school complex were you had destroyed. the weather could complicate clean up efforts. watches, advisorys and warnings are across indiana and kentucky, up to four inches could fall in henryville. west liberty, utility trucks rolled in to help restore power. crews are working alongside
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neighbors picking through mounds of debris. this home was blown apart, she recovered family photos but says she is one of the lucky ones. at least 39 people died across five states, 15 month old angel babcock was the latest victim, found alive in a field friday, but died from her injuries sunday night. terrell brown, wjz 13 >> cell phone signals are out across the communities. the lack of communication is adding an extra clalg for tammlys trying -- challenge for families trying to rebuild. the parents of two students killed in the april 2007 massacre at virginia tech filed a wrongful death lawsuit against university officials. the statute will ask top
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university officials to explain actions the day 33 people were killed on campus, including the gunman. the parents are seeking $100,000 for the wrongful death of their daughters. a sex scandal involving arundel county executive leaves lawmakers in a tough spot. derek valcourt has more on the fallout and what residents are saying about the allegations. >> reporter: embattled executive leopold faces criticism after a criminal indictment alleges he used the officers assign tods protect him for personal -- assigned to protect him for personal gain. >> i'm confident when the relevant facts are known, we will prevail. >> reporter: the latest troubles come amid other problems, one council member was removed from office as he heads to prison for tax evasion, councilman lad apologized for using a racial slur aimed at asians. >> i say what i think and do it
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as carefully as i can. sometimes i clearly didn't. >> reporter: the scandals and past unproven allegations against leopold -- >> i think government has a lot of problems. >> reporter: -- leaving many with questions and down right distained for their political leaders. >> it seems like it's worse than it's ever been. >> the people that run for politics should be careful about what they do. >> do you have faith in your county government? >> not really. >> the county executive? any faith in county executive? >> no. that's horrible. that's a terrible abuse of power. >> his first court hearing is scheduled for march 26th. after a trip to rome for elevation ceremony, cardinal o'brian is back home in baltimore. a special mass at the cathedral was held yesterday , the first mass as cardinal. last month, pope benedict 16th
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elevated him. there is a lot of work to be done. >> i'm hoping and praying that the new appointment comes soon so people can stop rumoring and worrying and the new archbishop can have his own program in place. >> cardinal o'brian doesn't know when the new appointment in rome will begin. his new position promotes christianity. >> the university men's basketball team can punch the ticket to the dance. greyhounds took on sienna. greyhounds win 70-60, playing fairfield in the title game with a spot in the tournament on the line.
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>> two weeks from last friday will be the first night of march madness. >> this year is flying by. >> we are going to put the brakes on it real soon. this is one of the best times of the year. looking at the graphic. we have, i'm going to tell you something. it's still 16 days until spring. i point that out. that area is what brought snow to the areas blistered by tornados, on friday. think about that. tornados one day, snow the next. when you start looking at the fury of nature, that's the alpha, omega. that storm is passing by to the south. we are going to see a chance of passing shower or snow shower, of no significance today.
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high of 43. this weekend, going to be nice and mild. madness of the winter of 2012 continues. calm winds, good morning, ron, how are you? >> reporter: we are doing great. you were talking about the time flying ) yep. >> reporter: next weekend, daylight savings time begins. >> that's right. >> which means this time next monday it's going to be dark. >> reporter: you are absolutely right. >> it will be dark at the early end of the day. >> reporter: you got it. >> what is up, man? >> reporter: we got a great group, a big group, ready to rock it out. manic monday with wood home gastroenterology when the eye witness news morning edition rolls on. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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25 oakland. 32 ocean city. 28 cumberland. 34'sston. 30 elkton. 30 columbia. mid-30s annapolis. watch, warning advisory graphic, we are going to have problems in the south today. not up here in the metro. as this low passes by, it's going be quick, out of the mid atlantic. we are going to see clouds, passing shower, snow shower, that's it. high pressure builds in. sun comes out tomorrow and gets warm by midweek. 43 the high. variablably cloudy in the area, tonight clear skies out. 24 degrees the low. normal 50 and 30. 48, mostly sunny tomorrow. to 63 wednesday, 67 thursday. 62 friday. 54 the mid-50s sunny on
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saturday. over the sharon. >> good morning, fur just about to -- if you are just about to head out, 95 southbound, other one edgewood southbound 24 approaching 95. speeds beltway, above normal, 59, 56, from the top and west side, speeds looking good when we look at the sensors on 83, 795, 70, we are looking good. there is a live look at 95 southbound at 32. no delays despite the accident reported nearby. no delays 95. traffic light. this is brought by your toyota dealer. your car, your deal, now is the time to make the jump to see how many ways there are to save. time for manic monday. >> ron matz, good morning, how are you?
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>> reporter: doing fabulous. jessica, welcome to manic monday, marty, welcome to manic monday and everybody out there, welcome aboard. manic monday in fells points with wood home gas enterology. look at the crowd. located in pikesville, my doctors, dr. ed wolf is here. good to see you again. >> good to see you, too. >> we are here for a reason. this is colon cancer awareness month. correct? >> absolutely. first of all, i want to thank you for inviting us down, second year in a row. i want to thank the people, n wood home. >> reporter: give yourselves a big hand. excellent. >> the theme for this year is it's time for colon cons cancer screening. -- cancer screening. people find a reason to procrastinate. the test very easy, the preparation is getting better.
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that's intimidating for some people. speak to your physician, this is a life saving procedure and when you turn the age of 50 or some populations 45, it's time to get this done. >> very well said. i can attest to the test and procedures. they have a better view, by the way, here. good to see you. >> thanks again. >> get those screenings. >> absolutely. call your doctor to get it arranged. >> everybody, thanks for coming down. we have the coach, good to see you. >> good morning, jessica and marty. >> we got luther. >> good morning, don. >> guess where they are from? >> ocean city maryland. >> all the way from ocean city. great to see you. it's your daughter's birthday. >> tomorrow, kim will turn 39. >> kim will be 39 years old.
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that happens to be my age. luther, let me hear the magic words. >> maestro, the music if you please. >> ready to walk and roam with wood home gastroenterology. 6:00 already i was was in the mid middle of a dream. i was valentino by a crystal blue italian stream. but then i can't be late because i guess i just won't get paid. these are the day when you wish your bed was already made. it's just another manic monday.
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i wish it were sunday. because that's my fun day. my, i don't have to run day. it's just another manic monday. >> well done. >> we want to invite you back for the meltdown in november. marilyn is the scheduler, we have a cbs mug direct from the prize closet. >> thank you very much. >> thank you, guys. >> thanks so much. dr. wolf, thank you so much. get those colon cancer screenings immediately, do it. thanks again, guys for coming down. have a great day. we will see you. >> that's of huge importance.
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i can't wait. you feel so clean. >> and thin. >> when it's over, said and done with. it's a good thing. >> still to come on wjz, racing in to the history books. how this local horse is taking the thoroughbred world by storm. ♪
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horse racing is a game of odds, rapid reducks broke didn't modern record by winning every single race for more than a year. [music] he may not be the prettiest or the biggest this chest chestnut is a super star. angel drove 7 hours to see him. >> he is beautiful. i decide i will make a fan page for him. >> do you have a lot of members? >> yes. it's like 2030. >> he has a lot of heart. desire to win. like in the mornings, he always would work hard to get in front of them in the morning. >> reporter: david wells trains
6:25 am
rapid reducks, this jockey has ridden him ten times. >> that's unique. when you have this kind of horses, they tried so hard, you feel like every animal is different. >> reporter: in one year, he has won $266,000, not bad for a horse bob bought for over 6000. bob graduated in 1981, grew up loving the track. >> always a kid, i happened to be lucky enough to make it in business. >> he has 50 horses. this is his star. >> you never see a horse hardly win five races, the odds are astronomical. >> reporter: not only has he broke an record, but last year he was voted the most popular horse in americas by his fans and won the prestigious eclipse
6:26 am
award. he gets image, ice, poster, blanket and treats. you can tell what he wants is to run. denise koch, wjz 13, eye witness news. >> he is taking time off, but bob may race him in may. next up, right here on wjz. >> reporter: a baltimore family takes matters in to their own hands and discovers the worst. police are searching for the suspect in the disappearance and murder over a 13-year-old girl. i'm gigi barnett, a live report is just ahead. presidential hopefuls crisscross across the country , the latest from the campaign trail. major citys are losing trees at an alarming rate. baltimore is among them. i'm till williams with more on what is affecting our area coming up. we see our usual delays pop
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up. a look at the speed sensors, over to marty. coffee, gold medals and beach volleyball. going for a third. competing in london. the morning e ligs continues right after -- edition right after -- edition continues right ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, spring has sprung but so have my allergies.
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it's 6:30, weather and traffic together. good morning, marty. >> good morning. sharon will be with you in a second. temperatures around town, beautifully clear day's start. 30 right now on tv hill. 30 is on its way to lunchtime 42. high of 43, 37 this evening through the middle of the afternoon. could be a passing brief shower or snow shower of no significance. over to sharon with traffic. >> good morning, everyone. if you are just about to head
6:31 am
out, we cleared up the first two accidents of the morning but pick up two more in the place. the latest on the outer loop of the beltway at 295, another one in arnold, near 95. if you are headed out on the beltway, seeing usual delays popping up on the outer loop, 795 and 95 on the west side, 49 miles per hour is your average. looking outside on 295 southbound, 175, seeing a brake light or two. volume building in the southbound direction, a live look outside at the west side at liberty road. visit toyota dealer today and see why now is the time to make the jump to toyota. topping the news, a young girl is murdered, her body dumped in an alley in northeast baltimore. wjz 13 is live at city headquarters. gigi barnett has the latest as the devastated family looks for
6:32 am
answers. >> reporter: good morning. detectives say the 13 year old went roller skating saturday night and when she didn't return, her family launched its own search. a grief stricken mother, speechless, and still in shock, not able to understand the murder of her 13 year-old daughter. >> she left home to go roller skating and never returned. >> reporter: paw let is the victim's aunt, says the family feared the worst, calling police at 1:00 in the morning to report her missing. >> she didn't come home and never did anything like this before. we knew that. for her not to have come home was out of the ordinary. we told the police we think she is missing. >> the family says it was told to wait 24 hours before filing a report. the victim's brother and friends went out searching, just before 6:00, sunday night, they found her body in an alley behind tp 1600 block of cliff
6:33 am
view avenue, she was covered with trash. >> she has some signs of trauma but we aren't sure what she was killed from. >> reporter: detectives are going door to door, questioning neighbors for clues and interviewing her friends. >> she didn't walk out there by herself. someone pulled her out there. if you saw anything suspicious, anything unusual, give us a call. >> her family is heartbroken. >> we never had problems. she was a little good kid. >> reporter: neighbors are left wondering who could have killed monet. >> that's a monster. what kind of human being would do something like that to a 13 year-old child. i can't describe the feeling. i have two kids. it's a monster. >> reporter: police have few leads that would determine the suspect. her body is at the medical examiner's office for an autopsy. jessica, back to you. anyone with information on
6:34 am
the case is asked to call city police. friends and family will gatt tore say good-bye to a 5- year-old girl beaten to death by her father. a viewing will be held for karr . he killed her inside their home. loved ones gathered where maya went to school for a vigil in her memely. a search for a missing h- year-old in new mexico ends in heart break. 4-year-old samuel jones was reported missing by his family saturday night. the officer found a hole 14 inches wide and 30 feet deep in a neighbor's backyard. using a camera lowered in to the hole, investigators confirmed that jones' body was inside. >> it hurts all of us. it could be your child or my child. >> the hole may have been a well at some point. the investigation is treated as
6:35 am
a homicide until police can determine the cause of death. republican presidential hopefuls have one day to win over voters in ten states holding primaries tomorrow. as drew levinson reports, candidates are ramping up campaigns ahead of super tuesday. >> the g op front runner served up pancakes and promise. mitt romney again ignored republican rivals and attacked president obama. >> i'm waiting to hear what the jobs plan is. how he is going the make america competitive and put us back to work. >> reporter: georgia offers the most delegates on super tuesday and newt gingrich territory. the house speaker served the state in congress for 20 years. >> and says it's a must win. >> you lose all credibility if the folks who know you best reputeuate you. >> reporter: rick santorum
6:36 am
expects to do well in the south. he and newt gingrich are after the same conservative voters. >> it's harder when you got two conservative candidates running in the race, we have seen it in washington and other states, we have the antiromney vote for example you will, both newt gingrich and i are slugging away. >> reporter: santorum sp romney locked in a tight race in ohio. it's a general election battleground. new poll shows santorum leading romney by just two points. ohio is one of ten states up for grabs tuesday. with more than 400 delegates at stake, republicans could see their nominee emerge from the contests or could shake up the race. drew levinson, wjz 13, eye witness news. >> ron paul heads to idaho continuing his strategy of focusing on caucus states. a mass protest is planned in
6:37 am
russia after putin win as third term. he claimed victory overnight. his win returns him to the presidency after serving as prime minister for four years. opposition leaders and independent observers are saying voter fraud. president barack obama meets with israel's prime minister to discuss tension tween iran and the rest of the world. president is urging netanyahu. radio host rush limbaugh lose as sponsor over comments directed a at georgetown law student. he called fluke a slut and suggested he make a sex tape after she testified about contraception. the host apologized for comments over the weekend. most areas in the u.s. are losing trees, baltimore is no exception. major cities reporting nearly 4
6:38 am
million trees lost every year. tim williams explains why our region has been hit so hard. >> trees are losing grounds to pavement, in many american cities and baltimore is among them. >> it indicates a decrease in the tree canopy for baltimore and u.s. cities. >> reporter: the forest service city runs through 2005 and identifies decline in tree cover at a rate of 4 million trees per year. >> there is natural disaster, such as hurricane irene, last august, we lost 1300 trees. we lose trees because of lack of adequate after care with the new tree planting. >> reporter: satellite imagery used to determine 17 of 20 cities studied lost tree cover and 16 saw increases. irene and lee are largely to
6:39 am
blame. baltimore lost 2% of the canopy dug the studies 8-year period. twice the average for most cities analyzed. the biggest culprit around downtown, the baltimore grand prix, the new sustainability plan calls for doubling the tree canopy by 2037, meaning 8800 trees planted or given away starting in july. we will turn around any tree lot as we go forward. that's happening right now. tim williams, wjz 13, eye witness news. >> the forest service says new orleans houston and albuquerque lost the most trees nationwide. a tradition will be revived in baltimore county. the second ginos to open in maryland over the last year. baltimore colts, gino launched the business with friends in 1957. the restaurant returned after a 3 decades.
6:40 am
williams paid players to inflict game ending injuries on certain opponents. the investigation expanded to coaches in the past. the league has yet to hand down punishment which could include suspension, fines. >> go to the website, it will let you know how big the story is. there it is. his biggest verdict yet. the front page of, is a half page picture of roger gadell. his biggest verdict yet. peter king sports illustrated, one of the senior writers, the cover piece this week, he tweeted he finished the long story on saints, bountys, multilayered story, exhausted. someone asked him on twitter, what is the media going to do.
6:41 am
peter responds with you will when the discipline comes down. someone says summarize. the saints are in big trouble. his biggest verdict yet. it's going to be a large story this week which will set precedent for other leagues if they encounter same issue. mark my words. this is big. big, big, big. play the game within the reality of the moment. you don't put a bounty on someone's future and family's future. >> i don't think he is the only one that's done it. i don't know. >> i choose to hope this is isolated.
6:42 am
31, 42, 37, those are the numbers. the lunchtime on its way to 43. middle of the day, cloudy, passing shower or snow shower. weather is passing to the south. forecast, variablably cloudy. sharon gibala traffic control. misty may is getting in shape for another olympia. ,, working in public relations is not for the faint of heart. i love what i do, i enjoy the work, but it's a very hectic pace. strayer university met my needs in terms of my family, my work-life balance. the fact that leading companies are hiring
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calm winds, 28, 21 cumberland, oakland. 29 hagerstown. mid-30s packs river, easton. 28 westminster. 27 bel air.
6:46 am
30 columbia. watches, warnings, advisorys, show through the day to the south, we will see a wintery mix, if you will. it's not really going to blend in to our area. 43 today. it will cloud up, we may see a passing shower or snow shower. throughout charles county, lower 50 corridor. it's going to be warm. the energy is coming across the mid atlantic. high pressure builds in tonight. flat out warm here. 43 the high. tonight, clear skies, 24 the low. tomorrow, kicking it up to 48 degrees. wednesday going to 63. 67 thursday. 62 friday. saturday, sunshine, temperatures down to 54, still above normal. >> thanks. over to sharon with traffic. >> two accidents working and delays, talking about the accident on the west side of the beltway, southwest on the
6:47 am
outer loop, 295, second accident, near 95, a look at the beltway, your speeds down to 43 as an average. this spot on the west side at old court looks slower than 43. this report is brought by your toyota dealer. visit toyota dealer and test drive the 2012 camry, the camry, it's right side, are you? back over to you guys. misty may trainer, coffee. satellite interview. welcome to the news morning edition. huge round of applause. what we are going to talk about is planning a date with your significant other and get back on the same social page. all our lives are going in 19 different directions. ultimately stovers is going to
6:48 am
help. let me ask you this. you are married to a pro bawl player, you are a pro athlete. between your trainings and commitments, really, how much quality time a year are you able to get? >> gosh. now that he is playing for the dodgers we get to stay home. this is the most time we have spent together, really. we have been in completely different parts of the country. it's fortunate now that we get to spend more time together and one of the ways we get to reconnect is over dinner. that's why we are happy to be a part of the campaign. >> it's the samen season as mine. the last couple of years i've got on the follow him post season, which has been really nice. >> some would say tore forget
6:49 am
the dinner when the goal is c, go to b and a half. >> no. i think it's important to set time aside to talk about the day. you want to go bc, but, you got -- we got to know what is going on in each other's lives, especially when we don't see each other. i want to hear about baseball. i hope he would like to hear what i did with volleyball. >> my wife said that conversation is for d and e. >> oh, gosh. >> what a deal. is this a more than just selling product? a big campaign? is there a website? >> if anybody out there can go to stovers facebook page and have up to $10 value of coupons to start reconnecting.
6:50 am
what makes this product great is a couple is able to spend time in the kitchen, move the time in the kitchen to the dinner table in a fast amount of time. plus it's delicious and savory. you can't ask for anything better than that, right? >> lasagna. >> we are with you on that one. >> are you going to be doing the olympics in london? >> yes. ce we want to go for a gold medal. we are training very hard. >> it's interesting, you are too involved in the event, you don't get to be here and watch it. it is so cool because you guys are legends now. i'm giving you the plug. you don't have to be humble. as a tandem, you are like -- you get out there and win the country gets jackd with our performance. i wish you could see it, it's
6:51 am
that cool. >> the sad thing is, i spend time with my husband, we reconnect but i haven't sat long enough to open the openings. it makes me nervous every time i see bits and pieces and i get excited about this part of the journey and can't wait to hear a national anthem again. i thank friends and family that cheer for us all over the world, all the fans keep us going. we love to share the sport that has given us so much. we love to share it with the rest of the country and the world. >> piece of advice, if you haven't seen the beijing opening ceremonies, watch it. >> we were a part of it. by the time we got out for the ceremonies, the guy was running across the stadium, lit the torch and the ceremony was over. i heard it was amazing. >> make it a before b. >> make it h.
6:52 am
>> listen, we have got to run. stovers facebook page, everybody hit it. everybody connect on tuesday. >> start reconnecting. >> thanks for being with us. thanks for the hard work. it's going to pay off. >> thank you. >> america's greatest olympic athletes. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,
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variablably cloudy. 43 the high.
6:55 am
30 now. for a couple of hours, it's going to get gray. here is sharon gibala, traffic control. good morning, everyone. only two accidents out there. minor delays on the west side also. one accident is on the beltway, outer loop, 295. second accident in arundel on baltimore annapolis, 95. a look at your drive times and speeds on the beltway. 41 miles per hour with 16 minute drive time, no delays on 95, just south of white marsh boulevard. a 13-year-old girl is found slain sunday evening in northeast baltimore, before 6:00 last night. the body of monet was discovered in an alley behind the 1600 block she was covered with trash.
6:56 am
investigators are awaiting autopsy results to determine her cause of death. the girl's family reported her missing yesterday morning. a deadly shooting in northeast baltimore leaves a man dead. it happened on marble hall road. joiner was shot multiple times. he may have been in a dispute before shot. after a trip to rome for elevation ceremony, cardinal edwin o'brian is back home in baltimore. a mass at the cathedral of mary r queen was held. the first mass as cardinal. pope benedict xvi elevated him to cardinal in italy. stay with wjz 13, news weather and traffic ahead. destruction damage and stories of survival from this weekend's deadly storms in kentucky and indiana. of course, news and weather any time by locking on to
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