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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  March 6, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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police say she was accidentally shot to death and now a baltimore police officer is suspended as part of the investigation. wjz is live. we have more on the officer's personal ties to this case. >> reporter: this is a bomb shell development. sources say the gun used in that shooting was found inside a baltimore city police officer's car. this is what a .22 caliber long rifle looks like. it's the kind of weapon that kyleed 13-year-old monai. that rifle somehow ended up inside the car of an off-duty police officer. that now-suspended officer was dating a relative of one of the juvenile suspects in the case. it's news outraging the victim's family and city councilman. >> if this weapon was found inside of the police officers vehicle, it's stunning. it really is amazing that this
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would happen. >> reporter: saturday night she and two friends, 12 and 13-year-old boys were playing with a rifle inside a home when monai was accidentally shot in the chest. the boys then tried to hide her body. we've learned new details about what happened that night. after the shootings, the boys dragged the victim's body from the living room, through the kitchen, out the back door, and into the alley. the mother said she repeatedly questioned the two young suspects. >> i couldn't get a straight answer. we just decided we would go out and scout out everywhere. >> reporter: that's when her brother found her body in the alley. now her family and the councilman want to know why the gun that killed young monai ended up in a police officer's car. >> i feel so badly for the family and to have this piled on top of that, i don't know what to say. it's too stunning to believe.
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>> reporter: the two boys involved in the accidental shooting still locked up in juvenile detention. police say they continue to work with the city state's attorneys office. >> thank you. william c. march middle school will be hosting a vigil in her honor tomorrow at 4:00 p.m. another tragic death involving a child. once again, a gun is involved. we're in the news room to explain what happened. >> reporter: police believe the 4-year-old accidentally shot himself while playing with his father's gun. it happened last night. the bullet also struck the child's mother who was asleep in the bed. the boy was rushed to peninsula regional medical center where he was pronounced dead. the mother is expected to recover from her injures. a 7-year-old girl was also in the home at the time, but she was not hurt. >> police are trying to determine how the child got his hands on the gun and if it's
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legally registered. a deadly accident on the eastern shore. sky chopper 13 is over route 213 in queen ann's county. the sedan is completely destroyed. no word on the identity of the victim. murder charges are dismissed against two doctors accused in the death of a fetus at a cecil county clinic. they had been charged under a maryland law that allows prosecutors to pursue murder charges in the death of a viable fetus. prosecutors say they started the abortion procedures out of state and finished them here in maryland. another confidence vote is under vote from county police amid concerns over whether he can withstand this indictment. wjz is live and we stay on the story with new insight into this high-profile case. >> reporter: more than 500
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officers are casting their ballots as we speak. the results should be in at 10:00 whether they want the executive and the police chief to step down. so far, leipold says he's staying on the job. john faces another no-confidence vote. this time from rank and file police officers. the state prosecutor claims he used his security detail from demeaning personal tasks, including driving him to secret sexual encounters. >> saw it as an opportunity to fire a shot across the bow of other politicians who might be tempted to misuse state employees in similar ways. >> reporter: legal analyst andrew leevey believe the tax on the state prosecutor's team, the same office who brought down former baltimore mayor sheila dixon are unfounded here. >> you can find democrats who have targeted the office as well
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as republicansment. >> republicans. >> reporter: they go beyond sex. >> we're concerned about the allegations of the political activity that he had county employees engage in on county dollars. >> reporter: forced to place campaign signs and keep files on political enemies. >> the cases of some people that have used the system help to ruin it for everybody. >> reporter: he denies wrong doing and vows to fight the allegations and stay in office despite their emotional drain. >> i don't think anyone is humanly capable of not letting that weigh on them. >> reporter: and the trial is tentively scheduled for mid-june. >> thank you. according to court records, he'll be arraigned on march 26th. a baltimore county firefighter is hurt. the driver was trapped after
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crashing. michael murphy from the lutherville station was trying to get the man out of the car when he was struck by a large tree limb. he was released a short time ago. the driver remains in shock trauma. eye opening news as lawmakers look for ways to balance the budget. we have more on proposals that could change the way the state does business. >> reporter: it is doomsday. the budget is balanced by nearly $800 million in cuts. other local aid slashed by $2.7 million. higher education loses more than $185 million. health services are reduced by $122 million and state agencies see about $129 million disappear taking cost of living raises, 500 jobs, and some services with it. >> hopefully we can avoid that. the only way you can avoid that is with revenues. >> reporter: a house bill would
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expand the state sale's tax to services. >> in a couple of weeks, i have a hair appointment. my hair will be taxed. >> reporter: marylanders protesting with auto service shops leading the charge and mid-atlantic aaa speaking for drivers. >> not just maintaining their cars but insuring their cars. >> reporter: jennifer is worried about her consulting business. >> in the past i've let the maryland chamber speak for me. this is so critical because our business is finally growing again. >> reporter: and it's from the standpoint of what taxpayers can afford. >> that's the way the people of marylanders want us to go. >> reporter: even if it's balanced with all cuts, it's not the end of the world, just the end of the world as we know it.
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>> several other tang bills are being considered including a personal income tax hike. after 27 straight days on the rise, gas prices are down a bit. ended a streak of price hikes that began on february the 8th. prices rose more than 28-cents per gallon in that period. last month we were paying an average of $3.52. now that same gallon costs $3.71. it is super tuesday. voters in 10 states are heading to the polls and caucuses to choose the republican candidate for president. we are reporting from the battleground state of ohio. >> reporter: voters in stubenville, ohio are casting their ballots for a gop presidential nominee. ohio is taking center stage among the 10 states holding super tuesday contests. the head to head battle between
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santorum and romney prompted some democrats to weigh in. voting for santorum after supporting president obama in 2008. >> there was not much change. >> reporter: mitt romney appeared via satellite. >> i'm sorry that my super tuesday travel schedule prevents me from being with you in person. >> reporter: santorum went to washington to make his speech in person. >> this is a somewhat important day in my life today. >> reporter: 419 delegates are up for grabs, that's more than one-third for the total needed to clench the gop nomination. gingrich rallied supporters in alabama. voters there won't go to the polls until next week. but he's focusing on the south. >> we'll carry georgia and do much better than people expect. >> looks like we're going to
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have a good time. >> reporter: ron paul is holding campaign events in north dakota and idaho. >> gingrich says he'll push for new debates with the other candidates in alabama and mississippi. a cool but clear evening. get ready for changing the rest of the week. it may knock your socks off. we have the updates forecast. >> we do have a nice forecast coming up in the next day or so. radar right now is beautiful. we have nothing going on. there's a warm front passing off to the north of us and it will bring much warmer area our way. it's a cool evening before we get to that. look at temperatures. we're 42 in baltimore. 38 along the beach and ocean city. take a look just down to our southwest. here's the warm air.
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temperatures jumping about 10-20 degrees over the next two days. we'll have that forecast coming up. >> thank you. the grand old game of baseball is embracing social media. wjz is with the orioles at spring training in florida. how many players are keeping in touch with their fans back here in baltimore. >> reporter: you don't have to be in sarasota to know what the orioles are up to. all you need is a phone or a computer. and some orioles will come to you. it's the social media craze twitter and for some orioles, it's the way they choose to interact with fans. adam jones is the most active in using twitter. pitchers jake, zach, and tommy also take part. >> it's fun. it gives insight on what, i guess, we as baseball players think sometimes. that's the funny thing that people sometimes don't get. we're about as normal as it comes. >> reporter: jones likes to
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share his opinions about baseball and life and occasionally he'll add a photo like this one of manny machado falling asleep in a chair. fans follow by the thousands. >> it enables the common fan to get closer to the athletes. and you see a lot of football, basketball, other sports. they do a good job of it. some people do get carried away. >> reporter: social media adds a new stat line to a player's resume. it's no longer hits and runs, it's twitter followers. and adam jones has more than 20,000, putting him in a league of his own. with the orioles in the sarastoa, back to you. >> thank you, mark. the orioles were back in action this afternoon against the red sox and we'll have the spring training highlights coming up in sports. >> i've been feeling so bad for him down there in florida.
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buried alive. frantic efforts to save a snow border trapped under 20 feet of snow. can his friends get to him in time? straight ahead on wjz, a city school ceo talks about his personal driver making overtime money, this while he's touring a school that's literally falling apart. the men's basketball team at one maryland university is going to the big dance. we're talking ncaa. hear from team members coming up next. and ready for a major warm up. don't miss the updated first warning weather forecast coming up.
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wjz is live. why the ceo is facing harsh criticism. >> reporter: baltimore city school parents learned that alonzo's driver makes more in overtime than most of us marylander's make in a year. the mayor and school ceo dr. andre alonzo toured barkley middle school, a school that's literally falling apart. with $14 million of the education budget paying staff overtime these past four years and more than $200 going toward his private driver, there isn't enough money to pay for repairs.
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>> a lot of parents are upset with you this week. >> i think parents understand how hard i'm working for the kids of baltimore city. i work 70, 80, 90 hours a week. >> reporter: hours he says require the use of a personal driver. >> no different than the governor and the mayor and how they travel. >> he's getting paid more than the governor. >> if i use two people for my hours, i wouldn't have that problem, but i wouldn't be as effective. >> reporter: the mayor who earns the same amount as the driver is also taking heat for proposing a bottle tax for school funding. >> the bottle tax is a first step. it will help put over 140% increase in school construction funds in play. >> reporter: when asked about education money going to pay for alonzo's driver. >> there's no amount of money you can pay one employee that would fix this school or any other school. >> reporter: as he's driven to his next appointment, barkley's
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principal has a mess to deal with. >> heating, the ceiling tiles, the bathrooms are pretty deplorable. >> reporter: dr. alonzo tells me the driver is used for his protection. so i asked him if he fears for his safety when he visits these schools. he says no. back to you. >> thank you. he says enrollment in city schools is higher than it's been in decades. the greyhounds are going dancing. the basketball team finished up a regular season with a tournament championship in massachusets. now the team, the student body, and the fans are getting ready for the ncaa tournament. >> reporter: with this last bucket of the game -- >> and that should do it! >> reporter: the greyhounds earned a ticket to the big dance. for the first time since 1994, the men's basketball team is headed to the ncaa tournament after beating out fair field
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university monday, loyola claimed the conference title. >> it was tears of joy, it was hugging, and laughing. >> reporter: we met up with justin drummett less than 24 hours after the game. players made sure this precious cargo never left their sight. >> winning the championship, that's like our national championship. it means everything to us. >> it hasn't quite sunk in yet. i know it will in the next few days. but like i said, dreams come true. >> reporter: on campus, the excitement is undeniable. >> the fact that we're going to be dancing, it's given life to the school that we needed. as a university, we are so proud of the team. it's just awesome. >> reporter: when the head coach took over the team eight years ago, the record was 1-27. making the victory that much sweeter. >> got a lot of texts from all
6:20 pm
my ravens friends. we're proud of baltimore. >> reporter: students are actually on spring break for the week. when they return on monday, there will be a huge celebration for the team. in baltimore for wjz eyewitness news. >> you can find out where loyola will play and who they will take on this sunday. >> start your pools now. on sunday, as soon as it comes back. get those brackets ready. we start those games on thursday. >> that's pressure. >> it is. i get nervous. okay, weather wise. let's see what we have going on for today. it's 42 degrees outside right now. a warm round of air moves our way. we'll have that forecast when we return.
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here's a live lookout side right now. nice skies out there. we're all looking forward to tomorrow. you have great news for us. >> we had such a harsh couple of days in the hoes. we're back in the 60s tomorrow.
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we were in the 40s, below average. it's the third day in a row that we were below average. that has not happened much this season. the temperatures are dropping. it's a chilly 38 in ocean city with the wind coming off the water. it is 49 right now in cumberland. most of us still in the 40s this hour, but that's going to change. the winds are around to the south and there's a lot of warm air to the south and west. no matter how we pull it, we're going to warm up. look at the numbers. 66 in chicago, 70 in kansas city. it's even 71 degrees in denver. that's what's moving our direction tomorrow. we have a warm front passing by to the north of us. the winds will bring the air our way. still clear skies for tonight and tomorrow. it is going to be just a beautiful afternoon. by thursday we start to see some changes around here. the rest of that storm comes our
6:25 pm
way. the clouds start to increase during the day on thursday. when that storm comes through, we'll knock those highs back down as we head toward the weekend. still nothing all that extreme. the forecast looks like this for today. out on the waters, our winds will pick up it of the south and turn to the southwest. bay temperature 44 degrees. we're going down to 29 degrees tonight, seasonably chilly. tomorrow, sunshine wall to wall. 62 degrees for our afternoon. just a spectacular day tomorrow. i would say you don't get many of these in march, but we've had so many it's just incredible. we're going up from there on wednesday. excuse me, on thursday. we'll have that forecast coming up. >> like the trend. still to come tonight, an 81-year-old woman, $350 million richer. what she says about winning the lottery. residents outraged after getting tickets for hundreds of
6:26 pm
dollars over cracks in sidewalks. is it fair? wait until we show you what the city-owned sidewalks look like in this same neighborhood. a legal fight in maryland to carry concealed weapons for self-defense. self-defense. that story as,,,,,,,,
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it is just before 6:30, clear and 43 degrees. thanks for staying with wjz. here are some of the stories people are talking about. fema has gun assessing damage from the series of tornadoes that socked the midwest and the south. victims are telling their stories from hospital beds. greg black has the story. >> reporter: jason miller tried to help a family of five survive a tornado in indiana, sheltering them in his mobile home. but it swept them away, ultimately killing all five, including 14-month-old angel. miller survived but said he saw death at his door. >> i put my arm over angel and got her to get down. i was like, down. i said, lay down flat. i just kind of reached my arm, get in close, lay down flat. that's the only thing i remember
6:30 pm
saying. i just started praying. >> reporter: a mother in indiana successfully used her body to shield her two kids, but she ended up losing one leg above the knee and the other leg above the ankle. >> i was reaching around holding them and trying to keep everything away from them so it didn't hit them. i had two steal beams on my legs, and i couldn't move. i was stuck. >> reporter: and a man in missouri got something precious back. >> i gave this to my wife 10 years ago. i kept digging and digging until we got to where it was at. in all this here, how do you find it? i called her and she was crying. >> reporter: meanwhile, kentucky senator says fema has started damage assessment in west liberty. >> we'll do everything we can to try to help these good folks
6:31 pm
rebuild their lives. >> an estimated 30 tornadoes packing winds of more than 110 miles an hour hit the midwest on friday. a large reward is being offered for information about a former fbi agent who disappeared years ago. >> reporter: the u.s. is offering $1 million for information leading to the safe return of robert levinson, last seen alive in iran five years ago. the fbi director made a public appearance to announce the reward, the latest high-profile effort to find levinson year. a short video surfaced of him pleading for his life. he started working as a private investigators and was on a job in the iranian island when he vanished. >> they suspect he's being held by kidnappers. he fought off a home invader. now a maryland man has fought
6:32 pm
off a state gun control law. it's a victory for self-protection. >> reporter: buying a handgun in maryland means paperwork and a background check by state police. to carry a concealed gun for self-protection carries a special permit, granted to those who have proof their lives may be in danger. >> he was the victim of a home invasion on christmas eve of all times in 2002. >> reporter: he's now out of jail. when he went to renew his conceal permit, he didn't get it. >> despite the fact that he lives just miles away, he failed to show what the maryland state police show a good and substantial reason to carry a firearm. >> reporter: they challenged the law. he won on the grounds -- >> people have a right to keep
6:33 pm
and bear arms, that means they don't need to prove they have the right to exercise the right. >> reporter: maryland's attorney general will repeal the ruling and ask to keep the current permit process in place. >> we're quite confident we'll prevail. >> the lawsuit does not challenge the background checks and other requirements of a common gun permit. after several disturbing indecent exposure cases, police make an arrest. faces a number of charges after he allegedly simulated indecent exposure to women on several occasions at the college. he was arrested in his car late last week on the campus. and also police are looking for the man who tried to use his cell phone camera to record a woman inside a bathroom in a restaurant. it happened at the panera bread
6:34 pm
on richie highway. the man stuck his cell phone under the stall. he took off when he was spotted. residents are at war with city hall. they're angry over thousands of dollars in sidewalk repair citations. tonight, we investigate. homeowners aren't the biggest offenders. it's actually the city. >> there's a lot worse sidewalks. >> reporter: ronald is furious with city hall after inspectors said he needs to pay $650 to replace this section of sidewalk. >> if you're going to trip over it, pick up your feet. >> reporter: more than a dozen residents get citations. can you measure this for me? how much is it raised? >> roughly a half an inch. >> reporter: his wife who uses a walker has no problems with the slight bump. it's based on square footage and this cabinet maker says inspectors want to fine him too
6:35 pm
much money. >> they even measured it wrong in your citation. >> reporter: this is a city-owned sidewalk just across the street. check it out. it is broken up so badly that grass is actually growing up through the cracks. wjz showed the different between the sidewalks to officials with the transportation department. >> does this seem right to you? >> no, it doesn't. >> reporter: our questions now prompting a review of the citations while city officials standby their goal. >> we want people to be able to travel safely and we don't want children to get hurt. >> reporter: the residents here say -- >> we're poor, hard-working people, disabled people. we don't have that money. >> baltimore residents can expect an increase in sidewalk citations at we head into summer
6:36 pm
construction season. more on loyola's trip to ncaa tournament. crock pots are cool again. recipes for great meals you can make in yours. and meet the high school athletes of the week. for these stories and a lot more, read tomorrow's baltimore sun. and look for the updates forecast. a huge power ball jackpot. she had the winning numbers from february's massive $336 million jackpot. that's the sixth largest jackpot in u.s. history. she'll take $210 million and she's taking it all in stride. >> i want to say that i'm very happy and i'm very proud and this will make my family very happy. we are truly blessed. thank you. >> she says she's opened a trust for her winnings. good for her. >> she is so much calmer than i would be in those circumstances.
6:37 pm
>> she's doing the happy dance under the table. still to come. chaos in the courtroom. what set off this huge brawl. the cause of this helicopter crash in florida. we're putting together exclusive first-warning five-day forecast and we'll have it when we come back. for updates on all the day's news and the updates forecast any time, log on to i was paying too much with cable.
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three people were able to walk away from a helicopter crash in florida. the bell 206 aircraft came to rest upside in a field. it's owned by a flight school and was being used on a training exercise. no one on the helicopter or the ground was injured. investigators are looking into what caused the crash. a courtroom brawl erupts at the start of the hearing for a murder suspect in massachusets. court officers say they had to
6:41 pm
handcuff two relatives of the victim. santiago is accused of murder. the arraignment proceeded after the rest of the family was thrown out of the courtroom. president obama held his first news conference of the year. he answered questions on a range of subjects. >> reporter: in his first news conference of the year, president obama faced questions about iran's nuclear program. tensions are growing after israel threatened to attack iran and prevent that country from building a nuclear weapon. >> we have a window of opportunity where this can still be resolved diplomatically. that's my view and of our top intelligence officials and top israeli inintelligence officials. when i see some of these folks who have a lot of bluster and a lot of big talk.
6:42 pm
when you ask them specifically what they would do, they repeat the things we've been doing over the last three years. >> reporter: he also said u.s. military action against the regime would be a mistake. the president's aids say it was just a coincidence he held his news conference on super tuesday. rising gas prices were also mentioned at the news conference. the president saying he's looking at some quick solutions, such as opening bottlenecks in the supply chain. >> i want gas prices lower because they hurt families. >> reporter: he took a question about criticism mitt romney leveled at him from the campaign trail. >> what would you like to say? >> good luck. >> >> the president disclosed a number of plans to help
6:43 pm
homeowners. a massive avalanche causes problems for a ski resort in france. look at this. the snow barreled down the mountain knocking over a ski lift and rupturing cables. no one was hurt. an avalanche in utah lead toss a rescue mission on the slopes. this video shows a snow mobiler getting buried under 10 feet of snow. his friends came to his rescue and searched for about 20 minutes before uncovering him. he suffered a banged up knee. >> i wonder how he was able to breathe under there. >> those are friends. we have a preview of what's coming up tonight on the cbs evening news. >> we're with the front runners tonight on the cbs evening news. and here's a look at tonight's closing numbers from wall street, and we'll be right back.
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we're updating your forecast with more on some welcome
6:47 pm
changes. >> they start tomorrow. we will begin the day in the 20s, but we top out in the 60s with a lot of sunshine. just a gorgeous day tomorrow. then thursday we're up to 67 degrees. we'll start to see those clouds coming in. chance for rain thursday into friday, maybe even a couple of thunderstorms. we do cool it down and we'll be watching for another storm late in the weekend. see what oprah has cooking inside her kitchen. we have more from hollywood. >> coming up on entertainment tonight, oprah and stedman have been together for three decades, but rarely has the world been able to see what they have cooking in their private lives. that changes as we take you inside their kitchen. >> when we have alone, i basically do all the cooking. i just usually make up stuff based on what's in the refrigerator. >> it's oprah's recipe for
6:48 pm
romance. >> oprah's a good cook. chefs don't have anything on her. >> chefs do. >> but you're a fantastic cook. >> she cooks up a special grilled sandwich. >> one day there was pepper cheese and turkey and avocados. it's all done with love, as i think everything should be. that's why we call it a love sandwich. >> in the new issue of o magazine, she dishes about her delicious creations including lemon zest pasta and mai mai juice. >> it's all done with love. if you've had me make the love sandwich for you, you have to be somebody i really care about. >> i'm a lucky guy, no question. >> also tonight, johnny depp in london as a 200-year-old vampire. and john hamm spilling madmen secrets in new york. later on entertainment tonight. >> that's at 7:30 right here.
6:49 pm
>> if i ever put cheese on a sandwich for you, it's out of love. >> i'll remember. still to come, breaking news. a decision about the future of peyton manning in a colts uniform. >> we have more coming up next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
6:50 pm
6:51 pm
6:52 pm
big news, big news. we are here with the fan sports report. >> this just came down. i mean, it's hot. it just came down moments ago. let me tell you, folks, this is very important news. 35-year-old peyton manning is done as an indianapolis colt following multiple neck surgeries. the colts have decided not to give him a $28 million roster bonus. an official announcement is expected tomorrow. so now he's free to sign with any nfl team. speculation ends at the miami dolphins among others. we will keep you informed. baseball now, today's spring training report found the os facing the baltimore red sox. the top prospect, dylan bundy.
6:53 pm
chris tillman got work on the mound today in fort meyers. he was on top of his j-o-b getting the strike out. off daniel bard, that is awful the wall. not one but two runs scored. here comes big nick johnson coming at you. at home plate he's safe. not enough, though. red sox are 3-0 after winning 5-4. orioles now 1-2. they face the twins tomorrow afternoon. not since the 1994 has loyola done so well. once again from springfield, massachusets there's eric etherly. as time went on, there was some
6:54 pm
good defense as you watch jordan latham reject fairfield. justin drummen not to be left out of the festivities. they win their first title since 1994 and they get the automatic bid the march madness or the upcoming ncaa tournament. >> for the city of baltimore. you guys are going dancing. not a whole lot of people in that region are. >> we did it with defense. i got a lot of texts from all my ravens guys who deal with defense. >> we're going to manage out until the selection show, practice, and get ready for the tournament. >> selection show is this sunday. meantime, university of maryland men's team hopefully has a much-needed memory lapse. this thursday at high noon, the
6:55 pm
sputtering eight-seeded turps take on wake forrest in round one of the acc tournament. >> i expect this to go down to atlanta and have energy and play well. >> my desire is to make it all the way to the championship. i want to play our hardest and play the best we can. >> of course out of baltimore city high school, more hoops from this afternoon. the huskies, madison square garden, cleveland melvin with the jam. it just wasn't enough. uconn beats depaul 81-67. in case you missed the top story, peyton manning will not be ,,,,,,,,
6:56 pm
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don't miss the cbs prime time line up. a new episode of unforgettable followed by eyewitness news at 11. doesn't look like prince harry is much of a runner. [ laughter ] >> he challenged olympic track star to a friendly race today, but he sprinted off to a false start. he later joked he's looking to race in this year's olympics. he said he'd be happy to grant the prince a rematch when he gets to london for the games this summer. >> he was giving him a lot of slack. that's it for us tonight. >> thanks for watching wjz, maryland's news station. don't go away because there's much more ahead on the cbs evening news. voters in 10 sta


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