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tv   CBS Evening News  CBS  April 15, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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>> tonight more than 100 tornadoes. the nation's heartland is hit hard, the worst of it, five dead in one oklahoma town. and the threat is not completely over. dean reynolds is there. >> the taliban launches a new wave of attacks inside afghanistan. allen pizzey reports from kabul. in colombia bill plante has the latest on its investigation into misconduct involving secret service agents and prostitutes. and change-up, 65 years after jackie robinson broke the color barrier, tony guida tells us the face of baseball is changing, dramatically. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news." >> jeff: good evening, i'm jeff glor. it was only the second time in history the storm
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prediction center issued a high risk warning more than 24 hours in advance. all eyes were on the plains this weekend as conditions were unusually ripe for tornado outbreak. through last night, at least 120-- 122 tornadoes formed, one of them hit the small town of woodward, oklahoma, killing at least five. that is where dean reynolds is tonight. dean, good evening. >> reporter: good evening, jeff. well, the storm system is still playing itself out across the nation's midsection at this hour. and this town provides a good reason to remain alert. because the weather that hit woodward was both fickle and powerful, leaving most neighborhoods untouched but others in complete ruin. in the minutes after midnight as tragedy approached western oklahoma, a storm chaser got a look at the monster bearing down on woodward and yelled out a warning. >> woodward police, you need to be sounding your tore fad owe sirens now, everybody in
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woodward needs to take shelter. >> reporter: but the siren's transmitter was damaged by the twister and fell silent. many here were asleep. but a high school party was in full swing, and you can see the advice to run for cover was well-founded. with daylight, the measure of destruction was evident in this town of 12,000. kyle reynolds, assistant principal at woodward high school said the kids made it out of the prom safely but when he drove home, this is what he found. >> how many bedrooms did you have here? >> you're looking at the master bedroom, this first section of wall is lying on our bed. >> reporter: his home was totalled. >> that's somebody else's fence right there. >> this your gutter? >> that's not from my house. >> that's not. >> no, that is from somebody else's house. that's the wrong color. >> reporter: and yet he's a happy man. his daughter jessica road out the storm in a safe room built just for such occasions. >> it only lasted a few seconds. >> a few seconds to do this. >> yeah. i couldn't believe it. >> reporter: others were not
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nearly as lucky. the five killed included three children whom police suspect perished at this trailer park. at least 29 were injured. by far the most tornadoes were in kansas. sirens sounded in wichita as rain and wind lashed downtown. a trailer park there was obliterated. houses were left uninhabitable. the storm system was huge it wiped out the town of thurman, iowa, well north of here and kept repeatedly doubling back on oklahoma, kansas and nebraska, rendering all clear sirens almost meaningless. and the power of the storm was undeniably powerful and great. imagine this, here's a carpet store behind me and this was a delivery truck now embedded in that carpet store. and over here, jeff, is a stonewall that used to stand 100 yards away. >> jeff: pretty incredible, dean reynolds, thank you.
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>> for more now on these storms, we turn to meteorologist jeff berardelli of wfor. good evening. there was a lot of buildup prior to this weekend about how bad the outbreak was going to be. was it as bad as expected? >> yes, it was exactly as expected. there were a lot of tornadoes. there were a lot of big tornadoes. in fact, yesterday about 120 reports of tornadoes. but they happened in very sparsely populated areas in the plain states. and didn't hit any population centers. >> jeff: so then looking in the weeks and months ahead, jeff, do we know when tornado season peaks? >> well, typically the peak of the tornado see on in the southeastern part of the united states is 4r5i9 winter through the springtime. and that's because that is where the clashing between cold and warm air masses are. but then as we head a little further into the season and the cold air begins to retreat into canada, that tornado threat also retreats further north into the great lakes, into the high plain states. and that's where the threat
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will be as we head through the next coming months. >> jeff: jeff berardelli from wfor, thank you. >> the taliban today claimed responsibility for a wave of attacks across afghanistan that continue tonight. and the insurgents say strikes in kabul and three other cities herald the beginning of a new spring offensive. allen pizzey in kabul has more. >> reporter: the coordinate add tacks included both gunmen and suicide bombers. separate assaults on the capital targeted nato base, the afghan parliament and several embassies including the u.s. compound. afghan forces used assault rivals and rock el propelled grenades to try to dislodge the handful of taliban fighters who took up positions in high buildings and fought for more than seven hours. there were also attacks against nato bases in government facilities in three other cities. a taliban spokesman said it was the start of the spring offensive, and retaliation for u.s. troops burning
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korans, urinating on bodies and last month's killing of 17 civilians by a lone army sergeant. >> the attackers managed to penetrate what is supposedly a ring of steel around the afghan capitol put in place two years ago. and also breached last september, when taliban fighters managed to hit the u.s. embassy. an afghan government minister blames forces for what is o known as the haqqani network an offshoot of the taliban headquartered in pakistan. >> one has to be concerned about seven simultaneous attacks countrywide. it does show a certainly resilience by the adversary. in the end there may be more casualties from the insurgents than there are on the side of innocent civilians or government troops. >> in a written statement the international force kos mannedder u.s. general john allen says he was enormously proud of the afghan response. they were on the scene immediately, well led and well coordinated. the shooting continued until
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well after dark. the taliban spokesman said the attacks had been planned for months. and he promised there were more to come. >> jeff: allen pizzey, thank you. >> the first members of a u.n. observing team arrived in syria late today charged with over-- overseeing a cease-fire that seems to be collapsing as government forces once again shelled the city of homs. elizabeth palmer is in damascus. >> those in favor of the draft resolution. >> reporter: only one day after the united nations security council vote, six unarmed military observers arrived in damascus, the first contingent of a team that could grow to more than 250. >> we believe that the mere presence of blue hell meds on the ground in one or two of the locations which have seen conflict intention may reduce tension. >> reporter: tension that has escalated into an all-out offensive in the city of homs. anti-government activists say their video shows the cease-fire there has broken
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down completely. an opposition activist in damascus says this violence has to stop and the u.n.-- u.n. observers have to reinforce the cease-fire immediately. >> it's the very last chance for us, he says, to reach a political solution. but on face the nation this morning senator john mccain said the u.s. and other countries should actually arm anti-government fighters against the regime. >> we need to get a sanctuary for the free syrian army. we need to get them supplies. we need to get them weapons. it's not a fair fight. it's not a fair fight. >> reporter: it's a controversial idea and one that opposition activists inside syria don't like. they believe it could ignite an all-out civil war. the only place to take on bashar al-assad's government, they say, is at the negotiating table with strong international backing. elizabeth palmer, cbs news, damascus. >> jeff: the u.s. may have
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attended its last summit of the americas. the meeting of 30 western hemisphere nations in colombia fell apart today because of division over cuba. the u.s. won't let cuba take part. other nations refuse to hold another summit without cuba. meanwhile a misconduct inquiry continues tonight after what several members of a secret service were accused of doing. senior white house correspondent bill plante is in cartagena tonight. >> good evening to you. not only was the president confronted with heavy opposition to the u.s. embargo on cuba, the coverage of the summit was overshadowed by a media sideshow over the prostitution scandal involving members of the secret service. >> reporter: 11 members of the secret service advance team are on administrative leave and under investigation. after some of the group got into a dispute with a prostitute over money at this hot nell cartagena last wednesday. five members of the u.s. military working on the president's visit were also disciplined in the incident. the secret service team was sent home and replaced
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before the president's arrival friday. members of congress are threatening to veblingt. congressman darrell issa today on "face the nation". >> the question is the whole organization in need of some soul-searching, some changes or, before the president, the vice president, members of the cabinet are in danger. >> reporter: the secret service insists its procedures ensure that the president and his party were never in danger. ralph basham is a former director of the secret service. he says the decision to remove the agents quickly was the right one. >> they recognized that they could not have agents on the ground in the process of protecting the president of the united states and be distracted. >> but basham admits the indiscretion leave the organization in an uncomfortable position. >> look, secret service prides itself on not making the front page of the newspapers, not being the lead story on the nightly news. that's not what they are about. they are behind the scenes.
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they want to remain behind the scenes. and an accident like this is very disturbing and very embarrassing for them. >> well, secret service officials say that the investigation of the 11 is a top priority and could include polygraph tests. and in a news conference moments ago, the president said that he expects the investigation to be thorough and vigorous. and he added that if the allegations are true, he said of course i will be angry. jeff. >> jeff: bill plante in colombia, bill, thank you. >> later a memorial at sea for those lost on the titanic. 6 a-- 65 years later, baseball looks a lot different. and what north korea's new lead her to say in his first public speech. those stories when the "cbs evening news" continues. imagin with less chronic osteoarthritis pain. imagine living your life with less chronic low back pain. imagine you, with less pain. cymbalta can help. cymbalta is fda-approved to manage chronic musculoskeletal pain. one non-narcotic pill a day, every day,
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♪ you make me happy [ female announcer ] choose the same brand your mom trusted for you. children's tylenol, the #1 brand of pain and fever relief recommended by pediatricians and used by moms decade after decade. >> jeff: they call him the eternal president, in north korea celebrated the 100th anniversary of his birth this weekend. to honor kim il-sung who died 18 years ago, the government parade its
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military might in pyongyang. but the highlight was a rare speech but the new leader. here's barry peter con. -- peterson. >> reporter: the parade marking 1900th wirth day of kim il-sung featured a first look at what may be a new long-range missile, larger than anything north korea has shown you have before. and the first time the world heard the voice of north korea's third generation dictator. >> let us move on to final victory, he said. kim jungun's words and his surprisingly easy going banter with his generals suggests he has the backing he needs from the military to stay in power. the propaganda machine that rarely rests also helps kim look like a leader in charge. but little is really known about him, not even his exact age. just that he is in his late 20s. his pudgey build proves that he eats well and often. in a mall nourished country with so much stunted growth, that the height requirement
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for the military was recently lowered to a mere 4 feet 9 inches. and the north is showing no interest in dialing back constant confrontations with the west. including satellite images of what experts believe are preparations for a third test of a nuclear weapon. the only country that might temper the north's aggressiveness is china. but china has little interest in anything that would damage a fellow communist regime. that's because if communist party rule fails in north korea, a lot of people here in china are going to start wondering if the same thing could happen here. so china did nothing to stop last week's failed launch of a rocket that many see as a test for a ballistic missile that could hit the u.s. that kind of defiant act keeps north korea so isolated they call it the her hit kingdom and kim, only four months into his rule, looks like he will keep it that way. barry peterson, cbs news, beijing. >> jeff: ahead on jackie
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>> jeff: today is jackie robinson day in baseball. the anniversary of the day robinson became the first black player in the major leagues. a ceremony was held at dodger stadium. and every major leaguer today wore his number, 42. tonight tony guida looks at the changing face of baseball 65 years later. >> reorter: on this hard scrabble penned lot in brookline three miles from the field of dreams where jackie robinson integrated baseball a group of youngsters is learning the game's essentials. >> i grew newspaper 24 neighborhood playing baseball. >> dr. quentin redden saw that this generation of neighborhood kids was not playing baseball sow started it this program to test kids, physically and mentally. >> i asked them to get good grasd. once you give me good grades we can play. >> reporter: these days major league players come in a mosaic of chrorx asian, canadian, latinos, more than one in four players in baseball is foreign born. yankee's outfielder curtis
6:21 pm
granderson says robinson would be pleased. jackie robinson broke the color barrier before the civil rights barrier it opened doors for african-american, latin american ballplayers, the asian american ballplayers on our team all because of one man, jackie robinson on april 15th, 65 years ago. >> reporter: but robinson might be troubled to learn how few african-americans are walking through those doors. 25 years ago they comprised a little over 30% of major league rosters. this year, 8.8%. a recent harris poll provides one explanation. when asked what is your favorite sport, 48% of african-americans pick pro football, only 6% chose baseball. >> when i played as a kid, it was huge, you know, it >> when i played as a kid, it was huge, you know, it was bigger than basketball, bigger than football. >> reporter: yank yees pitching ace c.c. sabathia is one of only five african-american starting pitchers in the major league. >> when you have a kid from the inner city and he has a
6:22 pm
chance to place football or base call, he gets a full scholarship to play football and partial for baseball it is an easy choice. >> reporter: major league baseball wants these kids to choose differently by bringing baseball to them. a multimillion dollar program called rbi, reviving baseball in the inner city. jackie robinson's daughter sharon is a consultant to major league baseball. >> we have institutes across america which we didn't have before that are in urban areas. so we are really hoping to build up that pipeline. >> reporter: baseball didn't die, you know. it's still in us. you know, and just to come out and just play the game. >> reporter: jackie robinson would approve. tony guida, cbs news, new york. >> jeff: ahead, a memorial at sea for those lost on the titanic. thatthe millions o. who have used androgel 1%, there's big news. presenting androgel 1.62%. both are used to treat men with low testosterone.
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two pills can last all day. ♪ cubano pills can last all day. cajun raw seafood pizza parlor french fondue tex-mex fro-yo tapas puck chinese takeout taco truck free range chicken pancake stack baked alaska 5% cash back. right now, get 5% cash back at restaurants. it pays to discover. >> jeff: rough seas swept crew members of a yacht not ocean during a race off the coast of san fran killing at least one. the coast guard rescued three of the crew members but others are still missing. the boat was hit by a wave and ran into rocks more than
6:26 pm
25 miles from land. finally tonight titanic sank exactly 100 years ago today. it happened roughly 400 miles off the coast of newfoundland, more than 1500 people lost their lives. today those victims were remembered in solemn ceremonies on both land and sea. here's mark philips. >> reporter: two ships from two continents converged on what may be the most infamous piece of open ocean on the planet, the place where titanic went down. the balmoral came from southampton, england, the port the titanic had left from the azmara had come from new york, the port she never got to. both ships had come to commemorate the tragedy and to honor its more than 1500 victims. >> we recall all who perished this night, 100 years ago. >> reporter: but the most poignant commemoration may not have been at sea. it may have been in this little town in ireland. >> behind the titanic
6:27 pm
commemoration, of course, is a great tragedy. and someplaces more deeply felt than others. this monument is in the small irish parish of addergoole where the tragedy was more long-lasting and more deeply felt arguably than anywhere else. here at the hour of the ship's sinking, they have begun the practice of ringing a bell, descendants of those who were on board taking returns. and there are plenty of them. because as the plaque in the church shows, 14 people from tiny addergoole were aboard the titanic, part of the wave of irish immigrants heading for america at the time. 11 of them died in a place this small, every one felt the pain. this year the american descendants of the three immigrants who survived came to the ceremony as well. >> i thought it was beautiful tonight. >> i thought it brought a lot of people together. >> very deeply touched and very deeply moved. never felt so close to my
6:28 pm
ancest ree in my life as at this very moment. >> reporter: when she set out on her made enand only voy-- maiden and only voyage the titanic was considered a mar vefl luxury and technology, practically unsinkable, her owners said. instead she has become a monument to human arrogance and foley and the name of a tragedy that seems almost as real today as it did on that night to remember a hundred years ago. mark phillips, cbs news, addergoole, ireland. >> that is the "cbs evening news" tonight. later on cbs, 60 minutes. and a special hour long tribute to founds corespondent mike wallace. scott pelley will be here tomorrow. good night. captioning sponsored by cbs captioned by media access group at wgbh
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coming up tonight on wjz's eyewitness news. 100 possible tornadoes tear through the midwest. tonight more storms are threatening to swirl. renewed hope for a church displaced by fire. now the plan to rebuild begins. ,,


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