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tv   Eyewitness Noon News  CBS  April 24, 2012 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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>> this is >> from the city to the counties to your neighborhood. now it's complete coverage. it's wjz, maryland's news station.
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>> an infant stabbed. a child rush to the hospital after police say her mother stabbed her. >> good afternoon. we begin with the breaking news still being sorted out in east baltimore. an eight month old girl at the hospital after being stabbed several times by her own mother. wjz is live at the social services on middle street where this took place with more on what happened. good afternoon. >> good afternoon. that mother was taken away just a short time ago by police. we are still trying to gather a lot of information, but what we know so far is pretty disturbing. police say the mother was visiting her eight-month-old daughter when that some point she pulled out a long kitchen knife and began stabbing that little girl. it happened just after 10:00 this morning. police say a social worker was in the room at the time of the stabbing and reported that the mother became irate for an unknown reason before pulling out that nice area the baby was stabbed
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several times in the neck and upper body. she was taken to the hospital and is expected to survive. right now police are sure what drove that mother to stab her baby. >> at some point she became irate. at this point, she still remains irate, so we have a lot to get through. the tech is hoped to get to at least why this happened, but at this point we at least have the suspect. the investigation continues. >> i can't believe a baby got stabbed. it's just spine chilling. >> right now police say it's unclear if that mother suffered from mental health problems. no one else was injured in this incident. once again, that baby was taken to the hospital and is expected to survive. we will continue following the story all day and bring you the latest developments as they become available. back to you for now. >> wjz is following the case for you and will continue to update you on it. another breaking news story
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to tell you about. police and others in southern maryland on the scene of a carbon monoxide leak. it's still happening in prince george's county and there are still very few details available. emergency crews say five people have died from the carbon monoxide leak. emergency crews are still on scene. new motions being accused today. at mary bubala. >> good afternoon to everybody. moments ago the motion to move the trial autumn of the more city was dropped. it's yet to be decided if the case should be postponed. the two are accused of beating a 15-year-old boy as he walked through their neighborhood in 2010. the two men were part of a neighborhood watch. defense attorneys say recent stories comparing the case to the case of trayvon martin will make finding an unbiased jury
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difficult. the two brothers say they acted in self-defense. back to you. >> thank you very much. the brothers were members of an orthodox jewish citizens group that controls parts of northwest baltimore. state president senate looking to call a special session to do the so-called budget. lawmakers failed to pass the revenue package necessary to avoid millions of dollars in painful spending cuts. a baltimore county judge has thrown out a defamation lawsuit thrown out. according to the media partner they cannot seek damages. lawyers for st. joseph's and the doctor are not commenting publicly. a judge being asked to dismiss charges. attorneys for bradley manning said prosecutors have failed to turn
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over her shoulder as that could defend him. rather than restart the whole discovery process, they are asking a judge here in maryland to dismiss the case. he's charged with getting giving thousands of classified documents to the website wiki leaks. five northeast states hold republican primaries today. mitt romney is expected to sweep all five as he inches closer to winning enough delegates to secure the gop nomination. daniel nottingham with the latest. >> reporter: gop voters are casting their ballots in western pennsylvania. the state is one of five holding republican primaries today. that mitt romney is looking to add to his lead in the delegate count. >> i like him, and i think he will probably do better handling money then obama does. >> but the massachusetts governor is already sounding like the gop nominee, campaigning against
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president obama. >> i'd like you to go vote and your primary and give me your support to show that we are ready and willing to take on president obama. >> is also making appearance with mark automobile who some see as a potential running mate. >> even if he never picks him in the end, romney benefits from being seen with him. his heritage might help hispanic voters be open to him. >> president obama will spend the day courting young voters. he visits to college campuses in battleground state to push for an extension of low interest rates for school loans. >> once we graduate, we have reduced u -- we have ridiculous amounts of loans. >> even though gop house members oppose it, romney supports it. both campaigns fight for the support of young voters buried in college debt, which is higher than the amount americans all on credit cards or auto loans. daniel nottingham, wjz
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eyewitness news. >> of ron paul and newt gingrich say they are still in that race. weatherwise, what a difference a day has made. the clouds of yesterday are gone and the sun is back in business today after a day of rain and snow in some parts of maryland yesterday. marty is in outback, and bernadette woods in the weather center. good afternoon. >> good afternoon. good to see the sunshine out after some needed rain. we start out with the first warning doppler radar and show you that storm is still out there. but it will do for us, cause they'll during the day. the slightest chance for a shower still possible, but most of today is much better than yesterday was. temperature wise we are already better. still 37 degrees in oakland where there is snow on the ground and compared to yesterday at this time we are generally about 10 degrees warmer. more changes coming in the forecast. for that we sent it out to
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marty. >> good afternoon. a couple changes coming our way. number 1, a big one from setting up down to the south and west. thursday we are going for shy of 80. you see that unsettled zone. it remains there through the weekend and that allows shower activities that once, not twice, but maybe even three times to enter the mid-atlantic and help punch in even deeper hole in mr. out situation, which you see has eased up quite a bit over the past couple days. do understand, it's going to get why ran than it's going to get unsettled again. it's not going to get credit like it was saturday night, sunday, and yesterday, but we are going to meet our other lists as we move through the weekend. exactly when and where, meteorologist bernadette woods has coming up shortly. now back inside. >> a bitter divorce brought officers to the home of a
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baltimore raven last night. the estranged wife of the deion sanders attacked him in his home last night and in front of the couple's children. the two are going through messy divorce proceedings. an investigation into what caused a big fire in canton. it destroyed most of the company warehouse. the building was filled with chemicals that went up in flames, help to feed the fire, and set off fumes and forced neighbors to evacuate their homes. today no injuries are being reported. a watering hole back in business after burning down more than a year ago. the grand prix opening of the charles village pub drew a big crowd last night. it was 16 months ago the bar/restaurant burned down.
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they now have a new building with an upgraded venue inside, but the owners say it also has the same classic feel as the old one. still too, wjz eyewitness news at noon, she gave a kidney for her boss, but that didn't save her job. how the worker said she was fired. watch your step. the details of a freak accident overseas and how the woman is doing today. and after days of rain, we are off to a cool but sunny start. meteorologist bernadette woods will update your first warning weather forecast coming up. >> complete coverage continues with don scott, jessica kartalija, and first warning weather with marty bass and meteorologist or that ,
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>> partly cloudy and 58 degrees in central maryland. your complete forecast still coming up. command risks his life to save a group of children from a dog attack area you will want to check out this surveillance video. you see the video climbing on the car to get away from the charging animals. that's when on jury hoggard jumped in to train the dogs and children. he was pinned down and bitten several times but is expected to recover. neighbors are calling on police to arrest the dog's owner. the search for a missing six-year-old has resumed today
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in tucson, arizona. isabel disappeared from her bedroom saturday morning after her parents put her to bed saturday night. yesterday the family was asked to leave their home after search dogs came up with possible evidence. police using those same dogs to investigate a nearby landfill for clues. >> once they are done with that search, you should be able to provide some sort of an update as to the status of the search, whether or not anything significant was found. >> family members say they are clobbered in with the authorities. they are thinking the volunteers helping in that search. a new york woman loses her job after donating a kidney to her boss are you debbie stevens says she entered abe transplant group so her but lost would move up on the waiting list. she became ill after the surgery. she claims her boss berated her for missing work after the surgery and then fired her. stevens is now talking to a lawyer. a girl in china recovering
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after a home -- after a hole opens up an a for fee. check this out. the street suddenly opens up dropping her nearly 20 feet to the ground below. a driver saw what happened and immediately stopped and called for help. thankfully, the girl suffered only the minors of injuries. she's also thanking the good samaritan who stopped by to save her. still ahead on wjz eyewitness news at noon, another live look outside. stick around, your complete first warning forecast just two and a half minutes away. first, a look at today's mid- gay stocks followed by your local numbers.
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tomorrow. then another couple storms to talk about. first up is we were dealing with the last couple days is still out there. as we head through the afternoon, it's still close enough that we see clouds build up and the slightest chance for a shower or two. that gets out of there tomorrow. mix of sunshine and clouds and then by thursday the clouds come back in with this next storm to the west. this is an interesting one for you this is the one marty was talking about. it sets up a pattern for a few different storms to come our way. they are all going to take this track just through the mid-atlantic. we think that they are close enough with multiple chances for rain. as it is a touch and go forecast, it is just to the south we are fine and we are not getting that rain. for the brain that we really need, there's a chance on needs to come our way and we get a few days of rain out of this. we will keep you updated. first up for today, that's all gone. just a slight chance for a shower as the head through the
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afternoon. 64 degrees tonight. down to about 39. it's seasonably cool out there. tomorrow is even warmer, up to 69 degrees. that's our break before that next storm comes our way on thursday with a chance for rain. >> i find i don't like it when you meteorologist's are unsettled. >> we will always use that line. we need the rain. >> that's true. the orioles back and bird land. the orioles take on the cleveland indians. the game starts here on wjz sunday afternoon. still to come, the price of good health. why some say your next doctor's bills as it could be just a roll of the dice. we will explain in the healthwatch. the member, wjz is always on. for constant updates of the day's news and that first warning weather forecast, go ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> in today's healthwatch report, when it comes to treatment of a panda say this, the cost can fluctuate wildly. researchers analyzed close to 20,000 adults. the average cost per patient was about $33,000, but some
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patients paid as little as $1500 while others were charged more than $180,000. want to be sure to check back in with eyewitness news at 4:00, 5:00, and 6:00. a deadly carbon monoxide incident in prince george's county is one incident and the infant stabbed in east baltimore this morning. the latest on the motive in that case. and we've all seen police chases but never one like this. wait until you see what happens next. join us for the stories and the breaking news today at 4:00 right after dr. phil. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> the five-day forecast considerably milder, but no- space times of showers as we move through the weekend. we will stabilize the weather on sunday but editors drop to the low 60s. let's throw it back inside. >> thank you very much. tonight's lineup. 10:00 it is unforgettable. remember to stay tuned for eyewitness news at 11:00. and they say anything can happen in life tv news, but it safe to say no one saw this coming. a weatherman in pennsylvania stepped out of the station's backyard and came face-to-face with four black bears. the bears were curious about yesterday's sudden cold weather, i think. maybe it was the snow nearby. the weather guy decided to
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update his viewers from him by the studio. makes you feel better about the dear uc and outback. >> they don't attack, as far ,,,
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