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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  May 4, 2012 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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good morning. it is friday, may 4, 2012. welcome to studio 57 at the cbs broadcast center. i'm charlie rose. the mess in beijing grows larger as diplomats on both side look for an exit strategy in the chen guangcheng case. we'll hear from secretary of state clinton and discuss the political fallout with robber gibbs. rocker ted nugent hold nothing back in his first tv interview since the secret service interview his rant against president obama. >> i feel sorry for liberals who can be that brain dead as to take a clear statement of fear on my part and turn it into a threat against somebody else. >> that's only on "cbs this morning." and i'm gayle king. when i see you at 8:00 pepsi
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unveils a controversial new ad campaign featuring michael jackson. and the legendary sissy spacek stops by studio 57. first as we do every morning, we begin with a look at today's "eye opener," your world in 90 seconds. >> there was no pressure of any kind placed on him by u.s. officials. >> beijing offers a possible solution to a building crisis. >> the chinese foreign ministry now says chen guangcheng can apply for government permission to study abroad. >> chinese dissident called into an emergency hearing, through a translator. >> i want to meet with the secretary clinton. i hope i can get more help from her. >> 175 pages of letters written by osama bin laden just released. >> they were recovered during that raid which produced tens of thousands of documents. >> the guy wasn't a terrorist. he was a hoarder. oh, my god. we didn't even have to kill this guy. it was just a matter of time he
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died alone surrounded by 25 cats. >> all eyes are on the government's april jobs report out this morning. most analyst expect this month's report to be better than march's report. >> let's get the motor city mad man and say that he threatened the president. that aislewill do it. >> a sinkhole outside of orlando, about 10,000 square feet wide. >> drivers in saudi arabia were in the middle of a 400 pound bird. >> more stuff about anderson cooper at a bar or at a gym or a health club than i do about what he's doing in the studio. >> he spoke for quite a while and he didn't call me a slut one time. >> hanging out with people is more fun. >> it's more dignity than hanging out on a show with you. >> i'm glad to say good-bye. >> and mariano torres tore his acl. >> do you think you'll come back and pitch again? >> at this point, i don't know. >> on "cbs morning news."
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>> let's party, let's have a good time. cinco de mayo. god bless you. >> it's been almost a year since i threw up in a sombrero. captioning funded by cbs welcome to "cbs this morning." the standoff continues between united states and china over chen guangcheng. he left the american embassy on tuesday is calling his situation very dangerous. he says american officials are not being allowed to see him in the hospital. >> china's foreign ministry says chen can apply for permission to study abroad if he wants to go to the united states. this morning secretary of state hillary clinton tried to look at the bright side speaking at a conference in beijing. >> you know we have disagreements on issues as well human rights which we raised in all of our dialogues, is one we are continuing to work on. but as our mechanism grows
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stronger, as our engagement intensifies and sustains the more confident we become that we can speak freely on critical issues without endangering the future of the relationship. >> bill plante is with us from the white house. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, erica. the chen case has become a diplomatic disaster in u.s./china relations. and now it's generating plenty of political heat here in washington over the way the administration has handled it. the white house under fire for its handling of the chen crisis insists that it acted on his behalf. >> let's make clear that that was what mr. chen said he wanted. >> reporter: from the campaign trail, gop nominee mitt romney suggested the obama administration was more interested in getting chen out of the u.s. embassy in beijing than in protecting chen's human rights. >> if these reports are true, this is a dark day for freedom. and it's a day of shame for the
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obama administration. >> reporter: the white house pushed back hard. >> mr. chen also said that -- reportedly, that he felt pressured to leave the u.s. embassy because he was informed that if he did not, his family might be in some kind of danger or under some kind of pressure.- >> that's simply not the case. at no time did any u.s. official speak to mr. chen about any physical or legal threats to his wife or his children nor did chinese officials make any such threats to state department officials. >> reporter: on capitol hill house republicans convened an emergency hearing thursday in which they heard an impromptu call from chen in beijing. speaking over the phone and through an interpreter, he made a direct appeal. >> he wants to come to the u.s. for some kind of rest. he has not had any rest in the past ten years. >> reporter: but making that a reality, u.s. officials currently in china, are in a
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difficult situation. the administration very much wants to settle this before secretary of state clinton leaves beijing, but it's not easy. even if the u.s. said chen was welcome to come here that would mean nothing unless china allowed him to travel. the obama administration is in the difficult situation of trying to balance its position on human rights with what it considers the necessity of staying engaged with china. charlie, erica? >> bill plante thank you. also in washington robert gibbs, senior adviser to the obama re-election campaign. good morning. >> good morning. >> does the obama campaign and does the administration, the administration more specifically, acknowledge they may have mishandled and miscalculated the implications of mr. chen's visit there? >> well look charlie, this obviously is a sensitive, diplomatic case. i'm not in the white house nor am i in china. but i think we are -- the state department is trying to work out
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a resolution that honors the wishes of mr. chen. obviously, it looks like some of those wishes may have changed over the past couple days. but i do not want to interject myself or my opinions or anything like that into obviously, a very sensitive diplomatic situation that i know is being worked very hard on the ground in beijing. >> it is unfortunate the united states could not visit him in the hospital, is it not? >> well look i don't think there's any doubt that we obviously have genuine concern about his safety and the safety of his family. human rights is a -- is an enormously important part of our relationship with china and with other countries throughout the world. it's something that i know secretary of state clinton and others have brought up directly with their chinese counterparts on this trip and on every interaction we have with chinese officials. >> clearly, this seems to be an opportunity to speak out on human rights in china.
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is there a way to do that without worrying about offending the chinese and disrupting the security and economic dialogue? >> well, again, as i said charlie, the administration brings up the issue of human rights whenever we meet with chinese officials. whether it's in beijing, washington, whether it's in diplomatic meetings that occur outside of each of these two countries. >> criticism of the administration fair game here because, obviously, we're in a political campaign and mitt romney is criticizing the administration for not, quote, defending freedom and the u.s. embassy should stand for that most of all? >> well the u.s. embassy in beijing and every u.s. embassy around the world is a hall mark for freedom, for everyone to see. i would expect nothing but criticism from mitt romney on this or any issue in the next almost 200 days before an election, charlie.
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>> do you think he would have handled it differently? >> i -- i -- if he wants to outline exactly how he'd handle it differently, i'm sure there are people that would write it down. but mitt romney on foreign policy charlie, has tended to be critical of what this administration has done whether it's in afghanistan or dealing with iran or here in china without ever laying out what he would do differently. most of the times, when he does talk about these issues you realize he's handling them either very similarly to what the administration does or in the case of afghanistan, it appears he wants to keep a huge number of troops in afghanistan for a very long period of time. obviously, the president wants to get our men and women home as quickly as possible. >> although there will be a presence there after 2014. >> there will be a presence. we're not going to have as you know, based on the president's trip and the signing of an important strategic agreement, they're not going to be permanent bases in afghanistan.
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and i think it's -- we're bringing troops home. we brought troops home last year. we're bringing more troops home this year. and i think that's a responsible winding down with a large commitment that we have had there in order to make sure that the taliban can't reconstitute and we don't provide a safe haven for al qaeda. >> robert gibbs in washington, thank you. >> thank you. turning to the economy and this morning's unemployment report, we will find out how many jobs the u.s. added in the month of april. there are also warnings about tax cuts and jobless benefits that expire later this year. here with all of that is rebecca jarvis. good morning. >> good morning. >> first of all, this report expected later today. what is the expectation? we know march fell a little short. >> march fell short. april is also expected to show some sluggishness in the overall hiring environment. we expect to learn today 160,000 new jobs were created in this economy, which is fewer than what was created over the winter.
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there's still some momentum there but the pace is slowing. >> what is it people speaking out about this so-called fiscal cliff that we may be driving towards. put that in context for us. what's the main concern? >> not just people but every ceo i speak to lawmakers are talking about this. i spoke earlier this week with the president of the chicago federal reserve. this fiscal cliff we're approaching at the end of year happens, if congress fails to act. if congress doesn't act, the bush tax cuts expire. the payroll tax cuts expire. in addition to that the extended unemployment benefits expire for those who have been unemployed long term. lastly the mandatory budget cuts also take effect. that is a drain of $500 billion on the economy. >> the mandatory coming from the debt ceiling negotiation? >> exactly. >> and is congress prepared -- when you talk to people in the business community, they believe congress will act on this or do they believe the dysfunction that has pervaded continue this.
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>> it has pervaded congress now for years, and the expectation is that uncertainty is going to continue to reign. you talked to jack welch, former ceo of general electric earlier this week he pointed out that cliff. that uncertainty weighs on business sentiment and it means that when people -- when ceos think about what they're going to do next and they don't have a clear vision of the future not just demand for their business but also based off what washington, d.c. will do they make decisions in light of that and either they is sit still or they are to downsize out of fear of what comes down the road could impact their business. >> there's no way to know this but is there a consensus that the unemployment numbers will be above 8% at the time of the election? >> yes. i think that what consensus is is that they will continue to stay in this place if we continue to create jobs at the rate that we are creating them
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right now. 160,000 jobs is not going to change the unemployment rate. it's going to be 8.2%. >> rebecca jarvis thank you. at the john edwards trial, aan interior designer told jurors he funneled secret money to one of edwards' aides. edwards has pleaded not guilty to using campaign donations to hide his mistress. a witness testified he received checks from a wealthy donor made out to a fake furniture business. one year after the killing of osama bin laden, we are now seeing his final words on line. capture documents show him concerned about al qaeda's image as he tries to get control of a weakened organization under siege. >> senior correspondent john miller former assistant director of national intelligence is with us now. good morning. >> good morning. >> what do you make of the letters they have gotten their hands on? >> well, i mean it shows a frustrated bin laden at once is trying to micromanage the
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organization and at the same time realizes the lack of capability that al qaeda central has and is farming that out to some of the affiliate groups. what you also see here is some chafing of those very groups. groups like aqp and tahrik-e-taliban. aqi was getting high profile is they came out with a double issue in "inspire" magazine. >> the glossy highly produced online magazine has become the "vanity fair" of terrorism. the publisher was anwar awlaki propagandaist. samir khan an american was the editor. both were killed in a drone strike in yemen last year. the latest two issues of "inspire" magazine offer an
7:15 am
instruction of how to carry out a variety of attacks. >> al qaeda has moved to simpler, smaller plots, that don't cause as many casualties but which can still terrorize the west. >> reporter: the publication calls for al qaeda followers to set intentional wildfires out west using ember bombs. detailed instructions on how to operate guns and then to follow people and assassinate them. and how to develop plots using chemical and biological weapons in u.s. cities. >> if you look at the kind of targets al qaeda wants to hit, have you to look at a couple of characteristics characteristics. you have to look at casualties not just because the number of dead hurts the west but because it gathers more media attention. >> reporter: almost every issue of "inspire" has a section with detailed bomb-making instructions. there was a section on remote-controlled detonators. analysts believe the instructions came from this man, ibrahim al asiri, yemen-based
7:16 am
explosives expert. >> this guy designed the bomb that almost killed the deputy chief of counterterrorism in saudi arabia. this is the guy who designed the bomb that was used on northwest 253 on christmas day. he was the designed the bomb put in parcel post and mailed to chicago in 2010. >> now, the latest issue of "inspire" magazine came out together wednesday, double issue, after a long delay. some of the work to prepare these issues may have come from samir khan the american who ran the magazine but since kaun and awlaki were killed in that drone strike a year ago, it's clear al qaeda in the arabian peninsula has found new publishing talent. >> good news or bad news you're in this magazine? >> well, i'm in the section called friends and foes. that's where they take quotes from the counterterrorism officials, al qaeda spokesmen and mix them together to show that people are talking about them. part of the struggle for relevancy. >> is there any sense as to how many people this really reaches,
7:17 am
beyond people like yourself who are looking at it for clues? >> well, it reaches way many more people than the government would like. it's hard to get the number, though, because once people get it they turn it into a pdf, they start passing it around. we know from looking at that at least from when i was in the government, that tens of thousands of downloads happen here in the united states. >> just in the u.s. what about in other english-speaking countries like the uk? >> and many more in those places. i mean it's really -- they are leveraging the internet and globalization with a pretty high-end product. > is it clear we know a lot more because of osama bin laden and the raid there and his death and other means of disclosure about al qaeda than we've ever known before? >> i mean charlie, it confirmed a lot of what we suspected. but it did give us some new insight. not only -- it answered some of our questions about bin laden's real relevance and running the
7:18 am
day-to-day operations and it showed he had the same questions as to his own relevance. >> john miller thank you very much. time to show you some of this morning's headlines from around the globe. "the financial times" looks at facebook's hotly anticipated public offering on thursday. the company set a price of $28 to $35 a share. that would put a $96 billion market value on facebook. ceo mark zuckerberg's stock alone would be worth more than $17 billion. >> not too shabby. "the l.a. times" reports junior seau's family will allow researchers to study his brain. the retired nfl star shot and killed himself on wednesday. scientists will be looking for any brain damage that may have been caused by concussion. "the new york post" reports on the latest crime wave in the big apple. police say roving gangs are stealing manhole covers. they can fetch up to $7b5 apiece at scrap yards. costco in australia previews
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this week's super moon biggest in 18 years. not only is it a super moon it's as close to earth as it gets. up to be 14% larger 30% brighter than other full moons and the new york times says mariano rivera's career may be over. the great yankees relief pitcher tore a ligament in his right knee yesterday while chasing a fly ball during practice. the 42-year-old holds the record for the most saves in major league history. 87 degrees with clouds and sun, heavy thunderstorms at times. 62 the over night low. for tomorrow 83, clouds and sun with a shower in places . for the next five days, 80s tomorrow and then the 70s for the
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>> announcer: this national weather report sponsored by bp. for many conservatives, ted nugent is not just a guitar hero. he talks to us in his first interview since a fiery speech got the secret service's attention. >> they said hey, ted, we have to meet with you. somebody said you threatened somebody. pi said, bring it. and michael phelps says he's starting to feel like 2008.
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this may not be the best way to start your day, but, oh that's what happens for a family in windmere florida. massive sinkhole misplacing a family of six there. rocker ted nugent had to meet the secret service recently
7:26 am
after he told nra members he it is each foggier on tv hill. you cannot see our tower or that other one up here. traffic after weather. that fog will start to burn off. the temperatures are going to go up. we're going to 87 today. you see thunderstorms headed our way. we are in a slight risk for severe thunderstorms for the afternoon which means hail and some some damaging winds. 87 today tonight going down to 62. thunderstorm chances with us for the over night. now let's look at the roads. good morning everyone. a serious accident that we're still following. that's an accident in phoenix on the pike at delaney valley road. an accident with serious injuries.
7:27 am
take york road as your alternate. another one at west warren and beaver dam road. there's a look at your speeds on the beltway in the high 30s and low 40s. it's a live look at the beltway. when your property is damaged by fire, flooding or storms trust the restoration idence store experts at i -- experts at accord. howard county police are investigating the shooting of two women inside a church. mee nobodying -- monique is live. >> reporter: good morning. police believe that shooter later took his own life. right now police are trying to piece together who he is and the motive for this crime. two swim were -- two women were shot in the 2600 block of rogers avenue. one woman died, the other woman was taken to shock trauma.
7:28 am
police later found a man dead in the woods from the self-inflicted gunshot wound. back to you. another arrest could be made in the death of a 13-year-old girl. on tuesday two boys confessed to accidentally shooter her and disposing of her body if -- in an alley. police found dna from one of the boy's mothers on her bra. prosecutors have not filed my charges as of yet -- any charges as of yet. the city judge rules in the trial of two brothers on trial on beating up a teen. eliyahu werdesheim was found guilty. his brother avi was acquitted on all charges. his sentencing will be set for the end of next month. >> stay with wjz. up next ted nygen speaks out for making a
7:29 am
possible threat against the president of the united states.
7:30 am
i'll tell you this right now, if barack obama becomes the president in november, again, i will either be dead or in jail by this time next year. our president, attorney general, our vice president, hillary clinton, they're criminals. >> welcome back to "cbs this morning." that was rocker and activist ted nugent three weeks ago at an nra convention in st. louis. when his speech went viral, some critics called it a threat against president obama. >> a few days later nugent had a visit from the secret service. in his first tv interview since then he spoke with jeff glor. >> ted nugent is loud unstopped, never at a loss for words. he's also politically influential. mitt romney courted his endorsement and got it. and as we discovered firsthand
7:31 am
during a visit to his texas ranch, nugent is ramping up the rhetoric again. >> if barack obama becomes the president in november, again, i will either be dead or in jail by this time next year. we need to ride into that battlefield and chop their heads off in november! am i -- any questions? >> reporter: ted nugent said that on saturday april 14th. within days, he got a call from the secret service. when you heard from them, were you surprised? >> in this environment, when you have their conditions in our government, no, i'm not surprised. >> reporter: what did they say? >> they said hey, ted, we have to meet with you. somebody said you threatened somebody. i said, bring it. >> reporter: tell me about that. >> i feel sorry for liberals who can be that brain dead as to take a clear statement of fear on my part and turn it into a threat against somebody else.
7:32 am
>> reporter: nugent says the meeting took place at a hotel in oklahoma, where he was on tour. what did they say to you? how does that all take place? >> hey ted, good to meet you. thanks for giving us the time. hey, we appreciate you responding to our request. i said appreciate it back because you're following up on your professional responsibilities, even though you're responding to complete idiots, who you should probably be investigating. i think i eluded to that. there was a slight smirk. good-natured one, like that. and they sat down and they says there's some questions we have to ask you here. i said, good. and they asked me if i threatened anyone. i said never. couldn't. wouldn't. i wouldn't waste a breath threatening. >> reporter: how long did that give you? >> 35 40 minutes. >> reporter: long. >> because i was so open. as you can tell i'm rather verbose. >> reporter: their biggest concern was that you threatened the president?
7:33 am
>> no i don't think their concern was that i threatened someone. i think their concern is that someone claimed i threatened someone. in fact, eye got to tell you, and i don't mean to put any professionals on the spot but -- and i don't have the greatest hearing in the world, but i thought i heard something to the point of, i didn't think so. >> reporter: they said that to you, we didn't think you did? >> something like that. >> reporter: when the meeting was over 35 40 minutes, that was the end of it or you heard from them again saying hey listen -- >> in fact it was adorable. this is my favorite part. i don't have -- >> reporter: you would describe the meeting as adorable? >> i would. because they were -- they did their job perfectly. i answered the questions perfectly. >> reporter: and you were happy with how things went? >> absolutely. >> and they were -- >> nothing makes me happier than me. >> reporter: april was one of the more interesting months than you ever had. >> jeff that's where you're wrong. it's always been like this. >> reporter: it has not always been like -- >> it has always been like this!
7:34 am
you go back and look at these interviews, it has always been like this! >> reporter: politically speaking, you are more of an activist now than you were in 1970. >> political activism is being accelerated because the conditions demand accelerated activism, yes. >> reporter: you had a conversation earlier this year with mitt romney. >> i did. >> reporter: you endorsed mitt romney. >> i did. >> reporter: have you heard from the romney campaign after these comments? >> i have. >> reporter: and? >> i have to say what i say the way i say it. >> reporter: were they unhappy with you for saying that? >> no. they -- >> reporter: did they -- >> they expressed support. >> reporter: did they say listen, we appreciate the support. tone it down? >> nope. >> reporter: they didn't? >> i got the sensation it was -- not from mitt himself or mrs. romney. stan, freedom of speech is a beautiful thing. >> reporter: if mitt romney is to win, he needs at least some of the moderate vote.
7:35 am
you are many things -- >> but not -- >> reporter: -- but not moderate. >> if you examine how i conduct myself, i don't think a day goes by in my life for many many years now that we don't do charity work for children. i offer you this you done a lot of interviews? >> reporter: doesn't number. >> call me when you sit down across from someone who has more families with dying little boys and girls who get a call to take them on their last fishing trip in life. call me when you meet someone who does that more than i do. because that's really moderate. in fact, you know what that is? that's extreme. i'm an extremely loving passionate man and people who investigate me honestly without the baggage of political correctness, ascertain the conclusion that i'm a damn nice guy. if can you find a screaming process more powerful than that i'll [ bleep ].
7:36 am
or [ bleep ]! how's that sound? >> reporter: we have no idea where that unexpected outburst came from. the second part of it directed to a female cbs news producer, who was off camera. but nugent did just have one of his midwest rock 'n' roll express tour dates canceled by the u.s. army. the group he considers the core of his support. >> these military guys are my blood brothers. >> reporter: so when they say, you can't play for them -- >> so when i hear the political correctness has somehow ma tasty sized into the decision makers of military i was let down when political correctness at has any role in the military. >> reporter: what's next? >> i'm a perfect human being. i stumble perfectly. but i aspire to and accomplish a perfect standing up dusting off in that arena and continue on. at the end of have day, at the end of my life, i will be in the asset column.
7:37 am
i will better mankind. i will better the environment. i will better america. i'm dedicated to it. i can't be stopped. >> reporter: we thank you for bettering this interview. >> and i'll better your interview. my pleasure, jeff. >> we released the romney clip on our website yesterday and the romney campaign responded by re-releasing a statement saying divisive language and offensive and inappropriate, no matter what side of the political aisle it comes from. mitt romney believes everyone needs to be civil. not exactly the most stinging rebuke from the romney campaign. and ted feels that he didn't sleight them at all. >> why did he go off like that? >> good question. very good question. kind of stunned us. stunned our producer. his wife a very sweet woman, did come in after the interview ended. interview went on for ten minutes after this explosion. she said, ted, you need to apologize to molly. >> molly, your producer? >> and he did. at first he started to back off after he apologized and then he delivered a full apology. and we went on.
7:38 am
yesterday he called me on the phone, after we got back to new york, and said after our interview that he was rushed to the emergency room and had a kidney stone removed. so that's what he said may have contributed to his high level of energy. >> when he said it's always been like this, what did he mean? >> he meant he's always been provocative provocative, loud, caused controversy. >> has he always called the president and secretary of state criminals? >> no. that's why i pointed that out to him. i think he's acknowledged he's - upped the activism and that's why the secret service went to visit him. >> if someone cares about being known for doing things for little kid, the best way -- >> very good point. >> anything surprise you? you sort of expected him to be outspoken and loud and passionate. anything else that was surprising about it beside the outburst? >> he's still playing. he's more known now for these outlandish comments he's making
7:39 am
but he says he's a great guitaist. his quote, guitar eats faces, as only ted nugent can say it. >> translated? >> i'm very good at what i do. >> thank you. >> jeff, thanks. four years after his eight gold medals at beijing olympics swimming great michael phelps is back in training. does he have enough left for london? you'll see what he told "60 minutes." you're watching "cbs this morning."
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age][e:20011231][v:tv] unmistakable music, 35 years ago today a little film called "star wars" came out in theaters. i guess it did all right. >> big time. >> welcome back to "cbs this morning." singer -- swimmer, swimmer -- >> a whole new side of michael phelps. >> preparing for this summer's
7:44 am
olympic games in london. four years ago he was the sensation of the beijing olympics winning eight gold medals. >> on sunday night, phelps and his long-time coach sit down with "60 minutes" contributor anderson cooper. >> reporter: how much is left in michael's pain for london? that will be the question of the olympics. can he win multiple gold medals in london? >> yes. >> reporter: he can? >> for hur. >> reporter: how many? >> i don't know. up to him. >> i feel like my old self again. swimming times like i used to swims races how i used to. everything is kind of coming back to me what it was, i guess, before. >> reporter: every race in london will be compared to what he accomplished over nine days in the summer of 2008. have you been able to finally and fully absorb what you did in beijing?- >> probably not. >> reporter: even now? >> no. i guess i probably do get kind of choked up like just thinking about all the memories and thinking of exactly what -- when i touched the wall, what was going on in my head.
7:45 am
>> reporter: when he retires, michael phelps will only be 27 years old. so much of his life has been spent in the pool. he's practically grown up there. after the olympics he wants to see what the rest of the world has to offer. >> is interesting video of how he trains in the pool. >> it's amazing. i'm looking forward to that. anderson did a piece with him for "60 minutes" a few years ago. he's such an interesting guy. and as anderson pointed out, he grew up in this world. so when you retire at 27 it must be an interesting place to be, to think about, okay now the other part of my life. >> the expectation that he will indeed win? >> i think a lot of people would like to see it. but, you know he's not the only perso that will be there. i don't follow swimming enough to know who the other major contenders are at this point but i'll be watching. >> the consensus that he was born to swim he has remarkable body for swimming. >> absolutely.
7:46 am
he seems to have proven that point. >> and knows how to practice. >> yes. you can see anderson's full interview on "60 minutes" sunday 83 does a u.s. marine have the right to say anything he wants? we'll show you what one man posted on facebook, this man, and actually got him thrown out of the service. you're watching "cbs this morning."
7:47 am
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7:51 am
now i have less attachment to anything reality. >> and he knows about loose attachment to anything reality. he works at fox news. >> gayle king is in the control room. what's coming up next? >> i can tell you. hi, charlie. we'll tell you the story of a marine sergeant discharged after criticizing the commander in chief on facebook. he's arguing freedom of speech. some say that does not apply here. chris coleman seemed to have it all, a great wife and kids, a working for a famous televangelist and then his family was killed. we have that "48 hours" mystery and. and pepsi is bringing back a classical michael jackson. and bill nye and sissy spacek will be here in the theater. do you remember sissy in the movie "carrie"? it scared me for so long. i was scared to go to prom.
7:52 am
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7:56 am
at 4 minutes before 8 o'clock it's gotten foggier outside. we have traffic after weather. >> the head line will be the heat and the thunderstorms. near 90 today. thunderstorms in the afternoon. for a check of the roads now with sharon. good morning everyone. we've had plenty of problems because of the fog. we have a serious accident in phoenix. we're told that there is at least one fatality there. all lanes blocked along with some surrounding roads. you can take york road. also an accident in city east at south central. another one at warren and beaver dam. speeds on the beltway in the 30s. there's a live look at the jfx. also stop and go. this traffic report is brought
7:57 am
to you by hair -- harrison group hotels. back other to -- over to you. two people are dead, a woman in critical condition after a shooting in and around a church. >> reporter: good morning everyone. police believe that shooter later took his own life. they're trying the piece together who -- to piece together who he is and the motive for the crime. around 5:20 yesterday two women were shot. one woman died the other was taken to shock trauma. police later found a man dead in the woods, looks like he died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. they have yet to con film if he is -- confirm if he is the church shooter. fred bealefeld will retire on august the 1st from the
7:58 am
police department. the
7:59 am
8:00 am
explain to me how this is bill clinton's fault? >> he set the bar. perhaps you recall a couple years ago when he freed these two journalists by single handedly plucking them out of north korea. >> i remember that. it was a diplomatic triumph. >> no, no. that was a dangerous diplomatic president. word got around. if you've been repressed by an evil communist dictatorship just get on tv and a clinton will personally fly to your rescue. if not bill and his jet, then hillary on her state department plane. if not her, maybe chelsea in a single-engine cessna. >> i always wonder how they're able to do that and keep their faces straight because we watch it and crack up every time. >> i loved him. >> and jon stewart. it is 8:00. welcome back to "cbs this
8:01 am
morning." i'm gayle king. >> i'm charlie rose with erica hill. a united states marine says he was simply exercising his right to free speech when he called his commander in chief, that's the president, an economic and religious enemy. >> last week he was ordered to leave the military, but yesterday he was officially discharged. now he's trying to get his job back. brian rooney has the story from los angeles. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. sergeant gary stein, former sergeant, he wanted to be a marine lifer but that's over because of something he posted on the internet. >> i want to be the best of the best. >> reporter: gary stein said he always wanted to be one of the few and the proud. and he has been for nine years with an excellent record. >> and conduct medal -- >> reporter: a house, a wife, a 3-year-old daughter, a baby on the way. he put it all at risk. were you scared? >> of course we are. i think anybody would be scared in this position. >> reporter: two years ago, the signing of the obama health care
8:02 am
plan gave him a passion for politics. but he ended up being the public example for how the marines handle personal opinion in the internet age. >> with the passing of obama care, i thought it was a great travesty to every citizen. >> reporter: he co-founded the armed forces tea party website, a forum for strong political opinions. he knew he had to tread a fine line as an active duty marine with legal limits on public political activity. sometimes he crossed it. you have posted and said as an active duty marine -- >> yes, but that was my personal page. >> reporter: no, i saw that on your armed forces page. as an active duty marine i have seen firsthand what government-run health care is by gary stein. >> then that was me. i'll say, yeah that was me. >> reporter: but what got him in big trouble was a private internet chat. >> i said on there, as an active duty marine i say screw obama and i will not follow all orders from him. >> reporter: he also said he would not salute president
8:03 am
obama, that he's the economic enemy, the religious enemy. he is the domestic enemy? >> uh-huh that's what it said. >> reporter: the post spread on the internet and ultimately stein was thrown out of the marines with a less than honorable discharge. this is a free speech issue to david loy from civil liberties unit helping to fight it. >> the real problem seems to be that, you know, what he said wasn't in the barracks it wasn't in a bar, it wasn't at the mess hall. he happened to be on facebook it went public and went viral. >> reporter: it wasn't just where he spoke but what he said. >> i said and my lawyers have said, what i said was not tasteful. >> reporter: and it was within the marine's discretion to fire him, says former marine colonel, now a lawyer specializing in military law. >> the type of speech he engaged in, is not only not protected, its prohibited by the regulations. you don't want a politicized military.
8:04 am
>> reporter: even this past month during his hearings his marine career on the line he continued as a host of that tea party website, featuring posts mocking the president. >> not me. >> reporter: well, first of all, it is you because you're one of the partners in the website. >> i'm one of the partners but i didn't post that or make that. >> reporter: this one. >> on the website. >> reporter: referring to the president as jack ass number one. >> anybody can post those. i did not post those. i didn't take them down. call it ignorance, call it what you want i didn't take them down. >> reporter: he's apologetic for the way he spoke but not what he believes. >> george washington said when we become the soldier we don't lay aside the citizen. >> he was done with the marine corps as of 4:00 yesterday afternoon. he's a civilian now. giving up on being a marine is very hard for him and he had to give up his uniforms the other day. he said that was a very emotional moment for him. he is due in federal court to have his discharge overturned or at least upgraded to honorable. the chances of that are probably not very good.
8:05 am
>> thank you. thank you very much, brian rooney. listen, i'm sure it was very hard for him but i'm thinking, if i went on you know a member of media, of course i believe in free speech, but suppose i went on my facebook page and said les moonves, screw cbs, i think i'd be on west 57th going, taxi, please. it would be "cbs this morning" with charlie rose and erica hill. >> we have those standards laid out. >> what did you say about les moonves? >> yeah. >> she said he loves -- >> he's a lovely man. >> are you available for lunch today with gayle? >> love his shoes. it's 8:0 it's still very foggy outside. giving you a look at highways around town. keep it slow with your low beams on.
8:06 am
thunderstorms moving in this afternoon and evening. 87 degrees today. >> announcer: upon spored by the home depot. more saving more doing. that's the power of the home depot. >> i know gardening is huge in this country. a family that seemed to be perfect is destroyed by a killer. "48 hours" shows us what happened to a devastated husband and father. you're watching "cbs this morning."
8:07 am
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three years ago the murder
8:11 am
of one man's family stunned a small illinois town. then the surviving husband and father revealed that he had been getting threats. >> that is far, though from the end of this murder case. we have a preview of tomorrow's "48 hours mystery". >> reporter: when chris coleman couldn't reach his wife the morning of may 5, 2009 he called his neighbor detective justin barlow. >> the first thing i remember is the smell of spray paint. >> reporter: barlow with columbia police department was horrified by what he found in the house. >> just like staring at the evilist thing, staring satan in the face. >> reporter: manson style messages scrawled all over the walls in blood red paint. >> this crime scene wasn't bloody but it doesn't mean it was less gruesome. >> reporter: upstairs they found 31-year-old cherry and the coleman's two young sons 11-year-old garrett and 9-year-old gavin, all dead in
8:12 am
their bed. chris claimed the murders were connected to his work as head of security for world renowned teleadvantagist joyce meyer. >> we knew early on the family had been receiving threats. >> reporter: the threats started as e-mails, then were hand-delivered to the coleman's home mailbox. and then the unimaginable came true. >> a monster. i mean, monster comes to mind. >> those were three precious lives that were senselessly taken. >> reporter: police chief joe edwards. >> we felt with the prior threats that was going to be a very good lead for us who had such hatred for chris coleman. >> and maureen is joining us from chicago. good to see you. >> good morning. >> working for a televangelist doesn't seem like a job that lends itself to getting threats. i'm surprised that's what he did. >> well it was not uncommon
8:13 am
gayle, for joyce meyer to receive threats. she's a public figure and public figures in almost any industry is prone to threats. these threats seemed to be the first time they were directed at an employee and one of her employees, but ultimately as police went through vir investigation, they discovered the threats went back to chris coleman himself, and it was chris who had apparently generated some of these threats and he ultimately was arrested. >> that's suspicious. >> it is a little bit. "48 hours" had rare access to the crime scene. i know you've been to other crime scenes but was there anything in particular -- it seemed horrific the spray painting on the walls. what stood out to you here? >> you know, it sound macabe but we try to look at crime scene photos and spend time at kram scene. this isn't just television this is somebody's life. lives were lost. and this particular crime was really devastating.
8:14 am
as you heard the detective say, it wasn't bloody but it was haunting. for me it was very haunting to be inside this house, to see where these children had lived, where this family had been to see the words scrawled on the walls. it was -- it was devastating, is really the word i can describe. this was just a nice -- i know it's cliche, but a nice all-american family. and to have this devastating crime happen, it really ripped the community apart. and it was haunting to stand in this house. >> yeah. it's so interesting when you talk -- i keep looking at the little boys. gorgeous eyes, gorgeous mother. i can only imagine what it must have done to that community. columbia, illinois considered a nice, safe suburb. most people think, listen this is a great american dream to live here. what did it do to the community? >> i think it was -- people were both angry but they were terrified in the first couple of weeks, until chris was arrested they were terrified there was some maniac on the loose killing
8:15 am
families. but then they really became angry because as details about this family's life started to come out this was a family that had no history of violence. there was nothing between this couple. they both had been in the military. they had fantastic reputations. so, it really devastated them but they were very angry. >> and, obviously, there is much more to this. thanks for being with us this morning. maureen's full report "the writing on the wall" airs this weekend on "48 hours mystery" tomorrow at 10:00/9:00 central on cbs. tune in for that. michael jackson fans say an ill-fated pepsi commercial ruined his life. so why is the soft drink giant now bringing m.j. back in a controversial new campaign? you're watching "cbs this morning." [ glass clinks ] [ mom ] i'll take this. it's mother's day. a day to thank me for all of the little things.
8:16 am
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♪ i, i'll bring the fire make you come alive ♪ ♪ i can take you higher what this is, forgot? ♪ ♪ i must now remind you let it rock, let it rock ♪ ♪ let it rock ♪ ♪ this time ♪♪
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8:19 am
nearly three years after his death, michael jackson will soon be on tv screens and soda cans. >> he's teaming up again with an old advertising partner, as terrell brown shows us. >> good morning. even from the grave, jackson still has major appeal and that is what pepsi is counting on after signing a deal with the late singer's estate which could make michael the king of pop in more ways than one. ♪ what to do ♪ >> reporter: nearly 30 years after an iconic partnership -- ♪ you're the pepsi generation ♪ >> reporter: and 25 years after his multiplatinum album "bad." pepsi will bring michael jackson back. posthumously. thursday the soda giant announce aid global deal with the michael jackson estate. terms weren't disclosed but there will be a special edition
8:20 am
can featuring jackson's image, and chance to download remix of jackson's most famous songs. >> it's outrageous. >> reporter: columnist bob garfield. >> the first blunder especially for a campaign called live for now is to sign a deal with a dead celebrity. >> reporter: celebrity who died from an accidental overdose. editor of "billboard" magazine joe levy says pepsi is partly to be responsible. an accident on the set of a pepsi commercial left jackson burned. >> he had a third plastic surgery and began a course of painkillers just to deal with what was a horrific accident. those things never stopped for him. >> reporter: a spokesperson for the jackson estate released a statement saying michael would have loved that we are making the record books with his image on a billion cans around the world.
8:21 am
actress sofia vergara is featured in a diet pepsi billboard that stretches a block through new york's time square. pepsi has been knocked to number three behind coke and diet coke. >> you know, pepsi is pretty much already a full employment advertiser for celebrities. they probably could are pulled this campaign off without disen disenturing michael jackson. >> reporter: michael jackson won't be the first dead celebrity to endorse a product. in 1997 fred astaire danced with a dirt devil, after being dead for ten years. and in 2005 volkswagen brought gene kelly back to life. now michael may be the latest in controversial advertising comebacks. >> this will all be a bad memory in about 30 days. >> reporter: expect the pop to top on the king of pop's pepsi
8:22 am
can in the next few weeks. >> so i'm thinking it's really -- all you can do is just buy michael jackson pepsi cans, right? >> right. that's a big part of it. it's the cans the it's the contest, it's the ability to maybe take a smartphone, scan the can and get downloads. this is a promotional partnership. it's a partnership, not an ad campaign. we will likely not see commercials featuring michael jackson in the united states. this is a global push so what happens here in the u.s. may not happen in other countries around the world. >> but the likeness is there. you mentioned things have been done in the past fred astaire. does this work? >> you know what with pepsi -- >> a guy named goerng didn't think it worked. & >> the common consensus is michael jackson is still relevant and still current. the michael jackson estate is making sure that's what's going to happen. >> could you say sofia vergara
8:23 am
before we go. >>
8:24 am
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ask your doctor if nasonex is right for you. it's 25 minutes past 8 o'clock. we're still dealing with fog this morning. we've been looking at first warning live doppler radar with thunderstorms moving in. they are going to lose a bit of their punch. we can still expect to deal with them late this afternoon and into the early evening hours. temperatures up to 87 with clouds and sun and thunderstorms. over night lows around 62. heavy with thunderstorms early. now for another check of the roads. good morning everyone. a very serious and sad situation going on in fee -- fee in addition. an accident
8:26 am
-- phoenix. an sdevent with two confirm -- an accident with two confirmed fatalities. we still have an accident in the east on east lumbar. if you are headed out on the jfx an 18 minute delay in the southbound direction. we're looking clear aside from the fog on 95. back over to you. we're following a rare combination of breaking news and a school advisory for you. police are investigating a homicide at windsor hills elementary middle. the school will be closed today. we will bring you more information as soon as it becomes available. a place of worship became a crime scene. two people dead, a third in critical condition. mee -- monique that has the story. -- has the story. >> reporter: police believe the
8:27 am
shooter took his own life. howard county police say around 5:20 thursday afternoon two women were shot at the 3600 block of rogers avenue. one woman died , the other was taken to shock trau trauma -- trauma. they have yet to confirm in if the man they -- if the man they found dead in the woods was the shooter. bealefeld is stepping down on august 1st. he said he's retiring to spend more time with loved ones. a flea market raid is considered the largest. federal authorities say they seized more than 200,000 items. stay with wjz 13.
8:28 am
up next
8:29 am
8:30 am
♪ well i was born a coal miner's- daughter ♪ >> that is such a perfect song to start this half hour. welcome back to "cbs this morning." why? who can forget sissy spacek as carrie or her oscar winning role as loretta lynn in "the coal miner's daughter". >> and then this scene-stealing appearance in "the help". >> you need help coming down?
8:31 am
>> i'm down. been down. >> whoa, whoa, whoa let me help you take that off. it's 98 degrees out there. >> is it? >> yes, ma'am. >> well let's put my coat on, then. - >> come on. >> all right. here's your pocketbook. >> thanks. >> hold on, hold on. >> hold on hold on. sissy spacek reveals some off-screen drama in her new memoir called "my extraordinary ordinary life" and we're so delighted to have her in studio 57 this morning. i get a big kick out of watching "the help" because you said you almost didn't want to take the role because you didn't feel like there was enough to do and you made a point to try to steal the scene every time you were in the movie, which you did, sissy spacek. >> i didn't try to steal the scene, but when i talk to the wonderful director, i said i don't know if there's enough time for me to -- >> enough meat? >> well there was enough meat but i didn't know if she was
8:32 am
supposed to have great clarity and also be -- have a little dementia. and i didn't know if i was going to have time to do those things. he said we'll improvise. he was a man of his word. >> and you did. did you get it? >> yes. >> and you did. >> that's great. >> so, here you sit, mary elizabeth, born on christmas day. i love the title of the book because "my extraordinary ordinary life" sums up your life perfectly. baton twiller, cheerleader, homecoming queen. you grew up in a small town of texas where going to the dump you could find all of these treasures. your life really was ordinary but extraordinary at the same time. kissing -- what would happen if you kissed your elbow, you thought? >> a favorite uncle of mine uncle sam told me i would turn into a boy if i kissed my elbow. and i know that my shoulder is kind of wonky becausedy this for years. i had older brothers that i just adored. >> why do you live in virginia?
8:33 am
>> well it's a beautiful state. and the topography reminds me very much of my home where i grew up. and as you know when your life is so crazy, you need a place of refuge. that's not -- >> you need roots and someting -- a safe haven. >> yes. >> it does offer that to you. >> what has defined you more you think, carrie or loretta? >> you know, i don't know. it's an interesting thing. carrie is kind of when i felt like i got to blast onto the scene. that's when people noticed i was alive. >> they noticed. >> boy, did we notice. >> so both of those. the wonderful thing about "coal miner's daughter," i got to know loretta, who's an amazing woman, and i got to sing. >> and you can sing. can i go back to "carrie" because that movie freaked me out so much. >> i'm sorry, gayle.
8:34 am
>> i recovered. therapy works wonders. i recovered. but when you first auditioned for the role you made a point of doing something to make sure that you did everything you possibly could. you went there looking a hot mess number one. what was your strategy? >> well, i wanted to feel really badly about myself. and there's nothing like not washing your teeth -- or washing your face or brushing your teeth in the morning. i put vaseline in my hair. and that made me feel really bad about myself. and that helps with the character. you know, i needed to be you know -- >> when you saw it on the script, did you have any idea she would become as frightening as she was? it really changed about how people felt about going to the prom for a minute. now, when you see is it doesn't seem as scary. >> the funny thing about the film, it is now a rite of passage for teenagers. you know you get to be -- probably now 12 or 13, you see it. one day i was on our downtown
8:35 am
mall and some beautiful young blond ran up to me a young teenager pulled up her sleeve and she had a tattoo of me as carrie in my prom crown and the flowers. and i said -- >> did you call for security? >> oh, no. i said, does your mother know? and does she blame me? >> this is about your life. would you do anything different? >> you know i don't think so. i tried to live life with no regrets. i wouldn't. i moved to virginia to raise my girls there. i don't think i would. you know a little thing or two here and there -- >> but do you work as much as you want to? >> i do. i've been working for 40 years so i'm really grateful for that.
8:36 am
and i've always been grateful for my down time too. actually, i sometimes work harder at home. you know you're a star, you're working and you go home and you're like, what you're hungry again? >> what do you do when you're home? >> you have chores. >> you have chores. i really -- i'm a walker and a spend a lot of time outside. i have a beautiful garden. >> horses. >> you know weeds never sleep. >> and they just grow and grow and grow and grow. >> grow and grow and grow. >> you talked about the death of your beloved brother robby in the book and you said it really -- his death and the grief from that was like rocket fuel to you. because you realized how your life can change in an instant and it made you fearless. how so? i understand that. what does that mean to you? >> i think once you go through something so huge and at such a young age -- >> yeah he was 18. >> -- you don't -- you think, i've lived -- i've survived that. i can survive anything. and it just took away -- it made
8:37 am
me braifr. i don't understand why it did that but i kind of felt i was wearing a bullet proof vest after that. >> was it hard to write this or a joy? >> it was hard and a joy. it was -- the hardest part was writing the part about robby because hi to go back -- >> feel it all. >> but it was also wonderful to be able to pay tribute to him and how important he was in my life. but, yeah for a year i waltzed down memory lane. and i worked with a wonderful writer, mary ann, who is a dear friend of mine and has been for 25 years. so, we just -- we had a fabulous, fabulous year. she taught me a great deal. >> sissy, great to see you. the book is "my extraordinary ordinary life," on sale now. another fine actress coming here. bill will tell us about riding a
8:38 am
we are getting better visibility now. we're starting to see the fog lift. what we're going to be watching with temperatures warming up to near 90 and thunderstorms moving in. they'll be here by late this afternoon. 87 with clouds and thunderstorms, potentially heavy tonight. 62 tomorrow morning
8:39 am
8:40 am
♪ ♪ my mind's made up the way that i feel ♪ >> oh, my goodness. what is bill nighy doing? you may remember him as bad grand dad from the movie "love actually" but he's done things from chkhov and shakespeare in "pirates of the caribbean". >> and now in magigold hotel. >> 1,000 apiece. >> walk away. now walk away. i know what i'm doing. >> the thing is, i really wanted to buy that. >> he'll come after us. >> you think so? >> absolutely. this is how the game is played. keep on walking. he's playing it very cool but he'll come. he's playing it very, very cool.
8:41 am
>> 850, 9, 950, 1,000. >> thank you. >> bill nighy, good morning. >> good morning. >> you once said to me that -- every day you wanted to listen to bob dylan. every day if i could see and you judi dench together, that would make the day. >> thank you kindly. >> how was it to work with her? >> eye i've worked with her about four times. the final thing that tipped it over for this movie she was involved. as soon as i knew she was involved, i went. there are lots of gooth good actresses around and a shorter list that includes names like judi dench. you do raise your game. she's touched -- >> you raise your game if you're there with her? >> it seems to me. she brings out -- i hope she brings out the best in me. you do kind of -- you know, she raises -- she takes it to another level. >> you talked about one of the most difficult scenes in the movery for you on a motorcycle. >> yeah. >> and also because you're known
8:42 am
to be a very dapper bloak, using some of your vernacular. and you had a number of questionable wardrobe choices in that movie. care to explain? flowered shirts and things. >> i see. there are some -- i have some -- i'm a fascist and i have some theories of how a man should be dressed. one is this button here the second button on any shirt, there is no attractive reason for undoing it. >> ever? >> never. no matter, india or wherever you are. and keep your jacket on. don't take your jacket off. don't wear a short sleeved shirt. >> i rarely see you with a tie. >> i know. it's a struggle for me. i knew i was meeting you this morning and i knew you would wear a tie. as soon as i saw you, you outclassed me. >> oh, i don't think so. >> but was it fun for you to shoot a scene like that? especially because you're -- also your reputation not a very good driver. >> if you speak about motoring
8:43 am
and me to anyone i grew up after they finish laughing i'm not a nature's motorist. i have never been on a motorcycle in my life. i had lessoned. you're going to do a scene with somebody having lessons, you know you're in trouble before you start. i used to wake up every morning thinking, please don't let me kill judi dench. if you kill judi dench, you can't go home anymore. you could kill the queen and probably sneak back into the country -- >> but not judi. >> but if you kill judi dench -- >> never will you touch soil again in great britain. >> we're glad to say you passed. you did not kill judi dench. >> there were 16 takes. every time i would go again i thought, this is where i'm going to kill her. i wrote the newspaper article that said actor bill nighy was unavailable for comment. >> just the article, not the obituary. >> this movie sounds fascinating but the title sounds -- >> no one -- everybody
8:44 am
congratulates me on the majestic movie or magnificent movie but it's the marigold movie. there is an equation the longer the title, the worse the movery. >> it's a story of a bunch of very good actors in different ways in their life going to india. >> yeah. >> to a retirement type -- >> yeah. they've come -- they've all become financially embarrassed due to the recent financial crisis. and they all respond to an advert that says they can live their lives out in luxury in india. when they get there, guess what it's not quite finished. they have various responses to india. some can't bear it. they hate it on sight. my character embraces it. >> it may be obvious but do you love acting? >> it's not obvious and i struggle with it. acting is a job where people say, however -- they say at
8:45 am
least you love what you're doing. well, i guess i love what i'm doing as often as you probably love what you're doing. you know, some days are good, some days are bad. i do in the end -- if they took it away, i'd be really really really angry. but i don't know that i actively enjoy it every time. >> the interesting thing about your career is the range of things you've done from "love actually" to diplomats and dancing grandpas. i mean you've had a chance to sample every experience. >> yeah. it's a scatter-gun career, you know what i mean? you know it is like present a - moving target. if you didn't like this how about this one? but it really -- in the end, i've done what is -- whatever has been put in front of me and i've been lucky i've been able - to play a wide range of parts. >> they keep asking you back, don't they? >> they keep asking me back. >> you like a wide range. we were chatting in the green room. somehow we got to talking about the movie "hoosiers." you love that.
8:46 am
>> i love sports movies where it goes into slow motion at the end. this is my absolute -- i'm never happiest. ins vincible," rereplacements," any of those movies where the -- there's a girl she usually works in a bar, she -- he's all washed up. and then -- but she still has some glimmer of faith in him. he makes the team, scores the crucial goal and then he goes into slow motion and he turns to the girl in the stands -- >> and she's cheering cheering. >> -- and he goes yeah! that's when i fall apart. i love it. "hoosiers" is seriously -- and also "glory road," about the & first black basketball team who won the championship in their first season. true story. >> great story. >> that's another one of my favorite films. i love all those films. >> great to have you here. >> thank you. >> you look like you're having a good time on the screen. >> thank you. >> the movie is "the best exotic marigold hotel" open in theaters
8:47 am
today. we'll be right back.
8:48 am
8:49 am
♪ tomorrow on "cbs this morning: saturday," a big day for a big man. nba legend shaquille o'neill becomes dr. shaq. he receives his doctor of education diploma. we have that story for you coming to us from miami tomorrow on "cbs this morning: saturday." >> you know he's very versatile. at one point he was a sheriff's deputy, arresting people and now dr. shaq. >> and he writes about it in "usa today" today. >> all right. >> we admire people who go back and get that degree. >> we admire people who can multitask like that. >> so, congratulations, shaq.
8:50 am
and that does it for us. as we look back at this past week, we want to show you the names of people who brought you this broadcast. they all make it possible. they make us do what we do. have a great weekend. take it easy. last year at this time we delivered justice to one of the world's most notorious individuals. >> mitt romney said it was a foolish thing to do. >> of course i would have made the same decision. >> really disappointing. >> had osama bin laden killed on bush's watch, this would have been the ad you're running with. >> you have a president with epcot balls. how do i know where he's hiding? reagan told me where he was hiding. >> nice to see the epcot center so early within the morning. >> al qaeda's leadership in pakistan has indeed been decimated. >> our commitment there is long term. >> mitt romney would have done the exact same thing president obama did. you know like de with health care. the exact same. >> today i'm suspending the campaign. >> republican primary was sound
8:51 am
bite heaven for democrats. >> there's a wild and crazy man inside of there. >> what does that got to do with getting our economy going? >> romney makes herbert hoover look good by comparison. >> when it comes to getting information as to what's happening in the future. >> i don't think there's anything in the treasure trove. >> a china that protects the rights of all its citizens will be a stronger and more prosperous nation. >> and chen left the u.s. embassy because he trusted assurances from chinese authorities. >> jurors will get a look at him and if they don't already dislike him, i think they will after this. >> bonds and klemmens are fall guys. i want to see the commissioner of baseball take the stand. >> he will be missed in the broadest sense of the word charlie and erica. ♪ oh i hear laughter in the rain walking hand in hand with the one i love ♪ >> oh. >> ladies and gentlemen, herbie hancock. >> when it comes to leadership, everybody knows what a bad-ass
8:52 am
you are. >> that will wake you up jack. >> good morning. >> erica is not feeling so great. we hope she'll feel better tomorrow but jeff glor is here. are you ready? >> i'm ready. >> i see this as being a fascinating interview. >> the results will be about the same. >> barkley, say hello to the camera camera. >> if your dog can't do that immediately return it to the shelter. honest to god. >> she loves to tan. you think? >> i eat guitars for a living. >> there's screaming at my place but not the painting. >> oh. >> i'm not laughing. i like it. >> the commercial break you said my bow tie is too big. >> but you look very nice mo rocca. >> i was so happy for the cast of "one." >> your top campaign. >> i couldn't honestly answer you. >> it's hard to believe that mike is gone. nobody was ever that good. and his way became our identity
8:53 am
of the broadcast. ♪ take your [ female announcer ] safeway presents real big deals of the week. or how to get great prices on things you need. we know you look around for the best deals. that's why we give you real big club card deals each week. this week a crazy low price on tide $10.99 for 100 ounces. 12 rolls of bounty are $11.99. that's a dollar a roll! pack your lunches -- marie callender's are just 2 bucks. real big deals this week and every week. only at safeway. ingredients for life.
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a live look at the beltway with this mornings fog hovering above it now. tim williams is in for marty. >> we could replay that thunderstorm scenario this afternoon. some could be severe we're talking small hail and damaging winds. 87 our high 62 tonight. tomorrow 83 degrees. we'll expect to see temperatures around that 80 degree range for the weekend and sunday through wednesday in the 70s. we continue to follow a breaking news story. detectives are on the scene of a homicide
8:56 am
of windsor middle. a body was found in the back of the school. last night police received a call for gunshots heard in that area. there's no known connection between the school and the body found on the grounds. in howard county police are are investigating a shooting that left two people dead and a third in critical condition. >> reporter: police believe that shooter later took his own life. they're trying to piece together who he is and the motive. around 5:20 thursday afternoon two women were shot inside an office at the church on the 3600 block of rogers avenue. one woman died, the other was taken to shock trauma. police later found a man dead in the woods from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. they have yet to confirm if he is the church shooter. another arrest could come following the death of a
8:57 am
13-year-old girl. on tuesday two boys confessed to the accidental shooting and disposing of her body. now according to baltimore sun police found dna from one of the boy's mother on the little girl's bra. they have not filed any charges against the woman yet. a --. a judge rendered her verdict for the charges against two brothers. eliyahu werdesheim was found guilty. his brother avi was acquitted on all charges. eliyahu werdesheim's sentencing will be next month. a new lawsuit has been filed by yardly love's mother. she's suing two la cross coaches at the university of virginia. she wants to hold george hugely's coaches accountable. hugely was convicted of second degree murder back in february.
8:58 am
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