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tv   Eyewitness News Morning Edition  CBS  May 18, 2012 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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it's going to be 15 degrees cooler right now than this time yesterday. by lunch 73, going to a high of 77. beautiful this friday evening, still in the mid 70s. have your own race to run, here is sharon gibala with traffic control. >> you shouldn't have any problem doing the speed limit right now. we only have a few issues. we cleared up that debris on the topside of beltway. we still have this accident in the city at washington boulevard. rogers avenue is closed between winter and northern northern parkway. you can check out our website at more information. -- for more information. still fantastic on the beltway. no issues at 83. the west side of the beltway,still pretty empty. a beautiful sunrise. remember wjz is always on.
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for traffic information log onto the most powerful leaders are waking up in maryland for the g8 summit. they will take up issues like the war on terror as they meet in frederick county maryland. mary is there amid the extreme security measures already in place. >> reporter: good morning. i'm no thurmont, maryland, which is close to camp david with the world's most powerful people here today. >> thurmont just down the road from camp david braces for world leaders, the staff, their press and the attention of the world focused on them. they have been planning for more than a month, assessing the threat from protesters and clearing the
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town. covers to water meters are bolted down. >> trash cans, they can use them e as weapons to -- them as weapons. we had the butterflies made by citizens here here in town on the -- here in town on the parking meters. we liked it but we had to take them down. >> protesters are starting to show up with occupy baltimore and frederick expected. there's a 30 mile no fly zone already in effect above camp david. security is in place with a roadside camera up and running. in an unprecedented move the secret service orderedered the shut down of parks around camp david. >> i think camp david is going to be the safest most secure place this weekend. our roll is outside of that area. my concern is the other 644 square
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miles of frederick county. >> reporter: contingency plans are in place in case there are large scale protests. police are waiting to see who shows up today. >> stay with whenning for -- wjz for complete coverage as the world comes to maryland for the g8 summit. vic carter will report from the white house. two men are charged with running a pill mill. they're out on bail. 51-year-old michael reznikov and 78-year-old gerald wiseberg operated healthy life group. investigators say they're behind a $9 million a year business that handed out illegal prescription drugs. this morning more of the evidence is being revealed in the murder of florida teen trayvon martin. documents show the 17-year-old was shot through the heart at very close range. there's also video out of martin
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to go along with the pictures of george zimmerman taken off the shooting when he had a broken nose and the bruises and cuts on the back of his head. zimmerman is charged with second degree murder in the case but says he acted in self-defense. facebook will change its status from private to public today. stock of the social networking site goes on sale. the offering is expected to make facebook worth more than mcdonalds and wallet disney. >> facebook programers worked through the night at the annual hack a on this. it's all in preparation for the company's first public stock offering. many of these employees are about to become millionaires. the ceo will have a net worth of more than $20 billion. not bad considering he started facebook in his harvard dorm room 9 years ago. >> the bigger you get the harder it is to go fast. >> facebook makes 80% of its
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money in advertising. that comes to $4.34 for each of its almost 1 billion users. the company needs to increase revenue to several hundred dollars for user to prove its worth. >> they're under enormous pressure to show how to make more money from advertisements. >> facebook will be traded on the nasdaq under the ticker symbol fb. the company's valuation is 100 times higher than its historical earning. compare that to apple and it becomes clear that it's not a sure thing that buying fb will be a good investment. >> the koe -- key thing is believe it or not facebook can grow beyond what they have right now. that's the key for a company. >> the company does have plans for the future. >> facebook's long term goal is to try and be the gateway to the internet. >> how -- now the company will
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have the cash to help it achieve its goals. >> only 18% of the company is up for sale today. air travel at bwi thur good more shall has reached a new high. more than 4.9 million people flew in and out in the first 3 months of this year. that's an all time high. the airport is hoping for more passengers now that baha amma air is offering direct flight ts. -- flights. the number of lasers being shined into pilots eyes are being taken up. >> reporter: an investigation brought the problem to light here in maryland. now the u.s. transportation secretary is taking action. >> blinding light in the cockpit. >> it can cause flash
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blindness, dazzle effect. >> someone on the ground targeting pilots are laser pointers. now the federal government is pushing for stiffer penalties. >> i wonder how stupid people can be. i wonner wonder -- wonder if they understand they can cause great harm. >> in 2010 more than 2,800 laser incidents were reported. last year more than 3,500. bwi is among the top 20 airports with reported laser incidents. >> our pilots lives are put at risk because it can cause disorientation, blind them for a moment. >> a wjz investigation uncovered eight state police pie lots were targeted -- pilots were targeted last year are. -- year. >> people are going to be not only apprehended and arrested, but they're going to be prosecuted. >> they could also face civil
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penalties. the fee for one laser strike $11,000. for multiple penalties, more than $30,000. >> reporter: 28 people have been charged with aiming a laser at an air kraflt. -- or -- aircraft. the oriels begin inner league play tonight. the oriels wrapped up their series in kansas city yesterday. adam jones hit a homerun for the third straight game. it was all tied up in the 7th when jj hardy singles and drives if two runs. the oriels win 5-3 and take on the nationals tonight. >> that is just great. unbelievable.
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take a look at the forecast. it's going to be beautiful. 77 is going to be the high. we want to go right out to ron matz. we are live at pim he koe this -- pimlico this morning. >> reporter: mike, come on over. the legendary -- >> i don't know about that. >> reporter: you get here early. thank you for coming by. we have to do traffic, weather and commercials and then we're going to come back and chat. >> let's hook it up >> reporter: you got it. 137th running of the preakness. -- preakness tomorrow. more from the pimlico when the eyewitness news morning edition rolls on. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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that was one of the greatest manic mondays from pimlico. not only did we have the wood lawn vas priceless, maybe the most expensive trophy in all of sports, but team o'neil, the trainer and his team of the kentucky kerr by winner on magic -- manic monday. 50 right now at tv hill. i ran into doug o'neil last night. he looked at me -- this is a direct quote. he goes that was unbelievable, we have to start doing that in la. they tried it in la and it didn't work. 38 oakland,, 50 elkin, 55 dc, 58 in ocean city, 48 westminster and
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bel air. easy weather. big dome of high pressure is blocking out clouds and showers down to the south. we have a real nice buffer here. it's not going to allow a lot of moisture in. high clouds will begin to enter the area tomorrow evening. i think sunday could be a cloudy day. sunny, beautiful today, 77 the high. tonight 50 degrees, clear. tomorrow beautiful day, 80 the high. that might still be 80 by the time they run the preakness. sunny. there's some clouds piling in, 78 for -- sunday, there's some clouds pilling in at 78. doug o'neil is standing by with ron, but first we're going to sharon with traffic. >> if you are just about to head out, only a few problems. that accident in the city we've been talking at involving a
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motorcycle, washington boulevard. meantime, preakness closures in effect, rogers avenue is closed between winter avenue and northern parkway. ten streets on one way. for traffic control if you are headed out in westminster, watch for a disabled vehicle on route 97. there's a look at 83 and old pimlico road. this traffic report is brought to you by your toyota dealer. visit your dealer today and test drive the new 2012 camry. it's ready, will -- are you? forget winning the kentucky derby. here is the star of manic monday with ron. >> reporter: it is a beautiful morning. we're very happy to have team o'neil, doug o'neil, trainer of the derby winner i'll have another. you guys are having a ball. sgltsz it's inkrb -- >> it's incredible. we drug mark, a buddy of mine from grade
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school. look at him. he doesn't look real sharp. >> [laughter.] >> take your vitamins kid. >> reporter: welcome to baltimore. sgltsz you guys -- >> you guys have been amazing. what a host. >> reporter: thank you so much. how is i'll have another doing? are you going to have him out on the track in a couple minutes? >> he's stretching, getting ready. he's going to be on the track in 5 or 10 minutes. slept great, ate great. >> reporter: i'm looking at a head line in the paper. you won the derby and you're an underdog betting wise. >> you have bob baf ford who has a brilliant horse. i've only ran one horse here. i can see why people would want to put their hard earned money on baf
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ford, but i think they might be wrong >> reporter: we wish you luck. thank you for coming by. your horse is going to go out in 2 minutes? >> yes. we love baltimore. >> reporter: i know the highlight of your stay í had í has been manic -- has been manic monday >> we have to bring it to southern california. we're going to steal your thuner. >> reporter: thank you. mike, get over here. how about that, doug o'neil, team o'neil, great trainer. good luck to you. thank you guy s. mike, this is what it's all about, having guys like that. >> you can't put a price tag on what he's done for us. he brought the horse two days after the derby. normally we see him three days before the preakness. he's done everything and more. it's insane how good he's been to us. >> reporter: how many credentials have you issued for the preakness? >> the exact number? >> well, people may want to play a pick three. >> one, five, five, five.
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>> oh , my god. >> it's normally -- the smarty jones year people went crazy. >> reporter: we have a great day today coming up too. blacked eye susanne. >> wear your pink. it's all about the ladies. >> reporter: it's the pink party. let's talk about -- we have some great groups for the infield tomorrow. >> there's going to be six bands, a yager stage, a main stage starting at 8:30. there's activity, music going on. maroon 5 is playing at 4 o'clock. they're playing from 4:00 to 5:30. the assembly line as well. they will open the main stage at 11:00. we have mr. green genes, the darkness and little big town on the yager stage. >> reporter: team o'neil will be doing manic monday on the
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main stage too. >> they might still be here on imagine -- manic monday. you never know. if they win they might relocate. >> reporter: always great to see you. thanks. >> what's up, marty and don? >> reporter: thanks. we're having a great time out here. the 137th running of the preakness tomorrow here at old hill top. mike, what is post shine for preakness? >> 6:18 tomorrow they're off. >> reporter: have a great weekend. we will see you later. >> team o'neil may still be in town. >> reporter: they will be in front of jimmy's. >> thanks. >> he will find you. >> in credible. >> there's nothing like watching somebody have a great time. >> isn't that a simple pleasure. it really is. >> by the way, still to come on
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wjz. >> what is the g8 summit and why is it always the flash point for so many violent protests? we'll have that story,,,,,,,,,,,
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security is high in frederick counties as leaders visit camp david for the g8 summit. it's been home to many historic moments in the past. >> good morning.
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for more than 80 years presidents of the united states make the short trip from here at the white house to one of the most secure and secret places in the world. nestle ed d in the mountains of maryland is thurmont. >> it's a secure location and beautiful location in the mown -- mountains of maryland. it's a place presidents can get away from it all. >> better known as camp david , it's just 70 miles from the white house. intlsz the t a glaet -- >> it's a glaet location to -- great location to have a g8 summit. >> what makes it perfect? >> you can expect an entirely different atmosphere, a much more relaxed and secluded atmosphere with a lot less hoopla and maybe they'll be able to get more done. >> the g8 or group of 8 summits arrived to damp -- camp david on
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friday. this isn't the first meeting held at camp david. >> give us a sense of the history? >> the most important meeting occurred in 1978 when jimmy carter brought the leader of iz yell -- israel together with e equipment. >> every president has used camp david to get away from the riggers of the presidency, relax with family an entertain. >> we stay where president 41 and barbara bush stayed. >> former maryland governor bob urlic is one of the few who visited there. >> i got to call my friends. all she did was call for the first hour oh two. >> he said the visit was all about relaxing. >> we went to the movies.
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there's a movie cabin with popcorn. it's an old style movie deal there. >> their once in a lifetime trip was cut short by his job. >> it was the weekend of the great snowstorm in 2003. we had to cut church services short on sunday. he called our bedroom and said time to get out of town, i have to get out of town, you have to get out of town. back to being governor of maryland, back to being president of the united states of america. >> not only is security extremely tight, the air space is restricted. it's being monitored closely with so many world leaders at that site. >> stay with wjz for complete kovrm as the world come -- coverage as the world coming to maryland for the g8 summit. next up this morning right here on wjz, florida prosecutors release more details in the fatal shooting of trayvon martin. the evidence you haven't seen before that could
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help george zimmerman's defense. >> remembering the life, music and legacy of donna summer. that story and local reaction coming up. >> a laser pointer and pilots. the feds take action on this dangerous problem. >> if you're about to head out for your morning commute, no delays but we have two disabled vehicles, one of them on a major roadway blocking a lane. >> he plays a cop on two shows on cbs. tom selleck is back with jessie stone. he's a good guy, one of our favorite coffee with guests. he'll be joining us in the next half hour as the morning edition continues right after this. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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it's friday. it is 6:30 and it is a
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delightful day start and start to preakness weekend. look at it out there. if you're looking out to see what's happening in traffic sharon will fill you in right after marty's weather. >> let's take a look at some numbers. it's a very refreshing morning. 51 degrees right now on tv hill. that's 12 cooler than yesterday. by lunch we get to about 73 t high will be 7 -- 73. the high will be 77. this friday evening is going to be just beautiful with temperatures still close to the mid 70s. make sure you have your sunglasses. here is sharon with traffic control. >> it's a good problem when that's your biggest problem, remembering your sunglasses. watch for a disabled tractor trailer if you're about to head out on 95 approaching 32. speeds still looking pretty good. we also have preakness closures in effect. they went into effect at 10 p.m.
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last night. rogers avenue is closed. 10 street s are one way. a disabled vehicle in westminster, route 97 at over hanover road. there's a live look outside at the northwest side of the beltway at park heights, looking nice there. the traffic report is brought to you by your toyota dealer. visit today and test drive the all new camry. back over to you. the top of the news, more evidence has been released in the murder case of george zimmerman. there's video of trayvon martin minutes before he was shot and killed to go with the photos of the injuries zimmerman suffered. it's randall pink ston who has the latest for wjz. >> a camera inside a store captured trayvon martin buying candy and an ice tea just 20 minutes before the unarmed teen was shot to death by george zimmerman. the video is just part of evidence files released by florida prosecutors.
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also in included crime scene photos and this one of zimmerman's gun. there are photos of zimmerman taken minutes after the shooting showing a broken nose and bloody cuts. the autopsy report shows the gunshot wound in his chest is sur rounded by burns. it suggests the men were no more than 18 inches a part. it shows a bruise on trayvon martin's eyes and bruises on his hands. one witness said he saw a black male on top of a white or hispanic male yelling for help. he said the black male was throwing punches then the pop of a gunshot. a sanford police report said it was avoidable by zimmerman if he had remained in his vehicle and awaited the
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arrival of law enforcement. >> toxicology results show there were traces of marijuana in martin's system at the time of his death. the most powerful leaders from all over the world are in maryland this morning for today's g8 summit. they will take up critical international issues like the war on terror as they meet in secret at camp david near thurmont. there's also concern that greece could with draw from the european union. meantime, there's unprecedented security measures in place. no one will be able to get close to camp david. protesters are expected in the town. police have been planning for more than a month to assess the threat an prepare. >> i think camp david is going to be the safest, most secure place on the planet this weekend. my concern is the other 64 4 square miles.
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>> our coverage will continue this afternoon with mary live near the camp and vic carter reporting from the white house. jury deliberations begin today in the john edwards federal corruption trial. during closing arguments the prosecution recounted his affair with hunter. he is accused of using campaign money to hide the affair. he faces up to 30 years in prison. a wake will be held for the estranged wipe of mary richardson kennedy. she can you think herself -- she hung herself. she was a well known architect who struggled with drug and alcohol abuse the music world is remembering the life and legacy of donna summer. how fans in baltimore and all across this country are honoring the queen
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of disco. >> donna summer was an icon in the world of music, a super star whose big voice and mega hits defined the era known as disco. she died thursday morning at the age of 64, reportedly from lung cancer at her home. >> i began to tell everybody, god said i'm going to be famous. >> she was born in boston, massachusetts in 1948. she sing sing -- sang at the church choir. her break out hit was in 1975 with love to love you baby. legendary dj randy dennis remembers meeting her. >> very nice. very humble. that's what struck me about her. you know, she seemed grateful for all the success that she was starting to achieve. >> summer won five grammys for
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iconic hits like last dance, hot stuff and bad girls. her songs like she works hard for the money defined the dance era of the 70s. . >> her songs were well crafted pop songs. >> our sister station in washington, 101.1 light fm fans were anxious to talk about her. >> tonight we are remembering donna summer. >> i remember roller skating to her songs. >> at the height of her career she suffered a nervous break down and tried to commit suicide. her family and friends are not remembers her trials but her triumphs. back to you. >> thank you . her family has released a statement saying they are at peace celebrating her extraordinary life and her continuing legacy. updating our breaking news of the morning out of mississippi. a man has been
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arrested in the two fatal shooting along a stretch of highway there. we've now learned that 28-year-old james willy was taken into custody on tuesday after a woman accused him of rape. a gun in his apartment matches the one used to kill the two motorists. investigators originally believed the killer may have been posing as a police officer. now they say that wasn't the case. we will be hearing more from that case through out the day. gunfire then chaos in a louisville, kentucky neighborhood. >> [screams.] >> two shootings have left three people dead and two hospitalized there. police say they arrived to find two dead and two injured. they heard gunfire near by. one woman killed another woman during an argument. crews in arizona are bracing for whipping winds today as they try to contain a wild fire.
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the blaze has now grown to more than 10 square miles and forced the evacuation of a near by town. the wind is picking up ambers and tossing them half a mile away. firefighters have been forced to keep their distance so they don't get boxed in by the flames. the faa is pushing for new penalties for people caught shining laser pointers into cockpits. a wjz investigation brought the problem to light. monique griego is live with the new warnings this morning. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the number of reported incidents has more than doubled since 2009. now the feds are taking action. >> blinding light in the cockpit. >> it can cause flash blindness, dazzle effect. >> someone on the ground targeting pilots with laser pointers. now the federal government is pushing for stiffer penalties. >> i wonder how stupid people can be. i wonder if they understand that when they shine a laser in the eye of a pilot
6:39 am
that they could cause great harm. >> in 2010 more than 2,800 incidents were reported. last year more than 3,500. bwi is among the top 20 airports with reported incident. >> our pilots lives are put at risk because it can cause disorientation, blind them for a moment. >> an investigation uncovered eight state police pilots were targeted last year. >> we could have lost the whole aircraft or had damage to our eyes. >> now the government is cracking down. >> people are going to be not only apprehended and arrested, but they're going to be prosecuted. >> they could face civil penalties. fee for one laser strike $11,000. >> reporter: right now those convicted can face up to 5 years
6:40 am
in prison. >> thank you. nationwide 28 people have been charged with aiming a laser in the last past year alone. william lori is officially working now as baltimore's 16th arch bishop. he spent his first day serving meals to the needy. he met with many of the people who participate in other sponsored programs. the excitement is building as the preakness weekend festivities are wrapping up. kentucky derby winner i'll have another hit the track about 10 minutes ago and also yesterday for a work out at pimlico. despite finishing second, body mister is favorite. of course the party has already started at pimlico. the breakfast was held yesterday, trainers, owners rubbing elbows with elected officials and the media.
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later today nine phillies will have intr enter -- enter the starting gate. don't forget, the oriels completed a two game sweep of the royals yesterday. adam jones hit his 13th homerun of the season. jj hardy drove in the winning run in the 7th winning. they begin a weekend series playing the nationals down in dc tonight. >> you know, i have to tell you, we're starting to hear the term fall so hardy. it's hit the baseball diamond. adam jones and jj hardy deserve to be on the all star team. >> two names you hear constantly. >> they are flat out producing. every team has to have rep representation to the all star game. the oriels have had
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people picked, this year these guys dep serve -- deserve to be voted in. hardy, jones having their way the past few nights. it never fails, somebody will ask us, who is your favorite interview or who is easy to talk to. i'll say tom selleck. >> yeah. >> tom is one of the most chilled out tv stars you'd ever want to encounter in an interview situation. >> you couldn't counter him here. >> tom loves ball mother. come coming -- baltimore. coming on coffee with, one of our favorites. >> that's like me coming to work in the morning. >> sharon gibala has our traffic control watch, first warning weather for preakness weekend coming up next. ,,,,,,,,,
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thanks for being with us
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here. one day, 11 hours, 33 minutes until the preakness. 82% humidity, calm winds. western maryland right now in the low to mid 40s. 47 hagerstown, 50 elkin pack river ocean stay 56. 54 westminster and rock hall. 51 columbia. 48 degrees in bel air. we have this big dome of high pressure running the show an keeping clouds ash and keeping -- and keeping clouds and showers knot south at bay -- to the south at bay. this block is going to break down into sunday. you will start see clouds moving into the area as we move through saturday night into sunday. i'm not sure dallas cowboys i don't think we'll -- i don't think we'll see any rain. it koib more over cast sunday. 77 your high today, 50 over night.
6:47 am
tomorrow a high of 80. here comes some of those clouds later in the day. mostly cloudy by sunday after a sunny preakness post time with a temperature of 80. sunday 78, 77 mondays, tuesday 70, wednesday 80. if you're personal post time approaches here is sharon gibala with traffic control. >> good morning. your speeds should be good unless you're on the west side of the beltway. we have an accident on singer road at glenn ross drive. watch for that disabled vehicle at 95 northbound approaching 32. it is blocking the right lane. we have another disabled vehicle in westminster. preakness closures in effect, rogers avenue is closed between winter avenue and northern parkway. speeds on the west side slow, 46 is your average.
6:48 am
that's not bad for this hour of this morning. still looking good on the topside of the beltway. everything here running smoothly. this traffic report is brought to you by your toyota dealer. your car, your deal. now the is the time to make the jump to toyota. marty and don, back to you. this morning's coffee with is with tom selleck. >> huge round of applause. how you, bud? >> i'm good. how you guys? >> we're doing great. i can tell that jessie stone is now becoming a regular fixture in the cbs line up because of the background behind you. it's not like we're just sitting in front of a krshg bs low -- cbs logo, now we have a full set. >> it's huge. you should see it back here. they built a whole town behind me. you need
6:49 am
to do some work. >> we need to do some work on that peer. >> i'm afraid to look. all i see behind me is green >> we understand. >> mar ty is the weather man. he's been there. >> we deal with illusion when it comes to television and entertainment. you have created quite the elusion of a character, an area. that is cool. it's more than a hope and prayer, it's reality. how does it make you feel? >> it feels good. when i read the robert b parker novel stone cold i just said i have to play this guy. i think that guy has legs like magnum did. to have done 8 movies now -- i should say you don't need to see any other jessie stones, they're not continuing. what's continuing is the characters. the plots end with each movie. we welcome new viewers. it was kind of a dream to do a series of movies
6:50 am
like this. we're on number eight. i think benefit of the doubt is the best one. . >> why is that? >> i think it's a development of the characters. i think we have all these people who come back. everybody in paradise, massachusetts is a little damaged, jessie being the most damaged. i think you root for them the most. >> you know what makes it cool, you're weekly on cbs to begin with. you are able to separate two characters dealing in somewhat of the same thing. i don't look at you now and see you weekly character. >> well, jessie is -- i mean, he's different. jessie and frank reagan, one is a police commissioner, one is a police chief. the similarities hopefully in there. i'm the same guy. i wouldn't want to see them back to back. maybe i would. i don't know.
6:51 am
you have to find different stuff. they're just very different guys. >> this one jessie is trying to get his job back, right? >> yeah, he gets fired in the -- well, i don't remember how long ago he got fired. he's his own worst enemy. he drinks too much, has problem with authority, lives with a dog that everybody loves that is more like his conscious and his roommate than a dog. we have some great characters. joe, who playing reggie the dog, everybody loves that dog. >> you know, you just described a plot that pits most of our -- fits most of our lives. >> there you go. >> something to fall back on, you can be a member of the eyewitness news morning edition. it's always great to have you on. can't wait to do it again. i'm sure we will around november with the holidays. >> i hope so. i have this series i have to get people to watch. >> listen, we specialize in
6:52 am
shameless self-promotion. we're on cbs's dime. plug it right now. the stage is yours. >> blue blood, jessie stone. >> thank s. >> bye-bye. >> were very well -- very cool. >> we're taking a break and coming right back with more of the eyewitness news morning edition. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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let's take a look at the forecast. today is going to be a good one. the low 50s now. p 7 the high -- 77 this high this afternoon. beautiful day tomorrow. sunshine in the air, hot temperature of 80. here is sharon gibala with traffic control. good morning. we'll need your sunglasses for this morning's commute. you need your patience. the usual delays starting to creep up on the beltway. we have an accident at singer road at glenn rock drive. watch for a disabled tractor trailer still there on 95 approaching 32. another disabled in westminstering route 97 at old -- westminster route 97 at old hanover road. the west side average speed about 46. this traffic report is bought to you by accord
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restoration. trust the es restoration experts. the leader are here for today eats g8 summit -- today's g8 summit. they meet at camp david in thurmont. stay with wjz for complete coverage of the g8. the preakness party is already if full swing. last night thousands of underarmor employees attended a huge party. ceo and owner kevin plank has a horse that's running in tomorrow's big race. complete news, weather an traffic still ahead. newly revealed evidence about george zimmerman in the trayvon martin murder case,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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